The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 27, 1930 · Page 14
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1930
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, KESRI-ART "V, 1030. /"HE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLS^ ILLE, The Barbel Pa«sr» A young chap w i t h an eyebrow mustache came In find asked of the barber ? "Can you trim my mus- tachp? 'Ttl rnthcr not. I'm a bit shaky thla rooming One fals« move and th« whole thing would le gone." SomAtiroei Duty · Pleaiur* Mr. Van Nagg--St\y, Jan«, I think yot3 fib a HtUe occasionally. Mra. Van Nagg--Well, I thlnlt It Is a wife's doty, John. Mr. Van Naggj--A wlfe'a duty? Mrs. Van NngK--Yes, to spent well of her husband oocn tlonnlly. The Bettet Name "/sn't the man you were t a l k i n g to a lobbyist?" "Vo," answered Senator Sorghum. "Fit's one of those chnps who sell Influence they can't leliver. He's no lobbyist. He's a s'lort-ehango performer."--Washington Star. Natural Question Jolinnv (as hla fro vn-up sister aflfli the finishing tenches to her toilet)-"Why do you put nil t h a t stuff on your fact-, Allw? Alice--To make me- look pretty. Johnny-*-Well, why doesn't It?-Stray Stories. WORSE STILL Mary--She let that fool kiss her. Marie--But worse ttlli, she lei that MSB fool her. Confettion 1 alwayn loso an a" R'unrient B u t w h e n I jret to bed t t h i n k of all tho lever thing;* I m i g h t a« w e l l have »nld C«UR for Thankfulneis "I'ersoijally I'VP derived much benefit f om .vour nctlvltie-., doctor." ' ! tiuit so? I d o n t recollect having 'ind on as a patient." "No. but you trcati-d my dear deceased uncle and I am his Inheritor." From Bad to Worsa Pi n--Why so serious, old man? r.frf--I h a \ e good reasons. My motl pt in Inn s eomlr g for a visit. Bhe has "the gift of tongues " tfin--That's nothing; mine is a mine! reader. Midnight Lunch The professor oftoii placed specl- eens in the refrigerator preparatory 10 dissecting them. On of his daughters coming In latp called to her Bister: "What's in the 1( ebos, K i t t y ? " lizards and a loud." They Know Everything Poor Harry s t a i v c d to doth ono an Bo a n t e h« hiul no d o u i y h . He t-ietl to sell a tut a book, " W h a t i;vory G i r l S h o u l d Know." /YOAttJtuMSKUU^ * iDEA/% NPAH-»FA ·.SWEEP »s SOOTSD FOR Hr.5 JOS^CO HIM SMoEP OP ABOUT IT? C-M.WJC5HT DEIA12. NOAH ·· NVHON TMC Cl-OCK. STWltee-S TMB HOUK, SHOU1-D 9O OOWM C»UNTT IN A . _. _ . n*fuMrrm TOOTS CAS PEP PAUE FIFTEEN. By JIMMY MURPHY WHAT IN THE ; ARE You FEEi / THAT3 HOW YOU TELL. l HOW A t0^r S FEELif \ TOOTSi! IT Hie NOSH / \b COLD nee. FINE( BUT IF HIS No V i^ HOT, ITS A ^ THAT ns: p £, HELUO THOU6HT I N AK1D 1 \VOULC vlT LfcT IF W, CQLOMEL -THE. WAY, , HAVE. You A I'M COLONEL, BUT I HAVEN'T! HOW EVER., IF YOUR HEAD 1 HOOPER. IF YOU THERMOMETER \ IN THE HOUSE? N " Like TO WITH WHY, YOUR- N05E. »« tCE COLDi TEMPFRATURE. tOMT ABOUT IT ', CAUSED BECAUSE FROM PEOP1-E- BAD ABOUT YOU 1 . ·ETTA KETT IIUOY T\ E SECOND IMMV HuRPHV^l^^Y AJ Br PAUL ROBI5SO5' A DATS TOHlGHr (2OO(CEO UP SOUO A MONTH - NOr feNE i ~ WHERE UtCG THAr- I UlCte U I OONV KNO4 - TIM TYLEB TYM YOUKG. 6000! NOVJ 1. *AUS1 HAVE MOOR AT W3 TlWE MOU VOU WOr-*T TovJOfcRW \( OKAV AM 1 MOUW. P»W, \ Ar4O BES\oeS, THERE'S j \ MOO " USALl-.VFNNe / T\hA AH' W 5O VJOH6 AS WELL, MOW T\NO US TWC TASK* TX HAVE. TO I \KTCND PATTEST MR NVOC'CV TO BIG SISTtu. CV II V H WINGS By LES FOBUKAYE. JE5'TV4AT.' HIT BV f^v CAR AM' RIC3HT NJOUJWE5 HOSPITAL. GUT ©LOOY,t-u£'ve: BE "THANKFUL TH AT H£ JASKJ'T HURT (jJOR-SE GUT It MCAN-5 UJE'RE. eoiNJ'-vo HA-vr IOUATCH . OCR PENNICS CLOSER'NJ EVER KK4J ' UL DAO CAM UJOR*. ACaAl KJ Cx i OOJ'T bee HOU cue'Re IM 1 -TD "SET ALOMG CbE HOSPITAL ANi' CX5CTDR BE PAID, AW' NO I'VE GOT OAKTCF t~tV I ,xi{5£ TO PUT /T INJ THE BANK ! BUT HT To t$TAV THERE LON. 1 I'LL JE^' HAVE Tt SlVE A BOOK . ^a^ --^ FELIX THE SUUDIVAK. FEUXT QCfTTON CXv THE. WALL- TO TUfZN ON THE LIGHTS, % «TOPENEp A TRAPDOOR' QENEATH HIS V^EE.T ANO HH. STA.R.T s UELL! THIS ISN'T i ·! -ANO THerie 1 ^ THE ice. ©ox · tT PAD-LOCKKO? -- UCXO MOU T_ M CAP W 5TUBB8 YESSIB--GUAIS'JIA i'AIJiKI) OUT OF TUBN By 3DWI5A LOOK, Lf\D»y LIKE ME. \ NOW LOOK OUT -- LOOK--Vou ' AB^ I YOU, you--- ',\~ 1 WU1-- THEV Of= House- I'LL G-O you I'M .M^ FOOT- IN IT:;

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