The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 14, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLbviunr,, l. .IUIN13 li, OUTWITT lOJTCNANT PATQ'BRIEN OU:AIM O'SKtETf William Carson aud family have moved in with Mrs. L. C. Stewart. D. D MillvTura and family vi!l soon move inlo the Carson property recently purchased 1 by Mr. M^lwaid. johm Gondria and Stanley Gibson of Smock, wo.-e recent town callers Little Alice Wenncr, who was hit by an anto -recently, has recovered from her injuries Mrs. Lela "\Veimer of Bel'.evernon, was a recent guest ot Mrs. David W-eimer. .Mr. .McAllister ol Monesscn, was a recent '.own caller. Ur. R. P. Kamerer was a business caller at Brownsville "SVeduebday. Don't neglect your eyts. See Dr. A. j | L. TDCier, Optometrist, 105 Soutli ' j , Pitlsburg street, Connollsulle.--Alv. : -Obtervattans In a Belgian City. One night shortly before 1 left this rity. ocr airmen ralrted the place. I llda't venture out ot the house at the jlme, but the nrart night I thought I roald ;,'o oct and see what damage pad beon done. ' When It became dark I left the house accordingly and mixed -with the trowd, which consisted largely of Gor- 0ao I went from one place to no- rther to see what oar "straffing" had iccompUsbed. Naturally I avoided ppeaktag to anyone. If a man or (tojnen appeared about to speak to ae, I fatt turned my head and looked or Balked away to- some other direction. t nrast have been taken for an nn- joelal sort of Iridividnal a good many times, sad if I had encountered the : wax person twice I suppose my con- . ictet might have aroused suspicion. I h«d a first-class observation of the ilatnage that was really done by our bombs. One bomb had landed very pe»r the mnrn railroad station and li ; It hod been only thirty yards nearer ' would barve connletely demolished It. 49 the station was undoubtedly our airman's objectlTe I was very much Impressed with the accuracy of hU j pirn. It Is by no means an easy thing ] to bit a building from the air when ' jroo are going at, anywhere from fifty to-one hundred mfles an hour and are being scot at from beneath from a | dozen different angles--unless, of course, you are taking one of those desperate chances and flying so low that you cannot very well mls yonr mark and the Huns cant very well Tiss you either! I walked by the station and mingled with the crowds which stood in the entrances. They paid no more attention to me than they did to real Belgians, and the fact that the light-: were all out in this city at night raad* It-Impossible anyway for anyone to get as good a look at mo as II it had been light. · Imring the time that I was In tlU city I suppose I wandered from ono end of It to the other. In one place-, where the German staff had its headquarters, a huge German flag nun; from the window, and I think I would have gfven ten years of my life 10 have stolen It. Even If I could have i paQed It down, however, it would have , been Impossible for me to have concealed It, and to have carried it away with me as a souvenir, therefore would Kru been out of the question. "A* I went along the street one nlgnt malady standing on the comer stopped me and spoke to me. My first impale, ot coarse, was to answer her, explain- j tog that I couM not understand, but 1 . ·topped myself to time, pointed to loy I ears and mouth and shook my bend. | Indicating that I was deaf and dumb, I ·ad she nodded understandingiy aadj walked, on. Incidents o£ that kind were not nonsaul, and I was always In fuar I that the time weald come when some | Jjxzulaitiv* and suspicious German ·would encounter me and not be so ·Mllr satisfied. There-*ie many tilings that I saw tn thla dty wnlch. for various reasons, it Is ImjxwOde for me to relate until alter Uw