The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 11, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE DAlLiT CUtTKla-R, r.ntiffm .TfrVTT.iJ?. PA. TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 1913. PRUSSIANS AND ' OUT OF QUESTION "·No Possibility of Harmonizing :': i Declares Secretary of: , : ; ;" ~- State. - :'-. - '' EXPOSES BERNSTORFF Ambassador Fnm Inperial Gorcni- ment Knew Io«j»ceritj of .to X«d BnUilwn Warfare aad AM«4 la Duugtng Interred Hal Vessels. By Associate^ I*ress. : ; SCHENECTADY, N. Y., Jnne 10,-- ^Prussianism and the idea of endur: ^Ing peace among .nations can never :be brought into harmony. Compro- ;mise cannot even be considered," ..Robert Lansing, secretary of stat*. 'declared here today in an address-M "-honorary councillor of Union College '·tor 1918. . . ; · . ..'.'. . -^ "It is fact not generally known," said Secretary Lansing, "that within ;six weeks after tle imperial govern- ;ment had in case of the Sussex given .rjfcis government its solemn promise :that it would cease ruthless slaughter on the high seat. Count Berns- .'tortt, appreciating the :Trortliles3n«»s "of the promised, asked the Berlin-fpr- "eigxi' office to adriae him in ample ·time before th campaign of subma- ;rine murder was renewed in order ;ihat he might notily the German mer- ' *.chant ships in American ports to de- ;stroy their machinery, because he : anticipated that the renewal of that '·^method of warfare would in all prob- fsbillty bring th* United States into ! Tihe war. U "Saw well the ambassador knew tttie character of his. government and - I now frank he was' when he 'asked foe -the .information - in discretion," - - without apology or ^NERVOUSNESS IS I -- GONE;; BE SAYS ' :io» SJfiig Ifts Snfferintr From Stom " ack Xroohle, Too. DATOSON,. .June 10.--Mrs. James i Laughrey was the guest of friends in lonnellsville Saturday. YOE will get comfort and st?l« if I examine your ey4s and fit your glasses. Dr. A. L. pucker, Optometrist, 105 South. Eittsburg street, Connells- Yille.--Adr.- ' Wdlliam Landormore visited his Bister Alice Sunday at tire McKeesport hospital, where she underwent an operation. " ~. ': Mr. and Mrs. Paul Roland spent Sunday, at the-home of Mr.'and Mrs^ George"Levesgood, East Liberty. Som Hoke is home from Cain$ Oglethorpe, where he has been in training. Mrs. Charles Gaal spent over Sunday with friends and relatives in GJassport Jfr. ar»d Mrs. James Hurst visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McGill Sunday. 1 Harry McDonald was a Pittsburg business caller Saturday. Mrs. Thomas Mclntyre has returned home from a visit with her sister, Mrs, Martin Hasson, Conenllsviile, G«orge-Wood has resigned his posi- Uoa as butcher at the Charles MoGill general store, · Joim Levergood, Jr., .who is attending college in Tennessee, is home for a few days stay with his parents on Bridge street Mrs. Walter Gosaorn ot Scottdale, is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs, Ooorge C.'McGill. Word has been received here o£ the arrival ot Stanley Mong and Frank Von Horn in Prance. Mr. ana/ Mrs. W. F. Bate, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mcdli and son Frank motored to Cbalfc Hill Sunday. Mrs. H. C. Bash and daughter. Miss Helen Bell, visited CouneHsvilh! friends Saturday night. Cyras Crobaugh and Thomas Zimmerman were Connellsville visitors Saturday ight. Mr. and Mrs. George Cochran, Jr., .and son Jack of ConnellsviUe, visited friends here Sunday. Mrs/ Layton Foraythe of Greemrood, was the guest of Mrs. Judson Goldsboro Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. James Hurst ot Scottdale, w«re goests of the latter'.i mother, Mrs. BmUy McGill, over Sunday. Don't neglect your eyes. See Dr. A. L. Tucker, Optometrist, 105 South i Pittsburg street, ConnellsvillD.