The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 28, 1930 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1930
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Last III dition P 1 rice Oonnellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Best Ac vertising Medium in the Yough Region. VOL. 2S, NO. 92. The ·\V«-rtiljr ConrJir, Founded Ji I}- 17, ]K70. The I n 1 l j C'iurl«rr, Kuiiiiiird tio\ nilicr 1O, 1IM)3. Merged. J u l y /S, I B M . CONNELLSVILL/E, PA., F K f D \ l'Nr; F E B R U A R Y 2R, 1930. SIXTEEN PAGES. CONTRAST WITH BUT FEW YEARS AGO IS STRIKING, SAYS STATE COLLEGE MAN PATRICK IRWIN DIES SUDDENLY ! AT DINNER TABLE! Baumes Victim to Prison Cell More Than 200 Gather At Kiwanis Club to Renew Fellowship and Hear Words, of Counsel. FARMERS WILL BE HOSTS NEXT "JBVKR SUCH E OF MTV-FARM SPIRIT, PROF. B O R L A N D SAYS poo-- !,-·{ \ \ t j c n the n u n those iiv.nj? : a d j . K c n t k llr.8 i «.'l la^t r.mht at i n n o r \\-v\A iin- K i w a r . ' K 1'1'ib. 'one cf more T i c s ol O'f ·! i ..'il pie of Ooun*!!svi!t. .n (ho ruru'. d ' s t n e t : c t t j wore s!roni,'th"i t l / u anniiji: f a r ! t i - ' H . \ d' v t h o iiiisiiffs of l The atmosphori' «-,i i n t i m a t e relittumshii) t h a n has marki-d any previous e v o n t i t similar n a t u r e a n d t h o c l i m a x c a p p e d when H a r o l d Arnold, -pectlvinK f o r tlio v i s i t o r s an- noui,ced t h a t t ' u r t e w U r a n g c w i l l sponsor, a! a near date, a similar d i n n e r w h e n t h e poo ale of Connells- vilte w i l l be i n v i t e d to como to the country ami c n j u ) t i . c h o s p i t a l i t y of the lanniTs C o n n o l i ^ v i U c a n d u - nt-iphbors arc rapidly, bccommt; b u t l e r u c q n u i n t e d , f m u c h io the s a t i s f a r t i o u of b u t h . ' Friendship w h i c h IM i?au whon the I first of the n n n i M l clii tiers were held | were rent-wed lait u ght and there i was f-eiiuine de-lisht. in tln handshik^ of the c o u n t r y man with his c i t y , orothor. ! The occasion was MI -h lUat it drew j o! ·)«j c i ' i n m e n t of I'ruC; ,-sar A. A. Uor- · uid, - l e a n of tin- 1»( D.H t i n t - u t ot Dairy ( l a - . b a n d ' s . I'.MUIO ha HU Suite Colw a s t h e p i i a c i p a t sjiealker. » quito a u n i q u e t y p e of ' he declared i: 1 . h t s opening "I d o u b t v.l.' e t h e r a few t h o c o u n t r y a n d c i t y people ·; at a t.ible tosp-tlu-r. I- t-n ^.t, ID. i n . - your., since Profe-sfior A. A. Borl tnd of State Colk-Ko was t r u l y deli;; tc-l w i t h his i i.vxpericnce at tho r i t y farm dinner. i I n takint; his d e p a r t u n for f i r e e u s - j t v u r f t at the conclusion t. ? his address j he p^ui to F. M. Hicli y, c h a i r m a n · o f t h e committee \ n cha ge: i "I w a n t to coiiKratulai * you on the ' roma.rkw.ble succ'.'ss ol ti is gathering. I Never Ixsfore in my expe ionce have I ; s» c y i such ,i rwnuirkabU denionstra- t i o n of UK» spirit of co penition lx v - tween the farm and tow p i rx-'ople. I } w a n t also to t h a n k you t'( r the oppor- t u n i t y you gavp me to Iv hero. Tho ! meet i UK has been an li. . p i r a t i o n to | mo t h a t w i l l bi niost. u -'.fiji in my f u t u r e contact ,viih ^iin iar eatber- 4-H Club Members Give Interesting Highlights on Work ·'-,!\ · hu "Th .- i part troni t b ' v n d i s i i n r 'I'm w r k . o C I a n i l n n e l l s v i l o, Thorn. i.