The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 27, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1930
Page 6
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1930. THIS DAILY COURIER, CONNET-.LSVILL.E. P PAGE SEVEN. Struggle for Suppression Of Private Trade and Work In Russia Becomes Desperate lWWWWMI»W¥WM^^ Bolshevik Leaders Are Determined to Socialize All Occupations. PLAN TO ABOLISH PRIVATE FARMING Queen Marie Called Convert to Bahaiem By EHJGENE L,YON9 United Press Staff CorrwpoiMtent MOSCOW, Fob, 27---With every dey the «truggl in the Soviet I'nlon lor the speedy iiuppreeaion of all private trade and -work--including the private farme of over 1,000,000,000 rsa«aus-- is becoming: more desperate and embittered. The more aggressive policies ot the government have developed to fast and on «iuch a gigantic y-cak thai foreigners -who w»re here any ticie before la«t Novemlwr or Decemoer -might just aH well cancel halt their impressions and opinions. The Russia of last summer, when on American delegation of bu«inessraei wae here, was a quiet half-capitalist nation compaied to the Russia of this winter, a nation being rushed headlong over all obstacles toward f u l l socialism The Bolshevik leaders in the Kremlin are in .t, fighting mood Faced by almost euporhmnan tasks ond tftior- mouH res-stance, they have-swung back to t h p tighi-lipped unflinching mood of 1S17-1920, when they suuceesfully fought off civil uprisings, White armicb and foreign invaders. Now. aa then, t h e end justified all means and the ri- su'tant apectaclo is not for squeamish natures. In the urban center* the trtigglo Is comparatively e:i«y. The Nepmen (private tradesmen) offer almost no resistance. By the h«ndres and the thousands their shops are closing down. Tlrcy are taxed out of existence. t.;iTi,ilj told to move, or made «o u n t o m f rtable that they are happy to clfar iit as quickly a i d as un- obtruaivol; a« possible Kv n the tmy 1 impoverished private stalls in the mar-! k e f s iire teitig taken over y govern- w n l ,ini cooperative orguuiaatlone. Tho procwve of socialization has already e n g u l f e d the lawyer., who are practical!) forbidden to onpupo in private practice. l*hf.ici:nis, too, are being effectively barred f r - » m private] p r a r l i r p . Other Ho-called free profpfi- MOW, w i l l luivo t h p i r freed m strictly reptil.ifed h" tho government. At the *!imf t t m r i registration o' engineers mill otlHM- '(vhnical epecialu ts is under w .n ah 111 * flirtl step toward what w i l l a m o u n t to a (juasi-mllitar" d r a f t for ·\ork w h o i p v p r t h e i r specialized ubllity diay be tit ctiod. Thus t h » entire urban population, in one n a v or another, is being placed | tirdor the direct control and at the difi- pOHrl! Of ' 1C SUlU 1 Hut an i-von more i t a r t l i ig program i-i tieine put into r-ifocl In i elation to I he g r e a t peas m t r y Tho o r i g i n a l ;lui* for tin* ( i v i -yeiu term lie q u i n i n e in October, 10-i^. uiilivl for ^ti pci co it ot "aoi'iilupd" f a n n i n g by i h o ond cit UM3. Tlu 10versed plaim n o w he in punhel to ci t u l l for almost 100 per cent. In h l m i lor terms, Use Soviet govern- m o n t i n the next t h i e o years, proposes to ubolls i private trading. Huge g r a i n - g r o w i n g districts ll'e Northern C'anciittus and Ixnver VoUi i must be entirely socialised by n e t t -autumn; tho \Uiolo grnin produclnjr acreage of the Hovint Union by a u t u m n 1931. Thf p o a ' u n t nntl ail he iiosteebes m land or livestock or machinery is being merged vlth