The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 11, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1918
Page 4
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p^ f 'v · THE'' ' J COURIER'. ' CONNELLSVILLE,' £' 't. HENRY P. SOTDEB. ·ttunder and Editor. 1S79-19M. ^ THB COimjER COWAjnr, " a' Erin * believer v in~ c-]ertaiii phases of Socialism and that Ac Socialists regard him as a very goofl ifricnd of the cult. This is emphasized by the : fact that some time 'jefore-h · ment the leading Socialist s appoint- paper- in K. M. 8NYDEIC ..... , _ .-Pr»3ident. ..._:.. JA3. J. 0RISCOIJV ;i- .Trecauier, -Bualileia Manag«r. 5 . JOHN- It OAKS..-'.' ''~.Managing Editor.' ;",,:*: ' WALTER s. s-miiTEi* - i City sailor. "."· ;. MISS LTNNE B; ICINCEIL. Society Editor. · MBMBER OF: Associated Press, Audit Bureau o£ Circulation. F»nn«TlT»nta Associated Ball!"* ···· r^ro l c«nts 'per copy." 500 Iter 'month; J» per year byraall if jmid In aivanon. B«or«d i«' itoona class matter 1 af'tbe pottoGle*. Connellaville. Pa. TCEJDAT ETJEXEfG, JE3TE 11, 191S. T*. C«orler'« Service VI**. WtULJAM P. K T : . Forcaa. France. . ' " "company H. lij S. N. A.. American Expert*-~ :tlonary Forces,- France. ·; MICHAEL CRE-A1.DO. i ; HAROLD P.ICHEY, Bittery B. 107th Field Artil- "lery. 28th .Division, U. S. y. £G., American. .ExpeilHion- L ', arr Forces, Franc,c. ' - --· ~ : .la-oir.. B. .csx; · :. .--'. Company F, 37th Engineers, U. i. '- S. A.. Fort Myor. ya. ~ ; XUXJUS.CSOESE. ·· E, 15th Engineers ' | -- aitionary Forces. France. 1 * c£mpany~~B,~"63rd Engineers. jtlJailTTayX; Fort Benjamin -- - Harrison, iKdianap'o- 1. '. ...Us. Indiana..,.. .. -- - KtJSSELt. I.ENHAKT, ; U~S. S.-President Grant, JJ, S. *t Tk« Am*oO*U* *!*««. ha A n e e . ' . r M . » . « · · cluaivolx .ntitled to the na lor rei»ablicatlon of all n»w» 41a- paichea -credltftd to It or not ogtcnriao crodttd In tM» paiwr anil alio the lool n«w» published UUSjGrES TCHE IV AE IS BIUXGDfG. Persons wtiQ^are ordinarily not very close 2UserVers~or changes in tho sea- timeri'and relations ot the people in Ihe miss, have not failed to'aotu that during the past few months there has been |» .very remarkable transformation In individual thought ; EBd feeling. Until |jre began TO more fully realize that tfte war was coming closer home to us -ill, the people as a whole were inclined; as usual, to .follow their own selflsiythoughts and interests with but indifferent attention' to the .-greater needsfbf our country.? : *nie consciousness bad not come to them Ulat tfiis war is;the war of. evepr^mericim .and that tfc prevent its issue" being uncertain, ofe in donbt requires that vaca of us do'something and sacrifice much. Now* that we 'hive^a' clearer .vision of ourjlaties aoiijor obligations there is a njpre s en «TM.0* J!3 W^}'ir. 0 ? service tojcountry as'jih* sttpreme ; object and parpose, in oucjives. 'While some ·till cflng to a narrow; sorfflS view an^ coaUnue to plan for future ,benefit and profit to cometo.addition to-.that they hive already gained, ly the war, the great bulk of the-';American' people hire lost themselves..and" their Belfishaess in. the^.tnerger of our pop- ulatioii;. ^into what:has-"i)eeir'^aptly termadg "one individual, with "hnper- fectioniB., to be sure, but with a single driving*force.";:., ' ; ,'" To tiose who have'willingly lent themselves to the influence of that force, ^oing something, giying sbme- thiaf. Sacriacing something to help iriri Jiitf war has become fee.dominant thought and purpose in their lives. To thosd whose loyalty to countrr knows no vantblenesB neither shadow, of turn.'jip .only those things have become TKorth while that are necessary