The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 28, 1939 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 28, 1939
Page 9
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2S, 1039. THE DAH.Y COimrKK, CONNBLLSVTLLiB, PA. PAGE NINE. The Daily Courier · Pattern BOLERO FROCK FOR GAY MISSES PATTERN 9905. "Join the Youth Parade of bolero [rocks" is Marian Martin's smar luggestion. . . . and you'll want to fa' In line the moment you set eyes o young-girl Pattern 9995. The de sign is so new -- besides, It is versa tile, flattering, and easy to stitch up How about ordering this pattern to day tor an Easter dress? You'll find it fun to follow the simple directions of the Sew Chart. Contrast bodice with skirt and bolero II you like. See, the skirt has a high, pointed waist, ·mart as can be -- and flares vivaciously when you walk or dance. Note the two gay necklines also! Pattern 9995 may be ordered only In misses' sizes 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20. Bize 16, skirt and bolero, requires BXi yards 39 inch fabric and bodice % yard contrast. Send FIFTEEN CENTS In coins for this MARIAN MARTIN pattern. Be sure to wnle plainly your SIZE, NAME, ADDRESS, and STYLE NUMBER. Order the MAHIAN MARTIN PATTERN BOOK of latest Spring Fashions, and KNOW that your sewing program is of! to a fine start! You'll be thrilled with the number and variety of patterns, including 39 lor misses, 17 for Junior misses, 17 for matrons, 19 for children. Such lovely things -- showing it's a season for Color and Budget Wardrobes! 6ee easy-ttf-sew styles for graduations, wee dings, dances and boat trips. See. too, plenty of everyday snd slay-at-home clothes! BOOK FIFTEEN CENTS. PATTERN FIFTEEN CE15TS. BOOK AND PATTERN TOGETHER TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. Send your order to The Daily Courier, Pattern Department, 232 IV. 18th St., New York, N. Y. You're Teliing"Me\ - - By BILL BRAUCHER 1 That'big combined circus which will toior iho country is to be "stroaralined," according to reports. Sounds like bad news for the elephants. ' · » · On» r«»-!K of that ATosi ratty n New York is that it revived interest in fighting around Madam Square Garden. · * * Souvenir hanters tore the feath- trs from headdresses of visiting Indians at a Hollywood film preview. Now look who's doinc the scaloincl . · * All big league teams this year irill celebrate baseball's 100th birth- lay but the Yankees, as usual, will tct the biggest slice of cake. One must look forward not back to keep a job t according to a lec- farcr. How about the guy who does the "Ten Years" Ago Today" column? · * * if there ore many more European crises well make a lot of money. We jnst bought some stock in a map making company. AOAH NUMSKUU- " IP" DORJNS THE! FZ.EISN or NEjeo, WASN'T THE , N V . DE^B. NOAH-IF A a. HAS f=CXJ(a HOW MANY DOES THE: JOE PALOOKA Aid. By Horn Fisher 'IN YA SHIP TUFF A F£LLA BUYS AN'THEY SAID YOU'RE T'eiT TH' DOUBLE-CROSS-THEY THOU6HT IT WAS AWFUL FUNNY. I SUPPED ^ _., 'EM A COUPLA yScrnTX^Z VOUSE N1ICKEYS /Tvft=Y'?i f 5HUNT THEY WON'T / 7.7jy .