The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 2, 1939 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1939
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

f AGE SIX THE DAILY COUR1BK. COMNBbL.isVIL.L.Jfl, f 4. THURSDAY, "VIAB.CH 2 1939. PERSONAL MENTION son East Duand Mrs H W Gioff of Umontown and daughters Mis John Senoi and Mis James M Duscoll, \isi f cd Mr* Giofls so -m-lav, and daughter, IVi and Mis Paul Brmker, o£ Jeannette toddy Ladies spring coats or jacket suits, dry cle?ned and pressed 49c Simons Cash Carry Cleaneis -- Advertisement --27£eb-5t Mrs James Gl isgow of Giecns- burg is Lonfmed to her home with a foot ailment Bake sale ,1 Hilcs Nut Shop, Saturdav March 4th -iiispices St John's Sodphty --Ad\crtisemert-feb 25-28-mar -2 Mrs Kenneth Mejers of South Connells\jlle and Mis Paul Hosteller of Dunb-n spent the day in Pitts- buigh Get F ivclte s delic ous Haid Rolls at youi fa\outc giocers every Friday --Ads crtisement --2mar-lt Mrs Amelia Ga lardi and Philip, Mrs Hany Rider o£ Fairview avonuc motored to quesne Wednesday *f tei noon visited Mis Galiardi s mother, Mis Bedont \\ho is ill Three-piece jacket and topcoat suits special SO OD Princess Snop -- Ad\eitisement--2mji-H Mrs Hanj Fnnk ana daughter Connie haxo i etui red from Lnion- town whei e they v. ere gpests of Mrs Franks mothei Mrs Harry Rochester Mis Kenneth Collins md daughter Mis^ Vivian o£ Dawson were Umontown visitois Wednesday Mis Fidnk Santore of Umontown visited h»r paients M and Mrs Vito Delligatli in Twelfth sliest Wednesday evening Miss Ruth Bakci of R to sticet ·visited Wedncsci iv m Pittsbuigh Mrs Quest Indof, accompanied by hei giardmothei Mis Rebecca Steuart leturned to hei home in Smithton oltci T visit uilh Mr and Mi s La\\ i cnce Lang ot \V cst Cras\ - foid axonui. foi i week Mrs Stewart resides \^ i h the L ings William Mvcis has i"tuined to Vandeigrifl \\heie he is employed He spent the week-end \uth hjs parents Mi ard Mi«. Will am H Mers, of East Cnwford avenue Mrs Josephine Mcianda o£ Chestnut street ha«. icluined fiom a visit with relatnes at Wairen Ohio Mrs Richaid Gmgni-h .s ill at her home m Penn stieet Mi' John L C^ph"r ird little daughtei Kiy Jean, who h id been at the home of the tamer's uniJe and aunt, Mi and Mrs E H Fenstermacher in Dav idson av enue since Kay Jeans birth letuired to their home in the Weihe AraitmenU "Wednesday night Mrs Harvey S Lancastei of Vine street was admitted to the Connellsville Slate Hosptial "Wednesday evening for treatment Mrs Gretta Mclnly e who v,as called heie bj the de-ith o£ he- aunt Mrs Ella Cooke of South stiee re- tuined today to her home n Puts( burgh Mrs Robeit Rhone of Hano\er is spending (he week as the guest of Mrs Ralph Hhon e of Moirell uenue Greenwood Mis Rhone lie foimer Kiss Evelyn Baker spent Si-naav as the guest of Miss E\eiyn Bater of Vanderbilt Aunt Het By ROBERT QUILLEN Folks dont glow up When they believed in Smita Claus thev ne\ ei \v ondei ed u hei e he got all the stufl he give away, and ndw they don t wondei where the goveinment gets it ' Tax Woe A Senator, too must suffer when income tax time comes around, for he is no pmilegcd character when Uncle Sam starts collecting Senator Allen J Ellender of Louisiana, is shown m his Wash.ngton office in the middle of hjs calculations Telephone Lines To Be Placed In Buried Conduits Bell Telephone Compai v piopoSes to place its oveihead lines in North Pittsburg stieet m undeigiound conduits, City Council has been informed This action will eliminate many of the poles, in the itreel It has not been determined just how extensive the project v.ill be but may extend as Jai as Murphj avenue, according to \vord lecewcd by Coun cil Authorities Without Clues in Murder Case SOMERSET, Pa , Mar 2--Authorities were virtually without clues today as they caught the slayer oi Mike Loretoce, 55, unemployed Reading Mines coal miner, whose body, the throat slashed fiom ear to ear, and bearing other marks o£ violence, was -foxind along a lonely road in Quemahomng township last Monday An early theory of suicide was dib- carded after an autopsy by Dr A M Upbouse revealed that Loience was dead when his body wns placed at the spot where it was found--that he was nude when iJam and his clothing put back on before the bodj was moved--and that an attempt had been made at emasculation Coroner F. E Sass of Someiset county officially pionounced the man's death a ta'se of murdei Father and Another Child Burned; Home Wrecked by Flames Continued from Page One building Search