The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 12, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, June 12, 1918
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\ PAGE TWO. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 1918. ? ' ~"M-rs. ~Job"ifJ. Penrod. formerly Misslessary to the comfort'of otir sailor -" " --Daisy "Ash." was" "tendered-.1 miscel-l.boys. There wHl be a Goddess ot - · -ianeou* shower lasi'night at the home Liberty, a doll, candy, flower, fortune - of Srs. James Howard ia West Apple telling booths and many other inter- serial--by^8»-~Wb[nan's Benefit As- esling attractions. The Uniontown -- sociation-of-the Maccabees, of which f comforts committee is a branch ot TM she has been commander for the past I the Charleston Comforts branch, ot some very hot weather," he writes. "Yesterday it made a person sweat to wallC I would write more but I want to go to church this morning." The letter was written on May 39. TEtL THE MOTHERS IVE'KE J'EBLm) FDiE All members of the 319th and tho 320th infantry are safe across, says a I card received by The Courier from John Trump, of Connellsville, member oE Company K, 319th. "Tell the mothers not to worry. We're all feeling fine," he says. _ e. r i I ',od wasjjrescnt- ed by the .association with a chest of ha_od3oiiie. silver and with several otheXipretty and useful anicies by j; indi\3£ual membsis. Dainty refresh- r menta^Pere_ served, and a most en~ joyaWeCtime. was "had. Mrs. Penrod ;; has bee* a very capabte.'conrmancler ~ and Her, resignation, caused by her ~ deparire from" town,,is deeply'reC ^ gretted "by all the rnembers7~ Tonight -- the employes -at-Kobacker's^store will ~ give a similar ^shower "at- TEe .horn* ^ of Miss-Netle Kearas-ijb honor of Mrs. £ Penrod, "who was -«ngloyed in the ^ ladies 1 ,; re^dy-to^wca^departmcnt of £ the store for.;sevcraFyears. ;; : Plans fot_a,,wonder sale; to be held TM .at tfte horns-of ilrS^HanjrBengel in ~ -Snyder street, were made at the reg- "ular jneeiuig of Ui J. 0. C. class o' LUCE TICE COtFXTRY By taking LydiaE.Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, One of Thousands of Such Cases. Black River Falls, Vfls.--"As Lydm UEOlltiE HOSACK SAVSi E. Pmkham's Vegetable Compound An overseas card was received by [ -- Baved me from an which Mrs. J. Mclvm Grey is chair"man, and it is expected that a number of Connellsville women will attend the garden party. " Mr. and Mrs. Alba B. Johnson of Pbiladeiphia_have announced the engagement " of their daughter. Ilia's Ruth Anna_ Johnson; to Lieutenant eiartesr-.Nelson Snowden, son of Mr. ( ·and Mrs. Charles Leidy Snowden of Pittsburg. The marriage will take place Saturday, June 22, in the home oE the bride. Lieutenant Snowdea, who is ,a Yale man and captain o£ the-crew, was recently instructor in aviation -in Park field, Memphis, Tenn. He is now at-Massachusetts Tech taking a four months' course in naval aeronautics. " The Knit aad Win unit to the W. P. Clark from his grandson, George M. Hosack, Jr., a member of Company j K: llth Infantry, telling of his safe arrival in France, and that he is well. "Vfe had an enjoyable voyage and we all like the country that we have seen," he says. ~ -the Eu3C3Iethollsl piscopal Sunday. Charleston Comforts, branch of the - "schoo!,"3Sia last evening-' at"-the homa J^T League, mot last night a', the C :of Miss~3da DeMuth in .South Pitts- honl e of Mrs. Harry Ford in Eighth - -iburg-street. The meeting was in :the .street. Greenwood. The evening was ^ -form-o^A ten-cent tea, and was large- spent at knitting for the sailors. PERSONAL Mrs. H. M. Kephart is in Pittsburg today. Mrs. F. K. Sherrick of East Apple street, and Mrs.' 0. H. Roderick of Jeannette went to Point Marion this morning to visit friends. Don't neglect your eyes. See Dr. A. L. Tucker, Optometrist. Ida South Pittsburg street, Connellsville.