The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 1, 1939 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 1, 1939
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

' J ' IS* 1 '' WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1, 1939 THE DMLY COURIER, CONNELLSViL,^, PA. ___ PAGE SEVEN PENNSYLVANIA DAYS" CAMPAIGN OPENS THURSDAY \\ /r--- ^ hain Stores Begin Statewide Push For Smashing Recession Consumers, Farmers and Businessmen Join in Prosperity Drive CONTINUES ALL OF NEXT WEEK PHILADELPHIA, Mar. 1. -- All elements in Pennsylvania life were marshalled today £or a concerted attack on unemployment and the recession United under the banner of "Pennsylvania Days for Pennsylvania Prosperity," tney are mobilized fo" the 10-day "Pennsylvania Days" drive initiated by 46 of the States chain sj stems to increase consumption ol Pennsylvania products and boost the State's purchasing powei Fred Johnson, chanman of the Chain Stole Committee for Pennsylvania Prosperity, icpoited that "consumers, farmers and businessmen have hailed the duve as keynotmg the advance to better times We welcome then, cooperation an pushing the State s industty and aguculture sharply ahead Johnson said the eithusiastic public reception accorded the chain store drive followed the anrouncement that the campaign, running from March 2 to 11, is designed as an attack on unemployment and lack o£ markets for the Sta'cs products-factors retarding gi eater prosperity for the State s 10 000,000 citizens "The campaign, as planned by the chain stores is an ans-ver to challenges issued to business recently to show Pennsylvania the way out," Johnson said "In his inaugural address Governot James 'ssvied such a challenge, and over the week-end two similar appeals were mae by the Philadelphia Chanber of Commerce and the Emergrncy Council of State Associations " Johnson declared that although the; chains normally purchase more than $300 000,000 worth of the products of Pennsylvania's farms and factories, they ha%c already stepped up their purchases by 'several millions of dollars m preparation for "Pennsylvania Days " 'It is this conurete evidence of beneficial results accruing to all Pennsylvamans from this duve that has led the State's lenders to give it their active support," Johrson said Typical of the comments by leaders of consumer groups Johnson said, was the statement by Mis J Bertram Hervey, president of the Philadelphia Federation of Women s Club*; and Allied Organizations, hailing Pennsylvania Days as "a truly great contribution to the pi asperity of our State " "We are always reaay to cooperate in any progtam that vull help Pennsylvania business," said Mi Hervey, ' and the chain s'ore plan has been designed to do just tl it consider it a marvelous opportunity for every Pennsylvaman to join in for the good of the Commonwealth ' Johnson said that other leaders hailed "Pennsylvania Days as an example of the contributions chain stores make to the State's prosperity Numerous statements approving chain store contributions to the welfare of the State's aguculturc, weie received Johnson said He cited as a tjpical example of such comments tt e statement by P D Franz president of the Pennsylvania Cooperative Potato Growers hailing "Pennsylvania Dnys" as beneftttmg ' thousands of faimers jn the State " " is the goal of Pennsylvania I Days " Johnson said "By Increasing the demand for Pennsylvania pioducts, the chain stores will bnng about an mcrense in farm and lac- tory activity That in turn vil mean more men on factory payrolls and more money in fanners' pockets" Johnson said that the drive provides just such aggressive act on a: Goverror James called for in his inaugural address when he chal!0nge business to assume leadership in re storing prosperity The chain stores plan to use "news paper radio and other advertism; media to tell the people about Penn sylvEnia products," Johnson sjid H added , "We are convinced that Pennsyl vamans will join wholeheartedly In this move to icbuild the puichasmg xiwer of the State Johnson, v.ho icpiesents Ameiican Stores, heads the opeiatmg committee in active chaige ot the campaign The othet membeis of the comm ttee are William F Leach of the Gieat Atlantic Pacific TOT Comnaiy, J M Ellis G C Mtiiplij Co Daniel P Coleman, Thorn McAn ard John Ward Shoes F C Sch nib, So,irb, Roebuck . Co , ~VIe H Shuvcr, J C Penny Co E E Buihrgime Liggett s Drug Stores, and Frank M Head, United Cigar-Wheian Corp The coopei a ling ciams are. Trc Greit Atlantic . Picific Tea Co