£=7. OF DONE iNcroYYER v MJSSTH^ THAT. KNOCKOUT- ·" ~ WHY NOT/ THEY'D LIKE T'SEE TOD GIT IT.TH' SKUNKS THEY WOULDN'T GIVE A DECENT 6UY A HON1ST BREAK. I THINK THEY DONE ME A FAVOR. LET'S GIT % EM. ONLY ABOUT MILE KNOBBY. AWFUL NICE O*a TH' DOCK' AH S 4/00 0* W.') A HAL SHUT) I'M S. YOU'R UP/YSEASICIC BARNEY GOOGLE and SNUFFY . SMITH Barney's a Busy Mnn 3fow. By Billy DeBeck wicr . TO .AR. . ITS PURPOSE--SOU'VE CftRRieO OUT VOV1R f PiXt\ER.'S WISHES RMD H\S tW«?e ESTRTE ae\JON.6S TO HOtt -- WOW,THEM -I VNOUU3 ROMVSE Vou TO KICK OUT N\R. GOOGLE PINO I SHRU. TftKe THE NECESSftRV STEPS TO HftVE "WE MRRRvWae RNMULLeD QUlCVUCf ftNO WF\C\tNtTV.V- - L SUGGESTED To 17 SOUR vMVFE THHt XOU ROC MM OWR - \V5 TW.E KNEW THE TRUTH -WORE OR. LESS OP P. TOUT Vt'LL GVME VOU SO«\ETHW(a TO 00- VVE ?OR V O U - f ROW 8'-3O ft.W. TVLV. 5 JUST Pi LOT Otr RADIO PATROL By Eddie Sullivan and Charlie Schmidt BUT.'BOSS, WHERE AM I GOING TO HIRL ft GIRL GO OUT ON THE I---_ AT THIS STREET AND OFFER THE | L HOUR. BOSS, 5AUY, HASN'T 5HO\AIN UP YET -- AFTER. IOGONG SALLY AND MIKE IN THE 5KRET CLOSCT 1M HIS HOMt, CHftRUE GOES TO HIS 5HE WONT SHOW UP- HIRE ANOTHER. CIGARETTE GlRL-THE YJOODS JO5 TO THE FIRST ONE MEET - EVEN tt SHE UVCE CAN YOU BERT THftl ? I'M SUPPOSED TO GO OUT AND PICK A RIGHT OUT O? THE WR- / THE GUY'S OAFFY YOU'D BETOR OO YT - ttfS IH ft NftSTf MOOD. I'VE NEVER. SEN HIM | ACT UKE. WOT JUST KIDS And It Comes Out Here! By Ad Carter WHY-WHATS THE (VWJTTER? WEVE ALWAYS LIKED MARTIN I'M GLAD YOU LIKED IT-JOHN WEU--WE WERE TALKING ABOUT APPLE PIES AMD HE SAJD HIS WIPE 3AKED THE BEST IN THE NOPA BAKES FINE PIES TAKE THE PIE WE HAD LAST NISHT-VDU OUT-DID VCUR-. SBJ=! MARTIN'S WIFE BAKED THREE YESTERDW. 1 AND SENT ONE OVER AS A PRESENT SOMETIMES MAP7T1N BPJANNEF3 SETS A LITTLE UNDER MY SKIN MUGGS McGINNIS By Wally Bishop f USTEW I! «XJ TAO MGHT JtST ^/°e WEU. FORGET AEOUT THIS CRUISE, i! WE'VE BEEM erv/iw' RHIKJELAMDER THE "COLO SHOULDER* ?· AMD WE HAVEN'T A O-SAMCE OP BEING INWTTEDU M3O KMOW HOW WE HIM I! ... BUT AH' CONT EXPECT TO LET MAH PERSOMAL. FEEUNGS IMTERPERE WIP OUR FT?!EKTOSHIP AT A TIME HE/1! HEV' V*. SEEN N THE CUPS? ABOUT THHT KNOTHAIt,OHIUELANCeR ' MS FATHER....'M'THEIR BOAT...'M' THE CRUISE TriEVRE A'GOIM TO EVERVTHINO WHATCE WE DO ABOUf rr? INVITING A LOT OF T1O CO WIF 1 y'KNOW U wr^H US.WHEU J. "HEy SWOVE OFF l ura JyniaK. Inc. WorlJ askss nxncd. TIM TYLER'S LUCK Clown Gives Himself a Work-Ootl By Lym Young weee ARE CUJWN'S At4D DUMDUM'S WOPeSBS^ SPUCV DOWN TWE ROAD AHD NOW,T_M,rVE GOTASOODPLAN TO LURE.1.AE OTHER WORSETWEVES AWAV--- SOVYECAN TRAP'EM ONE OR TWO AT A TIME.-' -- GEH-THAT'S A SWELL IDEA WkEA LOOK ATTVIECLOWH THBOUSH THAT AIR- SYE'RE PRISONERS AND YOU ACTUUE GOT TWEIB MASTERS PRISONERS IN BIG SISTER By Les Forgrave , LET'S GET STPSAIGHT! you TEU- WE TMlS tMiXM \5 AM iMOOSTOfi.. NJOTHlW BUT A KSO.SPEGrC. NAV POOL. ME . T TOOK fmS LAO TO THE OOCTtOR. VJHEKl' ACClDEMTT OeSTROVEO TORS VOHESJ H6 ©UT A, X'l-t- DO VOOR AK1D A » JUST V-VOU.O OUTT F=(MS NMRS.3T. Copr 1959, Kj,g Ftjtura Sndiatc, Inc. World ntta reserved.

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