hih neighbors in fooperu- i l s o o r g i v e r n m p n l farmn. I n effect the HovJet regime )*, turning thu Mhole peasantry, heretofore i ;ltt ej! i of Hmall private owneit, into proletail ins. J u n t aa thu urbuu work- oit. are mployed in State or cooperative far t ' ) i !BH, or minefi and offices, HO I h e a g r i c u l t u r a l workers w i l l be employed by Stato or cooperative farme. * | ^ , ; ^ . -,, ( f s , V r ' " - ^ Iv i. AJ Queen Marie of Rottrrutnia Ka» been converted to Bahaism, wl ich recognizes, Mohammed, Je us, Buddha, equally as true prophets and preaches fasting. Ace on ing to Shoj?i Bffcndi, grandson of the founder of the faith, Queen M irie and Princess Henna, have left } ou- ! mania to visit him at Pales in* and discuss Bahaism PROTECT CHILDREN FROM TUBERCULOSIS CAMPAIGN IN APRIL GRINDSTONE MAN IS SWINDLED OUT OF $3,000, CLAIM rj.VIONTOWN, Fob. J 7 - -Claiming to h«ve born swindled out of $3,000, his lifeo' eavinafH, at Orlnds'onc, yeeter- day, Na Teiiai of that place, sought the aid of elate police slutkn«d at the N?u H«alonr harrackf as well ais K'aette county detftctlvo'i in r u n n i n g down two turn whom !io ^aid took his Uionev. Ter.ik said the men represontcfl OiemaH ^H n-j b.inkers an 1 offered htm u plan, v » h h h they f»»ld -i\ould reap him io«h!o for hip aive^'inent The police my I hoy h a v e onlj. a slight 'i.f ion oC (he (wo uion. The Kuyette County Tubor uloslB Society vrill again f u r t h e r tin early diagnosis campaign, w h p n il IB expected hundreds of men, worn n and children will consult their family doctor. In April, says County S iperli- tendent J. H Curroll. The great importance of pro coting and saving the c h i l d r e n from tuber- 'ulohi« and other dif»easos ^ ill be laid uivon the hearts of ppv r'! In t'enn sylvan la and all o t h e r ^U us Ab in tho two previous campaign.' every effort will h? made to .secuio ho cooperation of physicians, nurhes socldl workers, school officials, u *chers, parents, newspapers and rno; azlnos, owners of moving pic lure hou es, ad- vcrHalnjf agencltw and ori?an Cations of all kinds. With the ttKroasdnp kuo\vle go nnd appreclntion oi' the nlpnUlca toe of tuberculosis in c h i l d r e n , the c jiliuis uro hullt tround ihf "1'rotci-t Them Krom Tubcre nlo In lltcraturo, posters, address s, licity. fllmh and in other w tys creating interest and .stimnlaunir notion, emphasis w i l l bo placed n ou Hie four pjintt. 1. Keep them away from s° -k PJO- plo. i.' Insist upon plenty of rent a. Train th«m in health ha) Its i. Consult he doc-tor refill irly Efforts to "save the rhlldry i" h a ' e in thorn the greatest promiai of nil the iictivlties t h a t we may un lert ike Early diagnosis and prornp/ t r e a t ment, il in agreed on every h md, arc the most important considerations in all successful efforts to eonau* r t u b e r - uulosla. In May a representative of tho Na- tloral Cleanllneas Institute w n l sp^nd a week in Fayette county ad lri"slng large groupa on "Health (. tiou.' of Ohiopyle Queen Shovtw Improiement. UOM1I, Feb. '.'7.