The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 11, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1918
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE UAJJL.Y COURIER, CONNELLSVlLdLE, PA. TUESDAY, JTN13 11, lit-v. George E. I-iK ·J:o L^p M c h u r c h c 1 ·::·:., oftk'iuud at the dati^hicr, H t U n aurl c'iareoct- L*. Hoop .M:'a. John Hoop oE i line, pastor of i\cck-. Her conditions is improved. Souui Bond, We've got tliem (o suit your purse, j .lurnngo of his WhaL? Shoo*. "Brownel! s.--Adv.-ll- It. Knterlmc, It. sou of Mr. aud I... AV. Urown of the \Vright-MtM'/- fc'iginh btreet, · lor company, has retivncd home from spent two 5 boEemni'.ed jester Jay Orange, X. J., \rheic lu jiMrnijig at 10 oVIoek in the home o f , days at the phonoqi iph Uie parents of the b 'iile ia Couage. department of iho I-Mison laborato- · Grovo avenue. The wtUiinsj wan very ries and th remainder H the wec-k ; auiet, only toe imrncd.ato members of t at the conu-ntion of the I'd.son deal- are bucie'a family wU'jOS.-ms the cere- 5 or**. hUd at Ui» Waldorf A=toria. Now . .many. Tl.c bride is known m Con-' York. On Friday nistit a large banquet was given for the visitors. Wanted--AH the Methodists, men, i ·vromcjv and children, to hear Ifae ;e,r having rcs.dcd here wlwn ".. H£t lather \*as secretory-Of Lhd Con, iieUsviTlcr Y. M. C. A. For ike past '-'five years she-has lai.glit school, be- Sweet Family.--Adv.-11-lt. -lag a leactier in the -.cbools of -Mas-] Come in and see the good values we sillon, 0., previous to hei marriage.' The bridcsrpota has r 'Sided here vir-. tually aH bos h/ir ant is _videly and favorably -kijown. He was- graduated ironi the. .Qtct New Hat en high school., are offering. Brownell's.--Adv.-11-lt. Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Pearson will , leave tomorrow for New York to visit, their son, Walter Pearson. j Women's black and brown leather The Kind You Hare Al\vnys Bought has borne the signature of Chus. H. Flotclier, and bus been made under his personal supervision tor over -iO ,v»ars. Allow no one to deceive you in this, (,'oiuiterfeiti), Imitations and **Just-as-Roor* ;irc but experiments, auL endan^or the! licaltU of Children--.Experience against .Experiment. WhatSsCASTORIA' ' Castoria is a harmless substitute foi- Castor Oil, I'urn- "orie, Drops ami Sootliiiifr S.M'ups. It; contitins neither Oiiium. Morphine nor nthcr u;ircoti: substance. l'"or more th;ui thirty years it has been in constant use for the relief of L'oiitijmtiojn, Flatulency, Wind Colic and IMurrhoea; allaying arising tlicrpfrom, and 1y rrjnUittini; the Stomach and ISowcU, aids Uin assimilation of Food; privinjr healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea.--The Mother's Friend, Th© Kind You Have Always t Bears the Signature of B3-T3 CT'JTS?-, Jffi C^Hllt ignal for the most 7 ri aierchan- $ This Event will be the disc movement in the annals of local retailing. Our anequaled power and our irresistible offerings will do it. That "Wersde-- Sale" in j! June will make history. The prudent buyer will not miss this cppor- jl tunity. ;~ For the past s:x yca:s he has been j oxfords, with high or Ion- heels, S-I.15. chief dork in the frei.Mt office of the Brovrncll's.--Aclv.-ll-n. Pittsburg Lake I-rle railtond at Women's white shoes, oxfords and Homestead. Mr. Hoop and hride left pump», 52.05. Brownell's.--Adv.-11-lt. yesterday for a weddi ig trip to east- j ^^^r^r^'PAGEANI COSTUMES H M ! - - - - - - - - furnished resilience al Muuha'll', fa. ' UillltKiUil KlIPI BUI - - . '.".'