war Is error. Some of thara, X^atak, win create more surprise than thu incidents I am fcee to reveal now. B and to emose me as I went along the «tr»et3 ol tttU town, looking in thfl shop windows wrCh German soldiers at my ride looking at the Etune things, to tbtnfe how close I was to them and they had no way of knowing. I ws quite convinced that if I were discovered my fate wonM acre been death-became I not only had the forged paesport on ma, but I had been so many dajrs behind the German lines after I bad escaped thit they couldn't solely let me live with the tolormn- Hon I possessed. On* night I walked boldrr across »· park. I heard footsteps behind me and turning round saw two German soldiers. I slaved «p a trifle, to let ttem set ahead at me. It was zalher dark aad I got a tinuuce to see That a woo- Jsrfcn imtfonn Die German military aotnoritles have picked out. HM- sot- filer* had Dot gone more than a few feet a)K*d at cw wken (tor disap- in the darkness like one of tfloae melting pictures on the moving plctnre screen. As I wandered through tho streets I frequently glancu-il in-the cafe window as I pasted. German officers were nsnally dlniDg theru, bat they didn't conduct themseLve? with imy- thing like the llght-heartedness which allied officers in .. I was rather surprised at this because In this part oj Belgium they were much, freer than they would have been in Berlin, where, I understand, food is compar- characteriEC's the London and Paris. Meyersdale. Mrs. J. E. June 14 -- Mr. and . Barnbnrt, who were re- { atively scarce are very strict. and the restrictions cently married at Scoltdale, arrived ' here yesterday for a few clays' visit with the latter's parents, Mrs. D. A. Priedline, a f t e r ivhicn they ] will go to Baltimore to reside. B. J. Lynch has returned from business trip to Morganton, ~\V. Va. Mrs. Thomas, Bracken and Thomas Courtney of Sand Patch were Meyersdale visitors on Thursday. Mrs. Etta George and sister, Margaret George, left esterday for Connelis\ille to visit for a relatives, and then they v*'i Pittsburg for a feu" (fays' visiting GOLDWYK PRESENTS ANOTHER SENSATION OF MYSTERY AND n .-UN'D ADVEMUHE, STABBING MAB15L NORMAND IN FIL.LKD WITH WONDERFUL SUSPENSE AND ECiClTEMENT GOOD 2 ACT COilEDY. --COJIEfG-- THOMAS A. EDISON PRESENTS arc] shopping. As I have said, my own condition in| Mrs j. P . Brennen ot Scottale visit- this city was in some respects worse ed iore parents . Mr . and Mr ,. Michael than it had been when I was making shalmoTI ,, ere lhc pMt tev day ,. my way through the open country ' Mra _ -^ c rrice a n d son TC illiam VThilo I had a place to sleep and my have rct ,,rned from Pcotulale, where clothes were no ' longer constantly! thev . liart beon ^ siUng tor £everal soaking, my opportunities for getting d " food were considerably less than they! j r , B5 C]ara ^^ who f o r the pa , t , several weeks had been nursing in tho j vicinity of Rockwoud, returned home ! had beea. Nearly all the time I was half famished, aad I decided that l! would get out of there at once, since' I Tvas entirely through with HuyUger. i 3JT pbysiical condition was greatly- Improved, While the lack ot food showed itseH on rae, I had regained some of my strength, my wounds were heaJed, and my ankle was stronger, and although my knees wer? still considerably enlarged, I felt tbat I was la better shape than I had been at any time since my leap from tho train, aad I was ready to go through whatever was In store for me. Anyone with ambition can mount, the ladder of success. This is not an axiom, but it is nevertheless true aad Ul^Stil FKROLJiSON domonottrateti this vi-iy ably in -THH RISE OF .IT.55IE CUSHEfG" Also tho Paramount-.Mack Seuoett Comedy "r'KIKXD HUS1UM)" Monoday-Tuosday--"THK