The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 14, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1918
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

JtTKUJAT J U N E 14, 191S THE DA1XY COURIER CONNELLSVILLE PA. r-AGB VIENNA EDITOR BOLDLY UPHOLDS AMERICA IN WAR Convinced JJntry Into Struggle V as For Moral Reasons Alone. GERMANY IS CENSOPiEB ]Seilher tor Military Nor 1 tonoraic Reasons Could the L uitul SUtcs Ifave-Hude War o Kalstr, Arbeiter Zeittmg Vsserts, ^ils-oii IpliUa E^ \ soci-vted I ress ZURICH J t n e 11--A bold editor ial in the \ienna Arbeiter /citun? a Socialist paper staung the comic tion that it was onl for moial ica sons thai the United Stites entered the \\ar and ·usoiously ccnbuung Germans petce by violence \ ith Russ a has aroused gicat resentmLiu in JDerlm Ne 'her for m li f ar nor cconom c reasons the "V lenna paper pointed out could th Ur ited btateb ha\ e made wai or German j Vmenca the eduonal continued nt d but have looked c n vhi e the peoples o! Europ* 1 v ere tearing then oeUes to pieces and r ipeti pit intic piofita out of he «:Uiig£c l0 Powe ful Vmei ica has pledged her hono in the ^\ar and u is her \ ill tbat t us bon-j sha I be vindicated N e \ e r hole ^ peace "iigh ITUB emanated through America If that peace has no come the *ault lies w i n those \vho eigmeored he ne gotia*ions of Brest LIto\=:k ind the reitLC bj -violence which v is their outcome How aftei this proof tbat his peace was irrooscd bolely t the v, '1 of tbe conqueror could Mi T\ ilson possbl-v belie e that tbe Cen ral Powe-s are d MTOUS of i peite ba°ol on his own prmc p es Martha IV a i Mr* Ida Bn pair Mrs pairs » r s J one pair j G I A Lru--Swaate s Mrs G N Wood one soi.cs \Iis C N M o o d | and Mrs G N Duniell each t tc n-^ir I helmet Mibs K a t h r \ n Durncll | Doona L-it Dai bar-- \ e ~ e r s i Mrs Samuel iartn Mis j \f i - c a n e I Miss Saran I -eece Mrs Ca nc V M j ^^k;i»«w^my^g^«Mtt»^..iii^a»iteT.^ COMFORTS BRANCH OF NAVY LEAGUE MAKES SHIPMENT ? Anotlicr Lars Co'^ctiosi ot Sn eaters, .Socks, He^ bent to ational The tollow 25 perbons coi tribuied towtrd» a shipme t made t us W C L I by the Char estca Co-nto ta Branch of the N a \ j Leagui to he Na -\ Jjcague heau( uai era Sweater^-- Ir C CrossUnd M-s M nnit Joans jn Mi Wt aide C a r e t I ti Ml=^ L a i r Haj Mrs \\ J Black j Mrs, John t iehn_r Mrb Ro-e Cun I nmgba^i M ? Clarinet. Ji^ s Mi s' Margaret G trd Hiba bleano- Sola , boa Ml» \\ V Da wson M Mar} K oinoll \ u ji uto D o Mr= ' Ma ^a ol I a i e i lev Mrs *L K DICK Miss Llara i t C- c n f t l d M Inna Moaatti n I Henne ,,. L o w e i a auQ Ml^b Mane r leabish each one Mrs I A J dutccii 011 no bocks- V lar M c T o i c II M i s I Logan Ku h Mr \\ J Black and | Mrb Lac I j t,i^ LUC i wo pans M-b \ o \ at on -\ r l a beauian M s Robert ^] o i HCK Mn, D P Brown M- M Joust Mrs \ \ i l l i a m Crouse Mibs Margaret bchiaishuhn Miss Katherl e C a L p L f l l ond Mri L S Michael e ch one pan Hel-aets,--\ - b Suban rlicks and "Ujiob .Helen Joae= the alter 01 O-iio pvle each one -\\n lifts--I'rs F K D ck Miss Maigare M o \ T d M ^ar-h ar 1 le} and Mi j Ixiuia elson tacn ore pa i L-i t o --' rb IivrLt t rn b two pairs at o a and o c _ w c a Caroln e Jchnoon C it I r i t No 3 -M^s Bj-on ' 0 · M George Pol | tcr Mr s a r i h IIu =t anc, x l ^b Do othj \ur - ach one wcatc. lis Itock^ ell \anctta L n i t No 4 --Sweaters t i « P ickvel Marietta Mioj Doro *~\ Dull eacn oa^, socks