The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 28, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1930
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

!·'!·:! 5 I t I ' A I I V L'S. Ui.".0. THE DAILY G O U 1 U E R , CONN JLLSVILLE. PA. PAGE We feature Grennan'u popular priced! cube*? Grocery SPECIAL PRICE THIS WEEK ON TMaiisa«* u0O MEDAL Iarsesack F L O U R $1.OO 91.98 **·* It's Kitclten Tested" SPECIAL! DelMonte Melba Peaches 2 Igc. 2 Vz cans 49c Luscious Fruit in rich syrup Alwayr fresh churned- nct cold storage. Eiiiglisli Walnuts Diatno id Brand -- Large, ltt% Meaty Kernels. *"*· S P E C I A L ! BULK LIMA BEANS ·with the good buttery flavor ! Ibs. $e i^ 3 £ov At go on* Van Camps large cans S P E C I A L ! irontato Soup Made from tasty ripe tomatoes 6 cans --A $3 value .'hand-colored Sepiotome MEDALLION A B autiftil hand colored Medallion delivered to y u in a few days. Reproduced from any snat shot or photo--6 by 8 inches and inde- strui'tible. See samples in any Keystone Store. $1.69 Recomnaendcd by the Icadin;, beauty culturists of the world. Soap S P E C I A L ! i Searchlight M A T C H E S Every strike a light 6 Beans In Tasty Sauce cans U S TA R 0 Makes Good Things T; ste Better. jap Super Suds 3 New Bead Farm Soap FOP Modern DimBrwasialng Small Boxes QUALITY MEATS PURE PORK SAUSAGE!, 4 Pounds $1.00 3 Lbs. SPARE RIBS and 3 Lbs. SAUER KRAUT 80c SALT SIDE, 5 Ibs. $1.OO WEINERS, 4 Ibs. $1.OO SHORT RIB ROAST, 3 lbs.9Oc STEAKS Sirloin, Tenderloin or Round 3 Pounds $1.00 Good BEEF BOIL, 5 Lbs. $1.00 FANCY BACON, 3 Lbs. $1.OO Home Dressed CHICKENS and VEAL 313 N. Pittsburg St. Connelhville 136 N. Pittsburg St. K E Y S T O N E S T O R E S QUALITY witU ECONOMY "tun* in on W. J. A. S. at 10:30 A. M. ev ary Fi-id»jr, for Koystono Stor«« Progrnm. PRAYER m BEHALF OF THE PERSECUTED PEOPLE OF RUSSIA By t ' n i t o J l*rus«. ,..M±9 1 ,.!·« I ' · Jill--'1-^.m «i-- -- . *fx , , II...IIMI,--a* J L L I _ . .._.!·· «ma . n | bt observed "March Hi, in Ix-halt' of the ; l u i v e be-on f a i t h f u l u n t o death g i v e pwsiMMitod G h r i s t i u is in UUK.-|:I. .'Vtrl;utiiig noaro. ]!·» pri'siMit. w i t h I t rtnid.x: ' I hone- who ; i i in loiu-lim.'.s.-i u t i d " ( V ) i , Lord .li^-Ui^ ' h r i ; i ' . v. I n ) I'or o u r d t s i i l n ' ion. K r u s l i u l e u l l I h a t hindiM':! sakc's d i d s t e u d i m t h e cro.-'.-i a n d ( l i t - : n i i u g «f Thy U i u n d o i r i a n d so de.-ipi.-M.- i l i » .slKitne. ; lid u r l at tin.; r i x h l order tin- u n r u l y iiimsloriH f o r a i n f u l h a n d ^l( l ! * d ; l o o k , w e biwoefh Thc-i-. i men thut. t ) n v r u i l f s c of Thy t.'u.spel may in jjK'rcy u p o n Thy s u r v u n t s now tun'- i yet t r i n n i p h and Thy clwircJi bo re- S'criug for their f u i ii In K u s s i a . s c r a n t ! ostahHs-hptl in (ho hearts of Thy tht'in patioiico and sCc-adt'af-tiuiriH ;tnd · people." r m.'tlo pub!',!- t o d i w h i c h » H i In: mod t h r n i u l i ' u t j I'd llU'.'l'i :0: T iU)ll Uay, to ° ' j the psii'o w h i c h t o w o r l d c » n n o l a j R'i ve. for Unrgnhis J -To t h . . s f in p ; i l i ;md s o r r o w K h - , if w ,, rr(lf i t|, o advoriisdiis cohutww comi ri. To tliote w i i o j o j xiu Dally Oouriar. GRADE CHILDREN GIVEOPERETFA AT SCOTI DALE "My S ii ii n i s li Swr '(heart" Froves lo Bo A cry 1* i p u h i r A tt radio ». OTHER NEWS QF THE DAY you could'nt take the fullest advantage of Dollar Day Bargains THURSDAY and FRIDAY . ; -r. "ie k ; ,··, no ]·· on l/o Slip(.