The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 27, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1930
Page 3
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PAGE FOWL Tl Llii JJAJ-L.1' C U U K I 1 ' ; J { , CUrs'IN 1 11, ^Uti V'UjJ-iliJ, THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 27, 3930. THIS COUKJKH CO., TlKKRY P. u l c n t and Editor. 1870-1016. M R S K. M. SNTDER, I ' l i M d o i i t . 1816-1022. ,IAM);S J. DRISOOLJ.,. i d ' n t a n d G e n e r a l M a n a g e r . l. · BDMUNDSON, V i c e - P r e s l d o r i t . R. A. DONKOAN, s«i r e U . r y and Treasurer. JO I IX K C1ANS, M a n a g i n g Editor. W A I / T K R S. RTIMMEI* C i t y Kdltor. MISS I,"NNTS B. KINCEUj, Kdltor. MT3WBBR OF A m e r i c a n Newspaper Publisher* \3Jiociation, A u d i t Bt re«u or Circulation. Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers Association. Two r e n t s per copy: !Oc por month; S.'i.OO PIT j eai by mall if paid In aJ- vanre. i2c per week by carrier. Kntered a« ; ncond clans matter at the poatoHlce. ConnoJIsville. THURSDAY KVB'G, FEB. 27, 1»80. DEMA1/S FROM SOVIET IIUSSIA 1)0 TiOT JUXtt TRUE. In fat-o of tie records, including the actual destruction of places of wor- sshtp and tho transformation of 1,000 or more cnur-ohes Into places of business or nationalized factories, the declaration o * the chieftains of th«« Ko\ lot U n i o n of Russia that tho practice of religion by tho people ia not 'behiK interfoiwl with, does not ring true. At besi it la artful subterfuge, IcK-king both sincerity and truth. Tho atsitWYM'-Hts given the p-rosi? are !hv tho mobt charitable InterpretE.tion. nothing but ;i. form of -propapan da, designed to a l l a y the criticism that has sftirrod religions leaders in otihor countries to irnoflt vigorous protest st^alnut th« ^oltcies of the present rulers nt KiiMMa to stamp out all roli- from tt t lives of the bonlg^itecl li of ih;.t Innd. Adept as the rul« v rs may \yp in the art of u n d n . their efforts to doiude the of o l h r r nations, where rospect js f-lxiwii all religious leliefs, where .!(! Is r c v o r e u - e d and worship is Ing r : u n i - ( t ;u t h f v lives of the people, will idil u l l e r l y In carry the conviction of t r u t h f u l utterance. Whatever may be the reH^iotia be- l i ^ i oC t h o riH?pra.sii)lo head^ of the SovUM (ioverumcut as indirldiuols. conci'i-ns the world comparatively little, bui th« utmost repusnauce is shown t tho nations in which rcli- Kion is iir.utked to the urbitrary atid rito] methods they are employiag to » t , u n p o u t ri'lirion a mo rite the jx?ople lan'l n c r w l i i f h lhe the of l i · i i n h . i p - p , r t i U r i . N' v- r bo'on- 'n mode-n timo.i has the atlomp 1 bt -a made to establish a lot m ff j-ove-r urn-tit olio of the p r i n - ciple of w h i c ! IK denial of the rit;ht to wo f h i j ) a - u p r o r n e Being. Never bo'oic h.i t l i ' - r x b n en persistent at- tc-mpt by tlm.-e HI authority to repress tho - . n o t i H v'ii"b religion inspires in t h " bivu-ts ,' a Godfearing people, .(t has been i (\s-erved to t h e Soviet I'lH'i" to l ! l \ o OKpro.hlHl to these r e v o l u t i o n a r y a n d obnoxious policies. lUuni-,' a i m i s e l the adherents of the i ' h r K t i a n and Jewish fa it hi in other j i i n l r i e r f b\ tl ·;!?· roleiiHeM persecu- t i o n ^ of wor. h p p e r i a n d tho destTtlc- tion of c h u r c h e s , and synaKOg-ues, t.hc Soviet i ' n i o i i N t w w n n l n i ' to souse the voir.