-' t w i l l , four jiist r?, r n i o n t o w n , Mi. 1 K i K va.lo. Mr 1 ! C!u!r!o~ le i i n d Mtsi.i ,-jars .i. r ;n .voulri sit I t hisc't lie pf pie t'ie c o u n t r y t h o s e l i v u s I ' m lad t l ' H t atlitud-L- ·apuily " More ''.:r,u \ v j r c i n .he c i t . ii-.-s.~ins a w a y ·litit'n l o -«f) person-, f i l l e d the b roonii-' An e x c e l l e n t bei!ii a r r a u u e d . Iti aU- f u a t u r e s of t a l e n t , liow- ··ver, 01 c of the moit e n j o y a b l e parts w e r e tl O.M.- p l a v e d by t l e boys, from i b e c o u n t r y , f o u r of w h r m gave b r i e f l.ilfcrf. They ;.MVu tilt- c i t y people a slant on the u i ' i t u t l u of the c o u n t r y boy t o w a r d s his, lather's i.vrm in this .iirc and at the proirrcss being made ..i t h a i y.rcal ir.du. t r y . The y o u t h s i i p p l a u d d l and co i- tlit'ii s u t . o s b f u l par- ·re mcni- ·ck ,nni^- ')!*·· won itli s'm- Th«y ) ' - I P f u n e r a l s ' M o n i l a y moruiui. ! ;il K,)cn»-! j Daw.son at ' o c IMJ iu St ,li-vp; : ' ville K i i u o r . i l D i r N - t o r ! Durs-t W i l l h a i c charge. n e r o -jirlily cd for cipatioa, Predict - n t I'. K. V I Hans l..i:,quet · "We'i; b-- Prole.i. Iho Uuir limiting (.· oa C o n u e i l s - ·tititid ttio by boys work and some- i « : . " ':. -a.d. .u:ul H ill .(.ourso on .-i w;i;, e\tremely i n his a u d i e n c e . To roii i tho i t i u i u r y it was a. Id'-esH ou boiuothinB af- f j r m o p e r a t i o n r n J t o u£ C o i . n c l l s v l l l e U rc- K-.rts l i i l l . e r t - ) u n k n o w n hc! ad ioctJnK t.H'it' \ca/4l in niy Tli! pel . f i t e i l i l y of t l i u -peak.T, to- i',Q(h' r w ' U hi;; sp-ctali'/.i-a 'subject, l.i.-pt. the a:ien!Kn of Hie b'i? audience lajtuucd c csveiy upon e v e r ) wor'i and people of 'onnellswill'; see iho farmer Tom a new y.:'.le todav. They view him aa a nan. upon w h o m rosta con- riilrrablf,' i c r f p o n s i b i l i t y for r l i e i r good h e a l t h and wet!'yr». ( i n 1 iiu other hand, the a so realize more than over tho n '('d «f cooperation between city, and r o u r try so tint (He latter may UoTiv; thu necessary f i n a n c i a l support from t h i former it iho way oC c o n s u m p t i o n ut f a r m a i d dairy products. "Tho Cow Thai J u m p e d Over America" w a s the subject of AT:\ Bor- Coutinued cn l^ftuo I'-'our. FUNERAf, SERVICE OF MURDER VICTIM TO BE HELD HERE f u n e r a l s m e c - f o r 'I'hcorto - e Rockman, 'J7. of Crtu-lbks u f o r m e r local reaidont, wl i^u murdered ixidy w a s found at Paw 1'avv, \S'. Va., on Sunday will bo held here at 9.31; o'clock Saturday morn I ii 1 ^ at St. Kmory's rim re h in South Arn'i street. Rev. Katner Adalbert TO! «« will otltciate. Interment will b i i t?t. Kmory's Cemetery, The body wa t brought from West Vir- R i n , a to ir*. 1 t o m e of a frie-ti 1, J o h n ! larko. i::; x o v t h Klcvt-nlh sfoe-t. j J t A v l ' c v i l ! l«' : , alias Robert Colo.! if Cti;.ib:e. I JH been arrested in con-; aecticm with ' b e kxlliu?;. Ho is huid to jjave chanced hi.s name four j e i r s aeo when lie- left- Jlorgau c o u n ' v . W. Va.. hut actmlttod 111* i d e n t i t y whoi taken t\ Charles T w u where lu v s i w his Geor;' Dev.Ihiist. t n d a O n e of the most i n t e r e s t ! m f o A t u r c s the f a r m - c i t y get-toKet icr dinner held u n d e r the auspices f the KI- watils Club last night wa: deviled to Iho