The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 27, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1930
Page 4
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T i n ' R S f i A Y , FL'/JKL'AKY L'7, im',0. DAILY COURIER, COKNE ..LSV1LLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. M i l l e r , Kmmo. Mario under county Town- card COMMENCEMENT IS PLANNED BY EAST HUNTINGDON HIGH of Seniors Who Will at Term's Close Are A n n o u n c e d . FUNDS NEEDED FOR POOR FOLK ^P t; ! t ' i Th' 1 i 'minor. DA! K, Kolx 27. --Plans are. for he r-ommoiicomcnl exor- nf the i-MBi H u n t i n g d o n Towns h i p J l l R l i .School. The f o l l o w i n g If? u l i s t of iho m c m b o r b of the senior clahs ·who \ v i l l j r . u l u a t e If they meet tho r e c i u i r e i i K t i t H u n t i l th? ck*o of school: Joe Myeiv, J o h n Kord, .lames Frey, IMHford VI AC t, OKii-IiM ICiclmr, .lames Crcfcby, C l i f f o r d Crosby. Baklridpo Prill-;. Jarnet Anr,ell, Alfred Ixivo, 1). II. P f o u t / , K t p i e Keefor, Paul Koos«r, \VullritT K u h n , W i l l i a m MxlMgar, K i i R e n o Kvai «, Cecil M i l l e r , tieorpe A H i l K , WilH(.ni H i l l . C a t h e r i n e Fox, DorotlH I . o i f l i t y , U o r t h y Keller, Imo- gi'iie C i i i v n n , W i n i f r e d L y n c h , Cather- pne Spoilt, Viol.t Tail, Mabel Myer, A n n a t/ee- Thoma^, Kayo Ulanclie I'Yfi-t, H u l l s I.owe, liake-r, .Marie Cranu r and .Stoker. I'lan fur Couiib" Contests. The CounU llciului^ (.'onie«t w i l l bra held at K«u-t H n n t i n g v l o n T o w n s h i p H l R h SfhcKil on March 21. The d r l v L K - r s :)re w o r k i n g Mii-s Hoi'ty. for the ( o i n i n g coiitc*l.i. T if J h s t debate is IHITK v^rsiiK K,i^l H u n t i n g d o n s h i p JHK| it i v i l l be held on M a r c h IS. On March U\ i,atrobe and Bant H u n t - iiiiicloii To»n.-.hij w i l l moot and on A p r i l ·! M o u n t Pleamuit end H u n t i n g d o n w i l l meet. Both affirma- t i \ o anl u f c j a t i v e toains w i l l be s;e- in a i r \ v days. 1'roveotK for (Clarity- SiKtort; held tt benefit p a r t y i.t the MOOMO Hall last evn- t h e j'ocredh to po *o the A«- p o c i a t e l Chi ritie'.. (Hie half of t h e net p r o f i t H of th · graJo operetta, to bo pro- scntel in tho Stmnd Theatre this even i n g w i l l al'.o go to the Associated C h c i r l t i e t . The AMO 'idled Charities in still in need of money. Ove-r Sli families have loen ander the \ v l n g of thiB c r s a n i x a t i o i ' d u r i n t ; tho w i n t e r . At the p r t f . e n t t i n i ^ f o u r families in dire btuiii;hir have illnefis among their member-, in d the c h a r l t i c B arc payinj? for m e d i c i n e , tho proper food and a physician, dome physicians give tholt en \ ices a .xirt of tho tlm-o b u t most of .hotu are busy and cannot be aakod to do thif, .vork free all of the time. A n o t h e r f a m i l y was taken on yesterday where/ * h o father, out ot work for pome time, is ill, ami the younger child in c r i i i w U l y 111. Not for m a n y years have those in ·charse been so prcubed for clothing to k«ep chi d r e n properly dressed tio as to keep i hem in BChool. There has 'been d u r i n p tho winter a special effort on the part of those in charge to f u r second hand clothins; or whoro is not po.