The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 16, 1938 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 16, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVIUjE, PA. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1G, 1J3S. Basketball Basketball SportoriaSs By JOHN H. WHOBIC Sports Editor FIREARMS LICENSING BILL MUST BE DEFEATED Attorney General Homer S. Cummings hns caused to be introduced in Congress a bill, aimed at the gangster and thug, which provides for the registering and licensing ot every flrearm--rifle, shotgun, pistol, etc. It this suggested legislation goes on the statutes, it means every owner or purchaser o£ any weapon will have to buy a license to hold it and will be compelled to submit to fingerprinting and photographing for records in order to lawfully possess it. While "propaganda" lor the bill insists that every honest man and f true sportsman will gladly submit to this licensing in spite of the costs and inconvenience, there is a general protest on all sides.' No doubt but what the honest man and true sports- .man would be glad to go along if the purpose for which the measure was being drawn could be accomplished. But will it keep the gangster from obtaining firearms with which to ply his trade. Does Mr. Cummings actually believe that the criminal will submit to such licensing and registration? We can't see where the proposal will remedy the outlaw situation in the .least but we do believe that it will simply add more burdens on this law-abiding sportsman while the gangster will continue to steal and buy bootleg guns. The law has too grave a danger oJ possible miscarriages of justice through arrest and probable conviction of the owner of the weapon used in a crime, especially when lie could not prove to a jury that the ~gun had been stolen from him. As a matter of fact how would you go about proving anything had been stolen from you when - an over-ambitious prosecutor has you at defense table. Every law 'abiding citizen should write to Robert L. Doughton, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, expressing his desire to see the firearms bill defeated. Its absurd to believe you can prevent criminals from owning unlicensed or unregistered weapons. It's illegal to rob and kill yet they do It on a big scale. It would merc- ' ]y be another law to ensnare the innocent and should not be enacted. Only Win at Alverton Needed to Clinch Flag After Checking Derry P A R O S C H I A L S AIMNEX FIFTH ATROCKWOOD - BITS HERE AND THERE Open season for trapping muskrats and beaver and the season for hunting minks, oppossums and skunks close Monday, February 28... Pitcher Larry French has signed a Chicago Cub contract but Outfielder Frank DeMaree and Shortstop Billy Jurges returned their contracts unsigned. . Herb Kopf, former W. J. sports ace, recently named coach at Manhattan College, has taken on Bift Glassford, Pitt's all-Amcrican guard, and Ludlow Wray, formerly of Pennsylvania, as Ws assistants. . . From ·what we've heard about the Pittsburgh Pirates they'll have to learn to play basketball all over .again before hitting the calibre of the New York Celtics. . . Dunbar Township hasn't been in the W. P. I. A. L. basketball tournaments for a few years but this season will undoubtedly succeed Derry Township as king in Section 10. Two years ago the club tied Uniontown for top position only to lose in a tough game in the playoff. . . Mike Jacobs hat started to beat the drums for Jimmy Adarn- Jck, "probably the hardest puncher in the fight game today," who meets Harry Thomas Friday night, anc Nathan Matt who is Joe Louis' ncxl victim... Suggestion (we offer it but you don't have to take it) to the Dunbar Township School Board: Either fix up the stadium (or is it a mud hole?) or cut out football. Carl Olson, Pitt track coach, hopes to have Johnny Woodruff in shape to race Saturday in New York. Sonja Henie doesn't need any oceanic Hying to boost her stock. The lissome skating champ does well by herself. . . . Pittsburgh Hornet skaters meel Philadelphia at Duqucsne Gardens tonight and Coach Bonnie Hughes has. indicated he's going to shake up his team to stir up the offense. Carnegie Tech made a great comeback to topple Franklin-Marshall 43-38. . . Whizzcr White, Colorado's nil-American back, continues .lo ponder Art Kooney's offer of:$15,000 to go In for professional football. The cash looks good to the r.tar who has been awarded a Rhodes scholarship. ... Ray Stoviak of Uniontown will captain the Villanova College baseball team this year, Coach George Jacobs announced. Stoviak, n right fielder, hit .304 last year. . . The Norwin victory over Johnstown wasn't such a, big surprise. The school has a pretty good team that made a great but futile effort to retain the laurels in Section 9. Leisenring H i g h Outplays Foe in Great Scrap For Loop Lead. E. HUNTINGDON IS NEXT HURDLE Conquering the Golden Eagles of Derry Township High by a score of 34 to 27 Tuesday night at Leisenring No. 1, Dunbar Township High School baskcteers took undisputed posses- _° m o£ f-st. place in Section 10 and practically insured itself the champ- onship as East Huntingdon Township is the only remaining club on the calendar. Coach Bruce M. Shearer's boys ook an early lead and gradually increased the margin in the hectic battle that was waged before the largest crowd ot the year. The Blue arid Gold of Wcstmorc- ! and county, defending titlist, was not to be counted out until the scrap ended. The boys of Larry Sullivan made a great battle of it but the Leisenring quintet handled the situation with a superior passing attack. Dunbar goes to Alverton on Friday evening but there is little likcli- lood of East Huntingdon pulling an upset, although nothing can be taken for granted in athletics. That game will close the Western Pennsylvania IntcrscholasHc Athletic L e a g u e schedule and a triumph would automatically give the Mules a gonfalon as the club now holds a full game lead over its nearest rival. As Leisenring was moving a step nearer the sectional title, Derry Borough took the measure of Ligon- icr, 36 to 39, and Hurst of Mount Pleasant tovmship spilled East Huntingdon. Dunbar continued its fine foul shooting, turning out 10 out of 14 shots from the free line while the Golden Eagles dropped nine out of 17. The line-ups: Derry Twp. G. F. FU. Johnson, f ·--_--___ 1 2 4 Correro, 1 1 0 2 Burd, c 1 0 2 Stahl, S 1 1 3 Ncigoot, g 3 4 10 Walbaum, f 2 2 6 Georges Loses To North Union In Section 14 Georges Township was knocked out of first place in Section 14 as North Union came through with a 37 to 36 decision in the last 10 seconds of play at the winner's floor Tuesday night. North Union goes to South Union Friday for the league's final while Georges plays hoit to German. German Township had" pulled ife second surprise of the season with a 23 to 22 decision over Point Marlon whilo Redstone Township tumbled Mapletown ofMonongnhela Town- Greene county, 2-1 to 17. . W. P. I. A. League Summaries SECTION 9 Yesterday's Results. Connellsville 41; Latrobe 21. Norwin 23;'Johnstown 21. Grecnsburg 31; Scolldale 27. Jcnnnctte 44; Mount Pleasant 30. Standing of (he Clubs. W. L. Grccnsburg 12 Johnstown , 11 Norwin . 10 Connellsville 0 Scottdale 5 Latrobe . 4 Jcanncttc 3 Dunbar Hcrchko, J -Pavlosky, f -Hasson, c Yourich, g Husband, g Hertzncll, K - 0 G. _ 4 . 1 _4 _ 0 3 _0 0 27 F. Pts. 2 10 Totals _ Score by periods: Dunbar Twp _.9 Derry _ _ 6 Referee--Phillips. 