The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 27, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1930
Page 7
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J'AGE EIGHT, M DATLY COURIER, CONNELT,SV F,LE, PA. r xrrr AlITOMOBM BED RESPONSIBLE FOR MAJORITY CRIMES Head of Hishmiy Patrol Directs Attention to Aid It A f f o r d s Criminals. YOUNGSTERS ARE CHIEF OFFENDERS "FRIDAY, February 28th to T h j Courier. BAR.TUSIUJR.G, Feb 27.--The auto- mobtlo stands chars* xl with being the "beginning and wiri' of tho majority of all crimes comm UH! in Peimsyi- van ia. OapUitn Wilson Prlccv. superintendent of tho PenUHjlvunia Highway Patrol, placed Uio cJiargo against tho automobile in his annual report, \vh11o discussing crime in general ns it had coni-e to attention (' members of tho patrol during tho la-.t year. I . wa a pointed out in support of tho ohdrg-o that "any carefully prepared plant's incident to a Colony always in- cluios esH-ape PK meditation pl-iya a ."ory important Dart, and consequently wo have come to beliove that tho rv^pn lngh-«ay is tho avenue of escape oponorl up for persons en- Kai'Od in illegal pr.ictico." Captain Prioo sakL Ifto superintend* it of tho rmtrol then points out that tho professional criminal, "tho one with considerable oxTerlonco," is the last person in the world to resort to killing. "ThJs tygpo of criminal," the roport saj s, "would rather take his chance by arguing himself out of the predicament ho has gotten himself into, pay his flno for th« technical Tdolution, and bo allowed to proceed. "On tho other har d," Captain. Price sajs, "the youngster and particularly tho woman accompHro are too uerv- outi and too self-conscious to await developments and usually act ilrst and t h i n k afterwards." H was then pointed out in the ro- po.-t t h a t tho jrrea' majority of the traffic violations encountered on the h i f h w a y s in the last, jear resulted in activities by tho 'Voungor element." !optahi Price say;.: "Incidentally 1 miyht say in thi-i connection that it is tho younger elemcn today that is at- tet/il/Ung to burn up the highways both by Cast and reckless driving. "This, of course, -a unknown to the pa-onto of tho boy and girl and ap- paxntly remains a socret until such a lime as the individual rims afoul ol tho law, then of co irse it la entirely toc late." Tiio Highway 1-atrol head then iir-jod educational ^aJim«i.tenB in U» sclioola and spwit 1 bafety schools, sU'-h as wc-re conducted last year. "1'iducationaL ca-npaigns of this kind," it was pointed oust, "will go along -way to offset apparent reokle»s- ne'-is and indifference on the part o£ tho young operator j.nd we are, thoro- foi-e, heartily in accord with, any educational move of this type that might at somo f u t u r e time, be promoted and developed." Returning to tba subject of the inoro serious critius, Captain Price »«./,: "This means (tho automobile) of rapid transportation playb some part eitJier in fciie actual conumissiou of Uie crime or the .Nicape therefrom." 'aptidu Price thon calls attention of Iho public to the t.tot that "our men a-- contiiuiiilly exposing themselvo« imiocently to tho bursts and duda brought about by the carelebs handling of artillery iu tho hands of the potential kiUtsr." Vftor citing tho murders of Patrol- nu.n Russoll Swam on and Corporal Brady Paul, who wore shot flown by gansraters in the l.schargo of their duties, Captain Prii e says: "1 cito tho?e cases for the solo purpose of g i v i n g an insight into just what the MOII hav- to contend with, \Vi aro coiitinualh preaching 'courtesy' to tlie motoring public and will continue doing so ii.-s long as we hav-e a oiau left stindinp : however, motorists of today, e^ptv ially those that ar-joi'tho tToadmlndod, clear thinking ty^o, should be more patient and to'cran-t in their criticisms. It is a clMlcuU and dangoroua proposition for ofllccrs to lx court»U8 to criminals; however, if tt.e individual's Identity is known at tho time of the approach, otuftp methods of subdoin^ should bo brought into play, but too often we Iwirn our mi-ttakes too late. " 'Fight firo witt fire' is a good motto or slogan to follow but the question, arists, 'can you do that in th d wonk and retain the moral blip- port, of UK jnotorit g public?' RuflFsdale e'i. 27--Revival eer- vi-M are being hoM in tho Methodist Episcopal Church 1y the pastor, Kev. O. O. Cook. VIr. and Mrs. Cljde Bair announce th; "birth of a HOII at their homo in Rccktown Ffld«y. The Liwliof.' Aid fioclety of the 7Aon Ijutheran Church hold an al]-«lay quilting at the home of Mrs. J. J. Ht'user, Wedne«iay A number of persons from this place' atl ended tho Junior Claa« play at the K . i s t Huntingdon Township High School auditorium p t Alverton Wednesday evening. Tho Adult Biblo Utass of Christ's