-*tt)lo uL Ictiet buy new ciothing so that tliey mi(?)u 1xi kept in *chool. ThU, hah been a d r a i n on the "treasury. Scoot Troop Meets. Troop Nf. 5 of tlic Boy Scouts of .America, eivorifcored by the Seottdalo Volunteer fire Department, met latt evening at tho borough building, with 27 m«mber:. prosent. "Iko" Hollinson, chairman of tho committee, and Cecil Jxmekti, u l i o a. commltteeman, wore present. '1 ho boys were put through flrst aid w rk. Tvo of the boys assisted C. C. Brown, deputy^game warden, in feexl- tng at Croe H i l l jjanit- reserve. Those Txy« were Karl Mobtotttor and D w i g h t Stoner. Tliis tronp is Tiiukinj; rapid btrlifis and is fa«i coming to the- front in scouting. Eniortiilus KebokaJis. Scottdttle y e t e i ' l a y a f t e r n o o n enter- 1ai7ied t l i c I'iiet Noblo Grands of tho llebi'kalw of \Vestmorelanl County in ·the Odd K f l l o w n Hull. Mrs. Emma 1/ong \Vf.ivt»r cf Young-wood wa.s floctexl H e u r e t u r y and wa« Installed by JVlrti. Maudt! f.utinau and Mrs. Tena Ciibboney, oth pant d e p u t i e n . MlfiS Grace Spr UKCT of Kcottdalo entertained with readings and at tho close of tho mating refreshments wore served by Chairman Mre. Ada Murray and her committee of past noble graiuls of Seottdalo. Horaf Owner Still .Hissing 1 . Chief of tho Scotttlalo Volunteer yiro Oepa~tnient Howard Beegl« id still lookiu,^ for Charles lieMartina of 319 Jenul! g.s avoiiuo at whose homo t h e r e wue a fire early Tuesday morn- ins, e« t h a t ho may umke a report of the flro to Jiarrisburg, but so far he ho been unable to 11 nd him. Neighbors! stato that they «aw the family in the hoi ste on Monday e'vening but Tuesday rrorning following the fire t h e y could not bo found, and an yet have not been located by tho chief. At County Legion Meeting 1 . Paul B Porter. Eld in Ci. Ikuighorty, Kalpla O. Byars and Harold Krltsdigau )'opros«nte 1 Seottdalo at the American 3.0f;ion C ' o . i a t y Count 11 m-eoting hehl in J Dannot le Ja^t evening. San Juan Canal Impossible French Engineer Declares By HE.VK r CT'MMIXO I'mtecl PresiS Si iff Oorrespoiiflont. PARIS, }-Vb. '7.-- The persistent American I r c u m of c u t t i n g A new rana! f h r o u t r l i ( i - n t r a l America by way of ( h o San .1 t a n Kiver and Cake Nicaragua w i l l m ver inatorUU'ue, ae- i o r d i n t f to thr 1 r o n c ' i e n g i n e e r , M. P h i l i p p e - Bun;vu-\ i r i l l n . A l t h o u g h the i cpht to construct a Xicarag-irm t-iinal wtvs c o n f e r r e d on tho United Statw- iu 1916, M. Bunaii- Varilla fcols th it t h e ' f o r m i d a b l e menace of volc;ini«' activity t h r o u g h o u t thn territory huolvwl w i l l forever defy (he efforts o e n g i n e e r s to d u p l i - cate in Nicaragua tho feat of tho l T nitpd States On ornment Canal Commission in Pana na. I m p o r t a n t but lesBer difficulties pointed out by the veteran French e ifjinepr w o u l d bo the greatly increased elevation of the Continental divide i i Nicaragua, which reaches a height of nearly 1300 feet at Tamboreito, compared to tho JOS-foot elevation ot t t i e I inious O u l e h i a summit in P a n a m a ; and the t e d i o u s and u n c e r t a i n work necessary to d r a i n I/ake N i c a r a g u a . I t w i l l Ixi rwa led that M. B u n n u Varilla played a sjroat and frequently dramatic part In the gaining of the Panama concef-si m for llu U n i t e d States, Now u \ hite-hairetl, reminiscent, but still vi ry active, old gentleman, he conjured up for tho United Preae the clite-t vents of his younger and a d v e n t u r o u s J a j s . Interested for ears in the struggling anI Impoverish d Fre-nch