The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 28, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1930
Page 8
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PAGE Kin I IT, THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLEJ, · PRTD \T, FTTBRTTATTT 2S, 1530. ' ROTATION OF DOMINICAN PRESIDENT SHIRE THE LAXATIVE WITH HIGHEST ENDORSEMENT ,'i Who Will Ho Named as feel: ARMY STILL IS "NEUTRAL" By JI.MIHY \V. KK.AVI!-:. Tuuto-d Prt-i-. Suitl Cm i !-· p o i u l e n t SANTO n M J i N C O . ] » i ) i i n i .11 n- pilbhi , !«'(h. 2S T l i r D o m i n i .in "re volution ' t o l a ' . d e v e l o p e d in u n- rlr i n i i i , v i t h t h r i f WMI · R r v o l u ,1 C r r n i , , , i t i l I pi .1' ' arlf \ \ h r n \ o u ^ t out of bed h e a d a c h y , M i i K K i t - h , weak, half-si k, h e r e ' s ,i '.nip' 1 m e a s i n ^ w i l l b. ve von teolmp: j o t i r s c l i a c a n i in a Ji iy. T a k e a l i l ' ) P h i l l i p Mi IK i f M i£- n r - ' a HI ,1 :;'^ ·- of \ \ s t c r - or K rn n 'l'\\n tr f o u r t i h l r - s p o o n f u l h is 11,11,1! . i d u l t d o , e . T a k e n in 1eni-ti- P h i l l i p s M i l k of MacnoMa . i t s r i t r a t r of maKWKia. Take it ike t h u s an h o u r b« f o r e broalu'ast. tty thr t i m e you lf»a\o homo. vou'll bo ur- p i i s f t l h\ voui improvement. As , ( t i i ' l r l , K,jf. [leit-ant laxa ivc, P h i l l i p - - Milk ot \Usnesia. IMS tho S n g b f s t m e d i c a l endorsement A an P r e s i d e n t l f o r , u : i Vasfiutv R r v o l u - a n t i and to corrert sour stomach, sos, nonary C h i i R a i a c ' K . s i r r l . i C r r n i ' i n d i " f . s t i o n . b i l i o u p n e f , " , it has x»en .iriil O i v . i ] K . i f a H Trim!'.- ..i t h , s t a n d a r d w i t h doctors for over fitly i f f f u l c i r a i m s \ \ - a i m i i i r . , o\ i pi .c c 1 years ' J o Knov, i(s q u i c k relief i i ffi- · ( r'ms-, ROhim and i-Hnmuvtivo trouble- of t'ro'iti ar"at e u l ' v ( O i i n V c l u p o n H I P \ m ^ n . w o m e n , children--and bnbu v--is p h j o i c a ! w ,iXiuss oi i h o p r e s i d e n t ' t o keep a boltlo always handy, atid lh s h . i w of l o r n to hi n u a b o u t i Ku'l d i r e c t i o n s tor al! its uses -om-o a rapid "a! ( t u a ' i o u " Tt e r-n sidi in s ! « ! t n over boUU All druc; stores have T. u a t K a l s t u b b o r n * s--.' . *- it us ! (ho s ' i i o r r u , ^."ic- and 50c size! ' i t n i f d by h i h i v i s p f i a t c d p-ponpnts, i ' M i l k o-t MamieM.i" h-ia bee i live ' V. S. Registered Trade Mark E tho II P h i l l i p s Chemu-al Ox. a id it!! on I he r a r m s in ] p v t dot ossor. H. Phillips, sluco p ' a u s an may l i s r u p U M l t h e n D.S'hL rcvo'in i o n Mcanwh Ii , re a n a t t l t U ' M o t IK u t r a l t v t h a t IIM omp at tiu m o m e n t ope i ho .ire ihi - r00 w e l l di'ii ipli isxl fort rs under ' i c i . r r a l Tnijillo, \ ho h l i l l n i a i n t a i n - Ins "loyalty a n d p a t r i o f - 1'iri," .isid who luus pomuUcd tho hlooilk.s.s o d i i p a t i o n of tin* c a p i t a l ' Irani rue t ivos ot h u n u u t i t ." T h o t c r s i o t i t h a i C M M H n a s demon- stratol li" the p i o n i p t m s-, w i t h s v h u h i h c p u b l i i ;cattore(! and iticod indoors at nightf-x I y o U r d a v . w l o n -- f o r no a p p a r e n t u a s o i i -- a ^ i - i u p ol rovolu- f i o u i b t s rushed i n t o t h - - ( -ntra! pla^a auc bpgiui A display of r s o t v o r s Hotols and houses A C i i i t i s t a n t l y ( t-iscci ai d barred. P e r s o n * ivho dared walk tlnoisph tho plaza v ere slopped ami t.los ly q u e s t i o i u d , ard tho r u m o r was soo'! afloat t h a t u n l c - - t . thoro an iinmi duilc'- rosiguaUou by an a t t a c h would bo made uii tho dentuil palac P. These rumors, a l t h o u g h uncon- Jlrmed, lad a disquieting eftet't on the popular;. M e a n A h i l o the n e ^ o t l u i l o n s between tho revolutionist k'aders a n d the ad- mimstr ition proe eodcd. J Ortega Kncr, i l a w c r of Santo Domlugo, was sounded out, It tti i tulerstood, as to his i v a i l i i b i l i t y as pro ,-isiona! president. Tho r e v o l u t i o n i s t s iro oppo.siiiK Angel Morales, m i n i s t e r to the United States, on the K r o u u d b that ho ife a tuotnbti' o' the YaMiuoi party. The govcrninfiit, on trie other hand, is opposed to Juan ! Ptsre-i, tornsei | presul-nt oi' t h e court ol appeals a t , i J a n t i u ^ o , w h o has btv i Mipported r, some (juai \crs Tlie r e s i g n a t i o n oi VdbciueA however, iii e o t i s i d t r r - d a t o r o « o n o cor- v t u b i o n and the p u b l i now bolievi.- that ' t c t i o r a l T r u j i l l o , \ % h o h e n e u t i a l attitiul-- in the t r i s i s ui.s coiumeiuhd itself throiif-'houl the c o u n i r y , i.s .1 presi li-iUhil p o ^ S l l ) l H t \ t'rom r c v o l n t i J i n - t sourc-f-s it is l e a r n e d t h a t more tb in S.OuO nibiir- rocti nlsH are inidei aims throx/feh- out the ltpub!i. \ v i t h more than 2,000 of tl em concentrated · w i t h i n or near Santo DomUiKo. This "army" ib followed by great numl t-ra of unarmed .sitpi'ortei.s, who t'ol ow their c-om- panions w h e r e v e r they go. Thcj i n i u r r c c t i o n i s l s now i,Uum to Lontr-ol almo-st the entire country, aa t!te southern sectujn of tho republic jollied tho movement e.sterday under the leadership of i.enural Carmlto Ks7~) --Advertisement | Results of Big Pest Killing Contest By United Prci,s. L I M V . O , Feb. 28. - T w o sc re and 1J modern pied-pipers v. h u»«'d club-*, hands and luuve-a in*- ead oi' pipod, rooi n t l y com pie tod ( ol bratinj; ono ot th» K r c a t o h t rodt-nl hunts In tho hist«r of ' h i f area The d r i v o was orsa'nlxfxl for thi purpo-'e of i i d t U n c ; tho cor imitnity df rats, inu'c '-purroivrf, hfo ks and wpnt'K f t (ic\flopei i n t o a con- t^M b e t w e e n two groups r»f S farmers each. It was Jinrwd t iat the w i n n i n g K r o u p would ho th roc ipi- o n t ot .1 baiiino-t Hiipphe' by the losers It. I Marshall an I C n Uoam vicro selected HS lead s of th? two groups and points we o calculated as follows' Sp.'irrow counted 10 points rarh. mice 10, rats 50, weasels 100 and hawks wmpiliitions showed Ream' i storol !)t,ii5 points and '5, crowa 00. Final division larshall's The only a d m i t t e d exemptions to revjlutionist control are- portions of tho oxtremo east aiul probably pc.rts ot he Samana province In tho north- wc,t. The rebels claim they occupy the city of Pier to Plata on tho north, although t h o / have not taken ovor tho JiortrefaB there. Tho situation at Puerto Plata is bJuilar to that bei e, wlioro govcrn- mut troopa fatiil io!d tho fortress, against which no attack hah bion laauchetl. Rail commiuiK at ons h a v o lx;n rr- htorod trom P u e r t o Plata to Santiago, aiid important routes to A m e r i c a n p l a n t a t i o n s "wore open today. Romans At: Pork And Apples Am l o u t K K i k c i y -.lift'erwl little from nodorn. Roast j i n k a n d apples -HSK i Roman d ' s h , a l « » d i u l c and turnip, 'i'ho Komanty had i o «im«r, uewl honey. !