The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 2, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1939
Page 3
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THURSDAY M MICH 2 193D TIT 1 - DAILY COURIER, CONMLL-LSVILLE; PA er Shoes at These Prises 400 Pairs, S2 and S3 Any Wanted Color Many Styles STYLE$HOES Women's I Style and | Sport Women's I Better Grade SHOES : NEWS OF DAY AT SCOTTDALE BRIEFLY TOLD Special to The Courier SCOTTDALE Mar 2 --At the all- clay meeting ol the Missionary Society of the United Biethren Church office's were elected foi the comjig year as follows President, Mrs S O Sterner first vice-ptesident, Mrs Earl Soulz, second vice-president, Mrs W F Stoner, secretary, Mis J T Bradley, tieasuici, Misb Ella King, secietaiy of literatuie, Mrs Earle Durstine secretary of thanK- oflermg Mrs Leslie Stoner, assistant secretary of thankoffenrg, Mrs Albert Solomon secretary of stewardship, Mrs Jtan Schrecengost, assistant secretary of stewardship, Mrs Vernelle Poorbaugh mission study teachei MLS J J Fox assistant mission study teacher, Mrs John Merntt memorial committee Mrs Lew s Eichcr and Mrs Rankin Shupe, and pianist, Mrs Homer Graft The officers were installed by Hev M M Snydei, pastor of the church The morning se c sion convened at 11 45 o clock \vithMts S O Sterner pleading and having charge of toe devotions At the noon hour a box lunch was served with the hostess and aides being Mrs John Merritt, Mrs Sherman Stoner, Mrs Elmer Weaver, Mrs J J Fo\, Mrs James Stoner, Mrs Gtorge Stoner, Mrs Elmer Morrow, Mrs L S Sherbondy, Mrs M A Hockenbury, Mrs Charles Forsvthe, Mrs William Ferguson and Mrs G R Kane Bakcc beans and coffee were served Annual reports were given by the secretary of literature, Mrs John Marsh secretary of thankoffering Mrs Leslie Stoner, secretary o! stewardship Mrs Charles Carlson chairman of the reading course, Mrs C L Heise secretary, Mis J T Bradley, and treasurer, Miss Ella King Other reports uere gnen by the collectors and group leade"i A monologue was given b^ Miss fhelma Snjder while the votes were being counted The ne.\t meeting uill be held April 5 Missionarj Meeting The Missionary Society of the First Presbvtenan Church held its regular meeting Wednesday afternoon at the church The subject ·was Stewardship' and Mrs N E Silsley was the leader and had charge of the devotions Mrs William Fleming and Mrs J H Fahel gave talks on the subject Miss Catherine Hess sang a solo accompanied by Miss Thelma Snyder At the close of the meeting there was a social hour with refreshments being ser\ ed Mrs Jessie Engle was chairman of the social committee Inspection Dates The annual Federal and State inspections of the Service Company, 110th Regiment -vill be held at the State Armory Friday evening, March 10 WyMarch Has Many Dangers March is considered by many the most dangerous month of the year, because the change of seasons is more than a good many people can stand Occasional sunny days give people a f-ilse feeling of security Don't be misled' Colds are prevalent now and thousands suffer from the after-effects of earlier colds It is important that treatment be prompt--and dependable Start bmldmjr up your system by taking Father John * Medicine Its uholeson'C nourishing ingredients rich in vitamins, help increaso strength and vigor It has been used for 84 years for colds and to aid in developing strong, sturdy bodies -Advertisement Flo L^eds And "Ail That's Left Flo Leeds, one time chorus beauty and "other woman" in the Stillman case, is pictured with son, Michael, all that a left of fame and fonuno once hers She hag started proceedings in New York agimst absent husband, John Metcalfe, to compel him to support her Bill to Prohibit Child Marriages In Stale Assembly HARRISBURG, Mar 2--A rev.rite of Pennsyhania s rrirnage laws to establish a ' fool-proof checiv ngninst child rnaiTiages and estiblish hightr r^alth and moral standards \vii before the