The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 13, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1918
Page 4
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K r" PAGE FOUR. TELE DAILY COURIEK, UUNNELLS VTT .1 .K, PA. THURSDiA.!?, JUNE 13, 1918. HENRY P. SNTDER. 1- rounder and Editor. 1S79-191*. -'· THB COUUIEB COMPANY. :-_ Paklbfcen. '.* K. SL SNTDER. '* President. "· . JAS. J. DR[SCOLU ;I«o'j- lad Treasurer, Suiineu Manager. ji JOHN L..OAMS, ·: Managing Editor, i: WALTER S. J5I3MMEI* !l' City Editor. «'- MISS UNNE B. ' Society Editor. MBMEEK OF: J. '£.-·.- -. AMrboiateS Presa. ; 'Audit Bufrau. of. qlrouiatlon., \" Pennsylvania Associated Dailies. ^ =i Two c*nu per copy, 50c per month; '* per year by mall it paid In advance. ;'· Entered al second class matter at the )c.tofflce, Connellsvllle, Pa. UVE'G, JCXE 13, 191S. Tk« eonil«'» Service Fl*f. WHZJAM P. SHBBMAN. Hospital TJnit I* American Ex; ', peditlonary For=O3, France. -" -' " KAiPII T." SLTGER, Company H. 31 Hh Infantry. U S N. A., American Expedi- - 'i'Uonary .Forces/ France.· · MICHAEL GRENALDO, HAROLD 11ICHEY, lery. 28th Division..Tji.S. N... O, American Expeflition- "'Tiry Forces, France. · - --LLOYD B. GOX,Company F, 37th Engineers. U, ..' S.' A... Fort ilyor. Va. JULIUS CKOUSE. -. " ComBaiir E. " 1!A£- _EnSlnc«TS. (Railway). Aro«iHcaTi-B*p«-;__--;- ditionary Forces. *5 in TM;- - - I JAMBS J. Mcl'ABTIlAND,.,_ i Company B. 63rJ- -Engineers, (Railway). Fovt . Beolamin ^r"Z^f_arrisbn7' Indianapo- ' _ . Us, Indiana. -RUSSELL LEKHART. --~~" President Grant, U. S. Navy. Meib«r t Tke A«a«cl»«« Pro". ',Tb» Associated · Press la 'i- dusively entitled -to th« use for .··publication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise-craditol In tnls pap=r and.iao the local nfws jubllsneil herein. ^ - A Mother's Letter (Fron pamphlet distributed by the Y. M. C. A. to the soldiers In Franco I . on Mother's Day.) My Dear Boy:-- . Your father says to tell you that lie will give tits son.-to his coun- --try, but that-he will be-Hnever mind that!)--if he 1 will give all his _ new suspenders. He says that you pinched three pairs from the top, drawer of his bureau--he says that he "Is oflto ycur curves." Nora says , you were very wise to take them, and she would give you all hers, if she had any! ' - ' Betty says to tell you that she hears Jack Ellis sails next week. I know just how his mother will feel for those ten days while h e is ·, crossing. But', she wouldn't have him stay at home any more thau I would have had you! All the same, she won't have a good night's sleep until she Hears he has landed. I-keep thinking what a different world it will be to mothers when you come inarching home again. And when, you do come marching home, old fellow, bring me back the same boy I gave my country-true, and clean and gentle and brave. You must do that for your father agd me and Betty and Nora--and most of all for the daughter you will give to me one of these days! Dear, I don't know whether you have even met her yet but never mind that. Live for her, or, if God wills it. die for her; hut do either with courage, "with honor and clean mirth." But-I-know you will come back to me. MOTHER. WANTED -- TOUR business. RENDINE'S. BAHBERING a WANTED--DINING ROOM GIRL AT .Trans Allegheny Hotel.; 12 J u n e tf WANTED--HANDY MAN FOR jCON- struction work. ^-Tho Foundation Co., Weiit. Ponn Power House. lijuilefit WANTED--3IRIj FOR GENERAL houaewoijk. Cull at 111 West Wash- ing-tun avenue or on Tri-State 632. 