The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 28, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1930
Page 6
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\ P A G E SIX THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEL LSVILLE, PA'. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2S, 1930. · -^ P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N \ W » n d - l l \ Mr-*. .1. S I i onfin«l to a r y v, i t h t o n '''or - , i l - ,1 Ston '·. PopUu 1 I ' r i t t x i M K lit i ' S t a t e t i l is G l e n n A Cadw ctl S o i r i ( n n n f ' H s \ i ( I r e n e , pun- Komr-rso' Min of Mr and I inontov.ii. i · f'dllcK' 1 i n f i r m - i x and C o u n t y u - Ad- i M,ir-h S \ r n i ,i' $1 IT- pci gal w r t . Yemeni 'Suh-3t. Mr. and Mr . J o h n Ko-.; of C r a w ford avf'imr-, H'osl Side. w e f t - n I'n- iontown Wodi »"?day m e n ) - u t e i d l n ^ Hlf SppiRul-C] ,ivot!;t Iit;li(. F u n e r a l Dir T t o i ;md Mrs. c T?, Hrooks of I i i i ' i c i n Head \ v o r e fon- n c l l a v i l e v i s i t o r s yc-itcrday. H. V. Harm i, I!UUmor it Ohio supervisor, u n ' l Mrs. I l a n n . i of Hoc U- wood, n ro viic.'tionitiR in Philadelphia, New York and o t h e r eastern cttio'-!. H. 'P. Shenii-k ha'i been eontined to his- bed for it week w i t h an attack of Krip. His cii ilit ion is improve 1 *! today, lio vev(-r. Mrs. David ,/ong, wlio has boon HI at he-r home in Morrell a v e n u e , Greenwood, is able to he about in her room. Mrs. .1. Car! His-hop oC North Cott n m - a v e n u e , w h o r e c e n t l y u n d e r w e n t au o p e r a t i o n in the Unioiitown Hospital, is able to bo out. 1.0.0. F. CHEVALIERS AND THEIR LADIES GATHER AT BANQUET C.RKEN'SBUUO, I-Yb. 2S.--Mirth and jollity reigiKMl supreme around the festive boiuxl o ' the a n n u a l banquet by T. O. O. F. Chevaliers anl their Indies, \Vodneflday ev( ning at L i n c o l n Lodge- vourceeuting O-ld Fellow ca:ilons from Creuneburg, M u n t Pleasant, Conne'lls- villo and Pitc.iirn and officials f r o m Pittsbui-R. f'ovors were l«id for ."iu. The after- d i n n e r addren ·"· provtxl not o n l y en- t e r t a i n i n g but were instructive in various sv ays. G r a n d Maotcr George li M c D o w e l l t' Pitcairn showexl the magnillcent work done through Uie Davis Avenue O r p h a n Home, Pitteburg, tho YVayfcide Ivin, tiie Homo for the Aged it Me.tdv lie, tho Hehekah Home of Pittsburg a id uuuiy other similar i n s t i t u t i o n s mi ititanied by tho lude- pendont Order of Ot.d Fellows. Major Harry Allen of Pittsl/urg alco g.ivo an account of the gr«it i n y t i t u - tioiiK that are s-o generously btipiKirted by tho larger I lembei-ihip of the I. O. O. F. Colonel H a n y Foicht of Pittsburg spoke more p a r t k - u l i i r t y of tho work of the Patriarchs M i l i t a n t and their accomplishmen ^ Pii«t District Deputy Grand Patriarch C. P. Co)eman of I r w i n told a n u m b e r c»f Ktoi ic-s tilting the occasion and heartily t uinkixi the guestH for their attendaiu e. H e n r y M. Zundel, as master of ce ·emonies, \selcouiod tlie gtieet^, intr.Hluct-l the speakers and briefly touched on the- hustoric erones that been ( uacted in t h a t v i c i n i t y . Kolos weru Ming by Mrs. Joseph Walker of I r w i n and John Waters of Jeaiinctte, w i t h Mfes Caroline (!ooJ of I r w i n as tho p auo Mr. Wateit was al'^o the