The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 2, 1939 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1939
Page 8
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FACE EIGHT. TIIK DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. THURSDAY, MARCH 3, Basketball THE ORLD Basketball SPORTOR1ALQ \J By JOHN H WHORIC, Sports Editor ·/ WHAT'S GOING ON IN HIGH BITS HERE AND THERE SCHOOL CIRCLES Ty Cobb the fo-mei Geoigia Peach Greensburg playeis scored only of baser-all, the greatest of all greats, eight out of 64 chances at fleld goals thinks it would be a silly idea to while Johnstown dtopped eight out of 41 in their playoff sciap at Indiana From the foul line, the Jawns got seven out of 11 and the losers three out of 10 The Westmoreland coun- tians had possession of the ball more than the Flood City but couldn't do anything with it--even under the basket North Union, South Union, Point Marion, Umontown a n d Georges Township of Fayette county and Mapletown (Monongahela Township) of Greene countv have come out of the W P I A. L dog house after a year's prooation foi violating the eligibility rules. The ban was lifted March 1 and the schools are again eligible for league competition Application of a little sportsmanship in sports will sa\e these and othei schools from additional embarrassment The law of averages takes care of cvciythmg Even a string of biskctball \ ictones Johnston n Catholic High sutTeied a 21 to 20 setback at the hands of Franklin Borough aftei having won 12 in a row, it being the loseis secpnd loss m Ifl starts this season Ford City's easv victoi v in eliminating Johnstown occasioned no sut prise for some cage follow eis belie\ e the Jawns had less cnance than either Greensburg or Scottdale break up the Yankees in an effort to equalize power in the American League "Each club must protect its own investment Breaking up an outft like the Yankees would bo ..bout as wise as putting vour money m a poket that had a hole in it," Cobb said . . . Baron Gottfried von Cramm, German tennis ace, confirmed reports he was retumng to international tennis competition but not foi the Nazis Released several months ago from a German puson, the baron has entered the Egyptnn tennis meet in Cano Sonja Henie, the skating champion who has neve woin a pair of skis in he. life is endorsing skiing equipment Waynesburg my try to hook up the great Long Island U Blackbirds for a basketball series when the Yc'lovv Jackets new gjm is readj . . Mrs Knute Rockne is repoited to be demanding 350,000 from Wainer Brothers for the pm ilege o£ letting them film tne life stoiv of hei famous football husband who died in a plane crash Seems piettv cheap at 'hat Eddie Hr etz of the Associated Press v\ rote this one "Eighteen months ago Jack Ropei w as going up and down on a freight elevator ' He must be getting in shape for his . William (Horny) Goodish, fprmer tortncrmin g bout wltl , Joe Louis North Union Township High sports star, li, reigning as the Leap Week King at Tindlay College, Findlay, Ohio Horry, a sophomore, is a member of the baseball team and serves as trainer for the cagers and gridders Members of his "court' include Don Renmnger and Tom McKmney, Un- aontown boys, while the queen is Betty Heibeck of Genoa, Ohio. The Findlay celebration evolves around the question of the girls making all dates for the week and providing the sources of entertainment as well as paying all expenses Each co-ed is required to have at least two dates duung the week or take part m an old maid's chapel exercise Shamrocks Nose Out West Newton By Single Point Connellsville Recreation Center Shamrocks defeated the West Newton girls quintet at West Newton Wednesday night, 26 to 25 The game was played as a preliminary to the West Newton-Pitt IU star fracas and w it- nessed by a capacity crowd The Shamrocks, despite a handicap of injuries and sickness, substituted on short notice for the Gold- =nson Vanities who were unable to play their scheduled game The :enter coleens staggered through ivild fourth Quarter to stave off determined West Newton rally and squeeze through with a one point victory "Ede' Tulley continued her recent scoring spree to chalk up 15 points for the Shamrocks with Wilma Scott and "Izzy" Metzgei lending valuable assistance Soroka and Sterner featured for West Newton The line-ups Shamrocks G. F. Pts. Scott, t Fronick, f Tulle, c Hetzger, g Seese, g owe, f Totals West Newton Bales, f Kowlcheck, f .. Moody, e Sterner, g . . . Soroka, g ,, . Palhua g Totals G. 3 ... 