company under do Leesep , buildor of the Suez Canal, M. H u n a n - V a r H I a foresaw the collapse of his o u n t r y ' s hopce, and net about tha (as v of t h w a r t i n g - power- I'ul German bids for the canal rights. iTe allied lilmse f w i t h Amot-ican interests, lectured hroughout tho Uiillwl State* in favor of the Panama M!e against that of iiu rival Nicaraguaa MOTHER SUPERIOR AND 12 CHILDREN BURNED TO DEATH Trapped in I n d i a n Boarding School In Manitoba; 91 Llvrs S TALES TOLD OF HEROISM By O ilted Prrsa. THE PAS, M*n.. Feb. 27.-- A «moh(t- blackened exp, nse of brU'k v.;ill, shaped lika tv r ule crises, stood l o d n y arnonj; the a^slx » of Ute CI».H Lake Indian Boarditi' School In the MUIW- landa 100 mll»Hi northontt of here an a m o t h e r sujK-rlor and ·11 -.vti') ditxl in tho flro ho school c u r l y Tuos- cenotaph to i h 10 IneJian c h l M i that ticKJtroyei] tlay. The ragged oft- in the ruin*, V,UK a monument a so ID tho liravery of th* f o u r nun.: n a h'Tt-plUil horu and proposition, ;ind mntc to a vvritlon agreement of i n t o r n a t i o n . i l r i g h t s in t h n propose*! can«l xono w l l h Socro- lary of Slate John H a y . Them tho flr»work.s hogAn. B u n a u V a r l l l n , well aware of HIP lMu,ion e x i s t i n g betv/con n a t i v o f u e l i o n « of thr d i s r u p t e d t e r r i t o r y , was largely 1n~ s t r u i u e n t a l in persuading Roosevelt to have the gunboat N u a h v i l l a K e n t f r o m Jam;iic«. to Colon to pr«norvo- order in case of revolution. And tho "revolution" was not long in coming Tho Colombian Semito refused to r a t i f y tho treaty signed in J a n u a r y , 1!03 which grantc-d c*nal rights in Panama to the United Slalc-s. In November of (.lie same year the iml«rati- i;abb Bunau-Vnrllla--rasincer, lecturing volcanologist, filihuster, diplomat and maker of treaties--had succeeded in convincing the natives of Panama that secession from Colombia would bo eafij-, profita'blo and tloodlees. The rest of the story is well-known ·--how the gunboat arrived lees than 21 l o u r s before the outbreak of thr insurrection--and whoso presence turned the prospect of a bloody revolt into a parade of shouting and flag- waving nativ-e*. Colombian «olllers are reported to have fired a few shots, and two Chinamen "were undoubtedly killed d u r i n g the affair; hut It has never been established that Hie slant- eyec. Orientals were not destroyed by an explosion of t h e i r own mysterious conooctioiie. A'ter the newly created republic of Panama had granted to the United Stales perpetual control of a s t r i p of land 10 miles wide along the oanal rou;o, M, Bunau-V'arilla forsook the moia exciting role of "instigator ot bloodless fitrife" to become one oC tho chief engineer* of t h e Canal Commission which finally dug tho big d i t c h . Hyla MOOKO, I t ; Nancy Flett, 11; Marine Scott, n i n e ; Jla C r a i l , r i g h t ; Ann Crane, e i g h t ; ( M e m p n t e Cook, ecY'sn; Christie HOPS, seven, and one whose nnmo was not loarned. The boy was Etnil Dtimos, seven. Loss w«s estimated at $200,000, In- cUHlngschool etiolpnaent and furnishings. Sfeter Sainte Marie Jospjih of thi Sacred Heart Convent ut St. Boniface, Man., head of the Obllate Order of which the 1/ake Cross elnterB were meabers, was on her wav north to- daj. She planned to go U Crowh 1/ake hy dog team after reaching Mile 137. After ehe tirrlvew the t u s k of got- t l n ? the Indian boye and girls to their homes will begin. It. may be two months before it is completed as some of .hem live 400 tulles away in the v f l - deiness. It was «aid the sinters p l a n to re.