The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 11, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

jBT-y-sw-: t** pj g- ;? PAGE SEt. THE DAJIiT COTIKIER. CONKBIJ-SVTJJ E. PA TUESDAY, JDNB il, l lo . War-Time Outfit in Summer Shoes · ' « : *! ~: IH ^ . II! rli a. Jvst bow ftnr pato of shoes «a v» ft alone vtth tfc gammer? Tbkfs ih* qoeatkm that women are called apon to Mettle tar themBeMes, now that wwtteM economy cans for re- trcMtoait on an aides. Secretary , McAdoo- my* ha baa his -shoes natf- ,,· ioM when ttwy need it--and appears - to .bfHtooa of it recommending this : .~eo«rrM_tr e-rery. one else. Leaving out ZTxiutaiappta.aia ev»lne slippers \ that atetf not com. in the reckoning at ·n, thrrt pttfrm of good «bocs will oee* Xtdl wm seem, an .Im- dim HWKmnce to fbe votnan ·who nully bcji from str to twelre luft*, "-bat. tbrce pnirtt- win .anmcr. Tlwre *fe Bio economy in baTins' onlj one pdr of trcet shoes, because they wear nmcfe looj^r and look much bet- tK- when two pairs are worn alternately. Shoe tree* ken them In' good «bape wb*u tbey arc aot In H» and an n Decenary to shoes as bangers are to coots and frocks. A wartime snmmer outfit In shoes - might follow the suggestion in the ." group of three pairs shown In the plc- - tore: These do not -include shoes made solely for sportswear, which can lie coMldorcd beside the question ot .'shcM'tbat are indispensable. All the shoes pictured ore in the best imitt- "· rials "and · workmansJUp, which ' are matters.of real economy In footwear. They Include a pair of substantial black kid street shoes, a pair ot smart white canvas "cotfocfls and kid pumps for flress. The high boots for- street wear here sensible Cnban heels and moderately heavy soles. Perforations along ai the seams and at each, dde of the foe- at th« front, give them a hand- flnlst and ttwy look altogether and smart--Jaft as women themselves aspire to look in these times. White canvBS oxfords for wear with summer street onits and frocks are very plain and may be bad with either Coban or French Heels. They ore easily kept dean and are very durable. Where street shoes will strike the wrong note and something more dressy is needed, kid pomps, simitar to those shown In the picture, wSl flB all requirements. They are of black kid with gray panels, bat there is a great variety of pumps in all-black and black with colored panels to choose from. Different Shadts of On* Color. The combination of different shades in the same color is a very smart note in millinery just now; this Is noticed, perhaps, most tn the tortoise shell colorings. An attractive small hat of Milan has an nptnmed side'brim and ,tbts[ is trimmed in a very Hght shade of appie-green wheat, which is laid thickly abont the croivn sides and topped by a row of foliage in the color ot (ho straw. COLONISTS HAD LAST LAUGH "Yankee Doodle," Compowd by Brit- lib Officer En Ridicule, Became War Song of Free Men. | History 1 tell-s ua the origin of our national march--the famous "Yankee - Doodle." For more than 150 years It - has led us to victory. Few, perhaps, ' · Temember that to on English wit and musical grains we are indebted for the old tune. But true it is, although it was composed in a spirit of raillery, awakened by the sight of the "Yankee - Doodles who came to town" In answer to General Anihersf s appeal to the_col- ' onles for aid. ' It was "to the gammer of 1755 that the British army was encamped on the east bant of the Hoflson, a little below , · Albany. ,i ·''Tbey-were to open a campaign against :..the French Canadians, and the wi;JI- r;Iisctplinecl and nulfonned troops ~»waited the arrival of the Tolimteers. ·,~c£ln they came, a motley crowd, old inen, middle-aged men and young men, tint all with brave hearts beating and strong arms ready to dp battle. Some were mounted on ponies, others on old farm horses, taken from the plow, nnd many, with a zeal which kn«w no fa- tigue,'hnrrled In on foot; Each carried his own outfit and provisions. No two were dressed alike; there were long coats and short coats, . and no coots at aTl; there -were high hats and }wr bats, covering "closely cropped heads, or wigs with flowing cnrla. In they marched, and the regn- lar soldiers made merry at their ei- - Tpense. _, ·-. Bren the officers were not better r; mannered,-'and the snrgeon. Doctor Shackbnrg, entertained bis friends at raese by playing "Yankee Dopdle," which be hud composed to" derision of the volunteers. Greatly to the amusement of the British officers, the provincials received the tone In good faith, when Doctor KhacthTirg gravely assured them that it was, a, "celebrated .air of marital nrosic,"" anfl daily it -was heard played In their c::np. llttTe fllil those merry.Englishmen V^fwEUze'th'at the time' would come when tn those ringing notes the same colon- f«=ts would raarch to freedom. ~-~~TV-enty sears later "Yankee Doodle" cheered the heroes of Bnnker Hill, and later still, more than ever endeared to American hearts, it was exultantly played as Lord Cornwallls* army marched Into Washington's camp at Yorttown. French Rainfall Statistics. The investigation of French rainfall, as planned by the central meteorological offlce, has been carried ont for a portion of the country--the northwest provinces. Maps of the average rainfall for 50 years--1S51-1900--have been compiled, and comparison has betn made with the records of 16 stations la France and across the