The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 15, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 15, 1918
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE. FA. SATURDAT, JUKE 15, 1918. Continued r-om Pace One wi;h Alfred Hyatt as the d r u m m e r boy. Lawrence iloluomb as the tnd man, and John, £:}cox as Lhe wounded man. A -scene, celebrating tho Frerjch- Ainei icau alliance was staffed It showed tho appreciation of the aid . given America by Lafayot'o and -Mrs. Ross F. Lytle entertained at a were :he guesU of Mrs. C. ^. Hays , Fral , C( , Uiwrcnco nolcomh icprc- I s ^ n t f d George Washington, and Frank S BY SENIORS I MEET WITH APPROVAL! Julie party yesterday afternoon in the Christian church p trier [or those who toak r2ri ia tiu Chilcren';, Day exexc.scs at the Christian church. About 50 v,ere present and a pent a very enjoyable attorn JOB, At 5 o'clock ice. cream and cake were served. and Mrs. A. N. ·t\v right. Mrs James Coaniff and daughters. Th**iosa niitl Caihcrijie. of Greenwood, u-ent to Pittsburg this mornmg to usit relatives. Mrs. James Dovhn of PitLsburg. Mis. J. J. McCarty and daughter, Frances, of Eric, are giiesis oE Mr. -Mrs. Johu M. Young, piesident of i and Mrs .]. J. Dougherty ol Uust the Womaa's G u i t a r ; club, uiffes a l l , Cedar a\enue. members ot the club as well as other . interested in Rtd Cross work', to" incei Mondav afternooa at the Red Cross headquarters in the- old high icboo! building to Miss Harriet] high honors, having been awarded a rk, supeiusor ot knitting, m ruak- ·iag-500 comfort kits to be sent to en - -tTai'kaiion canps. The call for the comfort kits is an urgent one, and it and John Silcox wert 1 American OJli- cers, and Robert Case a. Fie:ich officer. Helen Adorns Helen Levy, Betty Ncwbrrg, Eliza Belle Sni'Lli Eleanor DcMuth, Anna Guard, Edna Hart, Catherine ^"liuain^ and Aiarjone Hood | plajed parts of American laclioa. I Rev. G. U C. Richardson has gone In cP'-sudo live the noble., of Praace to Delaware. O., to aHcnd the tJrn- W O I t sllowu antl Ki W 0 *"? six t h o , life of ihe pooi peasants depictod. The union of all the Ctn.h-.os bioughi^ about by the spirit of Libert} "was' shown in episode sei'en, when the; enuiru company appeared and sang' If "COME AMD SEE." nvr 129 to 133 N PlTTSBURG CONNELLSVILLE. PA. From lied Cross Briefs, published i accept 100,000 convalescent tn Atlanta the- followirrp inspiring ac- rn«d j by .American . :ind offered . . :ouut o£ hod Cross work ih Franco is j to flu- c.rmy The fjenernl points o u t i j tint the* uiccncul department is Jtuj*- In-C In Uu open u i a r k t t [):tjainns, opcr- !itin£ gowns, buth robes and comnies- eenl suits while the lied Cross, stands nieucemcnt exorcise.- or Ohio \Vesley- an. Ufa son Arctiie v,ill graduate with two-year scholarship to the University of Minnesota, Mr. and Mrs. B. "\V. Elhs and son. B. IV., Jr.. of Johnstown, formerly of is~feoped that as many women as pos- Greenwood, arc visiting Mrs. Earl stbte lend their assistance in the « Ritchie of Greenwood, a daughter of Air. and Mrs. Ellis. "j£xmouncemeiit ba? been marie of the marriage of Miss Mary Hankms, Bridgeton, N. J-, and Lieutenant Heaj-y Marshall, formerly o* Brownsville, solemnized last Wednesday in the Meih- odi/t Ep:»copaJ chu -cb at Spartan- tmrg. The wedding \va» the culmination Of a college romance. Lieutenant 3Iarsh"all is stationed at Camp Wads. Spartanburg. 