Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 23, 1974 · Page 63
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 63

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 23, 1974
Page 63
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lf)C June 23,1974 SaWav jtt i*M.*H frr SWCK O*«i. »S68 - 37,flQO Wfcles, FouroOOGE Siiajec SS69 - 34BHiws,t. Qae ne» tires. Oa 3««Hi aiiter S t.a5- CAMARO J.T »73. FuM pOu»«r. Air cooei- tioAed v-8 automatic. Racia's. ana nags. m». Pfeone S65-USO after 5'90. CAMARO LT )W3. excellent «000. P*wo« 75S-3W2 c* CAMARO Z-2S. !?73 - Automate. Silver -yay. 43.000. Pfeone StS-1592. CAMARO - !969 - Z-28. Except condi- 'ton, extras. S1.85C. Ptwne 744-4138 ' ' SSW. Pw»e 776-31K. DODGE - 1J71 Sporisroao 390. was Real good. S«». Call 776-13*9 after 6. DODGE 1969 Charfler. best oKer. Call aJSer 5.76S-5769. DODGE !W2 Coil Station Aajcn. air COO- tioneo Automatic transmission Like nea. Asi'jme payments 0* S77 monthly 965-5158. .ing. AM-FM radio. Call after 6:00 P. M. --'i?.? DUSTER - 1970 - Good condition. MOO. Phone 925-7507. CAMARO 1970 - automatic. 6 cylinder, full I · pouter, best offer. 727-2482 ' CAMARO, 1969 - Six cylinder, full power, air conditioned, black, vinyl top. Excel- · lent condition. REDUCED. 925-4592 yCAPlTOfCrSiysler-Plymouth 131 MacCorkle Ave. 5.W. jo. Chas. 744-3401 Car City Motors · Large Selection of Used Gas Savers "Right Next Door to the Goodwill Store" 1112 Washington St. E. 346-3692 Charleston's Most Convenient Bank THE BANK OF WEST VIRGINIA Tennessee Ave. and Roane St. 144-1621 CHEVELLE. 1965 SS - Cragarj. $425. Phone 984-3234 alter 5. CHEVELLE. 1968 - Low, low mileage. S900. 346-1264. after 5 weekdays. CHEVELLE-SS 1973. Vinyl roof. 350 auto- "uiatic, stereo tape, tilt steering wheel, -wide ovals. 8,500 miles. Very good condi- "tion. i2,600. 965-5721 alter 6. ":; 72 CHEVROLET CAPRICE 2"door hard top, V-8 engine, automatic · trans., power steering, power brakes, fac- 'tory air cond., AMFM stereo radio, "WSW tires, wheels covers, tinted glass, -green with green vinyl top, 39,000 miles J2795 Harvey Shreve Ford Rt. 60 West ; 727-4306 CHEVROLET CAPRICE 1973 4 dr. hardtop, 'cruise control, air cond., power steering, -400 engine. General Truck Sales, W. Va. 'ijenworth Charleston Ordnance Center, 'South Charleston, 744-1321 After 6 pm ^76-2026. CHEVROLET Impala 1971 - Four door Se- *dan. Gold with black vinyl top. Air condi- '"Uoned. Excellent condition. 744-2548. CHEVROLET IMPALA 1967. 1250. 925-4211 .alter 5 p.m. CHEVROLET 1957 tour door, 4 speed, 5250. DON'T PAY MORE for an auto loan than 1 you have to. Call KANAWHA VALLEY BANK. 343-7300. DUSTER 1971 - Power brakes andstcer- ing. Radio, new tires. S1300. To settle es tate. 755-1561. EXCEPTIONAL 74 Ford Custom dub wagon, 12 pass, air condition, power steering brakes. 30! V8, automatic transmission, beautifu Beige and bronze finish, low mi!e«ge, remainder of factory warrant tAVE TOM RHULE MOTORS 249 First Avenue, Nitro, W. Va. 727-964 FALCON 1961 -2 door wagon. Excellent mechanical condition. «75. After 5, 727-1710 FALCON. Sports Coupe, 1946. Bucket seats Vinyl top. Factory air conditioning. SI cylinder standard. Good condition. M75 965-3264. FOR SALE: Mustang 1968, 219 automatic good condition, one owner. M50.925-6105 FORD Cortina 1968. Fair condition. Low m leage. J400. 