The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 27, 1930 · Page 16
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1930
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIXTEEN. "1 COMBINATION OF Paramount Theatre anglo - american tt w.. RUBBER INTERESTS DC. Joioph Hrnth of pita! ye trkty. Battwi iz those who aivertlse. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNKLLSVCLLE, PA. II millon Hollar Tire lii'dii. - Charlotte Greenwood tr1 - 1 (NEW PLANTATIONS E SHiLilIlEig5J illlillgEaillliasiilililfSEiglSlallslll ORPHEUM THEATRE! 1 - . - - a. I A II - OUTDOORS! All - TALKING! All - REAL! ARE IN A DEQUATE IIere.a a thoma Dljglty at! ,T je aO T .1J.." vhr, UBAB aa weu as aee the ihb .irmg . rn. . , of an indeterminate sentence ioi I acnirmi Anmnc, gi Then .is our Olassmed damns, ahooting her husband, Dallett H, g Couuelisyille, Fa. I ' M - , .BM 1 Phone 1700. I j Uae our "want" dvor::w - lfttit. j waeu - lawyai. 13. ,,, .,, mlln ufi ineiav i nmnrrnw ana ?aiiiru'dv Covered Wagon.' And now you j"j JL - lOIlEr LiCLLV N1 w, ynlK llVl n7CofipCTori pi Great outdoor scffli - e growler wttli sounci. O c7 ot Ami aVjid Hnih rubbtw" refnanre everybody ItnowH an I lovoa. With Grant Withers, Bert Roach, Helen SVin R FdSfcTl Foster and Patsy Ruth Miller JrZrrrrVVS ltW H Mif Yttnphono Art, Ti Ikinir Serial and Talk In er News Rwl Sof (mVlnflS Mr Ewn r ff N Iftl ""J'J'"r' " SYhrVp HU5T5I ' U CHARD ARisN Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday Lion, Mr. Kif:arL st - vs. has resulted in tho s(jlr ni "tiontir. the livable" hero of iiOimilf AC CUriWC" prio fluctuation .hut have In. own a jg mon of tho Pres - Wj and "The SHOW OF SHOWi) bask - American industry into ehnoe ri,m.T "The Lad; l'on Feather," as Ouo ot tho country's beet Informed. Lj LiwJ" as "Trjliii - Slei a, the boy who . - . - - .i. i, - fctudoiitj of the rubber mdii6S, and Bi pns, con In'l pro hfcmlgftt. ' author of a Department of Commerce SJ f : i 'ifririrrtrjJ A Brilliant Casi: of I JL 1L .. TL I ,,.,:, .,,l,r IT... . B . . I mi me ineaue;s 1 E The. Paramount The Orpheum 'tXTZ 1 manufacturing - should have failed eo fg1 'So Long Itry," one of tie funniest "The Virginian." with Gary 'ooplt consfwruou,,h. K ronmhute il. hharc f and moat popular rouaical comedies iu the stellar rob, opened today at tho tQ njl1on(l lf)Wrlty. over produced, has found ite way to Orpheum for a throe - day attraction. ..u has b(M)n c, )roaLC(1 thaf tll 1he g the taking screen After .in adven 'Tho Vidian i& jusl I the t vno of ghl.yeaf pcri0( lrom .io20 to 1928 tho B turous career. It is a Wr.rner Bros. Picture for - vhteh all - i..i vinr .most !liUl9lry ol .h0Bld haw rjj lES'aSfS 1 A Paramount Picture Tho iihtory ot this eUgs farce is. , ,' 1 ; rvsnds ihK the American people have I tntareadu.; bocatme, ,n it. hiy. V ?f; "all - talkins ' alone an ' oton obligwl to pa: - out some hundreds almost as much of o EwiiALtioa in ius a 'l ' J " , of million's of dollars more than should i - - - then a bettor theatrical lowu, in ajof cattle, jou lieai tho shotite ol lie y, Woli , , , a mw mulenaJ . Jca i couple of weeks. Howovoi, 1i Ir t ir t . t M , .u , n , , a oonlro,... . w - ur - p d0i.) Angel public took a tremendouei bord thiouph the swltt Howing unent. tt,lCalrl,ls ftny ,lrt,nt 1o arouft6 n. - Quiet mtrt cannot b. t - rpl..4 lancy to .ho show and to .ho lengthy ' ot a liter, yon hear the 1 OUJ11 ' ternational feolinp over the fc.tnaUon, " iji ' uTaVo tvlrt 1 Charlotte ilrnenwood and packed tho tho crack! Ins? camp - liM' c - hanti: thnr . ol(. t..,, on t,)t, c.,plpary Jike clock lo a thunder - ! houe fo: wokH. Finally, the cum - ! typical dittiot, you hear tho dai ce hall , n J(J !on,)nate fo. worA conurlercP ,nJ uiiii" , pany was forced by contra:U, to move , L'mI '"those ""n ' to ORDINATfOODS I to Sn Frnnctoco. j - l ,tl have the t hief o! rre of crude ruhhor j It wa me ft,.ry throii,: - .t . - . - j in tbo en err colonial poBf,aiona of. ordinary foods may be wade ex - ' the ..