3. C BiG CROWD SEES MORE MEN LEAVE TO ENTER SERVICE Continued Crom " crt of Gibson ace Ont. avenue. The young soldier expects to leave soon for "over there." P. J. Fagaa, of ""Harry Henzel ga\c a party at his iidna'e -in Crawford Avenue, West Side, in- honor o£ tbe 16' li birthday o£ his daughter. Miss Thel na. Various games and music were the amusements and all^presant report a very eujoa.ble time. A dainty luncheon, at winch coders, for sixteen were 1 laid, was served. The faro: s were painolic .Mrs. Katherine Pagan of the West Side, is a member of the same company. OK. EYEKHART I.EATLS TO K.NTKR SKIIY1CK. Lieutenant W. H. Kverhart, the dentist, leit la^t evening £or Lehigh university at South Beth' ehem 10 report for special train. ng JH the Denial Officers' Reserve Corpb. He received his In episode five Lhe parl of M a n e Antoinette was played by Mary Caroline Soisson ,and tbe Marchionphg of Foatenay by Helen Levy. The Countess of Polasnon was acted by Myia- Con way and Alfred Hjatt played Louis Philippe. Harry DeBok \va,s t h e ' V i s count of Areray. and George Rudolph the Count of Saint Simon, Hannah Richey. Mabel Hate. Hltxabcth Muir, Grace Leckcinby, and Valuta Martin wore court iadiob. Albert a Daniol- son and Cuba Jones acted nartii of peasants. The dancers were Gertrude Rhodes. Jean Patterson, Edna Wrote, [ Mabel Free-nan, l-Jlixabcib Wan! and taken: [ ! The national licudcidarters of tbe Amerienrr Hcd Oroht in Washington has just roL-oiM 1 ^ .-, jr-purt iVoin Mnjor Perkins. l\*\l Ciots commissioner lo j ready to supply thorn. Ho tolls the Frnuce nn (he work of civil relief j sur^nn ^em-rn) at "\Vasli 1 aq;! on that uud restoration clono in Franco during Lhr work" of tho Red Cros Is of 'm- thf month of February. During this one month, substn.itml iiid was given to over a hunOieU thwi- . lubor ro1 " uso sand F ranch refn^t'es, repaLrijitos unrt (rthor \\iir sufferers. This r umber included about twenty tfuvisand persons in the* rievastiiied areas, eovon thon- flvo hunurcd repatriates In prnv- rriensc vjUuo lu kc(?jilii" tip fho ot the army, and tluit, it also inces :tnd uparly six thfiasuud undernourished Paris sobool cliildrcn, filoru Umn twenty-rv^o thousacnl peojilo wen 1 given hospital caro dui-ing this one raonih, including tliousaoJi of rep.'ilrl- iitfj children .it Mviriri, and about n tiicmsaod mburcnlosia patients in Paris who were Riven supplementary rations (InlJy. YVoi k is now b^ing contlnctcd by tht; Ili-d Crass lu OS French cltic-s and vfllag-is, not including Hiv Ft/ends' unit \vhicli bTS 21 relief stations, or / · pliis, A color of red and blue { _ orrters at 2 o'clock and lef: on 5.35 PenasyUii-iia tram. Less than two weeks ago Dr. and Mrs. Evorhart becamo the parent^ of a babo Mrs. Everhart will remain at her home acre for the present. LAVTOX PAKKXTS H K V R FROM S O X HeJcn McKee Coorgi* DaugUerty and the Smith Oilego unit w h i f h 11 vtlla^es Nino civillc.a hospiiuls with ti total capacity of moro than a Bran