1 Sjur.etf WAXTfeD -- BOYS AND GIRLS over 16 years of ag-c. Clean, pleasant work. Carfare paid CONNELLSVILLE SIXJC MILL. T j u n e t f WANTED -- LOCOMOTIVE FIRK- men. A p p l y t o F. W. DOBSON, assistant rua.d foreman of Engines. Youiiy- wood. Pa. l a j u u o f i t GENERAL HOUSE PAINTING. AD- dress G. B. SHAW, 11G Orchard Ave. City. 12junelOt* You own a hom;e or possess furniture, and should darry fire insurance as a protection. Call or write DORSET REALTY COMPANY, new location over Connellsvllle Drug Company. lHjuneThurSut Your pants are patched, before, behind, your'coat is all m tatters, because you can':" make up your m i n d upon the smallest matters. I'll g-lvc the job to William Wn:c. I'll pay J i l m half a dollar, and he will take the nearest ax, and croak that midnight, squaller." -jTAKES FINE DAY TO lease others from making the sama pledge so that there will he no shortage in the number required. ·-The organization- of the available ^farm/help of tbe county, and the Con- nelisville district in particular, has been well, directed, but nowhere have airthe business,-professional, mochas ics and other men of the towns been enlisted for the campaign. The farm- ; ·era-liave-no-desire to be overwhelmed ! "bV : a- larger force "than is absolutely! necessary to do their work, but the j ·danger that more men than axe need- ' Continues from pa K * One. ed'will be enrolled should not deter j dictine, Cognac and Yin pour Sucre those who have not volunteered from j are being served by obliging bar- making their willingness known. | keepers. These drug stores have the Even if the number ot mon available i same name as our pleasure palaces Is found to be larger than is actually back home--Cafe--but what they sell APPRECIATE THE BEAUTY OF FRANCE required, the forces can be so divided that the members will not be compelled to work as many days as would WANTED--HIGH SCHOOL BOYS TO work Ln Laboratory. P P. 1CAMERER, "West Penn Railways shops. 12juneGt WANTED--LABORERS. PAY GOOD \ wages. Also quarry men for contract! work. Apply AMERICAN MANGANESE, CO., Dunbar, Py.. ljunellit i Divurec Notice*. Cottom , Cottorr, Attorneys. ELIZA JAKE HANZJ3Y VS. RUBEN Hanzcy. In tin; Court of Common Ploas" of Fayette county, Pa., No. 322 March Term, 1318. To Hubcn Hanzey, respondent: You are hereby ' n o t i f i e d that the subpoena and a l i a n subpoena Jn thi.* have been r e t u r n e d "Nan est Jn- vejilim," you are therefore required to appear in pie Court o£ Common Pleas o j Payette c o u n t y , Pa., on tbe first Monday of July of said Court, A. D. 1918, to answer the libel and complain t filed t h e r e i n , and show cause, if any you have, why a divorce f r o m thf bonds of matrimony should not be granted the libel Ian t above nampfl. TJIOS, L. HOWARD, Sheriff. Sheriff's Ofllce, May 15, 1918. j-^ne-G-13-20-27 WASTED--RELIABLE MAN FOR position as salesman. Call on store Irndu. lic-fere'ice required. Address Salesman, care Courier. lOjunGt* WANTED--CTRL FOR GENERAL housework. Family of three. MRS, FRANCIS WRIGHT. 