12 10 34 8 fl--34 7 12--27 Paramount Juniors Tumble Coraopolis Trojan Baskeieers Playing one of their best games of the season the Paramount Juniors took over the Coraopolis Trojan team by a decisive score of 50 to 39, before" a capacity crowd at State Armory Monday evening in the preliminary to the Pittsburgh Piratcs- Westlnghouso clash. "Abbie" Furtney, brilliant guard for the locals, led the attack on the Coraopolis cagers with seven double- deckers and one charity toss for a total of 15 points. Wagner, who entered in the tecond half foe the locals played a "bang up" game, registering three thrilling two-pointers. DiBenditto was on for the visitors getting a total of 13 markers with Morris running a close second, adding 11 points to his team's total. The theatre team plays at home again on Friday, meeting Allegheny Y Preps of Pittsburgh. The line-ups: Coraopolls G. F. Vis. Green, 1 0 0 0 Forner, f 0 0 0 DiBenditto, c 5 3 13 Jenkins, g 0 1 1 Da--ittson, g 1 3 4 Morris, 1 JS I 11 Cortcse, g 2 0 4 Holland, g 2 2 6 Totals -IS 9 38 Non-scoring substitute--Grist. Paramount G. F. Pis. Jones, f . __ 3 Lopes, f ' 3 Stone, Furtney, g Kline, g .. Conway, f . Wagner, g --7 Totals 21 Non-scoring substitutes--Hoover, Sheetz. Score by quarters: Coraopolis 6 11 11 Paramount 14 3 10 . Referee--Tom Logan. 8 50 11--3D 17--50 Wlndber Miner Dits. SOMERSET, Feb. 10.--Henry Mehalko, 60, of Mine No. 36, died in "Windbcr HospItaVMbn3a"y7~"He~"b"e- came~a "medical "patient January 20. Mount Pleasant i 2 3 7 8 9 10 12 Pet. .923 .846 .769 .462 .385 JOB .231 .077 Games Friday. Conncllsvillc nt Scottdale. Greensburg at Jeannette. Norwin at Latrobe. Mount Pleasant at Johnstown. SECTION 10 Yesterday's Results. Dunbar 34; Derry Township 27. Hurst 41; East Huntingdon 19. Dcro Boro. 36; Ligonier 19. Standing ot the Club^. W. L. Dunbar Twp. 9 Derry Twp. 8 Youngwood S Hurst . 6 Dcrry Boro. Llgonicr East Huntingdon -- 2 3 3 5 5 10 11 PcU .818 .727 .727 .54 .545 .167 .000 Gamw Friday. Dcrry Boro. at Dcrry Twp. Dunbar at East Huntingdon. Hurst at Youngwood. SECTION 14 Yesterday's Results. Redstone 24; Mnplctown 17. German 23; Point Morion 22. North Union 37; Georges 30. Standing of Hie Clubs. W. L. North Union 10 Georges . 9 South Union 8 Point Marion -Redstone Mapletown German - -- Pet. .909 .818 .727 .455 .250 .182 .182 Gamrs Friday. Mapletown at Point Marion. German at Georges. North Union at South Union. SECTION 18 Yesterday's Results. Rostraver 64; Fayctte City 24. Belle Vcrnon 43; Sewickley 33. Standing of (he Club*. W. L. Rostraver . 11 Belle Vernon 7 West Newton 6 Perryopolis 5 Sewickjey Fayctte City 3 South Huntingdon -- 2 Game TonleJH. West Newton at Perryopoli.i. Pet 1.000 .638 .600 .500 .273 .250 .182 SECTION 4 Yesterday's Remits. · Uniontown 38? California 28. Donora 52; Brownsville 25, Monessen 34; Monongahela 20. Standing of the Clubs. W. L. Donora 10 Charlcroi Uniontown -Monessen Brownsville _ Monongahclr California - 1 3 4 4 8 a 10 Pet .909 .727 .66' .636 .273 .182 .091 Games Friday. Dorona at Monongahela. Monessen at Charleroi. California at Brownsville. Immaculate Conception H i g h School hung up its fifth consecutive victory Tuesday night when it handed Rockwoocl High a 15 to 6 defeat, hereby gaining revenge for the set- jack suffered earlier in the season. Throwing up a tight defense, the Owls throttled the Rockwood scoring efforts. Only two field goals were made by the home club and both were scored by McVicker, a forward. Though the score was low, the Night Riders took an early lead which they gradually increased. George, Fette and Porter did the bulk of the tallying with Christopher contributing a lone field goal. t The Parochials meet Redstone Friday night at State Armory and follow with tho Connellsville High School on Tuesday night at the same place. The line-ups: T. C. Fette, t George, f Porter, c Hunt, Christopher, z Totals Rockwood J. Schrock, f . McVicker, I _ Parks, c Branc, g D. Schrock, g , G. . 