The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 27, 1939 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 27, 1939
Page 10
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UALLiH. UUimigiK, UUiNrMJi'L.L.BViUL.Jli, ?A. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27,/li)39. P E R R Y O P O L B S PERRYOPOLIS, Feb. 27.--The Woman's Club was entertained by the hijjh school Thursday afternoon, in acceptance of an invitation from Principal Earle E. Curtis to visit the school. A delightful program was presented in the auditorium including music directed by Miss Roennti Kamcrer and talks selected by Mr. Curtis. A new type oL speech was presented by Daniel Matto, a member of the public speaking class, who volunteered to talk on any subject the women might suggest, the subject ol course to be within the scope of a high school student. He did excellently on three . subjects, "Hidden Taxes," "The Problems of the Parent Who Has Children in High School" and "The Liquor Question." The program included: "The Prayer of the Penitent," Margaret Baughman; "Umbrella Man," the Three Gems, (Wilson, Cortes and Baughman); "Star Light" and "Bells, of St. Mary's," Girls' Glee Club; "Preview of World Fairs," Bertha Yakubik; "Thoughts of Yesterday;" trombone solo, William promptu speech, Daniel :Matto; "Three Comrades" and "Caprice," Trumpeters, (Hanam, Marshall,- and Murphy}; "Easy Terms," ' Sophie Derkach; debate review, John" Sardin; "I Must See Annie Tonight", and "The Old Woman in the Shoe," the Three Gems: "Whispering Hope" and "Beautiful Ohio," freshman chorus. GcoYffe Washington Party. The World Wide Guild, .at its fifth George Washington anniversary parly Fr/day night, had its largest number Df cuests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Rittenhouse near Smock. There were about 90 present including Mrs. B. M. Wade, Mrs. Potter and daughter-in-law, Mrs. L. J. Stewart, Mrs. H. D.-Striclder, Mrs." R. ; W. Echard, Mrs. J. S. Thorpe and MIES Roenna Kamercr, all of this placp. The music .was furnished by Pcrrj High students, and James Hobirison gave a short talk. A lovely .lunch was served, buffet style, in th'e clin- ingroom, with Mrs. Otis Rittenhouse pouring the coffee and Mrs. Roy Griffin the tea. Host to Class. Tiie class oC young boys and girls taught by Miss Vanelia Hamilton.was entertained Thursday night by Lawrence Ilnight. The evening was spent in games. Entertains .Bridge Club. Miss Mary Dunham entertained her two-table auction bridge club Tuesday night. Her only extra guest'was Miss Geraldine Dunham. The first and second prizes were given to Miss Ruth Elwell and Mrs. Frank Elwell. Templar Club Meets. The Tooth Templar .Club, composed of students o£ the Layton and Pleasant Grove Schools, held its fourth meeting Thursday afternoon. The officers of this club are: · President, Lulu Miller; vice-president, Grant McClellan; secretary and treasurer, Pauline Farrow; sergeant at arms, James Howser; junior nurse, Dorothy Farrow; health officers, Gladys Brewer, Augusta Farlow and Rose Howser; program committee, Judith Mellmger, Ergilia Antonini, John Morgan and Herbert Howser. The program was as follows: Vocal solo, Virginia Fleming; "The Toothbrush," Augusta 'Farlow; "Toothpaste," Virginia Fleming; several numbers by the girls' quartet; "George Washington," William Hock; several numbers on the guitar by Arthur Forsythe; "America," and the :lub song, everyone; chorus .by the urst and second grades under the direction of Miss Mary Margaret Francis. Two new members were admitted, James Druinm and Lena Malott. The club had as its guests the officers o£ the Whitsett school, who arc Stanley Cunningham, Laura Kersten, Dorothy Brewer, Lawrence Davis, and Alice Richardson. . Personals. Mr. and Mrs. B.. M. Wade .visited Mr. · nnd Mrs. John Allen