The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 10, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. COCKIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. AlOXDAY, JUNE 10, 1318. NEW INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT A VETERAN "Sage of Auburn" Has Been Connected With Game Many Years. ., ," Strved Long and Faithfully a* Secretary of National Association of Professional Baseball Clubc-- Has Wide Scope. John H. Ifttrrell. the new president | of the International league. Is some* 1 . thing of u baseball genius. The- "S;ige of Auburn" Is a real vet- j eran in the game, for he has been con-' kected witn baseball {or many years and taere Isnt an angle of the pastime ·which is unfamiliar to him. As secretary of the National Association of Professional Baseball Clubs, Tarrell has served long and faithfully. Many a time his sage advice has ·erred aa a prop to a tottering minoi league, and with Mtte Sexton, the venerable president of the minor league body, Tarrell has been a godsend to the minors. When tbe dnb owners of the disrupted International leagne decided to , reorjtanUe their circuit this spring the first Important thing they set out to do was to find a mm\ capable of tak~ jog charge ot affairs for them. Tbey did not look far, bnt when tbe berth was tendered to Parrell it was done so {With « foreboding that he -would not ;»eeept Hte decision to take over th« aflalrs of the leagne 83 its president ipot new life into the war-weary dub | owner3 and the International league ,w»s sa-"ed to baseball. ' By nierging the International with the New York State league, of which Parrell was president, the circuit was made raore compact than ever before and tbe best paying cities in both leagues now make np the new organization. Farrell now has a wider scope to display bis baseball ability. That^ he will pnll the new leagne through j and eventually put it on a firm basis I Js a iiracttcal certainty, for Parrel!' kocnr what the word "can't" | GREAT BASE RUNNING; f Arthur Fletcher, by fast sprinting and keen judgment, acWev- d a feat seldom accomplished in baseball to a recent game at the Polo Grounds between the Giants and Braves by scoring from first base on a single to Center field by Lew McCorty. Alter Larry Doyle had popped to Herzog, Fletcher singled to deep center, after which Powell mad a great catch of Hofke's ij long drive. On tbe next play ifc McCarty dropped a hit in center J£ field between Powell and Wick- j, land and Fletcher, who started J| with the pitcher's throw, scored | all the way from first. It was a 2 great piece of base running, the «| equal of -which seldom has been 2 seen on any ball field In the ma- 4 jar leagues. Jj '«4*$**$ INSECTS HAVE NO NOSTRILS Sciemingly Conctodod Small Creatures Could Get Along Without That ,HUGH JENNINGS AS MANAGER No man in tire pastime knows more i ball players than Parrel!. He has the i name of every ball player in the minor j leagues at *iis finger tips, and he knows all about every mau jack ot them, ,As president of tbe Xew York State league he dug np many promising p'ayers for his crab owners. His j leaga.* produced such stars as Eddie I Murphy, "Wallie Plpp, Grover Clevc-l land Alexander, Pnvak Scbulte, Heinle Zimmerman, Leon Cadore, Jack Graney, John Evers, Fred Ccmmbe, Leon AmaH. B1U Hinchraan and Steve O'Neill. |Won Three American League Championships With Detroit Tigers In 1907, »08 and TO. . Hugh Jennings, manager of the Detroit Americans, is forty-seven years t old, and was the shortstop of the famous pennant- winning B a l t i - m o r e National league champions Crf 1S94, 1S95 and 1396. Jennings also won t h r e e American league ' ^ c h a m plonshlps ';$ wtth the Detroit Tigers In 19OT, 190S nnd 1909. "B-Tah,". as he is called, managed H ugfa Jennings, the Philadelphia Nationals In 1901, 1002 and the Baltimore Eastern league team 1903-1906. Detroit drafted Jea- Dings from tk BoltliDore £stcra league team. HugMe finished fourth with the Tigers In 1917. Tbe combination of Jennings-Cobb Is always ·rated a pennant factor in the American leagne. All