The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 27, 1930 · Page 15
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1930
Page 15
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V PAGE SIXTEEN. DAILY COUTUER, CONNmJL,SVCLL,E, PA. TTITRSPAY, FERRPAttY Paramount Theatre Today, Tomorrow and Saturday *^^^^»*N*^**^»^^J»*S»^^^^^^^^^^.»^«^^S»^^^^*^^»^^ Charlotte Greenwood -in- So Long Letty" With Grant Withers, Bert Roach, Helen Foster and Patsy Ruth Miller Yitnphone A r t , TJ Ikint; Serial and Talk In cr News Reel Admission --Mat in OP 10t- and 25c; Nierht !."· and 3.( , Ttio-sday and Wednesday "SHOW OF SHOWS" COMBINATION OF ANGLO-AMERICAN RUBBER INTERESTS Is Freed us iireans of Sa\incr Rill ion Dollar Tire Indus- tr From Chaos. At the Theatres The Paramount "So Long Lotty," one o£ no funniest and most poplar muticai comedies over produced, has found ite way to t-ho ta-king screen after .m adven turous carrier. It is a Wf.rner Bros, dan-clng, fciiiRing Vitaphono prwlucUon starring Charlotte Greenwood and otxmed UJ1 afternoon at th« Paramount Theatre. Tlio history ot tbia etiga farce is Intftrestin,; bocaxise, in its lay, I* ^ a b almost as much of a sene.i.tion in its length of runs in theatnt, thioat.hout tho county as "Abie's Iris! Uos.o" has beer lor tho patt few ya.n. It etart«xl aa a modest musical f*u-c« in Los AiJgoles, and it was planned to j move the company to San Francisco j then a better theatrical xwn, in a. j couple of weeks. However. 1-he Los j Angeles imblic took a tremendous ^ fancy to i he show and to .ho lengthy | Charlotte Crcenwood and packed UM j house foi wMk8. Finallj, the com-, pany wa« forced by contra--U. to move | to San Frsncihco. It was the story Uiroughout the coun i j whcicver tin uhosv had bet-n boo ttvl Ab a ret.u!1 it did not leach New York for rna iy mouths a.Ltev it v as scheduled to do so An intf resting teaturo H tho prod u c t i o n ^ Uiat thorts never wero any | TIXII! conipanieb Usually in tho caso of a bhov hit is is POI.M lo to bond t\vo or t l u e e companies o u t on the road ^ h i l e kee; ing 110 ou^mal com-i p.'iiy i n U t t in Now York. J OUic-16 11 the catt a i o U i a n t Withers, Bert Roach, Claude Cilliug'mtcr, Patsy, K u t h Miller, .Marion Byrt.u, Ilallani Cooloy, l i c i e n Fodtei and ^iarry Grib-j bon. T h proluction v,aa uiapt»d to' the screen by Robert 1/ord and Arthur Civeear and directed "by Lloyd Bacon. A Vita,houo att talking news reel, w i t h Graham McNanveo explaining, each event as it la throv n «u the screen, and and all-talking comedy are alto on Uie screen. Why Fat Men Stay Fat "The t u t i h l o w i t h me, u n d t I n l s appl i-s to 09 ] r co H of the men n ho aro p u l l i n g 011 wclg it, t didn't have ttia riicr^.' oi 'pfp' U kcop It off. Lost all i n t e r p b i In any h e a l t h y activity ·uid just i/Pd a r o u n d accu n u l a t l n s tho old p o u n In u n t i l 1 :;ot t l u . t 'Xruschen f e r l l n s ' *' S t a i t t t i k l n p r TCruschen » a i t s -- that's ( ic Gomrion-seiiHe way to reduce -- but lon"t t.iki them w i t h tho U ca that they possess i n d u c i n g iua,lllles in themselves Thtu is what t h e y do -- t h e y clean out the I m p u n i t i e s In o u i bloo i by koeping t l i o bowelt,, k f d n e v s and li ··!