to be tSftne or necessary that we give up. ^hile sorrow. ;and .. regret ...wi^ll still n^ngle with .the pride we. feel over tfii departare bf'bur young'men' to the Staining camps and Over There, we have,- in a measure, become reconcile! to our surrender jis one of the requisites to maintaining the honor 3 ixir country a»d.insuring its future-safety .'"While the loss of life or the ^permantnt - maiming of our loved dues will Jring poigcaut grief, we areiXaCQUiring that frame of mind that will, presently make .these saddening ^u't inevitable incidents of war appear^in- a certain sense,' as commonplace, 'iiot because we hav« lost anything optender-heartedness or that we are without sincere and.lasting_Te- gret for^ the loss we suffer, but because itf have come to regard in somjl form and service in .many, forms as among,the'.stern: B of war.i: . . . . A SOCIALIST FOE I.ABOB. , CLAN STOE RAG Innovation to Be introduced at An; · nanl StruWc Kennlon. . The Struble reunion 17111 be held at finetahd Grove, adjoining the Stru- iie farms near Hermnie, on July 4th. All relatives and descendants of Israel,and. Margaret-'Greenav,alt Struble .are invited to 'attend and' bring any friends. All -are welcome,' * The reunion was not held last year on account of war.conditions, biit it. is aoped ali rat Uiis Howard Struble, and a great-grandson,Paul Highberger, ire in the service.' A serrice flag will be unfurled July 4 as a tribute to the boys in service. -· · . President. Arch 'Struble, S37 Rebecca avenue, "Wllkinsburg, and tho . sccretarj". Mrs. Bra Smith of Young- the:Rr Industries Board. - The'U-oofl. ask all having" relatives in the 3»bor administrator will also.preside.'service to notify them. '-OIK · Policies .Board of the War . -- __-- jX*b« Administration.' i fflin to Patronise. ·'.' It to well-understood iat Adminis-1 Those,wao advertise, in The Daily ytnttor Pninkliirter. is a Socialist and (Courier. . , . .. . .. fc As a CPIB the aepointments. by . ident Tlfflson OI - thDse rinuuedjately' f^ under hrhi' of mtB fo" responsible, pbsi- fc" tions liE the .various . wu. : activity. f; ; boards, -administrations and commis- · sions ,h»ve caused; satisfaotion and a !'.. growingjoonnilencejn ths policy of {;·' the admJnjstraUon · to select none but I',-, competent; and, weiixaBaliiied meu for *-'. these iroportani' places. With a few £;' exceptions', broadgauged, experienced £;": men wilS 'sound views u;Kn subjects! ;X in general,'and'.tl3e problems of their {.'·. field in particular, nave been select- ! £-."·_ ed. ThMriost notable e-Tceptioir is ta'e f. ' choice of' Felix Frankf uiter. a Har^ . vard lawJ professor, as Administrator |j. of War labor Activities-, to have', conr! iv..trol of tife; labor activities of all gov- fi erntnenial :depar^nieBts including the fe Industrial ."secaons" of tie "War and Departments, ,th2 Shipping the ^Department cf Agriculture the country announced that a man appointed labor administrator .-Who' would bo acceptable to .the Socialists,' and .furthermore, that his appointment would: come., as a shock iS.'tb.'e~ employing interests. This paper verified its prediction after the otQcial announcement was made and reiterated its belief'that the appointment would be a shock to employers. The statement in the Socialist paper has nothing to do with the case, of course, but it indicates the enthusiasm which the new appointment excites in Socialist circles. "The time has not arrived for the dictation of a labor policy in this country by the Socialists, or by any o"her class that has not stoofl lour four square on all measures designed to prepare for and prosecute the war to a victorious conclusion as quickly as possible. '. ' . .