2 - 2 _ 2 , 0 _ 1 _ 7 G. _ 0 _ 2 _ 0 _ 0 _ 0 F. Ft*. 0 4 1 5 0 4 0 0 0 2 1 15 F. Pts. Totals 2 Non-scoring substitutes--Immaculate Conception, Sidow, Gcigcr and Davin. Scoring by quarters: I. c. . 5 2 4 Rockwood .. 1 2 2 Referee--McCann. 4--15 1-- 6 Norwin. Trips Johnstown In League Upset Grccnsburg spilled Scottdale, 31 to 27, in u battle nt the Westmoreland countyscnt and moved into undisputed possession of first place as Norwin pulled a surprise victory over Johnstown, 23 to 21, in another fine contest, Grccnsburg and Johnstown had gone Into a tic for first place, each quintet winning nt home. The Westmoreland countiunj must defeat Jcannctle there Friday night to capture the gonfaion. The Jays had tripped up Mount Pleasant, 41 to 30, Tuesday. Donora Captures Section 4 Honors; Brownies Beaten Donora ran away with K 52 to 25 verdict over Brownsville in its final home game Tuesday to clinch the laurels In Section 4. The Dragons mastered the situation all the ^s I ay, At the same time Uniontown took over California, 38 to 28, nnd Moncs- sen spilled Monongahela, 34 to 20. Belle Vernon Holds Second Place, Trips Sewickley Township Belle Vernon took over Sewickley Township, 43 to 33, while Rostraver Township, already" crowned Section 18 champion, pulled away to a 64 to 24 count over Fayctte City in Tuesday night's competition. Belle Vernon by virtue of its victory kept its grip on second place in Section 18. McCRORY FEMALE BOWLERS BEATEN Waynesburg Meets Westminster Quint V/ednesday Evening WAYNESBURG, Feb. 16.--Th Titans are corning to town! That is the battle cry m Wayncs- buis as this community picparcs for the annual invasion of the towering Titan basketball team from Westminster College to engage the last stepping Waynesburg College Yellow Jacket passers on the Armory floor hcic Wednesday evening. The game will climax the home season ot the Jackets and will furnish fans with a floor tilt worthy o£ the- gods. The Titans, a traditional power in Western Pennsylvania collegiate court circles, will come here determined to check the sensational play which has marked Waynesburg's performances ""to date. Their record includes a triumph over such standout teams as Villa Nova, Pitt and other court leaders. This is the first Waynesbuig-Westminster Same this season. McCrory'.s Store girl bowlers ot North Pittsburs street lost a duckpm match lo the Grahams, 1422 to J165, nt the Grahnm alleys. The two teams will meet, ogam Monday night. The scores: GRAHAMS M. Conway 78 76 Margie Conway 84 64 Sue Graham Agnes Murphy Ruth Graham Maccyko Kitty C.irncy 58 77 73 57 101 71 127 71 64 74 118 80 116 51 218 21: 27' 228 316 128 51 Total George 1422 McCRORY - ... 63 69 Ringer ,,_ 59 Harvey . 08 Stillwagon 70 Hulli _ 74 Port J 43 54 64 76 61 59 68 69 68 71 65 64 Total 200 182 200 217 200 166 1165 Schmellng Fights Dudas. BERLIN, Feb. 16.--Former champion Max Schmeling will meet Steve Dudas of Edgewater, N. J., in a prize fight at Hamburg on April 16, officials of Hambuig'g hanseatic hal announced today. Coker Passers Close Home League i ·» Season With Decisive Victory Over Latrobe; Play at Scottdale Friday MICHIGAN'S NEW, OLD COACHES , Harry Klpke and Fritz Crtsler Little did Harry KVpkc, lett, realize when he powd for this picture with Fritz Crlsler of Princeton that some day he. Klpke, would bo out an head football coach at Michigan, and that Crislcr would ouc- CCKS him. But iror-h la the case now, for Crlsler, head conch at Princeton since 1032, bojf been named to succeed Klpke. --Central Preit CASEYS PLAY SWISSVALE AT STATE ARMORY TONIGHT The Casey baskctecrs will play at Suite Armory tonight nt 8 o'clock, playing host to the powerful Union Switch Signal Company of Swissvale in what promises to be an interesting battle. Swissvalc sports 11 victories out of 15 starts this year. The Cnscys will go to Tnrentum tomorrow night for a return game with the Pittsburgh Plnte Glass Company of thnt place. Local players are asked to be at the K. of C. rooms at 6 o'clock. Jea n n e t t e High Upsets Mt. Pleasant Special to The Courier. · MOUNT PLEASANT, Feb. 16.