82S Morrell a v « . W. S. Tri-State (388-Z. 13June2t* WANTED--MEN TO LEARN WTH- In£ cars. Good opportunity to ri^ht party. Steady work. Apply MASTKR MECHANIC, WefaL Ponn Railways Co. WANTED--YOUNG MAN TO CLERK in hardvrarft store. Good opportunity to learn the biifalnesb. Address HARD WAKE, care The Courier, Connolls- vUlo. ojunetf WANTED -- MEN TO WORK ON motor trucks and general repair work. Steady work. Carfare paitl. A p p J y MASTER MECHANIC, WOJIL Penn Rail- bo the smaller. case if the number were the primary object is to fur- Lastes like poison and seems to have the same effect. At tie top o£ the hill there appears a little mud hut, in Che; centre of a one-acre farm, wiilch might have been the birthplace or .v'apoleon. though it very probably wasn't tar ways. 3 2 j u n c O t U-A.VTEB--LABORERS, BOC PER h o u r for 9-liour day. WJ1 pay every | Saturday. A p p l y West Perm Power Plant. Ask for Foreman o( Bahcock Sterling, Iligbce JlattheiAs, Attorneys. GRIFFITH P 3X)NA LDSON VS. AlM-ffaret 15. Donaldson. In the Court oC Common Ploas of Ftiyette county, Pa., No. 403 March Term. 1018. To Mfiryraret K. Donaldson respondent: You are hereby notified that tbe subpoena and ah as subpoena in this cn-^o have been returned "Non cst in- ventu 1 -," you are therefore required to j appear in the Court ot Common Pleay of Fuvette county. Pa., on the firsrt Monday of July of Bald Court, A. D. 1918, to answer tlie l i b e l and complaint IlKul therein, and show cause, f f r.ny you have, why a divorce from t h e bonds of mat rim on y should not bt. ^r.intcd tJie H b c l l a n t above n n m p d . TPIOS, L HOWARD, Sheriff. Sheriff's Oillce, May IB. 1918. june-C-23-20-^7 nish all the help the farmers need, j the Little Corporal \vas born in Corthe benefits to be derived from the j slca. cooperation between th* town and the Farther out we come to one of those country people, is, after all, tbe bis j French chateaus which 1 think must thing. The spirit of mutual interest-, be the residence of one of the first and helpfulness, the desire to j o i n ; families. hands in contributing to one ot the | On Saturday I am planning a. jour- most essential factors in making it ney to _______ (deleted but not by 'WWle",no,-formal-celebration nas ; possible for the victory over P.-ussian- j the censor), which is only kllo- been~arranged;. to commemorate^ to- | is m to be decisive and complete, and metres from _, (ditto) on the morrow the .adoption ot the Stars and j accomplished within the shortest pos-1 ra ain road from (also d i t t o ) Stripes a» our national emblem, w e ?[[,i c period of time, is tlie inspiration ; to (ditto again), returning by should. not permit tne day to pass j that as many men as possible should \ way O f an(] '_ | t j, 0 permit themselves to experience. In principal villages of This, the Liberty Loan and Red Cross drive. ! you can readily understand is quite the ground work was laid for a more , a i ong trip, especially ?o on foot enduring community relationship. The Y oa see we aic .11 lowed lo go any- FLAG .OAT. '.no,- formal - celebration has j possible for the victory /without some form of recognition. This your Flag Day has a new significance.': For the first time in the history 'Of oar coiu.lry the Flag is teing-carrl.a.-by finMing Americans _ on the soirot Europe. For the first | t j 0;1 o£ Uj 0 va lue and effectiveness of people have had practical demoobtra- time men who have leen born in many different countries or of parents of many nationalities .-are standing team work. They have learned to appraise their neighbors differently and have experienced, perhaps for [he first snoulder to shoulder in. protection of j in t f l e j r ]j vc . 