-..Tha. appointment of Frankfurter as labor administrator,'or any other person, holding Socialistic views does not mean the 1 'immediate adoption' of a Strciahsr.-prbgram. ,-The fact-must'be bbrn' mind, however,' that this ap- pointin'ent,' and several, others having to do with the. government's labor problems, emphasizes the fact that the labor policy of the government is being directed by men -who are avowedly .Socialistic in their views and theories and some even extremely aggressive in their application o£ them. · . . , s e n t e n c e s o f - 25 years to servo at Fort Leavonworth the conscientious objectors wjU have ample time to overcome some of their objections. Our school students have shown their.ability to pen war saving stamp slogans anil .posters no less than tlieir ability to save pennies for the stamps. ^ -No -w.ontler the H u n s , arc pushing hard for an early decision. Word has evidentlj- reached them t h a t the members ot the 110th Hefflmeat are On Their Way, and they know where and why they are going. , .There is doubt even among the fishermen a? to whether the delay of two weeks in,the .opening of the bass season Is intended to add the extra 1 inch to the minimum length oC the fl*h in -reality..or to .the maximum length 'n fiction. · -.-Glad' as they will be to forefather in CoqnoJisvIlle, nothing- Ay-ould please ·6ho veterans of the old Fiphtlnsr Tenth more than to hold their next reunion somewhere In the thick ot th-e fray Over There. WANTED -- YOUR business. RENDINE'S. BAEEEBINO tf WANTED -- CHAMBERMAID AT Baltimore House. lOjuneSt WANTED--BOY TO WOUK B.V d r u g store. J. C. MOORE, l l j u i i o t f · -WAX-FED--XICE CLEAN KAGS. Will pay 7c per pound. THE COURIER CO. . Sjunetf WANTED--HAXUr MAX POH CO.V- H t r u c t i o n work. The Foundation Co., West Penn Power House. l l j u n e G t . WANTED--BOARDERS. N E A R B. . O-, in South Connellsville. Address "Boarder," the Couriur.. iojuneSt* WANTED--GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. Call at 111 West Washington a v e n u e or on Tri-State 532. SJunett · Notice. Vui J CA(jiilNGT~TIRB. TUBE AND baby cabs retired. 311 South Jittsburfc- street. Tri-State 180. (ijune6t» "ESTATE OP I. E.:'Q. MILLER, DE- ccased. Letters tcstumentary in the estate of I. E. G. Miller, late of South Connellsville. Fayette county, Pennsylvania, deceased, h a v i n g beer. f,-r:int- etl tiie undersigned, notice Is hereby (Tiven to ail persons indebted to said estate to make immediate p a y m e n t , and to those having claims against tlie same to prusont them properly authenticated for settlement. J. I K. JtKX- N13K Administrator ·(:tlne6t-tued WANTED ~ BOYS AND GIRLS over 1C years of auru; Ciena, pleasant work. Carfare paid. CONXEL.I*SVILLE SILK UIL. . -TJunotf "WANTED--^LuVBOIlEKS. PAY GOOD wages. Also quarry men for con tract, work. Apply AMERICAN MANGANESE CO.. Dunbar, Pa. I j u n f t l Z t WANTED--REklAB^K MAN FOU 'position as salesman. Call on store trade. Hcference' roq uired. A cldress Salesman, care Courier. J O j u n G t * ' WANTED--TOtTNG MAX TO W-ERK in hardware store. Good o p p o r t u n i t y to leara the business. Address HAKD WIATCE, caro The Courier. Connelly- villo. Sjunetf Executor*' "olJ*s ESTATE OP F U A N K J YOUNKIN. Oecii:uHeO. TjeHcrs testamentary In ttie caVivio of Frank Y o u n k l n , late of Bull- skin township. Paycetc coutuy, Penri- sylvitnla, tleceLvyed. iuLVintr !)e«.'ii graiU- fd the uucters'tened .notice is hereby frlvftn to al3 persons imtebttMl 10 said e.