--Adv. Jfrs. J. G. Percy.-of East Apple street is spending -the day in Pittsburg. The best place to shop after all. Brownell Shoo Co.--Adr. - Mcs. Lillian Keyser of Greenwood, went to Pittsburs this morning to visit relatives. You -will never gej here: ,cheap, shoddy fabrics or the slip-shod, slap-together workmanship,of other so-call- -- - Too--psughterj ot America-will' -- meet-tomorrow-night at 7:30 o'clock ~, in o|dt:Fellows : ''hall. - Mrs.-Edgar Wicr Bliss of L'nion- ;z town, announces, the engagement of ^ her daughter. Miss Florence Bliss, to ~ Charles Lanahan, son of the late ~- Charles Lanahar, and Mrs. Lanahan of ~ - the» "Washington apartmenis, Balti- T -. -more. The bride is a popular naem- "- - - ber of-XFniontovi n's social set and has r · a number of friends here.' Mr. Lanai , Ian is one of the most popular and ·* . wealthiest yours men in Baltimore - and belongs to the prominent family of -- lhat name. Tho dale of tie marriage ~ fj . has not been arranged. - ". ' Miss Edith Blytae of Duubar attend- SOISSOJT MADIGAX ' OHDKKKD TO COT.OIBI'S Joseph Soisson Madi^ti, son of -Mr. and Mrs. J. *D. Madigan, of East Fairview avenue, who enlisted in the navy, has received orders to report to Philadelphia on Friday. 1). C. HUSTOX PASSES THE i:X,O£LVA'rro.Y. Mr. ana Mrs, W. E. Huston of ML- Clellandtown, have just received word from tboir-son. Lieutenant D. C. Huston, Camp jackson, that be successfully passed in the officer^' training course for that commission. Lieutenant Huston formerly was an em- ploye ot the W-rlght-Metzler company ia Uniontown. On February 3 he was married to Miss Grace Hoover of Bellefontaine, 0. operation, I cannot sayenough in praise ofit 1 suffered from organictroublesand ( my side hurt me so j I could hardly be un from my bed, and I j was unable to do my ] housework. I had [ the best doctors ,in j Eau Claire and they wanted me to have an operation, but Lydia E. Pinkbam's PAUL WIIC05ER ARRIVES SAl'ELV IX FUAXL'K A. E. Wagoner of the West Side ha.i received a card maijed from an embarkation camp announcing the safe arrival ot his son, Paul Wagoner, safely overseas. Young Wagoner i 1 * a member of Company H, 320th Infantry. . AD LOCAL W1AR-- GEORGE 3TJXXIS ITKP.S t'OU-VTJtr OVER THI.-RE City Detective J. W. Mitchell has received a post card from George Minnis, a member of the 110th rtegiment Br/ZER, Black River Falls, Wis. It IB juat Bach experiences tts that of Mrs. Bmzer the.t has made this famous root and herb remedy a household -word from ocean to ocean. Any woman who suffers from inflammation, ulceration, displacements, backache, nervousness, I irregularities or "the blues" should i not rest until she has given it a trial, and for special advice write Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass. For SMn Soreness of infants and children you caa find nolhing that heals like Sykes Comfort Powder Leading physicians znd nurses have Used and endorsed it for more than 25 year?. 25c at the Vlnol and other dri^g stores The Comfort Powder Co., Boston, Mass. FRENCH REPillSE ATTACK Continued from Pajre Onfc. suffered an enormous loss iu war materials nnd equipment. stores t ammunition which w e r e heaped up along the lines of communication behind the front of the defeaicr French army likewise Jell into our hands just as previously we captured enormous stores from the British This Event will be the signal for the most astounding merchandise movement in the annals of local retailing. Our unequaled buying power and our irresistible offerings will do it. That "Wonder Sale" in June will make history. The prudent buyer will not miss this opportunity. Hospital Corps, announcing his ar- army." rival safely in France. He likes the country, ho says. ce Mary e(i tailors. Dave Cohen, Tailor.