3t the expanding influences the Flag in foreign,lands. , O f wholeheartedly.joining in doing :;'There^ are many .thousands o f | t h i n g s t n a L holp o^crs w hi! e also many races in America," says P. P. helping themselves. Claiton, United States commissioner j xeedfui ^ [t is to h e l P the farmer calling attention Wilcnx Company. lijuncSt" WANTED -- M I N E R S TO GET THIS complpte tofilcial) hut of tho last examination, questions and answers. Price, SI.00. JAMES WAHDLAW., Pa. J S J u n e f i t FOIt REXT -- ON'E FIV15-ROOM flat, m o d e r n convenience. S S. SNA- DEU. 12June3t P'OR RENT -- ONE Ft*HNISHT5P room; jreiul email pruferrcc!. I n r t u i r u 115 South Cottage. l l j u n e t f FOR RENT--F L* H N I S I I E D FRONT bedroom. 2i5 15. Fair-view avenue. RENT '-- A DES;RABLI3 where in. France except Paris, so long as we have a pass, but we may not travel by railroad and we have no automobiles. It is nice to know, though, that we arc £rcc to go oven! quire FLORBNCK SRLL'TZ. l i j u n e t t if we can't. It would break up tboi morale of an army to forbid the men | co go where they wanted to on leave, i One of the principal outdoor sports' icrc is farming. The people are out FOR RENT -- STOREROOMS. IN (]utre K L U R K N C K HMLTTZ. l l j u n e t f d FOR RKNT--FL'KNTSHED OR UN- f u r n i s h e d ronn..i f u r Iliyht housed C. W. Ruali, Attorney. JEANNE FLAMEXT VS. A L B H R T j Fh.ment. Jn the Court of Common , Pleas of Fayetto county. Pa.. No. 379 March Term, 191S. To A l b e r t FJament, ; respondent: j You are hereby notified that the i subpoena and alias s u b p o e n a in thi-. i case have bern returned "Mon opt tn- j ventus," you arc therefore required in | appear in '.ho Court of Common Fleas of Fftyette county. Pa., on the Crsi ' Monday of J u l y of sufd Court. A. D. , 19IS, to answer the liltel and oom- plitint filed therein, and show cause, if any you have, why a divorce from the · bonds of matrimony Fhould not be ( granted the libellant above nameil j THOS, L. HOWARD, S.nerifC. She-itt's Ofllco, May 15, ISIS. j u n e - G - 3 3 - J u - 2 7 S. R. Goldsmith, Attorney. KATHEH1NJ3 PETTY VS. CHARLES F. Petty. In the C o u r t of Common Finns of Fayotte county. Pa., No. 297 March Term 191S. To Charles F. P e t t y , respondent: * You are hereby notified that th 1 .* subpoena and alias s u b p o e n a in t h i s ca^e ) been r e t u r n e d "Non est in- vontuf," you arc t h e r e f o r e required to appear in the Court of Common Pleas of Fa y e 11 e en u n f y, Pa., on the fi rjrt Mundiiy of J u l y of said Court. A. D 1318, to a n s w u r t h e! and comp l a i n t filed therein, and show cau.«e. If my you h.ivc. why a divorce from the bonds of matrimony shuuld not bo trrantt d the libellant a b o v e named TITOS, L. HOWARD, BKenfT. SherlfTs OlHce, May 15, 1918. _une-G-13-20-27 ( and get into ih!s patriotic use E:-r which we are all fight- 1 borj movement . . C h r i s Wagner wo have Been late 1317j FO n SALE--norsKuoi.D P U I I X I I Triangle pictures over here, some half t u r f . 123 s N i n t h , w s. i s j u n e i t * t . 0 * - i a m i " I O n milcs from tbc factory, on i FOR KAI . F _ r i OS ,heii' two successive weeks and they sure | cro»siand Station, go big. Which reminds me to tell i -- JOHN N. HOSE. llijuneCt' s,..simple protTam v.'hii'h will go toward .ab3'it a better un- i lies derstandfug of the wa'r and_the unity · what Uie ''Blue De-v liehlnd ..tttii war, and will ' also j J c ^ lly ac J, nK 0 ° u " nes Btrengtheii ,l?,'j.