344-7531 evenings. FORD ECONOLINE VAN 1967, 1900. 925-3402 FORD LTD 1969, small engine, good gas m leage, power steering, power brakes. E: cellent condition. 1700. Call 925-3456. Ford 1965-Country sedan V-l, automatl power brakes, power steering. 949-1561 FORD 1966 LTD, 4 door hardtop, pow* brakes, power steering, excellent runninj condition. 1295. 727-8870 after 4:30 week days. GALAXIE 500, 1974 - 351. 6,000 miles. Ai power brakes and steering. 19 to 20 mlli per gallon. 13,900. Call 1-442-9818,6 to 6: evenings only GREMLIN 1972. Good condition. Call be fore noon. 11750. 344-3865. GTO Pontlac 1966,350 engine 1970 model, good condition. Take over payments J27.M per month. 727-8337 or 722-2024. -J7M56K ___ _ CHEVROLET 1963, 2 door BelAir, mechani- 'cally sound, new battery. S200. 343-0659. CHEVROLET, 1967 Impala J200. Good mo- ,tor and transmission. 4 new tires. Needs + slicker. 768-2307 after 6. _ CHEVROLET, 1963wagonand 1965Chevro- -lel. Call 342-0477. _ CHEVY II 1967. White. Super. Excellent In" side, outside. S1600 or trade on station wa- ^gon or old pickup. 965-6489. _ CHRYSLER Imperial 1969, radial tires, all .power equipped. Extra nice car. S1500. T 744-2995. ____ C H R Y S L E R 1963 - Runs good. $150. »346-0183 alter 5 p.m. _ CHRYSLER 1964 Newport. $400. 51,000 ac- ]*tual miles. Power accessories. 342-0281. * CLEAN CARS-OUR MOTTO I; GRAHAM MOTORS 2344 Pennsylvania Ave. Phone 346-0751 ~C"OLETS CORNER _Gorner of Winfleld Teays Valley Rd. ·,, St. Albans exit 1-64, 755-4013. 'CORVAIR CORSA 1966. Two door hardtop. -Four speed. New inspection and tires. ^Best offer. 755-2566. _ Cqfvalr Monza-- complete restoration, no' * tust. A-l shape. 727-4525 after 5. - l~968~good condition. $475. INTERNATIONAL Travelall 1970-V-I-39 engine. Radio, heater, air condltionln power steering, brakes. White, low m leage. 11,995. 768-3324. Your Astrological Forecast By Sydney Omarr fcvfcfc far!* owner. Aw, power, SiTi i»-W77 Torautdo W73 -- tesioter. 727-M57. Truck Sates *. Va. Kttunol*, Otoriestas Qr*a*c« Center M Soul* C»*ri*vU». 744-1321. OLOSMOiBUJE B41 - S*U *r best o«er.| PL YAAQUTH Wt RoMkuawir - 3(3 mag- Piooe 9KrUU. j euso, automatic, *e* tires, Keystowe OU*»*oaiL£ M66 Cutlass CoonertiWe - nags. Lo» taiieage. tl2». 7P-34K. f*o*er steeriog, aUkunatic transmissian IPOKTIAC Catattna W71-1200 and take oxer GTO1961 - S900. Call Days 1-541-5636. Aft 9 P.M. 965-5J7J. FORECAST FOR MONDAY Aries who surprised me with his knowledge of literature: George Jessel. Aries who delighted me with her support of astrology: Bette Davis. Taurus who showed me he had an ironic sense of humor: Joe Louis. Taurus whose interest in astrology and allied subjects never wavers: Glenn Ford. Cancer who won me with flattery. Delia Reese. Aquarian who did the same thing: Phyllis McGuire. Ditto Kim Novak. These are some of my Zodiac People. How do you like them? ARIES (March 21-April 19): Elusiveness is featured. Persons who should be "available" are