young mm r u r a l d i s t r i c t s who have v, tion lor t h e m s e l v e s in 4-H These youths brought a _ . . . w h i c h removed any notion from H H t n r l ! - s u J I t ' - · ll;i " !fl urnd of the c i t y resident t nt i was I M r ! r w l « ^ s d r u d g e r v t o live i n t h e coi.'itry. i n - I stead, they p a i n t e d a pu-l i r e f a j most interesting; life, ind in t i i r i r 1 own words, depicted (he n=ui} ad- p vantages a country boy or Kir! lias over thohn livini; in a city. Three of the young men v. bers of the champion livost itiK team of Pennsylvania. that honor in competition i l a r teams at State Collet are l^awrence Stark, Willai I l.unn and Harry Arnold. Thu ilrst spoke on ''The A d v a n - tages of Club Work to Count y Boys." He jwinted to the wide va iety of clubs open to boys, ranslt ' from strawberry to bee and calf tnrt colt c l u b s , a mentioning ctu \vork available for girls." Stark sail the fact t h a t no ovm the cattle w i t h which th y nrouaes conaiderable mtr»re it t(iat when a boy is caring f, .,,,,,,-, - , · , , , ho actually owns, it n. longer as t h o u g h he is doing- -bores. I Willard Dunn describee! the t r i p of j the trio to Chicago, where th y participated in the I n t e r n a t i o n a l Livestock 1'Ixhibition. "We had t · pinch ourselvps and then each other i make a u r e it was no dream," hu dec arecl. Harry Arnold gave an i n t resting talk cm "My Experiences i i C l u b Work." lla is president of l i e 4-11 club. He- described the wo k a* "educational, IntercBting and profitable." Ho also mentioned the serial relationship it affords. "Th- refore every boy who has o p p e - t u n l t y should take up 4-H club work.' Oayle Strickler told "what i 4-TI club is." The county agont s t h e head of each u n i t . It Is n a t i o . i - w i d o in scope. "Kach separate 4-H club has a president. _JU meets and the me u'Wd Kot a social contact lacking bel-re iu rural life." The -{-Us, ho said, mean head, heart, hands and health, imtlcat ve of clean thinking, great loyalty, loyal service arid better living for club, community atul country. Other events on the program were vocal selections by Mrs. Leona Helle Morey Davis, accompanied by M s. J. .M. Dilwo-rth. She also led the uwll- enee iu singing t h e choruses of j r-pu- numbers. Mrs. Clara .Ian* \J-An of Pittsburg pave, several -a-1 ngs. Eacb of tho entertainers was presented w i t h a large bouquet ot rod roses. .Joseph Cuneo and John Davis led the c l u b si iging preceding the Ker -intr oE the dinner. Pittshurj.: i: Lako Krio ( tor Stricken Witlj Heart AituoJk u( Dawson, THIRTY YEARS WITH COMPANY f ' a t r u K . . I r w i n . well known passenger con 1 ti-tor of thf P i i t s b u r p I ,iike K n e railroad, died Middenly f r o m n heart attack ;it (i o'clock )ant e^\imiK JU-.1 a f t e r s i t t i n g f l o w n to d i n n e r ,it l i i s home In fJuwwKi f i y had nientio lod a "kind ot! a j m t n " In hi.-i rijrlit ai ni and nibbed i t an be Mat d o \ v n . Df\i h orr-urred 'deforo h i hiid bo-nun tcx?!c-i t. ^\e)nlvl·.s ol bus f a m i l y wore al the t a b l e w i t h h i m Mr. I r w i u was .1 lifeloni; r o c i d e n l . o f t h i ^ ri s^inii. He wj.s lH)ru \ n t)otnb'r, ISM, ;i! l i r o t t ] ^ ^ J r ( ^ , a son (if th* 1 I a It- John and A-itia Irwin lie- w is f-in- rtloyo-d for a tin)' 1 b ihe I f . f" }·!