The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 12, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1918
Page 4
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* iy» ! ^^'TraPw---.--c^-rTM Hfe?'^:^'--v^--:- : fAGB. THE DAILY COURIER. CONTtfELLSVTLLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 1918. ~ · HENRT f. SNTDBB. g Founder and Editor. 1I7»-1»U. 5 ; TMJS CO C WEB COMPACT. ' _ , ·J · JK. 1L SNTDEB. · · i i = ,-"^ ...'· President. a - ," : ··",· IAS. J. DHJS0OLL, rr *e'yl and. Treasure r,.Bu»llie39 If 2 : '·· -'· ''JOHN I»"OANS., -.j.-- 3 ; ....-; ·'. -Managing Editor;,, Jj ! ^TTACTER SI STpt V. "-. City Editor. - . -'" Society Editor. ' ~ : ···:·. MEMBER OF: '_- : AM»elaud Press. i : Audit. Bureau of Circulation. | :P«rins:v'lvan!a- Associated" -DailSe* S 'rwo,.otnu per copr. SOc per month: ;l»;per-;yBar by mall II paid In advance. if jsmored as lecond class matter M the fpciatofllcft. Connellavlllft I*a. 175*6, JUNE 12, 191S. Tli« C»«rlei'» Serrloi L, AnVrIcatrXEx : , t . EAU*H TF7 ; Company H, 31»tl * U. S. N. A., American I llonary Forced, France. « MICHAEL G REN AZLPO. HAROLD lllCHET,. · Battery B, 107th Field Artillery, 2Sth Division. U. S. N. 1 I " r G., American Expedition-.... -«-iry Forces, 7 Prince. *.,," ' """ ' ~ LLOYD ."ii. COX' - Company F, 37th Engineers, TJ. - ' J uLltfS"C BOUSE,'"" ' ' t~ Company^, "E.,. J3th ' Engineers ', (Railway). -American Expe- B . S'~rd Engineers, (Kiflway^. Fort Benjamin ,-, Harrison. Indianapo- ''·"-' ""liV.* iiuUaria. '" " '~ _'BT3SSELL I.ENHAET. U. ·S.'-S: "President- Grant, TJ, S-. Xavy. ; Tba Associated Press Is ex- entitled to the nao lor I republlcatlon ol all mrw» Ji»- ' patches "credited to It -or not ' otherwise- creditad la this pap«r - and also tfie local news puBllsued "" - - - - 2 : JBJS jB ~ jTho- movement started in .Congress 3rith a view to having able-bodied 3n'en o? draft age who hold clerkships Jri the Army, .Navy and other non- fiombatarit jobs 5n Wasbington trans- ·leVrei to active servicgv in the field, ^ind turn the worl: over to men who ;iave been unable to pass the physical jtests, outot to have sufficient support T to. accomplish the purpose. ' ' !" rwifb. physical fitness as the funda- Tnental basis "in tltC'.selection -of men ^or military set vica; it is decidedly un.- -·(air to the thousands of young men- 'Jwlio have ' -willingly taken upon them- 'selves th.e (hities ot soldiers .that .'others, equally fit, are permitted to fes'cape the,-fl4n«ei-s of. field service trough se.curiifg an appointment to a -ibomb-propfceiertehlp. .".True, some of «th|ese-n]en'-'h''ave. special ffainins along vtUe lines' of- their present work, but Jhere' is just as l:irge. a number simi- ;larly eq«!pp«i aod nualiSed who ?ack ",'the requisites for. field service, but jjrho could do the oiDce -work just as Efficiently - as ' tno'Se wlio -are wore '- W03U5 IS A3f . FOB TBADE COJQQSSIOX. Miss Marion L. Davies, a graduate ..of Uie .University of Wisconsin, is one .of tKe first women to be appointed ex- 'amtaer under. : the^federal trade com- m'isslon. doing research, work in the congressional library, investigating facts about the manufacture ot various articles. She has brought to the work two years' experience in a ·secretarial job with the commission, and before that she was a reporter. . . ? : -:Alf the Allies ba.Ve found it both fii^cessary- and desirable to send overy -giysically';fft-iBan. to .the front and -;place: thos'e* distiualified by'.age or phy- utical . disabilities in charge . of the. 3*hnx desactmentai -Clerical arid other jioa-couibatant -work. These men are ^performing their ser\-ice with just as ·ifine 'a s'Sfrit' of 'pctriotism and enthusi- Jis'm -as" those -vrto 'are conf ronting- all §h'e gangers of the. camp, mavch and =battlefleld. Many of them have been -'eager, to have -some "substantial part ·Irf the war and their assignment to .