The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 13, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1918
Page 2
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PACE TWO THE DAILY COURIER COiSNELLSVILLE, PA. THtiRSDAl, JLNE 13, 1918 1 k " J t 0 u ai icetJi-t, of the Busmu a ' N T 5 Ci i a\u.a a ^ociaUon \ ill th id to^l--t in O d 1 i t lout omple So_ith Put=bu-g s i - Suppe w i l l be ei ed pre iou 11 Jie Bible stud A. spec a 1 mccti g or tue ^\ o'uan B HLme lad T on, = i % i aionar) = D c i e i j o the Trim T Lu ne an chi rc'i w i l l Lt. held to tig t a Lo oaic o Mi L R Floio in Kice ^ rcu i" obser - ince of tfie oth a .» e- arj o£ tli j Mrs John J Ponrod forraerH MioS Duy. AbL \\as tenrt c a. mUctlldn ou^ bho\\ci last e~vc iig at tht home ot M^s \e 1«= Ktar s a JJrotte \ emploves of Kobacr cr s »toie \\lioe Mrs Pen on \vas T, c«."k pievious 10 ht" marriage ' h e ^ i f t ^ lecened foj the bride v.eie liu rous wnj beautiful "\arioua aiiiU u i c j » ucro in dUged m an3. lat t a the evening da nty refseshirenL. were ei ed ·is noil! terain ' a b en urule of tae ~ma.rna a e o* Mi4 E icno L L Himbljdcrag: itL 1 - of _r \t 1 t. l Iiariul and tV la*"* \\ I it i j oi I ti P t burg ind h V i 1 in) Swindler \ichlroj oT 1 _»t oc 1 Iht. " cdding tojh. p w C . i l ! - L (.nils H "4^ o c u c \ i H o r re bride Re "Jb'Hph br~ ct *^"*GCt i o.r^ S t p a t n b £fh -copal cbii'-cu V £ -^ ^ii t i ., offi cut 5 Oi ^ L' e 1 us \ GI e u i tecc-arce ill o"i c n^a nt,fjuer H I t C n thc gut-st oi i » MargarU He r piclc o" Lust Cr fo 1 i cnue and aa a naribe of t cads amc^5 Ct n Ine CS ii r on b! r l ines^ meet n, of i o i i r c c_ ir = cicts OE t-e 1 uou t 1 ot a i cnurch Y ill bt- titld 'omo ow i I 0 nt in tat Thc rogu ?r me ig of the L- ^ c as 3 u I_L j ir p ist c luich \ i 1 Jt utl to itgn t ht. loiit oi ~\tr Shea i.r at i ^U" * "i c \U ^110 ex Icct to attend a^e ^'-V'ec. to ea\t oi iLt o t-locL o t-e LSI ^IiaS Mite Cbn ^ \\is graduated d_j £10-11 he o'lppt r io-ii b ate no i lal ·\knbe 3 o' IK ^I'liam F K n l z Ic~ No \(s\ G i a i L \ n 01 t Rt. pujl ^ \\il i- \.\i* t lie I O I K cC thei ^ Cla ^ i L nco n aveaui LOL orio v a t - nooa o c e brate ai3 b i fiaj Mrs Ro^» P Lj ^e wil gi\e a June pir j to^ a o\ a n on iii tue Cb stian C U I I L pa ti \. l l il o=c, ·who too A. t t in e on I d ^ t T s Daj ej.crci e it it C iri ,*n church are rejJCotc I to f r t he cfei i j) Tbt, bui a *. f nin _ to u c ci en. i hi exerc c \sc t th£ IB. ^ t p "^e led b^ l e b latli.} sti )o t.ach pa t p ii pe^io i, ^ c )a in * ·v»,r\ ible in aan e Th i(,suls.r me Tg, of the La lie-. \id bjcu o f the H » I pt -.1 L ir^h \\i \ bt luUf o c a t c iiie, L horn^ o r %i b C o h a j o tci F ^ c u n b t r -* t a L j to I f t t wn Uic 7 ID u c OCK tree c^r Ka"l K Kr n t i ib c tc ^ i 15 a nufber c h i --tls t us a L^i^ooa at b cu^nn Th G I X Kr it Tig im ttiU ncc toi. ?ai at t u h m o Mii Ltrlui \mg m boL Cc iiie 1 !