(.an ij whoiovor th, iihow hadr.ille I Britain and Holknd Mr. Figart beo traordinary ny the addition of aea - bcen boo tt - ,1 Ab a rewilt it did not (.oopr, In Ins i rst ull - tmU ? r0 mtlc lirie at tho Dreamt crlala in su h BOnlnge aad gar - i (0 'd 7 f"" - I '" i t 1 ' p"nv ijUU n"w York. " 'most cocvinc:.: - . bad m.i.i !, n :whI v, ' ',!,'.',; , ,7,;,,, 7''7 t'ufa: - 'u n' - ' - ,1 UrTe" Taglt Im - tab'le - Otheifc iithoodbt .iio OintVf - itliore, J v J 1" 11 "1 "''pr'i" ' ,n",,i): - or ,Llf''" ! lle, - v ,!Jlan' - (',i' 'lk"" SP0"0 of mlnote laptop add Kuth Mil lor, Marion Uyrou, llallam the rolo ith intense dramat e iop - , 0)H) v to trat niblv f an ero - nnA one - third cupfuln of boiling wa - Cooloy. Helen Kodtoi and .larry Orib - lug - R'ohaid Arlon aa Stev,, .. w.,y - ,,;,; f,ri;,.lf.m wori,i.,Ul0 ,r. ' ter, cook twenty minutes or until the bon. Tb production v.. is adaptel to 'ward buddv of the Virginian ai d - Mury hCOporathor thai at a national prob - tP'ca la clear. Batter a pudding the screen by Robert Iord nnd Artliui'i r'rtan as Molly Wood, Die c! irm;n;; lem ,. di - ,)i and cover the bottom with p. Utoar and directed hy Lloyd Bacon. school toaeher with whom t) e luio ' , . Pi cut Into eighths, sprlnUe trtth ' a vit - i vhn not talking nows reel, !'alJs 1:1 !oyc arf" iually art at! c in . . . . , 1 sugnr and cover with a layer of the wah GrfhaT McNani exng their portray.). jSg V, ? - Th, U I Jr. t it throv - i on the1 program also inemdes an all - - illLINO, l" - 7 - Tlv. tUh ft few fl ft qMr1erB on t0Pi oach event ai, it 13 luio a n uut';T,.lH n , ,i ...( diatt of an OTriinanco v. ucn soiia ni - nai n, fM,it t .inn e.P. scroon. and and all - talking comedy aro talkdng comedy, eound oeB i - cl and snaday aiovies in Whenllnv , Ule lnl,t '3 uone Ser e , , , movietone act. pronioit unt ay movies in n unit,. wui, sugar and cream. nlbO on Lioocroen. wa.s trconted to the city council last Dubarrv Maearon, c,lt fonr sIic n:,v by presrntativc, or 32 chat rh yj"C Ja;"te, "j Why Fat Men HOLD - UP MAN SUSHIS . St V Ffafr HIS VICTIM 1N CRT Chimed .emruta ZZyTl TrTXT Bring ri. Try then.. of bay leaf salt and pepper. Cook BcWATO, Fob. 3G A co irtroom ' thirty minutes, then ndd two cnpfula The t .,..hir, ifh mo, .md T . sw W(ls th - rown into an uproar today of cooked macaroni and sene. ' "ho "aro' puUUik oil wuls it T didn't when Pet - r Doniiblfiowicj;, w: o had Big Game Jflllllter Has I Halibut on Toaot Melt one - fcurth LVo tac 'V.nrro. T - a' u kcor it oft. ptoaded guilty to cwplicHy m the ftpj - vesd YfilM - on Island ot a cupful of Witter and add two and Lost an liter, - , in any hr - am.y activity ,fo00W bold - up of a jowotry a tore, 3erVCa JCar n l8Iana one - half taWespoonfuls of (lour; wh - n ' r? iUn lYulitn T" - 1,? "V Tuiruachen slashed tho throat ot David 1 Gdldk - well blended add two cnpfols of milk spectacle of Ike pionocr West. The won dot - fully human The Great AD Time American Classic THE VI RGINIAN All - Talking d from labors the truck that is to carry MARV SKI AN charm intr us the l.rav Holly Wood, She's Gtnry's sweet - POPULAR STARS were takein Jb&W .the .jtormfti TTnT Rfi'DA Y, FEBRlTAJlY 137, ISJoTJ. i 2 i gwry roorn, (i fhriHed yon iyUIi iieroic roles lu IS Winn of llti1 Con - B ' und "SjLep - domned" and "SjLep - ftj Also OUR GANG Comedy With SOUND and Sound MEWS CL Qzramount picture What's become oi all the homely women? Women simply aren't homely any more. You meet plain women, yes . . . but their smart, trim air is the envy of many who are only beautiful. In the old days, when a girl gave promise of becoming "hopelessly plain," she was frankly informed of the fact to save her from hurt pride in later years. She remained frumpy and tried to convince herself that she dHn't care! Not today! Advertising has played a remarkable part in making every woman attractive. It has taught her to use the beauty and charm that are her heritage, regardless of the shape of her features. Her teeth, her hair, her hands, her complexion, her clothes, and even her erect, athletic figure have been ''brought out' by methods constantly before her in advertising. The great beauty and style specialists of the country have been her consultants, as they are yours - if you are taking fullest advantage of the opportunities before you every day, in the advertising columns of this newsoaper. Read the advertisements. They hold secrets of beauty and style that were denied the women of yesterday. Soviet Sends Religion to the Bonfire Mis A How, II. U(al null merj vlnMp'jrtX llr' 'u7'7t ! 'jefo! "'"T h" J rc" C 0 HS0 1 i Gli COSl These working men and women of the Soviet f which was t?e first te - make the sacrWlc. epen Wtvt - i ,.i,iv ,orUi( m l - Utsb.iig.iv " ! oi i wed from the penitentiary at I , Kmilinjly pile the religious aymbola which they the altar o,' the "nw Russia." . AJ1 of the churches ol uiuchova and HoforodsK nave oesa turned into club, while the cathedral ta now a s of ICS 1 H H

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