The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 11, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1918
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE TEN. NEWS OF THE DAY AT MT. PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED Council to Tackle the Problem of Forcing the Loafer to Work. GRDWAHCE IS IN PREPARATION Cferiu Fmtter XownMt for Closing All Stores at 6 O'clock During Siuu- mart daamtiee Is 5a«ud to Meet Committee of Xerekaais. Special to The Ctmrler. -Mount Pleasant, June 11.--Council will at an early date attempt to solve the proWem of loafers-men who should be employed at usetul occupations, but are not. Borough Solicitor-Engene Warden, is at nork on an ordinance which, -will be presented to council soon with that end in view. .: Annaal Ctass Sapper. ... The Junior and senior classes of tb* Institute bald their annual supper at the Institute last evening. Want 6 O'clock Clttrtn? ; A meeting of the clerks in the local stores was held last evening at the borough building following a meeting beta-last Friday. The clerics appointed a committee -to wait on the Kcsiness men on 'Wednesday evening End ask tbe-m to close their stores at $'o'clock during the summer months. Tbe eomnrrttee is composed of Milton George, Miss Kelly, Miss Margaret Hanse and Miss Ida EbberL . ·~ Safe in France. ·-Mr. and Mrs. E. A. "ffafter yesterday received a card statins that their son Frank had arrived safely overseas. In TnrwMe Asnhu :: Mrs. Florence Khrg, irhn had been, given orders""by the. local police to get out of town and stay, was ar^ rested Sunday to a store where she was trying to buy Bateinan drops. Florence had no money, and was allowed last evening at the hearing on 'the promise that she will return this evening -with $10. Personal. : · M!ss Ida Cope of Cleveland. Ohio, 3s -the guest of friends here.. ^Miss Ella Hrabak spent yesterday in Coimellsvillc with friends. Twenty-OBers Registered. - Below is fonnd a partial list of twenty-oners registered June 5 in District No. 6. Others will appear - from day to day: ". Anthony Rogozinsfci. Acme, . Paul O*Delga, Beatty. - Joseph Sapo, United. . . THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEnLLSVTLLE, PA, iTtTBSDAY, JUNE 11, 191s. BUM Solid Scale Al! Over Head, Caused Disfigurement and Much Itching and Burning, HEALED BYCUTICURA SOAP AND OINTMENT "*iy Hnlc girl's trouble b£g*n ftom · tooth Ta*h »tntfl «be hs3 a 3oKd scale the widJb ,- f her forehead, mil' over her bead, and on both cheeks. It later turned Into Misters, and the skin was inflamed and sore. It caused disfigurement, and also ranch itching and burning, and she would lie awake nights. "Thi! trouble lasted about two and one-half ir-onths, before we used Cuti- eara Sciap and Ointment. When we used one cake of Cuticnra Soap and one and one-half boxes of Ointment she wa» healed." (Signed) Mrs. Daniel F. Stinner, Vme S«., Wuliamstown, Pa., Oct. 10, 1917. With an ap_pareht tendency to skin troubles you should use these fragrant super-creamy emolhenls for all toilet purposes. They prevent 33 well as preserve, purify and beautify. S*npi« Each Free fay M «il. Address postcard: "Cutieor*. Dept. R, B«iLoa." SoM everywhere. Soap 25c. Ointment 25 and SOc. PARAMOUNT JHEATRE j TOBAT TRIANGLE PRESENTS WILUAJI DESMOND AND MARY WABHEN IN "OLD HARTWELL'S! CUB" FAITHFUL TO HIS