-tate to make immediate pnyment. itnd to those; having claims u p a i n K t the same to present them properly authenticated for settlement. CHA.RI..RS DKTWII.T-IH. K. D. p C o n n o l l s v r i e , Pa.. DICK SHliRRIOK. CrmueHs-vffie, Pet. Executors. F. E. YOL'NKIN', Attorney. 23maySt-lues AA WANTED--OLD FALSE TKETH. Don't matter if "broken. 1 pay J2.00 to $15.00 per sou Sons', by parcel post and receive check by return mall. L. MAZER, 2007 South Fifth street, Philadelphia. Pa. 2jiine2£t "WANTEt)--LABORERS, ASH H A N D - lers. helpers. · mechanics, llremen. Stcsady \vork. Laborers,- 3Si^ cents; firemen, 47 cents per hour, other work paJd in proportion. Apply in person at the WEST PENN POWER PLANT, ConnellsvfUc, Pa, IjunelOt FOR RlvNT--FURNISHED ROOM I N private f a m i l y ; 52 per week. 311 N. CotttijTe-ave. l O j u n e H L FOR RENT--FTVE KOOM itODERN house. East Crawford at-enut. 1 . Call Bell 137 fine 1. SjuneSt FOR RENT--FURNISHED ROOMS for Hprht housekeeping'. 113 South Sixth street. "West Side. SjuneSteod FOR RKNT--t'CHNlSHED FRONT bedroom. 255 K. Fairvlew avenue. lljuncSt It's no longer, "Tell it to tho marines." Now it's let the marines tcl! it to the Huns, and they are. By Ma*on. ; KEEPING Df TBDI. Tfrwa expect to do oar bit. vre must be surfr. Y VVre v -feelme fit. The years ahead Irtokl pretty. fl«rce, so. lar as oar weak ·eyos~can pUrce. We'll have to strain our every nerve, if we aspire to help and serve, if we ·would aid our boys to shoot the horrid Hun, th-e -tiresome Tftut, So 1 itV unwise- to- say. "Oh, chee, there's no -vacation billed for me! I'll have to work and break my neck, and spoil suspenders by the peck, that I may earn aonifi srood long green, and queer a German submarine." Far bet-, ter to forg-et the war, and all the btKins we're strufijrlinf? for, a Tfeek or two, ·when summer's here and breathe the mountain atmosphere, exploring woods and crystal caves, or loafing 1 by -the sad sea waves. We will not w i n the wr, S wot, it we're all jaded, tired and hot; we have to keep ourselves In stiape. It we would hand the kaiser, crape. I'm groin?? fishing pretty snon, along 1 ·when things warm up, in Juno; and doubtless folks will say, "Gee whiz! A hard and calloused soul Is his! "Whilg^we stay here to earn the mon,. with whleh -we hopo to s-poll the Hun, wit He we stay here to sweat and cook, he goes a-Qehing' in the brook!" Bnt'TU come back all full of pep. with sprlne and., visor in my rtey f and cut more frra»s in halt a* day than, they'll pat np while I'm. away. Edgar A. Gneet. SAID THE irOUKXAX TO THE ' " SOLDLEB. Said the workman to the soldier as his ship put out to sea; "WJiHe ycoi're-over · there for freedom you can safely bank on me[ I'll be Juat aa brave as you are, in ' safer sort at way. And I'll keep .production g-olng: every minute of the day." Said tli'e soldier to the workman aa the ship put out to sea: · "I'll be true to you. my brother, If, you;il just he true to me! "New we've sot" to work together, it's my job to bear a gun, But it's yours to keep on tolling- if we're ffoinu to lick th« Hun." Said the "workman" to the soldier: "I wJU back you to the last, ,No-nure strikes for .hipher "wa^es till .the.danj;oi* time is passed!" Said rthe-soiciier to ttie-workman: "I'm /or you and you're for-me. Now we-understand oach other, let the "ship put-oat to sea.' (Copyright 1913 by Edgur A. Guest.) FOR IfENT -- A DKSIRABLE three-room a p a r t m e n t w i t h hath. Inquire PLORE.VCK SMLTZ. l l j u n c t r FOR RE.VT --. STORE^'.OOMS. JN'- uire FLORENCE SMUTZ. lljunctia FOR REXT -- TWO FUK.VISHE1* roonia for lisrhi houseketiiJing 1 . 