Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 27, 1972 · Page 118
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 118

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 27, 1972
Page 118
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Page 118 article text (OCR)

NOW. . . from HOUSE of WESLEY, Nursery Division, P.P. 1, Bloomington, '/. 67707 Spectacular Opportunity for PARADE Readers to ORDER NOW And SAVE 50% on Every Offer' _.^___^_^^_______.... . w. 1 . ·«» ' I ^^ * C O L O R A D O BLUE SPRUCE 5-year-old -- 1 to 2 ft. size $1.00 ea (Reg. $2.00 ea,) 3 for $230 6 for $4.50 Beautiful Colorado Blue Spruce (Picas pun- gens gjauea) is a must m ovary yard. You receive choice, nicely branched, 5-year.; old, transplanted trees at least 10" to 2l ft tall. Having been trsmpianted root systems are well developed and will help plents gat off to FAST STARTS. Lot Colorado Blue Spruce «U beeuty and value to your yard--just right for comer groups, windbreaks or as indrvtdual sped- mans. BUY NOW and SAVE 50%! One of Nature's Most Richly Colored Trees Royal RED MAPLE only 754 ea. (Reg. S1.50 ea.) 3 for $1 JO 6 for $2.98 12 for $5.00 YouH enjoy the brffltant beauty of the _,_ Red Maple (Acer rubrum). In spring the tree i» toeded with delicate smell red flowers. , give you load* of shade. And. In faR. the bsautthd sheds tree's leaves turn to brfWant Red Msate la an amaHant Lam t«» jauu_^ TMTM^ fwm^fw^ ·· ^. vMiiviiOTit ivwii u^m TM" BTBW1 maintafnfmi a naaaabMi MMHMIMI -*-- * nancW i'iniii ""··"··"·'·"W · !"·»··«'»% naanoon sneee. URDtK HOW AND SAVE. You get strong, heavily noted, collected 2 to 4 ft. Popular Hedge for Trimming PRIVET HEDGE 10 for $1.00 (Reg. 10 for $2.00) 40 for $3.50 60 for $4.75 75 for $6.25 100 for $7.50 Ideel ptant far a nest, boxy Hedge can be maintained at any height. Mating thick, dense hedge right down to the ground, 'wt 2T"J?Sf* «?y "" "M" hrte **. Privet Hedge I^LS^ ".** %P W* 1 " ··*· ^«-»*i ,, Americe. Requires Irttf. care. Mart tVa ft apart for a fuH fence. . receive healthy 1 to 3 ft. plants. ORDER TODAY at this low. low (Sorry, cannot be shipped to California). (Amur property hi You 1 price. Bushel Basket Size! CUSHION MUMS at V? off the catalog price Now 10 for $1.00 «*. 30 for 12 JO IMAGINE! You can have e yard full of Cushion Mums for toss then 10 cento each! Rant now for leads of bloom, next fell. Make wonderful cut they grow more boeuUful each year. You receive' hi OUR choice of Buoing Red. SheftJ Yellow car Snow wJallai AU ···.' · ^paa^srvHr ^PW ·MaWW Wff/ewleW* iWJCa ~OaWWA GJve you a bboa of color Amazing, Color-Changing HYDRANGEA TREE $1.00 ea. (Reg. $2.00 ea.) 3 for $240 « for $4.50 ri * Versatile Ground Cover! CREEPING REDSEDUM 8 for $1.00 (Reg. 4 for $1.00) 16 for $1.75 24 for $2.50 48 for 96 for whtia to a** to pwpta in your yanfl assmwB awaav. ..___-- ·«... MM!** Uiee^^^iMAA ·PaWw 4W fV OTfffwae j^vV faTO^w nwWwanHwBi Tret (Hyd. P.O.) NOWI · to Mm. sal ··jl^^aaaa^MjBjt fjt nfc^ !