- righl spirit needed to help win the war." about Tho Eden Cine Cinema. ma Is on Fiffh ave- la" of France and of America are ^emem front. 'To hold a simple flag raising ceremony",'a's Cotnmissicner Cla..ton suggests, will "o« quite as impressive as j a more-elaborate form of celebration.. It can_be ft/ranged v.-ith little effort, j "city .armrr" wi Every "faduslrM plant, and school can . h 's pretensions t' have a oelsbration of its own that' rlculturo - ·will prodnw. i-more abiding influence ·upon the minds of the .people, espe- The recruitlngr office for fnrrn laborers-is open every time ou open your copy of The Courier. I^IJl out t!ie blink. The time is approaching when the fill have to make good .o a knowledge it air- cially the young, than a pretentious affair of wMch many persons would "be more or. 1 ,'Jess curious observers rather than interested participants. In our homes and places of business The Turk has. shown himself an apt pupil of the Hun in the "kultured" art of removing innocent, helplera and in- cfZensive noncombatiinta. Those who are disposed to question the fairness of the 'fair" list of RFO- cery prict s may tak.- 1 aomo comfort saw it he would have a convulsion. It is about as bis as Roy Hctzol's stor. only not so long nor so wide. The Fifth avenue entrance is through a! nariow aisle, on one side or which Is H ATRAXT WKBB'S FOR SAL,I-;--ONK AND THRErJ- fourth t»n truck, 304 North IM its- burg n t reft. Sjunefit* M. J. Lapotisky. Attornry. SPASK.NIJA OSTOVIO VS. SAVETA) OKTOVIC. In the C c j u r L of Comnior. Picas of F a y c t t e c o u n t y . IV., .N'o. -161 t March Term, ISIS. To Suvcia O**tavic. r e ^ p u n O e n l : i You ure hereby notified t h a t t H " subpoena and alias suljjiuumi. in thi.i ' e.irfu liavo been returrit-d "Non eft m- ventus," j o u arc t h e r e f o r e required to appear in the Conn of Common-J'Meas of Fayetto county. Pa., on the ilrst ' ^^lnclay of J u l y of said Court. A. D 1»1S. to answer the ],bol and eoin- p t u i n t filed therein, and show cause, if ?ny you litivo. why a divorce from the bonds of m a t r i m o n y ^ h u i i l d not be , K ran led the liljellant above n.imtsd. S, U HOU-AFtn. Sheriff. Slu-rifTs OtTce. May 15. 3MS. jimo-G-13-^0-27 FOR S,M.B--PEI'PEn AX11 TOMATO plants, lo o-icl . J- 1 F. ZANCHI, 1002 ! A e t n a stri-_L. l i j i m u t l [ ,1, . ., . .. . , FOH KAL1C -- FIVE PA3.SESGKK ' the booth and a little elevated section! a eo car in f ro,.d condition, i n q u i r e at for reserved seats. It seats about 150 S m i t h House, when the chairs in the aisles are occupied. A one-lung gasoline engine starts to chug in the back room after [ T Y H E W H I T K R "care Cc-urier. FOTt SALE--ST2COXD H A N D TTPK- writcr, TtMiiin^trj:i make. Inquire *"IOfir" - p Puiter 1 ^)!! A t t o r n e y , , A f .."I A H L'TCHORA 1 T VS. '.JOHN- E.on Jitti'licra''!. I n tlie Court of C o m - , ni'tu I'lenr. nf F a y t i t t 1 c o u r t v , l*:i.. No., 46 J M a u n " .'rm, 1318. To Johnson H u t c h c r a f t , rc.ipoiuiciVt. j You (iTL 1 IK n.'by nutifti-d th:it thi» j j tiubpoiMi.1 and u l i n s «ub:ior[ia In t):i ' ' c i-"t; have b*.