The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 28, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1930
Page 2
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A (IK TWO MJLLY CGUKlltJK, CONN ELLS VILLE, PA. FRIDAY, F^EBRLTARr iJS. 133*1. Mrs. Dil liner Is New President Of Federation of Women's Clubs Mrs. A.sia /;. i t ! i n o r of Union town is! tho now i i r r . i i l o t i t d' t h e Kayette County FMk-r,it on of Women's dub. D H H n o r . \«'hi w.u 1 olectoci lirst prPKid-oiit u f t h e c l u b a t t h e Tall g in Vim n t o w n . '-iic-i-ei-ds Mrs. .To.-vepli .1 Thomii-on w h o icsmn^d. lr-. Thompson. t o r m - e r h of Conupll.-.- vilic, vfaa tho o ' g a n U p r of th* C o u n t y Fctlorntion and ^rvetl a-; Ha prosidoiil u n t i l s w p n t l y kr.riiiir f o r PhihulrlDliia Ui rr-sido. MIV-. Oillitie-r K jr".iclprit of tho Kit} otto Coutitv C ' h r i s l i . m Tcinpctanoo Union and one of tlto twst known womnn ol tln c o u t i l y C l u b women of (h-f f o u n t ' - ; re looking f o r w a r d to !ht s p r i n K moi ting of tho County Kodoratirm to ! luMd in A p r i l at Star J u n c t i o n . Trti d a t w i l l bo a r O N C ' K P T I O N MALI, SCK.NK or m;r,n.'HTi-TL PAKTT A (lc!lphtful evening was sprnt at carclK last i \ k " t t at a party fjivi'n 1y ihe S;-\vin=; Ci -do and Sacred Heart IjeaRtie in the social h a l t of the Iin- m a c u l a t e (/onccptJon CThurrh. Bridge, fivo htnulirpd a i d bingo wTe pUyed ;U h i x t y tables. Prizes were awarded for brldsse as follows-: Ho-ad. Mrs .1. K. 'Doyle. Mr.-. \V. J. Kinp, Miss U. Oallaglior, M r - . A n n a Herron, Mrs. .lohn Rynn, M-^ J Whitney Soisson, Mrs. N. Maric-t a, Mrs. .1 R. L a u c h l i n , Airs. J. K M(C'!ain uul Mrs. 11. K. Lewis. Prizes (or fip hundred wore won by MIPS Arm-a SSuil^itik, )uic!i; Mrs. Anna Me.NuHy, Mrs. .John J. Patrick, Jr., Mrs. J. N. Di'cKoo. Mrs. Mary biivovs- kpy, Janios D r u m n i , T. J. Licb. Henry Ooerffler, Mr*. \V. 1'. Smythe, Mrs lOleanor Ash, A. K. Ijipovukey and P.iul Bos-lot. Biugo w l n u i r - i wore .fohti Minsterman. h i g h , jV'r 1 ;. Rose Cunningham, Miss Mary Smith, Misn Madeline Harper, Mrs. J u n i e s Lyons, Mrs. Jam«s Small, Stella Lee. Airs. Cliarlog Riith- buni, Mrs. Joseph Boucher, Miss Kloanor Hat i b u r n , Mrs. Herbert Shank, Mrs. Michael CUirlt, Miss Catherine McClcary, Miss Mary Trump and Mrs. Sarah E. Adama. Heud prizes f o r bridge, five h u n - dred and bint o wero beautiful handmade quilts. T^vo attractive quilts were won by Mrs. B. J. McGlvcrn and Mrs. Joseph Slkora. Jam«3 Bvirns won a Back cf sugar while tho door prize, a bask»t of p-roceries, wont to Mrs. Herbert Shank. H K V . S'r«VJKS PKIJfCIPAI. SI'KAKllK AT CLASS BANQDET Choosing a,s h1« subject, "Th« Placr ot tho Sabbath School in Lite of the ladtvidual," Rev. K. H. SLevons, pastor of the First Baptist Church, gaw «i fine talk at tho a n n u a l banquet ot" tho Evorhart Bible Claes ot tho First United Preslntorlan Church, last night in the social room of the church, Ti i.peaker dwelt on the cducatouiil advantage* «£ Lie Sunday school and tho !xncflt the 1 ^dividual derives educationally from {he school. llo also stressed tho nora! and spiritual