{ney aiul che"-c made a dellckmt, !L-,h. PopiKM- \vau new to them. They )i^xl it prot'uac-lv Citinanion they i f i r \ v but used it at IjuiUilg, not in iho C'asualtlo"? of tho warf, re wore t a b u l a t o r ! as follows Tr al pesta ( a p t in i-tl and lulled ln,J"_ including HlS'i i n s c r , ti!,"i uit 1 -. J - S 7 9 .sparrows, two \veasrls, one h a w k and isikiraliou of tho jaw o! one contps-la 1 t who at- t e m p t e d to ("ftub!is-h A in « world's record for catching spar .'AS two- fa and t-d Hevci -1 i n p o n i o u s m thod-5 of t r a p p i n . ; pi sts I n f l u d i u K iho tech- n u i u c ol c i i l i h i n c i,U- 1 ire-handed W L - i e dcvcUipmcms ot tli! i o n t o r f t Thf h u m a n c a s u a l t y ro« iltod whoa ono ol i h f .mip.nirnors souKht to n w K c i i p t i v o s f v c i d l spar o~wri whoso nest li lu^l discovered in tho loft o£ Ixts b u t n it was dark ti id the con- toslant was making his vay nulotly and with tho aid ol a powerful flashlight. Whon withiii sttik ng dlstanca he carefully placet! tho II ht betweon hin U«etli and lunged fan ard, hoping to be rewarded with tw haitds full o£ sparrows. Instead ) e s-tumbled, the light struck an obt rucbon and his jawbone gavo way. Mount Pleasant f-'-pfflal to The 'Courier, MOT'N'T Pl,KASANT Feb. 2S. F. E P a i n t o r , who was awarded tuo garbnge o u t ni (I by count ll at itii m o o t i n g on I l 1 i b i u r u y '.'·, ITklO, collection M a r t h 1 As- yet no oflu i; ho^ been designated or p l a f r where I n o Kiirhago lulls may IMS paid, but t i l l perbon« w i l l reoclvu notice of t h i n l u t r. The j-,arbaf;' o r d i r u i i c o wj« puscd hy c o u n c i l somo t i r a e jiffo and has novcr really been enforced. The or- d i n a n c o requires that the chairman of the htwt committee, ind tho mombers ·of Ihit- c o m m i t t e e shall at i i l l times have f u l l t.harRw of t h e collodion, trrvn«portatKii arid of parhufre and riibbihh, w i t h i n Vie ineaniBK of t h r ordinance. The ordinance- «UJfi for all garbage to bo drained and KIWS tho porson i soniring t!ie c o n t r a i l tile l i g h t to ehargo ?1 a month with collectlors onco a wook, i5ubj ct to a discount of 2" rents if paid w i t h i n 10 days ot tho Mid of tho mont i Business houses with two collection; a w-eok", pay f2 a month, throo collections p-rr w-eek, $2.23; f o u r coUeotiims a we^k, $2,50; s-pecial loiidti, $3 a load. The. ordinance p -ovidoa that ni lt« first meeting in ISfaxJi every f i f t h yeur a now contract te to bo o^kcd ot tho poreoii who haulK thf partuigo Arthur McAJlhnr Speiiks, Tho Rotary Tlub, at its wooklv luncheon al Ihc N a t i o n a l Tlotel yest«r- Uiy, bad A r t h u r Mi-Arthur, a friend of Jamet, l V'hitcoml. Rlley, (is speaker. At the- c oso of tho lun-hf-on tho Konior c\it if high school wins brought in to hear Mr McArthur. Gos Into TraJnlnff. Miss IV)rl* Jony., a nureo in training at tho Memorial Hospital, loft laot e v e n i n g for tho Children'*. Ilo^plt^l, Pittfcbnrg, where she w i l l KO in training as a nurse. Th?