--Adv. i DQXT KNOfl' "WHAT 1VAR Mrs. W. ,- 1rrs - J - J- Dougherty of the South js, SAVS SErUJT. ed the wedding of Miss Grace Davies, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. j .·'"=· ·· ·· -L«ugncrty 01 tne boutn js, SAVS SKKfiT. JIOOKE. H. Davies ot Pictsburg, and Joseph | side w as called to Plttsburg Monday The people at Jiome do not realize Hunter Hamilton o£ Edgewood Park, °y the illness of her-aunt, Mrs. T. A.' what war is, says Sergeant Charles solemnized this morning in the home Connolly of Pittsburg, who underwent F. Moore of Company D, 110th Regi-- of the parents of the bride. " Hiss Saiah Kephart, daughter of Mr. :'. ..and Mrs.'H. M. Kephart. will grad-| . 1" iiate from Monnt'AIoysius academny ~ '" at Cresson on net Tuesday. A number of Miss Kephart's relatives and -friends -from here exercUes. an operation in the Pittsburg hospital. Mr. Dougherty went to Pittsburg yesterday. wait for the Chautauqua? Come to hear The Sweet Family at the Methodist Church.--Adv.-12-lt. Jfrs. J. P. Brennen of Scottdale was will witness the f i n town this morning on her -way to The. .Indies' Aid and Missionary society of the United Presbyterian churcli will tnoet tomorrow afternoon »t 2.30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. r Jesse-'Lanosberry in Davidson avenue. The delegates to the convention held |Meyersdale to visit her parents, and Mrs. Michael shannon. Mr. last week at Braddock their reporet. will submit 3j A well attended meeting of the 1. X. £ L. Bible class of the United Presby^ "terian church was held last evening -f_ al the home of Mrs. Frank Martin at ;; -South. Connellsville. Devotional ex;' ercises were conducted by Mrs. Bals- 2 _~iey. Miss Mabel Skiles, president of £ the class, presided over the meeting. 1 "It was decided to take up knitting for Z ~lliTKd Cayss..~"_0ne nsw member was n -" received. -Betfeshmeats were served £ ~ b y Ehe'Eosfesi,; "Theieit meeting n-ill - be held Tuesday evening, July 9, at the S home of Mrs,. Ealsley in East Fair~- view avenue. 2 One ot the ro,ost interesting wed- of- the -seaEO'mJsahaVot .Hiss Sue Rush, -daughter of. "Mr. and Mrs. Ira V. Rush of South Prospect street, and Hobert M. Evans, son of Mrs. W. T. Evans of Barnes'-'Ule, Ohio, quietly \ alemnizt'a- this -- inorniag -at - 9 o'clock "in the pareonage of "the Metb.' Send the Daily Courier to your boy in the army. Call at the Courier office and leave hfs address. Rate 50c per month.--Adv. Mrs. J. H. Bowman went to Pitts- i burg this morning to see her sister- in-law. Miss Sarah Bowman", who un- ment, writing to his wife, who was General von Stein said that lh: number and strength of the American low what report spread by the Katento \ ' had led Germany to expect. SHU'}' UROS (U13T 100.000 TO.''S OK SlJItM.VRrXES. WiASHINGTO*, June 11'.--Since formerly Miss Mary .Moorhcad of Ev- j Gorman submarines began t h e i r raid erson. He speaks ot their safe arrival off t [,e Atlantic coast on Ma 5, the In France and says they had a fine trip with the exception of a few cases of sea-sickness. .HCFAUD.KX rx 3LVCHI'E GUX COMT.UiT. output of shipyards building teasels for the shipping board has exceeded the sinking of American ships by more than 300,000 dead weight ions. TJje proaucnon during this has been 21 vessels, totaling 13n,64a Corporal Merrill' .McFadden of | tons, excluding the vessels salvaged. Pennsville, has written to his mother, Mrs. John MeFadden, of his trip over with Machine Gun Company of the SSth Infantry. 1 derwent an operation in the "West Pena hospital. You will get comfort and style if f examine your eyes and fit your glasses. Dr. A. L. Tucker, Optometrist, IDS South Pittsburg street, Connells- yllle.