apt to do a disappearing act. Be ready to utilize alternatives. Delays are on agenda but could boomerang in your favor. Obviously, patience now Is an ally. TAUIUS (April 20-May 20): Money figures prominently in special relationship. Organize. Get priorities in order. Accent Is on change and creativity. Mate or partner may exhibit expensive tastes. Stand tall for principles and quality. GtMWI (May 21-June 20): Don't be in too much of a hurry to close deal, especially where real estate, land enter picture. Review documents. Legal loopholes could be present. Protect yourself. Sweet-talk Is fine but get assurances in black and white. CANCER (June 21-July 22): New contacts, challenges could leave you a bit uneasy. This is only temporary; confidence will build. Accept challenge; be flexible. Leo, Aquarius persons may be in picture. Relative delivers important message -- in person or by telephone. LEO(July23-Aug.22): You are able to put together' material which results in gain, profit. Intuitive intellect plays par- KELLEY "SEZ' 744-8731. -: Crown Ford §t-. 119 South of Clendenin 965-1864 G0TLASS Supreme 1969-air, new sticker. ·»ilOOO. 727-3922 after 6. ._ CUTLASS - 442, 1969. 4 speed, new tires, "Cragar mags. Good condition, si,300. ." 7;;-4349. * DODGE Dart Sport 1973 - two door, 6 cylinder, automatic, JlOO and take over pay ments. 755-4952. DODGE DEAMON 1972, red with black vinyl top, Slant 6 cylinder, standard transmission. $1850. 776-1453. DODGE ROYAL Sportsman Van 1971 D- 200. Price $2,395. 1-937-2503. 'it's Vacation Time" FOR THAT TRIP TO THE BEACH 1971 CHEVROLET Klngswood Estate Station Wagon, full equipment -- cool air conditioning J1997 FOR A BACKWOODS MOUNTAIN CAMPING TRIP.... 1972 CHEVY BLAZER CST, 4 wheel drive, all extras Including trailer hitch A/C and Tape deck ; .': $3217 OR JUST A DRIVE TO GRANDMAS 1973 PONTIAC CATALINA 4 dr., a beautiful gold low mileage fully equipped family sedan $3179 FOR AN ECONOMICAL FUN CAR FOR WEEKEND TRIPS 1970 FORD MAVERICK 2 dr., 6 cyl., standard trans. Blue S1095 1970 wv Blue, 4 speed, this little bug runs on vapors $1079 1972 CHEVROLET Nova, 6 cylinder, 3 in the floor. A real sharp clean car, only .$2095 WHENEVER YOU THINK OF A VACATION AUTO THINK OF KELLEY REED PONTIAC INC. MacCorkle Ave., (Rt. 60) Between South Charleston and St. Albans 768-0045 amount role. Folio* through oa hunch. Aquarian is in picture. Romantic notion* may not be based on anything solid. Give logic a chance to operate! VlftGO (Aug. 23-$ept. 22): Cycle is such that emotional border, is removed. You experience greater freedom of thought, action* horizons expand. Travel opportunity presents :tsetf. You have more fun than in recent past. Sagittar ian might be involved LIMA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): What you feared is brought out in open -- and you benefit. Check details. Build on solid base. Be grateful that way is cleared for advancement. Express gratitude to those who have been loyal. Closed-door meeting may be on agenda. SCOtMO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): You are able to fulfill major ambition. Key is willing ness to accept