_ , ETerj-lning in I'nr Cliisi Miss. Grace will- entertain -""' Performance Friday. the .T.'C."T. Fancywork club. Friday Costumes, probably the most eiab- eveuittg, Jiinc^t,_a;_lir home 1 at Ad- · orate p \ e r used m high school class elaide. ~~T " - - -· · day exercise?, for the "Pageant of i prytnius mcc^ . ~ -- Liberty" Friday nighl. have arrived. . The session, bt ~thf Filst Fresby- , XSe class, iiay program, in v,hica teriai" church'-w.ll ir.eei Wednesday ', over 60 students lake pait. is one of connect,on 1S of TM"' S- 1UTI1 »»- MK France and America m the Revolu- Aanouncement has been made of · tionarj;. (lays anil ihe present relations the marriage of Hiss Delia Hadden of.llie tivo countries. Henshaw, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. The class day exercises had been \V". Henshaw of Xonh Union township, scheduled for Saturday night, bul on and Lieutenant James Gregg, son of request of a number of students! Congressman Curtis H. Gregg of. whose parents would not be able t o j n ( u l i Gi-«ensburg, soienmizel in the West- attend on [hat evening, the date was, minster- pfesbyterjan church of \V,tsh- changed to Friday.. The performance ington,, "D. C'." Rev. T. E. Davis ot- wl 'l begin at 8.30 o'clock. The exercises are free, but students arc given reserved scat tick::s, which arc good thrown Use For @ves° 3© Years THE CENTIOH COMFiHV, HtWVOR.t Cm. DESCRIBES H!S EXPERIENCES Continued from Pnce One. Thcro ib to IIP a club built here. "Well w rKo Lo me soon and don't worry about me as I am the' bt si of InaUh.. 103rd Field Sisuj.1 C o r p s , has a r r i v e d 1 safely overbeas, acem cling to a card | received by Mrs. TVaHon, \vtio b e f o r e ' I her marriage was .Miss Elsie JJurk- [ 1 holder. Mrs. Walton is in th_ guv- \ ] ernnient service in W.c-hing:oii, D. C. «veiling at'the- close of the regular, the best that has ever grayer service. - · - ' i*cre. Ii sl'.ows tiic- co OX Fl'JlLOL'GH. Cecil Smith, son or K- C. StmUi of Dunbiir, is home on a furlough. He is at pnseni btatioaed aL Norfolk nnvy yarn. S K Hi i K,\ NT SI, A l'{; IIKN VU IT K ' VKLIS oi- .Mrb. H. Slaug!H'nv,lniu has i e u e i \ e f l f | a caid f r o m hci .s(i;: t P'irsi Sergeant R a m i a l l Sla'.:ghenu hit,- of Company I, ;UO'li i n f a n t r y , a u u o u n c i n g his safe a r r i v a l oversea.-'. ficiated. Lieutenant Gregg, who is stationed at Camp Wtdswonh, S. C., was granted a -IS he IT leave from . camp and left for Washington. Mrs. Gregg will remain wi'h her husband until he leaves for du'y overseas. TKKATKU i:V F U K X P l l ^i i s. J. W. Easton recoi\ ed a letter from her son, Co"pc,ra Easton of Company D. J l O t I I V A N S L h A V L T O R A U M V CAMP .lamps ,i. R i l a n d and L'cl^ar Aden nvnns l e a v . t o n i g h t for Cair.p Joseph L. Johnston. J a c k s o n v i l l e Fla.. u h e i « ' t h p y telling; of Ins safe a r r i v a l ovei- , ,. ,,- i im'.i w J I report in the n u a r t e r m a - .IOfi(,-fnl » · i . , i p ._ ter a corps, having cms^d lasL voek, , " ' Hi land w.H ho a sienr^rapher. Th(. ' rfservod qrat tinl: ·*- w h ' f h a r ^ ennrl mc'H, t o l l i n g , oi i n s s;t:o u r i l \ a O \ G I - I rts.ej\(.a srat IICK..O, w n . c n d i t goou , ^ .. y o u n t ; man luis i.pcn oinploved at the until S.l.i. when t i e doors are thrown -- c a - He ^r.los- thai t, r ljos a,e «i»l ( - B^rrn^^ Ohio rail- open to the nublic On Satu"dav afi ' w °*' a u c ^ l -' at l ' lf ' rronrh people t r e a t ' ' ' crnoon the pageant .»,11 be repeated ] them royally. TUey ar, wiu-tort at ^J^X^^^m-aor '° '''' PCr " . ij^fQi n^ T «,T C n ti,^. '^n.