--Adv. j Patronize tto^e who advertise. My Methods are the Latest and Most Scientific in All Cases Don't Wait Too Long before you take hood of the warnings oC disense in your toocUes, or it may be too be cnred. For some time I have been telling- you in this paper the symptoms of. diseases that utterly destroy yo-ur health and the most vita! orgrans, u n f i t t i n g you for business, ·ork or pleasure. Many have accepted' advices, and. having, taken special Medical treatment are cured, men and women tolay! For Blood Diseases Specialties: All Stomach diseases, Blood diseases, 'Asthma, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Bladder and Kidney diseases. Nervous diseases · and all disordered conditions of both sexes. Dr. R. W. MacKenzie . XJBW Staff Hotel, ' _ . Conncnsrllle, -Pa. Wednesday Only each "Week. Hours, 9 a, m. to 9 p. m. ' .' "1 can't begin to tell you how much ·· - good Tanlac has done me," said Jo- tseph. D. Hindis, of 352 Oat Lane, ^-York, Pa. - "I was in a miserable condition. 1 was so n«rvous that I could hardly ..wort. and this had made my stomach so bad I couldn't eat enough to keep ;strong. , -': "I felt weak and Ural all the time, '. but I Sad no appetite; load didn't ap- 'pe»l to m« and wten [ would force -inself to swallow a little just to keep "iny strength up I would suffer great distress afterward. I would' ail up : yi|h-sas : uiiUl-l-ieH like a balloon and would belch it up in great quantities. On day I read about Tanlac to the :neirsj«per,-where it told how -another Trnan regained his health. . "So I got a bottle, and I can't ex- 'Tpress my delight when I found it was jjping me good. "All that nerrouSDBss and tired. weak feeling have goue away. My appetHe has come back a*:xi I can eat and enjoy tny meals without a bit of distress afterward. 1 don't hesitate to recommend Taidac lor it certainly cured roe." Tanlac, the famous vegetable tonic, is now soW here by the ConnellsvilJe . Tanlac can. also be secured in Dun- bar. at D. C. Bison's Drug Store. -' Ohiopyle. OHIOPTLE, . June 11.--Mrs. Ira Sboir and Aofir who have been, visit- ··ing atConSxnentse," ( haYe returned to, their home h«fi · You jrill ·»« comton and style il I examine jour -eyes aid fit -your glasses, fir. A. L.-"Tucker, Gptooielrist; 105:South pitobnrg street, Connells- Dr_ Stulgeon. of TJrriontown, was a caller here yesterday. '" . . '; MrsT'EC'San." Bush oC Connellsville, spent Monday-Sere calling on relatives : . ' · - ' · ' 'i-'~' ' . . ' . : · ' Miiw MiirieGamble was calling on Ohippyt.e ieids-~ Monday evening: Miss Mae Rowan has returned to her .home here. · Hiss Susie Linderman of Bidwell, spent Monday shopping in town, Rev. .Wissinser has returned, to'Ms home at Brownsville. ' F.-JI. Rush Is on the sick list Don't forget to tell your friends about the pie social at Sugar LoaC church Saturday evening lor Ibe Red Cross. Don't neglect your eyes. See Dr. A. ·L. Incker, Optometrist, 105 South PktsDurg street,. .Connellsville.