value oC tho school to the Individual and the community. Hev. Stevens, wan tho princiDO.1 epnaker and hi« discourse was OIK- of Uio o-utstandlug- i'eaturc-« u£ tho oven in? Tho banquet was served at 6:30 o'clock by Ue 'wouwn of the Mary E. Dick Biblo (Hast*. The appointments wore In keeping w i t h Washington'^ Birtlklay. Ojvere wero laid for forty- five. Rev. Clonrge R. Krupp, thoc'aurcli pastor and teacher of the Evorhart Bible Class, was toastmaster, K. A, Uunn, tho cI.u-« president, gave a "brief talk. MuHicnl numbers by the Odd Follows qui rtot and an orcheetra, composed of Koiuieth Snader, violin; Donald Soisson, drums; Phil McMullen, piano; \VlUkun McKlhiney, t-rurn- pet and Paul Carson, saxophone ami clarinet, we"e enjjoyod. U. B. AID SOCIETY WIM/ SF.flVU B A N Q U E T TO BOY SCOUTS 'Hie rejcul IT mootiug of th-o badtes' Aid Society ot tho First l/nitod Brethren Church was hold Thursday afternoon at the church, at wiiich time plar s were made to s-orve a banquet to Troop No. 1, Boy ScoutH of the chu-ch, on Friday nifrht, Martih 14, in the social room of tho church. St-oiitmastot R. C. Witt, will have chargo of tho program. Troop No. 1 luta tho rtls'inction of boing the first 10 bo ortjanlssed In C-onnollavllle, Mr». H. I . Kropps, president of the «oeioJ.y. 'vaf in charge of the moftini; Thece w,t8 .1 ?ood attendance. j » U'Tl.ST ! HOLDS M . ' . - U A V IT j An all-day iiic"ti' £ ot tho Mission Oirclo ot 1 to Kirs! I C h u n h wa.s hi-ld ' ' t n i r s d a y in t l i o ( h u r c h . Thf rm'irn UK session wa.s i;i\ r (Mi n v r r to c n i i l t i ' ic ami sewing. At n o n u l u n c h con-i'- i n n uf t'·o-.uwtl r h i r k o n and o t h c i uootl t h i n t , * wnt, served. Tho r o g u l u r !HM 10 : - C K H O U con- voiK'd nl l!:.!0 'c l i , k w i t h ('·» |ros«i- flnU, Mrs. 1C. Ki tvl W i a i i t , prrv.uHnj;. Mrs. K. II. StovtMis .itul hurse of tlu program and condi clod tho question box. Mrs, John K M»i\ read an iii- ffrestiiu' article on (lie lesson study. Piano solos wore r ndorcd by ATrs. .1 A. l/orcw, a f i c r w i n h Mrs Lorcw sister, Miss ( c t t " v Workm«ui, c o i i - trllmtod i voral ( ucl Airts. A. ,* (lolborn gave ;i ro icw of th" lri-t c h a p t e r of t h e mi -i«u study )ook. "From Jprusiilcm u ,f^rtiH;i|pni ' i l w a s dociflrd t o i i i i l i n u p h o l d i n u ' I'll day m r e t u i R K w i t h linn lu-ou at noon. 8T. JOKN'S I.DTirKB LBAOITK TO ora;A T i/,K onrnKsrnA All n . o n i b r r h a n d thotii m t o r o - t e i l in miiM c i i r p mvlhvl l u i i l t " - i u l llm moodrm of St. John's L u f h r r (,faKUo of OoM'mi] L u t h e r a n C h u r c h I n be held Sund.iv. M a r h '2. at J l ;n In t i n 1 S u n d a y Si hool rxini. P l n i i M w i l l Iw made in irg»nir.e an on l n r , i i i i Idince n| Country f l u b . Otic of the k'iidiiii; s o c i a l e v e n t s of t h e wi( k i^ a p r o - I / e n t e n danci 1 to be K i v p n l o n i K h t tit ( h e P l c r t s f i u t V i i l l e y Count f / C l u b b y t h o C l u b U i t . ' V . M a n v Riiest^. i n c l u d i n g a number t r o n i o u t o r tow ii p o i n t s , are p l a n n i n g (n attend. The lai'ffr- b a l l r o o m of I be olublioi so has been b e a u l