The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 28, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1930
Page 10
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PAG K TKX. THE DAILY COURIJTO, CONNE^LSVILLE, PA'. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1930. Basketball WORLD Bj- JAMES JH. DRJSC01 L. Basketball P _ _ ; . : Nrth Union High Eliminated in First Title Play ·ft : . .. ] ,,, _ · «__- _,,___-- , -- i . . ...... . *.--. ·"·... · ·-------- gr--"·"«·!···»«1.1 ' -- · ·· · · ""· ··---··· --- '··"·" _ i , Fighting Proteges of Ray Welsh Unable to Cope With New Castle Attacik in Game at Pitt Stadium F»)t'ttc County Champions Un- uhlo to Locate Basket; Score Is 39-14. VICTORS LEAD FROM START j Q 0. The North I ' n i o n T p w n s h l p High School basketball team, making KB flr.-il a p p e a r a n c e in u title rolo in the \V. p. I. A. League, was e l i m i n a t e d from f u r t l K - r iwrticlpation this year in (he i n i t i a l contest of the play-oK at Pitt Stadium last nlttht by New Castle High The c o u n t was .'!9-M. The Fuyett* ' t m n t y lada, conch'.ic! to the tltlo of Hr,-Urn IS by Hay Welsh, Connellsvilk 1 h y , won the admiration of I ho spectators by their game bat- t l e , but it was a losing light from t h e .si art. The L:iv.-reiH'« county machine, g a l l i n g off to i load. sowed the game up early, ituil s t e a d i l y increased its m a r g i n . (Captain Art Alexander ot New Casllo led the uttitr.k of his ( l u l n t e i , scoring ' points himself. He registered six Ik'li'. goals aud three successful foul attempts. Welsh's l a d s were no match for the big club which won tho t i t l e of Section. Three. The husky victors ran rought-shod o \ o r tho North Uuiou battlers, but a -edoemingr feature, and the one spic-y element of it. was I lie valU.nt stand uado by tho - r o u n l r y IKJ.VS who f o u g h t back at every tK'.go although liopeli'.ssly trailing. Now Castle :ount(xl eight points before N o r t h I. titou got started. At t h e half this hud boon Increased to 1S-8. The second quarter wafe tho most closely foaght of the entire engagement. In that period Welsh's combatants rose to Ihcir peak aud confined tho vi -tors to seven p o i n t s , garnering live themselves. Had t h e y been able to m a i n t a i n that pace throughout, tho rutmlt would havo been kept in d o u b t , until the finish, but when New CiiKtlo eunip back iu t h o t h i r d period and crashed t h r o u g h for 11 points w h i l e North Union collected only a single foul p o i n t , the hopes r"T v l c t o i y vanished. The game wr.s the ttrst loss sustained by the North Union (iuintet this season. Tho club weiit through its sectional engagement!! without u fu t- back and Is regarded as ono of the o u t s t a n d i n g teams in Kuyette county. Ray Welsh, wiio captained the first Connellsville Higli School club over to win a sectional tltlo in tho W. P. I. A. League, boon coach at the school tor just, two seaaoas. A year ugo he was on Ms way to a sure sect i o n a l title wlu n disqualification of u star player uisot his hopes. This season, w i t h ai. outfit of entirely green material, he constructed a rna- c h i n o s u f f i c i e n t l y strong to rep«l every opponent. Then it was ;'ic misfortune- of North U n i o n to bo drawn to play one of tho strongest combinations c o n t e n d i n g for t h e loague title. The Il/tc-np: New Castle--80. North Union--14. VValnio F Fisher Hannoti F Lewis Alexander (c) JC Shlffbauer (c) X. Uram ....