--Adv. . , Mrs. 0. B. Craft of North Pittsburs street is visit'ng in Pittsburg today. Mrs. John Featon of UnJontown, formerly of Connellsville, visited relatives here yesterday. Go to the Yough House Restaurant for your Thursday supper. .Chicken and waffles. Mrs. C. J. Arms'frong.-- Adv.--wed-thurs-tf. Miss Gertrude Madden, a student nurse at the Pittsburg hospital, is spending several daylj with her par- eats..Mr. and Mrs. Martin Madden of 'Adelaide. She visited her sister, Mrs. Charles Steganius of this city on Monday. Mrs. F. K. Bailey of Ohiopyle visited her mother, Mrs. A. J. Colborn yps- * terday. Miss Hosalme Kobacker of Mount Alfred suit otjiavy blue-tncotiue and a large ^ 5Ir..;Evans and his bride Tare" wrfleTy'and favorably known. The former is one- of the most prominent ~ "business niea of "fh"e "city, being man. "ager of the dry goods department of -- the-Wright-Metzler company store- for the past 10 -year's. Mrs. Evans, who --has je«ri «- clerk in the same depart; jment for the past several years, is ""POpttlar^ aKiong her- wide circle. o_f ,, lrteiiels._ She Tfas gra_duated_from the -: ConnellSTille '.high school,_a member ....oJL.tiw; class of. 1011. . Invmediately aft«r the. cerempny Mr? and 1 Mrs; TZEyaBs .left for a two" weeks' wedding. ' trip" to New York. they Upon, their return uTConnellsville. REVIEWEDBY BAKER Local-Boys Farade Before Secretiiry and Other Officials. A. letter rsceived from E. P. Hannigan, who left here "with the draftees from" District No. 2 on May 29, says sdme of the men from this section, including himself took part in a review on Friday before Secretary of "War Baker and other bigh army officials. Hannigao. was rejected on June -t but made; an effort to be retained for at least limited service. Thursday night he "was ^mustered in and received a ujform. Friday he was given a rifle and in the late forenoon of the same _--f Manr Attractions have been ar- | day took part in the review. d^fOT ~a-.""bfg -tjaraen ^party to j "Until the last few days," the letter berjield tomouu.vv -^on the parish HouseTMgto,unds. Uniontown^_foT ,th.e benefit of the~Navy_i*ague. Th"e garj den party is being "neld_ under the 1 auspices of th "War Relief branch, ot ""tBe:"Navy".league, which incMdes the" comfort commlfte. This" committee and; excepting ^that we are .restricted i ant James V. Sarver, of Greensburg, 'to thVvieiniiy ot our own barracks, It in France. Lieutenant Sarver, is with _wtr"ks-directly for the navy, so, in pa'trb'nlzing1:he_garden party the pub- night "until after 9 o'clock. helimfg- thV women" tOHb'uy-"[have_a_ bare pos_sjbiKt$^ of getting reads, "the fellows,who left homo on the. 29th have had' things mighty soft SEECF.AST EKED HOM.K FOR FUKLOCGH. Sergeant Harry B. Reed of Vanderbilt, member of Camp Lee, Va., arrived home yesterday morning on a furlough. Sergeant Reed belongs to the 155th Depot Brigade. He is the son ot Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Reed. The submarines detroyed 10 totaling 26,000 tons. BRITISH ESE.MT RAroi.BS. LONDON, June 32.--Au enemy raid- i ing part last, night attacked a British post in Av'trlly wood, but \va.s repulsed, the war office announced today. The British carried out a sue- ccsafu; raid on the Boyelh's legioc. capturing a few prisoners. S..UTOEL KEKZI READY 'JL'O GO AFTFJl 'Kit. Ifrs. Rose Renzi has received a card from her son, Samuel Renzi, who is In Company D, 110th Itegfment, telling of his safe arrival in France and of tho (act that he is well and ready for active service at the front. 21 1'IjAXES DOW.VK1) | O.V ITAM l.V FRONT. I LONDON, Jun 12.--Twenty-one ou! cmy airjilanes ha-ve bcun destroyed on I the Italian front b/ the Erltisli an ' forces operating there, according to today's war office statement, l e n o r t i n g i on the Ijritish operations in thih area. ELKVKS M.VRLVhS JEEI-DfG HSE, SAYS CliAREXCE COOFEK JilLLED LV ACTION. