The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 14, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1918
Page 9
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FRIDAY,. JUNK 14, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLSYIliE. P, r-AGE NINE. CANADIAN HERO GOT "BLIGHTY" ATVlMYRiDGE gassaa Fayette County's Colossal Event of the Year. Stylish Wearing Apparel to Be Sacrificed at Destructive Prices. Starts Thursday at 9 A. M. and Lasts For 10 Days, Xo n c i ' d l n ivait for later in liio season for Reduction Sak'S. Come hero ami choose front noiv nn-lo-dflii^ and f u l l and complete stocks tint! styli.'.s Jtf prices I'nnn Imlf and less than linlf (lie jirice. ARTHUR K. HERMAN. "I (lid not lose my leg; I traded it for a clear conscience, and would do It all over n^ain, if necessary," answered Private Arthur K. Herman . when asked recently concerning the permanent (Usability \rh ch lie suffered while flchtlng with the ISiU Canadian Clack Watch at Vitny K;dOT. "The bojs .iu the trtnches do not ivaat to be pitied," says Herman. "They want to be appreciated. They want to be remembered :'p£ularty with letters from the folks ba.-k home. They want to feel that those who are not able to take up arms are ready to exert every effort to helf t tit-ouch Liberty Ixmn. Red Cross, Y. M. C. A. and other win-the-war ugeoeios." Herman was pastor of a Baptist church In Milton, Q'j.-ec's county. Xova Scotia, when wai cnme. ne could have entered the conflict as a chaplain with a comroiss on, but after sizing up the situation he decided that ct that particular time his joverament needed fipiiters more thhn preachers. Later.-while fishtiuk' in Fiance, he was recomiaeuded for a con.mission, but u-as wounded before it ci.'ue. Herman is 20 years ok!, a native of Xova Scuiia and a gradmite of Dai- housie college in llalifa:^ of Acndla college in Wollvlllo, N. S., and of Xew- ton Theological seminary Iu Boston. The motto ot his battali m Is "Nemo me impure lacessit," a Latin phrase meaning, as Herman rougHy interprets it, "Ko one hits me ami gets away with It." Waists One lot of 52.00 V.'aah ;; r j|a i Skirts in plain white i^ \ ;;| ? ' I ; and fancy.-- stripes, .v'.' *E-» ;;" j beautifully made of fine: '"· .£' quality Gabardines and! BcauCinlb'Tinned ! Hats Silk. Crepe ii e Cluco, Ci/or^o* to Crepe and Stria striped, Tun Silk, regular $-1.00 values. 31.99. Linenes. $5.00, Sfi.ftO and ? values. All sh.'ifH'.s nnd rolnrs. Trimmed in the la*- t»sl Fancy novel tioa. SperinI 331 052, $1.50 and $2 Values Gowns, Skirts, Combination Suits, Chemise and Corset wau»j« ws5gj/ ;m c -All beautifully trimmed '.viih fancy lac'-s, ^--:giy ^ffrj^l Jw' riobona :md embroid(-ry. for ~ *--^ Special! One lot of 50c Corart Covers and Drawers, embroidery trimmed Q*^r» special at _ . ,, OO *U This Sa!c. is a srreiit prit!t-;-iiariBi: distribution 01 Thtm winds of Dollars -worth of spssoni'.lilc disc ut sacrificing prices. S3. //y .... '. 0i /:?· ^ $25, $30 and 132.50 Women's and Misses' l ^ f f t f ^ iL^f! aJ illjS l^yK^dS N ;% b ^ ^ a ^ / r ; « x xS Mad,- in tin- new- (ft}^^/ , S - nnd ci.-v,ve:« ^^ Money-Savin Of -Mon's am] Young Men's Clothhig offers S20, $22.50 and S25 now up-to- date Suits for .7 ^ $13.50," $22.50 and $25 Women's \ C: fi H l\/3 t ~ '.". f* C ,nd Misses' FAIL TO GERMANIZE HOLLAND , Dutch Character Has Suc-cssfuliy Resisted All Efforts Matte by Its Powerful Neighbor, That Germany covrts Holland Is no fliplomatic or other secret. Everybody | knows It. CoBS'.dering the Dutch char- j a_ter and pride in nation il iadepend-! enc which they have manifested ever i since tht Dutch lanjruaffe assumed final ! shape us evidence of national- j iry, it has seemed best to the Hohea-: zollerns to proceed by peaceful means, { nraong which none is more patent than I intermarriage amonff Influential fam- i IHes.. And especially there is desired i marriages of German princes and 1 princesses into the House of Orange, ! wT'lch for some centuries, either as , stadtbolders or kings, has been the gov- j ertiiag head of the Dutch state. 