^ i 1 !^ The. n? i ^"5 01 Mi ^ AncaoePp Gorle t L H L o* M an 1 M r j it 1"^ Co 03 ^ iitaiuoiui ird ban M«.ie-* ^ M. 1 i nized ves,teH»a7 mo'Ti T t c O^L of he p cnt= ot 11 t U I' C Oj 1 (jou lni a ht of t L.t t u.1 C n i I n church, ofii cia eu j PERSON i Mis Crim t" v "n lc F th « mom ii i-- C o a Pi on l e c c nt of a telegram Ul i % tf the ·net ous illness 01 I ( rch n s r ot_o Tne be 0 .! i ! ac to shop . r tei a 1 Bio'fti.c t saoc Co--\d\ 6e" ^ abel No inand ai tho PMa r o u n thci *»· t J _ o r r r v and ^ t u r da\ in Tbt F ' c n Le^w -- \ d \ \ N T i i t o d -- V bT 1 ·'cciiint is ^ood to 1 ia\e b i a ua mac -ere is u. fi ng of beau» and a jo forc-vcr Da\e Cohen TailOi -- \«\ Mis Jo cn^ii f o d has rp urned hone from a \ it A i t i v I»ei si to- Mrs Cli^abet Stau fe "\looie of Greensbur^ £. com c entertainment a di it luach--M"E CLjrch rrJdai. eveiin 0 -- \dv 1.J 1 Mjr^aiid iirs vlostua Co I and t\\o f KTTiTrpn "of CUiiK^bur^ \\" \ a aie MS tins "Mr p Co 1 s parents "U and Mrs J C Vafli _n o£ L.a»t F i i i \ i e v aveiue The cime * ere to sec M~s -Colls brother Ocepli ^oisbon Madi gan ^ho- leaves Sauurdai foi Phila de phji F oir the~e ho \ i l t Iea\e sooa fo du c \ i ell St,nd ^e Daih Cuur cr to o u r bo^ In the u*m Cill at the Coun r of fi*,e and ]eie b s Address Kate oOc yet n onth -- Vd\ ^ i t, "\ i v K i t e Diw T sti rlent rur L it a la £c ^ a nt it in Now I on T O L N G BTIOOWEN \TL\TOR 1liO i!S FV3IL Ct PROUD H£'S IN SERVICE Continued froip Pace One he say^ A fe\\ lines to jet 3011 know that I am well and hdppv I h LVG seen sorrg sights since I saw you la^ Tell Dad he was m bbam battles, bu j Ui b is real "wir Evans sas othei boys a^e well and. happj l FVIILx H Vt i"\Q IN Mi and Mrs F T Kc^slci of Dick crsoa Run have recencd a caid from i then son Hin announcing hib safe ariual in France Anotliei son Geoige reached France two months ago JOF EAKTJGEY TO HIS MOTHER, M i s Joseph Ba-ticy oC Adelaidt has received a card £iom her son TianK. Battlej or Company C llUi Inlaj tn announcing his safe Arrival oveiseas L(K IS J M I S i b TA 31 MUMS Lo its. Bowman oC Dunbai enlisted in he Lnited States raa lies yestei da in Pittsbuig and "W Iham Roth o£ Biownfield ir tnc na j have been killed or -n hose health has been ruined for life- by paregoric laudanum and morphine, each of which is a nareotir product o£ 01 mm l)ru(»i(,ts are prohibited from seUmg either of the u-ucotics namedlto clul Iron at ait or to anybody v thout labelling them " jwison The defiiition of raicotie" is ' A medicine winch reheie* pain o d pro luces sfetp but ulach m muon otus doses stupor, coma, cant U ions, and death" I h e Usto and suiell of medicines containing opium are dissuised and sold under tho names of Drops, Coi dials," · Soothli f Syrurs etc You should no*- permit anv medicine to b.3 given to youi children vvithoat vou or your physician, know of what ,t 13 composed GiSTOSIA DOCS NOT P"J"="^" "now CONTAIN NABCOriCS, if Jt boars the signature of Ch-al H IVccntr Gentune tastoi in always bears the signature of ' GOMS AND SEE" QUALITY and SERVICE V3 to 133 N PiTTSBURG St CONNELLSVILLE 1 ?