- bu'Ui the school. Summit Helpful Sogge*tton An emi loyer who believed in supporting a l i efforts to iutrodtire n new spirit i n t o industry, had called his men (Agether r. place before them his plans fc.r b e t t e r i n g w o r k i n g conditions. ".Vow w h e n e v e r I writer ihe v. · bhop," IIP suld, "i w a n t to sec e . i y inttu rliet r f n l l y pei f o r m i n g Ida task, a nil then fare I i n \ i t t » you to place In this b u t any suggestions as to how Mat can 5? brougnt about." A few t'nya later he o]Mfl«d the box nnd 'loot lut a «llp of piper «ns whlph vrfl.H w r i t t e n : "Tak« the rubb«r ho«Ja cfr jour fhrws." tu»u9f--read ta« ads, today. that of tho f r u o t h e r nunb and four priestn tJtill a; I ' r o b s Lake who riskod ! their livee to t,. ve this -1C girls ar-ii 18 boya who c«cap ·!. It was 3 A. JV w h e n Sister Superior Marpjaret Marl' awakened to the crackle of flam b In tho bier school, it was revealed inday by t h n I n j u r e d , n u n B . They s.a d sho rouaetl them and ' they ran to the nraln 6talrcu«e l e a d i n g ! down from t h e lormitory on the t h i r d floor, tt wa« Ian- ing. SucMcnly tho lights iuilixl. I n the d n r k n sti, l i t m o m e n t a r i l y by the l u r i d flare, i ie m o t h e r superior and her loyal nuns- f o U R h t through the smohe to get ti e children out. "Tho donnlU ry "Vhere t h « Indian glrltj elept w«e flrBf. to go," «aid Sister Mario Des Ang -Is, 30, whobo foot wafi f r o z e n when Bhti leapt from a -window Into the snow. "The girls ot 10 ami 11 had been taught to take are of the littler ones. Two by two th' y got to tho lire eficapo and went dowi . T h e n a wall of fire sprang In f r o r r , of u«. The sinter superior was iehlal It and so "were 10 ot our girlfi "It vfo.8 urilx'irable to stand against the heat and w ·! Jumped. ' "Burning W ·!, piaster and bricka fell about U6." Sister Jean De Chantel receivoa a broken spino, fcjister Saint. Agathe suffered Bhcck and contracted probable pneunvoni i ami Sister Mario De Lj'Annunciatioi. Buffered :rom exposure. They and Sister IVirii! Defl Angete were brought to the. hospital here. "The 1xye a -ted like little men," said Siator Ma "ie De8 Angela. "Their dormitory was the last to burn and they marched mit to the fire escapes in orderly lint 'Can't wo help bring out tho girls?' some of them uiked. But it was too late." At least 'JO children suffered from frost 1Ue despite tho care taken after the lire. The uune who were u n h u r t , aided by Patht r Trudea, the principal, and tho priest , took their charger* to n barn nearby where a stove -was act up, Some children lator were taken to tho Hudson'- Bay Company po«l and othert to the 3 aserve. As toon ori t h e llames were seen in the village, I r i l i a n r u n n e r s had been sent out for aio. One brought a doctor from N o r w a y house and another reachi'd Mile I !7 on the Hudson's Bay line from w h e r e word of the trwsjetly wus w l r w l to I'.iwhoj) f*harU'l)oit). Vest f r t l a y he a r r i tsl by a l r u l u n e at (,'rose l,ako, a f t e r la .Inn off from heie.. lh i)iii»«t.s w ure t t l e e p i n g on tin- t i r n t Jli ro, tlioy were unable to reach the girlt ' dormitory, it was suUt. SlKierri told 3i w three ot them liaci to hold Father r| rudeti to prevent hid rtushing Into ' ie fldmes. Tho priests f o r m e d a buck H l i n o to a n e a r b y river, but i h e f r cft'oi b wore f u t i l e .SUMMIT, Feb. 27.