Xabora. the gimrdb, "engaged" i in .1 sword fight. In jnoYing the peasant's life, H o w - j thousand beds and-1C dispcnMiries give arri Bier i. r played ab "Joan," tho peas-j care to children, tulxerculost? pulieau* ont. arid F-oretta KoLUcr as "A!ane,"{ aud rufnpeftt. his w.fe. Sara Mclnick fined the role; Grants of money to French nrgnn- Luncheon Favors, Out favors fop a luncheon are little hats made of siJk or rihtnn. The hrims art 1 nkl-f.i'-litoned round p D jiaf's and tliu (To.vus btnall PtuJTcd ]»ijicn^Iiion« fnsteaed, to them. Make tlmm to hannonJ^o iUUi the coJor scheme of the luncheon, trim with tiny ribbon rjyos, aud f,'it a row of colored p i a ^ around the oUg\J.--\Voin iin's Home Coiupnniou. Connsllsville's Greatest Store. Saturday, June 15th. Startling values to make ACter Supper Sales famous for wonderful bargains-7 P. M. Until 9.30 P. M. 7of Corset Covers. 5!)r. $l.r,0 Children's \Vash Dresses, 2 to 12 years, 9Sc. 35c Men's ilose, colors, a't,o black and white, 29c. S2.50 Women's Shirt Waists, all sizes. $1.50. Sl.f'O Leather Hand Bags or Strap Purses, 9Sc. 3'jc Plain or F.incy Hair Boiv Ribbou, 25c. irc Vi'omei.'s Handherchiets lOc. 51.00 Children's Straw Hats, G9c. G9c TurkisJi Towels, fancy borders, oSc. 35c Women's Knit Vests, 29c. §2.00 Women's Umbrellas, $1.25. of "Pierre." tbe: son. and Anna Coyne · as "Colette." the daughter Franl: Pa-isalacqua played tlu- "stranger" and Homer PenrfMJ the "Steward of Mar- qu i 3." George Daugiu'r:y and Br\an Nabors were tlie so!dters. Tbe eighth episode showed the American soUliurs, now soraowhorc in France. The soldiers were Howard Dii-jor, Alfred Hyuil. Ilalph Huoy, Liatlujis during tlic montli totaled more than hiJ£ a million francw, and, in additj"U, large quantities uf clothing, food nn.l hmisehold goodis were distri bated. Thi.' Itcd fYo«»«i DOW has a BtaJT of 400 workers in rrauce, GO having been arid CM { durUv P*t'f ruary, Oncn! Pcr^Lns has Just r^Ucd on the j r u ' v tiit i l!caJ tieu u'u-cni ta was' carried out. Out of town guests, were Miss Pauline GroEE of Duubar, and Karl Grey of Meyer. Mrs. Ross F. Lyti? was elected chorister for the ensuing year at a intet- iogj£ the G "Vv'. B. M". auxiliary of tae^CorisUan church. Thursday afternoon,- ilrs. Lytle'j name was unintentionally ornHtQd :n naming the officers yesterday. 'A large and enjoyable meeting ot the Ladies* Aid society of the Pirot i,irK ALL KIGHT IF EapUst «urcii -Ras held last e v e n i n g * ' " yOi' IH)S*T ^ KAKEX , at ihe home ot Mrs. Saiauel Goodwin j .. This arm . hftf lfi great jr you do!1 1 - I n tbe last opisode. a lablrau. "Lib-] rund dn\e in the P e r r j i at Trotter, Busmiss of a routine na- j weaken; - vvr!U , b Morns Grodzm from! erc - v Triumphant." the entire com-| ^lum , $Z "3 . JU t - o U t c U i i :ttPft was traasacied. after which Lhe| C a m p Lee _ .. Tijc conncIls\lUc boys|P tin - v w " s grouped about Jane Kennel uon. Of members were eaiertaiaed b- a talk- all Q 0 j ng f me lv and arc soon t o t a p t u o ^odde^t. of Liberty. Thn nat-jlecte-, at · . . . ' The Tea-Hour Frocks. s Tea-hour frotivs tor i h u most p a r t i pro mult from supple silk 3crt,cyb anrli "oft satfn.