The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 13, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1918
Page 8
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eAGE EIGHT 1-HE DAILY COURIER CONNELLSVIIAJ5, PA. THTjRSD \Y JUNE 13, 1918. GOVERNMENT INQUIRY IS BEING , MADE INTO COKE REGION LABOR Authorities TVant to Know TThyj' Men Lay-OH M hen Mood Seizes Them. URGER OUTPUT PER MAN Js Sought in Order to Spied lp Production* How to Ite Vccomplished Is ot l TOVctite I'lao Por the first time in the history of the Coniellsville coke region a tcmatic nquirv i« bcng made in o causes undcrl ing tht mdtftcicnce oi tile wo r \tnen to mak lull time Uevmg Jia there are rem reason* for the persistence i habit 01 taking laj-cff da^s w h t the mocd seizes the men ..he j, ties at Washington charged \»itn iho uncial dut\ of speeding up all trial ic ivities upon w h i c h the bi tul pro ccunon o f the war depends have btcn maiing a caielul huesuga tion In o conditions m the leg on to ascerta n \\li\ the output 01 coai and coke p* ·· man e-nnlojLrf is-not grea e 1 tan haa btea tot manj past. The deta Is of this inve tfa'vc Lot been mac'e public nor has ibere 1 pen a.n-% revelation of thi. dlscovued during Ub progress purpose o' it uowevei has not concealed SimpK stated the eminent authentic*, want to wfr* -·" manj miners and coke work ers laj oK without apparent excuse tor th i idleness 3.°. we I as to learn what are the causes tor the develop meat of this pern cious habit The inesugdtion is noi being made out of idle curiosity but fo* 1 a real and defim e purpose That purpose is u bring about an increase in the ou pu per n in o£ both coal and co^e How this s to be accomplished has no been announced not e\en hinted ai In fa.u bu* irom the care w i t h \vhic the government au'uoriues ha\e re tenth taken in iiiori tng the^iseKe^ Of conditions in the \auous industries before ap.pling anj corrcctne to un satisfactory features it is re-^or able o asoim- 1 that the meisure avert, tiallj to be adop td will be e Eectne ?*6ne "^ill more gladlj uelcome a solut on of this \exatious p-obler than the operators of the Council i rtlle region "\Miate\er form th e me h 3C 1 of solving it ma be given the o ·*rat rs will be found to lend promot and willing cooperation That is ba r inother waj o£ stating the fact tha thei attitude on ail regulator^ -ne^s ares has been, that of a readiness to 3o heir best and their utmost to EC soTipHsh he purposes designed Ir his connection it ma be noted 1 at zlo^er working togc her of th« gove n nei('al agencies hav ng charge ot w tr 4m^ production distribution and ja* sportation is observable "SS th 330]e definite knowledge of conduitns iffecting these impoitan factors th re 3as come a bet cr understand ng nd :no G efficient me hods In the c ke egton the onlj bri.ak m the chair is Jje labor situation No\ t^at cartful DQUirv into the c^use of us s!a*,v 36*5 as the operators couct slacn. ie* - has betn made the hope *s not »h3ll v-ain that it too ml! re^pzid 0 the no^ i n ^ersal demand hat 3V rj mdustrv and fvcrvbod-v contrib ^tt everj ounce 01 ihejr strei gth ind jn-irgj to raake wmni 0 tl e v\ai he ^b ef business ot our co m rv ..ast \ e«k \ is wholl} w i t h o u t ea J u e of iite^cst in the ccc fide I Dieration ran along AithLUi, inter I P it a makmi; a slight general gait 01 ho whole The cai Mtua ion '·erram c, G^tis'^c or/ and he e w is