- Children'* Hospital afllliuteH w i i h the Memorial Hosp i t a l o f t h i w pki f . Siudpnt Nur'T Homo. MISH AliirR.'irol \Vug-nor, a tsttKient nur.s, w 10 hats boon - .n training in PHtaburj.', rc-turi'ed horno. Completes .Nursing fours*-. Miss Anastaci i Briercheck of Vine «trce-t yehter!ay cjmp!ci.ed hr t i a i n - int; ua a n u r s e ut tho \V«U Ptmn HOB- piUI, PiHsburK. A breakfast wa« «IT- en in her hone r yesterday morn in:;. George Brif-rchf-ck, u brotlior, a n d M r i . nerry M i t ' t h u , a Hi.stfir, artwxled the breakfast. J. K. Oirr-n, Wife HI. J K. fiiven, icanaRor of Iho SUmdaid etorr- of L"he Union Supply Company, is «riously 111 at bin home in Chur h f-treet v\ ilh a Ir-ar! attack, Kiifforcd on H a t u i d n y OVPTVHIK Mrs O i v e n K al-.o ill. w i t h RTlp Tho condition of bosh was f,om«what improve! yetrleniay OJir N'ow 1 ^ Mrs. Mario Husbnad -wow hoB*-r"*f, last evening to the MlHhionary Society o»' tbo Fir«l BipUst C'hur-h Mr?. Martlia Marvh, w-ho ha^ visti^-1 with frlendB at Inn in and Turf IP Crcpk, In visiting with her daughter, Mrs. M. S, K u h n . Ta fee lie rfca Healthy Color Youngs! fir. CORBA1,LS, Mont., ''eb. 2S.--Ed- ward Wordon, 30, possr sses ono of t h e principal o;uaWi jations for pugilistic promiiierico-- in abdomen that can withstand ter ific punish- mont. A heavy truck i in over ICd- ward'a atomach. Asklo trom bruisos, tho boy incurred BO inj iriea Three Bank Bapdlt 1 - Captured. POUCUIKEBPSIK,' X. Y., Feb. L'3.--- Throo tn-fii, two white « nd one Negi'o, who held up tho First National Bank at M i l t o n yestorday urn esc.iped with aimobt ^1,000 wore arrt ,twl last nipiit by htato troopers. The money was re- eovoied. Use fliisslfiod Ads. T2joy bring results. Star First Sacter on Society Baseball Nine 1 Svedlili Caw Is tJ8. GOTifKXBT'aO. Sweden, Feb. 2S -A 2S years old f( w, believed to bo tho oldest in .Sweden is living; contentedly on a f a r m in the western provlace of HidUnd ('oiifid«'-inK that cows rarely reaeti moro t h u n 13 to 11 years, t h i n verxrable "Bos" cenis to havo b r o k e n al! Swedish records tor l o n g e v i t y . famous firsts BREMEN- 1il in speed across riw oce: in ARCTURUS In In Sfxwady ^tKP radio reception ARCTURUS ' B . » , U . i - Q N C -1.1 F £'·"·'* ·-", RAD O TUBES · jrAv./«iw. '·*·»·· 7 SECON DSj'- Farm Efficiency Increase Is Noted Bj United WAS1IINOTCN, I-V1). 28.--- Karowrs are bocomin? ntoro efficient, acrordlnt; to tlie U. S Bureau of Agrionlhn t Economics In tho last f o u r yi-.ns agriculture pn^dnctlon lias av i r.\i;i-il abmit 16 pci cent more than in 39191922, dao rbiefly to Iwttpr f.trrnmK. One of tho i itereatinpr deveopniwits ol agnculluro soday is that ti'wer f.irni- ars, with less labor, on fewer aor«i, continue to increase production "Tho farmer knows more about his soils and t h e plants and animal with which he deals, ' !ho bnro;iii said. "He is in better position to combat pehts and apply his labor moru article n U y so aa to suciire larger roturns in volume of production per unit ot labor or (apital fUiployeiJ. He is using mora fertilizer, axperilitures for f e r t i l i z e r in .1924 were more thaa dwuble those for 190!). "Tho farmer is, feeduicr h i s liveatoc-k be.ttor, as .ndicated by an increase in feed pun He b o u g h t on an avoragro o' nearly 7U per cc-ut moro toed iu 1921 than in 1909. HP is learning- not oily better to'Teetl hi» l a n d and hia iLVatock but also to select and plant beUw seed arid to brocd and teed Ix-tttr animals." Amity Meeting Between Creeds By tin i tod Press. 