-., ,.^,^.. n m i H u i i . .11. ji. .iriMiq.iLui . Miss Nellie Rupert entertain for the bcnc-flt of s ndcats. The class play rehearsals are winding up for the aPpearaRce on Monday Hotel Dc Louse, the letlei b!ate 5 . V Jl I ihe Philip Freeman chapter of the night. Students repor Daughters of the American Hevolu- Hckcis. which may be tion -at her home -at -Mount Pleasant n ' n S Friday. Friday afternoon. Th,- members will this morning and \vec attributed to leave this city on the '..30 West Penn , 'he students. car. Business of a. routine nature was transacted at the regular meeting of the T. J._ Hooper tib e class of the First-Presycerian church held last ingot- in the" VSapel ot the church. There-will- be no meeiiags in July and s !" 0; , a "ancteouiely FolLowing the business ·-* ° clock lmche °a ' ! » - good .sale of i .1 jn 11.3 OF A l l K I V A f , ·served bc^in-1 - v!r - an1 1Ir5 - Jll :hau) .Mfhallick ol Invitations also'am"vcd, LeiscDrin S No - '· llaw ' "·=''" ^ ;1 'card from their *on. Stepiiei 1 . Mdnil- lick, announcing his safe a r r h a l over- be-^b. ^ehallick p.mong the first j o£ the draftees to 50 into trainii.L; :it I Camp I.ce. \Vhile ilu're he under- l \vent a sncres?ful opcj'ation at a base ' hospital, and in February was grant! cd a furlough, -which he spent at hi.-: honu: LUNCHEON AT SUMMIT l V I M , f \ J I It.HtTlUV WHITES I!!: T . I K K S IT IN niA.NCi: A card has bica receisert from William Man ray "t :ho l l O l h fios:ment Hospital Corps by li parents, nn- noitncni!? hi- Mifo arrival in Prance. "Bill" sayrf fie enjoyed the trip over i and hkrs the en n t t . j sion r6fr.eshnjQn give a di "Summit. serred. Mrs. J. I 1 . ISreuniMi of ScnlMale. En- lerlaiiis for l.nesLs. Mrs. J. p. Brenner, of Scottdale, appointrcl otic afternoon at the Summit in iionor of -Miss .Margaret ' Gleason of Savannah. Ga., and Miss RAY Mrs. H. C. COMPANV 1) HOY. Wjlholni of Di'-kfrso · l-'Kims ; TO T H K I R PUIF.STS 1111! M--t. I). I). Kretta ha\e r--- - n r d ranis ironi their ;i ar.-i riiarlos, telling of 1 in Krnnce. Boll, are ' 3 r ' rfl ' V{irl i h e t r 'Mildred McNallv of Pittsburs. house! 11 ' 1 " Iias received a c a r d from Riiy ~ » -- ' '" TO !UT LMFORflS, The regular meeting of the V. V. V. club will be held this evening £.t the home o£ Mrs. S. L. FUtchet, the pre- ceptress. All member, are requested to attend. Plans for a camping trip In August will be made thur Dyrne and Mrs. John T. Wurtz of Scottriale, Covers were laid for France forty, the gntst.s including members HOTli IJOV.S .S!'KT) of the- youngrr social set. : S K V i : R \l. 1) VVS !X K'(il. VND. ; mountain laurel formed the attrac- Mr- 1 -. D- K. D!lworth of Kat Wa-h- Jive decorations. Conncllsnlle guests mgion a o n u e , ha? riti.vnl a ieuc.' V-ere: Miss Genovievi' Soisson, Miss ' from her son, L'.cutonai.t Monu-'imcry ' Aneno Soisbon, Miss Ann Donnelly, ' Dilwo: Ui, of Company J). Uinh I 1 ;- i?a!ion, which i 1 ; cciiiiuar.cied by Far- p '.Miss Adrienne SoiRSon. Mrs. .James B. i fantry. v.-ritl'Mi aL Franco ou M:iy IS. bet- Uaum. v.-ho ? K-ot'ediitl C y u s Cru! Stader ar.d -Mrs. \Vest Wiley. Other · He sa\.-, that t!u t r i p n c i o s s tin 1 At- haugh w h - n the pronarcd to en- John Swigart of Dunhar is visiting guests , vpre f rom rr.iontown, Pitts- '· lantic was cn-iishtful. Ilia: all the t r r an officer-i' -i ;Jn;iig school. Hanson Home (iuiinl'. Plan FevtiTal i In liaise ijio Money. j 'i:npany B oC UK- Horn* 1 Guarila aL ^ Danso;, -A.II hold a fc.siha! on the old m i l l lot in Main siri'i't on i^iuiinlLiy evcnini'. .turo '5. to iaue fuudb for | thr purch'bc- nf nni'onns. Tlicre aro 17 m"nll)ir of tue o.