- Quee i Victoria of S'Aodei; seriously 111 h e r ) for th« Uht f o r t n l g l t w i t h p u l m o n o r v a n d uron- e h a a l rodhle laaprovid h e r e Stop Coughs! «lop Into C heck with Scv«r«'» Coujh B«tl- Stop the ticfele, Ihr thfo« t, re medy yr«tr* O At 1 our 1 wo OKlOPYLia, in»b 27--Mi* J. H. Woodmenoy and Mrs. V. 11 Beatty spent Wednesday et Bldwell % Ith Mru. Lou Shipley. They spent th - cluy 111 ciulUing Mrs. Alice Holt spent Tuesd ty as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Char] -s Stark at Confluence Mre, N. A. Knotter was a si oppor In Confluence Tuesday afternooi . Mrs. Ida Collins waa n v i s i t o r in Confluence Tuesday Frank K repps of Stowartoi fepent a few hou it, in Ohiopyle VVwlne day. William K a u k t n of U n l o n t o » n uas a boeineas callle^r here W«dnois ay. Jacob Httill of M i l l Hun wai .1 visitor an town Wexluestlay. Mre. Samuel Shipley of Bkhvell a shopper in O h t o p y l e Wedn-6da. Hairy Gloltelty te doing omo ro- modellriK and intorior dacori t i n g Albert Kurt/, who recently p t i n h the OUlopyls poutlry f a r m it Bello Grove. Mr» K ('. Show left Wedu sday for Ooiinellfcv iUe to visit fricndf. i\lrs W d r r e n K u h l m a n and d « l i g h t e r r o l u i n e d to t h o l f home «it ,) ihnritown Tuesday after a v«-ry pl^ne nit visit s-penl w i t h Ohiopyle rolativct- i'oi Madanio Kenuil on Air Trip. LONDON, Fob 27 --.Madan o Must.-i- j»hri, w i f e ot Turk-ey'a ireaiaent, i \% 1 o arrived in London Inet i iprht a f t e r , frvm Constantinople o Ot-tond ' In IS hoint,. is ieuly this n rniiiK t« ' off for mi u n k n o t t n die m a t i o n Divorce. of Mount 1'ioay.inl ,. o u - t \ v 5 t t i u a \ fa a i.isi r « t r o m j * , h«M- husi»and, Milton Ho by. De^rtion ! is a.H«gii by Mrs Koby OUR FEBRUARY VALE A Small Deposit WEI Hold Your Purchase for Future Delivery. First --Ftxrrash Yotr Home-ft Tell* What Yira Are. Bedroom Suites REDUCED S-Pc. Bedroom Gronp, Bad. Chest and Vanity $67.50 Sweeping Price Redactions In Every Department cf Oar Store An Opportunity to Save in This Great Store- Wide Event Marvelous Dining Suite Values 3-Pc. Suito in ritcb walnut finteb. Bed, Dresser and Chifforoba $89.50 Save tremendously on 4-EV-, Suites -French Van)ty, Bed, d-J TJ£\ Dresstar and Cheat ^JL^Wt/ Beautiful *-Pc. Burl WaHlnat Suites, retsuiar $210, Ncw_.. $159 7-Pc. Suit? in Wahnit Veneer! Table and etx eh aim $59,50 8-P«L Strl^. Prices arc slashed Regular $127.50-Now ,,____ ,,. LYING ROOM 4-Pc. Solid Mahogany Stiifte, ?K' A Regular $450--Now «P^tU r 4-Pc. Spaiteh desJgn! Regnlar $480--Now $275 SURE BARGAINS R U G S AAJLI ijtlis $31.50 Superior 3- PC. Braes Regular :H25 -3-Pc, Jacqi Regular 5JL39 3- F*c. Pillow ' Arm Jacquard Velour -- Now tied Velour in Taapel VFow ard Velour. - Now 3 Luturiou CusJ 3 -Bo llllo- Reversible eusl S«P« l!i?;h cushiona, Uogu j pieces in Mohair, iona -- Now ____ ..... / Arm Moliair, ions ______ ^^.^.-^ Oradfl Jaoqtiard, ar $340 -- Now $95 $159.50 _ $175 _ $185 _ $225 $265 $110.00 $127.50 Walnut Suite -- Hi-LSte $159.50 9-Pte. Qneen Ann design. ^O'TK BegnJajr $51X--Now « P ^ J f D 9-Pe. lamrbert Walnat Snite d*OKA Regular $325--Now ,,.. tp£fdU fr-Pe. BwrJ Walnut Saite. Dastproof--Now -PC. Bun txim-- Wilton VeSveto $59.50 Royal $95 Open Evenings By Appointment Call 376 'mmM»i»^ Bed Limps $1.95 Bridge Lam j is Junior $8J)5 Table Cianif s $10 Quality Furniture tttime Rtmfsfir Lowest Prices IMVWU-. The Last Word in Style A/\teraoo^ frock from the Paris hou w of Paul Poirrt, is the word in chic. It i» of a highly modernistic all-over pattern in bluff printed crepe georgettn, and is cut with thu tight fitting waist and full skirt reaching to the ankles, rhe sleeve:! ara a snug fitting, h\ Int«rnnilon»l ^, Fashi ions Parks Heipeiia A«W Conarnmtlon To (Current Styla COLDS MAY DEVELOP INTO PNEUMONIA Coughs from colds may lead to serious trouble. "You cin atop th* m now with Creomulaion, an emulsified creosote that SB pleasant to take. Creomulaion is n medical discovery wilh two-fold action; it soothes aod heals tho inflamed membranes and inhibits germ growth. Of all known