The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 11, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1918
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY, TtJ^TE 11,1915 THE D4JLY COUKIDR CONXCLLS^'TLLE Pa. REAL Direct From Mew York City. Tiae PRESENTING Monday and Tuesday The Original Hen-Pecked Henry in Three Acts. "Wednesday and Thursday "LOVE'S DREAM" A Treat of Treats. Revue of Reviews. Special Vaudeville Eastwood Harrison, Jack Grey, Richard Lloyd, Girls, The Best On the Screen Helen ; -6ATUNG-GUN F0GLEMAN HAS TALK WORTH HEAL MONEY time of tlio curtain rising upon a ballet sad chores and tho time of Judy's outraged exit from the theater To the old woman the expedition of the mistress* granddaughter -^as much, as if the girl bad elected to go off in the company of Satan, Caligma and Henry Y1CI Also, there was a mrtrfe Vonne da j SOLVES MOVING OF DRAWBAR New Truck Has Mafly Advantag Over the Motbod« That H*v» Heretofore B«er Uved, Locomotive drawbars are, at best, 1 unwieldy pieces to handle. Oaring , ^ ^^ lrresa ^ 7 shape ^ wlght It Medici in one comer of the dra-wtng ia d j fflcu j t lo balance and carry them. CSXSOOOOCSXXXXXXSiXJOOGOCOC^CQOOOOCK^^ Patronize Those Who Advertise bi This Paper. had her own ideae about this statue too I ain. t sho " Judy said one day In confidence to a friend of the family who had aened to see the girl, I aint SDO--ol missis aint never tola me-but I tink dat w ite rock girls a po tratt er dat gran'cbile whnt mn off in bad corapny"--New York Evening Post necessary to more thorn from shop to shop the task is IB deed tiresome . Tbe sketch shows a drawbar truck that can be made of 1 in Iron pipe j Ant* Walk on Water It may not he new to observers of animal life but I have been much in tareatcd In ·watching the common house ant here in Kio de Janiaro says vriter In Nature \Ve have an American fly trap the sugar wah one day covered with ants so I placed the trap on a finger bowl stand ng In a plate ol water The anta, ^ v. hen they came to the edge of the wa 4 ter ran arouad the bowl until con vinced there was no way icross, and then calmly took to the water and run i wheels One of tbe drau bar-pin across it by aid of surface tension ' holes In, the bar is dropped over the i Tvithout getting their test wet I born at the front oi the truck and Details Showing the Construction off Locomotive Made of Ptpe Drawbar Truck and two light cast or wrought iron Having presumably been home to the neat they returned for more sugar crossing la the same -ft ay aad this V.QU on regi lariv, a steady procea sioa crossing the f\ater HARRY L. FOGLEMAN As a business lecturer Foglemon has addressed maa\ of the largest local wate and nfttionI contentions on the continent with an invariable request for a return ,usj,emem There is nothing stereotyped ID anvtlilag he says He nas not oal the power to make a pleasing address but to send bis hearer 5 ; away vrith mattrl il that make* them think First ot all 3 oglcman is a «alesnmn and salesmanship is the bedrock of all business. I'ron President Alison do'nn to the huxnblcsfc-Jihorei in am cify In the Had en.r\ man is eiioflsori in selling somethtoo ThercfC)ic Foglfr- nians talk on The Winnin, Man t« sure to br oi- of the r^uat profitable feature* of Chen nuqua \\ee-. Often Foglerun talk« *i r tht rate of SOO \\ords a minute iwtl can he heard distinctly la all parts of the big tent He is a MiIuaMe man on a Cl iu t-iuqua progratt' because he na= nctuaUv made a succes^ in busmen und tnows how to ariri^e the other Mellon The management of i c^am of department stores with branches la t Iar a e unmber of titic^ hns sent i\orrt *o the \arions * ore inanngtrs to pur ch««tc tickets for compim t,rrplfj^.ee- on the nlijht of Fo^letians. leernro MT-\»I ir%»-a r\r- r-K ·*·* K,-, ·**·«-*-tir» x * a ^ *° Int ? big am ly house in Sa NEW IDcA OF FAMOUS STATUE ransah r ie e sU learnu. to her i. j £ giu»nt an 1 oi isooken d'sapp crval B-'-ely *he Mo. Ong'ral of All Put t»vu f ~ of Lcr ennddaurh era whD-n Forv/ara Co-^p- 1 rg the Ve-uc -' e h^d nc t, ^t a *i ^2d Le-"i a lo" ctl D /ed ci to po nort LO otuct ior i ^p r«*" c Test of Sanity Tho ability to remain both sober and gracious under high reward or greut responsibility Is a quality that we greatly admire in others To re- tahi a simple and open mind after doing aome^inS that IB acknowledged to be of merit is one of the rarest accomplishments of sanity it makes for pleasantness in abundant meas uro iDfleed it does more than this It makes living possible paves the way to success begecs good will conquers hatred and UEcharitableness--in short it is the substance ol comity Jie evi donee of grace aad the proof of a large mind that Is sane--Atlantic the remaining length of the bar is held bv the U shaped piece at tho real of the truck. The bar being balanced in this manner is very easy to v*heel one man transporting the lioa% lest bar with but IttUe effort--Popular Me- chanica Cheap TraveHng It costs an Englbuunan more in the matter of fares when taking a journey in England than anywhere on. the continent * Tor instance the railway fares in Er gland are nearly twice as much as those obtaining in Belgium for the latter is accounted the cheapest ccuatrj in Europe in wh*cli to travel, bolt speed und accommodation con side red Tho charges in Russia are a t"iflo lower than those in Belgium But tecauao iho trains there go at such a nlo^ rate and the third class car riagofl are scarcely habitable the fares in the wars domain may be said to bo more expensive for in ' Cheaper again than Bnglind Is Ger- bcance suspend it in n°t bags Make Eaanv where luxurious accommodation a number of bags to hold ae\eral laige I C£ri De obtained at low rates But lumps of charcoal These will absorb even i ees expensive is traveling in · at sortH of bad odore and mnstmesa | pra-ice after which comes Italy I and leave the atmosphere pure and j _ ! swe**t Tie po*vor o* charcoal is ac 1 co-dirg; to It* freshness and this is First Pullman Car Conductor csto-ed DJ hc-Ulnfr Onca a Tvee/t tal e ' J L Barnes conductor on the first I tho bc.gB down empty tnem in a fi«e j Pullman CTJ e^er mn ^n this conntrv pc a"d ueat verj Lot The iresh^nol | UTOS at Cann e dan He lias reached ^ill then serve a ne* period of I thp iq:e of seventy eight jears When To Purify Muety Placec Charcoal and guicfclime are the best purifier 1o use charcoal i 1 lllllQ the car ^ as put into operation tht sv^tpm OE bookkeeping was ve-v rn do 1 h* ctmauctor collected the faie fjom the pissengerg and bc f ore 1 f ti ~no thr* monev in to tbn coir an k Ju^y h a iCi en broaght UT srct o^ he ccatt fc" a ^OUK ( en Ct is rrdfh o f 3 ij as DCS cc Id be- bet\ B"n-f onl AH G r o u n d fli s f cton \ is i ro\In^ hc"e- f c l n l 11 I- J « PITS 1.0 leered liis own salarv from T - YU in* 'ui-in^ tin. n UH ail j th« ro GEJOS No receipts were given M i stliLc to pioicci Uic toast Unt, no records kept- «re to Serve them est ^ The same good beer with the same good reputation it had years and years ago, when the grown-ups of today were kids. It is all Quality. No expense is spared--in materials, labor or process--to make it the best you can buy. Ask for the Pittsburgh Brewing Co/s AT ALL GOOD CAFES, HOTELS, CLUBS- ORDER A CASE SENT HOME

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