* GREATEST STORE HORSE AND SIDE-CHAIRS USED FOR TRANSPORTING THE WOUNDED 3lOuT BJlVDbCHK B01 ill ItHi S FKASCI Corporal Cairoil Ray Matthews ot "V ount Braddock has arrived safelv 111 l^rance accorrhug to v\ord received in his pa-cuts Mi and Mrs. /ohn 1 Matthews of Mount Briddocn. In a ' the \r\ II ng fig it loOOO feet abo%e icau ac^ I iuut James ^^. j Met e Mie a u » i a i"03Ll"n pilot pur i ^ucd a*i \1if\. ro s «cau aud shot it oo v i Ji ^ ires IE tie signi ^i his I clieerinc; com"ad"s Meissnei w h o i p j t ^ c a -01 G jears OL agi. a^d i gradu ate oE Cornell hits but rccc.ntl quili fied as a puo a^d 1^0= protect ng a phutog'a^uins aupUne wlicn. he Ge man mar^me appeared He diecl in h spoadj Nieupon chaser and opened firt vrith his mach-iiic gun (.ill the German fell la flames to the t^-rtii M G R b NEWS »H{ni COni H! GljILM M i l Maijone 'S cClelland of Sout'i PiUsburg stleet received a c«rct to da} {torn hci c on Lloyd b McCle! lind o£ the H2uth Infantry tolling, of hi^ safe arrival ovei tlieic ( M O HI) 0 d a cird fiorn his biotncr "tt il Perct aimot ncms his safe ir Coi Conn \Isitfd he" innt Mrs V Gun Compan C\UD An. overseas card has been rtccivecl from Ha-ry Mason son of J V M son saying that he bis arrucd j v. ih Companr I of the JI*)th safe / n C Rose last t GUI She v,5 on her i Frince \ aj to her home a Confluence- to i · «,wnd " two Tveei-. -\acaUon Misb P VT STITLM 4bOA 30 Vi tarct Ita^e acco npanied hei J * Bt IHUAL (.[ N M JE. borre Charles Pntter 0 on tot Ilua^on on Dt T H Francis is in Pittsburg of Mr and Mrs Gtorse Sti h\ai,on. ol toHa/ on busire^s Fast Crawford avenue and bttt i Pat is home for a rest passed tlie t x a i r m a ton \n ar iIlHrj horse a n d pide chant ue mpressed irto the senice o*" transporting woondtd Toajnts to t h e itai BOY SCOUTS START SALE OF TICKETS FOR CHAU1AUQUA Tfci© Girka i Go to lie i o i i f \ House Restaurant for j r u Tuuiadcj supper Chicken ·»nd w JSlos Mr^ C J \rmstron^,-- V1 --wed thurs t r Mrs D J HQo\or of Hist Craw f rd T^pniie 'las qore to Hamilton j Can to u it i tl c nome of her son ) R(. \ Tettei Mrs Thomas Courtney returned ) oiae this n o r n i r ^ from a \isit with t r ei-tls n "Moif-ai own Tr^v c ir clabsil d ad\eruiei"Lnts PROF. SEIIH LEAVES k n o w n as af er h a \ m c on thc use of tht Lewis ^un in prep j eilt O f tll ,] laul u fcim \\ L ii aratloj for =ervicc as an aeroplane gunne" Until five v,ecks 150 Pat was located it K e l l j I Hien he was transferred to DiAton 0 He w i l return tomorrow Cortln eU f'-otn Pauo Ouo MA.R\ ROSS v* ill be t i e s imo is In otlur e t r s $**' The Ci neral of Marv Rov \.ugu c for the cou SL i' bold betoro the mo little diu 0 ht of Vr ajd Mrs openln 0 a"tl 2 50 a f tcr Uie ms khov* l an \ugusUne of Vddison, \v^.s luld Itpeti cs ^ ii^c ti ?k ficlort 'Ipsvi- ,' nsi tS Sri c^i l,nnul rom'dTtnv !