wniSPERLN'G CHORUK," an all-star cast Artcratt production. Oiaiiiauqua ss Mary June "Wiland left, yester- [ for a few days' visit "with i tives and friends in I^onaconing. Mrs, Jack Sonhetm and little daugli- c cveral wcefe 1 ^ dercd ter. after spertdina with the form and Mrs. W. F. Payne, leaves as a dcre- liyi and, if possible, st-tal a uiarch on tho police and score a "beit 1 fe«r ber here with the formor'.s Taron(s. Mr. paper, il^iokca for a thief IL sore today ^ee their home in Baltimore. CHAPTER XVI. \ I Leave for the Frontier. To get ont of the city, It would be BEST JUDGE OF FARM ol reform, the girl is received by Hunter Mason and Laihan, his secretary, and ho appeals to the millionaire :hat he enlists hi.s motiier'- aid la cdrmg for iicr. Temptations are placed in ht-i way, and Mason's untie makes a be:, that Patricia w i l l When Kryl takes his place before a group of 30 musicians, the harmony just has to corne, that : s all. This great Cornetist and Band Master brings to Chautauqua's Fifth'Day the Highest Priced Attraction ever presented on the Redpath Circuit. You Can't Afford to Miss It! Season Tickets, $2.00 (Add 30r 0 for Uncle Sam's War Choi) Afternoon Evening 50 Cents 50 Cents Conrtellsville Chautauqua June 20-26. In Sonth to lecture Third Tay of the Connvllsiille Chautjiuriua. f a ii ODCti money is p'uccd vuUiu h«r One of the leading features ot the! reach. But no fauch umig hup pens. Connellsville chauta-iua which opens j What does happen, h o w e v e r , b r a g s greatest story the war has pro- Tbursday, May 20, will tie a lecture | about a clraiax as asto nuking t .s it is duced by Mary Raymond An EDISON SUPETl-FEA- TURE based upon the book '-THE THREE T1IIXGS"--the had learned in the course of my walks at night, having frequently traveled to the city limits with the idea of finding out Just what eaadlflona I ·would have to meet when th* time came for me to leave. A German soldier's uniform, however, no longer worried me as it had at flrst. I had mingled Tvith the Huns so much In the city that I began to feel that I was really a Belgian, and I assumed tho IndluTerence that they seemed to feel- I decided, therefore, to wait ont of TMfj b, Mrs. G/H/ athis. She been happy. Admirers of Tom Moore, k-ati- , variously called "Tho Economic Moses ,ng man for Mib Normand in "DuLg- i of tati South," "The Joan of Arc of ing a Mill.un," will oe glad to know j Agriculture," "The Best Judge o f . tbat he appears w t t f i lur in her, Farm Laad in the State of Alabama."! production, "The Floor Below," Mou"She is a public speaker of such good day and Tuesday, Rayiraond M sense and good humor that organtza- and Marguerite Courtot. w i l l tions in every state of the union have j starred m "The Crbeiici.^!-," an asked her to talk for thorn." aaya the j isou feature. American .Magazin-e in a feature ar- t:cle jn the Pebniary, 1I17, issue. be Continuing, this article says, "Yet the surest key to her character is found j hi the title by which she is known ail j TTTE "THE UNBHl-UjVEir'--A s':per a t - j tracUou ot romai.i;o iLnd aciion, la sun-swept south--'The worn- J ,, , ., '-" - * - -«^^^^^^^:J^^^^^^^ "The Birth of -· ^ - ' -- - characterigdcs of Uic normal wotnaii, only they are abnonualiy in evidence. She raised a fanul of her own t a son wutch. It \vo rfced fine. I was not held up a moment, the sentries evidently taking me for a Belgian peasant on his way to work. Traveling faster than I had ever done before since my escape, I was soon out In the open country, and the first Belgian I came to I approached I --quite as well as the first. Mrs. for food. He gnve me hall of his Ma-tins' first adventure m laud was ed br Kdii,TM Jroia the o]-si)re'""i and two daughters--before she ed in to raise Alabama. sto-r by Mary Raymond rililpi'.an An- i drews, "The T n r t c Things, 1 ' will b e . Andrews. Featuring Raymond McKee ar(3 Marguerite Courtot showing United States Marines in Action PARAMOUNT THEATRE Monday and Tuesd.i), J u n e 17 and IS. TUK XHKATKE THAT J'LAYS OMA" THE BKST Come Vi lien You Please. Staj As Louogr As You Like. The Original Cast THE CHARMING WIDOW COMPANY Preseulinir A Farce Cojnedy "With IuO SpeH.'iI AdfU'd Ta»dci i)lo. liitr HKsrfim; uml l.'inchtir Tho Host K ono Tio Good I'or flic Arcade. On (he ^c l r^;en--Special!