·( CiiJco Compariv at JJro.ul ) j 'crd and ttuMi went ft uli t h o l'ittFhn,"5i it l*iki- Erie, IKJUIK mployod ,v. a t k r a k e m a n H» h,id a re ~ri\ of ,'ln years of v e r i i ( i ' with the rait'oad e(inp'in ·'itv to ihe r a n k ot pas.-enc;'r c o i n l i K t o r , w h i c h politic n he h.i-s o i u p : e d for 15 veira He l a s alv-M.- \V»MI in t h e You!?hio^hen D i M . t l o n , r i i n r n i i K bi~ twi-Kri ( o i i n f ' ! l o v i l l ' - and P i t t s b u r p Thirty e,vs. aso lit* married M i s s Marfi-nret O'l^Niry. who K\ir\ ive-i In a d d i t i o n h '-, .liso snruv*.-«l ty t h ' - ! following chi'idivn. John of Tonne'!;-, j \ i i l f , lleR-w of State Collect. D o n a l i . o 1 ', MonesM.'!!, ( i f r a l d and A n n a M a t y ' Ixjlh ;i( home Threo broiher.s. J o h n i H a r r v of H^ueiwooi! I Jolni!-town. tofA'ther ! Mr-; .Man N o l a n o f ) K l l r i t ^ i i i n n of L ' r K ' l » - j K»-sheiit««r};t t ·)( i .Margaret of ('·,!! j Uniontown Salesman Gets Month in Jail For Each Bad ('heck DINNER SNOOK DOOMED TO DIE IN CHAIR THIS EVENING Mra. Ruth St. GUvre, «h.- ytmnj Kew York girl who was sentenced recently to life int prisonmcnt «u a fourth offender, pictured in her compartment of this trair, tHat it ok b«ir to Sing Sing, where she will »;nd her d«y», if h n r sentence U 'ulfillcd. When a»kffd to smile for tha photonraphfr Mrs, 3» Gl«in answered, "how can I emQe when jay M«rtw broker?" Communists Plan General Uprising in United States Government Agents Learn of tli" U r o t h e r h o n d nf H . u l w a s T r a i n m e n and j the Uror,fti-rlio d ot H . u l r u a d Coudm.- i r i f f will \f* heid with requiem h i t - t i H e a r t C h u r c h , i l wii. I n t e r m e n l wi!i C e m o t e r y , C'oniu-U'. i-'rench Mrs.Sadie McDonald Dies in Few Minutes After Being Stricken Demonstrations in Many Parts Of Country This Week Preliminary, They Say. LEADERS PUT UNDER ARREST UNIONTOWN, !'». 28.--1'or had check )i« admits he prssed in U n l o n t o w n , Clarence Ford well- luiowu salesman, is to spend i month in (he c o u n t y jail. This senlf nee was imposed on Mm by Judge !'AVIS W. Henderson. A part of the sentence mar be remitted if the cheeks arc mat e good, the court stated. Unless Fnrd can make tfixxi each a m o u n t he wi 1 spend 210 days in prison. No leniency to persons wl o stole money to buy food or who-stoic grot-cry or clothing was shown ly the court today. Harold- Forman got a wo'khouse sentence to taking $40 worth ot groceries. He had been arralenao before o.-i a larceny charge. Arthur Angell, also ,i second offender, got orie ajid one-half to three years in Western Ppnitciiliary for the l a r c e n y of J96 and clothing. Presenting tlm alibi that ho stole babbit metal fnun the Yough Sand Stone Company to get m o n e y to buy clothing for his baby. He received from BIX U 12 months iu t h e workhouse. In order to provide for his mother, brothers and Misters, Oharfes Beers said IIP stoics an auto battery and accessories f r o m th-o garage of R. H. Newell in Saltlick t o w n s h i p , lie was granied an i n d u s t r i a l parolo and ordered to pay ?S a. month. He must secure work immediately. .Tamos Weirner was sent, to t 10 reform school at Huntingdon fc r the larceny of three watches and $5 from Buests in tho B. £ O. Hotel at t mith- field. He stole to buy clothing, he (old the court. N'o sentente was passed upon Char IPS Bey, IS, of flcvcre, who took $25 from tho Cornell service station .so t h a t he could purchase groi erics for his destitute father and m ther. He- was held for f u r t h e r investigation. NO DECIDED CHANGE IN TAFT'S CONDITION SINCE YESTERDAY Slayer of Tlieora Hix to Bo Executed at Columbus At Sundown. CLEMENCY IS DENIED Jly U n i t e d Press. OHIO STATIC PENITENTIARY, Feb. 2S.