oE the luins bhoit] before noon todav g i \ e up onJ tr tea of the remains of the two childien The backbone of one child believed to be the oldeat gnl, was i eco\ ei cd further seirch uas to be made this ifternoon foi olhc bits of the bodies that ma be bin icd sorrev. here m the rums KmeU ^aid the itove pipe probably became ted hot and set fre to 'he felt com portion H was the onl explanation he could give for the origin of the (limes * I just knew th»Jt something was going to happen ' the fatlvn said "Things, have been going along too smoothly not to run into trouble bu this is too much " Kmetz told a reportei that his daughtei Rit L Mane, didn't wart o Uke oft her shoes Wedncsdrj night when she v,as going to bed crmg that sne v, anted to keep t^em on even while going to sleep Thats something none of the chil- dien had ever done and now it looks like it was some kind of a premonition," KrreU observed She was severely burned and was cauied out of the home by her father Kmetz had been employed bj the Crawford Coal Company a*, its plant near Masontown but recently was or relief His fattier, John Kmetz, killed in a coal mine accident at Trotter about 25 yeais ago Kmetz was married about eight years ago and spent all of his life in the Trotter-Brookvale distnct The young father declaied that last Saturday the family lardei had been stocked up with provisions "We bought up quite a bit of foodstuffs so we d have it on hind and all of this went up togethei with every bit of clothing ^ e possessed he said ' I don t know what I'rr going to do," he said Students Keg Part-v COLLEGE PARK Md, Mai 2 -The o\ertmmng of a 12-ton, tiuck near the Lniversity of Ma yland campus started an impromptu paity Some of the 84 barrels of beer aboaid the truck burst open and a number of students gleefullv saved vhct they could by dunking it SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK J/St By R J SCOTT A SMAU- . B1R.D, LEA.YES ff \ UKDE.R4P.OUKD \ ftoME- OKi-Y *-- ^ A. DR.HAMS OF WOME.H A.R.E. MORE BEAUflFUL, A.HD MORt FAKASt1c/ H!AK"ri(0$E of MEK- Y/OMEW SEE MO RE COLORS, HEAR MORE MUSIC, AMI ARE- MORE. OFfkH IK-HEIR DREAMS -fHAH A.RE -TrVEAR. 19)0 Kin, hMwn itwilMfc. t Sciatic Treatment Greatly Improved By LOGAN CLE2vDEMXG, M D. THERE HAS been a great m- provemert in the treatment of sciatica and neuntis in the last few years Very important is diagnosis I have recently seen U\ o cases which were treated for over a en.r with a diagnosis of neuritis when the actual disease was obviously writer's Dr Clenflcnmg 1 will ana^er questions of genei al ir ierest only, ard then only through his column cramp As soon as the excessive writing which the pat cnts did was forbidden, the condition cleared up Sciatica is pain along: the course of the sc atic nerve, ^hich IB down th« back of the l"gr Almost all sciatica is secondary, either to focal infection or to dislocation of the bones in the pelvis or pressure upon the nerve somewhc-e in its course. Postural defects are predisposing- factors where the muscles are chronically overworked. In treatment the most important element probably is res*. Any motion producing pain in «M inflamed ncr\e is harmful and increases d abiht Any case m ^hich pain is aggravated by motion should be put t complete rest until the acute stage subsides Man cases never get well until the leg- is splinted Other Remedies The fact that L15 leg is at rest need not prevent the use of o^er remedies The hot water bag OL the electric heating pad should be applied m acute cases This relict cs pain quicklj and causes an increased blood supply to the part, which is one of the factors in overcoming the inflammation and -cstonng the nerve to rormal The use of the infra red lamp or other forms of hfjhfc is also valuable Electric heal m the form of diathermy, which penetrates deeply into the part, is the most valuable of all and should be used where a diathermy machine is available X-ray exposures are sometimes effectual Besides these methods which arc palliative m nature, treatment by injecting into the nene a solution either of salt, alcohol or quinine gives, in many cases very good re suits The injection s made with a long hypodermic needle and it is possible, without makinsr an incision, to insert the needle directly nto the nerve The injection ot a iolution will deaden sensibility so ;hat pain IB immediately relieved Orthopedic surgery U also very valuable in certain cases of sciatica fhe sacro-iliac articulation may be supported or fixation of the lower spine performed in