The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 28, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1930
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Second Part Pages 9 to 16 VOL. 28, NO. 0 2. CONNELLSVILLE, PA., FRIDAY EVENING, ] 'EBRUARY 28, 1930. SIXTEEN PAGES. Advertising Can Speed Economic Recovery Says Article by Roger Babson Business Men Mtist Have (Jour- npo to Mu in hi In Approprlu- tlons in Face oi' Recession, JFe Says. LEADERS AGREE IT'S PROFITABLE "Writing in the Kvening Bulletin, Philadelphia, on the value of advert i s i n g In economic recovery, Roger Babfion says: "Well directed a d v e r t i s i n g can do more than any oth^r ono fiurtor to hat ton economic: recovery in t h e United State*. The year 1930 offers the advertising business both a challenge- and an o p p o r ' u n i t y . The challenge is two-fold M i r * t to the business m a n who advertiser*, unrt second to tho! advertising man who prepares and d l - , r e c t a his campaign. I'.u«lnes« men mint have the. courage to m a i n t a i n t h e i r advertising appropriation In the face of the present bu; in««s recession. Tho time to advertise Is wiien isali'H uro hard--con- t r a r y to the genornl practice of advertising chiefly when business is pood and .sale.'; are t««fiy. Th« advertising man 6n the othor hand, m u s t have tire courage to cut out all unnecessary frjlte and to rnekc hte co^iy produce . dir«H;t results. The bueinese man 1ms the right to oxpoct that his advertising bring in some d e f i n i t e order? as well as build up good will. Tb/oso who manage advertising must bear this in inirid. Also they must cut out all waste, and extravagance, and make overy dollar count. OC courtKi, tome forme of institutional advertising cannot bring immediate results, ami this, of course, does not m«an thai they should be discontinued. In ?;eueral, however, advertising should piy as it goee. Advertising likewise, offers two-fold opportunities: flret it enables individual business men to meet effectively the prefiont period, und second it ren- dere the country a g.'oat economic eer- vice. The- value of wisely directed advertising in overcoming sales resistance is too well known and too fully proven to require further comment, f From a purely seiBeh standpoint it I pey« to keep up onf'ts advertising, as j thousands of individaui experiences hate proven. The general economic i benefit to the country as a whole, how- j ever, aro just as real, but arc not so. generally recognized, j T n 19-9 we spent about two billion j dol'ars on yartous kl:ide ot advertising, i Th;« seome like a auge sum. How- j ever, when we consider that this t w o ) billion dollars advertising wae a prime force in moving about -10 billion dol- '»' worth of goods to the consumers (Noted Jurist, Patriot Nears 89th Mflestone Latest picture of tho "Ton. O!ir«r Wendell Holmes, Jastfe of lh« Su- premo Court. The renowned jurist will celebrate his 89th birthday on March 8. Bom in Boston he served with th! 20tb Mass. Volunteers and was wour dcd In th» breaitt at Balls Bhiff, Ot. 21,18«1. ot the insurance have TKW flwakoned to tho necessi'y o'f telling their sWry to tho publi ; in a way which tho public will and under- j stand, through tho nov- epapens and magazines. RESTING PLACE OF REVOLUTIONARY HEROES WILL E RESTORED the proportion does not eoem largo. Moreover, hiui it not boon for advertising our consumption would never have re-ached a n y t h i n g like a total of ·to billion dollars. Tliis two blliou dol- lar.i also includes a large volume of Iim.ncial advertising which was cee-en- tlal to the .flotation of eight billion dol- lam of new securities--tho proceeds of which have mos'.Iy gone into the HA.RRISBURG, Fob. ZS.