- G-- Uhazie McAuloy G._. Seloiig Scoro by q u a r t e r s : Xow Castlo -. I t 7 11 10--S9 North Union 3 C 1 5--14 Field goals- Mw Castle, Hannon '.!, Alexander C, McAiiley 2, N. Uram 1, ,1. Uram 1, Wilei- 1; North Union, Shlffbauer 1, 'Uhf.zlo 1. Belong 1. Team fouls--Ne-w Castle, It out of 15; North Union S out of 16. Baseball Club to Organize Sunday Officers of the fr-- Buso-lxill C l u b w i l meeting to ie !ul r noon. Tho SCHKJO 1:30 o'clock at th Davidson in Hymln The South Conne not going to lotio :: tlie diamond sport eoon as the weath flt will bo on the fte Wo w a n t all bafii there," stiys the not tho S u n d a y meet in; The c l u b has «lr sion--a week ago manager and capU 1 . and the remainder not, 1)o made up inr proven themselves Uou. onth Oonnellsville bo elected at, a on Sunday at'ter- i will convene at · home of Wayne an street.. Isville athletes are ny l i m e in getting under way. As ·r breaks the out- d. ball players (o be ice in reference to ady held one SCB- On Sunday a n will IKS ck-cted, of the team w i l l il candidate;! have worthy of a posi- PACKING TEAM IS WINNER OF THREE AGAIMT SHIPPERS Tliree In a row ·. i'iioking ].cpai"tinc-i .ping Department Duckpln League at night. K a y l o r waj- victors, with 508 p. for high i n d i v i d u a l : high mark for the 450. Tho scores: TACKING !!·: Ivavlor , Mi Her ; · ere t a k e n by the ! over tho Shlp- 11 tho Capstan Elkri alleys last star man for tho :is. He rolled 19- core. Bloom made losing club with 'ARTMT-7NT. Durbln _________________ 1 McEI li a ney ------ 1 King --- .! Atdheson --- 17 15 Hit .H!) 3 r.O ) 36 114, u,:, 101 93 .105 137 ·547 114 Totals . . . . . _________________ S-'.O S(VS 711.236!) SIIJl'l'ING DE 'ARTME7ST. Swallop ..... ______ 1 W r.5!i 120 3S1 Duahaw -------- . _ I K ) Moorman ---- 1 :3 Smith _____________ i7 Fronc-k ____________ ..... 1 H Bloom _________________ 1 ro Sehee ____________________ SHARKEY SCORES TECHNICAL KAYO OVER PHIL SCOTT Englishman Claims F o u l , But K, Is Wot Allowed by lloi'croo Lou Magnoliti. (By FRANK GETTY) I f n l t e d Press Sport Editor. M I A M I , Fla., Feb. 28.--How familiar it all deemed! Tho-o was Phil Scott, sitting panting f o r breath, grimacing and whinin w that lie had been fouled. The'-a was Jack Sharkey, tense, and eager for more battle, tearu of ex- citenif nt and rage streaming down Ills flushed cheeku. And there was little J i m m y Jo.hnfit.on. screaming with simulated anger and t e l l i n g everyone within -hearing that he ami his Philip had i been 7-obbed I Thru ended the spectacular heavy; wolghi elimination bout, waged last ; n i g h t beneath a ;tar-ttudded sky amidst balmy breezes while more than 20,000, Including notables of titage, j screen. Boclety and so forth looked on | ! in the Mad toon Square Gurclan'a big , arena and hooted. Jack Sharkoy now stands alone at; | j t h e for-most heavyweight oondender of j j the world, for ho won last night on I technical knockout after two m i n u t e s ) and 3-f seconds of fightiriK ;ind a j n i r i - j : ute of frantic, furious argmi.cnt a n e j j I uncertainty In the third round, DurHg that mi mite, w h i l e Ixu M a g - nolia f.UHpcnded tho count and b e n t j over I I . Q moaning, gesticulating Scott, with Johnston, the Bngltehman's second s h r i e k i n g in his ear, tho throng held it;: breath, for It. looked as though tho! heavyweight championship of the --vorld was going to eail tho croon to jollj old E n g l a n d , whence it came. Ther-j had been some appohnnsion that. Scott, victor nix time* previously iu hits career on fouls, would a t t e m p t to win at Miami by the MIBH: method and w)th the very first body punch w h i c h p u t h i m down o.n one kneo I n the thlrrt round, P h i l i p gazed