The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 14, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

FACE SEC. THE DAILY COURIER, CON'NKI.LSVTLLE, PA. ENGLISH ARE SHOWINS MUCH INTERESt IN GREAT AMERICAN GAME OF BASEBALL I . - ( M O A T . .H'XE 1-1. ISIS. : Rny Schtilfe remains without a peer ; ; among: the catchers. j " * * ! ! Tx?o Mngee continues to slaughter ! the bail for Cincinnati. ; * + * : An mriDire who thinks he can fight'. with his lists never \vill succeed. ! # * # I .Toe Worn], plrtj1nj: left ficlil for the · i Clove-land Imlinns, is hitting like n , ! piledriver. i * * * I Through a typnErrnphltal error uu ex- I change- referred to the Pittsburgh teutu ; as the Jrutes. ; . * * * Sillier Hnppfns Is getting sis-; crJinfier pmvcr out of n two-cylinder , pitching staff. i . . . . |* Robert Byrne, former Pirate, is n o w ; ! with the St. Prrol club ot the Auierl- I can association. i ; . . . ] I Cecil Sotnmer, pitcher, has been re- \ leased by tin? Minneapolis American association clch.. Coolmor Porch "The Bag Store Wear The Bridge." 151-158 West Crawford AvcTMic.Sueccssjrs Leonard FurniiTi- Co, -rass Sags and Runners ' -; xi-V at ii / a f' x:J V' ;v-v'. v-v-v;v- · ·v-i.'vr-"''Xr-jsaiw"' tf .i$ ' /' ( K / W fr^--^"''V).*. ** : i V--:.':;, -. . - 7-^-jiv. i^ ^Stf! Whenever the American soldier halts on his way through ICc^lund to the ' figlittng front in Frnnce, it means a game of baseball. "Umlor tht^e conditions · thf English nre naturally showing more Interest In thti America.ti game tfaun heretofore, and ac Anglo-American Baseball league has been formed In which may ."be mentioned some real diamond star*. The photo shows Army Headquarters Basoball Team of London, a unit of 'Jir Anglo-American league. GOTHAM MANAGER POPULAR 3-1 .· t New Tort has never before ·! had two inanaj^ers as popular ^ ; with the fans as McGcaw and £ · Followers of the Giants swear r by the "Little r^jpoleon," for h«- · has given them pennant winners · and has always had his club in · J the fight. ·fc The advent of Hugptas w«-» · popular here. Uncle Hobby of «. the Pothers is popular, too, an-l "2 his plight this year Is regarded ·ft as unfortunate, for Brooklyn has 3 been hit mighty hard by the wan ALTROCK BIG ASSET TO WASHINGTON CLUB PLAYERS ARE NUMBERED. It ts being reported as n noteworthy matter that baseball players in the big leagues ar+ being numbered this year for convenience in travel. They an* no longer permitted to carry trunks with tht-m, but must tnkv alon.c such effects as they desire on the road in suitrnses. These suitcasos are numbered, not nJimrtl, Tliero is nnthinK particularly new about this. Scorers have ii-^rd tiie Idea for yvnrs, as a mutter of fact, sr.ys Milwaufece Sontfael. That is tbe oniyfea.**- il)]o way that scorins- can bo done. Of c* i *irjso snmo of thnsp psnt 1 !- tive players may not like tl.e Innls, iut they have been for a Jonij lijuu, Just the sainu. Veteran Is Valuable as Coach and Attraction for Fans. Ar.tfcs "of Comedian on Side Lines Never FaiJ to Get Laugh From Spectators -- Won Important Game for Whrte Sox. MOUNOSMAN VEAN GREGG HAS ROVED ABOUT SOME . Old Nldc Altroct, the veteran of White Sox fame, is wearim; u "Washington uniform again this your. NJdioJas is employed by Clark Griffith as a side-line comfHlUm and coacher, and he is a vuiuable asset Take Griffs word for it With all of his monkey shine;; Alt- itx* stands out as a favorite with the 1ans wherever he goes. His antics ou ·he side lines never fall to get a laoph. As a coach of younger players the j veteran has proven himsoJf capable, so .' Griffith feels well repaid for carrying' Mm on the club roster. Mention ot ! · Altrock recalls a story told by Prank} Tsbell, who was "with the Whlt; Sor j la Altrock's time. [ **We had an important series f-n one time and Corainy v.