The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 16, 1938 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 16, 1938
Page 12
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\ I'AGE TWELVE. LALL,y COUKIJtiU, UUNN.K.L.L.SV1J-IL.JK, i'A. WKUNKSJDAY. Jt'JiimUAKir JU, J.UaJ. CRIBBAGE FRIDAY AT SCOTTDALE S e c o n d Tournament Will Begin With 52 Players Enrolled. OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST Special to Th« Courier. SCOTTDALE. Feb. 16--The second cribboge tournament will begin at 8 o'clock Friday evening at the borough building. The following players will compete: Table 1, Zat Bolosky and Charles M. Kenney vs. Otto Lind and Albert Reynolds. Table 2, George Collins and J. Sidney Leonard vs. George Dctwiler and Joe Stecle. Table 3, Andy Balgosky and John Anderson vs. Frank Raishart and William Wholey. Table 4, Seward Wygglc and G. E. Miner vs. Ike McLaughlin and Joseph Grisaie. Table 5, H. R. Lynn and Clyde Fretts vs. Joseph Clarkson and A. C. Farmer. Table 0, C. P. Loucks and S. E. Brown vs. Earl Sturtz and H. Collins. ; -Table 7, Charles Carlson and C. J. Kline vs. M. M. Miller and Vernon Raybould. 1 Table 8, Joseph Jones "and Harold Hines vs. Arthur Commore and Frank Parker.' Table 9, Jack Shelby and George Rusnack vs.'C. C. Brown and D. H. Showman. Table 10, J. M. Conway and George Schwalke vs. Homer Coucks and M. B. Rodrick. Table 11,-H. R. Aiken and James Newell vs. Thomas H. Ruthcrtord and Bob Gilchrist. Table 12,-Roy-Sterrett and J.-L. Sparks vs. B. Connors and A. JC. Gsterwise. Table 13, James Hay and George Roth, vs. John Ruth and W. R. · Simcox. Table 14. E. R. Wise and J. T. Maloy vs. Dr. J. F. Taylor and Martin Orish. Table 15. J: C. Fagan and C. F. Lewis vs. Don Laughrey and Cy Christncr. Table 10, E. J. Skinner and S. R, Rutherford, vs. Walter Haines 'and Ted Farmer. Table 17, F. M..KeiJer and .William C. PIckard vs. Ralph Napoli and Walter Ruth. Table 18, H. S. Long and Earl Gilchrist vs. Richard Loucks and Dick O'Toolc. Table 19, Charles E. Thompson am J. C. Kepner vs. H. W. Colborn anc Harry Suttlc. Table 20, John P. Burns and J. J Kock vs. Archie Brown and Ro; Baker. Table 21, John Warrick and Frank Ganoe vs. Edward Murray and Ed ward Anderson. Table 22, Charles Kelly and Ed ward Palmer vs. Jerry Dull and Fred Mather. Table 23, F. F. Whaley and Car Pritchard vs. C. J. Carlson and Harry E. Fortcey. Table 24, I. H. Hall and Phil Eck man vs. C. J. Shaner and Rudolpl Krigcr. Table 25, H. C. Collins and L. A Simmons vs. H. E. Yoho and Howar Bcegle. Table 26, J. E. Zimmerman am George Ferguson vs. Hc«e Davis an Dr. E. B. Gilbert. Hand Injured. J. F. Bowser, 77 years old, of Al verton, suffered lacerations when h caught his-hand in a gauge on a pi wagon Monday afternoon. -He wa taken to the Frick Memorial Hospita in Mount Pleasant lor a dressing. Veis* Auxiliary Meets. At the regular meeting of the aux iliary to the Veterans of Foreig Wars Post, held in the post rooms Everson Monday evening, initiatio of two new members was held. Plans ' were completed for a' peanut "part 'on February 28 for members of th auxiliary and their friends. Ther will be prizes and a lunch. Bing and refreshments followed the rcgu Jar meeting. To Aid With Income Tax. A deputy tax collector will be i Scottdale February 28, March 1 an 2, to assist with income tax statement for the year 1D37. Persons are urge to take advantage of this service an make their returns not · later tha · March 15. - World Wide Guild Meets. The World Wide Guild ot the Firs Baptist Church held its regular meet ing at "the home of Mrs. Roy E Whittcmore in Arthur avenue Tues day evening. There was a busincs and social meeting. Observers Believe Jap Drive Against Hankow Under Wa SHANGHAI," Feb. 15.--Foreign military experts .express belief tha the Japanese in central China ha started a drive toward" Hankow temporary seat ot the government far up the Yangtse River. One Japanese column was roov ins westward along the Hai River and a second column was movln westward through the Anhwe province. It was bolieved here tha the columns were to converge a Singyangchow and thus cut off th Pciping-Hankow Railroad 125 mile north of Hankow. Apparently the Japanese believe that they would soon take Cheng chow, key city on the Pciping-Him kow line at its intersection with th east-to-west "Lunghai" railroad. D A N G E R O U S It ii dinceioui to sell 3. SUBSTITUTE ro ifiC Just to make three or four cen more. Customers ue your best Asset V»« thrm and yon loto your bosluesx. 