The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 12, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1918
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

r , JUKiS 12, WE SENT AWAY FOR THAT GAS LIGHT A N D IT WAS NOT AS REPRESENTED WE SHOULD HAVE THOUGH OF THAT BEFORE ORDERING AND PAYING IN ADVANCE FOR A GAS RANGE AM THROUGH TRYING TO PUT THAT BLAMED THING TOO ETHER WE SHOULD HAVE HAD MORE COMMON SENSE MlIVWYTO SflvD FORA y CAS RANGE rCft ^LIEUTENANT ^PATD'BRIEN- were open ily decision to get away from that front door had been made and carried out none too soon for I had only just located inj self between two big wine cases when I heard tlie traxop of sol- dle-s feet marching up the front stoop, a crash at the front door, a few hasty words of command which I did not un derstand and then the noise of scur rying feet from room to room and such a banging and hammering and smash ing and crashing that I could not make oat what was going on If Huyhger had revealed my Wdlcg place to the Huns as I was now con fldent he had T felt that them was little prospect of their overlooking me I They would seaich the house from top to bottom and, if necessary raze it to the ground before thev would give up the seirch To escape from the house throueh the Inckyard through the iron gratintr which I hid no doubt I could force seemed to be the logical thing Although as I have said, I suffered j^ cel]ar to sarrec Jn mv scarch ror | to do but the ch-mces were that the rreatly from hunger -while occupying sometning to eat but the hurvet of ^uns hod thrown a cordon around the this house, there were one or two xhrco ^ enrs of ^ a r hfid made n n j sue . 'entire block before the squad was sent things I obsirved through the keyhole ce;s n]ong thftt Une lrapossible j was , to the house The Germans do these ,,.* «_.__., . ., like the man out ia the in a b e a t ! taints in an efficient manner alloys or from the-windows "which made me j laugh, and some of tbe Incidents that occurred during my voluntary Imprisonment -were really tarmy From the Keyhole I could see, for instance, a shop window on the other side of the street, several houses do vn the block AH day long German sol diers would be passing in Trent of the boose and I noticed that practically every one of them won^d stop in front of this store window and look In Oc caslonally a soldier on duty bent would flurry past, but I think nine out of ten of them "were sufficiently Interested to spend at least a minute, and some of them three or four minutes gazing at whatever waa being exbihlted in that window, although I noticed that it failed to attract the Belgians I have a considerable streak of curiosity in me, and I couldn't help won derlng what it could be in that window ·which almost without exception aeeiQed to Interest German soldiers but failed to hold the Belgians, and after conjunntr my brains for a white on the problem I came to tbe conclusion that the shop must have been a book shop and the window contained German magazine*, -which, naturally enough, would be of tbe greatest interest to the Germans bnt of none to tbe Bel- witn wnter everywhere but | T 00 ? take nothing for granted aud not a drop to drink I T\IS tempted \vhiie In the city to go to church one Sundav but my brtter Judgment told me it wonld be a usels9 r'sk Of course, someone would ^nroly say something to me artl I didn t know how many Germans would be there or what nvlgt happen, so I gavo up that idea. During all the time I -was concealed In this house I saw but one automobile and thit "was a German staff officers That same arternoon I had one of the frights of my young life I bnd been gazing out of the kevhole as usual wbt-n I heard coming do\\n the street tbe measured tread of Ger man soldiers It didn t sound like very many, but there was BO doubt in niy mind that German soldiers were At aoy rate I resolved that as soon as night cam* I would go out and In- Yesttgate to* window When I got the answer I laOfiied so load that I was afraid f«r the moment I must have attracted tb» attention of the neighbors. bat I couldn't help it. The window fitted with huge quantities of a! The store was a butcher · and one of the principal things they aoM apparently was sausage. The Clagbgr they made, although it con- Mated BMniy at moafes pUed in the ·MuB. certainly bad plenty of "pull" ~ K "ptfllea"' nine Ger- I often ant at their course and r "ptfned" me right across the tl The Idea of those Germans be- Interested In that window Sls- aa to stand In front of the wm- for two, three or oor mtnates at ' · ttme, however, certainly seemed tanar to me, und wben I got back to A* booae I ant at the keyhole cgain and ttaati Jnrt ma much Interest as fciAjtu to watching tne GernMms stop IB fbeir tract* when they reached the whidusi, eren GKHI^] I was now aware what the attraction was. One of my chief occupations during these Snys was catching flies I would latch a fly, pot hto in a spider's web (there were plenty of them in the old noose), and stt down for the spider to cone flown and get htm. Bnt always I pictured myself to the same predicament and rooted the fly just as the Bidder wn about to grab him. Several thnei when thlnga were dull I was tempted to «en tte tragedy through, but perhaps tbe same Providence that ·elded me infer? through an perils waa guarding, too, the destiny of those ttes, for I always weakened and the flies never did softer from my lust for "The boos* waa wen supplied with koota-- In fact, one of the choicest libraries I think I ever saw -- but they were an written either in Flemish or Jftench. I could read DO Flemish and Terr UttJe French. I might have made a little headway with the latter, but fto books all seemed too deep for me and I gave It up There was one thing tnoogh that I did read and reread from beginning to end, that was a Hew York Herald which moat have arrived Jest about Die time war was declared. Several things in this interested me, and particularly the baseball scores, which I studied with as much care as a real fan possibly could ac up-to-date score. I eouldn t refrain from laughing when I cajne to an account of Zimmerman (of the Cubs) being benched for some spat with the mnplre, and it afforded me just as much Interest three years after it had happened -- pcdtirps more -- an some current item of world-wide interest had at that time. I "rummaged th« house miny times "I Figured Could Put Up Flflht" a Good marching down the street. I went upstairs and peeked through the window and sure rt nough a squad of German In fantry v,us coming down the street accompanied by a military motor truck. I hadn't the slightest idea that they were coming after me, but still the possibilities of the situation gave me more or IPSS alarm, and I consid ered how I could make my escape If by chance I was the man they were after The Idea of hiding In the wine cellar appealed to roe aa the most pracdcaJ, there must have been plenty of places among the wine kegs and cases where a man could onceal himself, bat, as a matter of fact, I did not believe that any such contingency would arise, The marching soldiers came nearer, I could hear them at the next house In a moment I would see them pass the keyhole through ^hlch I was looking Haiti" At tae word of command shouted by jj a junior officer the sqnad came to a t - j v teution right In front of the house! I waited no longer Running down tho stairs I flew into the wine cellar nnd - - - - - - ,, ,. .. %T? HZTM ""T? ^ ^ "Asr^dw'oraSScorSl bottle the only light coming from a grating I of ^rrioliiid apply it as directed Soon which led to tne backyard--I soon vou %V ill find that irritations, pimples found a satisfactory hiding place in j blackheads, eczara, blotches^ nngworn the extreme rear of the cellar I had had tlie presence of mind to leave the door of the wiue cellar ajar, figuring that if tbe soldiers found a closed door they would be more apt to search for a fugitive behind it than if the door My one chance seemed to be to stand pat In the hope that the officer In charge might possibly come to the con elusion that he had arrHed at the house too late--that the bird had flown. My position Ln that wine celjar was anything but a comfortable one Rats and mice were scurrying across the floor and the smashing and crashing going on overhead was aus thing but promising E\ldently those soidiera imagined that I ought to be hiding In the walls, for It sounded 03 though they were tearing off the walnscottlng the picture molding and in fact e\ erj-thtng that they could tear or pull apart Before very long they would finish their search upstairs and would come down to the basunenL What they woald do when they discovered the wine I had no idea Perhaps they would let themselves loose on it and give me my chance With « bottle of wine in each hand I figured I could put np a good flght in the dark, especially as I was becoming more and more accustomed to It and could begin to distinguish things here and there whereas when they entered the pitchy darkness of the cellar they would be as blind as bats lu the sun. Perhaps It was twenty minutes before I heard what sounded lilce my death knell to me, the soldiers were coming down the cellar steps t I clutched a wine bottle in each band and waited with bated breath. Tramp I Tramp' Tramp! In a moment they would be in the cellar proper I could almost hear my heart beating The mice scurried across the Door by the scores, frightened no doobt by the vibration and noise made bj the descending soldiers Some o£ the creatures ran across me where 1 stood between two wine cases, but I was too much Interested in bigger game to pay any attention to mice Tramp 1 Tramp' "Halt!" Again an order was given in German and although I d d not understand it I am willing to bless every word of it, be- canse it resulted in the soldiers turning right about face, marching up the stairs again, through tbe hall and out of the front door and away! I could hardly believe my ears It seemed almost too good to be true that they could have given up the search Just as they were about to come upon their quarry bnt unless my ears deceived mo that w*s what they had done. The posstntUty thut the whole thing might be a German ruse did not escape me, and I remained in the cellar for nearly an hour after 'they had apparently departed before I ventured to mo\c, listening intently in the meanwhile for the slightest sound which would reveal the presence of a sentry upstairs. Not hearing a sound I began to feel that they had indeed given up the hunt, for I did not believe that a German officer would be so considerate of hia men as to try to trap me rather than carry the cellar by force If they had the slightest idea that I was there I took off my shoes and crept softly and slowly to the cel'ar steps and then step by step placing my weight down gradually so as to prevent