Kong leador. At, tho tloss of the. buntiuet tho d i n i n g room wo-; clearned and dancing and other amusements toiiowed. On account of the u f t a i r being a m i l i t a r y observance the- guests were limited to chevaliers f r o m the cantons, who turned o u t iu f u l l fatigue uniforms without iido arms, and their ladic^, or the d i n n e r could havo been much more lai ^ely atUMideil. The committee had pledged a gool d i n n e r and a h a p p y get-together, and it wan highly coinplinK'iited upon tho succt-H- occasion. Aunt Het "It" exert ip kei SaIlH's t o n g u e 01 as a c r i c k e t whci ps a body y o u n g , ^1H to he as spry she'.s ninety." SCOUT COMMITTEE I AT PERRYOPOLI IS COMP1TED ISOLATION OF RUSSIA BY NATIONS OF WORLD URGED IN HOUSE SPEECH WASHINGTON', Vcb. 28.--Diplomatic isolation of Soviet Russia by the n a t i o n s of thp world until it ceases "attackiag God and all men \vho profess rol Rious beliots" was advocated in ii fli-ry speech be'fore tho UOUSP today by Uopresentativ« Hamilton Fibh, Kept blican. New York, ion of Grant's socrctary of stato. "Wo have be-on s i l e n t long enouKh iintl I Ho Unit u ts come Cor united action, not a m i i c protnst or lip service but a dotiu nd for cessation of r e l i g i o u s persecation in Hussia or the withdraw;'1 of roooKnitiou by tho civiliaed n a t i o n . of tne world," Fish said. "Aio the people ot the United Stales to c o n t i n u e silence any longe-r on a t h e i s t i c attacks o-E the comm u n i s t i c ri-i;!mo in Russia against C h r i s t i a n and J-jwlsh religions?" CARDALE MAN ROBBED, THROWN FROM BRIDGE; BACK MAY BE BROKEN Held up and rob! od, lie alleges, and hurled over a bri Ige. a distance of 25 feet, Albert Pu ''tiMty, 48, of Car- ] dale was In a serlo is condition at the Hrowiisville Hospli il today, suffering | ' a p p a r e n t l y from a f r a c t u r o of thi ! spine. The man was found un| conscious this nun nine; at- the Davis sidini; bridge at Allison by a negro. I A c c o r d i n g to th · i n j u r e d man he 1 was robbed of part of his pay by two negroes, who th.'n 'o^Sf d him olt the bridge. They faile I to set |2S in his shoes, he s;ui!. Members of the !· UUc Police iiv i n - vestigating COMMUNISTS PLAN GENERAL UPRISING C o n t i n u e d fr n I'aitf On" i'd States Department of J istico agents said they understood t h » wave of rad'-al unrest that has brc.Ken nut in demonstrations in New Y rk, Chicago, Hoston, Detroit, Cteve arid, P h i l a d e l p h i a , Waterlniry, Conn., waukce, Los Aii[;el' prepartUory to tho burst ou March G On t h a t day. it i; m n n i s t s and malco itent-j sympathetic %\Hh aims of that gi u u p plan to march in all the p r i n r i p il cities of t h t c c o u n t r y and in Hi me, Paris, Bi'-.-lin :iiid oilier 1'Jurojit'a i capitals To follow u p til ir o i i t ry aBd.HHt unemployment anl lead the v ay to Kuiieral unrest us Ui » radical program, it was declared Six men who ' l a i m titles in tho so- called Communifct 'arty of Lhe I r l t ed States direct t - i o approximately 3,000 members of he. party in tho eighth district, wli'di includes lov.