-.the humdrum, tasks has been accepl- ^d with ao regret other than that they Ije'el at' not being able -to have a more £ "With, the troojis in the field, there is ift-vast'" amount of very "necessary Clerical work to be done, but it is be- ;Jng done by regular army men, se- 3J;tiv,e5/»nd volunteers who have been ^Becially detailed for the'purpose," and ti6t by"ciTilians who have been con- ^arned about finding a job that keeps -*tn'eni*w'etr'beyond" tlie limits o£ the ·Hangar" zones. The men who are do- "fng the field clerical work, unlike the ^Safety " : FLrst brigade in Washington, 5**1 npt; seek their assignments" for the ^purpose^of securing deferred classifi- Zfcaitiott":'*Tbey answered the summons "3d serrice ot whatever kind or naa- Srd tnelr .superior officers * should Delect for them. That they hare been ^ia3igned4o .duties-that, partially. .project them^from the dangers of active 'jji§ld dw^,-t»s uot-alVays' b'een agree- 3UJe to Jhe.m?; More_ fraguently^ fchan Otherwise "they chafe under'the r£- 3txaint lajposed.uppn.,them,.much pre- 3orrin§^T3iave "action, and,Jots if it," "33ftving learned the soldier's first duty ^C- obedience" they continue to faith-j ·fdlly perform their .assigned; duties,; all -the while to take just the! risks their comrades are taking.] " "Jt is'np;refloction upon a soldier'st Sdurag'e that" he" is~ selected" by his 3Sojnmanding"o8icer for duty-that keeps iiin at bJead;ciuarters t and it is not so 3fe^ardai3:ia^03(-' service. But the citi- 5een eligible foe military service, who _30eks"a "nqu-ctimba'taat job merely to ^escapes-service as a soldier^ belongs to .tliat class · spoken of by soldiers only' Jrtrtetms of loathing and contempt, lr tJ-fc- this^,class- that the movement m "CpngreSa: te reach. There i.ought .to,_be no hesitation in taking "the necessary steps and taking them This,is not only true in her knowledge of'children and of dietetics and of how to care for the sick, but in her attitude toward housekeeping and her attitude toward life. Her understand^ ing of the "why" of things iitts the small, tedious tilings ofnousekeeping, whether it be the cleaning of a room ot the sterilizing of milk bottles, to a plane of interest and dignity. And her-contact with all'kinds of people in the hospital, in tlieir joys and their suffering, broadening her sympathies and her outlook, adds, that much Insight and inspiration, to 'her relation with her children and her husband and her community. No -woman is so well prepared -to meet the sudden emergencies of accident or sickness that occur in every home as the woman who has had the training of the nurse. In fact, to every detail of the health, care of her family and the hygienic care of her house, the hospital training contributes something that is useful or precious. More and more the hospital training is regarded as a splendid foundation for all kinds of public -service in which women are engaged, and more and more it will he deliberately planned as a preparation also for home life. - A greater number of young women aVe entering training schools now than ever before. This is naturally true because of the war, but without doubt the training schools will have to continue to.enlarge their facilities for students in the years immediately following. The American Red Crass, tie United States Army and Navy Nurse Corps and the Council of National Defense are ail urging the young women graduates of today to eater schools for nurses. Francis avenue residents are tegSn- nln£ to doubt that their thoroughfare was ever evfn paved uy council with EOod intentions The ffarbatfe problem has outgrown the Jitney class. Congress betrayp wipns of an inten. tion to bomb the bomb-proof jobs. The plain clothes officer resembles the conscientious objectors, who also have an aversion to wearing uniforms. but not for the