agonizeil- ly lowurd hie corner for advice. They made Scott xM. up that time, and they made him keep on getting up every time Sharkey knocked him down, I u n t i l finally ho sagged on tbo ropes and wouldn't, get up any more. It's a good t h i n g llmt l/ou Magnolia was firm-winded in tho point, bocausc o t h e r w i s e Scott wonld bo h e a d i n g back to ICng and now, claiming the charu- pionshi ) of the world, a« tho result of the eev-jnth fight of his career, on a claim of foul. New Leading Heavyweight .iroBrfw imti'.w. ottaJBKtm iBnirwo 130 78 IliS 130 SS 122 04 150 114 318 331 450 207 Jimmy Johnston was around today asserting that ho and hte P h i l i p had Dunbar Township Has Won 52 Games in 74 Starts During Coaching of Brace Shearer S? e o o n (1 Strulg-lit Srf ional C h a m p i o n s h i p Js ; oi) ed Bj Koti a tid Black Q n f n tit. Bruce M. Sliearer, shipper boy.s' U i . - - k f l b a l ! ifiaiu ,U the Township Hig'i School, a fellow, srcm;: -^ r tho u n bar iiiii t, u n ha e t h a t j been robbed,, and that a physician's m u c h dtficuesed "it" when it « me*: to examination following tho bout showed cage combinations as Ms rooo d will^ that Philip's;, leg had bec-n paralyzed by' prove. Tho cJ'ib hns v--n 52 S a low jmnch. But the fact, remain* . 74 starU. that tho better man won ju«t as was j This is Brtice's four-.h HC;U on the cae! in Chicago three years ago,' I^eleenring No, 'I and iadicatk is Caseys Defeated By Alumni Team Of Redstone Twp. Totals T ' G 703 OSS ··1107 Classified A i l v i Erhig r*ults. Tx .- UK»IU. I n d i v i d u u l fouls--: nou, 5 out of 5; Alex McAtil-ey, 0 out of 1; 2; \Vaialo, 1 out of i o£ 3. North Union, \ ixwis, 1 out of (i; Si SkUfbauer, 1 out of of 1; Ubazie, 0 o u t o of 1. Substitutions--Now Wainio, J. Urarn for for Rowe, Rowe for Klssick for McAuIey. non, Winter for W: Howe; North Union, Fisher, Goodiah for 1 Kasnilsky, Uhazie foi for Kasmisky, Cindri Roddy f:r Goodish. Roferee--Oal Bolst Umpire--Dan Briol when the a r g u m e n t over tho ao-callcd t h a t it will be OE* of tho best of U»e K««d and HIacic dribblers. Hi wover, .several more d i f f i c u l t o n i c « t M ,'ew Ciustle, Ilatt- ittdor, 3 out of J. Uram, 1 out of ; N. Uram, 1 out islier, 1 old ot 1; long, 4 out of S; I; Cindrlc, I out 1; J'teddy, 0 out Custlo, Rowe for X. U-rain. "VVainio Alexander, Mc- Sht'ffer for Hun- inio, LuBky for Kasmiky for hazie, Fisher for Goodis.h, Rlshei : fir Shiffbauer, ·!·. ley. He Leads the Field Eddie Horowitz, shining light at thfi forward position or. Yale's basket quintet. leads in the pace for individual scoring honors in the Intercollegiate Basketball League. He has 21 field goalt and 10 foul goal* to his credit. long count on Gene Tunnoy ensued. Sharkey carried the fight to Scott from t h ? o p e n i n g bell, and while P h i l ! on t h e program for tbo towns! ppore. sea . SO ii. boxed fairiy w e l l and blocked numer-i Sh«irer begun coiichinp at. «iac-n- ous wllti loft, swings to the head, them I r i u g during the so;mot) os 1H25-.1; 26 and n e v e r waa any doubt about (ho out- j il wa« the womt of lite stay. T o c l u b come, short though the bout was. i won but n i n e pamcs, lotinj; 1.1, tflcr a The l l u g l i f l h m a n -went down for a j hectic campaign that wa« mo-r ed by count, of six in the second, and threo ' seven hair line dc:cWion:;. limes from body blows In the- third I '^h° ltts«erH camo back sin ng In before he finally gave up, e i t t i n g o n ' 1926-1927 and when th-3 swis-o i was one of toe ropea bewilderedJy w o n d e r - j brought to a clow, the lied and Blaolc ing why his stormy claim of foul was i llu1 romped