change, to analyze, to detect subtle nuances. Friend is in picture and emotional fulfillment is featured. Material gain will catch up -know it and don't despair. SACITTAftlUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Glamor, romantic notions, relationships that intensify -- these are highlighted. Nothing is apt to occur halfway; it is all or nothing. Know it and prepare accordingly. Taurus, Libra persons are involved. CAPftlCOftN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): See in light of reality. Don't fall for "sob story." Refuse to be emotional doormat for any person. Emphasis is on making necessary changes, protecting your interests and refining techniques. Pisces, Virgo may be involved. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. II): Time now to organize. Responsibilities no longer can be ignored. Experience and challenge combine to provide stimulation. Accent is on cashing in, getting an accounting, taking inventory. Become familiar with stock and values. PISCES (Feb. 19-March20); Finish old business - strive to reach more persons. Pace slows and you have chance to re-establish contacts. Give attention to persons who aids, means much to you. You will get chance to advance. Key is to know how to let go of losing proposition. IF TODAY IS TOOK IIRTHOAY you have fine voice, sense of drama. You are artistic, restless, loyal to family, affection.- iate and have a sweet tooth. Diet Is important -- so is current domestic situation, which is due to be adjusted. Change of residence or remodeling has been discussed and comes to a head in September. Taurus, Libra persons play significant roles in your life. iair coodJlioo-. iSM. 345-MOi- OUDSMOBILE W65 - Detta W. four new; tires, oew battery, good won. car, *ISf- 346-5638. payo-coitsu ExceUert cooditiaa. 3444532 or After 5:30 727-7W3. PONTIAC teMaas, »7I. ExceUeil coodi- tion. $1100. 346443? eveotngs. OLDSMOB1LE vm Vista Qvsier station wagoa power steering, power brake*, air' condition, automatic transmission, low mileage - $AVE KEITH BATEMAN USED CARS Nitro end of St. Aitaas bridge 727-2945 OLDSMOBILE 1973 - Cutlass Supreme - 4 door _edan, V-« engine. Automatic transmission, power steering, brakes, factory air, radio, S3,195. 744-1730. PONTIAC »966 Veoiura - Good condition. $300. Pfaone 343-231Z RAINES MOTORS ACROSS FROM SEARS 220 Va. St. E. Phone 34MW1 fwfafc **»-»«*-* *MI tape **»*«*. «·. IMI SlawUrt SM*. 3 VM*. 3M-IW. tiaro tad at SI WZ Grand TeriM). 44oor. 1UW. DATUN - C*« ROSS Harriso» »134MV43, ttounta»M»rOajsy*Jac. CORVETTE convertible IWUMack art wfcite, ejicetteut coodcUaa. CORVETTE Coupe 1972.451 Low mileage. Loaded. Sesi offer. Call 3tt-*27» after 6.90 p.m. fXWE Buooy - "** Volkswagen «*9 : -* CaHoefcreS, CORVETTE - W43 - Late model hood, new engine 327-340 HP. Four speed, silver and black, new carpet custom lift-off hardtop. tJ.100. After 3:30, 717-5112. OLOSMOBILE 197C 442, New motor, brakes, shocks, alternator, starter and tires. Exterior fair condition, interior excellent slTOO. 342-5700. RAMBLER, 1»43, * cylinder/ standard. Runs very good, needs battery. 