· uJtuck H S i itb ttac^e t · ot £3a 5 isli in tl c 111^.1 Lhool b t t c let,, this ·noinmg lor Me d.t'i Ce tci Mii^ is bo~ e havi^t been ummoned to f rfeit arpe^i by j o clock tomorrow mght d inng Ilic lj i ij ocal draf Ijoaid He expects i. ^ i - j j O o to go to Daiimon n ( o l l ^ E C wnere bt «i'l tike PLCI I tiainmt, h nab accompanied to ic station b% mom hei=, (,C tht s c . i n Clibs Pro'e^sor 6 ml 'i"b ju t corap'etCL aij hrb' POLICE RECEPTION LARGE ,_, , ._ __ t Total 01 front Us and F u n s tor I-owri Police co^rL receipts \%eic bit, ij^m ll s m o i n m g a, raid ori a \ \ a t t r slieu | g,itnbllng hoiiot netting $130 Tlit. t v o piop-ietor Mitt Ka\o, aiio John raih«_£ i ft rorfuti, OL ?j(J e t c l and t ree inamtes George John Steve Koles aud M k- Bjoak each left a ? 1 0 j Porfeitb from other p hontrs i )cr u iae(i the otal j begins H C Reffn* 1 ! \\\l\ bt supc j-iton H bpenc me n nii, Itt-LUre 1 " aiul M ba Lura. M i / l l j r t o n hton r" Se» sions \i!l be h u t I s f o l l o w s C-tiil iron -» bours S 30 V V ind 3 JO P M morning J^ct irts 1 o -lo( k if i ooon. enlproi nta^ntb j o t l j c k t v c n u s cutei tanupou s S Tu6bda aftenoon \\ th nt rment in \dd ^on ccmcun Th,. chMd cied Moudaj aCten oon o^ 1 dlphthc a She wai, bis yt-arb old JOHN T i e Eunc al 01 Johu Mdi.-weh v\is acid Jus 110 rniic, a S 0 o clock, from di j.iu t j r t ^ i d u K C at S j u J a ton. lei b \ f l i u t u* at t o c J j t . k fioru the I ni lacdlaic c o n ( t p t i o n tLuicb RP liu } hi^h ina. s i is ce ttjraird b; iic\ PaJui John T Larnb later ui^n m St J o b c j ctmc erj M HLG-JJCS Hughes v i f e o r i u tht past f o u r (Uvi the politt c o u r t ixcclptb h a \ e h f t a 3io Re otlpts for the t nee d-us pre\ious to U ) c( i ji'jj 5 rht. pjlitt Oopartmi nt be scK ·-u^uinini, i[ t t mono eat ab a I act - m the local ligh making arrests, centime \\c mlfeht chool ire has 1 promt \voll hmwro e\en be ablp to bu\ a patrol \\agoa h ^ i c and IA pn ai amorg the ^u = 0 on said Chic Bowerb flfnta H_ id u cd to enlic. m Jie! ·eMK.t bo r oic bt had been -ojec cd * cptiiTCT7TT f r rrrsf W* IT?rrs smt»i hi b^n one o[ uo rENNSVILLE GIRL TO WED ! ff the ef iior clas* p!a^ "Hie IL OL H3o Lit. \ hich \\iil be p i c ted tOndT cam ot set ·= \1 " Mir -c u-hei v^no las \ O L n t r a d a n « , n l i of Mrs 3 beru rainn^ lit c^t 11 1 h i M o u n a m ot ttt i, c | l} f o r nierl of I en b \ i l l e and Ldwaid Gicgg \\ (c\ of Calitorrii l j a w i l l bo bokmi 1 cd j clock in the iiorae of thc luide Mi coac cut re chai^t, 01 uc pt ii is n-iji ted tl at t e lesulH of i is ef BJci who Las t, ci^»t \ i [ h i ^ fo nuance A libb NdU U "iomlun to BeconiL the Undo oi .btin tint (.