-tr Wisconsin, Lake ci u n t y , Ind , all of Illinois and all ol -Missouri, it was revealed. The names of tl o nix were made public, by iuvestif.itors, after last n i g h t ' s raids. The: are D. A. Hathaway. general orga lizer; Ncls Kjar, industrial orgauix -r; H. Milgrom, "agiprop," or a g i t a t i o n director; Uarl Sklar, local organ zation secretary; Louis Fisher, in rl arge of publications, and F. Boric) , an asahitant organizer. These, leaders, il wab said, have carried ou tho v,, rk. William '/,. Koster b-agan in t ic Middk Wen:. Koster returned fro n Russia, lijst, December and was re orted to have received ?1,250,000 In cable from Berlin. That f u n d paid for the rrecn: demonstrations ovei the United States and yaved the way t ir the inluraalion- al dumoustratlon. investigators n'-ud. Chattunoogii, Mils and Sea'.lie was international ;tit- understooil. Com- Just Off the Wire Farm Sold. The J o h n Ai gtuttino farm of 435 acic-s, ii(\u - AdiiiKon, was sold to .lotcph A. Con idle of AIcKeesport. '['!H- eoii.suioratii.n was icportcd to be in tho neighborhood ot $20,OUU. Patronize Uiose who adrortlaa. MAKINGS IT EASY TOURING the winter months nearly everyone would be benefited by the consistent use ol cod-liver oil. One oi the drawbacks to its more general use is its natural taste. SCOTT'S EMULSION 19 not only co d-liver oil prepared for easy digestion, it is also made pleasant-tasting and this makes it available to millions who need its health-giving benefits. Be sure you use Scott's Emulsion--it's cod-liver oil made east.' to take. Scot' Si Hciwttr H i:n6rM N I WASHINGTON, 1 ob. 28.--Tho Jaet state election In Wisconsin was a "dastardly fraud," Representative John Schafer, Kepubjicai . Wisconsin, told | the Houi;e today in demanding an in\ vestlgation of alleptHl lobbyists who have contributed to LaFollele'e campaign f u n d . Schafe · urjcod favorable consideration of his 'wo resolutions to authorize federal I n q u i r y into lobby associations. * » » WASHINGTON. Fob. 28. --Tho La- Guardla resolution 'o authorize examination tor income tax returns of Federal Jud«o Grovt r M. MoscowlU ot New York was approved today by the House Judiciary Committee. * « * WASHINGTON, fob. 28.--General Charles M. Saltzman today was elected chairman of the Federal Radio Commission, succeeding Judge Ira E. Hoblnson, who had held that office since March, 192S. ..-.,,, Ft j. 2,3-- WHlard S of Patterso i Heights filed | papers with the elec ion board for tho | Kt'ipubUcan House n -ruination fbr the | Second Beaver d'str ot and Walter T. : Watson, Jeanuotte. rom the Second Westmoreland. K 1 Mrs. Hello Chlpps Dies. Mrs. Belle Chipps, 13 years old, wlte of William J C h i p p j , dk-d Thursaay j at her home at Gail ,. Who to Thos« who advort so In The Dallj Courier. Classliicd Atlvoi-tlsements Bring results. Tr them. G'leaming hair! The way modern h a i r dressers ac- retiUu.te your h a i r by i o v e t v lines and contours makes it i m p o r t a n t to keep t h e h a i r i n p e r f e c t c o n d i t i o n . No\\, m i l l i o n s know the q u i c k e s t way to Rive tho hair new li! and lustre t o b r i n g o u t i t s n a t u r a l c o l o r , is w i t h D a n d e r i n e . I t it, so e a s y to use; you s i m p l y m o i s t e n y o u r brush w i t h t each t i m e yon a r r a n g e your hair. Danclerine dissolves (he rrust of d a n d r u f f ; stops f a l l i n g h a i r ; puts Uie- sculp in the pink of condition. It helps the h a i r g r o w lone, silky, a b u n d a n t ; givcb i t more l u s t r e t h a n brilliatitmo. It i n a k i s ilio hair