«cn r p t u r i u il "Nun ust tn- , v u n t u h , " y o u are therefore r e q u i r e d to appciir in the r~ourt of Common Plejs . of Fay D tic c.»uniy. T';i. on the M o n d a y of J u l y of suid Court, A. I") , 1'JIS, to aim\vtjr t h e libel and com- ' plaint filed t h e r e i n , and show cause, i f . liny y o u h a \ i , w h y a divorce from t h e 1 bonds of m a t r i m o n y should not bo ST i t i t r d t h e M b e l l n n t above named. ' THOS. L. H O W A R D , Shi*nff. Sheriff's Ofllce, May 31, 191S. Jiine-6-13-20-^T ' everybody gets there, the cloctric lights come on and Mademoiselle Oper- j FOR SAL!?-- T U R K I C GOOD SJSCONI* ator begins to focus her machine The i hand pi:ino:i, $ i _ 5 - ? l G * ) - J l i ' 5 : terms. 1'I.TEIl 11. WEIMF.R. 129 Crawford avenue. ] 2 j u n H projection is excellent and the Mile. | only takes about a half a minute t'o change reels. Sometimes a n o t h e r ! FOR SAJ.K--ONE SPRING F'm . m.atlemoiseUe plays French music, ^Flf^d'Tve^-TM 0?-- I '" S.S*^."^" '^ C1? ^^^^^ w'can enToy "to the Flag and tner^-eraarK ot respect a pound and o t h e r Articles in propor- show fine. ton Il-Mmblic T r u c k W i l l HI* 11 rh.-ap ten ' ' ' O. It. COtVOILU 10G J q u i c k buyer, P'C- S. FourLh Ktreei, W. S ·paid to the rational ensign. "We ahould allow the occasion to remind us that the · same Flag that floats proudly over onr own land has never "been dishonored by any who have "been,. called to its defense. Today it is leading our brav* 1 men to victorious assa-alts against, and nerving tliem to successfully resist the most detennlned attacks of a foe that boast^ of its irresistible strength and power'. 1 Many fine, courageous lads are willingly sheddir.g their blood and others are yielding up their yonng lives that no star in the Flag shall be dlnmie^d^no^stripe polluted. As -the-TcnVaning of their sacrifice Js brought home to n. we should makt Flag Day a season fcr onr own recon- secration to tho carse to 'vhicb our nation is conmiitUd; a day for still more' completely. cmc'enttaUng our time, our strength, c br skill, our en-, erijy, and our m e a n ^ to doing t h o s e ; things that will not *nly make it pos-1 siblc, but nlso r.iahe it easy and cer- j tain, that followers cf tho Flag on the ! soil of France will parry 11 to tho j most glorious, most rvrrwlielminer an 11 most - complete vie.c r~ t l :_t h;is y t -t | been won under its ]'iee.r,us folds for tion, represents the Hun merchant's idea of "fairness." The farmers of this section are understood to have supplied themselves w i t h an equipment of hues, forks and other tools fitted with a special type of air-cooled handles for the 'city volunteers.' use of the Having taught th-ir hor«ea to eat pround wood and b e ^ t leave;?, the next expedient of the German farmers will no doubt he to provide their easily camuuftasred crittera with green filasaea to be worn w h i l e feasting 1 on excelsior in lieu of hay. il H5BayiHa©s By W a l t Mason. """"· v J "·'-"'"·' "^-"0 *«» Dm, :ini ] P3,td, "You tire a quitter! Why the cause of human rights, liberties !'t you h u m p yourself and km that ! hired Pete Dill to alay a. cut whose 'way.-* were- f u l l of error. It howled w e _ r _ l sonsfc' around ir.y flat, iincl made Hi i- mgrhr a terror. I said, "cxtcrmlnato the brnte, and here-s a silver quarter; 1 C.LI-^ not if you t l r u n » or shoo'., or bruy him in a mortar." Xext night the cat \V:IK stil! on deck, witli surnfs of 1'Oin' 1 a n d mother; it made my nerves t o lim- a wreck, I k n e w not w h i c h ii'oni t'other. I h u n t e d up old Peter Dill, an"! Piitd, "You tire a. quitter! and freedom. - [ cht-ap. misijuitlod critter?" "I cannot ' ' i quite make up my mind."