· ^ i J f The rlirrmge of M ts \clle B \ o L n k m 1!. I ( mich An O T t c r t a i a i H a t H ili Ut ( i tn .it lomorn». TIIL 3w ect Fam- lomorro v evening i lect s c lster Mit= Dick ahornck in I bouth bcreuji ueet \\est bide ) O w i n g to the iccent dexth o( Miss I \ounjvins faJiei tlie vu] bo very quiet only the mmt-didU mem i 1 } \Mll be -t the M e t h ( d = I piblopal cllirch un ' ars ,,, , h( _ L w o lamlUcs ^ oei tH au in es ot the N C D class j^ ^ olmkm , C s idtd at PenasMl c o tLe bcnet c i tile ne\v builUiCo, llatll r c c e u U j and ib widcl incl un 1 Tl-e idnrnMon »_ill_bt a perm i i^ orabl)r k n o w n m t h d t c a m n,unit lie fiance is connected u ith the "\ csta 10 each vc ir up o 2o % e i r s no largi r bl.r-1 bcins chaigcd A lunch will also be sened Tae cas or tht entei Eaiutnent which is of Scottdale pet ^ois Follows Ma Sv\ Get Mrs r i Colbarn ^ i i i n j i n t h j Svvett Mis M L B i o w n Lelmda Betsj Sweet "Mrs J Reynold Carolina Cordelia Sv eet Mrs "\v i ' Licher Doiothy Dehau Sweet Mis "Waiter Stoner Gli-abe U Lliza Sweet Mrb C "W bi mffei Fiancis Fedora Sweet \l s George Gordon C i o i i a n n a G a d aoout Sweet Miss I cuule Terbush Loal comrnuy at Ca ifor m P^ LAST REHEARSAL TONIGHT A PL' 'T"-SC1VE " TGC^ ^ SAVES CQ9KING Ko VYASTE: Ho SUGAR RC i (dst oi "I" 1 1 Pageant of 7jibcrt\ w lo ' Go Tnron^h i mal L»nc^ j The dreos ichea sal for the clabs i?iy e\etcises The Pageant of Lib ert \\hich will be presorted at the j Li rr h school tomoi i ov ni^Lt at 8 30 ! o clock w i U be he'd tonight at the! _ "adi oriuri lae pageant has been ^ o Vod out to perfection bv the teach I s " llln Slle " '" s c s in caarge ind it w considered! The South Side w l »°l lfid t l o T\ea 'Side 8 to t jesterda evening it I a ette fieid Sheet/ and Diune staued ROBSEKFRH3ID irOmr HiH Clwigid M i t h lalanp $14 Iroui I.cstauraltur Arthur Hall was ai rested tais morn ing bv Consiablc Glnsbuj-ff on a ehaige of Ae theft of 51i from Peter Georgakcs p-oprie or of the Conev 13 and tes au'ant IIill can e i-jto the reslaurart about 1230 1?H n ght the prop ie or sajo and old the btoi that he was \vHhout parents and mo ley and uanteo som°tning to eat Hall was alone in the kitchen £01 a ^Uoit time and sea ched the pockets of a garment left in the loom b.y Georgakcs A.I. a iKumg bofcio Alder man Tred Munk tne boj pleaded guilt, of tie tlieu of 510 and said he spen * Ou ^ Je of 10 chi iren s liouf? nil tuo j lOiumL, kc uros, t i e i atu cs of j ilic =e; r d a ^ arc 1 I rst d a \ ~ Uurnoon iibort-v CirU j "*'" even n 0 L i i t r t j o rU iul A\ 11 aui I Kami,\ B e i r t U loc urei j If!S Sr ond oi^ \!t moon 