easy- to-arraiiRp; holds it in place. Waves look tacer; stay in longer w h e n "set" with I ' a n d e r i n e . Danderine Jhe One Minute Hair Beautifier AT AU. DRUG STORES--THIRTY FIVE CENTS Completion of the l o r m a t i c troop committee of Uti» I Joy S nanizatlon at Pcrryojiolis \ nouncrd t o d a y by Ki'outn Hist S H m n i P l , member of tin of Perry T o w n s h i p High Members of tlve committee a Blair and Paul C). Luco of opolis, Rev. K. C. Tjinn and R Simko of Star J u n o t i o n and 1.. Mesargoe of KMatw*ris. It was made k n o w n also t h i r d , or Boh White, patrol 1 completed. Memlwrs of t h e are George Holvonik, leader. Palumlxi, J o h n Vlalocky, Allei A. J. Slsley, James Lepley, I Buttermore and Albert Shrln The other patrols, complet t i m e ago, are Flying Kagle a Wednesday night three tea up of members of the troop t"r«'l in the first aid work J u n l i o n , which is under tl (ion ot Dr. J. L. Cochnin of ( vlllo. There are five mnrn each team, w i t h Uie patrol William McCraeken, Joseph I George Halvonik as captain; i of the outs or- as an- ister J. faculty School. 0 H. 1. Perry- v. S. P. Rev. J. hat the ad been patrol Samuel Hankie., llsworth ;o. d, some id Wolf, in made vere o,n- at Star 1 dlr:'C- onnells- icrs to loaders, azy and BURIED ALIVE 1V29. WuatBra N f w s Union j Tc/teranc* t* th« most l o v t v h l * q u a l ' t y t h n t a n y himxn b r i n g can pottgcBii. T o l e r a n c o 1.1 t h a vlalott that *iial)le« ono to »ee t h i n g s f r o m a r o t h « r ' « v i e w p o i n t . It Is th« jr*n- eros ty t h » t concedes to o i l i e r * tha r l j ; h r to t h e i r own o p i n i o n * iinil t h o u own p e c i i t l n r i U?fl H ta t h bliriicsa t h a t o n i t h l o i u.i to let peo- IlB 'ie h a p p y I n t l i a i r osvn w n y I n - Bteail of our way. -- K o t a r j U u l U l i n . ONION D I S H E S The ubiquitous onion is always '« season, always tueipenslve, alvvajs healthful. When eaten raw they nre rich In vitamins u n d uncooked retain nun h of their v i t a m i n content. In fam- where there nra children onions jdiouid, he Burred at lenM twice a week. W h e n cooking them adtJ a quarter tea- spoonnil of sugar-- it heluH to brin out dellcnte flavors. For « Sunday nljjlit luncheon, roastO'l onions am! poUitoes in th fircplu:e will be a meal enjoyed by the wiole family. Butter both vegetables very geuerousiy when serving them. Glaied Onlong. -- reel medium-sized onions and prick them through the center) to keep them from btreuklnjf while oooking. Place In boiling salted water to which a tefispoonl'ul of jrag- nr hn« been added.- Simmer until tender, d"uin and season with plenty of butter, ad\llng a tablespoonful of sugar; cool' o\cr blow heat until they are well glazed. Onicna Baked With Tomatoe*. -Strain one quart of tomatoes and add. two tcblespotifula ot sugar, ono tea- gpoonful of salt ant! two tablespoon- fuia f Itour nil well mixed. Add two iublespoonfuls of butter find one-quarter tenspoonful of pepper. Cut sir or eiKht onions into halves and put them In a buklnR dish. Poor the loranto sauce over the ouluns and bake one hour in a moderate oven. Scalloped Onlong. -- Peel and quarter even sized onions enough to serve the family. Parboil until half done then place in n baking dish with n Inyer of rich vhite sauce, sprinkled with a thick Inyer of minced cheese