--Heroic men who fought for AT lerican Independence, In tb/e Revoli tionary War, w i l l once nioro rest in 1 onor us soon as a decent appearance *(tn be restored to a cemetery at Midietowri, Pa. Two buildings, a blaksrnith shop and a wagon sh«d, hav- boon torn down and removed from tho site of the evolutionary buryln; ground, and tho skeletons ol! numei JILS worn-out automobiles have been taken away. The- graveyard had be a used as a d u m p i n g place. This action followed Hie successful termination of a five -ear contest rarriod on by the Daughters of the Revolution, tho St. Peter .s ICvangelical building up ot Industrial and public j Lutheran Church, which owns the utility plants and equipment. j cwmetory, and by descendants of vet- f.stimates place the cost of advertte- ing about three p«r cent of the cost of goods w h i c h people consume. As a matter of fact, advertising has reduced prices rather tlmn increased thern. It has done t.He by m a k i n g possible mass production and mass distribution. You cannot have one without tho other. Machinery brought us mar.s production, but only through advertising have we achieved maes dlsl ribution. Standardized package goods could never have "been marketed, and hence never produced on tho present wide scale, had It not been for advertteing. I Tho ,,,, , oua ,. c . hool ol Sl . John tho The reduction in cos-ta rosulting f r o m ! j : , ^ Greek Catho!ic c h u r c h at ]fl.n:e- scale producllcn of standardized ; Scottc j ale w h i c h has bee n in session artielee fe paest-d along to the c o n - j fo] . the !asl four n , o n tlis will come to sunier in the form of lower prices. a c i ose ou 3 un day evening, March '.'., Houce, Instead of being a factor in a t 7 o'clock with an examination at increasing- tho exist of living, n d v e r t i w - i Kulanic's Hall at ScoUd.-.le. erans in the .Continent; 1 Army. The litigation proceedings vent through tho county court and w ro carried as high as the State Sup erne Court. Clinton D. Kleinfelter, garage hotel owner, of MidtUetown, owned the cemetery was ejected. and who RELIGIOUS SCHOOL AT SCOTTDALi: WILL CLOSE SUNDAY NIGHT ing has been one ot tho mo«t potent factors in reducing At the present iim-;, when there in considerable unemployment, it Is of course, essential (lift!, l i v i n g costs bo kept at as low a lev-l aw is crmsisten w i t h reasonable profits. ' K f f i c t o n t advertising w i l l sre.itly h e l p to do t h i s . A d v e r t i s i n g line boon largely responsible for t h e growl of our no\v i n - ·lus'.rieti. i n c l u d i n g r-.wiio, DPW foods, rayn, cellulosi 1 prx-iicts and n.iany Frof. Michael;'., instructor, will have chiirgo of the reading contest. Rev. Cornelius Gr;bovsky, pastor at the c h u r c h , will a:d In the pro- g r a m . A one-act comedy p h - y l c l w i l l bo presented at the cloao of i h e cxannua- t i o u a f t e r w h i c h a soci il e u t e r t a i n - ! tueul. w i l l bo i-onducted. Major Grlbbcl I'HILADELPJIIA, Fel . 1S.-- Major it w i l l coin iiiu; to develop ! n "' G r ! f f l n Uribbe!. morabi r of a promi- ^ induetriL'6, uni alao to promote ne users f o r t h e p r o d u c t s of existing u c l l t lociil was A c q u i t t e d last' night of m u r d e r in connci tion w i t h the ind:i.'itric«, All t h i s means additional dt%atb ° r 1jlkt! Inspects J o h n Black- cmj.loyiiK'ttl for tliO!;e who are de- b u r n ' w h o wsw k l l l w l hl a raid on u pri'-ed of t h e i r jobs either by business i roonl w h e r e Gribbel hn-1 barricaded iieprossion or by labor-caving iiiuchin- j hluiaelf. ery and methods. Hence by aasitsting " enjjdoyinent, advertising gives a vital, Olrl Killed in Vlmu Crasli. impetue to buten«s« jrogivtH. | \\"ALSENI3URG, Colo. Feb. 2S.