0 7 1 0 . 1 . 12 G. 1 . 1 . - 1 .. 2 _ . 3 - . 1 10 Califoima Twelve of Cine nnati s 13 pitchers are six feet or taller Jmversity of Hawaii wants to plaj e Dame s footoallers in Honolulu Spoiling News, National weekly saseball publication sav s that Jimmy ?oxx deserves but didn't get a plaque :oi courage He was foiced to attenc four banquets in a row, attending as guest of honor in Philadelphia, Boston, NEW York and Cleveland Joe Davis, 24, right hand pitcher who piloted Cambiidge, P.Id, of the Eastern Shore League last ear, has been named managei of Portsmouth, Ohio of the Middle Atlantic . Goldfish for fish bait has been declarec illegal in Wisconsin under a ruling of the conservation comm ssion which said "Goldfish that escape and go native grow to considciable size and in a few generations, escape then gold coloring A member of tne carp family, the goldfish in the wild, is an undesirable citizen Goldfish-carp, i contended, have become so common Lake Erie that they are be ng caught as commercial fish . . Latcs report is that Lou Novarro, Union town boxer is hanging up his gloves before he's seriously injured Johnny Pmgel all-American halfback, has been named Michigan States's outstanding senior Sijs Gene Tunrpj Lou Nova is a horrible amatcui--from what I have seen of his boxing performances" . Texas Ch-it,tian will lose 12 grid sta s, including Davey 6 Bnen and Ki Aldnch, al'-Amencans Dizzy Vance, foimer Dodger fireball tosser, claims that it is unorthodox pichmg that causes so many sco-c arms in the big time A golf bill can now be added to the favorite fish Rapid M i c h , insists that he found a golf ball, still retaining plenty of "bounce' in the stomach of a group- ei which a friend of his caught several miles off shore in the Gulf of Mexico Setting a New World's Record in High Hurdles Many (District Boxers Will Appear on 1.0 A. C Fight Program Monday Allan Tolmich (right), Detroit timber topper, sets new world's record for the G5-i"eter high hurdles at national indoor championships in New York. Hurdling in faulticss form, he need to victory in 8 4 seconds, clipping one-tenth second off his ov, n record, made last year. Right behind him is Bay Staley of the Southern California A A.A. (Central Press) Entries Coming in For Cage Tourney March 14 Although the second annual Connellsville gold medal basketball tournament docs not stait play until March 14 entries have aheadj been receiv cd The honor of ling the first ent les belongs to tv o OJt-of-tov n quintets and who will perhaps travel fiithest to take part in the evem The ongmal earl birds are the Apollo Furns -ind the Lcctchbarg Furns Another senioi division team to enter is the local Spishak-Ca e\s, c' iimants of the Ftijettc. counts independent ch tmpionship Other senior teams to promise entries aie Oveiholt, Mo- nonb thel t Pizzicas Con icl'svil'e Howit/ei s and Unionto n Kaufmans Lightv c ght te.ims who hdvc acknowledge receipt of en.ry blanks and promised to be piesent ate New ell Goldsteins Koo^et, C C C Camp of Rockwood Jacktown Hotel C irdmals o r Hcrm ne, Hermme Lurea as, North Belle Vernon Firemen Dunbar Rccu ation Cente^ Red Flash- esand Connellsville Pai amount Thea- trcs Junior nqu ics arc n (ro-n the Svvissvalc Merchant^ Dunbar Juniors Connellsville Oglcvee t lov e s. Rockwood Torpedoes and Paiamount Theatre Junioi- Johnstown Five Bows to Ford City In Court Tourney Fold Citv, winner of two W P I V L bnskttbaJl t tics in successive jcars, displacd another smooth