-!al to Tho (?our.!i SCOTTDALU:, Feb. 2S.--". ish t ) w e o t h o « r t , " a miistctil was presented at the Btran last e v e n i n g by the s e v e n t h 8 Kt'iulcs of the schools, u n d c r e c l l o u of M;i«r);arclt Jam m u s i c s u p o r v i a o r in tho schools. Nondas Whil« TV a r o m p a n i s l . The stapo mana; R-Dborl. Ritsch;irl, HoM-ard arid I/oo Skornp; tho b n s i n r Btr.«, R o b e r t File and ("irant The play was w o ) ' prcfici very p r e t t y costumes a n i muslr, shoivlncr tho ejccollen that, the c h i l d r e n rerelvod. The cast was as follows: K a t , D u t c h t w i i i f i , Jiau Cai B i l l y Wiloy; OrclA and B D u t c h twin.-:, J u n e JlaUi ai O raft; Sladtholder, Robcn Vun SystPtis, V r an Hapen B^rgoa, b i i r K o m a s t c r s , l^U Frank CJrisnfo and B.lly Be! r t u d Tommy, Yankee cuido McDowell a n d Weslny ': ScMiorlta OarllU, G o r ' r u d e F Pedro, u. Spanish noblema Stoner; May M. Marchmant M a r c h m a n t , P r u c S. Sarehn T. Parch man I and Fn u H. ni K n g l i s h gw\*, V i r g i n i a OibH nor Morrow, Doris W a i d Frank a n d H u t h A u l l ; Mrs. ton S r n y t h o , e h , i p - r o n , Jean I J u a n , a toromlor, . f u n l o r J u a n i t a , N a o m i A l b a i c s i \ In t h e chorusc'r. w-crp: D i i t c ^ h k i d d i e i--Mot na. Lo Steena, I r e n e M ' ' C r r r y ; Ki Oraincr; C r i s t l n e , M i i r i a m m b u r y ; Rosa, Bcgma I.;ubiak N a U l t n a Ca:-sinD; D i n , Hoy moro; Fmz, U a i p h I .eighty takins; part v. p er« L i l l i a u KilKaboth S i . l n - m m , J"HSlo T h o l m a Clarkon. 1 Si A l i c o*. K^^libh gir!: ; -- J u n e K i n p r , Taylor. K l h e l K n y b o u l d , ACH Helen N i s o w a r n o r . D t U y Urn o t h y B r o w n , D o r o t h y Bod G a y i U ' l l o Parki r, 1» ii?i Hi Bolly Hhod^s. Snauislt R T i r ' s -- J / o l a . I r e n o m a n ; I s a b e l l a , M i r y S f i i p r i t a , J..ncinla Sli V i r s h U i i Hanihr;- : ! C i i l » o n ; Ferdtnuido, t O t h o r s ta'dns: p a r t were' S U n o m a n , K ' l l t h I f ill..'nna C h m p b o l l , I I , ' d i i K h r o i w e r t h , K . r l i t c r . H ' l i i ; - \Vi i s i u g o r . l O l i r i ' i ! w o r t h , I K r o : h y S t " U f : K tilth J a r r e i t , V r g . j i l a , Bai.os, H t i r r ? ! l M n u k . n l l u t h c - r f o r d , I / o u ' - k s , W i l b u r H i d e r , \ V I I I n r Olydo Fox, I ' a u l Rl:ode.s. C h r i s t n e r , t J i - o t ^ o H r i i - ' k o r in NlsewaniBr. l-'uneral of B«hp. Tho f u n e r a l s e r v i c e for H:i: art! K l m n t o l ! , t h e t h r o e - n i ' son of Mr. and JIi^. Paul KI M a r k e t strue-t ".vho diwl ul i on Wudncsduy nvrnl^is, w a t the homo f:hi» al'ternooii at In charge of H e v . Ck-orgo H pastor o£ t h e "Methodist 1 C h u r c h . I n t e r m e n t i'( llowod dale Cemetery. ' Mrs. i'uiloU's Fiinera Tho f u n e r a l nervice.