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Cooper ot the WASHINGTON, J u n e 12.--A .Maiino South Side, received a letter from i Cot 'P b casually list reported today carried 17 names, showing ] 1 men k i l l e d in action, two who diod of wound* and four severely wounded, thcjr son, Clarence Cooper, of the HOlh Medical Corps, in France. He writes that he hafl a good trip across and was feeling fine. JOE tCCKEV TEL1S The Baby fiirl liorn. stork vifaited tlieMiome of Mr. OF Till-: VOTAGB. aad Mrs - Charles Steganius and left Joseph C. Luckoy of Company I, i a b a "y ''·· The family is now com- lllth ' lufantrj', has arrived safely overseas, .a letter written on board ship and a caid announcing his safe arrival, being received by his mother, Jfrs. John Ltickey. posed of two girls and a boy. T® (Srasa FIRST LETTEK IX SCTEX WEEKS. Mr. and Mrs. James O'Connor ot East Crawford avenue, received the Orst letter in seven weeks from their son Edward, in military service overseas, yesterday. According to the letter the young soldier is located in a large city in France and is in good health. He was among the first oE the draftees to go to Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va. LIEUT. SARVEtt TELLS OF HJS SAFETY. Mrs. J. C. Lytle of East Fairriew avenue, has received word of the safe arrival of her only nephew, Lieuten- "has been sort of a jacation. The last "couple of days, however, we have received ^some mighty stiff drilling--not getting in from the drill grounds last "We all r'S arn to mi * e knitted articles so nee- transferred into "the 37th division, a National Guard unit recruiting to full I war strength here. I hope I am one ,' ol the fortunate ones." Hannigan is · r t present in the 18th Co., 5th Bn., !J5tn"Dep~6f Brigade, Camp Lee. IW3TAW POSfUM ia made instant- ' b/jostrisjhtjust . cooi«5h.NC \WSTC 'Lass Sugar, and- JDELJCIOUS Company B, 307th Engineers. EI/ETUNTH .BOS SEITDS CAM). A card written in England, has been received from Frank Bartley of Adelaide, who is with the lllth Infantry. MRS. LEO CARJlOtL GETS GOOD 2O31VS FfiOM HUSBAND. Mrs. J.eo. L. Carroll, East Gibson avenue, city, revived word from her husband, L. L. Carroll, with the 110th Regiment, of his safe arrival ia France. "! SOLDIER SE5T)S SOUTEiaRS " OF LAST) OF FHEXCH | , Mrs. Mary Andris has received' a i letter from her brother Frank who is Daughter Born. j w i l h the 17th Regiment of Engineer* Mr . and 1Lrs _ Alfred j.,Kobacker of I in France in which he says he wasrIsabella road, are receiving congrat- ; never in better health and is enjoying ulations upon the birth of a daugh- , himself. In the letter was a silk ter Monday in a Pittsburg private hos- j handkerchief which he purchased tor pital. 13 francs or ?2.60 In American money. |, ' ' It'is'hand-made". '"We" "af e " having j Patronize those who advertise. WES. H/iHRY HELN'DAI'CII. Mrs. Harry M. Ileinbaugh, fonrerly of Connellsville. died Mond.'.y at her home at Lowellvllle, Oh:o, irom blood poison. Mrs. Heinbaugh :or- merly was Miss Lola Har.lon o: Connellsville. The- funeral was held Tuesday afternoon at Lowellvillc Mrs. Heinbaugh is survived by lieu husband and three children. Dorothy Kuth, Lorn a* Jane, and Marcus Reed; her motner. Mrs. Minnie Hanlon, and the following brothers and sisters' Robert Lee, Mrs. P. A. Lang-ford and Mrs. D. E. Gather, all ot Youngstown, Ohio. Before her marriage Mrs. Heinbaugh was employed as clerk in Mc- That "Wonder Sale" in June As an opening "TV'onder Sale" feature we TT:!] sell Room Si/,e Rups at astomsbmg low prices. Neppcrham close-weave Brussels Hugs, size 9x12-- one of thp most durable Rugs wo\ea in America and alriobt .mpossible to obtain--ai extraordinary bargain al ?21.50. Alexander Smith Sons Seamless 9x12 Axminster Ruf, r s. "We consider ihis one of the best Rugs offers e v c i Sellmg price w i l l be $-12.50, 9x12 Brissels Rugs, sood patterns and colorings, "Wonder Saio" prn-ei, $21.50, 525.00, $27.50 and ?33,50 Bozart Ru?