U ' u l l ) dceor- aled lor t h e occii.sion, H t r c u m e r b of K r e o n ,uui \ \ t i i t e crepe p a p e r arc c l - t'octlvcly arrangMl a b o u t I h e room, while .landing out in prominence- is "Club ilitzy," in groeu a n d \ \ l i i t e . " R YOU FEEL SICK Whoii Constipation Ge a Its Grip You Can't Keep Well. What You Ne- d Is Kellogg's ALL-BRAN M A R Y MH'ISK 0! KXTBJlTAf Two (ab!o; were a d e l i g h t f u l meeti liridRo Club at w h i t Opporman was ho her home in K.i^i High pri/.f woe \v A l b r i g h t a n d .seem F. Flt/.(!eiMld A p loin on ted the sai mentft were s i g n i f rit-ke Daj. The iv held in the hcmo Strnwn, Blackston I'KJOIA.S vs UKIOGK vi.rn i n t o play at oC t!io Ixind'iii iM? Mary l/ouiKt it inght a( Fr.aicis avenue ·n by Miss Gladyh d h i w h , by Mrs. K. d a i n t y l u n c h mip- tes The apyoint- i-ant «f K n i n i I'at- xt nu-eting will lo of Misa Crertnido Greenwood. x u t c o t n e n l IK nw-de of tho mar- f Miss Florc-ncp K. Miller, or ot Mr. ;iml M r n , '/.. KdWan! of UocHwoiHl, and O corse I I . t,on of Mr. iind Mr*, W l l l i i i i u K. ,il«o tf Hock wood. ' I b c cere- w«is fcoifmnlzed Uvc»mb«r 10, in P i t l r i b u r g . The bride wa« itixl from l h a Jlockwood High ' ami is an afeonipllahed planlwl. Times Changed. Leo 1'ltta Lxidge of ttio Ladies' A u x i l i a r y tc the Brotherhood ot Kail- road Trainmen met yesterday afternoon in Odd Fellows Temple for tho regular bu ine»s session Meetings h a / o been changed to t h e .Hpcrnul Wednesday and tho last Thir-sday of ea»'h m c n t h . tho Wodnpsday mee-tinR in the cverlnK ar»d the Thursday in (!'!' uttf 'nn HI, All nic'-tiii};s w i l l bo in t h i M E D I f M WH,L IIOL Tho Fayetto Co iliary will meet M !i, in the auditor! F u r n i t u r e .store 1: James O. Wallaci be tho guest «i)e«i his [romin«nce t thrown open to th Dr. Wallace, w the staff at Uie M« burg, Is a mouthl Ion town Hospital charge of tbo %vor the Fayette Count' clinic. IIBOTVW i*OST A AKD ME The Ladies' Au Brown Post of t' ctgn Wars h«W last night at wi denco I/overgorx initiated and t intunbershtp war After the bus) four members o twelvo incanboi'B I'ost wore servxn / AUXILIARY OPEN M K;TITS'« in-ly Medciul A u x - nlay night, March tm of bho I'oopJc's I'niontown. Dr. of IMttsibiirvc - w i l l itr and b'i .VIIHO of ic met^tiug i\ ill !K public. to Is n member ot rcy Hospital, Pittt- · visitor at the Un- where h* is i n . in connection - w i t h Crippled Children'b V EAT SPAGHETTI \iliiiry to Walter JO. 10 Voterana oE For- itH reg-ular meetins ich t i m e Mrt. rru- of Uawson was '/o applications fur received. less session thlrty- the auxiliary and 'it Walter E Brown a spaghetti supper. A N N U A L C. K. BVTSQUET T H l KS1)AY, M AJICH 18 The annual banquet of the Senior Christian Knlea. HIT Society of the First Methodist Protestant Churrh will be held Th irsday night, March 13, in the social room of the church. J, 0. C. CLASS VtfNITERSAKY U I N I S K R THIS KVKRIKG The J, O, C. Cl uss ot the First M. K. Church will ob- ervo its 2Srtl a n n i - versary thin eve dnpr with a covered- dish luncheon t be served n; fi: 30 o'clock at the ttiurch. Every member is asked to e in