-Mount Pleasant finished on the short i-nd of a 44 to 30 decision in a Section 9 game Tuesday night. Ramsay w,ts outdistanced in all quarters but the l.nst. In the third the local five was blanked. The line-ups: Jeanncttc G. TragcsMr, f _______ 10 liohn, 1 _____ 4 Steiner, c _ ____ -- 4 Broker, K ---Cataldo, g .._ Kcllcy, g -- Greensburg Hard Pressed By Scottdale SCOTTDALE, Feb. 16.-- Scottdale High pressed Grccnsburg hard at the tatter's floor Tuesday night and it required a great comeback in the last half to enable the countyseatcrs to take a 31 to 27 decision and remain in first place in Section 9. Coach Bill Lohr's boys took ,\ 9-6 lead at the opening quarter and boosted it to 17-13 at the half. The fr.iy was knotted up at 22 all in the third with the home club taking the tilt in the final. I The preliminary found Grccns- burg capturing a 28 to 18 decision. The Ijne-ups: Grecnsburff Johnson, f Rowe, f F. Pt.i. 0 20 0 8 G. 3 F. Pis. Sicilian, i Zyvith, K Hnllam, f Kcough, i Zalich, f Corii, f Totals Scottdale Bycrs, f Zearley, f Akcrs, c . Graft, g 1 Skcmp, g .. 0 Lipps, g ~. , o Livengood, f 0 ___ 1 1 ___ 1 __ o __ o _ 1 __ 11 G. __ 1 __ 2 __ 2 7 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 9 F. 2 2 4 7 0 0 0 Lujack and Showriiah Set Pace As Orange And Black Wins. TWO MORE SERIES -, REMAIN ON SLATE Connellsville High School's basket-ball Quintet turned what had been expected to be a close game into a rout Tuesday night at the local gym when it walloped Latrobe High, 41 to 21. Showman and Lujack carried tha Cokers' attack, the former getting 14 points and Allic counting 20 points to boost his total for the 13 league games to 21S. This is an average of 10.846 points per game and all the Coker ace needs to increase that average to 17 points is IS points against Scotldalc in the league finale Friday night. Lntrobe exhibited a fairly good passing attack that carried the ball well into Coker territory but efforts to work in close to the basket failed repeatedly with much of the credit going to Showman and Lujack. The game progressed on practically even terms through most of the-flrst quarter with the Cokers takin? a five-point lead shortly before it ended. Then Lujack and Shownan began hitting the hoop to outstorc the enemy, 11 to 4, giving the locals a 22-10 lead at half time. Coach Dolde permitted the vanity to continue the scoring pace in he third period before injecting fve substitutes in the final frame. E\eri with the replacements in action he locals continued to outscore the n- vaders. Friday night the Cokers end W. ?. I. A. L. competition in Section 3, playing Scottdale at the Milloo' Armory. Then a home and hons series with Dunbar Township am the Immaculate Conception Higt School will be played before the clai of Coach Doldc hangs up its basket ball togs. The line-ups: Connellsville G. Reed, f ' o Totals ____ 6 15 27 Score by periods: ' Greensburg . . 6 7 9 9 -- 31 Totals . . 1 4 Score by periods: Jeanncttc 18 14 Mt. Pleasant 10 0 Referee--Wilson. 30 6 6--44 0 11--30 Knickerbocker Is Traded to Yankees By United Press. NEW YORK, Feb. 16.