smic- v \at le ^ coiriiiaint i out labo up jl a though \inl liboi \ as jnlv OfSfltl more picn /n] c TOLD m 1 istriou t^an u ha* I ecu -mec the #nrn weithc nilt, i appeal a ce Lstimated prodiicuon foi Jt \ o t k » i r t n g Satu dav Jure 8 was ] lac ^c.all the «-a~"» r r o \ t n i di nrs jie previoi^ \vccl but punibtr o ac «e o%eas \ a ug been ictl^cc i tn L 5 there v-3 " cltcii.ase of abci 0 ton* 1 to trt I cf C U t J O tn Ti is change * *il h ua-. iTr^el n t t unaco pla-ia ti i s t /unaco o\en icJuction to 203 G^) o- ITU! n^r t,aat ovf i producLioi to 13 J6 ton^ ad tue Connell ville re" on to 17' i2 ions and tbe lower C o i n e P ^ v i l l c ·^**ion to lul34S tons a decrease 11 he for" e- of o 02b ions and ar in icist, of ^02^ tons m the latter or T *et decrease foi he !E.gion cf 2 000 ' r ns The aeoiand for b\ product coal is c-onitns: rea^^r and morp m^i^tent ut the abihu to supplv it h t s the ame hinting fac 01 as has t ie r rt ased product oa of coke The near lp~oach ot i larger bv produc con.e iroductioa crea es no conccrr n tht- oke region othei than ipiireh^n^ioi C3t the growth m demind f r bj i lyodutt coal ma\ be greater th in car ie supplied with, the present c mple { nent of working forc oc ^onnellsulle coil i ill be nee led u ar w er quantity and the mines of the egion will be read to supplv t from lants whose o\ens have served long erm» of uscfulrt^ is pror'iueri, of iiat coke ^vhich even the bv ] oduct )Iants have long --ou^ht to e( ual ui iualitv as the standard rrecalt i-g cai TThj-j d M l U T HAN Tro- hshcd Cnt- ry of o Lc ce at vable n tht n the ends suga on to i and -ea e* oiith* 'atlO-l r has tacts Ihe been go\ work COKC TRADI.* Sini3I.A.R* C o n \ t n c e l tha l*t. causes un derl\ mj, the i t, platen liabit of tikf lii off rta^ the cha KC 1 v. tii the d u t * of sj fid n a ui n a t r \ «io AT to n «u t thL w i n n i n g t tnc ir ha\ e ti n i n t f co"0 tions i tl e roul M ti n \ I'll is don w i t h i \ e ·. i i[ i 1 t ic correctnes ! s ch torm as v. H Increase th ou put i or Tiin per daj . me ni i. ut on rf the T-CXI ti ) ol" m nd i th ^ a^ on H i u r\ measures 11 cot nt l i i (t ir production dis co il ml c e ire rcii to t tr the P il t tat t"ic^ ctn of t! act r e \ t Uil b* U is in n be u^t. 1 in afJVctiic, -i - ned 1 ut from t c .rire u i h v. h ch t h ^,o\ crnn n -xRer e^ ha\ r c c e n t l j btei actju rir in'orrna tion b e f o r e iisu n-, rff, ilator\ edicts t s s i f e I i umf hat ·\ itc\ er i dete-n ned upon * i l l p*-m o ffeom t Operitinc: c iditi m^ a.s a ^ hole T e w 1 ho it 1 intrc Tli it uml c n t m i ** itisfac t v Liboi j in ca 1 tl e T 0i$,ht impro\ nenl IT he ap plication of [ho j ir 1 fort-ta Thf 1 lo-Mnp nut cf OB \ e n s mo-uli furnace o Jt dov n i m n l i od it- ion f r -·st w p e k t V 0 ft t e n s 1 u the i r acre prr icti'x c o\ e i v. T.S «" 0*^11 ged THE DISTRIBUTION OF STEE NOW STRICTLY DEFINED BY WAR BOARD I Government Orders Hjne First Cill, Others to fomo HI tlic Order («u en in tht Pnference List, Special t The Courier VEW 10RK Juno 32--Tho Amen can Metal Mirl e* and Dailj Iron £. Steel Renort i ill -eUew the sloel and iron trade to norro\\ as fo \ov-s Bv rc^oiu ions the "War Industrie* Board adopte 1 June 6 the methods of Distribution ft all p g iron and stet- product 1 - are atru th defined The ic tual d^truution is not e»=entialh diE erent from thai in effect sine" abou May 1 arising from the 300 por