--Dr. James Howard Snook, form or university professor who killed Jii.s illicit sweetheart, Tfaeora Hix, because she was "too dominant," saw his last dawn today unless somo miracle prevents hi;v execution (o- ntg-ht. Denied clemency despite eleventh hour pleu-H, Snook roso this morning as-usual. J i n ate- heartily, exercised vigorously and otherwise showed t h a t he could le calm in the face of death. Snook may break before sundown, when he is to be strapped in tlm electric rhair. but Warden P. K. Thomas and his coilmateH will r- mem-ber him for his ability to joKe with those about him in the face of death. His last hope of reprieve or comm-utaUon failed yesterday when Governor Meyers Y. Cooper, after a joint conference with B. O. Jiicketts, chief of Snook's counsel, the county prosecutor and members of the state board of clemency refused U intervene. r-l WOMAN INJURED SEVERELY BY HIT AND RUN DRIVER r.SlONTOWN', i'Vb 2S.---When t h t m!U '' lin ' f ' f Jo!l ' '«TKash of O l i v e r aVentii'. I'uiontOMi'ii, c r a H h w l i n t o two ;,utom.jli!eM panted aioiiR the hljrh- way near Thorn p son No. 1 t-'.day, Mrs. fayu.! , 50, of that place, | s u f f c r e i :i f i a c t u r e of t h e skill! and an i n j u r y lo her r i R h t arm Forpa-h wasi arroatcd oti a charge of reckless t i r i v i i g am! has boen released u n d e r $501' bai!. State h i g h w a y patroliner w h o i n - f d the ai cident st ited t h . i t wai d r i v i n g at an ex- r a t o of bpoed and thai w h e n he a t t e m p t e d !o slop s u d t l c a l y his car swerved a n d s t n i f k tho parked motor cars. Mrs Dr.jrton was in the act of e n l e r i n K 'he automobile of her son Jesse w h e n slio was knocked to the g r o u n d . Kortfash is sairi to have continued w i t h o u t stoi'pi'ifi and later was nr- retcd at Ralph. HARVARD STUDENTS LAUNCH MOVEMENT FOR MODIFICATION SENTENCED JAIL BUT GOES FREE THREE YEARS PITTSBUnCr, F-b. 28. -- Kdword "Hoiniu" ICdwards, JIG, ot Monew3en, faced a sentence of six months in tho Westmoreland county jail today a'tur he gave himself uj yesterday to a United States marthal when it wa« learned he liad neve r served -hie term although b u had bton convicted and sentenced May 2, tO;:7. Juat why Kdwawls was permitted to remain free for almost three ymrs after his conviction of a charge ot conspiracy in connection with an alleged Monetitien liquor ring was known. An a t t a c k of .tcute I n d i g e s t i o n , shortly a f t e r 11 o'clock last n nht resulted J m t h t i!r-,-ttli of Mr*, feadie Mclionald ! .11 her ivL I .Murphy :ivt-nu-» norm-. She j bil r e t i n a l w l i c n nhe b e i a j n e I ' l awl ' w i t h i n "n m i n i i u ' ; i h - a t i a c k had J I I M V l H l f a U l l . I ) Mn-. McDonald was w e ) ltmr.vri in ' ' i b i s ixirri :n u ru t , havin;- residel he-re i ' for 33 yen re and iMilng an u:l!ve . \ o r k - j | cr in thu Jfiriit J're."byt«i ian ( 3 ' i u r c h , ' t o r m a n y years u n t i l f a i l i i g l e a l t h ) j made ;l nece'fcary to hi'i 10 reti v f. j i .SJie i.eernfxl in her u ^ u a ! health a l l ; ' d a y yohlerd.iy, i i i n g t h e rt'iiiino nt-kn j ' alxiiit the home and in i l i c e.irly »vc- I j rilng enjoying some Uin w i t h her IA-O grand-children She ate ;ifl ui.ual, tind a l t h o u g h her iuxiltli in general had not lx s en «o good rr-ccntly, there wai no noticeable change at any t'tn". Mrs. Mc!)onill Wiu 7:! ytars o!d, She was born n Novrtiilter '.:.'