0., Feb. 28--A. of amity, epormored by Catholics, Pro- t^fitatits ind Jews and designed to bring tofiether members of all rrewls and non-believers, w i l l ho lirld hero March 11. Bel1evi'l to bo the first of it;, It 1ml fve-r phumed in Ohio, tbe meeting will lx in t h a naturo of a cxsiuwrdaL sv'ith good fellowship ae its keynolc Tho affair has been sponuored by t h e Kni;:htb of Columbus, the Bollairo Minlsteiial Association and tho Independent Order B'nai JB'riUi Tiiach or- ^anjiiation has W5!ectei n, repreeenta- tivo 1o cxxnfer as a committee which inciudet, Julius, Weil!, John A. MoVay aiui Vernon H. Whlpple. One of th-e first anriouncemonts of the coTiimittee was that the meeting v\ould act be a revival or religious j gathering. Controversial subjecle will ! ln hann-ed. The chairman, selected I svaa Mkyor A. J. Crunelle, who will in' troducii three speakeiH one tr«m -each j sponsoring organization, wlio will plead lor tolerance, sympathy and nn- (lorela idhig among- Bellaire uitixe-ns. nMHHMHH^SpHMigBBaBinBBHMBMB] Sleep Soundly and! Awake Refreshed 1 clear* tbe i caiul «nd help* tk»t tapplies new Dr.EJ.f^yrer, of P h i l a d e l - phia, says: "If you want to keep physically fit, with Natural color in your t heeks, a spring to your step, and lightness in yt«r heart, kf«-p youi system free from the poisons ot waste. v, "Herbal Flaototyn 5s the best formula I know for this purj»se- It TONES THE BODY TO A HIGHER KEY OF HEALTH." Father and Son Make Heartfelt Statement The son, Robt A. Ciark, Men ham- ville, N. J., says: "Dr. Luntz's Fla:.- olynis the only tonne lias dore me good. The indigestion I had iur 3 years, and the constant ,iaa afti-r eating, disappeu'ed before k firushtd two packages of Flaxotyn." The father, 1. 1C. Clark, Phtladefph'a, Pa., Bays: "1 used to be nervoiia, aiid had bad nights. Woke in eaily morning, couldn't get to sleep aga .n. Flaxolyn enabks me to g-t » go-xl night's sleep, EVERY NIGHT." "Flaxolyn Assists Nature'* "Flaxolyn assists Nature in restoring a harmonious condition, says Dr, E. Thayer Ward, of Clevelaati "People to whom I have ruc- o t n m e n d e d Flaxoiyn foi constipation, s t o m a c h t r o u b 1 u 3 , h e a d a c h e s , DR. WARD r e a d i l y t e s t i f y t o its beneltcwl i f a u l t s . " Dr. Luntz'» Double Ounrai itne 1. Tbesafe, barmlessiingrcdferita in Flaxolyn ar« the highest quality money can buy. 2. Flaxolynmustbringasatisfac- tory improvement iiy the sixth pleasant spoonful, or return ihe partly-ut«d bottle to the drug store and get your tnoney back. Clip This Comp Don't wait. Start beucfitiinK by tbe health-Emus vowcn in FTaooJyn. UNION f ) K U ( ^ CO, 801 N. rittsburff St. i 1 E Investi THis Frieiidltj Loan Service y^OU will Bkp this better wa; of J- obtaining ttie eooney you i eed. Our frioiffly plan lets you ' ave the money promptly and priva x"Iy. We make no embarrassing ii ms- tipmtioiag amonj; y«r frierxlH. Wo require no onlside signer . Von can borrow tip to $300. Mote easy payments below wlr eti INCLUDE lawful iuterest: $ 5.18 naoiithly rejiays $ 59. 