cent pledge the iron and steel mdua n took as a re c ult of the ^ew "V ork meeting o£ \.pnl 2o but the prefe r ence purposes aro defined by thL board is deta. I The disii ibution of pi^ iron ai J steel products is nou as follows Government orders ha-e tie first call thij including riass \ and Class II orders -nd terti n other descnpuons o° material second call is bv tLt. prtfcrrecl c 1 i=sc» ot con=mnpuon in eluding food fuol iad cloJiing ^ hile ^ hot ma\ remain falls into a third cateso-'v and can go to the gin eral trade but onl upon approval in writing o he direc 01 of steel sup plies first ha bun obtained T h e second cate^o j "eprescnts the more e^oential comi ercial coaaEiraption described precise!; as the schedule of purpose ca ulcd to preference treat moat or more b^irfn th^ preference lisi The list js rathe" campreben sive and v hi'e u oir is n an\ purpose 0 that m ordip"n tin es consume a i?rea.t deal of steel the maorit\ of the=e purpo=e^ are ot much in e\i elenci. it piescnt The building rules are not repres ntcd except, as ihev ser\o w i r ndunne" but the building trades are no\\ qti c^cent excepi m i hat ere direction ' TI f-p is gener?! sa ^faction m the iron and Mecl indu^tr., hat the U IT Industries Bo.-rd has kf tho deli !s of its 3 j ICE" conduct to i s own rog n at on i Ji ]p at tha same t me i rlea*- r «-s is mapnca out in general ] f-ms For the eistrihut on of steel Tl ut 1 is practicall no uncertain \ a 0 to ho\\ thf n 1 ? rt ctions arc to he car ned o it Some ecnsuirers ma\ now recen e morp pro^c-renee thar ihc\ La\e obta ned in the past few weeks Frot uciion f' ^ig ron and ^teol cor t nae- at a ,ati "ic ni-\ ra e roughl , cneakn^ ibout t j pc- cent o r the tomago j o siuU vi h existing equip c*" a.nd 'abf r cciiLUions Dress Logically «_? (X --il O IR CLOTHES ore tasteful and ofiaccful. The} create harmony. 3Icn nlio have no use for foolishl) p-vtremc. s« ag- ger, ''i^-fr'' Smls -- men iho hine !·» .nersion to T-cIiru a7il Giraffe effpfts -and an n s t i m f n c senst of fitness, t Its; \ ace and refinement are the men ^ h o nre populanriiijr ttriirht- Ict?ier Suifs at $15 $20 $22.50 $25 $30 $35.00 1 he logical suit !or e erj man, vlioflier he lie the snccessfal business or professional man ot forfv (lie n tired man 01 stnentj- five, or the yonns man of eighteen to tnontj-'ne, is here, in falmcs JHUC been carefnllj selected for their fitness and still more cnre'nllj tailored. feaitfij Bnuti J _, , Blues, greens browns jrrijs anil some ot the handsomest mixtures nt'ie seu for many a day. Then lor hot days the logical suit is a \\ risht-Uet/lor '·Ao »at«'' in linen, flannel, light sen**.. Mash t.ilnts or silk. The price will lit $13 t-o $25. FURNISHINGS T n VT'S a toinprtlien^ie term inclnd- ing Murts ^(.tk-^^ca^, I, Half Hose, Gloies, Coll us, Bdts Suspender'-, HandJicrcfiiets. Jeiitlrj and otlicr items ot dress for men. Me tbnose tlit'-t thintr'i slowh, cartiullv --with sk H, tn^U iiuii itnltrnu nt. Our aim is tn Imt finalities, (iimntltis and iinc tits that will attrj.rt and intiresf ram nlio flcraainl the N H l l M ciiotl--tin JihM ^alueb t^pcri ptrsonal scltctum K tin ptthcj that keeos our stotk tn sh, britjtt policy ifiat keeps onr t«ck frosli. bright Ti you find displas hf*rc fnllcr r rolor and sparkle and dher^ih t h i n eliiLiiiicrr, it is htcanse IK I H K T permit our Lnllnis i.L'-ru to ]diz--»r our efforts to lair Aft TUt P ^ I This companj also cirnes tl rec v a n rteviHe it is t lit are i show n them seh cs TuC ciorus w i i U this com pir is L { =r '0tl one each furl being i rcil chorus gn 1 ind the sccnor; is w i t h o u t a dou t he lowers of ood VI N G E V N C I -- A fne part \Vorld musical f c a t u i e in vihicb Montague Loic t s j i n seeing thi shn« t tdul ful So Tar rloin m t m i t u i p mak? n .t mi* akt. m the leading role siippc ted b-\ Barbara Castle on Vade L^ans George Mv Quart le ind o her stars of promne ice is bein 0 ^ J o v - n \ pngearce ^tarts 23 the present in London It switches On tht screen TV!]] br tint f imojs screen i ar Hulda N o v a and 1 -ank Gledon in T i c Ionian m The "Web in up to the-minuie photo play on w i t i Germiny ooses to India at ibout the same period then becomes a storj of the presen da Montag ic ' o\t- is first seen as Jrhn C itldlostone a jourg British armj of cci \ v h i throu( h t i e ' This s surojv to e i sunnier O F -»nnrt h ou Cb It tauno be nth r\ se or rever ' ov e WP seen or shov n at. frinj beautifjllv uesifirod olels Puce doeb not seen to afCfct then beaut^ for f vcn those o mos moderate 1 prices aie burnt fu btvond i mi evpt-ctaiioiis Of cuin-se tl oj ire siirp'e T h U IB one of lien cUeE clnni s But i b t of dam % U e 01 cm i u i d ( r ib used in such a skilful aud delight u! mannr tha it never overshadows the co ipktc cffcd Still Good Blouses at SI and $2 T ie splcndnl ^ irttimor and Wcivsorth Blouses w h ch HonaePs^ Ih womei know so v\ell aro st II ? 00 iiid ^200 rcspccthch and still come u is o v e *epk or «o J j =ianitar\ lust proof v\~ap mnps Tl a( thcv MIL popuiar « best s i o u n In t if w n v \soin 3 inn in ( ibout md a^ ai each new =51 ipment Recent arrm s aiv h re ir p in lib L a n ] colors n a com lete ^ange of si/es Other Lingerie Blouses, Many Styles, $2.50 to $19.75 T has i a named for Hus store to br ng to Con i"lls\jilc 1 1 assoiiiunt of re^ lingerie blouses such as is so ilom S i ie^ ihi ta i br u r jc 1 agan irul again -- hi, c uc la est of the succ?ssful S mm ei blouse New models g U o e- in 01 ?andv d \ t\ \\a c bablo ilks \( IL md other suitable rna tonalK in w h i u fltsh and a number of pmtv colored efU"ts All si7es Ibos^ at the moderate P~iccs r aal Elegant Silk Blouses $3.95 to $25 Crr-pcs re chn e of course a n 1 scorgetics--)h \ hi p rttv ztorgeties--tbo fino^ firmest al logethf r chaminj, 1 lov scs \\e I I \ L se *n for nm v i v.eok Thcj come in \\lnie ^nd f^esh and a '·atigo of st is i shid s 0 at perni ou to tna ch up -with auv cjlor cbtme Ml si/t,s are heie The values at J r ^ IIQ decided \ sp c n l -- t i e slvl s -\erv new Sc*c tht se n lav 35c Printed Voiles Keep Right on Being Popular Tl)e\ ire v°rv nearly if not qn to tlio b^st choice a worn in can rnakt, r or her ine\pen sive sumn t dress Sc-nccb ne: aver and aboi P 50 stvlos ind such prettv ones as bev are--plaids checks ffpjre.s dots ind flo-vered designs--m dar) or Ighi colors Ail arc ^S inches wide ind at " c tl ev ire par ic? irh unusm! % a l i us ju^ ^ov, New 35c Ginghams In Fashionable Large Plaids \nd everv woman seems tr "want these bright attractive p l u d b 10 use f or morn iDfe frocks and child-ens c chool dresses TTJ.