-gan- PERSONAL. E. at the home of Mr. Lnd Mrs. C. Wilson in "West Green street. j Our pre-iaventory 3-le otien tonay. Br'ownell's,--Adv.-U-lt buvg. Gree.nsburg and .Seottdale. Fpstival al Rnnljiir. Tae Ladies 'Aid Society Mrs. Redding Bunting aad daugh- John . 3 ia tho wilderness Episcopal 1 tery. Saline, of have re- . cburch at D^nbar, will hold a festival turned aome after a visit with the | Saturnay evening. June 15th, in the 1 boys are uell. and t h a t ih^y - .vcre · provld*4 w i t h m a n y good " t h i . i g T to j eat. The regiment spent scvf-rn.1 days S i . ' i n England, then l e a i i n g for Prance. | LDlTDi T/KPLEY AXO-W THC ( . u . __ _ . _ ! ,SAFK A U U I V A I , S OVKllSl'.AS former's parent;-, Mr. and Mrs. -Har- | parish bouse. In connection with the' w »«l n!ls bocn receiicd by Mr. aud mon Hay o£ Tenth street. "West Side. : fesUval a parcel pos , s:ile for the |llrs. Solomon Leplty, West Side, oi .·benefit of the Dnnbar branch of theUhe Eal0 arrival oierseas of their son TTfie best place to hhop after all. , fher J.OOO WnajMins Taken. The State Game t'ummiss.ou. witb the cuopointion of the Siale Qonstabu- larj and gaiie wardens ,ha, taken over 1,0'lti jruns and revolvers from urinaturalized alkns in the slate. They range in typo from flint-locks to mod- ^ ern rifles. Brownell Shoe, Co.--Adr: " rMr,"and Mrs. Edward Carroll,and ;" ba"by 'arrived home today ,'Erom Sau Aotonio. Tex.," where they " visited ," ' llrsi-Carroll's brother, First Sergeant -i Jobn Ranker. -' . : . . " " ;i ' Tf .tjncle Sam is not furnishing you -- ' -with'that"new spring suit you had better let me mafce you oie. Dave Coh- eDj ^ailor.--Adv. ' - Mayor John Duggan is in Pittsburg today on business.. Shoes are not so high in price, it's just a. ms.tter of where you buy them. Attend our sale and sa\e. Brownell's. --Adv.-11-lt. itiss Rae Elleard of L'niontown was the guest of her grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. M.ison of South ·Arch street, yesterday. Send the Daily Courier to your boy In the army. Call at the Courier of. Bee and leave his address. Rate 50= . per month.--Ady. Mrs."Owen"Meegan"end baby have! returned to their home in Uniontown , after spending ten days, with the for- ' mer's sister, Mrs:' James- Murphy,' \ Red 'Cross will be held. All are i vited. ' 11 IJ - I'fPiey, «ho is a member at (b*e 31-jth Machine Gun Battalion. Ten-1'OQO.l Jteuffhttr. . UKUTKJfAJiT BROOKS Mr. and Mrs. James Moon, who are.I · - IS TRA-V.SFKURV.I). boarding at the Dawson House, a - a j Lieutenant Don D. Brooks, who l.a» the parents of a ten-pound baby girl.' The stork made its first visit to this couple on Monday morning, Mr. Moon, has been located here now about, a year. He has charge of the work of the raising of the Dawson bridge. Mr-. lniTsoii Vcrj Loir. | Mrs. C. ?. Dawson. u i f c of the cap- 1 la'n of i h e Salvation Army in Con-' nellsviile ,is m a rrit cat condition at the McGee hnspit; 1 .!. IVtsHirg, t'ollow- DRTVSOU Soldier Transferred. "W. H. Rush of Dawson, who hos been stationed at Fort Meyer, Va., has been transferred to Racme, Wis., to receive army instruction, according to a telegram received last night'i night by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Rush. The young soldier ex-| pects to leave., soon for "over there." been stationed at Camp Meadu, An-! ln S a" operation yesterday. It was napolis Junction, Md., has been trans-| bclitv '' cl tc ' !a5 ' hl!I rl ' iuh is imminent. feired to a mobilization base hosii'tat near Atlanta, Ga. Accompanied by Mrs. Brooks and baby, who have been at Camp Meade for the past several WnrkiiiR IVJtli «'est Venn. Miss Cla'-a Adam? has taken a po.