functioning quintet to smothei Johnstown -16 to 23, at Pitt Stadium Tuesdnv night The Section 9 champions never hid a chance trailing H-6, at the first qu irtcr rind 38-14 at the third Ford Citv moved into the scmi- fimls of the tournament b} virtue of the w i n Center Active Revere Takes Over Whiiseff Dribblers CHURCH DARTBALL LEAGUE NOTES Andrew Philip ol Methodist Episcopal Chuich fought back into first p'ace of the Church Dartball League by taking two from the Christians while the Baptists and Evan- geLcals got into each others hail Tuesday evening and the Baptists obtained two "scalps" The Baptists were tumble I out of first place by Fast M E who came to the rescue of then ' little brothers' and took three from the Baptists The Evangelicals by taking two from M P Meeks, NeHi, Ruffo, LH- liock, Richardson on Amateur Card. SEVEN BOUTS TO BE PRESENTED Some of the best leather pusheri of the Connel'sville district will appear on the amateur fistic show at Slovak Hall Monday night, March 6, a program sanctioned by the Allegheny Mountain association, Amateur Athletic Union, and sponsored by Im- s-^uoa uy «,,!,« cwu UUJJ1 ,,, r , maculate Conception High School Monday evening are still in the run- At "=tic Association While V n c e Bro.vmng and Walter nmg The United Brethren continued their clirrb by oarely squeezing two fiom the German Lutherans Trinitv, aftei taking two from the Presbyterians, found the German Lutherans could be ' lucky" once in a while and the "Dutch' v on two from their English brethren Greenwood M E had donated three by the Fiesbvter- ans The icsults of games Andiew Philip 5 8 17 Christians . 7 5 3 Vandeibut Community Recreation Center, which has been recently resumed under the Wonts Progress Administration, is conducting a successful progr m This popular center of former years serv es the tri- f own area and includes in its activities (basketball lollei skating, craft work and a game room Basketbill has been the major vv ntei activ itj Two leagues consisting of five sen 01 qu ntets and six junior teams m ikes up the circuits AH pkijers reside in the tn-town area Three afternoons a week are given ovei to basketball for grade school bos Seveuil girls games h i v e ilso been stugpd at the center The b-isketball activ ites aie under the direction of R ivmond Herbert w i t h San Lint assisting the girls All craft activities roller skating and games aie undei the leadership of J Gallic Brown Roller skatng pkiys an important p-iit m the program each Tucsd ty a n d Friday Baptists Evangelicals ~ First M E Baptists Evangelicals Methodist Protestants 11 . 1 Trinity Lutherans Presbyterians First Bea! Vanderbili Greensburg Beats Ramsay Wrestlers First Sheet Service Stution basketball quintet defeated Vandcrbilt 30-15 in a game p l i j t d at tne Vande~bilt Recre it on Center The I 1 lynn brothers led the victorious assault scoring 18 points The line-ups First Street T Flynn f R Culp f G 5 26 Pts 25 Non-scoring substitute -- Thompson Score by quarters* Shamrocks West Newton Referee -- Boes _ 8 2 13 3--26 8 -- 25 Vandergrift Beats Ml, Pleasant Quint MOUNT PLEASANT, Mar 2 -Holy Tunity Bishops quintet of Vandergrift weie treated to a surprise by the Feather Meiehants five who forced the visitors into an extra period !o u m a 46-43 decision The line-ups Mount Pleasant G. r. Pts F Anderson, f . . 3 2 8 Rutkosky, f - _ 4 2 10 E Queer, c - - - 3 0 6 M Lan/mo, g 3 4 10 T. Pfiognei, g 1 3 5 J Cui£,an, c 1 0 2 S Fieed, g 1 0 2 J Murray, g _ _ _ 0 0 Special to Hie Courier MOUNT PLEASANT, Mar 2 -- Gieensburg wrestl ng team scored a decisive 28-0 victory over Hamsay High matmen here Tuesday It was the second victory for the courty- seaters ovei Mount Pleasant an eanei meet ending in a 31-13 score Only two matches ended in falls with Pantalone and Blasiole of Greensbuig winning both The summaiy 85 pounds--Dctar, Gieensburg, and disc, Eamsay, diaw, extra period 95 pounds--DeMarmo, Greensburg, won decision over Zeghn 105« pounds--Queer, Ramsay, WOT decision ovei R Abraham 115 pounds--Detore, Greensburg, on decision over Gabos 125 pounds--Ban, Gieensburg, won decision ovei Snydei 135 pounds--T Abraham Greensburg, won decision ovei Kalp 155 pounds--Pantalone, Greens- buig threw Nixon in 1 45 165 pounds--Jamison, Gieensburg, and Yanello, Ramsay, draw, extra pc- iiOd. Heavyweight--Blasiole Greensburg, threw Fiandaca in 3 18 Referee--Robb Washington Cage Tourney. 