=. Gx9--$7 50. 27x54 Velvet IlrUbbDls Rugs. $2.95. 27x54 Ball} Room Rugs, $1.39. Corolla Grass Matting Rugs s;?o 4^ac9, $5.00. T.inoloums n( Spociiil Priri-s ** Won dor Sa'e" in Jnne. Best grade- Jn!aid linoioums, $2.25 square yard. Dost g"ado ot Printed Linoleums, burlap back, 52.00 square ya-d Bebt gr.ulo of Enameled Linoleums, bjg assortment oC pattt-ms at $1.00 square ard. That "Wonder Sale" in June Diiinty Sew Summer Dresses. ^"c started the "Wonder Sales" with 1,000 Dresses and from the enthusiastic buying the Hrat few- days even ibis large lot will not last long. H is a wonderful selection, consisting of silk, cotton and liner; Drosses-- every kind Iliat \vomen would wear during the Summer Dresses for practical purposes as well as for better uear arc 3 included--of TafTefa, Crepe da Chene, Japanese SiJk Taffeta, Crepe Geor- geUe, Net Voiles, Gingham and Organdies. Variety o" styles too great for description, but all the best Summer stjJe* ai e included. Prices $9.95 up to 527.30. That "Wonder Sale" in Jone A Tru! **Hondi*r Sole" of White Goods. The looms never rorCPtl out prettier or finer white goods than this year styles. If you want anything in the way oE fine white goods you cannot aoffrd to raiss this great mono-saving sale Compare Quality With Price. Long cloths, 20c, 35c and 45c yard. Nainsooks, 20c, 35c and 50 jard. Novelty Voileb, also plain Voiles, 5oc, 5Sc up to 85c yard. 5,000 yards fancy "SVhitp Goods .many pieces of different patterns ,aj 25c, 35c and 50c yard. 7.0oO yards of Whue Goods .many styles to make selection from, prices GOc ,S5c and SI.00 the yard. Lot of Colored Wash ilalenal, fine aad sheer materials, at 35c; reii.1 value 50c. Fancy Figured Voiles, ^5e, 50c and 75c yard. Shirr Waist Linens, 5Qc, 75c ancl $1 OU Che yard. Handkoichief Linen, 38 inches \ude. 51.25 the yard. Luaa Lawn, sheer and medium weight, 35 and 40 inches wide, 35c and 50c yard. Nc-w Ginghams, 29c and 35c ibe yard. Nt-w Percales at 23c and 33c yard. Colored Figured Organdies, just new. and one of the most desirable fabrics /or summer dresses, at 35c per yard 5,000 yards of fine plain "White .material, including Voi lo, Madras and Batiste .actual \ alue SOc, Sale Price 19c yard. Housekeeping Linens in Great Tariety at Special Low Trices tor That "Bonder Sale" in Juno. Thai "woDder Sal^" marks a period of unequaled activity in our Lnen Department. Table linens at less than they would cost us now. When yo'i buy a cabie ulotli or a do«en napkins for less money than they would cc^t us it seems a chance worth t r y i n g to take advantage of in these unmatchabk- ·values in table l:nens. Everyone knows that we have the best and largest linen departmen: in this Mcmit. (The Derryvalp Linens). Mcrci'-ued Table Damask, 70 inches wide, at 75c and S3.25 per yard. Napkins. 16x16 size, D5c per dozen. Napkinb, all linen .beautiful floral designs, at $3.50 up to ?S.-"0 Table Damafok sets, napkins to match, ?8.50 up to S-2.50. 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Prices for tbat r Wonder Sale," $1.50, ?2.50, ?2.95 up to $12.50. That "Wonder Sale" in June Sew GeorgeUc Crepe Hats at $5.95 and $7.50. This collection of cmc Dre_ss Hats for Summer wear show Hats with charm and becomingness. The hats are of smart simplicity, Uie predominating color being navy blue. See the hat=. Trimmed Hats af 61.83, S2.95 and $3J.. Are for dress and general wear--for outing ami vacation . If the hat bought early in the seasol- sliows signs of wear or if an extra summer Jjat is needed but it now at ]ess than you could otherwise get it. See the hats at $1.95, ?2.95 and $3.95. That "Wonder Sale" in June Stylish Perfect Silks at Considerable Savings. Thousands