!, Sijii, at H u m m n l l K t - f i w n , I'a., a daughter of the late Jaeob and K l i x a b e l h W h i t m a n . She UIOVIH! to t h i s city iu 1SS7, after h^r husband, Jo-lni M-Donald, a mine foreman, wan killed in an aeckieirt at Mammuili mine. {'hildron who survive .ire John W, McDonald of drove City, Mrs. IX M. .Sh«arer of Ptttsburg, I'hnl T., o£ Con- nell«vlle. Harry W., of K e o k u k , la., Mr«. C. E. G f U i t k i l i , Mr«. W. K. Kooticr, Clarence J^.. and Mrs. R. II. Langford, a l l of this city. Mre. McDonald was a member o£ tho Order of the Kastern Stnr of Connellsville and of the Order of the Amaranth of Pittsburg She was a member of various organizations; in the Firel Presbyterian Church. Funeral arrangements have not been completed. Interment w i l l ha In Hill Grove Cemetery. not BANDIT WHO GOT $5,000 PAYROLL BACK FOR MORE Hy X.'nlted Press-. CAMBRIDGK. Mass., Feb. T .-Harvard under graduates tiay launc.licxl ' a national campaign v. itii modification vf tho prohibitiou lavt aa They cousin ihe support .if ni'-re troth el Mel vi i. U is repork-'J l e » u b l i - s .idnirted he Jellied Ret-ha j n w h i l e - :!«· wore i t f i u t i 1,000,000 college fttudentts of country t.n- soiiu* filun w h ' f b t! hoped would offer a solution to liquor problem. DETROIT, Feb. JJ8.--The bandit who stole the $5,000 mid-month payroll ot Pruvidenco HoapltAl February lo r e t u r n e d aqain tojay and tlireat- ened a nun w i t h a revolver and escaped when be was told that today's pay-off had been postponed. Sister Marie Itosaric, who struggled with him on his first a t t e m p t , was t h e first, one to facs him as^ain today. He \va,ed t h e mm in h e r face and c!e- n c i n i a n d e l t h e p a r o l l . "We hit d ;i '.oellnR 'ou'd be back," said the u u t i . "We 1 ave no money Hyde Opposes Closing Cotton, Grain Exchanges By U n i t e d Press. WASUJNGTON, Feb. 28.--Secretary of Agriculture Hy-do will reply to the llcftin resolution directing him to report on the advisability of closing cotton and grain exchanges w i t h i n tbo next few days and will recommend t h a t none of these be clostdi, tho United Press learned today. Fly U n i t e d Pret,«, CHICACU), Keb. 28.-A general up- IsiiiK of radicals in American and E u r o p e a n cities ha» been called for ·larch (, presumably by the Soviet, 'hird Internationale, D e p a r t m e n t of usiliew ii;ent,H revejiid here lo.lny f t e c a niKht of police raids en al/ 'Red Communist !ie«xlquai-tei-s. Ten men and two women were ar- i '«ted whi»n Chief of Detectives John ; toRe (i^t out last night to trap lead- t -s of i ho radical movement in Chi( ipo responsible for o u t b u s t In mcet- li % halls and u n r u l y parades 'hat have I- cl to battles with the nelic« Police also prevented showlns a movliiK picture, "f'7,ar Ivan the 'I rr1We," depictinK opprosHion t,( the r- l«n of Czar Ivan in Russia and w -eck«i ofr'.oe f u r n i t u r e and destroyed be oka in the headquarters of the pur- p. nid Comrauniat Party of tho Unit- ConLIiiuod on I'rtee Six. EJWHITBY BROUGHT ;'ROM THE WORKHOUSE FOR DONOHOE INQUEST to The Courier. I N'lONTOW-N, Feb. 28 -- Anothe-r sei gation-Bceking Uirong packed tho coi rthoii»e this afternoon for a re- suj tption of tho Inquest into the death o£ "ohn P. JJ-onohoe. 