0 April 6, 7 and 8 hdve been chosen as the dates of the annual trl-state B Irvm, c F Christophei g J Nicolazzo, g W Flynn, g _ R Albino f Totals Vanderbilt J Pardolph, f T Pandolph f J Sember c - . G. Meliolm, g P Dicello, g P Guerella, I P Level ing, g Totals Score by quarteis First Stieet VandcibiH Referee--Heibeit 11 G 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 8 I 1 r. o i i 2 1 'UhitsCtt Recreation Center ba c ket- bjll teams sph' a double reader at the WlnUett floor, tne junior bos defe itmg Sn petown 34 to 25 while ·he senio-s lost to Revere 38 to 36 E Ke ston for Vhitsett and Rictoi for Heveie featured the senor game The line-up \\Tiitsctt B Vargo f T DeZoH f E Kersten, J Do/oK, g D. Vargo g G 3 Kcrs'en J DeZoH, g Totals Rev ere A E v e i l j Crews, f Rictoi c Van D i v n c r H E v e i l v , g Moore, g f _ -_- 0 17 G _. 3 3 7 1 1 3 Pts 2 36 F. rts 1 7 0 6 1 15 0 2 0 2 0 b JO Ptb 2 2 1 1 3 4 6--30 5--15 Fuses, Plugs Annex Girls Ducks Games Totals Score by quarters Wh tsett 15 tleverc 2 Hcfci ec -- -Washington 18 8 6 7--36 0 16 14--38 St. Vincent Preps Somerset Defeats Meyersdale, Nears Class A Cage Flag Somerset High moved within half a gjTie of clinching the Somerset Countj Class A Basketball League peiin tnt with a 3fa to 19 victory over Me,} cuddle, uncorking a 15-field goal itt ick th a PC ul Abelc'i boys couldn't match Someiset has vvoi 10 out of 11 times and needs a triumph over Winiiber, winnci only twice in seven starts, to automatically gain the nown whe'cjs, a setback will creaip a tie with Bosvvell Windber came thiough with a 48 to 29 decis on over Conemaugh Township Someiset Tov nohip ot Fuedens spilled Shcidc Township by a 32 to 27 count w h i l e Hoovcrsville finished ahead of Stonycieek Township of Shanksvillc b ji identical scoie Boswell disued out a 55 to 7 tiounemg to Stoyestovvn loi its 18th win m 21 stalls this jear Garretl spilled Meversdilca Junior Va.sity, 35 to 14 Jimmy Driscoll Sets Ducks Gait In Kiwanis Loop "Jim* Driscoll, membel of the West Virginia bowling team in the Kiwanis Duckpin League, topped the kmgpmners in games at the Masonic alleys by tu-mng in a three-game average of 166 A teammate, W H Sharp, turned in the highest score with an even 200 Other high scoies are as follows Dr J H Dull, 180, Herbert Richer, 171, Dr O F Leighty, 169, and Driscoll 167 and 175 The standing of the teams Roebuck and Peiry Coulter A C of Brownsville mix in the main affair and Johnny Alt takes on Vern Kuker of Vestabuig A C in the semi-final, there vv 11 DC fiv e othei features One of the big supporting bouts, one which will be worth any person's time and rioney, brings together Mnes Neth and Ralph Meeks, both of this community who will we gh in at 155 pouncs Both boys are fast and there's keen rivalry between them. The vv iiiner is to be given a billing at a future snow hence the added, zest of the vvoikouts ! Steve Lilliack of Eveison as programmed with George Hic'iardson of Swedetovvn at 1J7 pounds These bovs have been stepping out in their training quarters and won't be content vv th anything but a kayo victory Ray Rtrffo, another popular Con- illsVillo boy, is tagged up with Paul Jones of Peny Coulter and they wiE weigh m at 126 pounds Ray has been piobably the most active battler in tms region, wealing the colors of the Recitation Center, and should be in the p nk of condition for the local program Pitt _ . Duke ,, W Va. Tech W. 13 12 9 11 14 Pet. 619 476 333 Turn Back Hurst When its attach bogged down and its defense became 11% in the second 1 alf Huist High School quintet saw the leid it had established in the