and cover with another Inyer of onions. Finish with the white sauce sprinkled well w i l h buttered crumbs. Bake tmtif brown and serve from tUe covered baking dish. Victims of Hlirumatism, With stiffened Joints und Harked With -*aln, Suffer a J/hlni; J)ooUi I Mr ICii OlilPr of C o n n e l l s v i j d e s i - r i b e t f I l l s i t - e o v e r y [ r o i n th! · o r x l l t i o n I n t h * f o l l o w i n f f l e t j "Kor v p . i r s 1 s d f f o r c ^ l w l t l i l i n n , i n t h e Iff? 1 - i . i n i s a M h o u l d ' T 1 KTI'V. w oi-8.' and w t h o l i o u - i f M j .lol-it.s A - t r o °t l - n .iint ) n f t n ' n c " ! , i n i t I wa^ « i t ' i i i c k l n t c i - a t n f » r a. larpt c \ i-: , i.i i ami n K h t My ( I r n p i x I a w a x i i n j 1 ni.\ri t n i r u - c t u i l v e aixl I , nf....,, lo r i i i i i n j ^ i i f l ' i M - ' r i K A k i i i c l l U)!il aiy d f t u K ' i t . r i... ... T o t i l r " ,irid h o w t h e h e l p f u l j p l . u i i t i ^ r o w n ;·! i i - l r r a t u r a . 1 p r c ^ ' - i ' i d I n i h l i ( i i n ' - U H n e w t ' n t l ! t h i s l!ni.- n.i i n l r l n e t l f-vir t . i k i - n H....I b f t n o f J J u l t r f v t H z r c l - i i . i t f r i l i i n - ' l l i i r i f - s urr t i o . i f t c i 1)1:111 m e r e r h « m i - m e x t r a 1 l . - a n i K , i t h ; i t W ir! t'.i Tor it. cri.l iif th" ( I r - i t \vftl( - | ' i ..... I r f t in i i i o o i l ,ind t l i e in.'lanin m j i ' i n l a ).^ I l e f t me I \ji, * «n(T h i s ' I ,iiif/r.xl r.. a i n i , a , I U « - j i t on us n,. \v irM'a "I i R t l t t i i n . s K r - o n i c i l t . ' tin I t a w . 1 '·' ' i i i i . i r - l i , w t i n i I .id ills i ^ l v « n j of i t f i s n . x t r i " i s t l f i x - i l , m I I d I -i f i n r . i p p ' - n t . t: r (rood :. ... . ( t h e ». i j n . l m o n t h J p m u M i i i n w i i f f t i t , a n i * a f t e r u e r k , m'··» J f - ! t i l k - m y " I n ' l l n f v p ' - ffa'.c t o 1 » ( I t i . u \\'or!il s '[\nir w h , li h a n ni.iJ r . f A - i i . i t i ! i,! v, ,f. i i\ i t ri"-nr t o m n. !^:j| v s a i d f t e n d ' , . M i l " ' ' a : OHM M i ! ' (.* tl f S ' i t- I t " K\'T i) s T D t l l c !· np. » · . . v l l i o I n)|f Co , ml a l l mo|.-- r(.t,r« i A - * i 7 1 -- A i l v e n H i m e - i t FARM BOARD ACTION SERVES TO STEAIY THE WHEAT MARKET Afraid of Life "You're not afraid of life, are yon?'.' she iislcs him, and Finch Is startled into "VeH, I am. I'm awfully afraid of It." She renred her bend from the pillow. "Afraid of life. W h a t nonsense. . . . 1 won't have it. You mustn't be afraid of life. Tnke it by the horns. Take It by the tail. Orusp It whero the h a i r is short. Make ft afraid of you. That's the way I did. Do you think I'd have been talking to you this nlsht-- If I'd heen afraid of life? Look at this nose of mine. These eyes. Do the/ look rfrald of life? And my mouth -- when my teeth are in -- It's not afraid either." -- Kansas City Star. It Is Folly To Stay Fat The proof is everywhere. In every circle you can see that excess fat is dis- appeanngfast. Modern science lias found a major cause of excess fat in a weakened gland. In late year?,, physicians the world over have been fighting that cause. They do not rely on starvation. This modern method is embodied in Marmola prescription tablets. Each box contains the formula, as prepared by famous experts. People have used these tablets for 22 years--millions of boxes of them. Now nearly all have friends who show the results in new beauty, heal ill and vigor. Go tiy Marmola. Tent the right way to reduce. The results will amaze and delight you. AH druggists supply Marmolu at ?1 a box. WASHINGTON'. Kpb 28.