1 e-stimony, however, did not g-et under way until 2 o'clock and then the wh. lo inquest was temporarily lialtecl oa the arrival at the sheriff's office of id-ward "Goat" Whithy from the H-o had been brought to today on a court order morning. Coroner B. A, into u private conferonuo witl Whitby. J'J ward McHhano, -cashier of tho Un- j iout -wn National Bank Trust Corn- pan; . exec'Utoi-s of tho Donohoo estate-, told of having gcfne to the latter'a i'ooi) ou the morning after his death iu c tnipany with Attorney A. J. Carai- cant , coimBel for the estate. He told of Hi ding Donohoo's papors scattort-d abou tho floor, evidence that someone- had recod«d them. Later they w-ent to tl o former constable's office but foum nothing in the safe, wai diouso. tli3 county IHKU d thiii Uali ', wont The Weather Cloudy, followed by rain l a t e tonight or Saturday; rising temperature is tho noon weather forecast Cor Wesloru Pcnnsyivania. Temperature Keeord. 1980 i',)2» M a x l n i u i i i - 12 ,i-l Minimum :»o ;;s ..... ... . , ,.. _ - 3K J,fi E. P GROSVENOR DIES; WAS COUSIN OF TAFT By United 1'raas. NKV YORK, Feb. U8.--Kdward P. Grosv nor, member of the law firm of Cadw; Her, Wickei'sham Taft, and a nol I authority on trust laws, 'died. til his home hern loday a f t e r a brief illness ! C r o f i p n o r w a s H cousin ol IV-nnor i Chief uatice Williyrn H. Taft vvUo is ! critics ly ill iu .Wa.aiUnalnj»- fiy L'nited Press. \VASliINlTON, Feb. 28.--I,ifo s ow- ly ebbed from W i l l i a m Howard Taft today and after a fitful rosdoss night the- former PresiueiH wa.? repo"ted vvoaicer. At noon Mr. Taft's doctors ismed the f o l l o w i n g b u l l e t i n : "The former Chief Justice is slightly weaker. He is able lo lake Mile nourishment. There Is no decided change in his condition .since ye.i er- day." Robert A. Taft, the former l'i---si- denl's ;wn, arrivtxl at the housc ;md was eacerted immediately to the room whore his f a t h e r la d y i n g . The younger Tatt had come ii Jin C i n c i n n a t i . Ilfieemed likely the nick man \voild be able to recMigni/.e 1m won but c'ii- veroation is iiupotMblp, Ur. Hegi ar said. The physician that when t h e doctors entered the room I hts m o r n i ig the former chief justice smiled wni ly at them but wa^ u n a b l e to speak. Many dtslltiftuislicd visitors call d loday at the three-story house on quiet Wyoming avenue Avhero !V r Taft's remarkable fttamina has warded off for days the- ravages of long i ' l ness, grief and over work. hast night waH a fitful one. Tl e former President is ill on the secor d floor of the house and during 11 e night a light flickered on a n d off in the window showing constant attei - tion to the very Uretl old fctatesm/a a and jurist. Justice Kd-ward T, Sanforci of th; Supreme Court was one of tho first visitors. Ho was followed by George W. Wiekeraham, chairman of Presi dent Hoover's Law lOnforcement Com mission and David S. Ittgalls, assistan Secretary of Navy in charge of aero n a n tics, Supreme Court Justice Stone, whc resides close by the home of. the tor- me.1' President, parsed back and forth In front of the house several tinier and