t h r o u g h 13 victori R and Ca-ay Club", which eo handily !1 f defeated the Itedstone Township High n | School Alumn! at tie State Armory on j Monday evening, Jtust night loet to that "· | fj-iiintet at Republic. Tho score was 39-32. Tho engagement wa5 cloe thro-ugfa- out. Tho defoat is one ot very feiv sustained by the Iriffh organization this were stopped but four times. Last eeasori the quintet was t its red for the ilrut time in the W. I' I. A. T.eague and it chalked up the. cham- pion«hlp of Section X. When th \ campaign w«s terminated, the w. rriors hud recorded lt v i c t o r U s and ' ix rc- vcraale. The 1929-1930 d r i v e is near! ig its end and another vory sncceesh I sea- eon has been aneurel. In chalk n-g up I'l out of 15 slarls on ih-c rlgl t side of the ledger, the Shearer inachl 10 lias tallied a total of 434 p o i n t s , an average of 'iS.Oci for each contest, wh lo tho opposition ha« recorded but. 22(i lolnts, an average of 15.07 pointe each game. Tho W. 1'. I. A. League division -1 oiiors havo also been taken by the K 1 and Black. Scottdale has tabled dufeat tw ice at the lnuuk-i of D u n b a r . Other clubs whipped t w i c e aro JlelU- Verno i; Se- tlie crowd of slightly more than 20,000 j wickl «. v Township, Mount PI asant left thoroughly disgusted. I Township, Fuy-ette C i t y and Katit ;-Iunt- Most or the preliminary bouts in this Ingclon Township. Mount f'li asant taking yo long to receive recoguition. It is true that Sliarkoy, in his eager- j ncse to finish h!» man, landecl dangerously low once or twice with loft hookfl, littt the blows were not hard, not to be compared with those w h i c h caused Scott's knees to cave Iu and his desire for f u r t h e r ecrapping to fly away on the night breeze from the ocean. A f t e r the third knockdown .In the t h i r d round, the referee Invited Jimmy Johnston to come Into the r i n g and uny eeo if bi« Englishman wanted more. It took a f u l l minute to persuade Huott to go on, but finally he did, u n d e r threat of disqualification, and then Sharkey flu fahed the job iu workmanlike fashion. What with Scott grovelling- and gesticulating and trying to claim a foul, and Jimmy Johnston hov/ling his head off, ft was a sorry exhibition, and widely alvertlsed spectacle of a ton of tum'bling heavyweight,'! were quite as disappointing, if not as mee«y. Johnny Rleko, who fought Vlctorio Campolo, the Argentine contender, In tho semi-final bout, we« robbed of a Borough was w h i p p e d once and Perry Township alfio wi*; conquered. Perry Commodores, however, thattere·; the Le-ieenring's perfect record with one- point m a r g i n . U o m a l n i n g on the program decision which he-merited, Tho chub- t _ wo 8um ; s w i t h by Clevelander, outweighed by nearly 40 pounda, carried the fight to his towering opponent all Uio w a y , and every one except Ihe referee, Kid Me- Partlund, figured John as? tlie victor. It waa colled a draw. Jimmy Maloney and Tommy Loughran, two f Sharkey's former victims, eked out slender decisions over Mo toe Uouquillo:t and Pierro Charles respectively, outpointing the continental heuvyweU-hla through superior riug knowledge. The oiu- foreign victory of tho night I which taw champions of five nations I in action was a.ttainwl by liaul Biunchi i o f t h e A i g e n U n o , w h o knocked out .Sailor Dili U a f i n g iu the (imt roumi, The enl:re show failed to live- up to promise-, and tho deficit, which Madt- c e r l a i n l y j u s t re- Ciarden mosl: f;ic«rt is o n l y t h e - promoters ft the with M o u n t Pleasant aud possibly OIK with UitioiHown p,o well a the oonte l.s in the W. P. J. A. League