of yards are included so we have pro vjded for a great event Every kind of silk need foi Summer wear. Every weave at tbe height of styh and absolutely perfect. Our silks are known foi their hi£h quality and those aow on sale are tbf same grades we sell the year around and on whicl we have built our reputation. A partial list: SiUc Messalme in all the wanted colors and black full 36 inch widtn, $1.65; actual value |2.00 per yard Beautiful stripe or broken plaid silks, all th newest combination of colors, sale prices $1.75 ui to $2.25. New, desirable, dependable quality of fancy silk.' atjl.75 to 53.50. Yard wide Taffeta Silks ia all the new shades, alsc black, at ?1.75 to ?2.5C. That "Wonder Sale" in June Children's Dresses. Special attention to these Dresses, please, foi these are the prettiest lot of dresses ever offeree for sale in this vicinity. Numerous French styles in pink blue, tan anc plaids, made of the best Zephyr Ginghams. All an neatly made ,pleated effects ,helted, pockets, trim rned with white and self trimmings, full skirts, deej hems .sizes 2 to 14. Prices range from 59c to $8.50 Tbese Dresses are estra values, and a -wonderfii variety to select from. Come, look around and com. pare, and nowhere will you find such Dresses for tht children, That "Wonder Sale" in June Babies' Wear at Interesting Prices. Babies 'Hats and Caps at SOc to $2.95. Made o dainty organdie and Swiss, trimmed -with embroid ery, ribbon or flowers, 98c up to $5.00. Baby Coats Made of serge Bedford Cord, nicely made, line throughout, $3.50 up to $10.00. Bahy Dressps. Long or short, made of white sheer lawn, nain sook .organdie, beautifully trimmed. Prices rangi from 49c up to $5.50 ,and some very pretty dresses iu between prices named. .1UST CO.UU A2VD SEE. Ike HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE 129 Jo 133 N PITTSBUR6 St. CONNELLSVILLE. P.A. COKXELLS- YELiE'S GEEATEST STOKE. HJxenbnupJi-Bjikcr. Miss Clara M. Hixenbaugh and "WH Ham Baker, a well known s-oung couple of PerryopolJs, were married Crorey's store here. The famjy ' e f t } yebterday morning at 6.30 o'clock at 16 months ago. She v,-as i.l two the parsonage of the Methodist church at Pcrryopolis. Kev. j. W. Law, the pastor, officiated The bride made her A Cnrd of Thanlcs, noiic with her grandmother, Mrs. The undersigned wishes to extend j Emily iiixenbaupli The bridegroom is to the ncighbois and friends of Uie j a sra O f Mr. and Mrs, Henry Baker, late Harry B. Shaffer tbeir t l i a n k F ! jr and Mrs,. Baker left yehierdaj- for the kindnesses extended the fam- | morning for a wedding trip.' ill- during the illness and at the death of Mr. Shaffer. They do not forget the choir of the Presbyterian chinch and those who sent lowers. Jirs. Harry B. Shaffer, M. H Shaffer, G. W. Shaffer.--Adv. XO ABTAJfCE Ef PRICE H I L D R E N ^ Should not be "dosed" for colds -- apply "ex- lemnlly"-- K Liltlf Body-Guard i i . 25c--SOc--$1.00 XO »!'""· ' Bunk Serroi; All Depositors Aliko-- Cncourtt^t's Small Accounts. Our mana^inent aims to show no discrimination In service. The depositor \vlio brings in a dollar is given :he same prompt court'^ous attention lha: the larger patron receives. This pol'cy has made the bank po-pular in the true sense of the word. We want working men who receive and pay out money to on;oy the safety anJ service of this bank. The Citizens National Bank, 338 North Pittsburg street. Buy another War Savings Certificate,-Adv. Patronize Those Who Advertise in The Couri* did it. 50 shines for a dimeT 7 Every box saves me $4.90 and my shoes wear longer. Why don't you try a box TODAY. You can't lose. SjtinoiA Sr*(ftiE SET and a box of SmmA is the ideel shoe shining outfit. Ask Nearest Store. SLACK-TAN-WHITE-RED ^ffii/H?---' HOME SET

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