various ways External Affenta Of the other forms of neuritis, seme are caused by external agents, such as inorganic salts of metals, ab 1 } lead arsenic and gold, and also substances used for cosmetic effect and depilatories The second group is due to defi ciencicB m diet These deficiencies may be caused by some disease of ;he digestive tract which causes 8 imitation of diet, by underlying disease such as pernicious anemia or diabetes, or the vomiting of preg nancy which prevents the abaorp tion of antineurltic substances in the diet, and notably by the use of alcohol Alcoholic neuritis has an interestnp: ai d curious history It was long e iioved. that the neuritis which foi ov,3 the DSC of alcohol was due to the action of the drug itself on the nerves It is now known, however, that it is s mpiy due to the fact that an alcoholic does not cat a balanced diet. In fact, he 33 likely to cat very little and to obtain his calories frora the alcohol It has been shown definitely that alcoholic neuritis can be pre\ ented and cured by the administration of vitamin B, which js the substance that the alcoholic fails to irgrest during his sprees QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS G B "Some time ago you wrote about a book pertaining to the country doctor Will you please tell again the name of this book and vhe^c it can be obtained 7 ' Answer--THE HORSE AtD BUGGY DOCTOR by Dr Arthur E Hertzler published by Harper s It can be obtained at a book store or library Refugee to Harvard Wife Preservers EDITOR 3 NOTE Seven pnmpb eu by D- CJecdfflJnjt can now be obtained by EC idinrr 10 ecu a in cofn for each art! M. BO ' addr«*ed envelope itampsd with a. three-cent stamp to DC Logan Cle-den- ing in care of this paper The pamphlet* are Three Weeks ReiludnK Diet to d tea tion and Constlpntlon Rc4ucmtr ami ruining Infant Feeding In- BtnictionB for th* Treatment or D abrteo .Feminine Hyclen* and Tho Cre of the Hair ard Skin Would Ban Air Rifles I HARRISBLRG Mai 2 -- A bill to I Taunted bj \Vife, Sues. LOS ANGELES Mar 2--Edwaid pi oh bit sale of air rifles and pistols i L Mann motion pictuie director, ·as introduced m the House b Rep- j filed suit for aivoice against Mae F Losses State Position O3a Blake of Somerset i -ncchdmc in the State Division of Aeioniutics has been dismissed from his $1380 position it uas announced m Hams- burg AlSo dropped, was Frank K McKlveen, Grp-msburg, advanced aviation inspector, who drew a $3,000 salary. Allegheny : G J S^iiaft Democrat of Mann asserting that she taunted him about h s film careei ...~_ .^i decorators «dvise as never to use csnfHeBtt.k6 ror decoration without cardies bcin? in them Also never to use fur c. Jelight fo*bi t sundown without* drawing the shades. Grim Reaper DR tt T MYERS UNIONTOWN, Mar 2 --111 with complications for many weeks Dr W T Myeis 55 weU known loc il physician died at i 15 this morning France Names Hero Of) Verdun Defense Spain Ambassador PARlfe Marcl* 2--M-ualuil Henri m W Cl'ei'eIand tt Clmic I 'ciev«iand~bhio Philippe Petain hero o£ the defense He had been a patient theie tor six weeks / Di Myeis was born Octobei 4, 1883 in (Whnrton lowrship the son of the late John ant' Ehz-ibeth Myei = He was 'fducited m the township schools and i, *er ente-ed Ohio Norlh- ein Univeis.itj For eight yeais he followed the teaching profession and later erueied the med cal school o£ the University of Louisville He gi iduated as a pharmacist and physician in 1909 and served his ap- pienticeship in the St flrmaiy n Louisville Joseph in- Di Myeis began his piac'ice o£ nedicme in July 1910, at Maikleys- buig coming to Umontown nine yeais latei He since enjoed a wide piac- tice in this city He was a membei of county State and American Medical associat ons the Jr O U A M , P H C and Knights ot Malta Foi jears he had been a member o£ the Asbuiy M E Ctiureh On August 5, 1912, he mariied Miss Oma Tjmbel of Markleysburg His widow, one son, W T Myers Jr a daughtei, Mrs Eltanoi Hammond at home and a grandson suivive Two sisters, Mis Lucy Jeffries and Mis Norma Heckaid, and a biothei, Alpheus S , also surviv e o£ Verdun \vis n imed France 5 am- tnisadoi to nationalist Spam today The cab net. met this morning aa a foirrwL council of ministers under President A beit Lcbiun to consider the appointment Foieign Mimstei Geoige;, Bonne L announced that Jose Mana Qumones de Leon, who is to be the nations) Si jmbatsador to Pan-:, hid advised him that Gcnerabssimo Tiancisco Frarco I ad appioved of t!ie nomination of Petain Thus the Cabinet