666 wcrUi three or four time) AS much * SUBSTITUTE.--Advertisement. Must Die Legal Way HAPPENINGS IN A N D A B O U T MT. PLEASANT Lester W. Brockclbunt, Jr. ... doomed to die March i Awaiting execution In too electric chair March 4 at Arkansas prison farm near Llttlo Rock, Lester W. Brockolhurst, Jr., IB cluvlncd to the floor In his cell to prevent him from committing suicide. Brockelhurat, convicted for toe hitch-hike murder of Victor A. Gat«s, tried to kill hlmscli tvrfct. --Central Tress Frank Zebre, Native Of Scotldale, Drowns In Slaiy Fork River SCOTTDALE, Feb. 16.--Frank Zcfare, 43 years old. ot Manannn Washington county, a native of Scottdale, Westmoreland county, was accidentally drowned in the Slaty Fork River near Slaty Fork, Poeahontos county, W. Va., at 11:30 o'clock Friday night. Ecbrc was seen by a train crew as he walked across the Laurel Fork Railroad bridge and the same crew saw him fall from the bridge to mountain stream below. His bod was recovered at 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon. A coroner's jury brought a vcrdic that he met death by accidcnta drowning due to falling Xiom thi bridge. Zebre, a miner, had been workinj in a mine in the West Virginia acca virtually the only access o whicl was the branch railroad over whicl he was walking, known as a "lo, road" in that vicinity. Due to short age of work, it is known that Zobr hod been planning to return hom and had written to his wife that h would be home. It is believed h had started for his home and wa walking to a railroad or bus static: when he drowned. He was a son of John and Mar; Lczcsk Zebre and was born at Scott dal i. Ho had 'been a resident o Miuianiia for the past 18 years an was widely known. He was a mem ber oi. the Veterans of Foreign Wars having served in France during th World War. He was s,rtid to hav been · in one of the first America contingents which crossed the At lantic Ocean to enter service i France. Zebre is survived by his wife Fannie Kotchnr Zebre; two dnugh ters, Clara and Rosaliu, both at homi and two brothers, John ot Rice Landing and August-of-West Vir ginia. The funeral servjce will be hel Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock a the Zebre home. Burial will be i Horn Cemetery, Washington county near Mariannn. Junior Class Play Draws Packed Hous The Junior Class Play presentc at the High School auditorium Fri day evening was thoroughly cnjoyc by a packed house. ' The play, entitled "Bab.f," was light three-act comedy. It was di reeled by Miss Mary Prances Kurt: Gertrude Waugaman, who playc the lead role, gave a splendid per formance and was ably supported b the following cast: Luella; Marjori Herd; Mrs. Archibald, Virgin! Humphrey; Dr. Archibald, Joh Work; Lord Beresford, Robert Youn kin; Carter Brooks, John Jackson Jane, Celia Sapolsky; William Robert Eamage; Hannah, Wilm Hudock; Eddie Perkins, Don Sox man; Guy Grosvenor, Edward Lin coin. Assisting the regular stage cre\ in handling the new equipment re cently purchased were Jack Bittner James Enos, Jay Lohr, James Mar tin, Lloyd Orazi, Landy Schcpis Ned Shipley and Don Springer. Electricians were Sidney Mande and James Thompson and the prop erty committee. Mary Elizabet Whittaker and Eleanor Kcffer. Special to The Courier. ' MOUNT PLEASANT, Fob. 16.-- ' he Mount Pleasant Music Club ] caturcd a Colonial Tea, in costume, t its meeting Tuesday evening. Irs. Iva Canosc was in charge of the rogram, which follows: Song, "Long, Long, Ago"; trio, Sccthoven's "Minuet in G,' 1 Miss )orothy Crosby, MibS Virginia Gct- cicy and Miss Ethel Cooper; reading, diss Mary Hurst; piano solo; Miss arah Louise 'Hcrshcy; vocal solo, liss Margaret Laird; double trio, Coin" Home," Mrs. Clay Chrislncr, rtiss Madge Ong, Miss Villa Shumar, Urs. Frank Walker, Mrs. William H. Xobinson and Mrs. Presley Hurst; cading, Mrs. Floyd Harr^r; marimba olo, Richard Seifcrt; ensemble, Swance River," Mrs. Clay Christler, Miss Virginia Gettemy, Miss dadge Ong, Mrs. William H. Robinon, Mrs. Presley Hurst, Mrs. Frank Valker, Miss Dorothy Crosby, Miss ida Shumar and Miss Ethel Coop- r. Mrs. Russell J. Myers was chairman of the hostess committee and vas assisted by Miss Gertrude Cold- mith. Miss Hozclla Creel, Mrs. Claude F. Harrcr, Mrs. Harry C. Gcltomy, Miss Sarah Catherine Cold- mith, Mrs. Carl W. Lcmmon, Mrs. Valtcr Ringler, Mrs. S. S. DeVaux md Mrs. F. J. Kenney. Lcfdon Auxiliary Program. The James E. Zundcll Post American Legion Auxiliary sponsored a