the steps Iroin creaking I climbed to the top When Itching Stops \\ --j There is one safe, dependable treatment that relieves itching torture and skin irrj tauon almost instantly and that cleanse- and similar skin troubles will disappear A little zemo, the penetrating, satisfy ing liquid, is all that is needed, for banishes most tinn eruptions and oi the skin soft, smooth and healthy. TheE.W RoseCo.ClCTdimd,O. Few peoole know that every courageous, red-blooded person, duch fl as BUT own soldaer bojs at the front has with n hia body fifty grains of iron, or aa much as is contained in aa oroinary ' tenpcnny" nail To be brave, courageous and active one must hs"e good, red blood Our men of iron aie men with ?ood blood, good c.rculation and an active liver The poo 1 ", weak "slacier ' who is not brave enough to go to war, 13 probably unfit becanse of thm, watery blood It is eas to acquire strength and red-blood coi- pnscles by taking regular exercises tn the outdoors, breathing exercises in the morning, and something to increase the appetite and the red- blood corpuscles The newest iron tonic is "Irontic" discovered by Dr Pierce and his staff of physicians at the Surgical Institute, in Buffalo, N Y This "Irontie" tablet is a combination of soluble iron .and herbal extracts, which is proving a wonderful success everywhere it can be obtained. Most druggists sell these "Irontie" tablets in sixty-cent vials Send Dr Pierce lOc for trial pkg. "Irontic" tablets build up, strength en energize, and fill you full or vun, vigor and vitality The sfght that met ray eyes as I glanced into the kitchen told me the whole atory The water faucets had been ripped from the sinks tbe water pipes harelng been torn off, anil gas fixtures, cooking utensils and everything else which contained even the smallest proportion of the medals the Germans so badly needed had been taken from tbe kitchen, I walked up stairs now with more confidence feel ing tolerably assured that the soldier* hadn t been after me at all. but had been merely collecting metal unu other materials which they expected an elaborate dwelling house like the one in which I was concealed to yield Later T heard that the Germans have taken practically every ounce of bras copper and wool the} could lay their hands oa In Belgium, Even the bras out of pianos has been ruthlessly i e moved the serious damage done to valuable property by the removal or oniy an Insignificant proportion of metal never being taken Into consid oration I learned, too that all dog over fourteen inches high bad been seized by the Germans This furnished lota of speculation among the Belgians as to what use the Germans were pat ting the animals to tbe general 1m presalon apparently being that thej were being uaed for food I [ Thia however seemed much loss likely to me tlmn that they were being employed as dispatch dogs In th trenches the same as we use them on our side ot the line They might pos } elbiy kin the dogs and use ttoelr skins | for leather and their carcasses for tu\ low, but I feel quite sure that the Huns are by BO means so short of food that they have to eat dogs yet awhile Indeed I want to repeat here what I hove mentioned before. if anyone has the idea that this war can be won b starving the Huns he hasn t the slight est idea bow well provided the Ger mans arc In that respect They have considered their food needs in connection with their resources for several years to come and they have gone at It in such a methodical systematic way, taking into consideration everj possible contingency, that provided there is not an absolute crop failure there Isn't the slightest doubt in my mind that they can. last for years, anfl tho worst o* It Is thcj are very cock sure about it themselves It is true that the German soldiers want peace As I watched them through the keyhole in the door I thought how unfavorably they com pared wiJi our men The} marched along the street without laughter, with out joking without singing It was quite apparent that the war Is telling on them I don't believe I saw a single German soldier whi didn't look as if he had lost bis best friend--and he probably had At tbe same time there Is a big dlf ference--certainly a difference of sev eral years--between wishing the war was over and giving up, and I don t believe tbe German rani and file imv more than their leaders have the slight est Idea at this time of giving up at all TO BE CONTINUED A GAS RANGE THAT ISN'T A GAS RANGE Many times it takes two lessons to make a single lasting impression Through thrift and Tvise management these joung people saved sufiicieut mone\ \\ith ^hich to purchase a gas range They didn t give the home gas man an opportunity to provide for their wants but instead were attracted b the "cut pnce gas range from the mail order house The range arrives, it proves a second or a third in qu litv, parts are broken and others wore never designed to fit snugly and perfectlj and 't it a disappointed sorrowful couple that behold their foll Before they fell victims to the mail order gas light and even with their previous bitter experience when tbe light failed, still thej chose to nibble again at the baat of the ever reaching catalogue Their loss is one thej can ill afford and from which it will take them manj weeks to recovei MORAL --hever allow lightning to strike twice in the same place when it can be avoided. 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