-as especially desirous of winning the first game," said Izzy. "What's more, everybody knew It "Well, as the players filed in the park pMDzny kept hJs eye peeled and he called each one of the pitehurs Into the. office to ask them how they felt. "One by one the pitchers wre ln-| Pltchw Vcnn Gre ^ acqnJrtHi b y .ervlewed by the Old Eooan, and; Connie Mack, Is some rover. He was without exception they gave Comray to : a 5^ for a^eiand, whlcn c]ub otH understand that they could be reeling} ^^^^ h f m frOTn Portland, of the Pa- better than they . were that day. j 3^ c^t league. Latex he went to Finally Nick Altrock came shambling } Boston] thon to Bnffa i o and back to oloogr and Commy collared him. Boston. Buffalo claimed him asain, 14 *HoWs the arm today, Nick?' asked i bnt ho reverted again to Boston. Now Commy. Nick assured the b ss he . hc ig a member of the Athletics, huv- i coold beat any team in the world. So | i ng b een sent there In the denl that ! Commy sent for Jones and ordered trrmsferred Bush, Sehang suid Strunk liim to pitch Nick. J to the Iied Soi , ** Tltch Nlctr queried Jones In prise. 'Are you kidding me? Boppr TTnrnshy o? the Cnrds, ac- cordi7iff to Fif?]c^r .Tones, is weak on a low curve outside tlu plate. * * * Ferdlo Schnpp hns he*n hiking troatmentR from Bonescitor Kfjose at Toungslown, O., for a sore arm. * * * Eddie CIcotte will have to hurry bnrk to form if t1i«* Sox expect to live j up to their reputation as bell cows, * * * i Fielder Jones is satisfied with Port ! Gallia's pitching, and says t h a t P-frt \ ought to b^ a bis wiunur U\Is s«a- I son. ' * * ; John Bonowltr,, catrbor, has been ' purclmwtl from the Columbus A. A. \ \ tenra by the St. Joseph Western league ! dab. ' ! * * * j Ted Warfnp, former catcher and 1 manager of tlio Qnlnry ar.d H n n n i b f i E , j teams in the Three-I Icagua, is now la j France. i * * * ! Dona Fltltnglni. ontalnrnl fmm Tn- dfnnapolls by fh; Brnrfs. once , : short trinis with the Mackmeu und j tlie Inillacs. I · * » * ! 1 EurlelRh Crini^s !s pltclilnf: hlch- | class ball for the D-vlccrs. Tit 1 is tin 1 f only man of last winter's trude It ft to the Brooklyn club. » * * [ Pert Daniels, once a popular nn-rn-. bcr of the Yank-^s, is sure to in:ikt* . n hit as mniuigrr of the St. Josuph j teum of the "VFc-f-'torn h'Sfrue. ! * * * i Since A! Mntnuus derhiri-d he wns not n dr:tft d»d^' r. Col. Ehf.i*'ts hits d**- , cidcd that he xlsill be a Dodder no i longer. He hu-s beea formally sus- [ i i IV X , J ^/ An abundance of everything for {rue home nomfort awaits the J u n e Bride's inspection at ;he Zimmerman-Wild Store. All UK: m-wi'st styles are displayed and the ran so ol' prices wil'i onaljl." you to set exactly iho furnishings you want at a cos 1 , w i t h i n your means. Ask about our dignified con (idem.i;il credit plan. I i;*"n ft s£ ,*~*.. $*$ x*a ,« ?~ M ij ow ror I" 3 The F u r n i t u r e you bv.y now will in many canes cost more than double later--yrici.