The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 10, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1918
Page 5
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JUNE 10, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER CONNEIJ^SVILJum PA. PAGE F1VB. NEWS OF THE DAY AT ML PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED Baccalaureate Sermon livered to Institute Graduates. De- REV. T. C. HARPER IS SPEAKER Jtebekafc Lodge tntertains Visitors Frum nest c-»ton; Cluss is Initiated and Officers Vre Installed; 30" Are Presort at the supporters to the vice grand, Mrs John Finch and Mrs Burdella Berg Following the installation refresh- meats were served to the 300 in attendance | Personal. Mr and Mrs Edward Gibboney anl sons Blame, Donald and John motored o^er from Adamsburg and were the guests of Mr and Mrs TVilliam Shupe of West Main street Mr and Mrs Edward DeVbre Jordan at Putshurg and Mrs Levino. Jordan of Pleasant Umt spent Sunday with Misses Marv and Alice Hitchman Prof H H DeLong spent Sunday in Somerset DlSTRDUSiTIO'N. Special to Tim Courier MOUNT PL£4Si-\T Jure 10--Tlie baccalaureate sermon for the Mount Pleasant Institute g-adjatcs. Misses Susan £ohno\ ic Leoaa More} Leoj a Stohl and Edna Francis was preacbi d in the Grand opera house la»t e\ e ning by the Re^ T C Har^ei Mu Ic was furnished dur ng the evening 1» the Institute Choral club JRebekahs. Tiie Rebekaha on Saturdaj -igh eT teruiined the Rebekah odgc from TVett;Newloa First the team Jmt ated a class and then the following ofu- i cer^ were inotalle-l Voble grai d M-s Lura Duller vice grand Mr» Lauia Stau^ier warden Mrs John Bob-»art, conductoi, Mrs ^\ ll lam H( n- der-^on chaplain Mrs Jake Fox riff* t and left supporters to !'ie no'»le g'and Mrs Jarjorle Ranuaj and \fr« MIssou-i Overlj right and '£ Bank Smis ill Depositors lllle-- frncouni£ s Small Accounts. Our management aims to show no discrimination in ser\ice The depositor ^vho br ngs n a dollar ib guon the saae prompt couneoi)= at ention that the larger patron receives This policy has made the bank popu ar in the true sen«e of the \\ord "WE. \vant working men who rece \ e and pa-v out more *o njo the safetj and service of this bink Ihe Ciu?ins Nationa Banh 13S North Piusburg street Buv another War Sdiingt, Certificate -- urday You will get coTitort and style if I examine youi eyes and fit your glass-^ cs Dr A L Tucker, Optometrist' 105 South Pittsburg street Con ie!ls- vlUe --A.d\ Mrs Charles Collins and daughter Thelma 'eturnod to their home at Conaellsville Sittirdaj after a pleasant visit here Mrs I W Show and son spent Saturday calling on Confluence friends I Mrs M Sonolhe-mer who has been a guest at the O'nop/le House for the past iveeK returned Saturday to her' home at Pitlsb irg I Miss Jessie Hall returned to 'her home here Sat irdav after a several wreks -visit spent at Donora Don t neglect jour ees See Dr A L Tucker, Optomotrist 105 South Pittsburg street Connellsville--Adv Confluence. Ohiopyle. OHIOP'kLE June 10--Mr and Mrs CMTU-^ Show are vmting their son anc. family Mr and Mrfa Opal Show at Philadelphia M ss Beulah Orndorff and Miss Di'= Medal" vere a-iong tac Con- uell^i'lc shoppers and* tn'lers Sat- CONPLUELNCC June 10--Work on R E Black s new liouse on the Tl est ! Side is being pushed rapidly | Mrs H P Meyers and son Paul j we gone to Clarksburg W Va. '0 \isit friends for two weeks Word received from "ft S Bowers who is in the hospital at Wilkinsburg states ho is getting along nicely Charles D Beggs and little daugh- toi have icturncd to their home in Windber Mrt, -U thur Bow man has returned 10 he: hoiie at Akron O after a visit with friends here She was for merlj a Mi c s Lev dig and resided here John Treutle of Coniellsville is visiting his family here William Svvn vvis a business ^lsit- or to Cornel o v i l l e Saturdav evening By Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Wmona, Mma -- " I suffered for more than a year from nervousness, and was so bad I could not r e s t a t n i g h t would He awake ahd get so] nervous I would have to get np and Walk around and in the rooming would be ali Urea out I read about LycnaE Pmkham'a V e g e t a b l e Compound and thought 1 1 I would try it. My nervousness soon left me I sWp well and feel fine in the morning and able to do my work I gladly recom mend Lydia E Pmkham s Vegetable Compound to makf weak nerves strong- '--Mrs ALttntiT SDLTZE, 603 Olmstead St, Wmona, Minn How often do \\ s hear the exp-ession amongwomen, ' I am so nervous I can not sleep," or ' it seems as though I should fly " Such women shoUd profit by Mrs Sultze's experience and give this famous root and herb remedy, Lydia E. Pinkbara's Vegetablu Compound, a trial For forty years it baa been overcoming such serious conditions as displacements inflammation ulceration irregularities, periodic pains backache, diz zmess, and nervous prostration of women, and is now considered thi. stan dard remedy for such ailments fntawatwifitwwjwsvvvvvuw*!