Senate toda~v The bill recodifymg existing statutes and in-erting re\v proM^ion^ to provide a layman s law ' easily understood b the average man and woman uas introduced b Scmtor John Walker, R Allegt\en It v. as drafted by Allegheny Countv Judge Lois McBride \vlio heads a en ic committee seeking more effective mir- nage laws Anti-child marriage provisions of the measure raise from 16 to 18 tl e minimum age for marmge v, tbout consent of a count orphans court and require birth certificates as proof of age from all applicants Mstmg their age below 30 ' Minors between the ages of 18 and i 21 would oe permitted to marrv onlv ' with the consent of their respective J parents i An approved Ijboratorj certificate! showing both applicants free f r o n ' communicable sphilis, gonorrhea and tuberculosis would be made a blinkct prerequisite to issuance u£ ill mir- nage licenses The ests would be required wi^hm the 10 d i j s p^eccd- jng No licenses could be issued or ceremonies performed for anv persons apparently mtovicated and no one divorced on grounds of adultery would be given a license to mirry the third person involved for a ~at thereafter The three-day waiting period between application for and ictcipt of a mamage license would be retained in the nr code Penalties of fines r-ngmg from S50 to S500 are fixed for clerks, offlciants or physicians permitting illegal marriages Any parent, guardian or friend could obtain summary annulment of marriages entered into under false pretenses The Valke- bill p-ovidcs that applications may be obtained from alderman, mdgistrates or justices of the peace in addition to orph ms court marriage license clerks It f xes fees of 5250, oO cents for the use of the State and $2 for the county. Common law marriages would require consent of the orphan;, couit under virtually the same limitations Gas Safety Valves Approved HARRISBURG, Mar Z --The Rose- Andrews bill lequirmg home ovvneis to provide gas safety v lives was ap- pro\ ed unanimously in the House and was sent to the Senate Special Sale Limited Quantity New 1939 Westinghouse Washers ·^ \Trw1nl "HY Q V 1 JSIodel DX 831 Price Trade In Old Washer $79.95 $20.00 NOW $59= Easy Terms If Desired Don't Delay-Order ,Now Tins brand new S Ib capacity -washei v»ith automatic nlinger is the best buv on the washei market See It toda' Service Radio Electric Co. 121 It. Apple Street. Tlioue 2107 Fayctte Countj's Largest Appliance Store. Booked in Kidnap PERRY SCHOOL PAPER WINS HONORS !N NATIONAL FIELD Special o The Courier PERRYOPOLIS M i 2--Tre Pc-ryopolis, Giade School paper The Schoo Nc^\ s was selected as the best pubhci'ion with the best news stoij in tha mtionwide contest conducted anxlng tuo elementary schools duimg Nd\ ember -md De- ccmbei 1938 it was announced by Diniel C McCii thy, director o£ Public Hcl itions of the Nitioral Tuberculosis Aisocintion 111 a letter received hcie The ne\vs slorv \\ill be placed on special exhibit Maich 9 10 ind 11 it the annuil rrectmg of the Co um- bn Press ASSOCI ition in New Yoik Citv ind will also be on v i t w it the N ition il Tuberculosis Associa ion s annual meeting in June in J3os on Miss In ncldition to the honor -ichie\cd the JVT loml Association expressed its ippreci ition rf the newsp pel, its ilois ind ficul } Tdvi^ors for the interest md coopention Riven the Stitc md locil tubcrtulosis nssocia- Uons The piper v Inch i 1 - i^ucd only once i M-ir 1-1 cl issed is i hcilth public ition It is the ctond con- sccu we yeai it has beei selected as the winner in the contest and the entire school is proud of the honor ard distinction it has earned Miry Lou d\rtwnght is editor-m- chief ard hei start is composed of the following Assistint edi ors--Joyce Townsend Thc'rm Simke and Helen Cchard Cuculation mamgers -- Mildied Ficeman ma Cnrson, Gloria Rae Kein Bjth Stuck, Dorothy Chalfant ind Grace Sibel Copyreaders--Jean Johnston Lois Sechiist, Helen Caporelli Anna Biluch, Frances Knox, Orlando