· In eplon- dld w o r k i n g n h a p e and 111' you u i t h a \lfc-or a n J tireless energy ou'd imat · in tlio cattlo *ie eye NEW PLANTATIONS ARE INADEQUATE Spcf ia.1 to The Courier N1AV r YORK, !VT 27. -- Cooperaiion of Am-eri-xm and British rubbor inter- cats in an ambitions plan to stabiliio tlio rubber industry now euffornrj from fioprfteion and hofvy looses, w nrjtwl in a statement bj "David M Figart, formerly spocial «j;oiU -o£ Hie Dcpart- m r n t ot Commerce under Mr Hoover. The article, a p p e a r i n g in tho North American Review, points out thai America us^s Uvo-thirdt of (he woiIti'M supply ot rubber, yet controln Ipf-s than throe per cent of it. Thifc situation, Mr. Ji'iRiirt SPVS, has resulted in price fluctuation* hat hav«i tin own «i basic A m e r i c a n i n d u s t r y into chaos Ono of tho country's best informed fetudcnU of the rubber butlnoss, and author of i D e p a r m p n t ot Commerce report on plantatio i rubber, Mr. writes: The Orpheum "The Virginian," with Gary Cooper in tho stellar rolo, opened today at the Orphtmm for a three-day attra uon. "Tho Virginian" is j u s t tho t v-po ot picture for 'vhlch "all-tcil'slnK" · most ·ulminibly feinted. An Amcric in elastic of tlio pioneerng days in this epic thome of red-blooded drama and beautiful romance Is eo tuperc- duous, so \ast in its preat outdoors score, that "all-talking" alone an do it f u l l justice Photographed ind ' miked" open « paces of the Western country, t h u Him preticnite to 1 and ear of the beholder ever} detail of this thrilling etory You hear tho bellowing of a thoiuai d he iJ of cattle, you heai the eh-outs of fie cowboys a« they d r i v e tho fcfan peding h-ord thiougli tlio switt flowing u n c u t of c. i l \ e r , yon hear tho iov, ooj i outid the eracklliii? camp-flie chanth .j their typical dittio, you hear tho dai ce hall in f u l l blafct, ou hear Gary '-oopor, the hero, Iwrking those in mortal wordfe, "At you \uinua call HK that -Smile 1 " Cooper, in 1m ftrst full-duil g role., is giving a w o n d e r f u l perfo 1 tnanco , Hie hanclbome loaturee and hU rangy, i supple physique tit h i m Into tli char- j acter as though it were w r i t en t o r , him. II'B h a i m i n g Southein d a w l as the V i r s m u n IH m a k i n g m a n y i feminine heart f h u t i i .tt t h e O r p h uni Walter Huston, ,ib Trompas, 1s tho most coKvincln 1 ; bad m a n it heard eincc "all-talking" ro\ i/,ed tho movie Kliow \vorld I the role- ·with intense drama) c tooling. Rtehaid Arle-n as Stevt-, 1 ie wayward buddr of the Virginian ai J Mary Brian as Molly Wood, Lhe cl irming school teacher w i t h whom t i e li i o Tails in lovo arc oqualJy art stic jn their portrayals Tho program also Includes an all- talking comedy, eound ncwii i e! and movietone act. 11 and "At a time vrlifn the country's leadore, uud-er President Hoover's wise guidance', arc socliln? means whereby our imhi.M.i lal syst am may take up tho fehock of tho recent Wall Street crash and continue 'business as usual,' ono is led to inquire why a rapidly expanding and basic industry like rubber manufacturing should have failed so conspicuously to -ontribute itfc *.hare to our national prosperity. "It has been e; imatcd that in the flight-year period irom 1120 to 1928 tho tire i n d u s t r y not only should have paid itfc ov/ners an additional ?ZQO,000,- 000 in dividends ti give a fair return, bnt that it actuall: lost $350,000,000 of He capital-- a total kx,s of ?550, 000,000 Bosid-es this, the American people havo been obliged to pa:- out somo hundreds of millions of dollars more than should h«uo been iieccseory, rluf p r i m a r i l y to the e\ci»hivo cofct of the raw on w h i c h this 'ndiihtry is based. American capital 1o tho exro-nt of thirteen billions, ami workers -- w i t h their f a m i l i e s -- mimboi: ig fourteen million or moie, depend