--Shortstop Billy Knickerbocker, discontented member of the St. Louis Browns, today became tho property of the world champion Is'cw York Yankees in a surprise trade for Infieldcr Don Hcffncr and an umlibdosed bum of cash. Knickerbocker's acquisition by the Yanks indicates that they arc getting second base insurance for Joe Gordon, rookie keystone man from Newark. Gordon was slated to take over Tony La/zcri'k old job but will now have to compete with Knickerbocker for the spot. Johnny Mize Signs Up. Johnny Mize, first baseman, signed a St. Louis Cardinal contract leaving only Joe Medwiek and Dizzy Dean to argue the pay question. Vito Tamulis, former Mid-Atlantic League pitcher, also signed up with the Browns. Paul Waner is schcdjlcd to appear m Pittsburgh Friday ta talk contract. 9 8 5 5--27 Scottdale Referee--Ruttcr. Junior Varsity Game. The line-ups: Grccusburg G. Nelson, f 1 Quatsc, f 4 Stipp, c 3 Kienzlc, g .._-.-_«,,_ 0 Ferct, g 0 F. Kurlock, £ 1 ' Clements, c . 1 Rosctll, t ... 1 Shendowich, g r .. 1 Totals Scottdale J. Randolph, t Lockaid, t Province, c D. Randolph, g Lipps, ·· Assey, f . Horton, K Gilbert, g F. Pts. 2 4 9 Totals 5 8 18 Score by periods: Grecnsburg ... _10 4 10 4--28 Scottdale _ 0 4 7 7--18 Referee--Andress. Panther Five Wins. Pitt turned back Penn State, 39 to 34, to go into second place in the Eastern Conference race while Duqucsne lost to Geneva, 39 to 32, and Washington Jefferson cagers spilled Waynesburjr, 51 to 37. West Virginia stepped Georgetown, 47-38. for its first conference -victory. St. Vincent tapped Bethany, 50-M. Lujack, f Showman, c ._ Stipa, K Olszcwski, g _ Marakas, f Totals Latrobe Paganelli, f Yanarclla, f -- Stccle, c , Sinkey, g Cologrande, g . 8 -- 6 -- 2 0 1 ..17 G. - 0 - 2 .. 1 F. Pli 0 4 2 1 0 0 7 4 F. Plj 1 2 1 0 1 Totals _ __ _ _ 8 5 2 . Non-scoring substitutes--Corinells- ville, McClurc, Byrne, Murray and Evans; Latrobe, McGuire, Ballantyne, Hough, Masscna Giobbi and Campbell. Scoring by quarters: Connellsville 11 11 12 7--41 Latrobe . . _ . .. 6 4 6 5--21 Referee--Havrilla. Woody Jensen Will. Explain His Outburst ' To Bill Benswanger PITTSBURGH, Feb. 16.--Outfielder Forrest (Woody) Jensen, of Wichita, Kan., who provoked the ire of the Pittsburgh Pirate's front office by an attack on its management ot the baseball club, today was safely in the Pirate fold for the 1938 season. Pirate officials said Jensen, who batted .276 last season, signed his contract and mailed it to the Pittsburgh office the same day he received it in the mail from Pittsburgh. Terms were not revealed, but it was reported that Jensen signed at the same salary he received last year. The Pirate announcement set at rest rumors that Jensen would not be tendered n new contract because of his attack on the management and President William E. Benswanger. An announcement from the club said: "That Benswanger took no steps of reprisal is indicated by the fact that the contract he sent to Jensen afterward proved so satisfactory that Woody signed it nnd mailed it bade from Wichita, Kan., the same day he -received it." Jensen enclosed a letter with his contract m which he icpcated that he was misquoted m an interview from Wichita which said Jensen called the Pirate management "nickel nursers" and criticized Benswanger for his lack of baseball knowledge. Jensen asked for a personal interview with Benswanfier when the team gathers at its training camp in San Bernardino, Cal., next month, to explain his tide ot the matter. Weight Lifters to Compete. The 1938 junior weight lifting champions of the Allegheny Mountain Abosciation. Amateur Athletic Union, will be held m Ambridge Junior High Saturday night. Registered A. A. U. lifters who have never previously won .1 lifting championship arc eligible to-compete, Secretary John T. Taylor, announced,

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