DESPISED FATHER, A BRAWNY BLACKSMITH DEFIES THE COMMUNITY. ALSO A GOOD COMEDY. --TOMORROW-- WHO IS THE FATHER OF TOOK CHILD? · BLUE BIRD PRESENTS RUTH CLTFFORB AND KORMA. SALISBURY IN AN EXTREMELY INTERESTING PICTURE OF LOVE AND LOYALTY IN ALASKA, ENTITLED "THE GUILT OF SILENCE" ALSO A COMEDY AND CURRENT EVENTS. Step Lively! Corns Quit with "GDtS'ir Th* Qrtat Corn-LooieEer of tns Aje. Hever Fails. Paialera. Watch my step? "What's the usa! I go along "right side up without car«," evea with corns, because I uae "Oeta-It", the painless, off-like-a-ba- niuia-p«el corn remorer. I tried otber mtys slore, until I was blue to the face and red in tho toes. No more for me. Use "G^ta-It." It nevtr tails. Touch any corn or callus -with two drops of "Gets-It. and "G«ts-It" does the rwst. It's a relief to b» able to etap cutting; corns, making; them bleed, wrapping them up like packages and using sticky tape aim aalrefl. [t removes any corn clear and clean, leaving the toe a»'smooth, as your palm. .Sou can wear those new shoas · without pain, dance and be frisky on your feet It's sreit to use "(lets-It." "Gets-It," tbe ynaranteed, money- back corn-remover, the only sure way, costs but a trifle at any drus store. Sold In ConaellsvlUo and recommended as the world's best coin remedy by Laughrey Drue Co.. A. A. Clarice. Con- nellsvllie Irug Joseph Kelly Dicescen, R. D. 2, Latrobe. . Walter McKinley Kufin, R^. D., 1 Mount Pleast. John Harvan, Southwest. John Brown Moore, R. D. 2, Latrobe. Frank Edward Springer, Mount Mount Pleasant. ! Charles Shebal, Mount Pleasant. Thomas Kearney, Calmnet. Peter Paul Miskoe, Donegal. Charles Pfeifar, Mount Pleasant William Munden Freeman, Acme. Wendell Anthony Wuensted, Beat- tr. . ' Ralph J. Kraus, Beattv. Kevin. J. Gulnagh, Beatty. Andrew J. Pauley, Beatty. Charles M. Newill, R. D., Mount Pleasant. Frank Joseph Koehle, Jr., Mount i Pleasant. Andrew Marcinlto, StainTer. Joseph J. Shefsick, ilount Pleasant. Adam Tepper, Mount pleasant, John Mihalik, 'Whitney. Peter Salamony, Latrobe.. Leroy Piper, Youngstown. Lewis Lehman, Latrobe. Frank O'Barto, Latrobe. . Thomas Hautz, Latrobe. Thomas C. Smith, Latrobe. ·Paul Emerson Mullen, Mount Pleasant . Robert Serene Gearhart, Mount Pleasant. Joseph Terhorst, Mammoth. Joseph Sopala, Mount Pleasant. Frank Shebilsky, Mount Pleasant. Alvia Croft, Mount Pleasant. William McKinley Tnmel, Lycippus. Andrew L. Cerva, Latrobe. William Shaw, Mount Pleasant Joseph John Mutansky, Mount Pleasant. Charles Edward iivers, R. D. 4, Mount Pleasant. · George Yasher, Mammoth.' Steve Besup, Mutual. George Miscovich. Mutual. Anthony "Wolk, Whitney. Andy Stelego. Whitney. Andy Chinchock. United. John Chernitsky, Mount Pleasant. Harry Whetsel, Mount Pleasant Stanley Duda, Mount Pleasant Peter Tortilla, Southwest John .Mondsk, Trauger. Wade D. Hines, Keffer. Martin Miller, Stxblstown. George E. Yothers, Acme. August Frtskey, Latrobe. Charles Lessman. Latlreluille. Albert V. Gregory, Beatty. John J. Still ivan, Beatty. Edward J. N'emmer, Beacty. ' Thomas A. Drengaez, Beatty. Stanislaw C. Kupiec. Beatty. Steve Lipko, Southwest. ! Ellas A. Z. Bungard, Mount Pleas' act. . Casimir G. Glowacki, !ount Pleasant. · Albert Fink, Lloydsville. John B. Wilson, Star Route, Mount Pleasant. Robert L. Morris. Krepar. George W. Morrison, Mount Pleas- SOISSON THEATRE ALL THIS WEEK. Return