Darkargelo, John Hozmec James Nutt, Eddie Evey Shirley JSovaic, Mary Divis, Aicc Sutyak Beatrice Greenaw lit Mirguerite S w e t Therms Havadich, Eleanor Ann Butteimoie ind Betty Boidas Ai t it iff--Eugene Baker and Marga-et NVilhams Joki_s--James Nutt and Cyrill KoJm in Sponsors -- Pimcipil \ V i l l i a m Bakei Health Teicher Wilier Murphy and English Teacher Miss Mary Duff w e t Ws, Farkas, Westmoreland Men Gel Navy Promotions stmoiel md t.oun ·· -es^- btcn ip,)rn\cd for pro- rc^idi nt RoosLVcH in the Minneapolis on October 18 1941 and September 26 1942 with the third In Pittsburgh in 1D43 The Gophers bc-it Pitt, 7-3 in 1933 and 13-7, in 1934 TV.O V,v dc its h i \ n mo* ion b 1 . ' United MVcf "N IM. I Ijtutemm C h n r k s T M ( j - h t l l , for-ir rjj o' Greonst arc i«s t ) become j R 31 on It t irt C ' m i n i n d * r while Throe 1 o-t. « iUmlt, of \t.\, K m r j - i ton is to bo mo fd isp to i hi o r i- ' ) i IVanlhrrs Hook Gophers, Pitt P tn hi. i ni M nn ^0*1 1 Gop! trv \ \ i l l rt iv. fo/ittnll u l i ' t o r t tri 1R41 'I he fir-- iv-o g tni^s nre nt MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Thu Old Often Bnoj* ^{«pp7 Rehef Mrs Ndlic Rcsnick, lostc- of Solomon Schwartz, one of t^o men accused oi the iadnnpmp of -1-ycar-old Stjcbael Katz, is pictured JLI she wna booked in New York. Third alleged kldnitpcr w« Qwrlcs Mitchell whcacttd M mtertredwiry (Ccntrcl Fre**) UNION DRUG CO. 301 N. Pittsburg St. Bring Your Prescriptions Here! , The Store Your Doctor Recommends UN APPEAL To the Citizens of Connellsville Let's suppose that you were denied the right of walking on the paved sidewalks or of driving your automobile on the paved streets, and were compelled to travel the muddy back alleys, or that when you appeared on the streets at night, the street lights would be turned out, or that you awoke at night and found your room filled with smoke, called the fire department and if refused to respond, or that burglars attempted to enter your home, and the police department refused you protection, or that your children were refused admittance to the public schools or playgrounds, or that you were refused the use of the public library, and suppose that the reason given by those in authority for refusing you these public services and conveniences was the fact that you had failed to pay your taxes Of course none of these things will happen because these services and conveniences are privileges that are part and pracel of your right as a citizen of this, the best nation on earth But do you think it is fair that you should accept these public services and conveniences without doing your duty as a citizen by paying the taxes lawfully assessed against you Citizenship is not all privileges, it also entails duty. The same Constitution which guarantees to you the rights and privileges of citizenship, also imposes upon you the duty of paying taxes and provides the taxing authorities with legal means of collecting them One of these means of collection is to distrain or levy on personal property (Household goods, furniture, appliances, jewelry, automobiles, merchandise, stocks, bonds, etc ) , arid advertise it for sale by the posting of ten (10) notices in the immediate neighborhood of the delinquent taxable This means of collection applies to both property and personal taxes Another legal means of collecting personal taxes is by the attachment of wages These methods of collection have not been generally used in Connellsville, and because their use is embarrassing to those persons upon whom they are used, I sincerely hope it will not be necessary for me to use them in a single case However, if those who have not been paying persist in further evading payment, 1 will be compelled to resort to their use The taxing authorities are demanding action So please pay your taxes and thereby relieve me of an unpleasant duty Very Respectfully, C. 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