-i- tinn in the 1 ; department at Uic days, he arrived home Saturday night \Vcst Penn offices here. to spend a furlough, which expires on Wednebday. Try our classified advertisements. UKAJiS FBO-tt CO IIS ELL SAXT3JSER. j jl ntmyer, u'ho is with the ; ^_ Home on Fnrlnng-Ii. Major L. J. C. Bailey of Greensburg, and a brother of Lieutenant W. J. Bailey, is spending a few days fur- Murgjiy is "getting along nicely. ; Seg; oui^advertiseine'it on pag;e 6. lough at his Allentown. home. Jl Bailey is Cut Coal to Anto -= ~ F The Fne,l Administration has an- u ui uuiMjB^port, j nounce( , that "the supply, of coal to s\i e, is -usiting, t]Je maiiu facturers of passenger auto- !T SOn-ln-laW allU .,,,,,?!,,,, ,r-;Tl Krt ^a^tl^ml t!^ ^nl- nnnt a-ot he r. and Mrs. J. L. Evans in . u bfi reduc(;d K F Lincoln avCTtue;.- She was called here D J" tlwHllttH^-jof- her granddaughter, Miss .-Elizabeth 1 Evans, who has been confitictt"to iicr^bcd for the past three { I beginning August 1. [WHEAT FOODS When I can have POSTTOASTIES ·BiWc Class Meeting. The"Ladies Adult Bible' Class of ! tbe Methodist Protestant Church at i Dllnbar will meet this evening at iMrs. Edward Critchfleld's. Ail mem- CARD CO.TTKS r'HOjr j bers are requested to be.present. Cornell San Supply company of Uie 110th Regiment, writes his mother, Mrs. L. M. San-tin} er, of his safe arrival overseas. His sister, Mrs. C. A Port, is in receipt of a card written gn May IS, at Folkestone, England. The letter was written on May 20. joins' yjix John llaxwell, a well known a n d ! agtd resident of South Conne'.lsviile, ' died last night at 10 o'clock at the , home of his sou, Timothy Maxwell, in | j Gibbon avenue, following a brief ill- That "Wonder Sale" in June Ay an opening "Wuiiflf r Sule" f e a t u r e wo ~v.ii] fieil f\[)oni S\/.t Iliij-jH at ; i H i n n i l n n g I r u ]iri"0b. Nrnporham closc-v/ Brussels Hugs, ^i7.c i ^ I 2 -- ono of th" most durablr Rugs IVOVPI: in America and almost impossible to obtain--an extraordinary bargain at $21.50 Alexander Smith Sons Seamless 9x12 A x m i n s i p r Kugs. WP corridor i h i s or.e of Uir be«t Rugs offci's e v e r . Soiling price w i l l bo $-i^."iO. 0x12 Brussels Rugs, good patterns and coloring, "Wonder Sale" prices, $21.50. $2ri,GU, $27.50 and $^3.50. Bo/art Ilnffs, 6x9--$7.50. 27x54 Velvet Brusst-ls Jlugs, ?2.05. 27x54 Batli Room Hugs, £1.31). Corolla Grass Matting Rugs. si?.e -iVjxD. S3.00, Linoleums at Special Frtco.s **Wonder Sa't;* 1 in JUIIP. Best grade Inlaid Linoleums, $2.25 btjuare yard. Beat of Printed Linoleuuis, b u r l a p back. $2.00 square ynrd. Best grade of Knaniolcd Linoleums, big assor'.meaL o" paUorns at 51.00 square yard. That "'Wonder Sale" in June Dainty »TF Summer Dresses. We slartfd Uio "Wonder Sales" v/;Ui 1,000 Dresses and from the enthusiastic buying the first few days even, t h i s largr lot will not last iong. It is a w o n d e r f u l select on, cons) a iin^ of silk, cotton and l i n e n Drosses--every kind tli.u \vonien would wear ti inng t h e Summer. Dresses ior p r a c t i c a l purposes a.i woll as for better '.vcar are included--of Taffeta. Crepe de Chene. Japanese Ssifc Taffeta. Crepe Geor- gotre, Xet Voiles, Gingham and Organdies. V a r i e t y of styles too great, lor description, but aU tho best Summer stylo? aro i n c l u d e d . j'rices $0.35 up to That "Wonder Sale" in June A Truly ""Wonder Sale** 01 M'liitf Goods* The looms never tut not] out prettier or liner white goods thaa this year styles. Jf ou want anything US the way of ftn^ wl.iic goods you cannot aoffrd to ii'ip-i greut monoy-saving salo Compare Qualify fl itii Pric'. Lotig cloths, -uc. H J C and 45c yard. Numsnolis. 