inquirei of newspapermen regarding Tail's con-dition. Ixtlcr he posted his secretary in front of t h e house lo olitaln the latest information 554 Public School Children Immunized Against Diphtheria Five hundred fifty-four- school ami pro-school children were given toxin- antitoxin i n i m u n i x a i i o n again-st diphtheria lierfc in recent weeks, according lo fig-tiros in.'uio public today which show tho following: South Side Buildiin; _ 111 Cameron BuildiiiK (»1 Crawford U u i l d i t i K TM 110 Second Ward j. ba Third "W ard 10.'f Pre-School - _ 51 In a d d i t i o n a d m i n i s t r a t i o n of llui t r e a m e u t way complclcd at Kvcrson on 105 chiidron Forty oilier c h i l d r e n did not complete the course. These have uo Immunity, it was announced, the t h i r d t r e a t n t e n f twins essential Final consent slijis were distributed at the I m m a c u l a t e Conception School on February 21 a n d - m u s t be :-i¥;!,"d and returned by next Monday, March 'A. A t t e n t i o n l parents i« i u v i t c d lo the fact they may secure sJij.s hut, they m u H t bo RiK»ed and r-tarn d by .Monday to (ho h i K l p f s . Trentment of the children of T h e Catholic Sehools on t h e West Side w i l l t.-oine later. County Convention Of Sunday Schools Here June 19 and 20 Tli ;ini)iial convention of tho Payette C o u n t y Sunday School Association w i l l bo held ou Thursday and Friday, J u n e lit »nd 20, at the pVst Methodist ICpiscopal C h u r c h , it wus announced today. There wi!S be- novcra! state speakerfi on the program Which is expected to be one of thu most, interesting «ver conducted at ;i e i n i i l a r rally. iK tho m a t t e r s to occupy the- dclogatea of t h e county will be tlio election of ofllcors. SPORTSMEN'S AUXILIARY WILL BANQUET MARCH 6 The first annual banquet of the Woman's Auxiliary to the Poyette County FLsh and G u m o Protective As- sociatiei! will le hold Thursday night, March 6, at 7 o'clock in the social auditorium of tho Philip Cochran Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church of DawBon, Kev. E. H. Stevens, pastor of the First Baptist Church ot this city, will be the principal speaker. Mrs. Harry K i t h n s and Mrs. Kathryn Gordon, both of Conn-ollsville have charge of reservations and persons planning to a l l c n d the banquet are to set in t o u c h w i t h dither of these H--JMUA.fl. HAZEL M'PHAIL ASKS $100,000 FOR INJURIES Miis Velma Hawl MuoPhail, formerly of ( h i s fit.\, now of UeLroit, is plaintiff in a damage Miit before the circuit court of Detroit in which she seeks to recover $100,000 from her cousin, Jesse 0. Krege-r, as tho result oE an automobile accident last summer in which her mother, Mrs. Mollio MacPhail, was killn.l and Hazel sustained injurie. 1 ? which caused her right leg to be shorter than the other. According to Miss MacPhail, Krv ger was driving her and her mother to a picnic on thu Ijake Shore road lear Detroit. Five nilloK south oC farbor Beach, Kite said, the car swunc; -iff the road lo Iht rifiht, sweived lo ;he left and upeet. The mother died in a, few hours. r elma Buffered compound fracture* of !ot)i legs, so that her right log la thorter than her left At the lime of the accident, IMS** MaoI'liail was u hoetosu in tho Kroger ( a f o, Hvoadway Market U i i i l d i u f f , Det -oit, operated )y Jesse'a brother, W,

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