--Air. Try our 'classified advertisements. BUSY BUSINESS MEN Science Hcfpa Tfcrm Oat After n«k- IcMlr AabHl»c the Stvutaefc. Tha mo.ft reckless man in regard to health is ttie busy busriuess rmm. At noon he rushes out for a. bite to eat. He botts Ma food: without proper mAa- t lea tlon, and heapa on bis stomAch aji extra b«r»Ien greater than It to iLble to carry without breaking down. His overworked stomach is crylnR for help; It appeta to him for roUet in various wa.ys:*Expulsion of soar KA, waterbnuh, sour taM.e In' mouth, heaviness aCt^; ftatinB. sbortiMeo of breath, bad breath, etc. One Mi-tr-na tablet taken after each meal will h e l p a.ny from dyspc-psia wonderfully. It aids the- stomach in the work ot diecKtlon which it znvat perform. Ml-o-na tablets are sold by A, A. Clarke with a ripld guarantee to overcome dyspepaia g.nd all stomach troubles, or money bach. They rna.k« oatlnE a pleasure. Ml-o-na cleanses anl purlfie« tht» stomach and bowels and put* \-ijjor and strength Into tne overworked tls- BUes. It Is the surest stomach tonic In the world. Sold by leading drucBliHs every- wh e re.--A-6 v. Real Money Can Be Saned by Itaring "Saw Hat Cleaned and Reblocfced Into the Latest Shape by our Experienced and Expert Hat Cleaner, who makes a special study of all Panama work. We use no acids and guarantee all our worfc to be the best, p Established 1906. Tk American Up-to-Date fiat Cleaning Parlor ! cor. o r , » rer I t J. I. rj-IKBCS, Proprietor. Ill W. Crawr«rrt Ave.. CONNELLSVILUi- PBNNAr- Confluence. CONFLUENCE, June 11.--Walter Scott Mountain is.home £rom Bethany j college tor a several months' vaca- i tion with his parents, -Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Mountain. You will get contort and style if 1 examine your eyes and fit your glasses. Dr. A. L. Tucker, Optometrist, 105 South Pittsburg street, Connclis- vttle.--Adv. Mr. and Mcs. John Treutlo arc preparing to move-to Dayton, 0., where Mr. Trestle has s«cur«d a good position. ' George Butler of Brownsville, is visiting his mother, Mrs. T. L, Butler, at Johnson Chapel. Ray Show ot.Fairmont, "W. Va., vts- [r. and Mrs. Charles The I. O. 0. F. of this place will attend .divine services in the M. E. church next Sunday night in a body. The pastor, Rev. W. M. Bracken, will preach a sermon in honor of their, de- ceased'in embers. ' .. Mcs. Charles Kurtz is visiting friends in Connellsville. Mrs. W. S. Bowers wont to WiBdns- bnrg Saturday to visit her husband who is in the hospital there. - - Mrs.-Willis Mitchell and . two children have returned from a visit witn friends at Cumberland, Md. Clarence Brown, who holds a good position at Montana, W. Va., visited .his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Brown, hero several days recently. -Mrs.~E. S. Thomas hae returned to her" home in Everson 'after visiting -friends-here a few days. E. E. McDonald has returned trom a trip through Iowa and Colorado. Mrs. and daughter Kathryn, who them, remained in the lose its sprinBiWsb; occasional touches j west- of pain In tbe back. f«el tired without | Don't neglect your eyes. See Dr. A. cause, and possibly a twinge ot rbeu-; L Tucker, Optometrist, 105 South- OLD AGE A CRIME Some people, are ruung: at 60--red heeteeu, ruddy and vigorous. Others Title and Trust Gompartfc '· WesfernPennsvliania OFE' TO EV£KTO.