attendance. TV. W. Plciotfc Clans Meets. Tho W. W. Vickett Class ot tho Methodist Protet tant Sunday School hold its regular n o n t h l y huainesa and social meeting ast evening at tho home of Mrs. Catherine Bishop in 13ast Apple s reet. Tweu ty-tliree nierabera and r ins guesta attended. The session wa \ opened with a de- 1 votional coudut; ed by Mrs. Rebecca Shelkey, the pro siftent. Routine business was trans, cted ami a social period followed Mrs. Stella Cunningham irang ' if Your Heart Keeps Right," and M. 9. Orouso, teacher of tho class, gave an interesting talk on "Hew the Sunday School Oatne to America." Mr . Catherine Bishop served a delicious luncheon. The next meeting will b ;t Uie homo of Mr. and MTB. C. P. Dig hop in Kant Apple street. 'Jerks Tonfehi. The reg-nlar n eetin.g of the Brotherhood of Rallwa/ 31erJcs will be held this evening at 8 ov.loek In the Veterans oi! Forei-.n AV ;trs cJub rtom3, North IlttSbure strv-i G. A. R, {'irclc Jlocts. The f/adies' Circle to WlllJam If. Kurt/ Post, Gr iul ^Vrmy of t.ho Republic, held te resular meeting Thursday aCtori oou in Odd Follows hall. Mrs. Klsii S.nifh, p r e h i d e n f . was in charge Matt- rw o 1 a roulino nature disposed f Ditlp. Miss Ciertrurie Heuclier, d a u g h t e r of Mr. and MrK. H a u t l s HeiifJier of C«n- nellsvllle townthli), IIHS t«3kcted Monday, March «'!, as tho date for lior m a r - riage to Stephen Sohoimpe, son of Mr. and Mr«. Michael Schonage of Star .1 unction 7 x he wedding-, wihlch will be a morning; event, will lako place hi Ihe I m m a c u l a t e Conception Churdi. C. l. of A. Will Mret. The regular business of (lie C-atholiu DauKhiei'h if A m or lea w i l l !o hold to- nighl i( S o'clock in the «.» i a l Jiall ot Ihe JiMiiuriiJaU Coiiceiition Churt'h. A n n rage daugli M i l l e r Parks ParkM mony 1929, gnulu Iititheran Y(»nnn The Ladies' Aid Sot iely of. Trinity tiuthoran Church held its regular meeti ig Thursday aftornoon i n Hi" church with the prehidcni. Mrs. L. H. Robbins in charge Tho women made a quLJt Cor t h e tfellonoplc Jfomc 1 . B u f i - rioss mat lorn of importance wero trans, icted. A social h o u r was held later in tho afternoon. R e f r e s h m e n t s were served by a committee composed of Mrs \V. H M c K l h i n e y , Mrs. A. J. M c M u l l u n , Mrn. Charles Ofiioveft and Mrs. L. H. Kobbins. f ) n o nev/ tnemher was received Kinj; HenUds .Saturdnr. .The King's Heralde of the Methodic Kplstopal Church w i l l havo a duc-pat- ing narty Saturday at 2 o'clock at the church. The dues are a q u a r t e r Evert.- momtxT is asked to be there. [·'rat IIa*f Jlnsy .11 «· tin p. An interesting .session «f the U n i t y Pratornlty was held last night in the West Crawford avenue Hub room* The thirteenth annual Enster d a « J will bo heJd on Monday, April 21, at tho Htnto Armory. A committee will be mined at tho next session. Chc.rlo; R. I'riscoll was appointed ch tirmati of a. commlHep to prepare the m o u t b - ly dmnc-r scheduled lov Thursdny, Mardi 13, and W. W. I l a l b r i i t e r ^ chat -man of tho etitertainin-ci.t ':om- mlti-e. East Liberty Clnb. Mrs. W. H. Jacobs of East L.rb«r(y entertained tho Bast Liberty Fancywork Club Thursday evening. There