· Fast Growing Tree! LOMBARDY POPLAR 5 for $1.00 (Reg. 5 for $2.00) 12 for $2.00 25 for $3.75 Beautiful BONUS BURNING BUSH only 354 12 fat. tawaV' of shout 2 ft Order today araTsAviMNot --' to CaM.. Wash, or ArbJ 2 to 4 ft. watt |F« Mora) ffof to your how · ttwy irow M ten eprtejit ------ ' ^^ BoU Burning Buah to Int. *1.» veto) whan you order of Masses of Color Early in Spring! CREEPING W* PHLOX 6 for $1.00 ^ (Reg. 3 for $1.00) C2ELL be etivewHh care frae color when youetart Red $4.75 Dngon's Hood). Mace hetdy. northern $9.25 -- watch theei take everl Hil treublei Green All Year! Blue Flowers In Spring! PERIWINKLE ·IB CWIII w9f 'mUjfR fVelt ·waV b Jhawawl wawavaamawW ^^^··ja. VHB _ B . at _ Giant, Hybrid DELPHINIUM 6 for $1.00 (Reg. 3 for $1.00) 12 for $1.75 18 for $2.50 Giant, den with gorgeous showy blooins every year. Yea grow the rest of the weemerl ORDER NOW, Special BONUS PURPLE CLEMATIS only 504 12 for $1.75 18 for $2 JO You'll bo amazed the way i ing Phlox (P. subulsts) and spreeds to be more' beautiful year after year. Beautiful ground cover grows only about 4 In, toll. Bast of all. It gives gorgeous color long before most spring flowers. Stays groan all year--a wonderful ground cover or border! Thrives in partial shade or full sun. You receive strong, northarivgrown field divisions. Rich color assortment of OUR choice: Rosy Rod. Steal 50 for $149 100 for $249 Full Protection GUARANTEE All ili.'Mis |ii.,r.itili:i (I in |»i; D! lli| 25 for $1.00 (Reg. 25 for $2.00) For shady grass went grow, you thick, to or iniii.ii.iM^ pru-i: will In: n:liiinli:(l HfTUPN SHIP- I'IKC. I.ABII. ONLY- y«u niiy ki;i.-|i Ilii: |l:iiil--, lOiir? yi/;n litnill SEND NO MONEY Maka your aakcttona on tha ordar .blank and mall today. On dalrwry pay postman for Hams plus postage and C.O.D. chargas. SAVE MONEY. Endoaa only 7% post, and hand, on prapaid ordars. (Maaaa aand 25% dajwstt on C.O.D. ordar of $10.00 or mm). Oieer tutor ^| U^^^^|j-_ ^m -- m J^ ·· purples, lavenders with psdl tfMs. even the wonderful bkcolors. Es*y-*grow. Very ilpuioui. Moom year after year. You reesive strong. 1 yr. old fieMgrown, Moomfno^ized plnMs. ORDER NOW while supply lasts! foraefy flOS. $2JO WWM). H* wM amaaa you as tt vows ami ate. Only Grows During Winter! SPREADING EVERGREEN $1.00 ea. (Reg. $2.00 ea.) 3 for $2.00 6 for $330 12 for $· JO · ft of ugly hare L^ daya of tha year--avan hi S saoWCSSO Sf yiwn ·§·· o*mm ammaaj, plaMs. Grows vigorously In sun or shads. Gets 4 to · in. WH. Plant 25 to cover 50 sq. ft; 50 cover 100 so. ft; 100 cover 200 so. ft · Extra Huge! Extra Sweet! Robinson STRAWBERRIES! 25 for $1.15 (Reg. 25 for $2.25) SO for $1.75 100 for $2.75 Uulhi* Eaay Ordar HOUSI; or WESLEY. NURSERY DIVISION Dept 7905-105 RJR.1. Bloomington, III. 61701 Smd IMIM tokw: D PraiMUd D COD e few of the* berries wiN Ml s box or bowl. Highly Robinson suswbsiiies ripen fast and produc* lots of plenty for eating, cnstag, preserves, freezing. Be sure sfcnd OffawmT aMMMifall flf atffeaBBal m.MIMtllil.1 liaiifl · --·-··- -,,_ *"** «^»«aaj "MsemMjapg in saswBjmj nsaWVVniWI DVfTsW VflNW OUT ·pedal lew prices lest--youll want at least M to start (Can't be shipped to Arizona). \ Aon 75f post. III. Res. add 5% sales tu. Total: ·MIE. ADDIEtS- CIIT -STATE- I'ARADb · AUGUST 27, 1972

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