--"LoneMMiic Luke*' Comedy. sixty acres of run-down farm land lonch and we sat down on the side of the road to eat It Ot course, be tried to tali to me, but I used the old ruse of pretending I "was deaf and dtrmb and he was quite convinced that It waa own ideas, and then sold it for $40 an And she h3 siP I - eseiltcd Montla " and TuosdL.y. 5£ar- han^d her second family--the state Bworlte Co-anot and Kaymond Mchrf are tlie featured pJayvr-j, and Uietr respective lole.s, the I^ol^ian ro-tugi'C i o u t h f u t manne, af ord '-.lib- pair excellent, veil Lk"? for the purchase of one thousand and ·*« ^ at ' dolishtlul eight doUars an acre. She had it , lhelr * l r t e l tilled for sis years according to her j personalit different aad app a!:u j Musi Courtot acineves ^ a distinctive Lriuiuph through her in- so. He made various efforts to talk I acre. Since then slie has taken many ; 'erpretauon of the brave lilt.( Belgian to me In pantomime, butyl couid noti other worn out uacts and turnud a martyr, a part that represents ue FOR THROAT AHD UI8SS make oat whot he was getting at and I think he most have concluded that I was not only hall starved, deaf and dtnnb, but "looner" In the bargain. TO BE CONTIKCED. similar tnck with them, have been remarkably Her profits Uob1e s P' nt ° c ihf Bl Islura ""' a v . ! t!lc ' tlevaitation wrought in the Classified AdT'jrfVrniPirta Bring results. Cost only Ic a word. Perryopolis. _..__. _ t PERRYOPObIS, June 14.--Mr. and Mrs. Jolxn Hannam have received a card from their son. David stating his safe arrival overseas. Mr. Hannam Is a member of Company A, 307ih Engineers Corps. You will get comfort and style if I examine your eyes and fit your glasses. Ir. A. L. Tucker, Optometrist, 105 South Pittsburg streot, Conneils- ville.--Adv. Mrs. Howard Adams has returned II - . 50 cents a box, including war tax For Hale |»T nU dmKtfffa TJTR "THE F1X3OR BELOW"-- In which the famous dft yn star, Mabel Nor- ol the Hun. Raymond McKee carne.- the pep an.d punch ot the U. 15. A, mto Praace and Belgium, whore ruthless realism CAFVCB hia soul to its com- roal blackface comedian who keepa plcle development. Alan Crosslaiid, tl]e ^ OUhe in roars o f laughter all the the director, took a company of aciorb j Umo Thc sta(je sotiinpH are new to the U. S. 31. C. war caiitonmont at | -h.^ l.ghUn-g effects are very prett\ m Quantico, whore the war scfues. were i a i i t i ie hills The bill for Friday and staged under tbe supervision of Col. Satuirlay A S. AicLcaiore and nvernlx rs o£ his stalT, The picture was recently exhibited at ihc Marine Corp^ can ton- meat at Quantico, Va., aud the Sixth. home from Ne^r York. - ,, Mrs. Ray K. Cialfant of Fort T3jom- job as, Ky., is spending some time with CuL i wait for her if she is success- A number of daring robberies a, relatives. The monthly meeting ot the local "W. C. T. U. was held at the home of Mrs. B. F. Snyder "Wednesday afternoon. Paul Hixenbatigh is spending his vacation, irith relatives at Akron, O. have been, committed by crooks who seem possessed of Inside information. concerning the rich homes they plunder. The police- havo a clue which causes them to watch tlic settlement house conducted by Hunter Mason, a