border in adjacent countries. The leading rainfall features fer euch month and for each year have been summarized. A wide variation over small patches of territory is Indicated, and while the annual precipitation is more than 40 Inches at very few stations, it Is 48 inches in tho MontB d'Arree, and only 20 to 3-! inches in the basins of the Seine, the Loire and the Oiso. Tn nearly all parts of the territory, the wettest month is October. The rainfall for this month exceeds four Inches In the country of Cam, the department of the Mancbe, the western part of Brittany, and the heights of Gatloe, reaching de maximum of sir inches at Sansssnvesii!l, and the (Jrieit nreas, with a full of two to three inches, are the middle valley of tie Seine, the basin of the Enre, and In the Beauce. The driest month Is February. Army Horses Good-Tempered. It's a weary, wicked world if you are on army horse. You may or nmy not approve of shoes, but yotfve got to have than jns,t the same. The French authorities have an ingenious contrivance which so pinions a horse that he has absolutely nottng to say la the matter. It holds Sils head, and holds Ms feet and holds bis body, and forcibly prevents Mm from expressing nn opinion, or choosmg his shoes, or making a protest in any way. If they wonlfl only let a fellow get In Jnst one real horse-size kick one could--but what's the use. In the meantime the farrier gets In his fine work, and then it-is too-late. Xes. It's a hard, cold, cruel world, so It Is, SHU, shoes are not so bad and they give a dandy heft to one's hind hoofs In arguments later on in the camps. Place to Sfeop, After JUNE Black Tennis OXFORDS for Men, Women and Children Pre=Invento Our Semi-Annual Inventory. Comes the first week in July.--we must reduce our stocks-we believe low prices will do it. Hence it gives us material for a real message to you--a message of unusual savings of the greatest importance. This is going to be a real mid-summer clearance on all lines, with exceptional reductions on miscellaneous lots to move them quick. Our stocks happen to be very large and complete, hence easy selections is your pleasure and the need for drastic measures to get our stocks down to bed rock before inventory is taken, read through the list of values we offer below. See them in our show windows. Come early and get yours. First choice is best. Women's Summer Shoes and Oxfords Women's White Canvas Lace Shoes, with white Cuban or Military heel, $3.50 values Women's all-grey Kid Lace Oxfords, light weight sole, leather Louis heel, $4.50 values Women's Gun Metal Lace Shoes, Military heel, $4.50 valu L $3.651 Don't miss seeing this lot. Women's all-Patent Lace Oxfords in black or brown, imitation wing tip, military heel, $5.50 values A good Outing Shoe for women in White Canvas, lace, with rubber soles and low rubber heels, $2.50 values Women's all-brown CalC Lace Boots, 9 in. tops, military heel, 56.00 valtfes Women's Dark Brown Calf Lace Orfords, Cuban $4.15 $1.85 $4.65 or Military heel, $5.50 and $6.00 values, A Or at _. $4.OO Women's all-black Patent Colt Lace Oxfords, Goodyear Welts, leather Louis heel. You can't heat them for $5.50. Our sale Qi/t ~t Pv price is tJ/Tt.JLt? Women's all-brown Patent Colt Lace Oxfords, turn soles, leather covered Louis heel-a hard one to beat for $8, our price Women's White Canvas Lace Oxfords, plain toe. turn soles, half Louis beers, ?3.50 values at Women's Dark Grey Calf Oxfords, Cuban leather iieel. A good Oxford fftr $8.00. Our price Women's Dark Brcwn Calf, Lace Oxfords, tim soles, full Loois covered $7.50 value Women's all-Patent Colt Lace Oxfords, ·welt soles leather Louis heels, either brown or black. Don't miss seeing these $5.50 values for '$4.15 Misses' and Children's Shoes and Slippers Children's Tan Barefoot Sandals, extra heavy oak soles, sizes 5^. to Oft/» ·11, Sale Price 17 Ov Misses' Tan Barefoot Saa- dals, sixes 11^ to ~t t Q 2, Sale Price pJL.AO Misses' Gun Metal or Patent Colt Button Siloes, leather or cloth top, sizes lV/ to 2, $3.00 flirt - j r values J7"«-«-tr Children's Gun Metal or Patent Colt Button Shoes, leather or cloth top, sizes 6 to 9 ' ?2 ' 50 ,,__,, $1.95 values Children's Gun Metal or Patent Colt Baby Doll Pumps sizes S l /2 to 11, $2.75 values $2.15 Misses' Gun. Metal or Patent Colt Baby Doll Pomps, sizes 11% to 2, $3.00 values Misses' and Children's White Shoes and Slippers at exceptionally low prices- Men's and Boys' Summer Footwear Boys' Gun Metal Button or Blucher Shoes, fl»O A f $3.00 values tD-U.^teJ Boys' Dark Brown English Bals, .. (PO QC ?4.00 values «p£rf.i7J Youths' Dark Brown English Bals, Q9 DC $3.50 values tPU*OtJ Little Gent's Gun Metal or Blucher Shoes, $2.50 values $2.45 Boys' Gun Metal English Bals, $3.00 values ______ Men's Gun Metal Button Shoes, $5.50 values ________ Tan English | Men's Dark Dress Shoes, $5.50 values A lot of Men's Gun Metal and Tan Calf Oxfords, values up to $4.50. See these in our window. Sale Price Men's Dark Tan. Blucher Dress Shoes, medium high toes, $5.50 values Men's White and Palm Beach Canvas Oxfords, $2.50 values _ $2.95 $4.85 $1.85 Come in and see. BROWNELL SHOE COMPANY 15 STORES 145 W. Crawford Ave. |The Best Place to Shop, After ALL BUSY If You Want Anything Use Our Classified Column PATRONIZE THOSE WHO ADVERTISE PJTET BISK---You're Certainly- In for a Restful Summer, Petey Bj C. A. VOI6H3:

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