elimin. Lioijs ami the l . o u r n a n i ^ n t at. Wayne- .burg College next m o n t h . Shearer doesn't w a n t a n y creel t for the honors t h a t have lei;u acqnir )d by the ticliool. c l a i m i n g that -.vViatcvc- · was obtained was t h r o u g h the loyal forte of the baviketeers. Km modesty \'on't permit him to accept any p a r t C the glory, he contending t h a t whate\ r he did was in the l i n e of d u t y . H-ov ever, followers of t h e school know that Bruce was i n s t r u m e n t a l in u groi t ex-. SUPERINTENDENTS TAKE ODD CLASH FROM MOULD SHOP TJjo Superintendents Office won the odd game from the M»uW. Shop in the Capstan League last night. Sohouage was high with 51S for three gamea and 1 104 for a single game, Moorman regi.Htercd tho high mark for the Su- perintendonts with 432. The scores: S -UPJC RI'NTBNDiBNTS. Dnahaw 110 113 160 Ritenonr 103 11G 123 Mc'Namara UOO 115 116 R. Younliin 98 126 111 MX)i v nian .^ 137 16$ 127 Sheeriug 147 113 155 383 341 337 335 432 415 Totals Anibrisco -- JamJeson -Griffith Snyder ..." Sohonage* Jollite ._. Shupe . 701 75-0 MOULD SHOP. 151 I2fi . 81 110 100 ....184 127 194 1S6 .._ 129 159 78 793 2^43 12,2 113 103 99 188 122 309 1!)4 328 390 E18 410 78 Totals 835 735 747 2317 SPOUTS GLEANIKOS Do you know that oil Friday, February 28, 1890, Jock Menefee, Scott- dalo pitcher, signed a contract to pitch for the Brio Olub of the New York- Pennfiylvania I^eagne, aleo securing for himself as e battery mate, Frank Boyd,- also o£ Scottdale, Jock, later ol tho major leagues, still goes to quite a few diamond' frays at Scoltdale. * * * Eddie Dyer, Scoltclale Ijiiaoball manager, IH Ixilng- delayed on his t r i p to tho local community o w i n g to some work at Kice institute in Texas where lie- is doing some coaching work. Eddie was a football and baseball etar at t h a t institution and his Alma Mater calls him back to assist in tutoring the youngsters. tent In tho aucccs-i of the c l u b b e - j cause of hie a b i l i t y i^ set tho be t o f - j r.i n i« S6 the Keagy Corner plays the forls o u t ot the lx»ys who admire him. I Casey CUll) an(1 w h , p a u lhe lTish Ho has proved conclusively tha he | w j ] j ^, recognized as the champions of k n o w « his basketbajl u n d : « a gn;; I. in- connellsvtHe's basketeei's. Their rec- i3-irue-tor of the game, onl is j )y r ;lr (,Ue best, find unquefition- a b l y the Casey« should have tsoinething; Patronize tjioso w h o ad.'ertlse. to ya i r a! out l l l « !"inanl. Keagy Corner Club Counting Heavily on Giving Scottdale Buicks Real Battle Tonight More Action sind Less Talk, Writes Fan From Buffalo The fact that the Ca: cy Club and Keagy Corner basketball teams contrived to Tjuild up consideraWo interest in the* propoaed. serl ss which has beon abandoned because the latter has delivered the ultimatum it "will play only when it chooses to," and not then unless the Caseys are willing to ta'ke "20 per cent" of the vat* receipts, "wiu, lose or draw," is borne out iu the receipt of another etter by the sporting editor from a form/or Cou- uellsriHe fan. Clarence Gerhardt, who IB residing in Buffalo, N. V., is inter Msted in Con- ncllsvHle and his frieuite who live bore. He keeps in t o u c h with w h a t is going on by getting The Conrier through the mail and ha? been clonely following the .progress )f the city's two independent clubs. He writes: "Dear Jimmie: "Inaamuch a« I am n e t residing in Gonaellsville at the preo-mt but am a lifelong- resident of that place, it will do me good and many, many basketball fans good, to see th CaseyB and the Keagy Corners como to sensible terms and play that