* he said, "how TP VAT IV f*E"lt TV h " ?l L0 tl ° : t - * lio I l o t w ant to go it Jfc 01 I, f.El I. ' b l i n d , nml hotch the job. brshrcw It! To walls preser.i ind.carions are i h a t | d r o w i her where the btllou-H roar I volunteer farm labc^ io bo provided i t h o u g h t 1 would endeavor; but t h e t i in Fayette couur- th .v .-eason will be 1 P" 1 . c ' iance »»e'd ewim ashore, and be aq The latest dope I have is that the war ia going to last. 32 years. I have nothing to base this on except a conversation I just came had with a fellow n, who had talked 5X)R SALE--0 llGOai. HOUSE. KICK locution; pavcrl street and uiflowalk Pantry, bath and two porches. Hot air heat Address "D. J " caro Courier. FOTt SALE--L'P-TO-DATE B A R 3 K K Who j al 'op. Best location In V a n d e r b i l t . ... i Bargain to q u i c k buyer. Cath. $185 , ''Htt Ueason Cor spiltn.?. I n t e n d ti r n l i s t sevrral other lollowa wtio had just rail both phi-i.e.i. I to BERT "\V. K. Johnson, A t t o r n e y G E O R G I A C3ETZ VS. WAITER Gct7. Tn th, 1 - C n u r t of C n m m o n T'ioas of Faycttc P u n t y , Pu.. Xo. A'10 .June Term, 131S. To W a i t e r Oc:?.. ipspoiul- ent.: You are h e r e b y not'fir.l t h a t the MI ' i m r n a 'intl alias Mtbnuona in t h i s c:u?e hiivp been r e t u m e d "Xon u^t !n- v p n l U N , " you a-v theri-rorf r e t i n i i ^ d tf a p p ^ n r in the Court oC f ' u t n m o n Pleas of Fay e tie c o u n t y , Pa., on t h e llrt? 1 M o n d a y of .Inly of s-iid Court A D. 105R, tn a n s w e r the libel and comp!: Im (lied t h e r e i n , a n d -jhow usiuHr, it anv *uu have, why a divorce f r u m thrt bonds ot m a t r i m o n y sliotild not be irrantfd the above named THOS. L. HOWAUn, Sheriff. Sheriff's Oflice. May 31, 101S. June-G-13-20-27 talked it over back from the with some f r o n L soldiers VanderbMt Hotel. FOR SALK--ABOUT S5 ACHES OV I have learned some Fronch but a s i r ' b s antl stumj.n, in easy h a u l i n g dis- a language it is v c i y impracticable. | If J had a little time I could revise it and make it talkablc, but in Its present form it's altogether impossible. But this much I know, personality and good looks count for noLhiag if you can't speak the lingo. "BILL," Alias Private "W. JL J . Sherman. n r . e l l R v l i l e . Go Price riK.U io purchaser "Imtuire at UNION TIONAL BANK 7 j u r Kxccutor'x Notice. ESTATE OP 1 JOHN K. GHTM, LATE of the townahiy o£ Sprin^llcld, c o u n t y of Kayette and state of Pennsylvania, dece.iried. Lrtters testamentary on the abo\ e named estate having beim granted ti the undersigned, notice is herobj Sivcn to all ncrsuns i n d e b t e d to said estate, to make I m m e d i a t e payment. and tn tho^e ha\ ins claims against the ^amc. to present "them properly ^u- therticated for « TAITKS CJR1.M. .Executor, Cfmnellsvillc. FOR SALW- -SPKC1AI, FOR THIS week only--second-hand carpets $4 up. L i n o l e u m , Kef riff Tators, Heed 3uy- £:cfi, Hot Plato, Ueds, C u r t a i n s a n d H l i n d H . Matting. C o n n e l l R v i M o Kew und Sedond Hand Ft. rr it lire Co. 11 j u n o it FOR SATjB---NINE HOOM3 J XD bo Hi on Kooti street. Tjarp^e lot, pood c h i c k e n house Owner leaving c i t y "A bargain at J^.OfiO. DORST3T TIBAL- TY COMPANY., new location over Con- nellsnllo Druy Company. IT G May Attorney. ANN*A BELLn THORPH VS. JOI1X Wallace Thorpe. In t!;o Court of Con- IMeas of Faycttc county,' Pa. Xo. JfiT Decijm.ber Term, 1915, To John W.iMauc Thorpe,, respondent: You arfi h e r e b y notil.ed that the nn'iporna, und alius. subpoena in th) 1 ; ca.?o hiive bcun r e t u r n e d "Non cst i n - ve-ituii," you are thorcEore rctjuirotl to rippear in the Court of Common Pleas* "·jf Fay cite county, ra. s on tho first M o n d a y of July of said Court, A. i). 