aame reason, of course. Now it. is the colored troops that have ahown the Huns how to put up a real Sight. That was a wise and just decision of the Workmen's Compensation Board to prant compensation to the widows' ol alien enemies killed or injured In the industrial plants of the state. We must not descend to the level of the Hun and seek vtnyeance upon the helpless and innocent. Pennsylvania and the whole xvorld can well permit the obloquy of such a course of conduct to forever rest, and rest alone, upon GeJ-many. A TOAST TO THE KAISER. Here's to the Blue of the wind-swept . North: When v.*e meet on the fields of - France May the spirit of Grant be with you all A3 tHe sons of. the North advance. And "here's to the Gray ol the sun- kissed South: When we meet on the fields of ' France, May the spirit oC liee be with you all As the so?is oC the South advance. And here's to the Blue and Gray as one: "When we meet pn the fields of France, · : ·May the spirit of- God be ivith us all As the sons of the Flag advance. .AS ?fiEPARAT!03 FOR H03LE' ilFE. 3 trained nurse who marries and up her professional work Tor 'and family life, finds that her 1" training has giver, ner rich 5weeta as a homemaker, says Jane A, ; director of the department of the American 'H'ed Cross. REGIONAL DIRECTORS Appointed to leai 11'ith Freight Kate Questions lii Their Territories. .Director . General 'McAdoo has announced the appointment-of regional directors of traffic committees, to deal with all questions of freight rales arising in their, respective territories, as follows: · "Freight traffic committee, eastern territory. B. Campbell, chairman. New Y o r k ; - N e w England district freight committee, U. H. Kentfleld, chairman, Boston; Trunk line district treight committee, H. C. Burnett, chairman. jN'ew York; Central district' freight committee, C. J. Brister, chairman, Chicago; Eastern distcict coal and coke-committee, E. B. Crosley,. chairman, Philadelphia; Central district coal and coke committee, J. C. Yen- ning, chairman, Pittsburg. Tae cooperation of the .shipping public In working a satisfactory adjustment of freight rates on the higher level is invited. Suggestions of shippers can be made through .the freight traffic officers of the railroads sen-ing them. Volunteers Wanted for Farm Labor Fayeite county's farmers are doing their share in producing foodstuffs to help win the war. They need help. Every patriotic citizen should do his part by volunteering his services. Fil. out this Coupon and mail it to your district convmitteeman or to Farm Labor Manager Jacob G. Fast, 735 First National Bank Building, Uniontown, Pa. : Name ,-~~ Town or Township I Street or P. 0. Address TM Aye Weight From , __ ________ Phone-- Bell ________ T. S I Color ________ - ______ L Nationality. ______ . '(State Time You Desire to Work). _____ _ _______ IStlS, to .. ____________ ·- __________ 1T)1S State number of days per week . Occupation Name of Employer Address - -- Telephone Farm Experience -- - --- - ---------------- . \ I (iesjre to N enroll in the United States Public Service Reserve api?Iy for placement in the Agricultural Service at the prevai wage in the community to which I am assigned. Date _ . - - ------ and iling FOIl SALE--PIGS. JOHN X R.OSF,, Crosjrland Station. 12junc2t* FOR SAL.E--UBSTAURANT. "WEBB'S 14 Bi-idifti St., ScoUdalc. n j u n « 3 l * ~~~FOU SAL10--ONE AND THHI3J3- Courlli Urn t r u c k . 304 North Pitts- burjf Eiiri'cL j SjuneGt" FOU SA.LE--PEPPER A\ T D TOMATO plain:*, ic L-uch. F; F, KANCrll, 1002 Koli SAL-J3 -- F1VJO PASSKN'GEU Koo u a r ir; fvuocl condiUmi. Jmiuive at S m i t h 2 2 J u n e 3 t F'K SALH--SKC'OND H..-XD TYPE- wriUT. H^minprinn Inquire TVrSWUl'niU. care Courier. 12juneSt i'OJl SAUK--THR.KK GOOD SKCONT Jitintl pianos, $ 125-51 60-f 195; eae? U:rnis. I'KTEll ft. WlClXER, 120 E. Cru-A-ford avenue. 