^ i'or J cet.ti Pallotti, IJ2 years old. Patsy Pallotti, who died W morning' at. the- I ' n i o n t o w n will bo h o l d S a t u r d a y m o r n o'clock at St. J o h n ' s O n u r c h u i n G n t will folHr.v In tt. J o h n tery. Mrs. P a l l o t t i is s u r v i v e h u s b a n d , f o u r BOII« a n d one i Aid Meeting; 'I'otUgliL On account t tho grado last evenitig the regular m the 1/adics' Aid Socioty oC th C h u r c h w i l l be h e l d this ov tho home ot Mm. A J c x Tayl HaKol Craig w i l l havo c'harg program. Juvmille Club .Uonduy The Juvenile M\iBtc Club v on Monday evening at tho Herbert Millor In Loncka av very interesting proj;rum b arranged. CoTCrod-Dlsh Supper. Tho Brotherhood of Railwa nrm's Auxiliary liald a covt supper at tho Odd Fellowa vo lowing the buslneHS stmsiou afternoon. Covers wero twelve. Ont of town gue.st8 \v Fullem, Margaret Steiucr,, Ida Calhoun and Satid.brldga or Youngwood. Other 'cws. The Dames of Malta'met iu seiiuicm at Mtiose Hall laat and had Initiation. Following ness meeting l u n c h was servi A largo delegation of men Paul's Lutheran Glinreh, he, Re-v. John B. bambe-rt, altoi r e t r e a t held at Greenaburg ! ning. .The Ladies' Bil)ln Class of ti gclical Church held a cove supper in the ehurch last ev The monthly meeting of th ers and ofllcers of. the United J Sunday School wan held in tlv last evening. After d i n n e r - M i s Stnut'fey revlmvwl a book. MlHs Ann Wray vlnlted w Lillian Frye at Groeiuburg yi ly Span- comedy, Theatre idi eiglith ;· the di- Overly, Seottdale t.'ho ac- eri5 were vfatlhewB M ' l l e r . ted 'with catchy t r a i n i n g Kit and 'BOH and itz, also d Bobby Smith; tul Van Keeiter, ; , , James nil ;, Don , Ralph Sue P. int., Lou, u, Elea- Nancy Pemhor- t r l c k l e r ; l l e l m a n ; ;. C r a f t ; n, R u b y Hocken- your pay came a day too late stil! have another opportunity tomorrow, Sat., for will continue our greatest DOLLAR DAY SALE All Day C r a w f o r d , K ,S( hlkiicamp. S h a r p , Wbllle- o l h e r s MeCUIn, Rhodes, ire and Dorothy fia Folk, f h , Dor- :iboimer, r d y a n d ZimmeT- r : M a r - KslriUi, Peggy .'is. ' Beula'n Lona V i r g i n i a H e l e n r, Mere- V i r g i n i a I C v e l y u fSeorRft J o s e p h l.inrkey, JaiiK-s d ..Leslie -y ni climbs-old imell oC is homo Ucld at o'clock Hadcn, piscopal n Scott- r«. Con- wl-fo of tin OB day lospiUl, iig at i) id intor- .1 Cemo- I by ber lughlcr. aperetta jtitig oC Baptist ·ning: at r. Mrs. : of tho ill meet icnie of nue. A is boon. / Traln- red-dlsli ·ms, I'ol- istortlay ltd for iro Sara Bertha Bertha regular evening U« buai- cl. rom SI. ded by cletl the ist eve- e Evan- ·cd-dish ning. ; toach- , ' - . . . - L- ·· mm*® Everybody's Store 121 N. Pittsburg St. New dollar items will be added continually--shop tomorrow, dollars do extra duty here eliut'ch Adrian ill MlHS sterday. Dynuinltei Halm Kuttic 'S. p l L I ^ O N , Mont.., Feb. 28--1 l i t e r a l - ly ' r u i n e d,H In 'Be; vevlieud c a n y o n 1'ur u rnv Hei oiuls li « o i l i e r day as HU K t i ; l ; ^ of d y i i a m i t t b l e w u r e p t i l i a n p o p u l a t i o n ol! n v y r .'utl i n t o ott-riiity. B u m p Jliislotis Weddin ··. BILLINGS, Mout., l''ol. 28. -Vivian Vernurd, Belle ]''ourche, N. D. walked squarely Into J. II. Piiriema , saJcs- m u n . Mutual excuses v.