atriolic meeting at the Legion ·ooms Tuesday evening as a feature if the national observance of Patriotism Week. The following program was prc- ;ented with Mrs. Floss Keller, president of the auxiliary, presiding: Prayer led by Mrs. H. R. King, chaplain; advance of the colors, Mrs. Uary Fallen, sergcant-at-arms of the ocal unit; tribute to the Dag, fol- owed by the pledge, Mrs. W. S. 3uecr, Americanism chairman; sinc- ng of the National anthem; reading "Our Flag," Mrs. Harry F.dlcr; address, Dr. Charlcn L. Rehanek, president of James E Zundcll Post; vocal solo, Mrs. Wall ?r Burns, accompanied by Mrs. C. J. Kearney; iddrejs, "Defense,"·· Mrs. James A. Conway, Scottdale: chalk talk. G. Wyhc Overly; address, "Amcnc. n- sm,". Mrs. Arthur Beaver. Dravosburg; nnd singing, "America." The meeting was open to the public. Temperance Council to Meet. The Youth Temperance Council will hold it* February meeting Thursday evening at 8 o'clock p.t the lome of Mrs. F. S. Cuthbcrt m 'hurch street. The second lesson in the study course will bo taken up. Birth at Hospital. A son was bom at 3:15 oYi Tuesday morning to Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Kecfer, of 100 North Diamond street, at Fnck Memorial Hospital. Elwlcd Pastor. Rev. Harold Bner was unanimously elected pastor of the First Reformed Church at Mount Plea?ant and the St. John's Reformed Church at Middle Churches Sunday. Undergoes TTiroat Operation. William Snyder, 15 years old, of North Diamond street, underwent a throat operation at Frick Memorial Hospital Monday. Illllculture Cues to Cullejce. BF.RKELEY, Cal., Feb. 16.--The University of California has added a new course to its curriculum. It is called hilleulture and is expected to develop means for preventing soil erosion on hillsides nnd mcreasins the fertility of the soil. Today in Washington As If Is interpreted By David Lawrence Continued from Pago Four, comprehensive this time than even under AAA. But, as between a lower farm income with no regimentation and a higher farm income plus regimentation, the farm organizations which backed the new law chose the latter course. The new legislation has in it a thousand and one powers and ideas. Thus, crop insurance for wheat, with premiums paid for in the commodity itself, is provided for, this being really the first embarkation on the crop insurance plan. Maybe it will some day be extended to other crops. Likewise, some parts oC the law will be found reminiscent o£ the old farm board of Hoover days, with its market stabilization schemes. Then there's a provision which compels the Government to hold off the market about seven million bales of cotton, which is just twice as much as the subsidized surplus of Hoover days, which was so bitterly criticized by the Democrats in 1932. It is difficult ot encompass in any single article or even several articles the many technical features that have been written into the new farm control Jaw. Let it suffice to say that agriculture becomes more than ever before a Federal function and that a small group of men in the National Government now are to operate a managed economy so far as the entire agricultural situation is concerned. Is it a question ot time before a regulated industrial situation! will be forced as a natural sequel to a regulated agriculture? Thif question might well be asked, along with the query as to whether the new policy will become permanent. The answers will be round only in the evolution of the next two or three years. The experiment in a nationally managed agriculture has begun, and its basic principles are nationalistic and isolationist, which is, of course, out of tune with the coopera- tionist and international doctrines of Secretary Hull. But doubtless he condones the practice on two grounds: First, that it takes of an emergency till the world and our i own ultra-conservatives begin to see i the need for breaking down tarilf I and trade restrictions, and, second, ' if you give f m m contiol rope enough, it may kill itself in due time when the clamor for increased production and recapture of foreign markets becomes again the demand of the farm- cts themselves. Semi- Annual Notions ..... Toiletries Stationery ... Items easily listed to help you find what you want. Order by phone if you wish; Or check the items you want, usinc the little brackets, nnd bring this "ad"| along as your shopping list! A Big 3-in-l Event to Save You Three Ways - Ready Now! 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