744-3000, 744-1000, 34MI»7, unit Hi. OLOSMOBILE, W4 Cutlass - Mag wheels. Looks like new. Stereo tape. S695. OLOSMOBILE, 1»72 Custom Cruiser Power steering, power brakes, air condi Honing. 13,700. Call after 5 p.m., 755-7145. OPEL 1970. Excellent condition. il,0»5. 925-5240. PATRICK PLAZA DODGE Enter At K-Mart - 344-I3H REBEL Rambler Station Wagon 1944. Air and power. M75. 744-4171. ROYAL OLDSMOBILE "The Dealership Thaf s Different" Patrick Plaza 344-1*71 STUDE BAKER 1N5 - Cruiser. Runs good, body good. Best offer. 744-9331. PINTO Runabout, 1972, sun roof, automatic trans, low mileage, like new -- JAVE TURNER MOTORS Nitro, W. Va. Ken Turner, owner 727-4011 PINTO, 1973 station wagon - Deluxe trim, automatic transmission, air conditioned. Low mileage. 13.000. 727-8106. · PINTO, 1974 Runabout - 6,400 miles. Automatic transmission, vinyl roof. Good gas mileage. tt.7M. 755-5971, 1-M2-9465. TAG GALYEAN OF HURRICANE HURRICANE, W. VA. 727-5*1 TAG GALYEAN, INC. Va. Truslow Sis. Phone 342-1M TORINO 1971 automatic. Air. Radials. 30, 000 miles. One owner. S1700. 1-595-2939 1-595-2176. Town Country CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH 1202 Fayette Pike, Montgomery 442-9506 local 949-1416 NO Tol PLYMOUTH DUSTER 1973, 10,000 miles, power steering, power brakes -- JAVE KEITH BATEMAN USED CARS Nltro end of St. Albans bridge 727-2945 PLYMOUTH Duster 1970. Power steering. Air. Good condition. 11495. 344-3921 days. 925-7131 evenings. * PLYMOUTH Fury -1972,4 door, air condi tioned, power steering, brakes and cruise control. 761-6192. 744-4611. 88-AnttfMbilti lor Sole PLYMOUTH 19M Valiant - Good condi lion. Power steering. S675. 761-9372. PLYMOUTH 1969-Trade or sell. Good con. dition. 344-1100. VEGA GT Hatchback 1972. Four speed. Ra dio. Good condition. 342-9566 or 3464062 VEGA - 1974. Hatchback. 11,000 miles. Ex cellftnt condition. 21 miles per gallon Standard shift. 12495. 3434201. VEGA 1972 GT - Cragar Mags, headers good gas mileage. »1450. 344-9301. VEGA, 1974 - 1400 and assume payment: Power steering, automatic. 753-5955. S8-ANtom«Mlts F*r Sole JEALOUS WIFE Must sell beautiful 1973 Camaro, solid black, front and rear spoilers, stereo, headers. Holler, traction bars, air shocks, new tires with Cragars. Sacrifice 3,200. 768-4003, after 6. MERCURY 1946. Two door, trl-passenger coupe. For sale M50. 1-541-6322. JEEP 1970 Wagoneer, standard transmltsion, 6 cyl. power steering, Warn hubs, radio, good condition. Reg. $2200 Our price CASH $1695 INTERSTATE EQUIPMENT CO. Rt. 34 at 1-64 Winfleld Exit 9 755-4343 after 6 p.m. 727-8383 JEEP, 1972 CJ-5,9,000 miles. Can be seen at Casdorph Curry Funeral Home, St. Albans or phone 727-4351. JEEP, 1973 - CJ-5 with V-8 engine, all steel top. $2,500. 755-2827. JOE HOLLAND CHEVROLET South Charleston Z44-1561 MERCURY 1971. - All power ,,., tionlng. $1600. 344-3879 after 6:00. condl- MONTE CARLO - 1972 all power, $t,900. 