Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 4, 1976 · Page 90
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 90

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 4, 1976
Page 90
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is cookJNq 'lONJON "London broil" usually means a flank steak, which is less tender than some 'other cuts. Use a meat tenderizer or a marinade, and when you serve it, cut it in thin slices on the diagonal. SERvw For finest flavor and texture, most cheeses should be served at room temperature. copiNq w t POWER When power failures occur, don't open your freezer or freezing compartment unless it is absolutely necessary. A full freezer will stay cold many hours. longer than a freezer only one-fourth full; a freezer full of meat will not warm up as fast as one full of baked foods. If you use dry ice, wear gloves when you handle it. It is safe to refreeze most foods if they still contain ice crystals or if they are still cold -- about 40 degrees -- and have been held at this temperature no longer than one or two days after thawing. Avoid refreezing vegetables, shellfish and cooked foods when they have thawed completely. chlNESE choOSC CORNSTARch Americans have provided Chinese cooks the world over with a favorite ingredient -- comstarch. They how use it even in China .to replace water chestnut starch, and it gives Chinese dishes their typical translucent look. Comstarch may be used wherever you might use a little flour; but, because it has twice the thickening power of flour, use only half as much. Soften it in a small amount of cold water before adding it to a sauce, stew or gravy. VERSATILE UTENSll - Do you have an old-fashioned wire-mesh com popper tucked away somewhere? You'll find it makes a fine barbecue utensil for grilling frankfurters, bacon, sausages or com on the cob over glowing coals. FREEZER dooR Tiqhr? If the door seal on your freezer is not tight, cold air will escape and the temperature inside will rise. Make this test: open the freezer door, place a portion of a dollar bill against the seal, and close the door. If you can pull the bill out, the seal is not tight. Call the repair man. choosiNq chickEN PORTIONS When you buy chicken halves or quarters for barbecuing, allow V? chicken per serving if the chickens are small (2 to 2Vs Ibs.), 'A chicken for larger birds. Maximum freezer-storage time for chicken giblets is three months. After this length of time, quality is not maintained. dAiRy foods RANk hiqh A study made by the University of 'Minnesota showed that budget-minded horhemakers spent a larger share of their total food money on dairy items than more casual shoppers. This is a good plan to follow, because dairy foods rank high as a moderate-cost source of protein, calcium and vitamins A and D. shoppiNq FOR ONE OR TWO It is often easier and more economical to shop and cook for a family of four to six than for one or two. One answer is to buy and cook the larger amounts, then use what you need and freeze the rest for another meal or two. ulTRA'pASTEURilATION Ultra-pasteurization, a new processing technique, has made it possible to extend the shelf life of cream and half-and-half by heating them to 280 degrees for about two seconds. This higher temperature produces an almost sterile product which can be sold for 15 days after the date of pasteurization. This process is not considered acceptable for milk because the high temperatures give milk a "cooked" taste. GRASS SEED WILL NEVER GROW A LAWN LIKE SAVE WITH OUR SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER UP TO 200 AMAZOY ZOYSIA GRASS PLUGS FREE! RESISTS WEAR 4 TEAR Aroazoy.lawns take cookouts and parties -Every year I see people pour more and children playing on It won't hurt H, or ihem- more money into their lawns. They dig, selves! Stays green right thru scorching beat and fer^aJlime.Th^ke t it.U e m.They ^^ TO R.POUT PRESENT GRASS · seed and roll and pwG AMAZOY INTO OLD LAWN, "R^H, iTM, it* ME* GROUND OR NURSERY AREA Birds love it. Ju ^ ^ AmMoy ping,, into holes in ground like a cork in a bottle. Plant 1 foot apart, checkerboard style. Every plug 3 so. inches. When planted in existing lawn areas plugs will spread to drive out old, unwanted growth, including weeds. Easy Seeds which aren't washed, away by "rain five them a least But some seed grows, and soon if s time to weed, water and mow, mow » · · until summer comes to burn the lawn into hay, or crabgrass and diseases infest it That's what happens to ordinary grass, hot not to Ammioy Zoysia. "MOWED IT 2 WHS," -OTIS WOUAM For example, Mrs. M. B. Hitter writes me how her lawn "... is the envy of all who see it When everybody's lawns around here are brown from drought ours just stays as green as ever. I've never watered it, only when I put the pings in ... Lust summer we had it mowed (2) times. Another thing, we never have to poll any weeds -- if s Just wonderful!" And from Iowa came word that the state's largest Men's Garden Club picked a Zoysia lawn as the "top lawn -- nearly perfect? 1 in its area. Yet this lawn had been watered only once all summer up to August! Cuts Your Work, Sov*s You Money Your deep-rooted, established Amazoy lawn saves yon time and money in many ways. It never heeds replacement. . . ends re-seeding forever. Fertilizing and watering (water costs money, too) are rarely if ever needed. It ends the need for crabgrass killers permanently. It ento pushing a noisy mower in the blistering sun by 2/3. CHOKES OUT CRABGRASS Thick rich, luxurious Amazoy grows into a carpet of grass.that chokes out crabgrass and "weeds all summer long. It wffl NOT winter kill. Goes off its green color after killing frost, regains fresh new beauty every Spring--a true perennial! For Stop**, flay Aram, Bar* Spots End erosion of slopes with Amatoy. Perfect answer for hard-to-cover spots; play-worn areas. Your Own Supply of Plufl Transplants Established Amazoy gives yon Zoysia plugs to plant in other areas as desired! NO SEED, NO SOM .There's no seed that produces winter-hardy Meyer Zoysia. Sod of ordinary grass .brings with it the problems of seed, like weeds, diseases, burning oat, other 31s. planting instructions .with order. Amazoy exclusive! No one else can offer you this patented 2-way plugger. Saves bending, time, work. Light, rugged,, invaluable for transplanting. Cuts away competing growth ,as it digs plugholes In Your ATM . in Your SoH If it isn't Amazoy, you're riot.getting the plugs that made Zoysia famous. I TO: Hr.-Mai Svridw, Iftjali Fatal Mmritii | I Deptm . (Our 21st Year) General Offices and'Store aiu SttfateAM^ft l^^4 a^HtaMt MM. ftttt · I Zoyil* Puerto on Sato «!Gr««nBt»uly Garden Shop I , 1921 Monte A».. Union, NJ. I | ' iOI-Mu 7-5210 I I Dear 3lr. Senkiv: Please send me \ 1 ffuarantetd Anuuoy at ducked below: i FUltUt PIUMH a mn.uu ntttmaO ttMEE nuts · a at km nwMMtM ana £*· QHiflUSI iPlWtU nnhmtf ana UJW M3R "* niM Mejcr Z-S2 Zoyiia Gram Was Perfected by U.S. «ovi. : Released In Cooperation With U.S. Golf Amwc. a» a superior gnu*. Q HI HUM* MIME*- »27* -a t tiuu MFHH TOW. Ut rtuu nwinuu » HUGGED nulMttM HFME » tfTTS . HUM lf mtruiui · tut runs R.IMBI.nB tan it vina TOOL Qp^sjp |MMMM0M( ABWTM *VSM? stss j be dettrend at «Bli t come* Off tat pta«- *cj£'£*£3 | CITV S) Zbw* fmm Mbmrin. «7« __ JPP 7H^rJ

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