- Some of tliu newest, fancies IierttldniK the 1, ijipy days of j spring .'ire of tho ni'-st ophvinoral ( trnn c p.'ii'en' i As udurmiicnt billiw ', irllls of t u l l e dyctl tj ic^tcli the m-ffli-[Sj jlynng art- ;nu*'J) in fjvor. Kid Linings. Brlpht colm "d kfl linings ar^ Venture of -=01110 o£ tho new Deep violet and rose and green, arc, Facings, they ^boaM more cor- rec-tly be cftl'ptl. The r-oforcd part is i turn ft! b'ick over tbu outside ot white in « w.f[in cuil- i foi Tub f urjor. use fect i ten y eoim shed. Robinson F j ' d ng n.-t;"i Tub has solved tbe balhing problem hosi h u r t s v.-b-'u modern batli ug r aci3it!0s are lacking. This foUtfc in ;i roll c.hen not n Ube and can be laid away back of the u p d e t the btJ, in tin pariot anywhere. S»-L up and ready for .n a ]ifi. K \ . r y Tul) is guarautctid for ton years against any de- in jnai ufactun-. This means tuai the tub you nuy will give yon eir^ u r sal afaciorj M M u c r - It w i l l enable you to have all the n i c u c e of a i iciuorn ha'U room .11 yonr home. A refreshing ex- iint:, invigoraimg bain in any room in tlie house, whenever de\\ill st*nd water as hot as cau tbc h u m a n body. i Knvmaa played "Jeanne," the Frepch A tompleie r'-port of ihe subscr'p- ' tioas in the bteond lied C.oss : lC?iAN"D ii .Ma.i-l.and, a l o i m e r dt-ui ui tliu \Vii-. iJd*. j . ^ OiHtrlct UKI L ^, 0 rdav aionmig at her bo;re H iQ ^or^jtoJn, f o l i o A n . g an got a chance at the- kaiser," he adds. ing machine. Ii.efresJomen.ts w ere j served. The ne^: mei ang will be i held Friday Jiuie 28, at U i c ' ^ Q ^ ^ C o SI,I! U U O T H E R hoo:e of Mrs, H. L, liuusbert. ^r FOH nt.VACK An important m-'ctmg of the executive comniittee of the Red Cross \vill mlt scour rrceivcd burst of applause. uomcndoua and canvass 15S.5- The p:tg-ani w is repealed ui oh at sec- Lh b sHin JI-71 M was col- f IaliDS ljad: lo llulil bllu!1L ,. Ljl .,.., a ..,, c t b j cos.; aiitl coke i.lanL-.. fta .-ttie wlo» u£ ?. K. ilan-Lruid, .uia [ raided m I n t Mi.-.: Sid^- u m i j JO ytari ) s teams, i -p-nttd 5-.- · JUnn ng- ot tcrnoou for :hp hendit of tho Echoo! j u:^-d 3u77. Miss Mae Eojd will IKO.\K tumor- t l ii!ilrcn and UIP lower clussnien o f , Uie n-pori. af- ('onn'JIs\'i.t( C'akn con'p:'.nv contrib- .u.lch u. nol i.Uurtert m .·u SU-T being turned o\er be held Monday aTie-noon at the Red . S0 on low for V/asbingtnn, D. C., to see her brotber, Ilaiold Iiud, who wll lease school. t;rbea:. Boyd bas Cross huadquarlc-s in tlie old high been m tra;ntmic at Camp Lee. school building, in connection with tue J --meeting LO bo heLl for the purpose o f j J O K lll'l^JMOIOlM: S l F V r i J S -making comfort kits for the solders, j FTOJIAJ.NL UL'.SH SUXDOKF. .un^u Cr^md at flav%son iu lUd Oood- !}· jp TUHJJ \iui)y 31iui, A lir£' croval turned out at Daw- j to I mciiltow jt Thy c^ntnbutions f o l l o w : Y.'.i-V iiiston f'oa! ,inc! Coke Co, M DC Nu ;. $7.1; Pi_rry Coal an^I Coio curnpuny employo=;, ? ; C ^ S O ; rorpr.uion dora- Uon. ?2'"i'l; I'ittburg Coal conuai]. !?f:-'. Thf fol'ov inr^ :cnm captain a^tj \v..cii, \Mtli iu r L^Mjly bbL inu of L!IO Pn^hytorlan clu i ^h ti::(i of Liu- \s"oi!i.iu'n C!n itoiiui TtiiiipL'rar.ct. 1'n.ou of ,S]ori.a:-Kv, t:. vl^ .MiL'chaud j - i i r ' - . v t d 1-y a d . ' U . - h t i i , AIis.s C.ainct* M a f c . i a u d ; oue ^o:.. Doua.J K. -\ia'C_- aii'i one ,!