'i('rl"i.l ^ i° Ch vi l e sn g r c i c r t - 1 c! i e Tue Crv ;f J f ill f i t I nnoi-- PJ in 111 ( men e \\a 5 Hi m LI Ha moihei of licbet t \\ I u ho^ of Daw (JJQ *o!i ( tfi la\ 31 nt 1 ei home fo low Tl trd da\ V i-rnoo i t jneoit U m n l i n g e r i n g i Ir s, of F r f i g h t s ill Vltoaio to ill C p JH 11 k e t u i e i a c f n d l u in t i o u b l Decea e d w a ^ e \ e i n n u n bOHb-5 ind egtnds u ^ oar °1'' i n ( ^ ' a ( ^ M iided t Du cos, un b\ P mcc'-b \\atahwa-~o boU fo: 3? '" ^lit v a , alwTvs a J u u r i-n One (_.lrl fclnw » r r c r n i n j \ r cnts r the hot ei ' r u n d \ 1 i in t K Mi b C i\ Nc i f « of 110 co i n mM\ m w i i t b c ho j o l a M a c ' a u u e ^ iin 0 H e l u r o 1 be ' fod and was CM cc i l l \v nil ,, Mai I..1I, L r 0 1 n in t ir icst in eMi ill \ o r k [ and Mrs I h d i UK 100 B e - m n 11 ! I o l ! ^ Iii-ne D *son u u n d ~ud h - 5 M \ t l m t san o i g a n r ^ ^^ 1( funeral w i n c h w a s lied Sun luticu m ,, i 1 concert ' ^ JUrroon I n e b' li u i) f t u i o o u Oreit Lal-cs · I attrtame n. n int J viu a 1 ktiuso ( 7!o l r\ ^ [/ j u I N ^e^^^) u ot ,, tai m b s dae^ 1.1 lo^i c; t 5 l u l u ,,, l o M r I i a n T) U in) israate iu cot ecu b) Gnu ,r t r ( yr.,,, , nf a \uioml Likeb 1 nit t i i u i s \,, m pniiiin incu s h r t mid kiln Seienth d^ - Vf u n o o n 1 oiat Cou , , ,, d ut ( , ,j e _ , 0 w ) 0 uUc ( d htl cc eoirp^i aid Mor. I t iiiakicin miu ea K , o d ij M e in ed f n e CM. n 0 H e \ u e of l i e N UIOL J n } {*, fm 11 i t rl ci f n u r pt-ieiUt. lor Re Ipatl cli b a n ! keli r CHu m iu o ' nil 111 t e h b ' l e a n Tl i e I rl at A i t i n r , K Hi- ma _~- tola Canadian i.tack \ \ i t e i j ( T ,j { f l n E O r i s SUMCT ' ' 1 ll( pn fa Bn sei\ e ^ ^ ill bo he 1 Mun llo^s lion? uj ^ Ft n u b i l e i5af st cliur i 01 ·\\rrd Ins, been i c e e n e d lien of - , , l ( , i , , ]llo ! t 4 mn-i J c v v he am il of t w i n sjns J o i n L u l e l e M I]It f,iaiii In9 1 een TI t ed \ik n a i d Eds i- I lo% d Ail en i t a ,, nR nl]1) lt ls e o , d a l h m\ ud'to (laj at lie ier-e of l i n % is 1 r 1 a (j c n ( [ t ]j S I I I I C L t,ai L -rtil r r in \ \ p r r ^ n O fhov a i o he rst c' Idreu In the 1 urn \ Al ~ xil i n w uel sMllo IDQ il Mount P[i i tni fi-r i»rsi r'r ,nVr PATBIQTISI mil PLEiSOBE Of PBESEefllG i ie I n t n at. ilite *, once] lit i ( huicl be?, i ^T( nda^ to i n" ho v- j \n gel h ' l i t , Ui i sts ihc people to t i k e i mo IT uii u li e c l u i n g thr i i n f , i n « f tl e \ i^cliio to of u i fc\ w o r d s of i raj PI to the Jcii i be h ill of thc w 11 iLg c nm r ieb and t n sufferei 1 - one ci. th° best class c'aj porfoim nccs eie'' pTM" cnted l)\ a gtaduat at batang ! CH r pla-v reheaisals ^ere on thia l i i o i n i n g apd \ ill be continiecl to mo-roxi ind Si i 3n\ The cl^s pi" The Tune of 1 r is Life \ ill be p e routed on Moidij nigHt at 8 30 o clock Ticktl; iie on a ale all stu dtnts bn me ihem and seats can 02 ( r e s e r v e d at lit ef s D~ug Sto-o to morrc\\ ^'u »,'(»·» 000 In {s\. The income iud e tce« piofi s ta.