of the Prettiest oi All Musical Shows Jack Roof's "SOME PRETTY BABIES" Featuring the Fellow 'Who Made trte Whole Town Laugh Labor Day Week JOE FIELDS and Huth Maitland, Veronica Lehcy .Arthur Root, George Hoff, and a Gingery Chorus, in "A Trip Across the Ocean," "Madam Excuse"' arid "Cohan's Cabaret." ORPHEUM THEATRE --TODATE-^- MART PICKPORD IN "AMARII,L7 OF CipTKESlDTE .Also TOTO, the Pathe Comedian, in "ONE NIGHT STANDS." TOMORROW Jesse L. Lasky Presents SESSTJB HATAKAWA in "HIDDEN PEABLS" A Soul-stirring Drama of Racial Instinct. Georgeousty Staged In Beautiful Hawaii. ant. Steve Feder, Eostetter. Leon Blair Rees. Mount Pleasant Edward H. L. Czapanls, Beatty. Geary Ulery, Stahlstown. Charles H. Freeble, P.. D. 3, Latrobe. Charles Guth, Beatty. Phttip A. Llebicn, Beatty. F. R. Gervase Schtaiim, Beatty. John H. Graff, R. D. 2, Mount Pleasant. Charles Olinger, Mount Pleasant. Owen Holzer. Hostetter. Elmer E. Sheets, Jones Mills. George Nesgoda, Hount Pleasant. Andrew J. Bolak, Beatty. Andrew R. Beros, Beatty. Joseph A. Rnshner, Beatty. Joseph Harshell, Latrobe, George E. Sipc. Mount Pleasant. Ernest Leroy Overly, Star Route, Mount Pleasant. John FarkasoJski, Rodney. Frank Joseph Kantorih, Rodney. Steve Malik, Southwest. Robert B. Pefter, Mammoth. Paul Henry Weir, Mammoth. Herman Fread Henschel, Mammoth. John Paul Hurite, Whitney. Edward B. Marks, R. D. 1. Latrobe. Carl Kaminski, Mount Pleasant. Mike R. Repko, Grecnsburg. Paul Urban, Toungstown. Hobart Harr, Youngstown. Frank McClesky, R. D. 5, Latrobe. TONIC - UPBU1LDER Statton Ctmjk., WnL Ln.p ud CoUl T»r Eckman's Alterative Tor many years thld Calcium prepara tion ho» maintained an ever-lncrtwislnr reputation far accomplishing pood, Kad cften remarkable results. 92 Sue $1 SU« now $ 1.50 nowSOc Price Includes JPar Tax., Kckmiia Laboratory COMING i Who to Patronlic, Merchants who advertise their good? The Daily Conrler. Try our classified advertisements. B3!EwIE3 FMOM T3SE TheRedpath Chautauqua 7 Vacation *7 Days I LIBERTY GIRL3 Patriotic program, in cos- tucie. WILLIAM RAINEY BENNETT *T?he "Mnr^ Who C^n," MADRIGAL S?NGERS HlKh-clUfl New Yorlc Quartet. CAPT. MARTIN 0. HARD!N Ju»t Back From Fronoak ANTONIO SALA CftDlct to tils SpnlsK Court. PRINCESS WATAK. WASO Indian Soprano. JAMES ELCHO F1DDE3 Scottiah Tenor. GAY ZENOLA MA'C- LAREN "Tue One-Qlrl Show." »:ARRY i_ FOQLEMAN ·TJ» BlJly Bunday of Business." BOHUMIR KRYL "AND HIS 30-PIECE BAND. Two Concerto on tie Kilta Bay. GREAT LAKES ENTERTAINERS Five Attractive Muslclaai. SIDNEY LANDON Impersonations of Great Ijiterary Men. LOVAT CONCERT CO. (Scottish Eoncs, Dancea and Piping. MORA, THE MAGICIAN Now Tricks, In Brilliant Con- ticnet PRIVATE ARTHUR K. HERMAN Hero ol Vimy RJcigc. "REVUE OF THE NATIONS" ·Pag«ant Given by Junior Jledpath Club. MORNING HOUR LECTURES Given rhirlcs: tho Woek. This lot does not comprise our entire stock. But It is sufficiently largo to afford an altogether pleasing selection to all comers. At today's ,actcal market value these splendidly tailored garments would bring considerably more than our former regular selling prices. Many of *,hem are quite suitable for ear^y Fall as wel! as Summer ivcar, an'l many women will find it adyisable to buy now and save ra'_ber than wait and pay more later on. Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular $19.75 Suits $25.00 Suits $29.75 Suits $35.00 Suits $39.75 Suits $45.00 Suits $55.00 Suits $85.00 Suits Now $14.82 Now $18.75 Now $22.32 Now $26.25 Now $29.82 Now $33.75 Now $41.25 Now $63.75 Come and choose from some of Fashion's; very prcttiesi and newr-st in a fine assortment of noteworthy new materials. The color range includes black-and-white checks, greys ,tar.s, smoke, Pekin blue, taupe mid khaki. XO BLUBS Oil BLACKS. The size range is most complete, ranging from 10 to 46. OwiiiR to Ule excccdtnelr low prioes on tliosc Soils, we liuil it necessarj- to make a slitrM charee for alteration*. and Dresses Much Reduced One lot Ladies' regularly up to $39.7n One lot Ladies' priced regularly' up to $55.00 New Coats, priced and J e t ? Misses' Coats, _ $38.50 One lot of Ladies' and Hisses Dresses, priced regularly up to .$22.5(1 _... One lot Ladies' new Dresses, priced regularly up to $29.75 Lovely Linens for the Bride The mother buying daughter's linen trousseau, or the friend selecting gift linens will find that Wright-Metzler's is the most satisfactory place to buy them. Double' Damask All- Linen Table Cloths In a variety of glorious patterns. Size 72x90. at $9. Size 72x108, at SI1. Xap- kins ,size 22x22, at S8.50 a dozen. Full-Bleached Irish Linen Table Damask 71 inches wide. Exclusive Wright-MeUler patterns. And satin-finish Irish, linen Table Damask at $2.75 a yard; 71 inches wide. Besides, fancy Linens a-plenty -with exquisite hand-embroidery or handmade laces. Nowhere Else Will You Find Such Variety in FOULARD SILKS More than that--there are no such quantities elsewhere, for this store has for years been known as silk headquarters, and this season we are more than sustaining onr reputation. New shipments arrive almost daily, among tlie latest arrivals being-- PRJCVTET) FOrLARDS, TTHITE DESIGNS OS A N A V T BLUE, BELGIAN BLUE OR iiLACK BACKGROUND; 40 INCHES WIDE-$2.50 A YARD. Foremost among tJio Printed Foulards are Riimchundas--pnre silk, firmly woven, and wiih a slight twill. Many styles ranging from Ll)e conservative :o the more striking effects. Twenty Appropriate Gift Suggestions For the Girl Graduate Stationery Ivory BOOKS Umbrellas Boudoir Caps Camisoles Silk Bloomers Neckwear Toilet Articles · Vanity Cases Dorin Cases Pearl Beads Oriental Beads Jewelry Gloves Handkerchiefs Purses Silk Hose Silk Vests Fancy Combs Sweaters The Sugar You Need for Early Canning May be purchased in twenty-five pound upon siguins UIP Unil/ti States Poor! AdmiBi: iion Sugar Certificate \vhich vr.\\ be supplied in our grocery store. Our basement store is also well stocked preserving kttles, pans, spoons, and pveryt you ^'i)I rquire to complete your canning ? factorily and with least labor. lols .tra- yoll .nth h i n g Voiles Head All Thin Fabrics in the Matter of Wear And for c-oolnesr, t h e y havn f.-nv r-quals. Thoso aro s-'omo nf i h o reason? wnnif-n have for liliing c.-ilr-R s ( niuc-ii in in adOition to liieir being One- grade ai :',5c has a great, varic-ty of pan ems .sniijjMe for morning, afipruoon or ecening dressps. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. DO YOU NEED JOB PRINTING? We do all kinds of Job Printing at our office from the visiting card to the finest commercial work. Try our printing. THE COURIER COMPANY, 127% W. Main St., Connelisville, Pa.

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