1Q11 Sycamore street. l l j u n e l t * FOR RENT---THREE OR FOUR room flat, furnished or ·unfurnished. Also one furnished flat for Kcntlc-man. 115 South Cottage. J l j u n e i f c l FAST OU RECK- lensi d r i v i n g of horaon or vehicles u,nd ot hlunillnK or parking wagons, carl;*. buKgiew. autoinobllcs or any oiUer ve- h i c l e or vehicles upon c e r t u i n of tli-i stre«ts of the Borouirh of .Durrbfir. Fay- ctte County, P c n n s y t v a n i a . rind provid' ii\K p m i a i t l c s fur violtition of ititj ynm«. a n d trovid!ny for the .collection Lhnrcijt: Be it ordained antl enacted by the Tii-wn Council of ttiu U o r o u ^ h of D u n bur. Piiyette County. i'eiiMHyvjuiiii, antl It is hereby ordained and ennctud by the · a u t h o r i t y of t h e Ha t u n ; ^ectlon I. " That it shall ho u n l a w f u l for any perKori or peryoti« to ride or d r i v e anj' hcrse or horses, or any a u t o mobile the vehicle in any of i h u streets, roads, bridges, altuyts or thoroughfares of smid Borough in a fast or reckless- manner, or so as to endanger th« safety of persons on t-aUl strcyts; Section 2. That it fha-U be u n l a w f u l for any person or ^L-rsons to stand any .wagron or wasmiH, cart or carte, btifirpy or bug-grie.i, aut.vmobilf or aiuo- mnbilcs or anj- otliur v e h f r l e or t o hitch any horso or Jiorscs, upon any of the following described slroetB or highways in saSd Borouprh over ftftoor (15) minutes; On C o n n e l l s v l l l o street from its in-terscction with the s o u t h - ern limits of said borouph to rhe top of the iitll m-ar the Iiavkl Byers property ; From the Intersection of Cliurtih street witli ConnoUnvIJle .street at tin; Centra! Hoto) to i h n Victor BuiJdlng-; a n d - on Wood vale street f r o m its inter- j section with Connellsvilte street to th» ! top of the hill near the new brick school house; Section 3. Any person or persons v i o l a t i n g any of the provision* of t h i s j Ordinance shall pay a f t n o tff not less I (Han one (SI) dollar nor moro than i three ($3) dt]].ir» for fach ')ff*, the I same to UB collected as other flnes are ; cnllectcd by law. Ordained and enacted I n t o law this 7th day of May, 151$. by the Town Council of the Borough of Dunbar. ATTEST : ar. j. STEWART. Presicien't of Council. GKORGE E, if.iUTI.V, Secretary of Council. Approved this G t h dav nf J u n e 1918. ATjKX Tt. UCNCAS, Chief FOR RENT--FURNISHED ROOMS and two rooms for lig-ht housekeeplnpr. Address "C," the Courier. 10i'une2t" Sate. FOP. SALE--11ESTAURANT. WEllB 14 Bridge sU ScottdaU. lljuneSt- Classified Ads. | One Cent a Word. | ·*®^3$®S3®£^ FOR SALE--ONE AND THREK- - fourtli ton tru«k. 504 Xorth Pitts- j j i bare street. 8june6t- FOR SALE -- ADVERTISEMENTS under this head. They are effective and cheap. FOR SAX.E--ONE SPRING FOR A 2- ton Republic Truck, Will sell cheap to quick buyer. See G. B. CO'WGIL.L. 106 S. Fourth street, "W. S. lljune-H* KAU 11KADS. \Vhj- l )e Save tb# hair. U«e Vornt*H Ilald IlonU llnlr Grower, tbe only rcniedr Cor rc- mjtttt. Price VI.(tO, po*t»src [Mild. Illltr Forwt, -MtortdaJe^ tr-'nt, Semtdjtle, Pa. The meat business of the country is conducted by various agencies-By small slaughter-houses in villages-By local Abattoirs or small Packing Houses in towns-- both Using only a part of the local live stock supply and Furnishing only a part of the local demand for meat These slaughtering and distributing agencies fill a well denned but necessarily restricted place in the distribution of the products of live stock. But only packers like Swift Company, organized on a national scale, are able to undertake the service that is' more vitally important, involving An Obligation to the Producer To purchase for spot cash all the live stock the producer may send to market for slaughter. An Obligation to the Consumer To make available to every