-- Mr. w n d M r s . Al"ert Kathorne and dati.shtjftr, Marj IxJii of Ohio and Mrs. A. I t . Rimiboy an 1 «on. Bryon of Carn-eglc, Iiavr* ro- tui-ned to their hom«i after \ i f t i l i n g Mi. and MTB, John JB.4rntiart. vir. ami Mrs. James P, Buros anil riaugWer, Mnrgarete. of Lelsertring, w re calling oa relatives ut. ttiis place. Poster Fike, lOvelyn tui'i lluKse! W-rthlnj?ton, Thomaa He «, Grace a n n N'( lie Clark, all of this place were among those who attended tho basketball gamo at .Sewicklcy on Tuetwlay Tho 103rd A n n i v e r s j ry of (ho FJalthnorp ^ Ohio Ti. T?. l-'chniary 28. ROAD' Will I5e h o Sormoa !· ubjeet Tomorrow Nis;ht at flip Revival Meetings In tht First United Brethren Church Railroad Emploj «s Mpocial Quests TONIGHT'S SUBJ ICT: "Squeeiking Bo irds" P.W.Va.Giveii Permission i or Three B ridges H A R H I S B l n(! f I'Vb. 27 - The Wator and Po-wer HisiurV'K Hoar, yesterdav approved theso application ; Plttsburs - Wosi V i r g i n a R a i l w a y for cjonstr i i c i l o n Oi a liri {go across tho Y o u j j h t o g h p n y rive' In Perry lowivihjp. Pj.yoilo county PiltsburB West Virginia R a i l w a y f IT a bridge across an umiiimod sirfcatr 1,500 f«y\t from the/ month of Youfihlo houy riv?r in VVesSUnorelftinl o n n t y . Piitsbur? ii Weai. Y i r p i r a Itailway for bridge and change of Channel of uniiam-ed strs-jun, lf.0 leet n IOYO mouth in Jacobs CrueU, FayeLte c mnty, A l t t n u f a c t u i ern ^\at«r ('· inpany for construction of a water treatment p U m fit the rl rh-t end of iam S-toriy C'reok in Pa.nt low slili), er.MH county Patronize those wa» a, rertlM. Miss Mary ETli/.ab*th Se *e epont the day yith Mrs, Kloyd Konnisou at Con- tin«ntal No, 2. Harrey Barnhnrt and daughter, Dorothy, of Connellsville wore calling OL the former'H parenUi, Mr. and Mra. J c h n Barnhart. jMj-6. Hugh Barn-hart spent Wednes- diy with her sister, Airs. Slv1a Worthington near Ijeiiienrlns. Mr. and Mrs. Wllliani Morris, won, Gienn, and daughters, Kthel and Perie, of near Bton Orove, were t h e quests of | Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Harford, PAINT UP! A dollar's trorfh of i tion for every one y o u spend. Call FOX'S And You'll Uet It I I'llono 341. OANS Alvertcm AL.VHRTON, Feb. 27.--Mrb. Racliac-i G;'iujm was a' shopper in Bcottclale Wfidueaday. Joseph Radachy has returned from Pulmer where he has been the past woolc. Mrs. ISmnia Ivchlar of Ruffsdaic was a caller here Sunday. Mrs, S. B, Morso was a business caller In Scot$dale Wednos'day, Mr. Kreialnsky is ill at his homo In Donnelly. Mrs. Sadie Tont of Colonial visiled Alvcrton relativju Suaday. Missea Anna and Nella Stoner ot Na"W Stantoa were Alvorton callers Sunday. Charles McBeth of Brownfleltl spent Sunday with his grandrnotlir, Mrs. Rebecca Beiste!. John L. Quarti! was a business caller In Scottdale Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ooorgo Radachy of Pilmer wero visiting relatives In this vicinity Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Charles O'Roark and children of Scottdale were callers h-re Sunday. Wife Preservers If Yon Nwd 'ffon«y for Any Emergency 8KB US Fayette Loan Comp my Title Trust B dg., Slla Floor. Conne lavllle. Pa, Telephone 244 866 Bondod to the t tate. Tin- i n d U i n were sir!