Liggett s Drug Stores TTom McAn John Waid Shoes, Hoin . Haidart G C Murphy Co tinines Shoe Corr- panj Institute of Disti ibution, Kroger Grocery . Baking Co, W T Gi ant Co, J C Penney Company Sears, Roebuciv . Companj, S S Kiesge Company, McCror's Stores Corp, Maiket Blsket Corp F W Woolwor h Co, Casscl s Stores, American Stores Company J J Ncwbeny Comp my AJanlic Commission Company Wilgreen Drug Stores, S rf Kiess Company "West- em Auto Slippy C o m p m v i i i g Dare Stoics, United Cigar-Whelan Stores Corp , Cinrles S ores Co , Inc John R Thompson Coirpany, The Grand Union Company Hanover Shoes, Peoples Ding Stores Inc Widman , Teah Rea 4. Den ck, Sun Drug Co Inc Arrow Dnif, Co , John H Wood Company, Autcnreith s Dollar Stores Federal Supply Co, Union Sapply Co Donahoes Inc McCann . Comp-my H L Green Com- pinj, F i \V Grand S h e " Dej-iv Stores Inc The Dov. Dru^ Co, Koppers Stoies Inc P H Bu'ler Company Streirnlme Markets and Neisnei Bros Pioneers Favored Pennsylvania Gun The "Kentucky rifle"--made famous by Daniel Boone---came from Pennsylvania Boone and his fellow-pioneeis wcie entirely dependent on thei^ rifles for food and protection and naturally demanded the best To get the oest, in America's p,onee-- mg days, it was necessary for Boone to go to Lancaster county, Pa, home of the Na ion's most expert rifle-makers The Kentuckians could shoot-but it took Pcnnsylvamans to pro- v de the shootirg nons ' G-E Triple-Thrift REFRIGERATORS are produced by Pennsylvania workers at Erie, Pa. 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II over KDKA E v c r j Monday ' 15 P -VI Simple, Silent, Sealed-ln-Stecl T H R I F T UNIT with Oil Cooling "Tht daddy of them all!" ) ELECTRIC R E F R I G E R A T O R Program Of Chains Praised By Potato Grower Special to The Courier BSLLEFONTE, Mar 1 --Pennsylvania s potato giowers will give full support to the ' Pennsylvania Days" drive to increase consumption of Ke stone State products P D Franz president ot the Pennsyhan a Potato Gioweis, declared today "Thousands of fanners in the State are largely dependent upon their potato crops for income,' Fiaru said "and they are immediately conceinecl with any moverrent likely to bring about a gi eater demand for potatoes "Launched by chain stores doing business in the State, 'Pennsylvania Days 1 provices just such a movement and the Pennsylvania Potato Glowers will, I know do everything thej can to further the campaign " Franz pointed out that the chain stores had conducted successful, pio- ducer-consumer campaigns to move surplus potato ciops "The idea behind tms promotion is sound because it features staple goods" he said * The consumers ^hould benefit gieatly by this campaign because it will place before them the finest a\ailable products "I am grateful to the chain stores for naking people of this State conscious that Pennsylvania prosperity lies in their purchases of Pennsylvania goods " Virginia Miner Has Role in College Play Special to Tfre Courier CHMVIBERSBURG, P a , Mar 1 -Miss Virginia Miner of Connellsvillc had a role in the Latin comedy, "The Rope wh ch the Wil-on College Classical Club presented Moncay njght beloic an audience that included classicists from nearby preparatory schools ard colleges In 01 de*- to recapture the spirit of the onginal plij and lo emphasize the \ itahly oX classicil drama, Pliutus* ancient farce was translated into the language ot 193D Miss M ner was cast as a friend of the hero m the production A senior, she is the daughtei of Mr and Mrs E C Miner of Connells- Shippers Optimistic. MONTREAL Mar 1 --The visit of King George VI and Qi,een Elizabeth to Canada next summer and the New York Woild s Fair w»ll help to revive the Slumping trans-All antic passenger business shipping men here believe They forecast that ooti events uilL give impetus to westbound traffic Hi AD COLDS A few drops bring comforting relief Clears dogging mucus, reduces swollen membranes--helps keep sinuses open VICKS Sues Faiher tor $85,000 LOS ANGELES, Mar 1 --Charging ·he was committed to a state mstitu- .101 as ai\ inebriate at the instigation of her wealthy father, Geneva Wright, a 34-year-_pld_artist, filed two suits foi $85,000 damages Hei mother also was made a defendant FaniHs for England SINGAPORE, Mar 1 --Five gianl pandas, lore and valuable bearhke animals, captured *n Changtu, China are on then way to England in the liner Antenor If the panaas arrive they will be the first of the species to leach Europe in captivity. 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