consumer, everywhere, in season and out, the full supply and variety of meat products, of the highest standard that the market affords. Year Book of interesting and instructive facts sent on request. Address Swift Company, Union Stock Yards, Chicago, Illinois Swift Company, U. S. A. FOR SALTS--1 MAXWELL KOAD- ater, $50; I Overland 5-Passensnr Car. 1425. KEYSTONE AUTO REPAIR, 611 "VV. Crawford. Bell pb. 358-R. FOR SALE--UP-TO-DATE BARBT5R shop. Best location In Vender bilt. Bargain to quick buyer. Cash. 5185 Reason for aclling. I n t e n d to enlist. Call botn phones. ROBERT LIN'S V a n d e r b U t ' H o t a l . lOjunoGt' FOR SALE--BABY CHICKS; WTLL deliver in Connellsville Juno ll£h and 12th. Can be seen at West Pcnn Waiting; Room after 5 P. M. each evening, or call 1800 LTniontawn.. Either phone. Iljune2t(3 FOR SALE--ABOTJT 25 ACRES OK ribs and stumps, in easy hauling- distance from Connellsville. Good cus- tom'proposition. Price riffht to quick purchaser. Inquire at LTwTON NATIONAL BANK. VjuneSt FOR SALE--SPECIAL FOR TH3S week only--second-hand carpets $4 '.ip. Linoleum, Itcfrigerators, Reed Bug- pies. Hot nate, Beds, Curtains and Blinds, Matting. ConneHsvllle New and Second Hand Furniture Co. lljuneSt LOST -- BUNCH OF KEYS AT postoffice Thursday, 6th. Reward Jf returned to 510 B. Green street. 10June2t« Burning Carbon One ol the moat powerful things, Will clean your engine better than scraping. Save time and money. We are ready for all repairs, welding aaid brazing, Mutual Garage 615 West Crawford Areane, MOTOR TRUCK anil WACOM*. ·IOVLVO AAD HOISTISQ PUJVOS A gPaCIALTY, Oflcc in C. Grepa AJi«7, Offtt- ·140 P. B, ft. T*f*t. Botb fhoB the relatives, will bo, year. One grandson, In White, Grey, Field Mouse, Brown and Black. The woman -who demands a perfect fit, who insists on the newest and best styles, who desires QUALITY FOOTWEAR will do well in coming to us. We please you. We save^you money. .TOST A TRIAI And You Will Agree That It Is THE BEST COFFEE You Ever Tasted. Packed in lib. and 3ft. tins. Buy It in the Big Handy Can--5 Its. tor $1.00. Aslc Tour Grocer. WESTJtOHJELAXD UROCEKX CO, Distributors, COOKED UKE AT HOME. Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure. ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CLUB BRBAFAST AND SUNDAY DINNER, "Our Pastries Are Delicious Because They Are Homemade." NEXT DOOR TO WEST PENN WAITING ROOM. The snmmer season calls for special shoe styles, and you will find in our shoe" departments just now what you are looking for not only special summer styles, but special shoe bargains. They are really amazing, the novelties in women's and misses' shoe styles, high top shoes in the various popular colors, numerous new lasts in oxfords, white and all the fancy colors, and remember we have black shoes also and there are many people who will not have any other kind. There is a great array of special shoe novelties lor children, it is needless to describe them here, the stock in our shoe departments is enough, and should be inducement enough for you to visit us when you want good shoes. 6$ laree Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. a ? C? ,GP T TTP'V- If ,, J. B. JiU.Ki.3, ·5 i t O ' l A R V PU8L.iC 2 AND SEAL ESTATE. (3 Mo. d South Meadow Lana ?i Connallnvlllu Pa. J. C. -Moore, DruergtHt. W a t e r St.. Conne]Jsvi"e. .Pa. Prescription for c E e ni a i"' 0 ^." S natr ' the standard slrin retnerfy--a f "Miid need extenwOy-inttant reliei from itch! the roildcat of c)cantera -- keeps n * a y B c . n i u i « i U y . t! in and u£lc lu About LoU^ PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS

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