first half wiped out as St Vincent Plop passeis swept to a 42-31 victor} in a post season game Tuesday night at the Mount Pleasant Township floor Ligonier Bealen Rolling at the Manhattan alleys t ic Fuses defeated the Sockets three . s'laight g lines while the Plugs took] two out of three fiom the K l o w a t t s in tne Vest Penu Gills Duckpin Lcagtie Tourney at East Liverpool. Approximately 70 teams fiom Ohio, West Vngima, Michigan and Pennsylvania w i l l compete in tlir 14th annual til-state basketball toui- nament at Cast Liverpool, Ohio, Thursday, Fnd.iy and Saturday, Mnich 30, 31 and April 1. Champion Ttonmy Foxx James Emoiy Fo\x, the chubby- cheeked fust sacker of the Boston Red Sox who became the fust plajer to take the most valuable player award of the Amc ican League three times, is claiming another title--the championship of the w ntcr banquet league He says he attended 53 By So. Huntingdon L goniei High cKimpions of Section 13, W P I A L, piaymg without the sei vices of i's high scoring forw-rd, Donato, bowed o the South Hunt ngckm Township High qum'ev at the latlei s fiooi m the final game of the season. Bobcats Draft Schedule West Virg ma Wosleyan will pi y nine football games next fall, Long Island Univeisitv leplaciig Duquesne St Vincent, Waynesbuig ard West Viiginu aie among the elevens on the talendai Totals - 16 VanderirriCt G Matomc, f 4 Ropelewstu, f _ . 1 Shaftdi, c _ 5 West, g ... _ 5 Pratkris, g 1 FilipeV, g 2 11 43 basketball tournament sponsored by banquets since the close of the base- F. Pts ' tne Washington Y. M C A ball season 1 9 I j 0 2 mami^!«- m .u J .,».^M MMmW ii JmN j UJ ^^ 3 3 1 Totals - 18 10 Scoie bv quaiters" Holy grimly 12 10 7 14 Merchants 10 10 7 16 3--46 0--J3 Referee--Call Anderson Umpne--Nick Etze. U. S. to Be Socialistic. LOS ANGELES, Mar 2--Merle Thorpe, editor of the Nation s Business, United Sntei Chamber of Com- ·nerce org m, said in an interview neie Amenta is lar along the road o iocu li^m f 10,000 MILE TREAD GUARANTEE! At One-Half the Cost of New Tires. Let Us Tell You About It! Oppermann's Supreme Service ^ 0])p. Ucit Penu Teimuial. riione 12"2. SEVE3S ItOUTh BOXING Under A«;i)itcs A. 31. A. Sponsored bj I. C. Athletic Count ii SJiVEi isoim So. 8th Street West Councils* 11 Us Monday, March ft 8:30 P. M. General Admission 50c Reserved Seats 75c TICKEI s ox SALT; AT Funan Cigar Store DUNBAH Rush's Drug Store West Side News Stand Opperman's Service Alfonso Corteal (IV S ) Meidel's (Poplar Grove) tiNIONTOWV Dice Sp iulding- Store James Maloy Jas DeMarco EVERSON Tom C O'Donnell SCOTTD \LE Cck s Place Pool Room O Hara's Kefatiiirant CITY WPA RECREATION CENTER BASKETBALL LEAGUE Standing of the Clubs. Junior Division. St Hita Jumois Comets Willow Inn Jumois Ogievees "Y" Streamhreis North End Tigers W. 3 . 3 3 i . 1 L. 1 1 1 2 a 4 Young: Men's Division W. -- 3 Paramounts Dawson Pleasant Level _. _ Leisennng . _ Hillciest . . _ Greenwood L. 1 1 1 2 3 4, Pet. .750 .750 .750 .500 .250 .000 Pet. .750 .750 750 500 250 .00 COMPLETE BATTERY Now is the time to put new life in your, battery and have it fully charged for hot summer driving. Don't wait until it goes "dead." By having it checked in tune jou might save the cost of replacing it later. Come in -- take advantage of this low-priced offer. P L U f i C L E f l M I M S · G A P RESETTING with every LitBRICflTIOil IN GOOD WEATHER OR BAD ON CHAMPIONS This new tire ij amazing in its performance. Its Safety-Lock Cord body has far greater strength -its deep, revolutionary Gear- Grip tread gives much more non-skid mileage and is, sensational for quick, straight-in-line stops. Put a set on your car today -- Two Days Free Demonstra tion. u md \ - 'eict of PtnttoMf Vfith Ricbartt Croott, Margaret SficaJu a i U Tit Firtslm, Vcxt of Tie Parm--Eterai Mttctell mtemews Ciamticn tri tact tenk Jarail lit Hum tour Set heal paper Jar lUHon aaj l,mt. ircston* AUTO SUPPLY AND SERVICE STORES 122 West Apple Street Phone "21

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