965-1391. MONTE CARLO 1972, power steering, pow er brakes, vinyl top, air condition, low low mileage - SAVE KEITH BATEMAN USED CARS Nltro end of St. Albans bridge 727-2945 PONTIACS NEW-DEMOS 1973 GRANDVILLE 4 H.T., loaded with factory extras, Porcelain Blue ...". SAVE $2030.00 1973 CATALINA 2 H.T., Slate green, fully equipped SAVE J1S09.00 KELLEY REED PONTIAC INC. MacCorkle Ave. (Rt. 60) Between South Charleston and St. Albans 7M-0045 VINCE PATERNO'S PARK PONTIAC 500 WASHINGTON ST. EAST MONTE CARLO 1972. Power steering and brakes, air, tape, vinyl top, 14,000 mllei. $2900. 342-0029. WILL TRADE 1971 LTD Wagon, ful equipped, for late model truck of equ value. 984-1564. 1973 NOVA - 6 cylinder. Automatic, pbwe steering. $2295. Call after 6. 761-2715. MONTE CARLO 1973 - Air, power steering, power brakes. AM/FM stereo tape. I Till steering wheel. $3000.346-9082 after 5. 170 FORD Maveridk, local one owner. Real ··-.. jilftC Sharp! "« MONTE CARLO, 1972 - White with black vinyl top. Air conditioning, power brake*, II steering, 350 engine, fake over pay-H ments. 1-743-3449. MUST£ELL - $300, assume payments.I! 1973 Vega Station Wagon. 345-0426. Childers NITBO, W. VA.-755.8165 LANDER'S Chevrolet HURRICANE, W. VA. 727-7031 LOW COST AUTO LOANS The National Bank of Commerce 348-4561 MALIBU 1966, 8 cylinder, standard transmission, good condition. $650. Call 343-7720 after 3:30. MUSTANG II, Metallic green, 1974, with standard transmission, radial tires, radio speakers. Many extras. Call 1-548-5605.|| Evenings. MUSTANG 1970 convertible. Excellent con-|| dltlon. Phone 776-2611. NOW ON DISPLAY 1974 AMERICAN MOTORS CHfUSUI-PUMOUTK ANODODGITIUCKS Honaker's Garage, Inc. 1974 DODGE DARTS Brand new.. as low a s . . . $2825 HOLMAN DODGE, Nttro, W.Va. 727-7762, 727-4416 WQukriLM Price Used Cits 73 DUSTER V-S, power steering on d brakes, dark gray with black vinyl interior, super mag wheels and tires. K 0 ! ......'2495 I SURFACE CHEVROLET I C*MCretk 949-2(13 ORVETTE 1«M - Excellent condition. Yellow, Mack top. All new exhaust sys tern. New brakes. New paint. S3400 744-6400. ORVETTE 1*72 - Nice and clean. Good condition. New tires. S5400. 949-449*. oivette 1972, automatic, power steering, air, 2 tops, good condition. $4900. Call aft er 5 1-3*9-0201. ORVETTE 1973 Silver metalflake. Four speed 350. Very sharp. 16,000. Phone 925-9320, ask for Ed. PEUGEOT DIESELS ARE SELLING FAST New Supply Due In This Week Test Drive the Car that Got 37.3 miles per gallon VILLAGE AUTO SALE J^VS 5 T06 KEPT Mi STQC* ATSUM »72 oxxtet 5» SUM. PtaoeMMffl ATSUW 140 Z W7J. ExceUeo* coodrtiao. S3MO. TiS-MW. HJKE BUGGY. 1966. Convertible top and roll bar. Motor needs overhauled. HBK- Riding lawn mower. 1 HP Elednc start. S150. 965-3641. LAT124 Sports Coupe. 1972. Excellent condition. 11900. 346-10*4. FIAT 1969 124 Station Wagon. N*w sticker. New paint. s700. Boesch Gu». 744-4210. FORO Cortina - 1969. Automatic transmission. Radio. MOO. 776-1494, 7764567. KANAWHA VALLEY'S NEWEST VW DEALER FRANK CRINITI VOLKSWAGEN 401 1st Ave.. Nitro. W. Va^ 727-29I6 MGMIDGET -1972 - Excellent condition. Orange with black top. New tires and many extras. $1,200 and take over payments. 