\E Tbe opportunity of depositing funds vith .the Title . Trust' Company of Western Pennsylvania is open to everyone, and prudent is he who avails" himself of Its advantages. Small amounts, deposited often with us soon accumulate at Interest Your account Is invited. This is the Only Bank in this community, paying l% on Savings Accounts. MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BOTHPHONCS ORPHANS TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNEU-SVILLE, PA. matic pain. Inlmost cases these are the danger signals to- warn -you .that, the kidneys arc abt proir4»t!r doing 1 their work of throwing oCt the poisons that are always forming hi the body. To neRlect theso". natural warnings is a crime ag-ainst yourself. If you hare theso symptoms you can find prompt relief In OOLD MEDAL Hiuirlem Oil Capsules-- For jnore than 200 years' this Pittsburg street, Connellsville.--Adv. ARE SAFEI Ha-re TOUT Bonds and Other Valuables I the Protection o£ Safe Deposit?' | If noC better go straight to the-i Successful Men Tb* men who do things am stxtang and fall of ·Icfa. vitaliainff blood and nerve force. DR CHASE'S BloodMNerve Tablets mi the Bhrivelod arteriei -v\ th pore, rich blood, IncreaM tb» wwiarbt in folid fesh and au*«Je that Rive you »treiikth, the brain and nerve* vrlth fresh vital fluid that forces new life and vizor into every pert of the body. This is dM to ta* fact tart they cental* Iron, NDS Voraica, Gentian The Bert of all Tonics Weigh Yourself Before Taking Price 60 cents; Special Strength H cents. Oc*e4 ModkBC C«u 221 N. IWl St.. tas "be«n the recognized remedy for j First National of Connellsville and arrange for a private box in its fire and burglar proof vaults--the only way to .obtain absolute security for your important papers, Liberty Bonds, jewelry, etc. The cost''is moderate--less than a cent a day.--Adv. _ and bladder ailments. GOLD JlEDAi' Haarlem OI] Cap- sulei~are imported direct from the laboratories at Haarlem. Holland. Get t h c m ' a t your druggists. Do not take substitute. Adv."." In boxes three sizes.-- If Ton Waal S for It in oiir dassifled col- On* cent u word. want Ads. Ic a Word Patronize those wfco advertise. NAPOLEON OMCE SAID "A. Footsore Araiy Is An Army Hnlf Jtafe Bleu in Tnunin^ CAIQDB, in CutonmenU, in tbu Army and Navy Buffer from bliitera actl acmi epotoon their feet. Every "Com/ort Kit" abauld coaiain oneormore boxesof AJl«n'» Foot--Ease, the antueptic powder to abuke into tie ahoefl. Itfraubeoflthe tired, aching, amartne Feet and heati blisters and sore spots. The PUtuborg Cacjp Hsnoal advisca men in tztintos to xofili* ·*aily CM oi JPoot-^Ewe. Sold evwywnefe, 23e. READ THE COUKIEE. Tomorrow Wednesday 3 bays Only Up to $1.75 Wash Skirts FinJj selection of variety of materials. The newest styles. While they last -- only $1.00. Up to $2.25 Ladies' Several different styles to choose from, all brand new-- 3 Blinds $1 "Columbia" make,, dust proof rollers .light green and tan. $1.59 Curtains $1 Scrim Curtains, cither white or ecru shade, plain or embroidery border. % $1.59 Serge Pants $1 Boys' Bl-fle Serge Pants, in all sizes up to i$ years. wMla they last ;i. 2 Union Suits $1 Men's B. V. D. style Union Suits in all sizes, clastic band. $1.49 Suits $1 "Boys 1 Wash Suits In ie newust style and material, big selection. 2 Middys $1 Ladies' and Misses' Middy Blouses, either plain while or trimmed with contrasting collar and cuffs . To $2.25 Shapes $1 Big ^Ttrlety of newest style ua- trlramed shapes In all the wunted shades. To $1.50 Shirts $1 - Men's fine quality Dreaa Shirts, French soft or stiff cuffs, all sizes. CON N E LLSVI LLE S BAPGAIN CEHTEP \ I 5 W NEWS LIKE THIS What Woman can afford to Overlook This Opportunity? Sure Savings for Everybody. Will Yo uGet Your Share? Read! Come and save. Wash Dresses $1 Ladies' House and Street Wash Dresses in most all sizes, while they last only $1. 