12june4t FOR SALE--ON'E SPRING FOR A 2- t o n Republic Truck. "Will soil cheap to d u l r k buyer. Soc O. E. COWGILL, lOfi S. Fourth street, W. S. l l j u n e ' l t * FOR SALE--G RQOS1 HOUSE.. NICK location: paved street and sidewalk Pantry, bath ana two porches. Hot air heat. Address "D. J." care Courier, Signature FOR SAI-E--I MAXWELL ROAD- str--, $f'i): 3 Overhaul 5-1'aKsenprer Oar. f42:». KEYiJTOXK AUTO R12PAIH, fiU IV. Crawford. B^JI ph. 356-H, Iljune2t" W A . V T F T I ) -- H I G H SCIKX'H, BOV.« T( f o r k in [.r,bnr;ieory, J*. I 1 . K A M I-JIUCH, Form f i a i l w a y j ? slioji.s. WANTED -- TOUR business, RENDIXS'S. BAR BERING tf "U T ANTED--LABORERS, PAY GOOD waK«K. Also ( i i i a r r y n i c n for ci-ntrac 1 work. A p p l y A M E R I C A N M A N G A N K S K CO.. L ' u n b a r . P, t . I j u n e l 2 t yOn SALTS--UP-TO-DATE BARBER shf'p. Bett location }n Vandcrbllt. Barj?a.ln tu quick buyer. Cash. $3S5 Ro'iHOTi for Kclllng. i n t e n d 'to enlist. (\-ill both phones. 31OBEUT 7JNT j V.inclprbtlt. Hotel. lOJuncfit* FOR SAU3--ABOUT 35 ACRES OF rib* and stumps, in r-tisy h a u l i n p : ilis- i;uic; from C n n n e l l R V f l l e . Good cus- toiti proposition. Price r i g h t to quick p u r r h i t s u r . I n q u i r e at UNION NAT I O N A L B A N K . 7 j u n e G t "WANTED -- CHAMBERMAID Bitltfmore House. I0june3t- WANTED--BOY TO WOKK B drut; store. J. C. MOORE, lljunetC AT W A N T E D -- H B l . l A BLK M A X J'*OU 1 p n n i t i o n us s-.i iosrnan. r;;ill un Ptore j Lrurlti. I'.efercnc'- r f f j u i r u c l . A d d r e s s 1 Sittesm;it), cure Courier. in.iunCt* _ WANTK:I--MKN TO I.KAUX ANTED--NICE CL.KAN RAGS. | *np cars. r,oi»a a p p o r t t i n i t i - u. I l-'OR SAljlS--'BABY CHICKS; BAK| rfii] P l y m o u t h Rocks. R h o d e Island I Jifdi*. W h i t e Leghorn*, fur delivery tho I w«fk of J u n e 17ih. Write or phono BIA'K n r ^ G K POULTIIV FARM Ur.ion- t o w n . Pa. Bell phone 1779. Will pay 7c per pound. T i l K COL'JC. j ParO-. Stwiily work. Apply MASTKK IER CO. Sjunett M h t - H A M C , Woat F e n n Railways Co. TS'ANTED--DINING ROOM GIRL. AT Frans, Allephcny Hotel. 12june:f Trans Alleg-heny Hotel. ISJunttf TTAXTKP-- YOCNG M A N TO CJERK in hard ware r=tr»re, (.lood oppctrt u n i t y _ _ _ _ t o learn t h ? busines?. Addreb-. H.ARO WANTED -- HANDY. MAN FOR cox- 1 "WARE, cure TH« couri.-r, conn«-ita* structlon work. Tlia Foundation Co., ' ville. ^ S j u n e t f We» Penn P.wer Houso. UiuneSt . WA . VT ,. :n _ ,,,,., TO w o l i K . WANTED -- GIRL FOR G E N E R A L , motor trucks und Rt"f\cr.\\ rpp.-ih- work. houaework. Call at 111 West Wash- j SU-mly work. Carfare paid. A p p l y Ineton avenue or on T^State 532, | MASTKH M E C H A N I C . Wost I\MI:: Il:iil- SjunctC j ways. l i i j u n o G t FOll SALF--SPKC7AL. FOR, THIS wo«k only--second-hand carpets' $4 up. TjinottiUm. Refrigerators, Reed Bug"- KioH. lint Plate, Beds. Curtains and BMnds. Watt in K- Connnltsytllo New and Second Hand F u r n i t u r e Co. Lo**. LOST---BETWEEN" TOUGH HOUSE a n d B r l n i M t o n e corner, a tie and pin u i t h c l u s t e r of t H a n i o n d s . Reward at S^5 for rt-turn to M a u r i c e Smith. YousU Ho us-.;. 12june4t* D--:,ABOI:EIIS. cue PICK ; " WANTED -- LOCOMOTIVK F I R E - W A N T Kl--OM.t FALSE TKETH. men. Apply to F, W. OOB3ON. asj.'i.'it.- ! Don't mati»r :f hrokfn. 1 pay J2.00 to ant road foreman of EnKlnt-s. Youns- '·· »15.00 p..-r s-et. S*;ud by unreel post rind wood Pa. l ^ j u n c d ' t ( receive check Jiy re-turn mail. L. -- ! M A Z E R . 2007 Soutli F i f t h street, Ph 11- iuleiptiia. Pa. I j u n e 2 2 t By Walt Mas»n. A LETTRR, W A N T E I J -- L A I i O R E K S . ASH H A N D 1 le.rx, ImlpBrw, mecihiinlcR. firemen. ( : Steady work. Laborers, 3Si/, cents; j ' O r e m o n . 