^ vert 1 o dcrtd f-oiric tune since and are i r- t ]aif m irrivine: bu thej arc cone he les^ welcome for t i n t Tbt v c th s °2 ]rclK- ind the price ^ c recommends heir purchise fo~ everv possible use Friday, June Fourteenth Wool Flags --6 f! v in ft Flic «e\ic! - ft \. I f t F!J s =c«cd MS 00 -a ft i S tl n i s sr v d ar^ "·! ' i S f! I 11,,3 ^L ed il Silk Flags A good daj o bu Thr 'I Stamps and bang out Old G!on Flags be-e in ;rj si^c--Amnncan ind of all the Uhea Mounted Cotton Flags --2\° t Co on Flagb it jOc ci^b. --J4\") in Co inn Flacs it iflp cadi --10\11 in Cottou Fla^s -it Iflc iitlu --S\ll n Cot .an nags a Sc Cieli. Large Cotton Flags -- ixS f P in cA Plag= ?-00. Sewc- Jti-iO an/1 «1".(H) --4\j £ Prin id Flags at 517) and -JO On eh --6^10 't Pi nt d "lags at «fi."iO each. -- f x fu F ai.^ t^sed stirs §s jO wicli. --S\12 £i Ilafcs sewed sta-s 810 00 Trencli --1 set " v l ft Si k Flagi Fio"ch ll iian BeU an 'WIU laell or ?'2(KI -(,( -- 12\18 in Flags I iifcl ^ Bel^iin Italian "»0t iacli -- l°xlS m American I las* Pe eieli -- 21\36 ui Ajuenc-iai rjigs si 7 e.u h -- S\12 in \rner can Tlaes *?c mrh -- 4\6 in \mericail la e ^ ISc u l j -- 14i.l m \nierican / UK! sti ench Bclgin Ifiliin I 1 fle-idi, $11.11 s! Union Flags ujiS ft I man Bunting Fligs st-rs «7BU r\) if I mo i Buating Fla^ win, *1IH) sewed FH1 RAILROAD WAGE BOARD Jack Roof s Pi e t; Bio es it t IB Soisbon last night please i an m rro-nse ing Ix u^e \\itii t i e prettj mu ry of h s biothei fb K eked out of | sica [ c oim ,j y \Udan J ^cu^e Me , r^t.. , --, .^ fndia and ^ j t ls one O f ^j ic ^cst latigh prodm ing s! o«s Coi nelJsx lie 1) i«, iafj m i Joni, tnne a all of the comedy is orig nal 1* has so "iam 'unn\ situ itions that i is h i r l lo piek nut t i e best hu loe Fields ant Gus }lof Kepi ta«. in i gale of Hui,htei £01 20 h home fohn 11 lere marne 1 ! in Indian i ( nan I on is born to he cou le ^"hen the fither di^s the mot ler follows tho Inr lan custom ind meets deith m thf jla?e of Ins fu eral pMe The son is gi\en into tl earn of the priest in he temple i f Ci ddhi The lad minutes wit! Ueu bu le qne mind bci! and Vn Kiaih t I pon 'lattcrb I ndei Its Sunwlictiou Vet AltE Iae Tonr Bonds and Othi r ^ elun Uie Trotecthn or sau Ucp- *itl It not better go straight to Vst National o" ConntlJsvil'e and ·ange for a prnate box in Us n t mrglar proof ^auhs--L*ie onlv wa tbtair absolute security for \ o u r jortant papers LJberU Loud je ·y, etc Tb cost is modere-tt-- iian a cent a day -- Vdv The boaul o' Kailroad ^ages and T\o"l r Qg Coudit ous as been organ i^ed as follows G II Mnes chainnan F P Games vice cha r*~ian J J Dermod^. C L Lindsay \\ l- Morse A 0 \\ harton I shall be the dut of the boaid to heir and n \ e s t g a e matters presented b'v ri Iroad eiiplojes or their (1) Inequalities as to wages and working condition 1 " w h e t h e r as to in dividual employes or classe a of en plojes (2) Conditions arising fiom compc t tion ttjth employes in other indus t K« (3) Rules ard working conditions f c r tic se%eral classes of emploves either foi the rountrv as a vrhole or r or dm rent p-uts of the country Tho mard =nill also hear md in \estigate complaints is to waj,es and conditions of emplo\ment referred to i hj t) e director gereral The au ihoritj o r the hoard is limited to mik . ! gro^s to nunhood and Montajguc j IjO\e is ther s^en m the role of outl ' fu! Jolin Ctiddic^tone The | "\Veokh Re\ ev, i« il*a being: shown Tomorrow M-^t Norman w ill b" i seen m The Floor Brlow Monday I an d Tuesday Urbelie\er an act and w hen t tej left stage there wis i pe^fet^ hurnca ic of appliuse Dirainu