1 an $10.50 monthly repays $150. l an $21.12 monthly repays $300. l on Let us fell you ulxnit our dig titled loaning plan without obligatior and cur Kefvice which extends over 19 years in Greemsfourg. Call, Write »r Phone I-3-l 5 br tfc* Satisfy Your Smart Charm «/ B to KiSO- -- Satui-a«y 8 UNION LOAN First National Bank Blc j. Hootn 204 -- Second Flo t, GREENSBURG, PA Mr. Jamas Crom veil, son of Mrs E. 1. Stotesbury who played first base ^ on the Pt iladplphia "Convicts, a team rn ide up of Quake* City society mei , at Palm Beach Fla., which oppo ed the New York g. ar , 0( j Rg policemen (li i*nwtltti Pastors and Clik-kens. ATLANTA, Ga., Feb. 28.--Rev. C. A. Turner, pastor of a Baptist church i here, ivaikcc! i n t o a newspaper office and reported t h a i ho w a s a chicken tlii^f it lra;t temporal ily, A -rooster of edible t,U(- had perchi'd on t h o trout Bpiiag o£ the pastor'a car. Patronize Home Mercian :s Who Advertise Try Our Want Ad*. With A Tho sniarJ women oE Co iticllsvillo wants the latest fashionables of thp rommg ;eason! Tho characteristic of smartness for Spring is shown in the frpsh, crisp and chic SUITS at Troutinan's. A particular distinctive group at the unusually low price of ... Becoming Graceful Styles Whether You Think You're the Suit Type or Not. Tailored Tweeds and Covert Suits in Norfolk and N aw Peplum Styles, They are BO feminine a ad KO varied that every woman can find one or more to I eeome her particular type. To be fashionable--the SUIT must be your choice and we are showing the latest stylrs of fashionable creation. New 2-piece suits svith skirt and jacket of tweed and covert materials. The 3-piece suits have the skirt and jacket of like materials, ard the blouse in contrasting shade of silk. Colors of gr'-en, tan and brown, Trontinan's -- Second Floor. and These are the Accessories Which we have properly co-ordir ated in order that you may be "Suited." The corn et hats, blouses, fur scarfs and gloves for your nrw ensemble--· making it youthful, rich and Baku Straws $5.00 The required Hat for the now formal salt. A close fitting hat of imported woven straw w i t h small brims and frills. The modeis are styksd right for this ensemble. In new spring shades for the proper matching or blending of colors. Trontmaw-'s -- Swmd Floor. Flat Crepe Blouses ' $2.45 Variety of !N Wear with Your Spring Suit a «» Fur Scarf A luTrartons fur soon turns a etan)l«, httle mrit Into an important roKtumo. ijiviae; th*'- rosUmiP Wo havo a buautiful selection in scarfs ol i''ox Fur -- rod, ' boigo, pointor and pansy. A fur scarf should top your now suit. Priced from $45 to $7!) 50. Trout/man's, 2nd Floor. Spring Shades. These beautiful new silk blouses are attractively siyled for spring fashion?. Short and sleeveless styles In colors of du?ty pink, riviera blue, mint green, egg shell, rose beige, yellow beige, ahrimp, pumpkin and yellow gold To wear a a tuckiu or over-blouse. Troutman's -- Sw:on(l Floor. Washable Suede Gloves $3.50 In Ncv spring s h a c e s of hcige, suntan and Ian. Slip- on st} le with scalloped tops, Trontrnan's-- F!r,-l Floor THE TROUTMAN Co. Ptwme 889. Great Satisfaetioa is Expressed by Our Customers. 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