47 centt* per hour. oi!n:r work paid In p r o p - T l i o n . A p p l y in person at the WKST PF.XN P O W K R PLANT. ConnMlKviU", Pa. I j u n c l O t WriUi a letter to a soldier when you haven't much to do; it will brace sonu- ' homesick fellow -who is fee lint? p r . - t t y b'lue. Oh. our boys licr.-h«urttU, und they'll whip their weight in , nnakcH, but they have t h e i r Iv.r.oMome | nwmeots. when their hearts arc f u l l o f : aches; there arc hours' when they art | (engine for the homes so tur away, and the girls they left behind them, and the parents old and gray; and a. l e t t e r f u l l of sunshine makes their melancholy shrink--therefore ^ot your pen in ac- I tion, with a d e m i j o h n of i n k . W r i t u a . letter to a soldier, f u l l of cheerfuln-«.i ; and joy; let the sob stuff po to t h u n d e r s --'ItAvon't help a lonesome boy. Tell j tho soldier you arc betting he w i l l j make the Teuton fly. tell him all is hunkytlory. and tho goose I« h n n f f i n p high. Tell him till his friends are banking on the biff things he'll achieve, l*it htm know he*n not forgotten since he took his final leave. Write a l e t t e r to a soldier ere you go to bed tonight; some poor chap i? tired of waiting for the letter yon don't write. It wi'il utkf you fifteen m i n u t e s such TL letter to oomjiose, and you'll hc-arten up a sol- ·. dicr u-hcn he's billed to face the foe*. I Make It bright and brave and. breezy, j full of couraffft. smiles and snup, show the confidence you're feellnt? In the duteonv; of the scrap, and some »ol- iHer boy will bless you a* he takes his Httle gun. nnd prepares to shoot the gizzard from a l/itvd. Immoral H»n. Stolr STOLEK--NEW R A N G E R BICYLCE frdin my K'ara.£Y; on the n i f r J f t of May '21; 510 r e w a r d Cor its r e t u r n in good condition. H. L. CARPENTER. 12junclt HOUNC CRNKRAL HOCSE PAINTING. AD- Orean G, B. SHAW, 11C Orchard A v e , City. 12junelOt» VULCANIZING, TIHB, TUBE AND baby cab* retired. 3 t L South Jittsburg street. Tri-Staie IStJ. 6junuGt* FOU R H N T -- HXK flat, modern m n i V L - n i f i n c c DRK. FOH I i n N T -- K U R N I S H K i ) RO'OJ I N private f i L t n i : y ; 5- por wt;«k. I l l N. j vllle, Pa, Cottasc-avo. 10inr.f-3'- M Y WIFE. IDA KITENOUn, HAV- F 1 V K - K O O M j in^ l e f t my bed and board without S. H. SNA- j u ^ t provocation. I hereby (fir* notice that 1 w i l l not be responsible for any of her contracting. AAl-tOA' 51. R, D. 3, Box I2. Connells- 23may3t-we(i KOH R K X T -- F U R N I S H El) FRONT bedroom. 255 I-J. Falrview avi^nuft. KOK t h r e e -ro Ailnibafjitrator's \ottce. r.t-iiHed. J.^jttcra tc»t:tmentnry In tic* ItKNT A DBSHtABI.T'; j OH La In of William Mioheals, late of i t h bath. m - | X o r t h I T n l c m i u w n . .1 p a r t me tit w i t lK.Vi:!-: S.MUTZ. l l j u n r L f FOU qulre F H K N T -- STOKI-;SU.H i U U W N C K s*MUTZ. FOR rorni ila Also one 11G Sout KE.VT -- T H I i K f c t. i'«rtili?hod or u f u r n i s h '/U Hat for I'a.. Kdyette county. 1'ennsylvania, doce»-seil, having b^on K ran Led the undtTsiKned, notict; is lit-reby Driven to aH persons indebted to said rtstate to m a k e immediate pay- nu'iit. and tc* those having cln.ims ;iKiiiiiKt the same to present them prop- FOl-R erJy- a u t h f - n t l c n ' i o d f a r settlement. I'.HhciI ! H A R M O N W. M1CHKALS. CHARLES KKIGJII.K1', Adm)nJsira:orK. THE SKUGEANT'S FEACK TKR3IS. "If they ask me for my terms of peace," said Sergeant Jled Ztc- Phee. As we sat discussing the war "we're in, "If ever they come to me For a word of counsel and good ad- vicei I'll tell them right there and then Tiiat. the time U q u i t Is the day the Hun can n e v e r make war a^ain. "I've tafftect tho smoke a n d the dirt of war, I've looked at the havoc here, I've followed, the trail of the b r u t a l ·, beast and. know how he rules by fear. Back homo there are two Httle lads of mir.e, and a bright-eyed smiling" miss. And' twenty years, If the H nil's not- tamed, will bring 1 them to scenes