-,'.Li. .Mr-. W i l l i a m Jl Tiiu'tiiUJ of Gr. i ·.·Aooii, .n:d on*' fojoth- [.:. rraji'n. M Llrin 1 tioo\c-[ of A L la:iUL :u.i^ u 'nt ;o -Moi ^'.n- .iv lo a t u n d [bo f u . K r a l . J « : e r r n t p ' in Oak Gruv Morsa:U't\\n. A f l c r years of fruitlc~s pffort, w^ 1 SKI-. OUR LOCAL AGi:ST. f.ll York V ^ r n n o . P. 0. Bo- -Jot). COS.VELLSTIIXE, PA. o, Uc'-finort'land ond Greo0e Coont/cs. uen of Scottdale, and gucsi. Mis-i J Joseph Soisson .Madigan, ^on of Mr. Margaret Gleason of Savannah, Ga., I and Mrs. J. D. Madiaau of Cast Pair- ! " . -were Connells\ir. e visitors yesterday i ^ i e v . avenue, who cnllaicd m the na^', afternoon. .accompanied by hi= si=ter. Mis:; GPU- The best plac- to shop after all. j rude Madigan, left this morning for Brownetl Shoo Co. -- Adv. .Philadelphia. Madigan expects to Miss" Gertrude Opperman, vrho is'le?i\e anmediately for duty "orer- in tbe service of the Bell Telephone i ?eas." company at But'er. has returned to her work after .1 visit at her home fcere. Mrs. Lauirnce Donegan and daugh- AUK T K K T JlaTD Your Bonds MI! Other YuiuuMcs Ult- Vrotectitii: of SaJ'u Ut-iwii-itf If not. better go straight to tliu ]'irM Kationa' of Conneltsvilio ajid ar- box m it-, fire and Oltio MinKdT to Truicli i r'al Scr. mans ilt-furi- J'n"-blorian:i. Ilcv. J. \V. \Va:«rs. i). I)., of .Mount (!r"iv '. ' Stanini;. Ol'io. vvi'.i miuip} '.ho pulpu ai'l fTns of tlie i'l'VjjUirhui C i j u r c l i at Dunbar ne.v t riuudu rno-i]!lig di.d f \ciiing. He B a .uidni^io foi tlit. iKLMoiate. T i- inori in b ' ^ubji-n, at jl o clock. V . H ! lie. 'T u- Great alcroay.' la tlie FOK OVt:i!SEAS EKI) CROSS Si:KVirr. j :ange for a privat , llsabolle Bigam and Mib', Dffe j burglar pioof vau!ti--Uic only way to on .-^^ j, all V| L K.HOW " tor. Miss Alice, left this morning for ! I'llenberger, profcbsional n n i s e s ] obunii absolute nMMliity for yom :m- C ' ' '_ Wheeling. W. Va.. to visit friends T o - ] b a v e enlisted in the Ilert Cross for portnnt pap'Ti, IJond-,, jev morrow they wi'l be joined by T. V. f i u t ' overseas. .Uisi, D.garn is a l y . r:c. Tlit cost ii moderate--, "'Donegan. who \vill accompany his i granddaughter of John Curry. Sr , of vhan a cent a iiy.--Adv. mother to Huntington. W. Va.. whcie' S o u t l 1 Prospect hdet. -··she will-visit ber son-in-law and , " ' daughter, Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Clifford. , ShHGKAXT UA.IOK HOIK O.S" Sergeant Major Thomas Courtney Frank Port now has charge of o u r , cleanins, pressing and repairing de' ! partmenl;. "Dare Cohen, Tailor.--Ad.' stati ° Ded at Camp Lee, Mr; anfl-Mra. 1'. H. Harmening have I Va -' ^ rn ed tiomv retorned rhome from a wedding trip [ '"ugh. O.. and Atlantic City. Clipper Cijilty. A verdict of \ o l u n ' u r y rnansla ter was returned b} nf:ree-nent 10.t5 o'clock this m o ' m n g in Union- ' other amii ,e~ionli u . i l ^\vn in tiu- case of Sieve CHpper, |A feature \vii Vin'niirk.s ai ""·"I P'aiis ar» ripidly nuitui ,ng lor I big garden p a i t j to li I e v e n i n g on C.oLtieUb, t lk sirect. Dun|bar. 101 the b e n i f i t ol U gb-t