yotmg millionaire, as the source from K THKATHK maud, is seen m the leading role, .s | Battalion saw themselves in action, being shown today. Miss Xorrnand plays a copy gJrl Jn a busy newspaper office, getting into a scrape which causes her discharge, or is about Lo bring it about when sae is saved, Patricia O'ltourke is given her first assignment with the prtKUiae that the The Charming Widow company a* v.'jll tx? "The Cmmmg \\ idnw," On the screen will be a special comedy, "Lonesome rf-ukc." THK "TIO; RISC OP JENME CUSHING "--The A n c r a f t production now being bho*\n a t the Orpheum tLca- ter, is a Dig human sublet Kls«e the Arcade theatre this week is onu t Fergdbou, the roted sugc siar and of the best snows tbat lias been iu j beautj', ^rho roc-ently capitulated to ConncHsviUe in a lont; time. Their shows are different, the music is up Lo date, the wardrobe worn by the pretty girls are Lhc latent The bill tor the last two days of the week is a farce comedy f u l l ot good clean comedy, Ixiwood Harrison, who played Hen Pecked Henry the 0 days, will he seen n another funny part, and Mr. Gray as "Smoke," is a motion picture;!, plays the title role. The sLniggle;* of this giri, born m the slums, of u iknovrn paienlugo, preseru an arraignment. OL' modern society. In Lbe book by Mary S, Watts. Jennie Gushing commanded ho play- j»ration, appealing Lo Llie sympa- ( .rat two tbtes not by her helplessness but ! through her gut and detcnnmauon to rise from her Icwlj- foinrouiidiiigs. Case 1T2--School teacher; Residence--Keo-T tuck, severe operation, left her weak, anao- inlc, norvous, low Titality. Physician recommended Bio-faren. T\\o weeks' treatment SJjoived ·'cmj^-^aJj ^ Imp"ovpmunt. Doctor re- po-ted. "Blo-fL-ren had done T\unuG.-a for lies." Another ^ase--Pcnniylvrn'a.n, ropor'^: "I * ,\ a Uiin n about onc-haii af tbft Blo-fcr«n pellets njid must confess 7 /c.i-1 Jihe ne«. ' A Ivemuckian woman aas, "I have;.n 3io-f"ren refjularly and fe«V much bunefltad. I ctn L.SC TTU arms much IMJIIP'- However, can POC set my hands to mj head sufllciently to comb my hair, but I reel that I will soon b* abia to do tbat," You vront the vigorous health and ruddy beauty is dependent on strength, nerves aad r»d blodu E\ »rybol\ fio*-a. Read those reports above. a sain. You, too, if you are dragged dotm .'u hc-iltti and bifeogih because OS tiveru-orti, worry, nerves, ami similar cai-s=es can rebuild your heaJth and Btrongnii -with Bio-fereu. it IB not j. sti-nuUnt It is a builder--a builder ol better htaJth. Blo-ftiffin contains some cf thp best InrrcUfents known to the medical world, and is indicated for the treatment of run-clown conditions duo to overwork, worry, anaemia, melancholia, rervoua debility, debility i olio wing Infectious diabases, convidcsttnct tro.-n acute "t-vf-s, etc. There ia no secret nor mjsierj about lilc'-frrtn. n\- t 'ry package shows the elements it co'italoe Ay!c our phyticl^:j about it, or have bim wnto atnd we ivJJJ send him comiJlif formula. Actl don't forget that Bto-ieri'n is bold onlv on condition ih-\c you w'll roturn the empty package and allov. us to rifund vour jiurchase price it, for auy reason, jou jrc nxt fully s-iUa^ed. Ple.iic l,c-a.r that in mind for it m Very important Elo-feren aolls ct ?1 00 for a large pacltase Your drupjjim can supply you or we win send H direct upon receipt of 51 00; six pic^a^rea for $500, should you have any .trouble in sucuriiig it, The fat;ntttutl paay, Mawoalc Tdopld CiacfnnfttJ, Ohio, POCK SA3DHT* Bj ,.\ WHL.U WST** 6 -- IWHAI 'YOU'RE ffbirtO-'"fo'sivi'.i -fOU Ct\»£ TOOB, SftF'iMY « - n - i w i · --i COOKIE TMrt Ml/^OTS'. 33OMT Pgjff.,) /l*'.^ 1 --|£O ^^^ Ci«^W -. -- --' r- 1 - ~~1 /'.«*',*

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