i pon a raw material undei foreign control." D i s c l a i m i n g any hitent to aroue International feolinp over the situation, and pointng out that, on the contrary, it i« tortnnate for world commerce, international good Ull and property to havo the t h i e f eoi rce of crude rubber in the eat I err colonial posM*?B!ons of Britain and Hoik ml Mr. Figart «« little, hope .it tho* jirr-.sent crisis in srah plann ab Henry Cord's and Harvey KIIOJ tono'i far no v rubber plantations under American ownership "It is a slartHTE; fact," ho writes, "th it the combine*! area planted by the ·Vine 1 ic an t o m p a i les amount* to bul IT/O UOO acre 1 -, w h IP the Tinted Struts require* the out p i t of 4,0X10000 ,icr-«. No one o[ our in; n u f a c t u r e r s is Lir^o onoiii,')). or ndwju itely financed, aloiit 1 to .ishumo. t n t h bl'rden Ilorein i* an opportunit} to t r t a t r u b b e i as an oco- noinic problem -- world-\\ icio in \\/n hcopo -- ralhor thai afa a national problem." As a ri suit I n a t c d d of p l i n t i n g - your- ·cH in a n eas r h a l r e v e r y Treo mom e n t ane l o t t i n g - flabhy fa-, accumulnto -vou feel m u i K e f o r a t t l v l t y that keeps j ou m o v UK H i o u n i l doins tho thlnBS \ o u ' v c a l w a y s w a n l f d to 1 i arid rieeded to do to K e e p you l u ^ood o n d l t t o n . Then i n l c t i tho p o u n d s slide oft! K r u a c h p i 1 Salts at e tlie up-to-date J f o u n t a l n ot Y o u t h Take mo half ten- H p o o n f u l I" a K l a i b of ) ot or cold w a t f i t o m o r r o w i n o r n i n ^ anl e \ P r m o r m i K - - i n d if lh(j\ d o n ' t t ha.n(?e y o u r · n h o l o ili rf j i h o u t l e J u c i n K , f-o back and }?ot tho .-mall p r i c e you !- id for thm Ch't an 8. c c n l b o H l i n f K i uschon Salts -- lasta f air w r c k J -- at J n l o n D r u ^ rftoru. S o o t t d a l o - V g - t n t . lloffraan's Lru«- Storo. Broadway T r u ? Co , or any prtiftross .o drug-sis a n y v h o r o in the A \ o r l d 1*M "it " J t l l c D u l l y Dome (hut iloc« It. -A I v o r L l h C m c r i t HOLD-UP MAN SLASHIS HIS VICTIM IN COURT Fofb. 36 -- A co was thrown into an uproar when Pet'M- DonuWriewicz, wl pl-eadod fruilty to com'plicity $20,000 hold-up oC a jewelry 8 las hod the throat of David 1 stoin, victim of tho hold-up The knifo Inflicted a ?ix-i but the wound was xiot belmv fatal. irtrooni today o had in the store, GlWk- i-ch cut d to bo Iron Bridge Confluence COXFl UKN'CK, {-'eb 27- Mrs. George Butler oi Johnson CliapH who undwr- ·svsnt an opcralton at tho Franti Hospital Tinvlay It, getting .Uong nciely. 13 P. Augnbtno of Afldteon was aTong t d o business "ikitiis iierA yoa- tei day, B F. T Jiidwig, a Baltimore Ohio p o ' u p m ' n of Connellavillc was in tow'i ; i - ! t f t r d i v tran i.icting business Mrs lldna Burnworth of tln Wctt Sld» ".va 1 a rctont \ l m t o r ,it tho homo of Mr. a id Rim C. W Il I I I - r u c o Trontlc, ;i i i a l t i i loro ^ Ohio (vinduct r of r-onnelmvllk', uius n v H l t o r a unong triundti in Unvn «tci- dav. M i s ^ l i l i i i m I l o x v t l l , l i a l m i l l i n e r , left )·£·«( M dav i o r a \ UsU to I'lUstnng. Ur. Joniph Srnth of Hrsddock was ,i proirs-jiciiHl viiiitor at the pital '« terday. danph IRON BRIDGE, Feb. 27-- Ylr. suxl Mrs. Glonn J. Wxiv«r of Iroi Bridge and brother, A. "Waldo Weaver f Scottdale spout Sunday at the .lohinton poultry farm, near Morganto-wi , W. Va. Mre. Charles Snyder wai · visitor Saturday at tho home ot her trother- -In-law, A r t h u r Snyder, at Sco'tdalo. Ira Crotibj. wlio In