was able to announce at once that the venerable heio of the histo ic Flench defense oC \ c i d u i \sould be Fiances ara- oabbadoi to the newlj recognized government MRS RACHEL R LATTA WEST INEWTON, Mar 2--Mrs Rachel H Latta wife of Harry HI Latta of near West Newton, died at 6 o clock Wednesday morning after a bhort illness of bronchial pneumonia She was 83 years old Mrs Latta \\ PS boi n in South Huntingdon tow n- hip neai West Newton on February ~{ lobb nd lived in tha- vjc mty lei entire life Surviving in addition o her husband are one son, Clarence M Latta at home and two bi others, Joseph Funk of neai Circleville, and Robert Funk, o£ Kansas The funeral sen ice will be held at Mis Latta s late home at 2 o clock Fuday afternoon, in charge o£ hei jdito-, Rev F G Wright cf the 3ethel United Presbyterian Chuieh interment will be made in the cemetery near West Newton Prot Richard Pragcr Professor Richard R Prager, world- famous astronomer and refugee from Germany, arrives at Boston from London to join research staff of the Harvard college observatory He is first scientist from a totalitarian nation to receive research appointment to the Harvaid faculty. Bar Association Dines John B Biooks of Eue spoke on Law and Demociacy' at the annual banquet o r Favette County Bar Association at Umontown Country Club Saturday while Jesse K Spurgeon's theme was Oui Bar' and Judge H S Dumbauld talked on "Now and Then " Piesident Da\ id E Bane pie- sided and Vice-President Joseoh Ray was toastmastei WILLIAM BOYD William Boyd, 72 years old former justice of the peace and an active cnu-chman of New Salem, died \Vednesday aftei a several months' illness Familiarly known to residents throughout the county as ' Squire" Boyd he was a directoi and clerk of the New Salem Independent School distnct for a number o£ years a ruling elder of the Nev, Salem Piesbj- tenan Chtuch for 29 jears and a clerk o£ the church session for 22 years Besides his wife, Mrs Mary Boyd, he :s survived by two daughters and two sons OTHO SW4NEY Otho Swaney, 84 years old one of the eldest residents of Georges township, died Wednesday at the homestead nea- Fairchance a£ter a buef illness He was engaged in farming for a number o£ jears Surviving aie three childien, Alonzo, Haydentown, Otho Jr, McKeesport, and Georgia Swaney at home Wound He Got Here Identifies Frazier Special to The Courier SOMERSET, Mar 2--State Motoi Police Sergeant J A Blair wai notified that Edward Dewey Frazier wanted heie on charges o£ larceny of in automobile and assault and bat- tci had been arrested in Butler wbeie he was being held undei the ndme of Fred Boyd Fiazier had been ariested in Connellsville on a bad check charge anc was wounded by a policeman as he ttempted to escape the arresting offiLei It was the ankle injury that led to the revelation mat .Fiazier ard Boyc' were the same person, police said Barbed Wire Raised. NEW YORK, Mar 2--Makers o£ galvanized barbed wire have raised prices $2 per ton A few weeks ago merchant pipe was advanced For Every Occasion [ OGLEVEE SONS US rx PLOEI'nTS. rjtt»liiir,- Stieet. Phone 424. TODAY ONLY CODING "FRANKIE AND JOHNNIE" ^^',lt^l^lng Chester Morris Helen Morgan HI a picture that is as Rac, Colorful, and Vhid as the immortal Had jt draninti/i;^ -that has been tulkcd about and suiifr tor three generation!)! bATURD VY (WI/l TEX RITTER --in-"WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM" ·with LOUISE MASSE! and THE TVESTEREBS Famed Radio Hill Billy Act. 1 OB FEATUJRE TIME CVL1 599 DOUBLE F E V C L R K "DRAMATIC SCHOOL" "FLIRTING WITH FATE" ENDS TODAY BIG JOY SHOW! Ahoy, Hawaii I Here come* H-G-M's biggest cargo of gotgoous girls, gavety, fun, hif tuUes, romance, dancing and beauty 1 193 9'§ first musical triumph 1 ELEANOR R O B E R T ScrtM my by Herbert Fletti »d Frink Pvtw Mule ind Lrtu by Hany Winm asd Gu Kiba Directed by Etiwsru Bmrcll Produced by Jtck Cnmmlagt Double Feature day ® Tcmorrow Feature No. 1 (SRASS W I D O W S . . . WHO THOUGHT THE PASTURE WAS GREENER OH THE OTHER SIDE O F T H E F E H C E ! landolph SCOTT mtf- Helen Brodencli · Alon Marsha! Glenda Fanell · Sa-nuel S H nds ROV CHANSLoToTd ADEli COMANOWI Story br Chtntti Ktufon ep4 F Hvs'i ] Eoftdonnenl ThtRcad oR*flo bvl A D P oJct.d by A NEW UNIVERSAL PJCTURE Feature No. 2 d " Scteenp/ay by CHARLES KAUFMAN and FRANKLIN COEM Directed by Harold Schuster Assoc Producer Max H Golden A New UNIVERSAL PICTURE .*CB«U. ©Co-nedy News ® Selected Shorts plus March of Time

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