Jefferson township Tuesday and found that Mrs. Alle- 1 . was able t o - b e up. She iurt her back in a loU recently. : J. Boyd Knox and R. W. Echard at- tended the dinner o£ the Pennsylvania Bankers Association at the William Perm Hotel in Pittsburgh Tuesday. Eddie Lynch and Harry Gregg of Aliquippn visited their aunts, Misses Kate and Annabelle "Carson, last week. Mrs. Eleanor Knox. Mr. ;nid Mrs. J. B. Knox, R. W. Echard and Howard Adams wont to Pittsburgh Wednesday and from there the man Hook a special train, witli about 1.000 other bankers, to the Irwin mill, where they were the invited guests 6£ '.he Carnegie-Illinois Company and were shown the new plant. ~: Judge D. W. Henderson of Uniontown was a business caller in town Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Blair attended the Rotary Club banquet in Uniontown Tuesday'evening as guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Check of Warren, Ohio,- has returned home after attending" the" funeral service of the former's mother, Mrs. Susan Mitchell. .W.. A. Sechrist of ConneUsvitle spent" Thursday with relatives, Mrs. Ceorge Willey and Mrs. William Knight. . . . "" .Vera Raley, daughter o f - M r . and Mrs. Dwight Haley, is reported ill. '..Grace Shirey of McKeesport spent the week-end with her grandmother,. Mrs. -S. B. Hamilton. Casper Haut is confined to his home for a complete rest. ' '-Mrs. John Haut visited her mother, Mrs. H. W. "Beamer of Smithton, Thursday. - RobVrt-Buttermore and Mike Hawlins left- Friday morning for a motor trip to Florida. Mrs. Charles Aspinwall and Mrs. George Aspinwall are on the sick list. Bert Skiles underwent an operation at Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh, Friday. John StuA'ey. who underwent an operation several days ago, is in fine condition. Charles Lepley spent Friday in Pittsburgh. Anthony Rabatin attended the senior prom in the Ben Franklin school in Uniontown Tuesday as the guest of Penelope Loretti. I NEWS OF DAY ! AT SCOTTDALE BRIEFLY TOLD Special to The Courier. SCOTTDALE, Feb. 27.--Suottdale people interested in the development of civic spirit and better understanding at' their neighbors will hold a meeting at 7:30 o'clock this evening at the Y. M. C. A. It is for all creeds and races of people of Scotldale and community. It is hoped to Hud some common grounds to discuss and provide for many of the problems arising from misunderstandings among religions. Alumni Plan Banquet. A committee meeting will be held this evening at which time steps will be taken to arrange for the banquet that is being planned by the Scottdale High School Alumni. Shoots Boy Bandit Plucky Mra. Antoinette Dick, 56, is shown after the aged woman's encounter with a 16-year-old holdup- gunman. She grappled with ]»d and shot him with his ywn gun in her candy shop in New York. Boy's 17- year-old lookout was also arrested. Children's Service. Sunday evening a special children's service wns held at the Evangelical Church previous to the revival service under way at the church. Res'. Samuel J. Milier of Pigeon, Mich., is conducting the services, assisted by the pastor. Rev. D. A. Miller. A h a l f hour prayer service precedes the service each evening. The public is invited to attend. No Rotary Session. - There will be no meeting of the Scottdale Rotary Club Monday evening as members will attend the inter-city fellowship meeting to be held, in Greensburg Tuesday evening. All-Day Meeting. An all-day meeting will be held by the Missionary Society of the United Brethren Church Wednesday. There will, be morning and afternoon sessions. Hoinc From Hospital. Mrs. Joseph Stcincr of North Chestnut street, who has been a patient ul Fric.