-r are on the uiiv/arr! jump. Therefore we say liny now for future economy. Figure cm your needs for years to come'and you'll thank u= i'or the suggestion. For Real Savings on Furniture, Regs and Stoves, Come to "The Big Store Near the Bridge/ 7 Our system of "ONE LOW PRICE TO EVERYBODY" met. w i t h i i i K l a n t f a v o r !:· Coime'-lsVille---it is the lowest price Good Furniture can he sold for a;u; results in year round values that are '.ermed bargains by luost stores. If vou have a Furniture need inaKe it a point to visit ns. Connellsville's Most Progressive Furniture House. sg!E33ss3g5£s?^^:Mj^t^^ TVy T?^^?%iE^3££Sgg?E! I M . A N S W . V i l ( . A l i l H - . X .M..U; Titi. . The Boston Heel Snx ccv»» this hn- prt*ssion ft»r a (itac; t h a t tht- Aaicric:;n loagne race mijrht b»- :i runiLway. but Uiat Idea hits b^ic-n db^jiillwl la abort order. * * * The Brooklyn NntSnnal leafrne club win i c ' f p A r f t i u r I r w l n , man- n^cr of the Rnrhe^ttT Jntoniational Icairno club, b'lfld up » te:im by sMpitn£ Ha rjist-off playftrs- t(j him. * * * The new International league clubs nre ciirrj-ins' m a n y yoan^ iilay^rs of uoknowTi ability. It's a good schema to d!g tip as tncmy as possible, inasmuch as the big: loagnc will need plenty of material next year. * . * * Joe JacfesoQ has quit Qio champion NVbite Sox to build ships at "Wilmington, DC], Rowland lias shitted Leibold to cpnter floid and put Ed- dlu Murphy in rijrht. Fulsch \vlll likely cover left the remainder of the season. IYES, THE CLUB IS ! STILL FOR J KEW .--_---, .-,-^rr^4 SC*T'~?!'~~'^\ {£?*l '···' ^ ; --·.'· t--.y · 'f f f\f-* £, $ti m m\ IIT »%H«A SEj%4 f-.i:';Vg g'te:'.^. t--^...? '·' '" V ''*%$: *'ij!j^ ^'- ·'-' '3 I.--,-' ·-. m. $m, 12!) IV. Crawfnnl ATP.. FUNNIEST PLAY IS RECITED ·' 'Not a bit o£ it,' repUcd Oommy. ·fitch NIctr And Jones started Nick, that afternoon. 'What's more, Nick Services of Red Kuhn Lost to Uncl* won his game, for he "was all puffed np over getting that assignment and he got it because he was the only pitcher who hadn't shot an lOibi at ie OW Eoman." ' PRANK COSTS CATCHER'S EYE GIANTS' NEW PITCHER IH MATHEWSOhTS SHOES Sam by Playful Snapping of Ordinary ToweJ. The playful snapping- rt a heavy bath towel cost t7ode Sam a good soldier and deprived a promising major league catcher from participating In any more baseball gomes. Red Kahn of the Chicago "White Sox was lounging in the barnicfcs at Cnmp Travis, Tex, wben the troopers started scuffling. One had a bath towel with a heavy fringe. Tied said somethlni: and Ms companion snapped the towot the fringe striking him In the right eye. The army rorgeon found that the fringe had struck the pnpU with j enough force to destroy the sight per! caanently. Knhn was given an honor! able discharge from the army. Hi« 1 sight Tvae gone and he was of no use | as a fighter, Hla baseball days are j over, but he's not disheartened; w m ! come out nil right," he said. His ; home Is IQ California. Miller Muggins Tells of Peculiar Incident In Game Between Cardinals and Pirates. HOJer Huggfns, do little Now To'rtt pilot, was intr-rviewc'il the other tiny and asketl to recite the funniest piny he had ever s*ctn on a diamond. Here's tho play: *1t happened one day In a game between Pittsburgh and ilia SL Louis Cardinals, when Roger Bresnn- han was manager. Hike Mowry was on Qrst when Stove Evans hit a ball to right center, Mike started on the hit nnd after Burning sccoud saw the coacher at third bai~.e uravinR him to go back, us hn thought the ball would be caught Mifro turned bncfc and was running ut fnll speed with his hsucl down when Evans came along toward second base, also with head down. The two heads met and the two players went flown and ont. The ball was thrown In and both were tagged. They were ont then sure." Coloni:! .1. S. Fair. a.