employed it Newton Falls, Ohio, spoilt tlit- v eek-end hero with his tamllv, Mrs. Harvey McConnell an ter Edith Mae, wero Com shoppeiH on Saturday. Mrs. Ray OHnger and niece Mlldrod Olingor ot Mount Pleasant w ro here Tuesday \ i s i t l n g the former' sifater- In-law, M I K . William OllngiM 1 Mis. Oilo MelzK'ir of Dayti u, Ohio, was a callDt- li-eio Saturday cit i lie home of her g r i i i H l l f t U i e r , I/ee Hoy Kolley Miss A u g u s t a Herk and C h a i l c i , Be^imo of I«itiobo wero here Sunday visiting al tho homes of Ml*- , Uerk'-a cousins, Mi'-r, \f, r iies Tonu Aim. Ray Hi Milloi Mrs D e l i a h Heahl of Bmwi p a y u i K i vitiit it tlio home paronts, Mr and Mrs 1011 H Mr and Mrs. H L Hofitorlei tors, Easi v and J u n i a t a , ot and JanitM Leng of Scot(la e u e r e here Saturday vistlng at the 'ionu of Miw. I t r s t c t l e r ' s daughter, Mi . ( J l o n u Mr. and Mr-. W i l l i a m Vxt ce «iu"I H e t t y , ot \lUiui[la, aid Mrs b i o t h f i , Joseph Si ton, of U 1 w e i o S u n d a y gues ^ ol Mr A'tince's parontt., Air. and M i - , Van«, Sr (.'luirclimon Agalnsi Snndaj AVH1CPJLING, \\ V a , Koh 27 -Tlio d i a f t of an. ordinance w h i c h w o u l d prohibit Sunday movies in Wheeling ·was presented to the city council last nijjlit by 7eprcs«Btativeq of 32 r h n i r h congre;j;ilions in the Wheeling district. Classified Bring r»euKa. Try th*n,. Dig Game Hunter Has Served Year on Island k k and ]··, iiere of her Cto.sby , d a u g h - ·iveihon, iz» those who aiT«rtlse. In '«! of Homcthing ; 7 hen ;tso our ClassitleU i olamn*. wani" Mm. Esther De forest Wilson, society woman of Washington and hunter of big (fame, has been released from the penitentiary at Welfara Island, N. Y., on paroia after having served almost a year of an indeterminate aentenee for shooting; her husband, Dallett H. Wilson, lawyei. l5J [B] \m\ Today, Tomorrow and Saturday I-OUTDOORS! AIS-TALKINS! AII-REAL! Here's a theme mighty att "T le Covered Wagoiu' And now you HEAR as well as see tlic ins tiring spectacle of tho pioneer West. Groat outdoor scones greater with sound. The wonderfully human rcfnarice everybody known an I loves. W im W [i] ® WALTER HUSTON tho star of "Gentlemen of tho Presf." and "Thn Ludj lilcs/' as "Train- pas." CHARD ARXEN (he f i n a b l e hero of U W'J gV' »nd "The Kon Jj'pntJu'ri,*' as Slf-i a, the boy who con In't (?« strni^ht. MAIXV eat AN charm btf? as tho brav» Molly Wood. She's Gnjcy*s sireet- heart. Brilliant Cast of POPULAR STARS A smashing action drama agnn.^t a background of extraordinary .'ctr ic beauty. Rich h u m o r will keep the smiles shining through the tears when you see and hoar A K Y thrillrd you with heroic roles fu of thf Con- find "Shop- The Great All- Time American Classic A Paramount Picture--All-Talking II Also OUR GANG Comedy With SOUND and Sound MEWS Ci Qaramount picture IMJ [§] [·1 ·JlHHIlliaJlliafflWWHHHHHHHHH'HHHHnHEl (. 1120, Wmt*n M*wapap«r On tan.) "Quiet ralods cannot b« or frlRhtaned, but no on In fortU)i« or misfortune at th«ir own private pace, l i k e «. clock In a t h u n d e r - atoi m " ORDINARY FOOD* Ordinary food may be made extraordinary by the addition of sea.- sonlnge and gar- nifthment and ttxa manner *t ser\ic;. One of th« ordinary dishes which Is simpli, easy to pit-pare as well ns tnsty Is: A p p l o Tapioca.-Taite four t.ible- spoonfala of minute tapioca, add one-fourtli teaspoonfni of snlt, and and one-third cupfuls c£ boiling wa- tpr, coolt twenty minutes or until the tapioca la clear. Batter a pudding dish and cover the bottom with apples cuf Into eighths, sprinlJ* *1th sugar and cover with a layer of the tfiptoca, repent iiud place la th« oven with a few apple quarters on top. Bake until the fruit !a done Serve with sugar and cream. Dubarry Macaroni.