no Dri- Re\ in he*- song One Lnt earned her audieate Cir! '"atrlj u tb. he r T rank Urnest s nim foer Jlaw am lunes m Dixie ind Helen Gnpp* Fdison featuie will be the attraction 'novels song Ttom Here o ShinE, hii each, got much applit -e Jo n TUEVT11E. F elds \ th his Bit ma Son pnjv ed an instint success The finale is i beautifu tableiu Miss ^ f altl1n·l singing Sa^ a Praer fcr the Bos O er There The bill for Friday SOCL.VL B R I \ R S --Featuies N arj Miles Mmtci is Ins. Lee Sup pose ou were a prettj j,irl with a graceful figure and a wonderful voice and Satu da is Cohan s Cabaret and a long haired coantrj Sundav i -school supiemtenaent w nted to wed Clussijlpii II!T rf^-mrrto jou and becon e one of t^e \iHasc I B n n g results Cose only ic a word go=sips ard supnosc there was a \ v i y j -- -- _____ \ou could escape such a fate eveu though t la; 01 er the rocky road to Droifiu 13 ' BE 3 urp T 1 at Ins did do at this tl ratru totlaj I ndaj and ^11 urrii'v Llsu erguson appears ir The Rise of Jennie Cuahirg THt the a an i \ o im ·less M mt Mjners Ont 01 Irait TLe toil nperito s o' he anthra ci e regior are ria mg ortantzcd ef fort to hi\e i"ine-s s \en a deferred II Ton Vro nunUm; Bargains I ant Help! lead the advertising colunmi of Tho Then use our classified column Re- Jailj Courier Vou will find Jiezn. [sultb \vi" follow The Oiarir ng Y idow company one o the liesi show hi hdb been at £ the Aicadc m a Ions time This com panj is fa d ffcront from the ticuai t bloid show as cacL rticnsDcr of tlitj eorapaav is j. real 11 hi ind has i some Eli ng to do besides look prettj 1 Hen Pecked Hetir\ p easpcl the large ( crowds the fi st LWO dajs ind Mi j F Iwood HaiT ^01 sa%s th-t the new bi U Lmes t J r t a m is e \ e n as good as Hen Pee ted Horr\ Mr Cr^ dome, blicl fa e s in a class bj him sell w I et it ome 11 to r king people 1 uiph Its a tre»iL o ^ee a show ( iifferent from tae usoat tab show run £\E.RA THING COOKED LIKE AT HOME Strictly Fresh Clean and Pj^e ASK FOR OUH SPECIAL CLUB BRI AT AST AND SUNDAY DCNNER, Our Paslnes Are Delicious Because They \ro Homemade DOOR TO WEST KCNN \\AHING ROOM Ilcie are dozens n great coo] heips in c\en desirable size and in a plen- tifi 1 cho ce of color effects Mo= of them of co tr=e are all \\lnte but there is a good selection with colored bordeis m neat str ped Jacquard effects Based on tLp piict of cotton totlav their pnuib ire rema^kiblj lov, JTh i iK^in at Jjc lor a sponio Ttn el size -2K12 uiehes np it a luvnnons kind ut «1 0 eatli. I IK re iri man} excellent {Traits l u t ^ e e n t l i t s o , including a larct assortment at Or tach, in nlaiu white or ttrined ( f f e t t s in bornce ^t/es. Otlur lOTuls, -4xC inelic, u M ( H ) ( cli 'avings on One Large Choice Lot Reduced as Follows: Regular Regular Regluar Regular Regular Regulai Regulai $1975 ^,2500 $2975 $3500 $3975 $4500 $5500 $8500 Suits Suits Suits Suits Suits Suits Suits Suits Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now $14.82 §18.75 $22.32 $26.25 $29.82 $33.75 $41.25 $63.75 Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on Every $100 You Spend--Save Them. IF YOU HAVE COAL LAND FOE SALE ADVERTISE IT IN THE COURIER t l We do all kinds of Job Printing at our otfice from the visiting card to the finest commercial work. Trj our printing. THE COURIER COMPANY, 127% W. Mam St., Connellsville, Pa.

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