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Window Blinds, "Columbia" make, limited quantity, while they last $1. 2 Shirts $1 Boys and Men's "Sport" Shirts in neat black and white stripe, all sizes. ' $1.49 Hose at $1 Ladies' Silk Hose, plain black or white, or black ·n-iUi white clocking; made of extra fine quality silk . $1.59 Corsets $1 Pink or White Corsots, extra wide elastic top, in most all sizes. $1.39 Waists $1 Ladies' Waists in Voiles and Organdies, newest style colors, plain and colors. SUIT NEW BUT HOLE IN SHOE Bad Teeth Like Bad Shoea Sp«ii Fine Dress and Good Looks PEOPLE NEGLIGENT IN CARE OF HOITTH Senreco Tooth Pasts Power-' fa! To Save (he Teeth and Prevent DlMases ^riQi bolo" In' Ml a bit of Dnztc W a young mtui tn»nl now exo«pt JiU pnio-' LEAGUE, Teatcnlaj's JlesnJl«. Brook-lyn 2; Ptilsburc 0. Chicago 6; Philadelphia L BotHoa 1; Cincinnati 0. New York-SL Louis; rain. Chicago New York. _ Cincinnati . Dos loo . ' P U t s b u r p Philadelphia Su Louts _,, Brooklyn ^ Elliuor^to mfcn'or woman a nhabbr P»lJ ir|flho«tj would ti|KU UM appMM-aoc* ·it the immt olacui^ gunnem* «TW ' the'toeth? Dreu hi H Pi*****. It you op«n your a decay *d Mt ot teatb tcUvonB* oiute r%ht .then.. bo,» In ih* aho» tor you. both to mmn and woman. 1 QirU, and young moo, you IOM b*lf th* adtnimtion which would b* dUroot- ·d ' tow*nl you \t you have bad tt«tb. You Jcaa't ' be plaaaJng 1 nrlth ' a mouthful ' oi d«oay. Tou can't li« -healthy either. The ccndltkm ot Jthe t*tQi havo n telUnff ln- ftntno% ·. on other onrama of the txxly. Bad t*eth alTect the intMtin** nVom- «nd «ron th* »y«e. M*dl*how* that bad toeth pro- conditions all ov«r th* of lie Clubs. W. L. -- 30 12 33 14 _ 23 23 20 24 23 25 25 19 Pet -7U .674 JOO .455 .462 .413 -17 28 .378 Today's Sdiednle. PiHsburg a: Boston. Chicago at New York. Cincinnati at Brooklyn. St. Louis at Philadelphia. AXKKICAX LEAGUE. Icsterday's Kt-sults. Boston 1; Chicago 0. Detroit 6; Philadelphia 4. xWastila-gton 3; St. Louis 2. No other games scheduled. xFourtcsen ianings. Standing of Uw Clubs. W. L. Boston 30 Ne-w York; 27 Chicago 23 Cleveland 25 cai ici fduc« m iTltt Wushragton .St. Louis Philadelphia Detroit 8*nr«co Tooth Pavte at your (Pervlce -- a acientiflcaUy pnpored pre- jMre** no Mo of P-orrnaa -- tjMre* }ot lning a prey to tha*» l anwvd of hmviDf a mouthful of tteeth. TJ»wd roeularly on a a«t of itood Wcth the deadly conn* have little tahanoe to enter. If thuy abottkl enter jtbay can't ailtt lohgr under Ita thorough claaxtBinff jiropertlaa; Aa a cleaaaor ad praventiv* of dt*e*»« of the teeth It b poaltiv«ly rettafcle. lAdTancod cwee ahould be treated by 9*0 ur d«ati«t, Ufa* Eflortco Tooth Paato aa a pre- [vodtktive. A£k your dentist if you *hou)fl not pay ul attention to your iteeth, OT course ws won't lay our ITooUx Faatii will cure Fyorrbea. If you already have It, you r dentls t la the doctor. Ev^n If you are kffiicted with his terrible dlaoawe ao- r«co TcoCh Paste will help you to vet [rid of it, wlOi your dentlat's awfst- ·uio*. But w« don't want yoo to COD- araot any aUmont of the mouth and IteetaX nor 6oe your dental doctor. A preventive la far ^better thaq to fca.Te"lo go through tho trieJa ot a cure. Bare yoor teeth by S«nroco Tooth JPust« and the probability In ttutt you [won't have to deal with foul and paln-l fful OtfeaaeB, £y taking- exoeUvnt caro fotO-our t»*tti you ma? sav» «tozrwcb.