much-talked- about game. "Propaganda seems \o b« freely flowing from the critics aud some action would put a great many minds at ease. The one iudep Jtideut garno that should 1 be played i' r the championship ol the city lookt to me, from the write-npts printed in The Courier, to bo Idealistic but riot realistic. "If both teams claim -o havo very reputable managers let them prove their distinction by c o m i n g to some definite agreement. I, f o r one, think the 60-40 basis, such as used by tho Casey and Fral. teams, i v e r y good thing. "I have always been at ardent follower of both teams. Which team wins means practically m thing to me, but as I read The Couri r every day here In Buffalo,. I, as wsll as many others in Cotinellsville, ?et tired of seeing the same sarcasm being thrown at both teams without sal istactory re- suite. "Both teams wonld Ilk * to play, it seems to me, but one is a.'raid to give in to the -other's demacila, so tho clubs coming to a mutual agreement woald most likely produce a very good aJid most interes^tu gains. "Now Jimmie, pleaao juWish. thi« little note as it may Imvo some effect, although I suppose very ijtllo, on both teams when they know t'ltat people majay miles away would like also to hav« that game played." Something is expected t-) be stirring soon in tho City Baseball League. The inclement weafher for th© paat eeveral days has cut short eoruo of tho athletes' practlc-e sessions which wero promoted by tho brief wurm spell. South Side Youths Prepared For Biggest Game of the Entire Season. GIRLS CLASH IN PRELIMINARY Chief sporting interest for this evening centers in the basketball jjamo U bo played at the State Armory between Uie Keagy Corner Club and tho BulckH of Scoltdale, considered th-e. creum of independent outfits In Weut- nioielnud county. The locals, somewhat, younger in experience than the crack Mill Town organization, have been counting heavily on making a real showing agaiimt tho Blue and Whfto club. Hard practice sessions have been conxlucted this week and suppressed excitement marks tho ranks oC thy whole club. Tho Corner organization, has Invited Mayor H. D. Mtn-erd to bo UK gueat and other city officials will also attend. The mayor will give u brief talk on the need for more attention. l« sports a u.d the advantage to a community of having such healtb'Cul and interesting recreation for its youog people. Such a good crowd la expected that practically all tho available seats will be erected in the armory. To entertain the early arrivals, there will be a girl conteet, featuring "Slddy" "Weaver's South Side lassies claabing with a feminine club from Scottdale. That, attraction will begin at 7:30 o'clock. , Tihe Bulck engagement is the; big- jjost thing on the Keagy Corner »chod- ule t h i s season. The koyed-up attitude of tho players themselves hu.s boon spreading to fandovn uiwl the clasji will be quite int/crewting. SMITHTON A. A. DEFEATS PRICEDALE INDEPENDENTS SMITHTON, Feb. 28--The Smithton A. A. defeated the Prlcedale Independents Monday evening at Pricedale, JO--20. J. Zaffy with fiix field goals and Fisher with five, led tho scoring for the Smithtomans while B, Bush cnme through with five Held goals tor their opponents. Tlie line-up: SmJthon--36 Pricedale-- 20 J. Zaffy Douglas ..... G. Bueh AdaniK --II. Bush Holleiider Fisher C Crouse G R. Zaffy _ G 11. Substitutions--Beato for Adams. Field goals--J. Zaffy ti, Fisher 5, Douglae 2. Crouse 2, R. Zaffy 2, G. Bush 2, B Bush 5, Beato 1. Foul goals--Smithtoii 1 out o£ S; Pricedale 5 out of 9. Kefrec--Marnell. Claim of Foul Is Futile

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