-crc olloweil by romance c-Hauixed JCSB ( tan i-l houxa lalcr wiLli werlunj; be IB. No "Frills," but Real Me«U in Lumber Camps Some one recently writing of Mains Inrnber canp feeds describes tbe Uble in rather tnteraatlng terms: "*Th* food U alt on before the cook shouts: 'Oorae and get It!' Vou will not find finger bowls, white napkins or a dozen knives find forks to every person, but you'll find real irrob, th« kind that delights tha stomach of every wooda- man. There ar« no 'courses,' You eat as much as you want of Anything that \f on the table. The dishes are kept filled by tho cookecs. Coffee, milk and tea are In larpa pitchers. Other food la In tins or enameled b,is- tns and In large quantities. The cups nr« of tin and hold a pint--a real mantle* cap. Knives, forks, spoons and plates ar« also of tin or enameled ware. Som« of the men mix beans, bread, plcklos, potatoes and onions together and then cuver it vrith mo- lagsefl. As noon as a man has eaten, he take* his dishes and deposits them In one of th« huga dlshpana that la usually !n the sink at one end of the cookrook". To Jeare your dishes on the tabla would be a certain sign of ·greenhorn.'"--Lewlston Journal. WAIL of* tfits/ This inevr plnntic paint han been perfected by architects meet the popular «mand for u wall tivx luring material that permanent, washable and oconornicil. Duralith is odorless, to apply not' ivill not crack or shrink. Goinc in and sec us about it before you rebuild or redecorate; ^ Sec us or write Dura- lith Corporation, 44 . Lexington Are., New York City for information on free individual color wchcmc for your borne by (Jora Wilst n, well known interior decorator. Ground Ivy A staple and effective remedy for ground Jry on lawns has been found. This consist* of a single spraying irlth sodium chlorate, using 1 to 2 ounces per gallon of water, and that quantity of solution Is sufficient to cover 100 square feet, providing a pressure sprayer Is used. If applied with a sprinkling can, a trifle more solution will be needed, as that method of application is somewhat wasteful of material. The leaves should be thoroughly covered. The spray can be applied any time during the summer or fall. Since tbe Hpray discolors the grass for a short time. It is perhaps heat to defer application until late fall. Enj;li«K Poet* Lanrent* The origin of the poet Inursntehip of England is Involved In obscurity. In early days tho word "laureate" came to mean In English "eminent" It waa thus generally, although not always, applied In a literary sense. Modievai kings had poets or minstrels attached to their households, who received pensions, although their appointment was not official. In this way Ben Jotison was looked upon as the first laureate, but the title Beams never to have bean really conferred on him. John Drydon was the first English poet to receive the title by letters-patent In 1670. BVom that time the post became a regular Institution. Lo»t Propartjr It was kit Inspection, and the sot- dlors had their things laid out on their beds. The orderly walked I n t o the room and approached Private Brown. 'Three BblrU, Brown?" be aslcod. "Yen, sir. One oil, oue In tha wash, and ona in the box," n*p!lud the private. "Two pairs of booti?" "Y*8, f i r , one pair on arxl one pulr In the box," "Two pairs of sacks, Brown?" "Yes, air; one pair on and one pair In the box." "Good! Now, where'* the box?" ."Dunns, sir; rv« lost it."--Ixmrton Answer*. BUMAMTH PERfcECTEtt BY ARCHITECTS II A. C. Herwick Sons Contractor: 109 North 5th St., nml Dealers in Builders' Supplies. West Side, ConnellMville. Pa New York Nuptials the p-csetiue of thousands of distinguished USE OUR CLASSIFIED ADS.

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