Be formed Church hMd a "Rainy Day" so dal Friday e s t n l i g at the home of Kev. and Mn*. C. F.iust, Games were enjoyed throughout the evening and mi.ny prizes awarded. A d-alieknH lunch was servod. vils« Jo'»ephin« SI pole who has been ill for tuo pust mont li i« «blo to be out. Jacob and Paul iyors woio Ton- neUevtlle callors Tuesday. .Vllas Violet Solidity of Cotmellsvillp ifl spending tho wek at the home of Hi.rold Shiploy. "vlr,. M. Kuoff, of Wall, vtatted rekt- U^t.? here last weoX Urs. T. N. Springer and son, BoBby, of Iltteburg were callers here re- oeitry. jgtetroalsa OKM? The A B C's of Gardening Keeping the ground: should involvo a yearly a thorough going'-over of the grounds with the-idc; g run-down plantings n R new planting whorev el. Gardens can often b make them more attract modern, or another typ such as a rock garden, to bring new interest to axaminaUon, wery part of of eliminal- rid substitnt- T It is uefrd- ^ changed to vo and more * of garden, an bo added the grounds. During the dormant ;eason, trim the grapo vines back tc a very few good oyes or buds. This will Increase the vigor of th© plant -aid insure a better crop of fruit. The cutting of the earl/ blossoming kind of plants for forciu ,' Into bloom indoors is a delightful ea^ly spring change for interior decoration. One of the most ornamental of all those twigs for this purpose s the pussy willow. Placed in wall r indoors it develops very quickly. Who doesn't 11 ko to t thing a bit diCcreit? surely no exception, ana your garden to have the Inality, why not plan to garden? Rock -work is small as wall as large i and enables you to en y out. some- rardening Is it you want ·.pice of orlg- ha^'o a rock -harming tor levolopments, oy a beaiaty Queen Near Death CJneen Victoria of Sw den b critically ill with influenz i, at Rome, and little hope is ex resseu for hex recover;« MANY SAMPLES OF CLOVER SEED SHOW HIGH WEED CONTENT HAHRISBURG, Fob. 27.--Initcmna- tton. Issued by both U o Slate and Federal departments . C aKriculture Indicates that farmers should, uso more than ordinary cai in selecting or purchasing clover BI ed for spring planting. Samples coming to tb 3 seod testing laboratory of the Bur «iu of Plant Industry, Pentisylvania Oepartment of Agricnlture, show tha. tho seed la unusually -w«eiy this y ar. However, some excellent samples have been received, which indicate that homegrown seed free of wee o Is aimllable. It Is explained th \,i conditions which tavored the clo- er seed crop during 1929 in ma ay sections of Pennsylvania also helped the production oC weed seeds. Buckhorr and dodder, both noxious weeds, aio common in much of the clover s ed this year, especially where form TB have not ·waged a vigorous camp ugn to eradicate these weeds. Clover seed, that is ao clean enough for tho commercial tr tde- certainly should not be sold to nedglibors for re-seeding, officials ass rted, Farmers who expect to make a busineas at Belling clover seed must not only uso clean se«d but should endeavor to select for seeding fleldj known to bo free of weeds. Theso fi lds should bo carefully in»pocted dnr ng the growing season and any we -ds, especially dodder and buokhora, should bo removed be-fore harvesUn ; time. There is ample home grown clovor seod oC good quality available in Pennsylvania if fanner i will be discriminating in their pi rchaaos. The Bureau of Plant Indus ry in Harris- bur; is anxious to c 'operate with farmers in making ans lysis of Barn- pies to determine the (iiality of tho seed. Put Health r int The views of stnden s as to what makes life happy are -evealed by a ballot competition conducted by the National Union of Students throughout the universities of England and Wales, says th« London Observer. The following wan the order of Importance voted for the variona ittrlbntea con- dtaelve to a happy life A sound constitution; a sense of hn- mor; a congenial occupation; an as- snrcd future; a chart ilng wife (or husband) ; a olameiet 4 reputation; £400 a year; a brilliant areer; a thick skin; a good cook; a p.-rsuaslv« manner; a library and i poker tace CQuaD ; an artistic tc nperamtmt; a conipleiioo. not oltalnablo with tho usual flat landscape arrangement Thpre'e a "bcsst way" lo dn crery- thing. and i.maleur garcleiH-rs should givo a little thought to the best, way of handling pruning shearn. Always work with tho cutting blado lowermost so that you pull it u p w a r d , though the pressure is downward on the Handle o£ the cutting sidi 1 . This allows you 10 cut smoothly anil close to the ste-ro £rom w h i c h the p i u n e c l shoot is removed. It insures against po.ssiblo stripping of bark resulting from .a downward c u t . Watch tho "sot" or tho blade -- don't, let it get sprung. Never use shears (hat aro d u l l . Keep them sharp as you