Insects neod air^even tboee that live In water, bnt no tosect has nostrils, or rray opening in the head through -which It breaths. Instead, there Is a row of small openings called spiracles, down each side of its body, one on each segment, beginning with te second or third of the thorax or chest, and extending back to tho tip of the abdomen. The spiracles open Into two air-tubes that extend the length of the insect, one on each side, just within the wall of tbe body. These tubes, are connected in tho thorax by two cross-tubes, and from them smaller tubes diverge. These, in torn, divide and redivide, growing constantly smaller, until the flneet tubes permeate every part of the insect, even the tops of the arten- nae and the joints of the feet. The tubes are known as tracheae, and Bftrve the same purpose that tho limes servs in the vortcbratce; to carry oxygen to the blood and tissues. The enter openings or spiracles, are protected in Tarions ways -- aa for exnto- pte, by a circlet of hairs -- in order to prevent the admission of anything eicept air. If they become clogged by any such substances as oB or grease the insect suffocates- The humming of gnats, the buzzing of flies, and similar sounds, axe produced by the vibration of tho ah* in the spiracles and treachae. -- Youth's Com- U*e« Time Welt The young bustaeee woman wbo works downtown until four o'clock each afternoon passes one afternoon a weefc from fonr iintQ six at a pobtte library reading tfce current zm^jaziaeB and "keeping posted." as she pole It, Nothing Is allowed to interfere with this standing engagement and fcho girl who has tried declares tba~: it Is reaSy quite remarabte what a. lot one can get tnto two hours a when tt to done regularly.--CMcago Nowm. IOE BOEHLING IS BACK WITH OLD SANDLOTTERS DIAMOND · NOTES · Al Waldbaaer, rr»fcle pttcher witli the Griffs, has been* shunted to Atlanta, * * * Otto Lambeth, pitcher of the Cleveland Indians," has been, ordered to report at Camp Punston, . * * Eddie Poster's poor work this spring j Is an Irritating .surprise to his many friends la Washington. * « » Frank Gilhooley's poor hitting with | the Yankees means bench duty for Mm soon, says baseball ramor. » « * John GanzeVs Kansas City team Is draft exempt, and the fans of tfcat town are figuring on a 'pennant. » , * * The Millers received a pair of classy twirlers when they obtained Musser and Robertson from the White Sox. * * * Cleveland, despite its loss of ten players In the military draft. Is moving right along with, the Boston Red Sox. * * * NAMES THAT REALLY SUITED You shMld take a tboro, , .--,,. cleanstag laxative once each month- Decay matter in thr stomach and bowels generates poij^ons tfiat go lo even' part of your body unless re- moved.--HolHster's Rocky Mountain Tea cleans, punfles the stomach and bowels.--Coanellsvine Drug Co.--Adv. Five years ago Joe BoehUng went to "Washington with the Richmond Bat-. tie Ax team, champions of tbe amateur baseball leagne In Richmond, for a series with the Washington amateur champions. Boehling was the star pitcher of the tMTn l and the stnmMing block for the opposition. He set the Waabiogton lads down l£ order. [ One of the tunatenr sporting editors dog up Boehling, and Grin* gave the Richmond Thunderbolt a trial. He made good, and the next year after a poor fttart tnmed In the record string for straight wlos. Then he went to ClerrelaiMl. where he was later released. Jot Boebling, manager and pitcher, Rlcbmond Battle Ax team. Is the address jjrcn by Boehling at present. Ee j to Keklng games with the soldier tarns at the various camps. Joe is «ck with the eamllotters Child Found No Trick at All to Alter the Cognomen* of Her Two Pete. When little Dorothys papa's friend presented to little Dorothy, on her birthday, two tiny, aristocratic, white, fluffy balls of angora kittens, she named them on the spot Doke and Dochees. Time passed »nd the Idt- tens grew into cats and then there came an event. Duke became the mother oZ tour new kittens. "This will never do, my dear," said tittle Dorothy's mamma. "You must find other names for your cata. What will you call them?" Little Dorothy did not answer at once. Instead ehe pandered over the matter all day. Just before bedtdno she went to her mother with the air of one whoso mind has been relieved of a great weight. "I know what ni call them, mamma," she said. "It's quite simple. 