--T ertd Farm Ro:mi b'ootl rt'atly broaden Ha opera!ions b\ lem Gr.iln S t a b i l i s a t i o n Corporate tional fuiuis to check the i w h f a t prices and riven dlfIU:ii tho Western wilful fartm r. J .ttion.s t h u s far lave s -r\ p! t l a t e t h o l a K m n p m a r k e t very ably. C h a i r m a n Li pge Hiiid thp i l i o n has reciucstrd ao i d t l i t i o r i since iH- inUi,\l loan rv' $VU but t h a t oilier a d v a r c p s w made if necessary. The fan has on hand for loan; J50,00 the $iriO,UOO,000 rt-volvuiK fun by (IOIIRIT ssional havo promiand f u r t h e r ajprop from tho $350,000,000 r.-mainln authorized ?5on,(00,000 rr-volvl If Loggo neeIh it. To date, thp board lias about $90,000,000 to i oop^erat addition to I ho $10.000,000 stabilization corporation. Legge's htatetni'iit t h a t th planned to m o d i f y its e x l s t i n j program was interpreted by to mean It would be exp,ind« explaiutxi the mod'Hloatlon woi vide more extensive loans and storage facilities to county el ie Fod- oday lo Ing t h f u addi- rop in iloa for s opor- stimu- notice- orpora- 1 f u n d s 000,000, uld bo board ',000 ot t voted leaders ·iatlons ot the ig f u n d iledgod vfa iu to the board wheat jxpertH . as ho Id pro- extend vatoi'3. RUPTURED? Free Demonstration At HIP H o j n l Hotel, ;onnrll!ivill Sntur- iluy, Alarrh !»*, or At (be White Snnii Hotel, Uni inimn, Suudji F March 2nilf or At the MononKralirla Hotel, llrui- navUlc, Montlny, Mtiroti 3ril, or At tlir .»« .raod Hotel, M neH^en, 'I'uenduy, March 4th. It}- Mr. A, E. MITCHELI Hour* 10 A. M. to 7 *'. M .Stuart's P l a p a o - P a d s aro pal ' n L a b l y d l K t - r u i n f r o m Uii= H U B S , b e i n g i u u h a n - K-o-chemlco · i p p l l u u i u r s made elf-ail- licsivc p u r p o s e l y t u k e e p Iht m u a u i e t o n i c called ' J J laiao" c u n t l n u o u i l y app l i e d lo l l i u af£u-U'U jiarts, . nd to m i n i m i z e d a n g e r of s l l p p l n j j an I p a i n - ful t t l c i l o n . t-'abrlr sott as · e l v u t -- sy to a p p l y -- i m x p e n s n e . I ) u 'ing 24 y e a r s i i i o u s a n t l s h a \ e succ s s t u l l y t r e a t e d t l i c m s e l v v s a t home--· / i t h o i i t l i i n c l i a n c i * f r o m norlc. A « a r d e i LioJd Medal, H o m e ; C i r a n d P i i x , 1'ar 3 and l l o n o t a b l e A l e n t i o n , Kan FiMncUi o. P r o cess of r c - i . ' O \ e J y Is n a t u r a l , so o sub- i i u o n t use fot any k i n d of s u p -on. BE SUim TO CALL Do not f a l l to c.tll on -Mr. M l l i h e l l as you rmi; not .soon l i n v u . m o t h e r oppor- t u n i t y . I t costs y o u n i t h l n g ; o e x a m i n e and lias e d e m o n s t r a t e d ,o you p r i v a t e l y -- t h i s bcienlilic s c i f - t r e t m e n t , w h i c h so m a n y o t i i c r s a t . e a t u n d T oatli rid t h e m of t h e i r r u p t u r e and saved t h e m f r o m t h e k n . f e , U e m e m b e r tlie d r n e a n d plaoi If n o t u i j l e t o i a l l , w r i t a f o r VIIKE TRIAL I'iAPAO. A J d r f S s P l a j 10 Co., IH)S S t u a r t Ulds , fct. Louis, Mo.