--Cut fonr slices of bacon Into small pleies und fry. Add one sliced onion and ono can at tomatoes which have been allowed to Bimmer until reduced 10 half. Season with cnyenne, mace, allspice and a lilt of bay leaf, salt and pepper. Cook thirty minutes, then add two cnyifuls of cooked macaroni and ser\ e. Halibut on Toaet--Melt one-fourth of n cupful of butter and add two and one-half tablespoonfuls of (lour; wh"n well blended add two ciipfuts of nutk and cook until smooth, then n d d two cupfuls of flaked h a l i b u t ; season to ta.ste and add one teaspooafii! oi anchovy essence. Herve hot on squares of buttered toast. For a dellc'oufl fllll'oc for ft v/hlte layer cake add ("rainod grnted nine- apple to a boiled frosting It may be uaed with powdered irogar If in a hurry. A most attractive pear salad miy bo garnished with stilps of pimento und dreased with a gnappj french dressing. Serve with a dinner rnaiit. Horseradish Sauce--Take one-lmlf cupful onch of sour cream and, gmted horseradish, salt, a 111 tie sugar nud a dash of cnyenne Serve with fish or oysters Add a ten'spoonful of anise seed to (me jnrs of pickled bet-Is when conning them. The flavor is especially pleasant. What's become oi all the homely women? Women simply aren't homely any more. You meet plain women, yes . . . but their smart, trim air is the envy of many who are only beautiful. In the old days, when a girl gave promise of becoming "hopelessly plain/' she was frankly informed of the fact to save her from hurt pride in later years. She remained frumpy and tried to convince herself that she dHn't care! Not today! Advertising has played a remarkable part in making every woman attractive. It has taught her to use the beauty and charm that are her heritage, regardless of the shape of her features. Her teeth, her hair, her hands, her complexion, her clothes, and even her erect, athletic figure have been "brought out** by methods constantly before h^r in advertising. The great beauty and style specialists of the country have been her consultants, as they are yours- if you are taking fullest advantage of the opportunities before you every day, in the advertising columns of this newsoaper. Homes! Everyday you will dud homen and ficd coJunnw. --read them over. Borne sites advertised In our claesi- Building Supplies CEMENT SAND GKAYEL PLASTER LIME, ETC. We car^y a complete Ifne of high grade building material at all timen and beat market prices. Mcformiek Con'irdi.sville, Pa. Phone 1700. Read the advertisements. They hold secrets of beauty and style that wero denied the women of yesterday. Soviet Sends Religion to the Bonfire These working men and women of the Soviet smilingly pile the religious uymhols which they have collected from laborers' dormitories upon the truck that is to carry them to the bonfire. Five thousand ikons were burned in one huge celebration which was attended by 15,800 men, women and children. These religious pictures taken ^JpS" « _*«B»ftonr ^"V " which was trie first tci make tbe sacrifice upon the altar o,' tha "new Ruisia." All of th« churches of Gluchova and Bogorodak have toon turned into clubfc, while the cathedral i» now * gymnasium. Meanwhile Odessa, fifth largest city m Sovie. Russia, has ordered every on« of it» churches, ay lagogua* and m*8Q«e« «l»seii

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