2-iere bns been groat pu-'cess In securing German marriages. The mother of Queen ".VilhelinJna was a German princess and her luisbund li- a German- prince. But, while there tins been success in securing German husbands or ivives for the House of Orange, the assimilation has been frorc. German into Dutch and not from Pi;ten into German. Wo recall no German prince or princess who has married iuco the Tlonse of Orange who has not turned out to be us loyul a Dutchman or Dmchv.-omnn as the most ardent Hollander could de- Pire, observes tile San Francisco Chronicle. The fact is that the sturdy Dutch character persists from gen -ration to generation anil forms one of the most distinctive types of the humcn species. This Is not because the Gerrrau rulers have not constantly tried t mold it over, but because they have failed to do so. And . . . the modern Germans are Impatient that they have diillied so len^ with peivceful raenas and are for taking by force? wbat they cnnaot get otherwise. Special! $1.00 and $1.50 Corsets Discontinued stylos of iinr. ; -t grade rni^'jts. rno=!ly al'i sL-.e.s aw', styles. Special! 7 yards of Blearh'.-d or i ' t i - for . _ L i u i i 7 y;ii-(is to v:u:!i c-Urf- lomt.-.-. 5 AMD $27.50 SiLK MONEY SAVING SPECIALS! 51 Percale IIous e Waists, CQp dark blue an clgroy tlo/C ~ic Ladies' Fino Quality OQp Silk Hose, ;ill colors _.,, 2Lff Ginghams, light and dark checks, special, yd, ..,, Men':; 25c Dross Hnso, -J r all , . _ JLOt ' 35c I-cst quality Table Oil Cloth, al Ir.-olcira ^i-xr* special yd. ^^^ | Specials in Boys' Wash Suits $1.00 and $1.25 values Best Quality Chambray Gingbains, Galateas and "White LlnonK, all pretty styles and trimmed with colors 10 harmonize, special C^c. We Give S. H. Green Trading Stamps. Specials From Our Slioe Department V.'omen's ?/:,t'f no?. 1 Kid P u m p s iu * ri.itf-n: ^fioo. and p l a i n Ir-a'hrr.?.; t a : i .special (?O O ^ ' ^ I I ; S:,.'i« Pr.-ss' One 1o- of G i n s ' 0.\s i u M i t t o n ' n r la:,-. f°;-Us s » v 'Mtv and black, s t r a p .siyies, low ,:;m ' i . I i C ' S C U : H O . ..., . . , ^' i .:;:p $3.69 J^; ^"$L95 Straw Hats, $3 and $3.50 values for Gci under one of our Strav.- Hats and feel t-oujforiabie. A l l kinds oi" shapes and jj stylos on sale for §].!/0. | · · · ^ Oon;p!eie line of Panamas in all kinds of 3 shapes. C*O ^O ^ ?(t.oO valuop for ipo»t/t/ af Money Saving Sale of Men's Dress Shirts $1..50 and $2.00 values, of finest Percales. Satin stripe, best quality Crepes, vilh French soft cuffs, special for -- V/ '4 (*XJ g Men's Union Suits iM.rtO i'lul £.!.:!·) Values A i h l e t i r siyles, siicrt p!cr ; ve; fine quality "JQe I!all::-iggan. special « ' J ^ Men's Work Pants $2.00 Values, §KB». .'ii;iiie oi' ^ood servicciibJe nia- t"r:als ,also good heavy Kliaki $1.69 MONEY SAVING SPECIALS! c 35c Gauze Vest?, comfy "t Q.f « t - n l f t y l ^ , specUl ... ^^^ ^l.ri.'i Perrnlc UntliT?kiri. c , /] liiht \\i\A dark colors .. . . ^ ^ f^J^^: 69^ I 75e cwwron', Gi nEl! am Koi .?.! Hoys' KIIOP, 5ark pQ^ !' cr: " ' a i ! color5 ' Q( criiors .special . .._,, _ _ vxc/^ 5 ^pocia! . Extra Special--Women's and Misses' Wash Dresses !"j) to £G.5\i V a l u e s for $l»fto. j'" r.-''tk\-i Voiit'S ii3 w h i t e ai:d i'aiicy colors a]] V.iulifnlly mado in ^ lliE! v ' - v y latcsi siyli'H. AK aiii'j:.- '.o n: large and small women. This is £| u woadfcr sp^r-rj.! far ^l.'JG. " 'a OWE CAUSE OF HIS SUCCESS Making Sponges Grow. BUcayne Cay, Sugar-loaf ;;ey, An- cloto keys, and Key West, on the Florida coast, are. the princip;;! places in this ccrar try rrhe re e::p or: men ts In spoage callure-haTe been mads. The various methods are as follows: ! "Seed" sponges are cut into email ! pieces, and, ai'ter UaT:r.£ fseen nt- . tached by wtrlu^ or epJnfile to cir- ! cular or trinngnlor coment blocks. 