like this. "So It isn't a question of land or sea. it's a question of right and ·wrong I It's a job of driving the Prussian ' clear out of the lands of ! CO. I "THE STORE AHEAD" 9nTro^ Stomp^io Addition to Bi£f \£ Pittsburgh, Pa. Moil Order Special song, I And 'a patched up peaee with his j kind won't do. We must teach I tlie;:: the ways of men, And. tarne them, body and soul, so they shall, never make war again. "I'm tired." said Sergeant Red McPhee. "and, I'd like to gr home to rest. The-, dnys of war are d r e a d f u l days and the yean* of peace are best. But 1 wouldn't stop now for a selfish peace, for us soon as his wounds are healed. If the Hun's u n t a m e d and his lust's uncurbed he will take to tho battle,le!d. (Copyright 1918 by. Edgar A. Guest) Encourage the boy's patriotism-give him one of these clever reproductions of the U. S. Soldiers' uniforms. Strictly well-made garments that will stand rough usage. (Order No. S. O.-535.) Made of washable khaki-riding breeches, with laced bottom and army leggings. Boys' SoMler Caps--All Sizes--50c. HE filercbacts wfe© advertise m this paper will give ytra best values for For 50 years The Rosenbaum Co. has been in business in the same district--it has witnessed many improvements in what has always been the shopping center of Pittsburgh --it has kept pace with · the advance--ever ready to adopt new methods and make improvements that would permit it to increase Us efficiency to its ever growing clientele. "The Store Ahead" is recognized as one of the most progressive and fastest growing in the United States. Shop Here By Mail With Perfect Safety The Roscnbauni Co. maintains an efficient corps of shoppers who will look after your wants in a thoroughly painstaking manner. Write them fully-explain your needs in your own way-j-our shoppers will give your every order personal.attention. A trip to Pittsburgh is never complete without a visit to this most beautiful store. The summer season, calls for special shoe styles, and you will find in our shoe departments just now what you are looking for not only special summer styles, but special shoe bargains. They-are really amazing, the novelties in women's, and misses' shoe styles, high top shoes in the various popular colors, numerous new lasts in oxfords, white and all the fancy colors, and remember we have black shoes also and there are many people who will not have any other kind. There is a. great array of special shoe novelties for children, it is needless to describe them here, the stock in our shoe departments is enough, and should be inducement enough for you to visit us when you want good shoes. S3 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. In White, Grey, Field Mouse, Brown and JSlaclz. The woman who demands a perfect fit, who insists on the newest and best styles, who desires QUAI/ITY FOOTWEAR will do well in coming to us. We please you. We save you money. A HOME AT Poplar Grove It's a mighty good investment--because Poplar Grove is destined to be the corning residence district of Connellsville. The location''is ideal--one of the most beautiful in this section It's only a 5-minute car ride or a 15- minute walk from "Brimstone Corner." Not very far--but far enough to be out iii_the open where you can enjoy plenty of fresh, air and beautiful surroundings. Lots as Low as $80 They measure 60x140 ft.--quarter acre tracts--and there are still a number of choice lots left. But at the rate they're selling, you'll have to get busy if you want one of these "bargains." There's city water in front of every lot and the Public School is just within a stone's throw--giving you every needed convenience. And you can l)«y one of these lots on your own terms--ivhy not write me today for full particulars. C. B. McCormick, P. 0. Box 144. COXlfELLSVttLE, PA.

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