drugs, creosote is recognized by high medical authorities as one of iho greatest h;ali t ig agencies for coughs from colds ard bionchial irritations. Creomiilsioii contains, in addition to creosote, other healing elements which soothe and hesl the inflamed membranes and stop the irritation, -while the cuosote goes an to the stomach, is ibsorbcd into the blood, attacks the seat of the tiouble and checks the growth of the genre. Creomulsion is guaranteed satisfactory in the treatment of coughs from colds, bronchitis and minor forms of bronchial irritations, and is exi ellent for building np the sybtem ifter colda or flu. Money refunded if not r lieved after taking according lo directions. Aak your druggist, (adv.) By FRANCJS8 PAG KT Copyright, 1930, by Stylo Sources NEW YORK, Fob. 37--Tfce usual a ,'itation over the Paris openings is 1 · the air. Cables tiave be^n hufnTning Hh oonflraiatioa of eWrt lengths, ·\ ostMns niid aH the other Important i »tail« wihch e«emed in danger of iiange. H u l l s wore efitnbliahed ae 'iorl, usually aTout 15 inclws abov-e i roun-d, vncl Jackets almost any l«ngtJa , nd \vaiutlinea reetored o normal. Evening a n d form! aJ'tornoon · retires were eataWished as king and C conflicting sllhou-ette*, tnclui'llng the rrocian Diroctoiro, Broptfo ai\d prin- e«B, not (o men!ion tha beH«l-«,t- orraal eilhouette. Sports clolhes woro declared itidle- Ksnaablc, and not materially different rom lust season, tho pew! ulum R-wlng- n p ovenly botweon flarwj tnd pJoated klrts. . Slo^vos wore oroltted--long or hort--which eceras to piovide for all · leevo fompl«x«s. Brief sleeves, ond- n p almost before 1hey 'nogan, being .omewha! new, naturally came in for tallcs. Bvwything from woll to cot- on appears in. snorts collections. Hriped ahirtinK materials, striped ellk, imali rheohe, pin dote and plaids are include:!, Prints quite naturally appear ind ab utmal with fabricn or in twin designs. Prints for evening aro dachlng, th«ie for day-wear prim. Blue in given a« th-o outstanding uolor I'iiiiffe and this has sddecl interest bccavido of its current popularity not alone at Palm Beach, but elsewhere. A Firestone Factory Method iM,^^ftA inW10 RE-CA i 4 (l To Keep Down tho Upkeep on Yoer Tireiir" ThKMiands of Ti^e Mi eg aiirl Dollars are being away in and afooul; ConiK llsvillp by car ownerw who 3lle~ catxi tires because the tr« id rubber is warn off. We are fully equipped to eHmina'n' this waste at Binall eont. Bring your wcirn tins to UK for re-eapplng. We urill ji'e"new the life of any make of Lire, restoring four-flft'hs thi original mlleaga at sue-half now tire cost aa BALLOON TIRES 29x4.50 $5.00 3f)x4,50 ,,.,^ 5.00 2!ix4,75 S.2« 29x4.75 5.50 30x4-75 , $5.75 2^x5.00 5.75 30x5.00 5.75 31x5.00 6.00 28x5.25 $6.25 30x5.25 , 6.50 31x5.25 ._ $6L75 29x5.50 ..* 7,00 30x5.50 7,,,10 30x6.00 7,50 31x6.00 7,,75 32x6.00 ...» 8 00 33x6.010 8.,25 30x6.50 9,25 31x6.15.0 9,,50 32x6.1510 9,75 HIGH PRESSURE TIRES 31*4 $ 6.0) 32x4, ,.. 6.53 32x4% 8.5 3 9.00 30x5TT « 12.00 32x6TT 18.00 CREOMULSION FOR THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON Ml»e Blast Kills FJvc. 4 T.ONT1ON, B'eh. 27--Rescue parties! thi-^ m o r n i n g aro battling to reach a n u m b e i of miners entombed at Haydock, Laiicaolilro, by a blafif. Up to an early hour ilve lxjdtf'3 have boon re( ( O \ e u ' d and 20 i n j u i e d taken to t h o those wbo All Re-capping Work Fully Guaranteed Firestone Service Stores, Inc. H. ('. "7ke" Haddock, Ittprr. 139 W. Apple St. Pliont' 21. ('ounollsvllle, Pa,

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