'I'll call the one that I first named Doke ·--the mother-cat--I'll calj Marmadake, find I'll call the one I first named Duchees--the papa-cat--111 call him B«n Hur." YES, THE LIBERTY BDND CLUB IS STILL OPEN FOR NEW MEMBERS It is a permanent feature of the service of "The Baak Thai Docs Things for You." Join no-w and get ready for the next issue. ^fO man "wbo work£j and saves c.nd buys a Liberty Bond ieed hang his bead when, the %*." is over. \ $1 a w«ek: buys a $50 bond. Come in £or toll information. Basi 129 TV. Crawford Are, ConneUrrllle. "The Ban* that Does Things lor Too" Chsckin§ Acf\nnts Invited. LJtfle Baseball Betting. New York Is betting little money on b*aeb«U this year. Most of them figure toe Giants a cinch in the NsdonaJ and they don't know a thing about t!»e American and the draft Want* Postseason Games. Manager Eddie Eayrs of the Providence dnb of the Eastern league, j wants to eee a post-season series be-1 tween the pennant winners uf the i Jtastern and new International leagues. SWer In Form. j The great Sister Is playing in old-' rime form. He Is worth man? thon-, Bands of dollars to Owner Bali 01 the gt Lonls Browns. Carrfs a Ctever Catcher. Catcher Eddie Cflrris cf Swarthmore' J* said to be a great catcher. He, can throw accurately and pound the b«n. Biggest Pair of Tu»k». In the stables ot the royal palace at Maxidata?, in Bocmah, there may be Been an elephant with a remarkable pair of tuaks, which tho Bnrmese declare are the largest in the world, says the Wide World Magazine. These gigantic tasks measure as much as seven feet nme inches on tbe outside curve, with a greatest circumference of no lesa than seventeen inches. To naturalists th.e most extraordinary point abotit these tusks, which are still being carried by their owner, la that they virtually touch ttle ground and almost meet. Apparently, however, their owner experiences no inconvenience from these long and cumbrous appendages while taking exercise. As a zoological,curiosity the elephant has naturally attracted wide attention, and tt is said thai several offers have already boen received Cor the tusks when the anima. should see nt to depart this world. Wtteh.ndfrust Company/ ' OPES TO Tie opj^-tnnity of depositing funds with the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania is open to everyone, and prudent is he who avails himself of its advantages. Small amounts, deposited often with us soon accumulate at interest. Your account is invited. This is the Only Bank ia this community, paying 4% on Savings Accounts. My Methods are the Latest and Most Scientific in AH Cases Don't Wait Too Long before you t a k e h^ed of the ·warning''' of disoabo in y o u r bodies, or it may bo too late to le cured. Fur some t i m e I have boon t e l l i n g ) o- In ttiis, p u p e r the sym-ntona of tha- uttcrlj- defftror you- Jieaitli and the mobt vita! organs, u n f i t t i n g i^f« tor Inn work or ploas^re, 3Jan have icccpt- eO advices, and ha\ InK taken t-ptclal Medical treaunent nxc cured mpsn j.n 1 ·women to.a,y! For Blood Diseases Special ties' All Stom.-vch disease'*. Blood dlreascs, Asthma, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Bladder n n d Kidncv rlis- eacs. Nervous cUsoase 1 * and nil disordered conditions of "bnth sexes Dr. R, W. MacKenzie Now; Hotel Conn el Isvlllc, p-v Wednesday Only each "WeelL Hours, 5 a. to- to 5 p. m. THE ?o visit at the Baltimore House Councils"v\He. (noar B i. O station). cmi second floor, every To»^day *ach eek at 9 A M. to S P M Honost Jieliahle S'rvlce Rosaits and Penn.