[ QntefltinaX b«art ana oy» troubles. tTaka-all pmecautlon to keep the teetH iclean^ctaa do it with S«nn»cq STootJi tPaJite, tho latest dlacovery of dontol Sample of Qenreco froe tt you Senreco-Tooth Paait, 24 21 17 15 Pet .612 .5S7 .548 .510 .490 .477 .386 .356 Today's Seliednle. Boston at Chicago. .Now York at Cleveland. Philadelphia at Detroit. "Washington at SL Louis. Who to Patronize. Those "wbo advertise in The Courier. Daily MAXWELL WINS Defeats Star ,1 unction in Gtune at That Place. .Maxwell defeate^ Star Junction at that place on Saturday ia a close game, 6-5. Star Junction scored a single tally in the first inning and tbe score d'id not change until the eighth round. Then xaxwell made six in a row. In the same inning Star Juactioa added three more to its total, an-d in. the Ja^t inning made another tally, but. failed to tie the score. Carson pitching; for Star Junction wa.s touched for eight hits. He sent 11 men back to the bench and passed two. Kurtz allowed 10 hits and waited sii men. He had six strikeouts to his credit wtttr Tbe defifhl* oi yopr vacation begin the modem you D. A C. Cow Une Steamer tor beautil U*ckia»c kt hjMofihc dttbtn are- ra the Luke vxy^«. Rjolroad ticietj ere hooored oo aC D. C. I4nc ·( oat extra chute. Tbe D. A C- longed* anxirct the bctt in xcpoadmenti, cuisioc. ·od mktftakint ·ervke. Safety sod becltfa prortuooi ate all thai could be dettred. All Reamers s.rc eqaip^ed witi latest ·ojrctc ·w»»cr U werUiied by ultra vialel t*y proccw. Two ·plemTtd T«»elt-- City o! Mckinic II »nd Ctiy of AJrxm II-- operate four time* * week to M»cLmac Ulnod. Prom Toledo Mondoya UK! Saiturdayca^O A. M. Tocwby. «nd Thura 00 P. M. Front Dftro'n Monday* and S c"«r- S^K) P. M.. Wcdocsdays i,ad Friday- 6 JO A.M. Send 3-oczx tLuop for Blturrsted GTC.I L»k« map. AddreM JL. G. LEWIS, C. P. A., 9 Third Avenoc, Detroit, "" " TO HACKINAC ISLAND From Itetfolo J 9-50 Rocod trip i50 From OcwIaTid S 7.00 Kouad trip 12,00 from How often has an attack of indigestion interfered with your work or spoiled your pleasure? Good health is mostly a matter of sound digestion. Whenever you are troubled by dyspepsia, flatulence, sour eructations, sick headache, biliousness or constipation, take Beech* am's Piils, They quicklyand effectively correctdigestiv e disturbances, stimulate the supply of gastric juice and Tone the Stomach Direction* of Special Value to Women are with Every Box. Sold by druggitta tfu-OQf bout th« worldL la boxe», lOc^ 25c. THE TBESIEJfDOUS EABXESTXESS of our people shows that our Country is in this ^yar to win--detennijied to be victorious over aggression, tyranny and enslavement of liberty. Every individual has an important duty to perform in this great cause--let everyone do his utmost. rnimniwiiir-pA.. We are at your service in banking mat- (WESTSiDEi ters aud invite y° ur Checking Account. UNION NATIONAL BANK, Coanellsvine, Pa. TTant Help? Than use our classified column, salts will follow. Re- DOOOOCOOCXJOOOCcXXJOCOOOCZOOa gATT,S. mercy. To diildren it is an nngal of PLEASiHT TO TAKE. SO . 3SO PETSIC ITEEDED. On« bottle 2iac MHed 132 itroml*. AH . draf- fflsti a3ld declerB, or. 117 3naU-.25o a l]Ot. E«t. C. A. VOOEHZES, M. D., iorner's aotMQg OUE CLASSIFIED ADLETS. oooecxxjoooooooocsoooooooooa Patronize Those Advertise.

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