346-3415. MG MIDGET 1971. Good running condition, si 100. Phone 543-2515. MGB 1971 - Blaze color, wire wheels, 31,000 miles. Best offer. Phone 949-1119 after 6 p.m. MGB, 1947 red Roadster, wire wheels. Last of the fast MG's before mission control. After 6 D.m.. 761-7756. PEUGEOT 1971 304. tWO. 342-5215 PORSCHE, 1960 - 356-B Cabrolet. SS50. Phone 342-4791. ' PORSCHE/AUDI An excellent selection of new 1974 Porsches and Audis now in stock. Trade-ins welcomed. Call or see . . . TIM BROWN. J. M. FOWLER orJIMWEGMANN « * JIM WEGMANN'S » KANAWHA PORSCHE/AUDI, ING. 2125 MacCorkle, St. Albans OPEN: daily 1:30-9 Sat. 1:30-5 ; RENAULT R-IO 1961 Automatic transmit; Mlon. Low mileage. t*00. 342-0947. MEHOLUMICHE«MLET WELCOMES INC. 3900 MacCorkle Ave. 925-6627 Kanawha City WANT A 35 MIES / PER GALLON · Set Mr toft sdtctiMS *f Iwmlti Vl^eAUTOStES.iC. 3700 itvCMXLE AVE. MMNMOTY925-fi627 MUSTANG 1973. 351 Cleveland. Headers, mags. Factory tape. Low mileage. Cus-|| torn paint. Much more. Call 755-3808. IL f 2-M H4tM, i. VL- n»M »M581 M mi HM It. 3S LiSTM MAVERICK 1970. Excellent condition. 6 cylinder standard. $1050. 984-9046, 949-1977. MERCURY Comet 1965, runs good, $250. 949-3274 after 5. MERCURY 1970 Montego - four doors, air conditioning, good tires, A-l condition. $1,100. 727-1268 days, after 5, 768-3897. MUSTANG 302 BOSS - Headers, Mags, factory tape. Must sell! 1-548-3203. MUSTANG, 1966, 6 cylinder automatic. ! 37,000 actual miles. $525. 755-3493. NOVA 1968 - Six cylinder, four door, excellent condition. $750. 346-9043. 1-837-3414. OLDS DELTA 88, 1973, 4 door, air conditioned, $2400. General Truck Sales W.Va. Kenworth, Charleston Ordnance Center in South Charleston. 744-1321. VOLKSWAGEN SALES SERVICE Rollyson Motors, Inc. There's a ferand new Ford dealership in the Kanawha Valley East of Charleston on Rt. 119 at the Marfnet City Limits. We now have new 74 Ford cars and Trucks for sale. See us today or phone'925-2840. SALES DEPf. NOW OPEN "WE WANT TO MAKE YOU HAPPY" JIM ROSS JR. Joe Holland Chevrolet in South I I Charleston takes this opportunity to I announce the appointment of Mr.I Jim Ross J r. to their automobile sales | 1 staff. Jim is married to the former Carol I I Munday of Cross Lanes and has two! 1 children, Lisa 4 arid Michael 171 months. A native Charlestonian Jim I and family have just moved from] I Southwestern Virginia. Jim would like to. invite you in to I see all the great new and used cars! rand trucks Joe Holland has to offer:! Stop by today at 210 MacCorklel 1 Ave. in South Charleston or phone] 744-1561 SUNDAY NEW 1974 VALIANT 4 Door PER MONTH Cash Price $3546, down payment S246 A.P.R. 10.88 Tax and title not included. 42 months with a p p r o v e d credit. NEW 1974 VALIANT DUSTER fc5ftjji.iii.» -- -TI--. i." i ._-ij-^T J -i.^i'J^'"T'^:-fc^ _*--?rz^.."·»";^----. _^~. BONUS TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES Cosh Price S2950, Down Payment SI 95, A.P.R. 10.88 Tax and title not included. 42 months on approved credit. EXTRA SALESPEOPLE TO ASSIST YOU NEW 1974 OUTH SATELLITE PREPARED TO BUY MONTH Cash Price 53226,1 down payment! S200 A.P.R. 10.88,1 Tax and title not in ; j eluded.-42 months! with approved! credit. W. VA.'S NUMBER 1 CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH DISCOUNT DEALER USED CARS 744-9411 NEW CARS 744-3401 131 MocCorkltAv«nut South Chorltstofi

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