w o r k , If y-ou hvo been dreaming of the wonderful bungs you would do in I he spring with trees, Hiiruba, vine:, ami flowers, it s high time to got busy. If you hav'i not prepared a d-oflt'ilo plan don't wait another minute. Tho folks who will help you make your plan and assist in the selection ot your plants will soon bo swamped wHh work, for it is a short seaton and a busy one. Get started on that order booked the earlier you get your order booked the arlier you can secure delivery, g( tting your plants before the season' 3 developments. Home owners can know no greater satisfaction than that which comes when the g-ounda aro dovel-opod ·with tho same core and flu'jh and with the same beauty as the rooms within tho houw. Shrnbs as-e used next, to the house walls to obtain transition between perpondiculir house lines and horizontal ground line. Curves are more pleasing than right anglos in this instance. Lay ,, out tho garden, if pOPsiMo, where it it in easy view from that part of the house in which you upend moat time. Make the paths ami features the Fhell of your house. The results will ba that your private living rooms idll extend to the boundary of your property instead oJE to the houso walls. In, furnishing the grounds properly you make your property a real home and add groetly to tho value, as well as to the of tho house. The Plan's the Thin?. Boauty in the development of the grounds is both a matter of starting rifclil, then going right Bach part-icu- hir place lias its own o p p o r t u n i t i e s and advant.ig-es. The degree to which these are recognized and developed will iiitiuei -0 Uio results and often spell tho d'Kerence between the just ordinary and tho unusual. Tims wo sec that beautiful grounds do not "jiiit happen" but are made pos.sible by. first, a well thought out plan; second, th« placing of the background p!aiting8, trees, flowers, etc.; and lastly, the maintenance of the whole to k'Mip it trim. H the garden is to be along formal lines, then there 18 a nice little problem in proportion. Repetition, balance, rliytlun, and accent play their part in th- forma! design. The beholder of a completed garden nmy not bo conscious of anything bnt tho beauty of tao picture, but the requirements of good design have to bo met, If there is real beauty expressed. In landi cape design, the formal hedge is almost indispensable. Ita uses are ligion. That Is why most every home grounds can use hedge treatments to advantage. The formal hedge can bo used to bound and screen the architectural garden. It can bo de sloped higher than one's head, or, by using certain piants, it can be kept less than a foot high, Within the formal garden one often flada these low hedges bounding the flower bed* and garden paths. In the most simple garden hedges can be used to eatiblish the lines and pattern of the deeiga. Watering. Watering ia advisable mainly ae an emergency measure. The ground should not be sprinkled, but should be soaked un.111 it will not tako up any more water.' When it is possible to dig small ditches about the plants these can be filled and refilled with water until the moisture has pe-n-e- trated to iv deptl of several inches; then the trencher can bo filled with earth. , When sprinklers are used they should be of a type that bring about an even ll8tribntion of the water. There are various utandard systems that win accomplish this. A simple way of watering lawns is to lay ae unnozzled uoso on the grass, allowing a steady stream of water to flood the ground. If tho water does not run off, tho hose ci'.a bo left in c-ne position aa much as a whole night. Watering slopes -witt be greatly facilitated by punching toles into the sod and bank. WRITE TODAY For your copy of our BiglSSO Catalog SENT FREE Y«a will be itatlsfted ea ttioo- snnda of our Customer! are. TH, bis bonk U packed vrttb valuable Informntkm for farm- en. gardeners, poultry-men and home ov, 200 pa?e* of fa;tB on ««etablc, flower, farm and Inwn ,ieeds; Bulbs, Shrnbe, Rtsea: Fatm Machinery, Fertl- Miars, [insecticides; Poultry Bcnipmant, Etc. The I. W. SCOTT CO. 600 LIBERTY AVE1TOE PITTSBURGH, PA. For 51 Years tha Beet of Ewythlns for Farm. Cardan and Ponltrj. The Last Day For Savings A Thrifty Shopper AH Charges Made Tomorrow Will Appear on Nex-t Montn's Statement Vanity Lamps Lamp and s h a d e with colored m PI t i l base and s i l k hlnuir to m a t c h . First Floor Bargains Second Floor Sten is )om- lem- Women's Ha yon 151 ers, French Panties, C ise, and Vests of excellent quality _ Women's batiste, bleached m u s l i n ( J o w n s hand embroidery, 2 for ,, Women's New W Frocks of prints and iu short and sleeve-less styles Girls' Slipon Sweaters crew and V-neck styles Girls' Wash Dresses and Ensembles _... 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