*, w h o diod in harlolte McrcrtKti, the Ta ke«p cup cakei from ntick- tnir, rut a small round of waxfd pappr (or *«rh cup This w i l l coma off «a«Uy when Lho aUts i« don*. INSURANCE Is as esjsontu 1 to the safe and economical oper it ion of your Automobile as the proper ,j rade of Gas and Oii. OUr insurance coverage is of the highest qualit: and o u r ' Comp mies isafe, strong, iber- al and promp; in s e t t l e m e n t of claims. FAYETTE REALTY T. I). (Gardner, ?[»nager (20 Years ICxpe -lence) Sellers Area de, I'onneUsrl Ie MWMWVMMWWW^^ West 1000-02 W. Crawford Ave. V/e Deliver. arket Phone 620 Cooking Fruits aa-d Vegetables Strawberries, ' Pint Boxes B a 1 d w i n Apples, 4 Ibs Oranges, per dozen ..._. Fancy Celery, 2 Jge stalks... Celery Hearts, 35c 25c largo j i i i l[eal Lettuce, large heads Somerset Potatoes, peck ... Fresh Spinach, 2 pounds New Parsnips, 4 Ibs New Turnips, 4 Ibs New Carrots, 8 bunches Cooking Onions 6 pounds Grape Fruits, size, II for ..,,. Cabbage, Cauliflower, head ,,... Kale, Cabbage, Endive, etc. lOc 53c 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c l a r g e 25c 5c 25c TREATS JN FINE FOOD So unusually delicious--so delightfully fresh and -wholesome--you'll find true pleasure in eating and in preparing any of these -wonderful foods. Glean and tasty--supreme food enjoyment ai low prices that make them more desirable. Franklin Pure Cane SUGAR 25 Ibs. $1.39 Sandwich and Potato BREAD 3 loaves 25c Pillsbury F L O U R Ib. Sack 99c Oil Sardines, 4 tins Hhredcied Wheat, per package Neigh'bor Pancake Flour, '2 pkgs Post Toasties, ' H boxes _ Pumpkin, 2 largo cans- ,,.. Heinz Sweet Pickles, 2 doz Camp/ire Marshmallows, Ib Crisco, Ib. can Wisconsin Early Juno Peas, 2 cans 25c lOc 19c 25c 25c 39c 25c 25c 25c DEMONSTRATION and SALE 75c .Value Gem Nut Margarine 2 Ibs. 45c --and one jar Mayonnaise or Sai dwich Spread ABSOLUTELY FREE. 3 Ib. roll D. C. Margarine 49c --and one jar Mayonnaise or Sandwich Spread ABSOLUTELY FREE. llrlokstoin and Loner Horn CHEESE, Ib. 3Qc Brookficld «ul Cloverbloom BUTTER, Ib. 45c Blue JBose RICE, 4 Ibs. 25c /oiler's Pure LARD, 2 Ibs. 25c {.'onneHsrillo Made Elbow Macaroni, 2 Ibs. 19c White House COFFEE, Ib 45c liKhtomi's Apple Butter, qt., jar 25c Lily of the Valley Sauer Kraut, 2 cans 25c Neighbor MILK, 3 cans 25c La Premiata TOMATO PASTE 3 cans 25c Oil-worth's , Blue Circle COFFEE 25c Ik Lake HERRING 8 Ib. Pail $1.19 Finest Quality E Ji TT f\ I Government Inspected Fresh Spare Ribs, per pound Breakfast Bacon, 4 to 5 pound pieces, per pound - Armour'3 Star Sliced Hani, pound ,, _ Pork Loin Roast, pound ,, _ Stewing Lamb, per Ib Veal Breast, per pound Zoller's Sliced' Bacon, per pound - -.. Leg of Lamb, per ib 20c 5 pound 25c 45c 25c 20c 25c 35c 35c Tender, Delicious; Full Dressed Chickens 42; Ib. Old Fashion Bacon, QA whole or half strip, Ib. tSUC Neck Bones and Fresh. Pigs Feet, 3 Ibs Pork Butts, per pound . Skinned B'resh Hams, 8 to 10 Ib. average, whole or 'half, per pound _. Lamb Chops, per pound ,, Pork Sausage, loose or link, per pound Pork Shoulders, whole, -| rj 6 to 8 Ibe, per Ib ,, 1 I C- Veal Roast, home dressed, per Ib Sirloin, Tenderloin and Round STEAKS 40 Ib. AH Beef Cut From Yearlin? Steers Beef Liver, L 1 poilmls Kresh Hamburg, ground, p e r I b Chuck lloasl, )er pound K u m p lloast, per pound Rib Roast, per pound Veal, Pork and Beef, for meat loaf, "i pounds 35 c 25c 30c 35c 35c ground 85c Armour's Star SKINNED HAMS Whole or 27c ( i

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