-- Adver- * flllp^fp^^'^^ ·2m #^l :*%f wj^ PRICELESS PROTECTION COMPARE Itwt n«w Nosh Twin- VMI Ignition Eight to oHver can ·okd of Hs price and yault mdantfy see its extra valwe and desfrabil- ity. 4| One very important feature of this new 1930 Nash "400" is Duplate non-shattorobie pJafe glass in every window, door and windshield--priceless protection at no extra cost. 4| And this is only one of many superior features which account for the superior performance of the Twin-Ignition Eight. 4Tr»« performance of the Evans Motor C!ompany CONNELLSV1LLE, I'A. EAST C R A W F O R D AVB. C O F F E E HEINZ SPAGHETTI 2 Med. Cans straight-eight, Twin-lgr;ition motor with its 9-bearing., integrally counterweighted, hollow crankpin crankshaft and aluminum connecting rods is so superior to that of the oti tar straight eights and the V-eights you wHI know it instantly. |The off-cushioned chassis (Bijur centralized chassis lubrico- ticn and permanently lubrkated springs) improves riding ease immeasurably. | See this car, ride in it, familiarize ycursetf with its superior performance, before you purchase your new carl WIN-IGNIfIOf4 EIGHT, O W N E D BY HOMj; PEOPLK Corner '. Pittsburg and Peach Streols F. D. Stores Special 69c NOODLES OR ELBOW MACARONI Your Own Home Make POUND 12c CHEESE Fancy Cream Longhorn ib. 29c V I N E G A R Prices--In Quart Water Bc.ttle Special 1 9s ALL BRAN Kellogg's 2 pkgs. 25c PEPPEF S Price's--Quart Jars 25C Premier SALAD DRESSING iarge bottle Baker's Chocolate 2-1Oc BARS 17c Pillsbury Buckwheat FLOUR, 2 pkgs. 25c Bright Yellows HEAD LETTUCE, Each 10c APPLES, Cook or Eat, 5 Ibs. 25c Octagon FLOATING SOAP 4 bars 25c Dutch Cleanser Chases the dirt 3 cans 23c MOPS 16-oz. Cotton 35c value 29c F L O U R F. D. Special Guaranteed APPLE BUTTER 3O-oz.Jar 23c SARDINES, In Oil 4 Cans 25c MRS. CAROLYN COLLEY DIES IN PITTSBURG; ONCE LIVED HERE Mrs. Carolyn Marietta Colley, a former resident of Conm'llsville died | Thursday rooming at the homo o£ her daughter, Mrs. Oda Schusler, 1337 Cordova street, Pittsburg, with whom she made her hom-e-. She wae a daughter ot" the late Mr. and Mna. Van i Amburgh Marietta of Connellsville and I had resided in Pittsburg for meuy i years. She lias a number of relatives i here, including Mrs. S. II. Foust, an aunt She wis a niece of the late j Rockwell and Quitinon Marietta a n d ! Mrs. John A. Guiler and had frcqiibnt-! ly visited at the Guiler borne. ! The funeral service wil be held to- j night at S o'clock in he Hchiu-ler home. The Ijody will bf brought to Connellavlllo Saturday n o r n i n g and w i l l be interred at 11:80 o .-lock in Hill Grove Cemetery. Government Pla:is Oil Merjjer Test Government took its first st-p here today toward lusting the- validity ot tlie proposed $1,500,000,000 merger of lite Standard Oil Company of Now York and the V a c u u m Oil Company. Federal District Attorney L. H. Brouor said he had Iwen asked by the Department of Justice to forward to Washington a list of the defendants of a suit filed hero in 1906 by tho Government a a; aim-1 various in- d i v i d u a l s and oil companies, chareing · · o n s n i r a c y to li.\ pi ices in restraint oE tr.ulo. AdvcrtlMcrnents resuUs \v!ien pla«vi in tho «ol. ST. LOUIS, Feb. 3S.--''he Federal' uania o£ Tbo JJaily

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