20o, J5c a n d 50 yard. N o \ o l t y Voiles, also p^un Voiles, 5*c, 59c up to S5c yard. 5,0'0 yards f a n c y White Goods .many pieces of d:f- lereni patterns .Ht 25c, 35c and 50c ard. 7, l "''0 yani'-' of W h i t e floods .many styles tt raaic jji icction from pnt eg 60c 3c and Jl.OO J h o yard. Lot of Colored \Vash .Maty/ial, fine ajid slieer ma- terialp. at SSc; real value 50c. Fancy Figured Voiles, "5c. 5ric and 75c yard. Shirt U'aist Linens. 30c. 7oc and ?l.f»0 die yard. Handkerchief Linen, "S inches v/ide. ^1 ^T tlu yard. L u n a L a w n , sheer md medium w eight, JG aad -10 niche.- w.'je, .""c and 'iOc yard. Now G i n K h a m ^ , 2!tc and SSn the yard. New Percales at 2'.)e and 33c yard. Colored Figured Orfrardies, just nc'.v, and on? nf ihe most dt'pirablo fabrics for summer dresses, .it 35c per j a r d 5.0MO yards of fine pla;n White niater'al, i n c l u d i n g Voile, Madras and I ^ a l i s t e .actual value GOc, Sale Prico IfJc yard. Hon^ekcviiinic Linens in (ireat Tarioly at Special Lovf Trices for Thai "H under Sale" in June. That "won ier Salr" n arks y ieriod of unequaled a c i i v i ' y \r our Linen Dopartnion*. Table linens ai I ess i h a - i they wo;ild cost is now. W h e n you hay a uulo cloth or a dozen napkins for !'*-s money iJian thoy \\ ould us il soems a chance worth t r j ini; to t a k e ;idvantage of MI ihese u i i r n a t c h a h l e valnrs in t«T'!e linens, !t\or; one K'-OTVS that v.-(? have the best and largest linen de- p a r t m e n t in this v i c i n i t y . CThr Derryvale Linrnr,). .Merooriz^d T.ihlr Damask, 70 inches ivide, at 75c and ?1 25 per yard -Vapk'ns, l£::lfi ?'70, Onr p.--- dozen. Napkins, a'l linen .beautiful floral desipr.s, a; 53.50 u j i to $8.50 Table Damask sets, napkins to match, $S.50 up to $32.50 Round Table Cloth, 72\7^. at $8.50 to $12.50. Table Cloth of the newest designs or patterns, all l i n e n , ?5.00 to $11' 00. That "Wonder Sale" in June Jiisscs' 1Vhil« Brr^ses, 93.15 to $!2.ofl. You savi- on above prices $1.50 to $3.00 on any garment you purchase. Come and see! For the graduate commencement day--you find a handsome line of white drosses specially adapted to graceful girlish figures. All desimbli materials. These you'll find in 111" Suit Department. The Di esses tell their own story at $8.50 up to $37 50. That "Wonder Sale" in. Jans I ntl' l rv,t':»r nnri !i.-*"nr\. \Vo:. en's Vf lajio recli. o\ v - fine r'bhed, .=-10131 Women's just tile k n! '.vant'Mi ("hi'dren's Gau/.c \ 2oc. ilfjlcci 3 i- *ioincn* ^ :ii. ' xtraor(lnn.ry ' .-. Cbi'dnn's .'-neks. That "Wonder Sale" In JUP« ai lowest prii"s m p.n:.''ijia'ii -j i «:·»-n ; c; v:\. d 1 i ' i i n ^ them f. r t h e v.iiiKs ;irc ^ll·b ;t- v,:; n;n li \v Lc 1 d':jihcautl 1:1 a Jni:^ i , ; n 10 crr.v\ \Vai'=(S in -fly!os d t h :]:ifiH3y - a r i - d j n « 3 u n u s u a l l y lov; prices. ^Vai'-ts ru" 1 ;nado of t h e fnie -In cv Vo'Ics and I^i iisir-s r.nd n o . ' i l t y ( O i ' i u n ejects .ui.--o frtp'. 1 \(- t l v n aiif] Gi-orsf-tie Ciepr-. ditirr;. hK' 1 .tm! ^i !