^^ The "BIG STOEE'S" Ell Double Value to Double the Crowds. Every Department in the Race with Greatest lues. You Are Earning-Are You Saving? SAVING is the first great principle of success. Investment in Safe Bonds is the second, James J. Hill, the great railroad builder, and one of the most successful men of the 20th Century, said: "If you want to know whether you are destined to be a success or failure in life you can easily find out. The tot is simple and infallible. Are you able to save money? If not, drop out. You will lose. You may not think so, but yoa will lose as sure as you Hue. The seed of success is not in you." 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ESTABLISHED 1B8Z INCORPORATED "",0 BROUHVAY, \E~tt YORK. cai ~ o Detroit Minneapolis San rVanciaeo Philadelphia Kan»ai City iayton Thirty-six Years Without Loss to Any Investor BEAD THE COUEIEE See Next Tuesday's Courier for Full Particulars. vwvvtifKvwAfiswtfri*Kfvxfa^^ To Have Nftlt time you -re In a ffathering W women rote llio LH**eront conUt- tlwoa apparent In completion. 7ou ·will BOO some Oiled with blackheads, nomo dry and rougb so mo smooth «nfl Emusj, some smcarrd with rouge »ome Btr«akod with heavy metallic powders an3 once In a T.bile you wtU BM one tha-t Is a dernon- * ration of IntelUffenco from e\e-y point of v^ew Th« color Is rosy tho ekln la cl«s.r and smooth, the poren are firoall fl-nfl open the powder does not show on the Arm vigorous skin, livery woman can ha% a ft rood complexion ir Bhe wt 1 on^y u"*- a Httte discretion If jou wuuJd acquire real beauty tha beauty ot pertuct health, you rnuat roplerls 1 ! yoor -worn out nerves with lecithin, .Nature B own nerve restorer and put Into your b'ood the H\ iKOT-atfnf, Iran T/bich Nature Intended It to hava for health In r"oat of the r-ode-n foods these and other vitalising elements hat-ve boon largely ellcilr«i.tril V* t to b« !s«altfay bt,autlfui the sya tern must ba\o t m Tbay aro found In Bio foreti not orvlj in prop «r proportions to realo"o weajceicd Tltatlty but In such form as the sv» tara ca.n beat aa« mJJaia ihe n A treatment o* edthln and Iron pcptonate as ccmbtniid i i Bio fonin Lncroasea the op] etltn a. la nutrttioa mad Lnvl*orates the patient. Aod Bio furcn In It» pt-ilot form ia wuiy and pnlattblo to .oko--no liquid iron filn coloration of the teeth no . There In no aacret^or mvntery nbout Blo-feren Potstora pr^Bcrlbe It roenlarly because they know ex actly what It contain! as well as what it will do and thay know they could not formulate a better up- buiJdias- tatitc The action o* Eio-feron on the system IB BO b«nertcial w*« are so »urc of Its givinc )t" positive hunllh and \lffOr providing of course thcro JH no BcrJoua rhronic aliment such KB cancer tuberculosis etc that ws ont^ eell it on Lh«j condition Ihj,t. you a^rae (o rciirn the urapty pacfcag-* aud accept a, rt.fX.nd of your -noi «y unlosa you ora entirely SatielKd. There Is no i-se- waiting for health and beauty It la tw'lar to do things toda-y than tornorro A Qo to your phyalcbtn todu -- r't. i now -- he will adviie Bio fereu lh«n eUrt tas,J"g It a.t onco aa hi e^tvEses or as alrrc- tlona on tho package call for The £-uanuitse pro t-cts vour money In torestlns bookh t may bo had tor the n.kare W 00 at all IcatMnu r direct U OL- drUbBrl-5 upp v you. Iho q t-nta. "J Co Inc., ClacionaU O h o Don t neglect jour e\esight to the poirt -where it inteiferes \\ith your w o i k If "vour eves are giving jou the slightest trouble permit us to cxaminp then at once ir order that the defect maj be lenie- died and that jou ma\ proceed \ \ i t h %our work \\ithout the loss of time etort and comtort necessitated b\ fault\ \ision i If vou need glasset. for near or far sight, \ou should have a pair of "COME AND SEE' Tke HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE N PITTSBURG St CONNELLSVILI.^. COM^ELLSViLLE'S GREATEST STORE 1 to C Month Baby-Heaviest--Jan es R Queer lit Pleasant Lightest--Bettj L Butteimore ConnellstiUe (} (o 12 "J5iutli lialn -Hea-. iest--Rohert E Sullwagon Vdelaido Lightest--Robert HenMcK, ConnellsMlle 12 to 1^ Mouth Rnlij -Heaviest--Helen Yiade Connellsville Lightest--Jlaij Keamei, Snjder St Conne'lSMlle The B Dunn Store wishes to hereb extend its thanks to Miss Ljnne Klncell, Mis J J Thomoson and Mis T R Francis for the assistance rendered in the Bcbj Contest The abo\e three named acted as judges of the contest GLASSES THE INVISIBLE BIFQCAUS I winch render perfect double vision in one solid crv stal-cleai lens with smooth even sui faces KR"i PTOKS (pronounced Cr p-uocks) look like single-vision i glasses to the outsider because thev have no tell-tale seams nor humps to separate the tvvo powers \\hen vou come to us jou are assured of obtaining the genuine lvll\ PTOKS and a thoroughly scientific optical service L Wo MYERS, Opt. D., Optoniefri-st and Optician Y^oolnortb Ulrtg., Connellsville, Pa. The highest grade and most efficient optical semce in Con- ne'lsviile 1 P //ant Aas--1 Cent a Word. BOTH PHONES OPPMAK'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. = - A preparation TOP restoring natural color to gray of faded Uir /or ranovma dmndruff »nd « » hnrdr«- Knu la rat a d -c. Generoud i icd battfea at all (J».era, rcidy to ueu PluloHay Co.,«ttrerk,M.*. J. B. KURTZ, NOTARY PUBUC AND REAL ESTATS, Ho. * South Meadow Lin*. ConncllmlUs Pa. PETEY SrVlf --And Petey Kept His Tliouehts to Hunself C. A. VOTGHT

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