Mrs "Uilliam Dull one pair Sergeant Claries McCoim tk Ln t No o--Swca Ci Maude McCo u ic* four Mias Tnelma Camper Miss l c a- belle Loomia each one c ocks Mrs Jamea Mo}e two pairs helmets M s Marj Cai per one Athens Tc p e Lait No 7--Sweat crs Mrs L a i r a Lasknk M i s B f l l e May MJ.S Nellie Campbell Miss t cj eac/i one socks f r i r i o I lla L, rue one Lil ian Chapm- 1 !! two la Mr., Laura Busklrk Take advantage of our mcncy-savmgpricec and buy ncv/. Prices are advancing almost daily. The chief reason v*'~y our prices are still so low is because the tremendcus resources of our chain of great stores enabled us to place huge advance orders before cost of materials climbed so hi^h. You needn't pay Ccsh to benefit by our lower prices. We'll gladly arrange terns so easy tliat you'll scarcely feel the cost. Come in and learn why everybody says--"YOU'LL DO BETTER AT THE EAPPGRT-FEATKEEMAN CO. We Are the Authorized Agents For ia This model has all the supenoi 'Columuia lifetone It plajs Columoia Records as no ot lei instrument can pla\ them Neveitheless tue price is ver\ low---WIiHIiVTlIE RDACH-OF-ALL ONUY . Ii's a Portable Model Can be easi! taken -vvitli v u to summer h o n e or an ^here here you cin erne.* o t 1 nmsjc to dnco to nr to o Bruise enter aiu iou and \ ur friends and "XVI LL MAKi TERMS SO EAS\ lOb LL NOT r.£Ll THJ COST An Sxo-a Bed For Constant or Emergency Use Provided by This Complete Suits for Only There are f % e substantial i id i ell i idt pi i u d c 1 n th. a su te Flic Bed D u e n p o t rmy bt in iiiitl} coiuorto,! nto a f II si7e L D u L I c Chair a-o rot-m and cotnfo tibK Tin. i v ri~ f a u l e ^ sp^uou snci£ 101 The l u m p is.*, colored i t s l i d e ind is ^ rf c-t ni ( \ i i eu for a shor* trmc onl} B\S\ TfrKM 1 - -- ON LA SC o c -II $ 2o i T. t T p * The Rocker and \r n bocks nd m i^azj_cb low pr c cai be n Here's Onjc of Oar terms 0,ih u 1.00 I ^ a f-aiou a GIPv )\ i n I^GI RVTOR tb most e T i n c i ! i -I in on c^n 1 113 '"id so constri.^ td tlut i i n-,t - i qi alities jre une\rol cd Con c. 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Here's a Big Value for Saturday This Large Library Table Onlv r \si i $1 00 Cash oOca'ft eek C1SH, Tins 1 tlou^son Diniin, Tj'ile n "ttonster Value, h class piece of f iLlj \\ell of qini er and i erv hiql h It has book ends "which \ o i i l find i giea coirenicnce lirge in g^zine shelf and d-are- for btationtrj Its =turdil built of so id o^l and is splendidly flm»hod TRICLS ON LIIRVR1 TABLES Ti IL1 SOON *DVAM.t Tl\ ^OLRS N'O'U t ttoj \MLh la ge doubl^ ch-na ci-pboa^d and ots of dialers toaay \\c c ^ u l d a t sell Alv/^ays Remember-| Comp - loons Positive- I ly Prove--You'll Do Better at -- helm M bo 1 olen McG"e socks \ f ^ Jan" ^ ood Kearns Den er Col each one oair Vrs Dan el qarper and Mr^ J w Martin each three pairs M b Mattie Bow den t w o pair;, Km and "\ in b n i t No I I -- s w e a t ers Mrs \ J \\agoner \ b Hi lea Macejak eac i t w o ~*Mrs f irence McDonald Mis J J Kob^O" Mr* Chailes. \\ori Mrs Ha tic luchter v.Mi MI-.S Ljanc K n e e l ' Robert Hicicej bi i c i ont becca Patter on M i a Cooper Patter M Dora | SU n Mibj F oreuce Paueison Ii-s Ua-tna Babba 0 e Mr., Caarlcs *\ gut Mibs Anna Junk Mrs Thorn ao Hazen M i s E S Mmerd Mfb \V I * Lrooks and iliss, Marj Parklull cacn o v^ Lino to vn-Sweater U helmets t I L M l ( t s li\e socks _ pairb Uoual jn - M" H P Snydar $1 I V L n i c D t a n ^ 1 Mlb P t r d l l o l ) one \ ttiter 'rom I ie Doon in each one so^ks Mrs Harr Mrs P D S 11 i lal er and I PieraOl one i ii~ Dawson Li it- sweaters Miss E* a Clerk Irs K D Ilenn M b Anca Uelshonse r ib c Keltic 1 D r i f 1 I n 0 ' 1 i and Mrs Fraik Tar r each one T J H o o p t r b n * -- S o c k s M-S, ^\ il liam Thomas t w o pai r s Ml rl r AtXinson on a p a - sweaters Miss Mary Aline tki son. and. M-s C w McClelian each one United for service Lrlt -- Sweaters Ford u i of Dunb-r an ambulance covu V B k i I) the pjpilb of tut 1 i th a d I S v ii ..raaes of tLe Pcchui O chool b Marguc i e Cochran teacher son. II Walters o 1 " Pittsburg Mi I w a n Tw pg and bons J»ln John G SLnor of Keffer s bta ion md I mi \ an 1 dau liter A H rt i motored to Grcensbnif, bunday anc of \ l h on are i sitm a Mrs T w i ,, \\as calling on fnenos parents Mr an 1 M s I u I eln lan Hugh Jeffries has returned to Ins of Keff i o btauon tin wee £ home at Sniock after spending Sun ^ j dav « i t h his paien s Mr and Vrs VandeFDllt. Thomab Jeffries ^r of Keffer s bta __~___ i t l o n \ VNT mm I 1 nine 11--Mis n sse Harry D Baker of Perl n wab- Kan lio is been at end rg V t a i s a c h n g b ismess in I nioutOT n | g l , t i 0 i n s j n '.choc in 11 tsb it, is b i ir n 1^1 O u n n c i vac-t on \ ith P ratt, Torpedo d fc» SJcirme as Sae ^o?/ Lcs a Seven FaU of Water PCCiUN Jure 11--William Dol ton a former Dunl ar bo w_iO has lesided \vuh 1 ib patents ilJ and M^rs I T E Dolton a norcfie foi the p a » t j 10 sears has returned Lone aft r spending several das Mrs G L. Vmstrong Miss Rulh Rob- at Pochin an( Keff ers s at ion inson Mrs V ice Reel Mrs Ida Pick The people f"-om tbe nountams re po-t the prospect for nea\i -asp ett, Mrs P M Butlermort M ss Katli erine Fretts Miss Jennie Penn Miss bern blackberry Jessie Rhode M »· Gertruae Rhodes crops good each one Mr George V Margie wo socks, Mrs S K Co\ two pa rs Mrs Annie Denne tliret. pai-s Miss Re- arc 1 hucklebe 1 'i'y Thelnia Carr o£ Keffer s sti tion is spending a few Creeks us her uncle and aunt M" and \[rs 1 rs I I »hl ei and son ! dwairf of Keffr s station v,c e Msitin^ rel t \ e» m Greens] iri, t is w e e k Harrv Bu a worth of Cornel s\ille motored up and was vis ting Mr and Mrs Lewis Minn of Keffer b sta tion MiSa Marga-ot Mabonev of Pechin has leturned from a T i it among ^cottdale friends Irs Mj?\ I tncnln aid son John of Peel m ^ en. shcpp'ig in Conn-lls ^ile eslerda^ John "S\ f r i g the coloicd mil who reccnth rai^d a flag at his hoirri at Green I ill Mondaj cele brated his "3rd birthday w i t h a big suppc- w i t h - number of his f-iends Mr Craig carries his -tears as hgjtly as a man of DU and is able to do a haid her pai ·'n ^, JD ' sisu ^ a d Irs A "ft Hail and dau^-hiei \Ub 1 Mrs \Jani Ht\en ugh ana d i ,,!! ter !,dna o r ' t n v o p o l s M = i t o l Milbb r and f im tj^g daj s worlc at almost any emploj- Ed ment. Mr ann Mrs 0 il on "tt et nesda Mrb i=eail McLaughlm and c ilc le A ere out o" t o w n u b i l o i b on T1 ns- da C j d e Randolph \\as a recent Pi Is bu g 1 b ut sb callei M i. S t i a w n ot Daw ^01 \\a, a business calkt here yestf'dav lis f a ph Eell who has u ci^ \ = t ing v itli Ml and Vis ~\ ill am Kn ;ht relumed to hei home at Saiittifielc o I h u sd ly evening tisj ilar^ai^t IV e of Dunhar to^ns'i i w s \ibitmg iier auu us Lonrad S n \ d e recently M^rb Mar M^cCuiie ard son Walter w e i e out of n w n MS tois j c s erdav

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