\ of tl o Un to I Stites ^tcel cni i oi i lion amoimtii} 0 to V-5^ 105 DUO hi^ been p i d in £u 1 irt b = i t t i dei ing t oisu · co t ftcites ind bj ins coun b foi adMiiti. [ujinc t N ( d M ( u m h i r l mfl Harrj M i -» of C n n u c l l s v i l l c ano CotehA Dean of U n i o i o w n \\ei s^iantert a iconse to wed in C a m b land 10 terda^ If Ton ^T^nt Sometlifng \ d \ c r t =te foi- it Jn our c'a sified col- am n One cent word. \0 ADTVC1- IN PRICE C H I L D R E N Should not be "dosed" lor colds--apoly 'ex. ternally 11 - -he--oOc--$1 00 You will be in need o! prirfing c! some \ir.d ci- it be leiie." s, ctaicmcnte v ac,'Pg invitations o public sa ! 3 L'.TM, ra member we can tuji out the woik al ihj lowesi cosi consisten. i good vor!:. , Making Jsn [{alps Unsla Sam Now tlial preserving fruits and berries is entirely safe from ihe danger of \\aste in spoilage, it is the pleasant but no lesspatnoticdutyof cveryhouse- wife to put up all the jams, jellies and preserves she possibly can This releases tons of valuable foodstuffs for our allies Why safe," you ask' Because today the value of sterilization and Paiowaxing is understood Formerly housewives hesitated about presen ing too much par- ticulaily if thc "cold pack" method ivas used, forfear some of the good things would spoil mtime But today, 'w ithspickand span glasses and jars, sealed air-tight with clean, pure Paro\\ax,tlntdan- ger is removed. Even ' co'd pack' preserves are completely protected against detenoiafaon TV hen the jar-tops are dipped jn Parowcx Parov\ ax keeps outall deteriorating influences--air, dust, get ms, everything It keeps m all the goodness, flavor freshness Your giocer sells and recommends Parowax. SWEATERS In the cleverest modes apd colorings Women s and misses slip on Sweaters of Sl'e'land wool m an effective i f ^ l c Color 1 --IOT 'open green and turquoise blue Choice $3 93 and $3 95 BOYS' WASH SUITS All high!} clesiralle and this season s Suits the material being Linene Galatea Chambraj Devonshire and imported Ginghams--?! 98 $1 50 up to $3 50 HISSES' WHITE DRESSES Of OiganaY Lawn or fine French Batiste dainty lace and ribbon in mired st\les Sizes G to 14 years--?1 98 up to $12 30 CHILDREN'S WASH DRESSES G Lo 12 ^ear sizes made of good sturdy Gingham in. plaids and checks special at 59c up to $2 98 TRIMMED HATS At SI.OS, $^95, $?.95 and $5.95. Never mind the lalues Come for the greatest Millm- eiy sens uon of the beison Plover trimmed hats, tailored hats la'ge hats small hats and hundreds of all white hats milans and leghorns New pink hats, navy blue and all black hats Hundreds of Hats I\o two alike Make it a point to see the hats