*runio" tninmet!. I'rirrs for t h a t *"\\"ond:i Sa!t $J.:«5 u p :o 512.50. ft :, fl That "Wonder Sale" i a Jun S h Tins coliGulion of (.lik- L»rt-i- f r S;im: i ifr $ wear shov. iiats wiih c h a r n i an*i lif en nn.^ucs 5 :. Tli ( - ffi hfMS arc of smart -impli^i'.y, tlii.- in' Join n a i i n q col- ^ or bcng n a \ y blue. Sec !!~e h a t - ^ TrimtEdl Kath at ^l/t.%, -i-J.'.!."* tuu! ?U.05. g ,\ri- for dre--s and .ci?:ie".:L \» !nr o'.iin^ and ?' vacauon . Jf ' h e hat fmushi L\.r!y in the season f ' thow- sicns of wear or r" an c-Mra - u u r n c r bat is f-j jii?ed"d but it now a t , ( PS t h a n j'T.i could otherwise [ get it. See t h e faais at $l.Ci", $2,1'3 ar.d -, j.9o. K That "Wonder Sale" in June Stylish Perfect Silks at iunsiderabif Sa^hijrs. Thousand^ of ya-ds vjdod for a pvtat c i ^ n : Sumn:c" \ v t a r . J"\t,ry and u i ' b o l u u l pcrftc;. t h e i r ]]'j!h q u a l i t y and buine m a d -, ^ f .-eil !] ·' w e b a \ e bu::t our r r p i c 3iic!uJ'-d ^o ^ e !ia\e pro- Every Uir.d of ?i!k noc-d for eave at i h o height 01 stle Our silks ;.ro known for ih,;;c now -m salo are the ' -'-r , . : f u i 3 d and on wh,ch t a i i n j ] . A n a r u a ] Ii?i: Hil.; ' v I(V'-a'i; 1 e ':: n i l 'Jn v. .ii:ic ( I coior.- and black, f u l l '^'1 iiic-h \ \ i d i h . ?1.f»."i; aciuai valuo 32.t'0 ]ier yard, H o a i i ' i r u l '··rtpt oi b i o k m ]»lai«l sjl!:-, all t h e ne^c?', roint '!.aiion oi colors, ^alr p^tes ?l-"3 up 10 $2 25. N.-W, dcp;raKie, dt-pend^blo quality oi fancv sil;s at -?l.rr, to l.n. Vnrd wide Taffeta Silks in all the IKW shades, also black, at 51 7,1 10 ?J.50, That "Wonder Sale" in June al a ' i T.tio]] to ih r e ti:.' protiicsi ]- i^r vj'o ji^ tji. 1 -, \ icinit.' . . N u j i J t i o u b i'rcnch ^iy]o- p'aids, marii- 01 t h e be^t ju-atlj made ,ple,ucd of fe mod u 'ill u ' . i u - and ?(]i" t o Drosses, of drvsspi pe, for offoixd in pink b l u e , tan .ind t L pbj r Gin^ha'ir.. All arc L us n'-it.fl. JHH keip, trhn- -t nunjiitjs, f,il] k i r i ? , rioep ^, hetn-i .sizos 2 to 1 j. Pri cs ianj:c from ,V)c In ^.50. Thppo D n ^ ^ ^ s ari 1 exirn \allies, ami a v, ondtrail vari"t to r t l o t t irnm. Come, look ;ivnunil and con,pare. and nov. I;P: c- \vilj you find hue!) Dre^t-Ob ior i'ie children. That "WcncJer Sale" iii June Bahips' M'car at Iiitcrcsfint: Prices. Sabit-s 'H.Ts and C'aps at ;.0c to .^.f'.'. Made of dainty orgam'n- and Pvi iss, i ; i : a m t ( i wii?i rnibroid- ery, rib'jon or lowers, l'3c up to £"] '-'i. FJ.iby ('urJ Made of ^i 1 ; fit 1 Bedford Corel, nicelv made, lined ibroughout, fJ.CiO uji 10 ?au.'^. Baby Ih'cs 1 *!";. Long or sbort, made of v.-inti- plj^or l a w n , nain- soolt .organdie, beautifully trimmed. Pi M'ts rarj^o from 4Hc up to ?*."0 ,and soine ver pretiy drosses in befwecii prices named. CODE AXD SliE. l h . e HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE 129 to 133 N PITTSBURG St. COXXHT.LS- vir.T.i-rs CiRE ITKST STOKE. ness. Tuncral Thursday morning at ' SERGEANT HOTTLKK ARRLTKH 15^° o'clock from tte house, juid at : IN n^tyt'E, CAUI) S A Y S J 9 o'clock requiem high mass will be Word has been icccived from Ser-1 celobrafcd at the [mmaculate Concep- geant Albert Rattler that he has art i o n Church. Inli-rment ui St. Jo- rived safely in France. He is w i t h ! soph's Infantry. FURTHER REDUCTION SHERKICK DISCHARGED FROJl THK SnilYICJi. W. D. Sherrick has been discharged from the motor mechanics branch of the service on account or illness and has returned to his home