=siEtan! to (bo : array, h a h pc-rfocl-jd p l a r s wlii-roby ; "The linuk Hint Ioos Things for i'un" s t v u r a l t h o u s a n d :itrcs i.l land near ! (-hcckinc Vccoiints Inrid-il. f a i l e d States arm-, i-n.mii.-. w i l l ho '"oiSiemmr^^"^- tT m n n prisoners w i l l b.- n.-.-i! in culii: . va.-ing DM- l a n d '"V mo-c-ncr.i was ; fip» : ^ D! »» !: = : ^ B 223^iS3Ca3e=!T - Inaugumc,! by th, s i a r l i n i t of ' a MO- i | acre S ar]T. ai C a m p Di: w i t h t h e co- i g MSMIMi operation of the national wai garden \ commission. · This siunrncr, journey nortlnvard for your vacation in utmost comfort on Canadian Pacific steamships -- tiirough 1,000 miles of forests, m o u n t a i n s , fjords and glaciers -- by :he inside presage fron Vancouver up 10 Juneau and Skagivay. Mysterious torem no)es -- .rrreat salmon fisheries--titanic gold and copper mining -· new railroad engineering miracles--flowers and fruits in profusion. Visit Alaska and absorb some of her vigorous strength- and optimism. ASK OR WRITE FOR RESORT J. N. Trump no-nut TRUCK aa a IVACONV. MOVIWG .UVD SlOlS'flAIG ' - ; cw 103 E. Grnpe AlleJ-, Oppn- I-s P. U. H. Depot. Hoi!i OPKX TO EVJKJiYOMi |'j| The opportuniLy of ^ j j depositing fluids with Sy the Title Trust n|| Company of Western jjff Pennsylvania is open to everyone, and prudent is he who avails nimselt oj its advantages. Small amounts, deposited often with us soon necuniu- latc at interest. Your account is in- -.., viteci. s f This is the Oniy Bank i,i this com- raunity, paying ·!';,'; on Savings Accounts. |Hj J :acagsia«i'«iaii»gEt-3grg»aK^ f Let College Hurlcr Go. John Murray, pitcher for ficorge- town nclTerstry last year, hos been un- GODdlHonally released by the Boston l.uuonals. H A I . D I l I O A D S . IVIiy be )«!).' S.-iv- llj .'sc ForsfH ttald llcytl ull.s. Prift SL.Otl. [uiMnfcf naiU. Fot-HC, Si-oitdalc's Lru«:- ScortfinI*-, I'n. D ;iC.Co'a«! LiVc SlrCTcr lor tiJsul 1:1:1 .\lSLt ?° aS"--'lur hulf of tt:c dcl:r.l:i:. arc- i:: me L;.t-.- viy.i;c. T!:c D. .t C. Iiifii^aw ii5tures l!ic- brft i:: r.:-po':ti::^--:». cii'riri-. iiini could be ck-Mrdl " All Me.-imcm^ ore cquiprcj wil'i Ia:r:.t wireless BLT/icc. All j? T_v.-o splendid voiolt-aiy of Madura: 1! and 'jp E/ff!' "s'l" 1 '*)" 5 I,(ac1.iVac Island, (·"rod Toledo Mo:.\J:iiS ,!i;J ^' il. l'o!.-.|io f 6.25 .1 'IfV Kom:cltn?l W SSP^ s a S5. CtVJCGOOOOOOGCTSC/OCOaUtXj^OwO ioroer's i UotiilQg §! FOE THE V/OSKINGI'.iAK r SOUTH GOJTKELLSVILLS L-OT3 ABE BAEG-AINS. SEE CCNNELL3YILLE EXTENSION CO. I UNIFORM TIME FOR STARTING; ! Clubs In American Association Could" Not Agree and Matter IB Left to Individual*. The Amerli'im association clubs, ask; cd to vote on a uniform time for start- Ing gfifiitib-, could nut ayroo aud I'rosi- dent HlcUey tlioreupon announced that. II wonlfl be left to each club w fltnrt Ite games at its own hour, Thteo ciubt; I'our o'clocU. An oddity is tlmt Burner, the Gfntita* uaw right- .nnn.-u polls wuntd to start early, while i»ande*J ptteiiw. Is tutginnfug a oarec-r Iii£« Christy ifnthewson's. \vn»i*n Sfc-i Grsw got him from the liestau Braves,; h» got a star who is an the way to i ,".,.,-_ oMIiuar th« tihaes Uiu: Behind him- St. Puul, ten mitoe uvray, wunxs to start ' l;:ti-, ism! ejifh may ?n Its own way. It tiasi been su^f^sted that one cltv stnK 1 ^h to have Its games o%'er j^j, l»ei"oru t'.ie (tilier begins, so that t!io 1 fans of tha Twin eitieii «m ssu buth

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