WOMEN'S AND MISSES' SUITS \o need to tell the hundreds of women what this sale m.ears in actual saiing--the know from experience Suitb formerlv sold for $25 00 $37 50 and $45 00 Yonr choice at ?15 00 S19 75 and 24 95 DRESSES Beautiful Gingham White Voiles, Linenes and dainty figured \ oiles--over three hundred in this purchase f\ omen s and misses sizes go on sale at exceptional prices. ?5 35 up to $19 50 NEW BLOUSES Actual - 50 Voile Waists for $1 50 In white and dain- tv stripes with large organdy collars Others beautifully lace trimmed choice $1 50 $3 95 and $7 50 Blouses of fine Crepe de Chine or Georgette Crepe m fifty cnsp new summer styles This re an unusual Blouse offer DRESS SKIRTS Our half jearJv eient--Samples and surplus stock lots of taffeta \\orbteds fine serges plaid or stripe models. All regulai sizes--S3 95 up to $12 50 A saving of $2 50 to $3 00 on each Skirt Money J l s T \ TKLil, \nc "iou Will \grce Tliat It IB THE BEST COFFEE \(ra r \ t Pici 1 in lib Tested and 311 nns ]L foi n th Iig hand\ C a n -- ^3 *1 00 \ k \rn\r Grocer O ' l ' l \M ( U O I I U T holrsnlc l)ishiliufi-s. Ibs Can Be Snyed 6y Haying Tour Hat Cleaned and Reblocked * into A he Latest Shape by oin Sxperienced and Expert Hat Cleaner -ftbo makes a special 0tua of all Panama work. "^Ve use no acids and guarantee all our vioik to he the best Established 190C. The American Up-to-Date Hat Cleaning Parlor J. L. PLJUE.IS, Proprietor. Ill \\ Cri^ford A\e PEN^ V T. Robert Williama, Calesburg, l'o» Docomber 27th* 1917. ^ou nro rigkt^ when you say in yotr-s of Eocec- be- £*th t at Se-roco is rerna-icably good tooth paste and that it has a strong story to tell, but the difficult;, lies in p ttin^ that story in suc,h language as rill corviace the public. The Scnraco story of a nodioinal pas e that not onli- c earbes tho teeth but also kaeps noiith and g ns health,, when put 01 parer does not sound vory different i cm vhe sto^y of just any ordinary dentifrioa For that reason we make every effort to get the people to L^y Senreco. After that Senreco tells its o-vn btor - and ·'"ully 90$ of them are Senrooo users and boosters ^rom then on* Tnero ie a Senroco user in Pittsburgh who has int*-Qduc*a our product into the fanilies of thirty-four of has friends, Frtfusiasn' 11 Ho, not entirely. Simply a case of Sendee racing good. It is Just as stated above If t] e., x/ill try Senreco - if they once beoona ecoiminted vit*i a real dentifrice - with what a denti-- frit-e can and °hould be - they are Senroco boosters iron t£at tint on, \o - ur d^aggist or toilet oountors can supply ou with Serreco. It cones in largo, two ounce tubeo and retails at 25/« Thy rot got a tube to-day* Try it. fle stand behind e\cry pack; ge of Senreco with a raoney-baofc guax- Vory truly yoars, S5KRCCO,

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