~ O n l y w i t h i n recent years have : Kloulse Noble, 10, PuebU; student, wae ban'c«. i u B u r a i u - e compunies, Invest- klU-ed last n i g h t and A r b - a Tallou, 10, moi-.t bankers a n d o t h e r financial in- schoolmate, and H u r r y M H e r , were l u - .stit i t i o n a entered t i c * a d v o r t i i s i n j ; iieUI on L large ^cab 1 . Tho year l'J\i',i saw more of tliin t y j K i i h u r . i-vt-r before. f£p|;uli!"i) inv'(v-t(tit n t houses have wiiked tn to tho f a i t that liioy m-ust juret whon -iu a i r p l a i u crashed oa Mosca I'iu-s, U7 nillti: f n ni here. o t H i s t Takes Ttirn lor H'tirso. N I C K , i-'nuicc, Feb. ;'·:.-- The con- t h t » i r «tory of .-sound Invoht- ; d l i i ' H i of I). 11. U t w r e n c i . n o v l i s t who \ v i - o f r "!.,-i'ly c h : i t ( e r t y ' s :,.ner," r r i t i - i f u l l y i l l U' t u l H r c i i l i r . i - a [ Vonico, j nior-t. or clsr lii'-- pu io ()·· t h e t'is-y prey c K*' 1 · and other bogus finance PB, who take away s o m e t h i n g lifco oii-'-haH billion || dollars from the public ( v e r y year. By teaching t h r i f t and soui d investmont pracMcee, the reptitabi'- bao-ke and brokers are doing much o educate tho public and to frustrate tho activities of financial frauds. Insurance advertising should show a marked Increase this jear. Leaders ['I'uuduk'Ht .^tock Grocery Sale Friday and Saturday 0 0 11 P O R A T E D Pastry Flour, 5 Ibs. ~ 23c Corn Meal, 5 Ibs. 23c P. G. Soap, 10 bars 42c Jell-O, 3 packages -25c Butter Wafers, can ..33c Pillsbury Pancake Flour . RICES Start today to buy the Penn Store way. Join t be many thrifty people who come from miles around to buy their groceries at wholesale. If you want to save bring your orders to the Penn Stores--Lowest Price Grocery Stores. ^ 1$ S, 10 CANS 75c ORY SOAP,~1 0 Bars 69c FRANKLIN SUGAR PENN COFFEE ic Lb, Finest Brick, Lb. 2 § c , 2 Boxes 36c BUTTER HARDM CREAM CO* OMAHA-KAIISAS C1TY-DES MO1NES § VOUWJOJS KTIST WEIGHT " ""' · ~s*n'^Ut · SSf^fl'*- ^J^^-'i^'''-"^*-'-^^'' J -^fzi WEDGEWOOD BUTTER Best Butter in America Von Cannot Buy Hotter 'Butter At Any Price. 2 LL59c :ANS, 4 ^ 39 SWANSDOTffl CAKE FLOUR , 3 Lhs - 49° NATIONAL SODA CRACKERS 3 Lb. Box 44c N MALT, 2 Cans 98c MILK, II) cans 89c LARD, 5 Lbs. 69c HEINZ COOKKD MIAQY .TO f MV*. 3 Small Cans .................. 25c 2 Medium Cans ............ 25c 2 Large Cans . ................ 39c MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE, 2 POUNDS 79c C A N D Y All Kinds 1 5c Lb, Orange Slices, Ib liic Jelly Patties, Ib. liic Jelly Drops, Ib.,,.,..!! ic Chocolate Drops, Ib. ir» c Mixed Creams Ib l(»c CREAM CORNSTARCH 10c SPREPIT, OLEO, 2 Lbs. 45c UNEEDAS, 12 Boxes 49c MATCHES, 6 BOXES 19c Oldfashioned CUCOMIBER PICKLES g READ INTERNATIONAL, The Big Loaf I Continued 124 Norh I'ittsburp Street Burning Religion in Soviet Russia clieiuvru look u U u u tor tho wort,- c u r l y today. HOME aiEJiCHAAl'S WMO AflVEHTISE IS THE COUB1J fl. While ft band of Eusaian children look on, these roaring flame* consume 5,000 ikons collected by the Soviet an'.i-reJigion fanatics in tie frenzied ikons wre collected mostly from workers' dormitories a id home« and their burning became th« occasion of z gig-antic fete at Bogobodak, which wo* by lfr,«ftO m«sn, women

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