was a fine attendance. Mrs. Clyde Randolph of California, a member, was among those present. Guests of the club were Mrs. C. H. Budd of Daw son, Mrs. James Jacobs «! Ohar- leroi and Mrs. Kmma K. J'Vy of Oreen- vilk After the business the time was given over to faneywork. Lunch was served by the hostess, assisted by Mrs Budd. The time nnil place ot the next meeting will tp announced. Licensed at Cumberland., K-igar Bmajiuel Robinson of H u t c h - inson and Nelle Pearl DeVanlt of Urownfleld, James LeRoy HeinbaUgh and Ada Walters, both ol Ursina, were liceasd to wed at Cumberland. 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By letting ALL-BRAN soak a few moments in milk or cream, its rich flavor is brought out. Use Kellogr's ALL-BRAN in making muffintt and hot bread*. Recipes on the package. Sprinkle it into soup*, on salad*. Mix it in scrambled eggs or ·meat loaf, add it to every diet. Kellogg-s ALL-BRAN Is guaranteed. Just two tablcspoon- fula daily--'recurrent cases, with every meal. Sold by all grocers. Served in hotels, restaurants, on dining-cars. It ia the original ALL-BRAN in the red-and-green package. Made by Kellogg in Bsttla Creek, ALL-BRAN Lady Mtnmtbatten t o Visit Mary and lUmg' FELLOW PRISONERS SAY IRENE BOASTED OF MISSION TO KILL By United Proas. TWCXEJN'IX, Ariz., Fe.b. 38.--"My mia- aioi in life is the killing of offlcevfi," three women priwonorH of Mari-oopa coi nty jail .'mid Mrs. Irene Schroodeor told tham while here pending extradition to Pennsylvania. J n atatenwmts attrtbuted to them by County Attorney Georgo Wilson the three said Mrs. fjchroodcr boasted she had backed Corporal Brady Paul agfdnst a. telephotit; pol*' and shot ihim Uirough tho stomach. Him alo claims to have shot Honest M(»orc, who was wounded in the gun b a t t l e on tho New Caitle-Jhitler, Dwember 27 in wiiich Corpionil fa-ul wa» killed, Wilson said the women informed him. l*dy L»uiso Mountbatter. of th« Primw of Wal« and »( (leader in English Wgh ·« dety, »H| (she arrired on the S. 8. J craitaia' for a ridt to California. Sh« ea- iPociaJly looka forward to en«wlntf 'her friendship with Dongr «« Fairbanks and MMT Plckfor 1, whom ;eha met in LondleK towns t3i« lat- 4«r part «f DOMINICAN REBEL CHIEFTAIN TO BE MADE PRESIDENT Hy Unilp.'l PrcW. SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Re- 'public, Kob. 2H.--An agreement sot- Iliiif; the f)fnuiiid« of tho I5om1n!can ppuuant. revolutionary army was reached loday .after many hours of negotiations betwpcn government and insurfcont leaders. OilifialH u t tho revolutionarv head- q u a r t e r s established here after occu- p a t i o n of the capital, announced the agreement. General Rafael Bstrella Urona, the supreme chief ot the revolutionary movement, will become provisional president under tho terms / of tne ugre!meut. AN ACID STOMACH NEEDS MAGNESIA NEW GENEVA COUP-E'S TROUBLES ARI, AIRED Special to Tft« Cwir er. U N I O N T O W N , Feb. 8. -- The troubles of Kwing ATid k r.t. n and bis wife, Elizabeth, of New G ceva were aired at a non-support r,. arlng. this morning before- Judge Oavla W. Henderson. Mrs. Andcr «jn Complained tlio fiiillcultips wl ch led to the family rift WP-O all