branch of t c Ri_d Cross ·it ' under coit;-, t ;; urtrtioo We bin o on Iiand tise following Green Pod Bnsli Beans t Uefugoe or l.OOu to 1 ]!urpee's Sirniglcss Green Pod Red Kidney Pea or Navy Yellow Pod Bush Beans Golden vrax Improved Davis' Kidney Wax Trolific Black '\\~ax Pencil Pod Black Wax Three kinds o£ Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans Large White Pole Lima Beans FordhooK Biii=h Limas Henderson Bush Limas Golden Bantam Corn Country Gentleman Corn \Mrs, Harmenin£ was formerly Miss PidelTs Donnelly. -MrsT John J. Tonrod. formerly Miss FI1ASK DKSHOXK IS iv .\i-nv VOKK c.uir. Frank Desmocc, a machinist tor til ^.^ i t i . t » u u i e . - - . W n in tiu- case of Sieve Clipper, i A feature \vil be a pi arm d, ,nlay of .1 niglit on a fin- , : i larEe d will; tho shnollng of Alike ] ilrcwtim.-. Then- nil! aibo !· plcnt) Radovu-h at Tho'npson N'o 2 on May "7, 1017. TDafsy.Ash, went to Piltsburg yostcr- Baltimore .t Ohio, raiiroad, was sent .ircdin Trial J The trial of Palsy of TlL'tets ai.' being r,o!d at each aad quite .1 nunibe.- ready been d opoM d oi .Modlo for tho i j muriiov of Frank T-aicrno at D a w s o u j IJ;irt in A:if/i fra-sli. where she win make I lvltn engineers 10 Yonkers, .N. Y.. for BOYS OP .11!Tir. s. JoLn Brown EhJS raorrung ie- ceived a letter from her hnshand. S e i - ' Harry fland Infected. Quinn of Westmoreland is .. Mrs. lord avenue. Send tbe Daily Courier to your boy in tbe army. Call at the Courier of- .ace and leave his address. Rate 50c scant Brown of Company I, 310th fn- ro " J "y. who is working on £2ie razinc per mouth.--Adv. j fantry. The letter was mailed f i o r u ot tlie old l'' u '- lr tii Ward school build- Mrs. E. B. St-llwagon and children | Prance ou May 30, and is, believed to' lr s. [ 'ad an infected hand ticated t'lis ^Sr'Mount vernoii, O., are visiting re7a- ' ^ e ^e first received here from Lhe ; Corning at T ne Cottage State hospital. lives bore. Mrs. Stillwagon formerly 1319th. Sergeant Brown writes t h a t ! --was Miss Elsie Koerner. I they had a wondorft:! voyage, delight- , i'ett Closinf Agrceincat. _ Mr. and Mrs Raymond %V. W a r d ' ' u l weather, and rhat be didn't get I Under un agreemenl * of 'Sctienectady, N. T., are visiting the seas.c'i on classing the Atlantic.. - former's-mothe-, Mr:;. Julia Ward o f ' Cast Gre«rt street. Prior to coming ffMVTDAFfcl? PT AB5V *7 A to Connellsvllif Mr. and .Mrs. Ward H/iliKAllli l/LAlul /4 visited the lattcr's parents, Mr. and | . Mrs. James Dille of Morgantowii. | liirtJuiay Annhcrsary of Ciiminaniier Miss Helen Hames of the ·West' ui i;.' A. 1!. P«st is Observed. Mr Byerh, ,Y!IO ^-as ridjug m the bad. seat o' the car was cut '· ami sulieri'd a blight biuise of the luc Chester Atkins of Mammoth, driver ut tho car. was, cut by glasb £rom tho wir.tlfahielu. Side vbitrd fri.-nds in Pittsbuig yes- | ivonty member* of William P. terday. . , Kur:^ post of the G. A. E., assembled Ut-Vo Situm to :lev. H. A. Baum «·,!! doli\er '.he , u , reached this sermon a. the Sunday L V c n i n g COTE- week the sho e stores of C o a n c l l a v i l i e , munity serUcos ot the church or D.iv,- w i l l cloao each evening at 6 o'clock son, to be U l d lomorrow n.ght m except Saturday. Tbe rule becomes the i-Mst Prwbyt.