he-re. Mr. Sherrick bus bee-n iH for some tirce. cemetery IIr. Maxwell was, 1°"" :n Ireland, a son of the late Timcthy and Kathcrine Maxvcl arrived" in this countrj about 60 years Clergymen as Playwrights. Tn Garnck's time the church had a ! decided leaning toward the stage. The ' , ,, « , , . - . -,« 0 great actor suffered a plague of Btage-' I n Output ot J r«-» t n« 3lnj- Be strucK clergymen. He read many o f ! ' as Rob " lf of ( «"W»TM- CLARENCE M'.MTON. 1heir plays and produced at least one. A conference of the brcwicg intcr- He Rev. Edward Young oC Welwyn par- ests with tbe P'uel Administration t ish and of "Night Thoughts" fame! to be held in "Washington ,n regatd wrote the tragedy of 'The T-wo Broth-' to the production ot beer during t,iu ers." which Garrick produced. Its year beginning July ]. i reception \va3 a tragedy. It 'Vas only i For the pencd c-xtcr.cling f/nn; fit. to make an ics rouse of a theater.-" J April 1. 1!HS, to Junt 30. 19J8, tin ^ * T ] - t T - 1 1 ' Yovins, howi?ver, had counted his' brevers voluntarily agreed to a re:luc- Ordcr of Iliborn.ans al Lil.y. 0: late hickeBS _ h bad promiscd £i, 0 00-'tion of 30 per cent m Hi,- quantitv years he hLd lived re.iieU. U, addl-'. t h e eTpectefl procecfl8 ot Mb aulnDr . 3 ' tion to his son Timothy, he is, survived j riB hts-to the Society for the Propa- by two sons. John and Plank, and Eatloll 0{ t h e Gospel. And here he Rhone. He dipped deeply into his pri- ago, settling :u Lilly, Cambria county. Pa ; He came to Sotilh Connellwillt- from Lilly nine j ear? ago. The dc- ceiLtea was a nicnber of tlic Anc:cut one daughter, Siste" Ursula, the Clarence E. Walton, attached to the ' Arrested for i Two men charged with fightng were J arrested yesterday afternoon and left (forfeits of $5 each. There "was no i police court this morning. ; Perry Boy Overseas. · Mr .and Mrs. William Wlngrove of 1 Perryopolis has received a card from 1 their son, William, announcing his ! safe arrival overseas. Try our classified advertisements. TO APTAJfCE IN PKICE C H I L D R E N 1^,,^ Should not be "dosed" for colds -- apply "externally"-- K«T» · Little Jody-Gujud IrCfatlrHonte 2oc--oOe--S1.00 Good Shepherd's convent, East End, Pittsburg. HARKY B SHAFFER. The funeral o£ Harry B. Shaffer was held this afternoon Crom the family rcsidep.ce in Linco.n avenue, with Rev. J. L. Proudfit, pbhtor 0- the First Presbyterian church, officiating. Many lelatives and friends of the deceased attended. \\". W. Smith, Joseph -Mc- Conneli. P. E. Markell, \V. L. Wright. J. M. Ceci'., O. W. Thomppon were pallbearers. Interment in Hill Grove cemo'-ery. vate purse sand. of beer breived dur-ng tbe spending period of l'iI7. The quantity of coal saved ihrotlgh this reduction was considerable, bul and made up the tiou- j t ( S behoved a f l i l l larger sa\uig can be made as a ref-uk of funl'er curtailment of product. Bad Judgment. "Thore Is one discordant note la. your garden, my dear madam," remarked the esthetic landscape architect. I "What is that?" asted the lady, ! much alarmod. "I notice." he replied, with a shud- fler, "that you have a dogwood planted near Borne nuBsy-willows." Pati-ouiie those -wno advertise. Aetna Strecl Home Snlil. A double dwelling house, Xo. 1018 Aetna street, owned by the estate of R. T. Rankm .cleceaesed. was sold last week through the real estate firm of Earner, Hood Van Naua to A. H. Long. The consideration was $3,0'JO. Classified A Bring results. Cost only Ic a -word, '

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