-ment Practice. For men ,tnd % onwn- "Up to date Treatment for ,U1 chrontc nt-'rvou-s cfiroplicn-ted, blood, goneral and specific diseases. Xo raattar w h a t ymir di'wjairo, nee these specialists who often care after o^crs ftil. Consultations fre^ 1 and confidential Terms always rftaaona.ble, \on* Ft+lit WptL "For one year 1 hod been t r ^ a b l r d w i t h severe pain and aching In s t o m - ach and brusk I felt weak and nervous could not Ki^op pood, bod pams In tlmbfl 1 Uiok up treatm«nt w-ith Th« United Speclaiistw ajid a.m now faeling fine," iras. ctovs F JOIUJ^ON*. BOT 477 Wood St.. Belleverncn, Pa. Evury Wetfncarias and Saturday rulso at Kxchang-e Hotel, UnioutowTi BJB IBrasS LfiAGlTE. Yesterday's Besntts. No games; all teajns in the oast. Standing of lie Clubs. W. L. Pet. Chicago 20 12 .707 New York Cincinnati ftttsbnrg Boston Philadelphia St. Louis Brooklyn -- S3 14 .674 _~23 22 .511 IS 22 .163 19 24 .442 18 24 429 18 25 4dO 36 28 .364 Today's Schedule. Pittsfcurg at Brookl-n. Cincinnati at Boston. Chicago at Philadelphia. St. Louis at ,\o»- York, AJDEBICA3T LEAGUE. Yesterday's Ecsults. Boston 2, Cleveland 0. xSt. Louis 5; New York 4. Washington 2; Detroit 0. · Chicago 2; Philadelphia 1. s^Twelvc innings. Standing of the Claljs. W. L. Boston 23 39 Now York 21 19 Chicago Cleveland St. Lotus "Washington 25 . 21 25 26 26 Pet. .601 5S7 .510 .488 .470 395 350 Philadelphia 17 Detroit 14 Today's Schedule. Boston at Chicago. Philadelphia at Detroit. Washington at St. Louis. A reinaly for infection* of the u r j D H r y tract. and will not atnctunj TidifVWJii 1 10 S day*. PRICE S1.2O Sold By Druggists Treatise mtli each bottle or raadcti an request. J-IUTAKED B* THE EVANS CHEMICAL CO, CINCINNATI, a Z*K«r After Commission. Js£k ZeUer, former msennt* 1 In the old Eastern association, is taking a · for appointment tc a coiBmis« in th« army. 8ona EnltsL AB tbree sons of Met Kllroy, stat pitcher of jears back, have enlisted IB ttu sonrict of C'nclo JJaro Deposit of Mineral Salt Experts employed in the department of biological studies of Jleilco have reported that after careful luTCStiga- j tiqn of the lands reclaimed by the dmtnage of Lake Texcoco, In tbe vicinity of Mexico City, there hove been | rendered available lome 30,000,000 of | tons of mineral suits, including com- i mon suit, CQTistlc soda, bicarbonate of ' fiotla, etc., for all nf which there Is a , large demand In the republic In vari- t ons industries. 1 pARAMQUNTJHEATRE I TODAY "A HATE THAT BLENDED INTO LOVE" IS PICTURED IN "TREASURE OF THE SEA" A 5 ACT METRO SCREEN DRAMA OP ROMANCE AND HIGH ADVENTURE. 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I tried scr- ·sral doctors bus they failed to 3o mo any | g jod. As soon aa I commerced to usu , r. Pierce's Fivorilo Presrripfcion, I be , %an to rot better--conJd sVcp niphta 3T,] , that bad,, nervous feeling left, I took -, all three bottles of t,he *FaToritf P"-- acniition.' 3t --iLis. FSANK WASNKI ALL THIS WEEK Return of the PreiUesi of All Musical Shows Jack Roofs "SOME PRETTY BABIES" Featuring Uie Fellow "Who Made the "\Vholc Town Laugh. . Labor Day Week JOE FIELDS ind Ruth Ma.tland, Veronica Lelicy ,-Vuhur Roof, George Hod, and a Gingeiy Chorus, in *'A Tnp Across Lhe Ocean," "Macam Uxcust;" and "Cohan's Cabaret." --TODAY .151) TOJIOKK01 -- \Vhich ^'ould You Prcter to Marry--a Socitfy Cbnp or a Bartender? MARi' PIKiTORD Will Tell You Her Choice in "-UIAH1LLI Or CLOTlll.i. 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C Line sicaiucm vrjtb 1 out cxttx cbarCc The D C Intifinia insure* ihc best m appoinincnts, ci.ii*ae, and rticFtnUni service Safely aud healta prov tiun« arc all that could be desired All t'catBcri are equipped with latest wirelcs ·water it itcnJiicd by ulirn violet ray process Two tplendid vewclb-- City of Macbnac II and City of AJpcaa II--apcfote four u/n« n weei m Mickmac Island. Fron Toledo Monday, end Saturdays JO A hi , Tuesday* and Ihursdaja 6-06 P. M From DCTOH Monday* and Saturday. 5-00 P. M . Wednesdays and Fndaya 830 A M, Send 3 cent tlarop for itluKtraled pamDliItl Greai LakcM map Add-eis L G. LHWIS, G. P. A., 9 TMrtl AvcnuL, Bctroll. Mich. TO HACKIKAC ISLAND Frim KMaki S 9.5(1 Round tni 16.50 From Gettland J 700 Koond uu 12 00 Prom Toltdo J 6 25 aJtripll 00 trom DiKTolE S550 Round inp S!0(«

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