ver Sarah Hagor, while A n d e r s o n o slstod the real reason lor t l w i r sepa -ation wa« Marcus Mai lory, his one me friend and fellow member ot the JIow 02ueva baseiiall club It was a d m i t t e d t h a t Mn Anderson htul been a 'rui-st .it JVIa'l ry's home and that Anderson hrul rl cten 'n the HaRor I'amilr c a r , but t th denied arythiiiK improper t h o u p f Anderson contended his wife had bi en "sneaking with it." Persons who pui chased tickets for the sauerkraut supper by 1 lloda Dunn "W. C. T, U., which was" U have boon hold February 27, m,iy u e same on Monday, M a r c h 3. -- Ad ye- tlsement. -- 28feb-H. Sauur Kraut Snpi er. Irlinininga, auspi -es Hhoda D u n n W. C. T. U. ot the M B. Church, South PittatmrK stroef, Mo day, March 3rd, 6:30 to 7:,10. Tickets 50 cents.-Advertisement.-- 27 rcli4t. (uticura Vi SOAP M Doe* much to keep a good clear complexion, no matter what the weather/ M- Ointment Sf« « On j MiRS. MARY PIROTT OF MOUNT PLEASANT DIES MOUNT PLEASANT, Feb. 28.--MfB, M a r y Pirott, 62 yoars olrt, died early Thursday morillUR at Sf f - ' r a n c l n Hosp i t a l , PittshurK. Tho body was tflkeij to the residence, 131 Center avenue, yesterday a-fternoon by F u n o r n l Di- rortor J. W. Rclchman. Mrs. Plrott ha1 ben ill for two years. Two weeks O.K ) she was taken to the- hospital. ··'our sons, Joseph, Andrew, John an.l Hy!ve»ter, all (it homo and one dauirntar, Mr«. Mary MebeLacker of Heaver KallB, survlvo. ·nip (uuuritl aorvice will bt h p l d at !i o'clocjt Saturday nioniing at St. ' .loiepli's Church, w l t l t Hav. Ueorge I Bi'llion offictatiiiK. Intennont will be in St. J(»M«vph's Lie mot «ry. for Bargains ? If s/, read tho nchwils-lug coli:nin* of Trw Daily (Jouri«r. There, Daughte', That WUI Relieve!" 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Ask for either powder or tablets G e n u i n e Blsurated Magrneaia never comes In m l l h , lump or citrate form, arni Is not a iJMativp.--Advertlaotncnt. ALPHA RORALS WINNERS OVER WASHINCTON EAGLES Alpha Floral Juniors ran roughshod over tho Washington Eagles in the Christian gyro laet night. L. Perrua wae leading eoorer for the Juniors, while Fox wna high for Io8ers. The score wae 42-8. The lineup: Alpha Floral--IS "Ragles--8 11. Perrus F Humbert O. Perrus __F. MHler Potter . _. C. Fox Napkle _.G Kramer Prytulak G Woihe Field.goals--L. Penrtis 12, G, PerniB 3, Napkie 2, Potter 2, Prytulak, Fox 3. Fonl6--Alpha Floral 2 out of 5; Wn«hington 2 out o£ 7. Uefereo--Moee Braxton. Time keeper--Harry Noschesc. Disarmament Not Possible, Belief Of Sen. McKeller WASHINGTON, Feb. 28.---There is no possibility of disarmament, a reduction of lurmament or even a limi- fiiliou at t])o London conferonco, Senator McKolk'r, Ile'mocrat, Tennessoo, told tho Somite today. MEiKellov usorted that rea,t.Britain, i p u n , franco and Italy ''Instead of seeking a reduction are each labor- i o u s l y and d i l i g e n t l y seeking to increase (heir armaments or to retain naval superiority over UB." (Jonfrrat illations. To Mr. a n d Mrs. John Whoric, Gou- iieHsvil!e, PH.: We rejoice with you in ll)-o happiness Ihut. ha*) come into your'livftB. bovo to mother and little daughter, Kvolyn Jon 11, St. Stephen's frock Catholic: Community.