1 oro dropped or lowerftd (depending I upon the depth) to rest on tha ococn bottom, where they romcJn for a year or two, until they reach a size propor fat* commercial purposes. They arc than teca by :ho took, Krhun new cuttings arc attached end ths ceneat block* let dov/n again, ^.noth^r method *?c^ to fl'ftoj ifactn on a wire' held horizontal by stakfle dflvafl in tfcfl bffttosj, IB dott-g this. Letter of Chariee Dickens Reveals Care Which Great Writer Gavs Hta Books and Readings. In n recent sale of Dickons' nuto- grnplis in London this letter, w r i t t e n ^liils he v.-ys In the United States, :ippoars: "I should novfr huve matls any HUC- sc^ In life if I had been shy of tahins pfiins, or If I iwd upon the le.'ist thin^ 1 have pver undertaken, esacily tlie sumo aitenti^ri care that T have 1 bvstowed ujion tlio greatest. Do ev^rylhinpr at your best. It WDS bnt I n s t year that I p-t to nnd Icurned CVP;T word of my Readings, nn,d from tea years ngo til! lust nifriit I have ncvrr rc:;d to an audience lint I hnve wntchyd for an opportunity of striking out oi 1 insortinij some- ·^·hfro. Look at such of my rannu- Ecripts us arc In tlio library at Gads' nnd think of the patient hours devoted year after yi:n- to single linen. . . . The v.-cnthcr is very severe hers, s:nd the work is very hard. Dolby (his mtimiror) hadng: hcon violently pitched Into by the mayor of Xew T-favfln (u ton - n ;tt which I nm to rend ne.vt wee"\) lias pf ne off holclly this morning 1 with flei'.nm vrrirtpn in?tructions from me to Inform the said mayor that if hs fail to make out his CCHO ho (Dolby) has in return u!I the numey taken, nnd to tel.' lilrn that I will not wet font in his Jurisdiction, whereupon the Nerr Haven peC'ple \vill probably fall upon t"ni mayor In hla turn and lead him n plortsrmt life." AMERICAN SHOCK TROOPS REST ON WAY TO 7'-^ FRONT PATKOHTZS HOTrlE MEECHAKTi WHO ADVERTISE IS THIS PAPEE.- 1 ; ^STS«7x H «"=; fV® ft' ' -i a %J?lJlC4s '^^J ' P j H's a mighty good investment --because Poplar flrove \\'i \f d c s i i i i e O to be ilic (.'oniini.' rps!cl' a )x i o d i s t r i c t or Con||| n e l l K v i l i c . The l o c a t i o n is i d e a l -- o n e of U;e most bcan- i j j ] t i f u l i i i tin's fec'rioii I t ' s O i i i y n ~)-:ni!]ute car ride or a 15!|* m i n u t e walk f r n m " H r i u i t f t o n e Corner." Xot very far-- but · S j t':-:r enough to l.'f f::-c in the open \vlicre you can enjoy ijj plenty of frc.-jl! air and btnurU'ul s u r r c i u u d i n y s . I? _ (f^'fi'?) %T.% Si -C%' !? /=/' f Th?y ircasure OOxl ·!!! ft..- -(iuarler acn; Lrnets-- and Rikms^.s b«e=i«ia loosa nod oo ife** wffi, ^nisffilua' tie U Shorteet RaUroad, Von Iievfl htiiutf of nhoFtcst rail- boforo, AlwufM thoy'ry Uio mast bbrrjvi'-ttwj ^'(tr. But off'hund ont* rmtfd grant thfr prtso f.- l^mt. It 1ms (t fnllro(t! on! at short intervals in ortinr f.o j i r c s ^ r v o ihc a i a i u i n a rif l i i c i::t-u. i;, : ;it ci:JIy hiiai'l ·i i o;:;l:!i;;,- is \hv task of {.he j':^ of lllCHt "bar^Ti.lilK. shock troojia, v:ho lo:u! in (he 1 attack and ;i-o first ED fiK-1 Uio :Urr: of i h u ur.'-u:y. America;: troopi or. the :narch d| ,,,, , ., .«+.^« · r,;,-. , r ,'- i ^ i j i T-X . ·to the Iron, line in Pieardy r.rc- hero robins by t!:, v,ay:-:iri,. || I h c r e s c!t " Wat; r ]n !!O;1 - ; °' evcr v lct aI!f J «'e Public School is just v,-;cliin a stone's throw--giving you ^ yo^ir nfe ill '1D/J Daily Courier. % , uaii!, afea? lizi^ttts, a Ua4 If lift flJ'' iiiftf fiWC6 It SSS3 Bfl Spiii fftf lifSf pfif?«§ 6vSf if.-J f ffiawswi sere fleas §s ' Fs Wo?m S??st ^S ^" 5. a Kwarz," tho taKt for 50 years. "T iiSVi;*': Kias^ Eu^aa o^JiiiiHa «f \» a \il *K:£' ;· . . . '· "S.SSIg? j y^^ 01 ^ Absolutely Removes ^ · TM5'R^L'^ATB. ijl¥^sS^Hl Indigestion, Druggists J ^ a c "" h M=adov * LiRS -- --^gtiia.. ?i. refund money if it. fails._25s ^ Ci.inilliviHa fa. every needed convenience. * And JIM; r.n t;»y one if i!C:;c !d:^ OR y.T.'i' oivil lw;!i. ; : -- v.'liy ii;.i tVfiUi Kii? i'Miiy fvli 1 liiil ptii'Hl'ijhiiji. ^ 0 £^ 0 i^«Ci i-, 0. lios 14=!,

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