-k Memorial Hospital, Mount Pleasant, returned to her home Saturday. At Convention. Superintendent of Schools S. B. Bulick left Sunday for Cleveland, Ohio, where he will attend the superintendents' convention. Srriously 111. Joseph Ward, who lives on th» "Old Frick Farm" at West Overton) is seriously ill in Frick emorial Hospital, Mount Pleasant. Lead Service. Elmer Anderson, assisted by Emerson Rhodes, were leaders at the Young People's meeting ol the First Baptist Church, at its Sunday evening service, Leaves Hospital, James Edward Hartman, son of Mi uuttufe*; iTtt^illlJ;. In preparation for Sunday services at the Church of the Nazarcne a cottage prayer meeting was held Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Hawkins of McCun avenue. Mrs. Lillian Crist Dead. SOMERSET, Feb. 27.--Mrs. Lillian Keyser Crist, CG, died Wednesday night at her home in Shade township. Her husband, Edward, seven children, nine grandchildren, one brother and one sister survive. Music Teacher Dies. MT. VBRNON, N. Y., Feb. 27.-Theodore Van Yorx, 68, oratorio conductor, who taught singing to Dennis King, Alice Brady, Billic Burk, Frank Munn, and others, died here. .Wednesday, March 1st, is the last day on which to pay.the final installment of 1938 City Taxes without penalty. C. K. McKESSON, Tax Collector. For the Minute that Seems Like a Year! O N MOST of your telephone calls there may not be much need f o r split- second speed. Why r then, have telephone people made the service so fast? Because there may come a time when an emergency will strike. Then a minute will seem like eternity. To be on the safe side, we aim to handle every call as if it were mark nil "UKGENT!'" Seconds may be vital, so we try to giv«i vu split-second service every time. ' ' . To do lliis requires the world's finest telephone plant, a highly-trained personnel and never-ending research. Millions have been spent to improve telephone equipment and methods -- to save a second here and there. Some day you may find that · econd priceless! Try a long distance call tonight after 7 or any lime Sunday, when rales are low. '·M. Seu for yourself liow fast your rail goes through ! Mutual understanding and coopETdltan ielileen 'ihz people of this company ar,J the peopFr trc seme lire tMenlitll lo the high ijmiHly utid low cost uf your sen-ice. T H E B E L I . T E L E I ' H O N K C O M P A N Y O K I ' K N S V I. \ Rescued from Flooded Sewer Grinning in Joy One of thret; rescued WPA workers is carried from the moulh ol a s-cwcr after they were brought up by a fireman who went into the sewer with a lifebelt strapped around him. The men were trapped when pale-whipped water flooded the sewer. SHAMROCKS BQW TO VANITIES BUT TRIP GLASS FIVE Continued from Page Eight. Szafranski, c . 4 , 0 8 Robertson, g - ' , 1 0 2 Reibel, g . , . 10 0 20 Broneckj, c . . 3 0 0 TotdlJ 2 7 3 - 5 7 Non-scoring substitutes--Shandor. Shamrocks G. F. Pts. Ro\ve, 1 . . . 1 0 2 Fronek, t 0 0 0 Tulley, c . . . 5 2 12 Metzgai, g . . 3 2 8 Seose g . . 1 1 3 Bogusl.y, I . 1 0 2 Totals - 11 5 27 Non-scoring substitutes--Primus. Score fay quarters: Vanities 16 12 9 20--57 Shamrocks 8 5 7 7--27 Referee---Arcne r. / Fix Debates Dates. WASHINGTON, Feb. 27. --Debaters of Washington county high schooiK wi]l compete in a tournament on March 31 :.nd'April i, Assistant County Schools Superintendent W. G. Burkett announced. Totals 16 2 34 Non-scoring substitutes--Clark. Hazel-Atlas G. F. Pts. Devenney, I 1 0 2 Lawrence, t 5 1 11 McKnhr., c .._ 4 0 8 Clark, g 1 0 2 Guadgni, g 3 0 6 Totals .....14 1 29 Non-sco::ing substitutes--Paraska. Score by quarters: Shamrocks 10 6 8 10--34 Hazel-Atlas 8 6 9 6--29 Referee--Hyatt. Windber Woman Dies. SOMRSET, Feb. 27.--Mrs. Mary Hudnk, 78, whoso husband, George, died five weeks ago, passed away Thursday at the home of her son, George,.,Tr., at Windber. There are two children, two sisters and s brother. 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