1JT..8, tn :infa\\ or the libe! and coin- I l a i n t filed t h e r e i n , a n d show cn«M!, it any you have, w h y a .livorce from the bonds of m a t r i m o n y not he sr.intcd the l i b e H n n t above named. THOS, I, H O W A R D . Sheriff. Sheriff''- Onice, aray 31. 131S. June-G-13-20-i7 R. K. D. . II. G. MAY, A t t o r n e y . 9 m a y G t - t h u r s FOR 5AI*E ---A FEW GOOD UAIi- jrain? in houses left. Let us know what y u u u a n t . chnicc of location, Hinit prici 1 , and we w i l l try to hint y o n . DOrtSKY R E A L T Y CO.MPAXY, new lo- catio-. over Co i n e l i a v l l l e Drup Company. 13juneThur£S;u ample for the need, of tUo : 'it should not be ttktn ^07 Ithac such will be tht 2iav I. t h o u g h t I'd i- but saw Chut w as ESTATE OF CHARLES E-C.iM.B31 Wagner, lale of the city of Connells- villt. c o u n t y of Faycttc and state of Pennsylvania, deceased. LtLtor.. of ad- tmni-itmtion. 01 the above named 03- m - j tale having 1 been srantcd to the under- IX3ST--TL1BSOAY. envelope c o n t a n i i n K t u r n bar WILSON J U N E 11, PAY , mm of money UP- ! WISIIAHT, D u n - j I.OST -- 3 3 I T H E K IX TKMPLETON'S bakery or between ihtM-c and I J r i r n - j 4 tune corner, p-tckntjt. to u la 1 n ing- f The summer season calls fan* special shoe styles, and you will fit^d in our shoe departments just now what you are looking for not only special summer styles, but special shoe "bargains. They are really amazing 1 , the novelties in women's and irisses' shoe styles, high top shoes in the'vari- ous popular colors, numerous newfJasts in oxfords, white and all the iancy colors, and remember we have jWack shoes also and there are many poople who will not have any other kind. There is a groat array of special shoe novelties for children, it is needless to describe them here, the stock in our shoe departments is enough, and should be inducement enough, for* you to visit us when you want good sb*es. 63 Large Department Stores,^ Jocated in Fayette, Weatmoreland sauT Allegheny Counties. Go to Hooper Long's. You get£ a good fit. You get quality footwear. Youget good style. You leave the store pleased. You go back for your next pair. You are satisfied. AT It's a mighty good investment--because Poplar Grove is destined to be the coming residence district of Connellsville. The location is ideal--one .of the most beautiful in this section It's only a o-riiincste. car ride or a 15- minute walk from "Brimstone" Xot very far--but far enough to be out in the open where-you can enjoy plenty of fresh air and beautiful s-jrravmdings. They measure GOxl-iO ft.--quarter acre tracts--and there are still a number of clioice lois left. But at the rate they're selling, you'll have to get.Jmsy if you want one of these "bargains." There's city water in front of e-wry lot and the Public School is just -within a stone's flirow--giving you every needed convenience. . Ami you can buy one of'these lots on your cmn terms--why not w^rite me today for full particulars. C. B. McCormick, P. 0. Box 144. Cm.XELLSVILLE. PA.

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