-nan chu'ch Blltctive Monday. | subject is "Penh old and .\eiv." | day, J j n p 23 ex-Govprror Lilys land. | Haaley w i l l speak ou "Palriotism and Gen-ge S Co-inell is at Beacbwood, ' yesterday afternoon V Vn today r n biisinw. j ~ Ulelr commau d.-r, W. P. Clark, lo cou- »?-' S i,r,^ '!,, · I ,\'. 1 ' Ch . C . 1 .' TM d ,^" Bh -; sratulate him on his 74th anniversary. Infrestiiig r.udresses wore made by Mr. and Mrs. J. J Noel of Greens-! tie Amcndmeut." burg ha\e sold to Samuel Cuniiriings] of Mount Pleasant township. the home o f ' 'bat township lor a consideration of I Miss Gomel Kearns and "Warnc Gnil- =. Helen anr R:ith. returned home ' :-osteiday f-om 1'ittsburg, wheie \0_ ADYlyCii Ei PUICE H I L D R E N Should not be "dosed' for co ds--apply ( teraaliy"- V itev W i l b u r NYlion, G. W. Campbell, ^ ' C a p . a i n E. Dunr., J. J. Barnhart and ' J. R. Balsley. J. G. Hicts sang and C. If. Wbiteley gave a read-ng. A feature of tile party was the com- pilint; of the ages ot the 20 veterans and adding the n. The total was 1,5J4 ycar 0 and the average 76 years. Refreshments were served by Mrs. \V t. Clark and her daughters, M.sses Harriet and Nell. K ·--SJV--$1.00 51,000. in Joseph C. Bro-.vnfield ot Scottdalo, Lhe pastor. and Gertrude F. Keoter of Yo.mgwood, were g-raufed a liccnao to ived ;u Greensburg. i |dis were j u i e ' l y m a r r i e d Friday after-! noon fit tl o Met'jodilt Bpiscopa! clatreb a- Djnba: by Rev. Hjmbcrt, Bargolns 1 If so. read our advertising columns Infant Dies. Andy D?urik, tv\o months old, =oti of .Mr. and lira. Andy Dzurit oC Brookvale, dic4 last night. Condition llnchani^rd. Tbe condition of. lohn Haijgerty. w'.ic- is i I nt his home at Duwson, is j caps and gowns a-, the high school at still very critical. . I u 30 o'c ock today. Tlie g 'arhiaung cli.-? of ihe sehool nad its pictuie tekeu erlts. IS jeii 3Io(oc ruu^rui Sc'ntce if Desired, NU,HT CAIJLS ANri\VCIllCU »T OFFICE. Beli I'iione 584. ConnellSTiUe. Senrcco's formula Is not "jnst a litUa of this and a Httio it that." It -was devised with, a definite object !n view. Contmcti Saline 3ur.Uag. d a t g l i t e i of .vi., AL "ME'I ' and Mrs Reddint; B u n t i n g of ' wt:xa tin burg, anc a t." 1 anddabglHtM of M i . and i -. -- -Mrs. ".lanuoTi IK'.y ol the We.-,l Side, | is il of lphoid f e v e r . The object wna to produce a tooth paste possessing medicinal as well as cleansing properties--a real cleanser that could be depended npcr. to remove tartar and keep mouth and gulps healthy. The ideal defined, our laboratories sot about to determine tho proper combination to produce it. Senreco is the result. It bas boen tried, tasted and pronounced good by hundreds of the profession. Try a tube. A single tube win prove every t-lalm, V7U1 show why thousands today use. end demand Sen- reco--and axe satisfied with nothing less. All druggists and toilet counters. JLargo 2 oz. tube--25c. SENRECO-Cincmnati TIIK 1HA11OS1 BRAN1I. i'ill* iirii.'d'V-'d Gold Ctt. } TLro Jlo otbor ' llll/of vl. . , uoNu'jijtAMj i-ixis ji.; a I r owaasUKiScfcr-A'M^-al'.cliatlo ' ' SOLD BY DRUQQISTS EVERYttfiEKF ·

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