---Advertisement.--23 t'ob-11 Ecsnits ! Sure ! When you uso Classified Ade. in The Dally Courier. Th* cost is amaU, resiilta ore big. Al POROUS icock's PIAJTERS I *f_rts^ TBiC 0UJ10ND.R T.«41«»l AlUyonr fiHICHESTER S PILLS _ B BBAM». A ^?»W IS^SS! SOLD w mmwsmxmtto , ,__,,, __ H!u« Take ibo other. Ba ' ' A*(cfofCll iiktAKn IDSO Where You Get Quality and Service With Full Weight and Low Prices. Hogsett's Fancy Pastry Flour, 5 Ib sack 25c Jenny Wren Flour (Makes Fine Pastries) 4 Ib. box .. 37c Connellsvillo Made Macaroni, Noodles and Spaghetti,, 2--1 Ib. boxes - u25c Connellsvillo Made Macaroni, Noodles and Spaghetti, 5 Ib. box _ - 57c Tomato Paste, 3 cans 23c f i Cream Corn Starch, 2--1 Ib. boxes 19c Hershey's Cocoa, l /% Ib. box ».13c 1 Ib. box _ 25c Hershey's Baking Chocolate, Ms Ib. cake » _ 17c Royal Scarlet Cocoa, 1 Ib. can ~29c Rumford Bitking Powder, 1 Ib. can 29c Pillsbury Health Bran, large box 17c Dromedary Dates, box ..._ 19c Fancy Pitted F'ates, 4 Small boxi»s 27c Baksr's Bine Label Cocoanut, a :un 17c Wesson Oil, Qnart can ... ,, 55c Fancy Flake Hominy* 4 Ibs. 25c Fancy Pearl Hominy, 5 Ibs. 23c Column's Dry Mustard, 1-4 H. box 27e Fancy Spanish Bed Peppers, 2 eans --ESc Premier CoiiFee (None Better) 1 Ib. can 45c O. R. Coffee (Oven Roasted) 1 Ib. box 29c Lipton's Yellow Label Tea, l /z Ib. box...48c Premier Grape Juice, Pint Bottles 25c Clicquot CI ub Ginger Ale, 3 bottles ...45c Fancy Table Pears, 2 large cans ,, 55c Brownie Apricots, 2 large cans ......49c Premier Red Raspberries, Med. can .--35c Monarch Fincy Blackberries, Med. can 25c Monarch F.wicy Strawberries, Medium can . ,,......, 3Sc Palm OliTe Soap, 8 cakes ,,,,.. 22c Clorox, 2 bottles ,,,,- 3«c Austin's Cleaner, bottle 21 c Stewart's Fancy White Tana Fish, can 81c Premier Corn, 8 cans ... 4flc Premier Asparagus, large cans j....'..... 3fx; Fancy Cat Green Beans, 2 cans 25c lloyal Scarlet, Jry Shrimp, can Fancy Ros«s Bud Beets, Pint Jar 27c Gold Arrow Peanut Butter, 1 Ib. jar 19c Pure Fruit Jam--Red Raspberry or Peach, Quart Jar ..... 39c Weideman's Pure Jelly--Grape, Quince or Currant., large glass : 23c Weiedman's Apple Butter, 2 1'ge cans 49c Monarch Catsup, large bottle 18c Beech-Nut Catsup, large bottle 23c Beech-Nut Spaghetti, 2 Med. cans 23c AT OUR MEAT COUNTER Spring Lamb Specials Lamb Elreast, Ib. _... 20c Lamb Shoulder Roast, a Ib. ».28c Lamb Roast, Lean, Small Cuts, Ib. 32c Lamb Legs, a Ib ,, 35c Rib Roast, Ib 3()c Chuck Roast, Ib ,,....,, _.28c Fresh Spare Ribs, a pound ,, ....20c Fresh Pork Sausage, a pound .. 30c Veal Breast, a pound , 25c Lean Veal Roast, a pound 30c Veal Chops, a pound 35c Black Hawk Bacon, l / 2 Ib. package 23c Lean Bacon, 3 pounds or over, a pound 27c Beef, Porlt and Veal, Ground, a pound 30c Armour's Corned Beef, a can ..25c Fancy Saner Kraut, 3 pounds 25c Brick Cheese, a Ib 30c Kraft's Cheese Brick, American, Pimento, Velveeta, Limlmrger, per package 23c Kay, Pimento, Limburger, a jar .,23c Dressed Chickens, Fish and Oysters J. R. Davidson Company "The Store That Doe« Things For You" all kinds Done at U/y® Courier Printing Office* "I

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