-ht s i n d i n u ' h l of tho protorfU! Ui-eir cou )···· ot a c t U ) i ban aroused. To ( o u n t e r a t t it they now se^k to s p r e a d i l c n i i i « and repudiations broad* a.M over tho world. Tbeso may iind lelio\ers 1.1 ^omo quarters, wnore there IH - . y m p a t h y w i t h efforts to restrict r t - e i n f l u e n c e of tho churches, b u i i i m c i i i ? the adherents of religion ·every wluM-o they w i l l be rated at their truo w o r t h us spetiouH propaganda. r riio history, t! e declared principles, the. d a i l y pract ces and the actions of otflrial« who proceed muter goverii- DHMiial a u t h o r ) .y, all give, the* lie to stAio p r o t f r - t a t i o i s of innocence of roli- K I O I I S peisoi u i 10ut t h a t emanate from fciovit-l sonrw- I t '.s a ( KOun-uimMii a n d is s t r i v i n g by j n i M i i s ,d 11 i c o i u i n i i m l lo make H ( ! o d l o - f , chinchU'.ss n a t i o n . oi- 1 WKAI.TH. f l i c ii".ir a p p r o a c h of tho timo for income t.ix r e t u r n s , and the dl analysis of those tiled lust 81-rvo to center attention for the beiiiK at least on the fact t h a t have become a .siirt of barometer of I n d i v i d u a l a n d jjroup prosperity. Ah -.traws .show t h e direction tho wind 3H b l o w i n g '.o do iiicomo tax returns indiiM'v i ' i dm - U u u in which private y e j l t h (K)tt.s f r i i i u e a r to year. 1't I'J^s t h o i u m b e r of incomes of a m i l l i o n d u i l a - s or over increased l i c m -00 tc I 9 i . O! Uiii, number 1M had incomei in excess of ?o,UOO,(JOO u.-; lomparod w i t h It iu 1928. Incomes ot $50,000 or m ire w'ero reported by ·1J,1 Hi p e r s o n s j,gainst 31!,695 In 1927. Jiar^c a.-. N the aggregate of these incomes the Inc 'ease of 13,000 in the number of incomes rangriutr from $10,000 to $25,000, and of 20,500 in the n u m b e r of those from ?10,000 to $40,000, and ol nearly a million iu the n u m b e r of m e n and women whose ii-eomis w i r e f r ni $a,000 to $3,000 a year, becomes t'a inoro important aud itiU'restini;. i n s t e a d of the w e a l t h of the c o u n t r y h e i u ^ e u t i c c n i i a l e d w i t h the lew, a.s Kii in-r p o p u l a t i o n of m i l l i o n a i r e - ? Id seem to in licate. the incomes iu J o u u i b r a v . K t » t a k e n as a whole j i i o \ o t h a i .1 ss dor disjU'ibul.uu of w e . i l t h 1,1 hc-iu^ i fleeted, in w h i c h the M t . » ! l - t t M N U ! I t i \ pit M ,-i H i e - h;u LIU; 1 .HI i : U 1 t M s l : i « ; c \ U » l l l . M'KIM; T J I K K K Y K T . ' I ! " u h u ! l v uuscasoiiabli' \w.itlu r t!,,n p r t v a l U ' d tor sunn- tm« can- n o t bt expected o conlinuo. At larfi s i x ' '.seifk^ in a d v a n c e of tht uoruial ^t^a. v )^l w !u«n t h totnporature would l u i ' u r i t i i y ran?t «'itbhi tlw iimits i t h a 1 re«ich-od for . week or lon«ror, thf li c o u ' i u u o d fo: A low dtiys »cj«ita-. thi' -aTioMl fo tho point aso will bo d o n n In stfits that h a \ o hod inff viiits d u r i n g et- sotissons. In th-cviin- th tomponU« xone ionv\ with the iir.sf iv w e a t h e r . We i n ( o l d snap-., often laructor, 'nM'oro tho is actually pa«scd. Stiranco tfiat tho ho an exception, and if? two months uii«itl no for its a d v e n t , ft' w w h a t mav ippoar -oof tluit tho ;ouMns nni? a chan,~. tiott vrin bo art whore mwh d;im frost and. cold n tho nabit oC muK ooptlonillT ·early tory of tho noi .sprini; doo.i not fow claj'h of ball v a r i a b l y h a v o dost rue live in c clanger of frost h There is no i present c a r w i l l wo will havo spri of the* regular l i wo do, wo w i l l h, to be. con-elusive ]i are really nudorf- YOUR IM-051K TAX. Loss On Stoc-ks iind Bond''. A losb iu the s;h of stock or bonds may not be dixh ted on account of anticipated p r o f i t - t h a t hare- not been realized. A deule in H e c u r i l i o s , UK do- fined by income-i ix regulations, may use the inventor method to report income becauso t ·(» stocks and bonds he-id by him are lot investments but comprise his .sto k in trade. A - t a x p a y e r po. scssing stock of a corporation ran n t deduct from groM; income any amou it claimed as a loss moroly on ac«uut oE hhrinkago m v.iluo of such st ick on account of f l u c t u a t i o n of l.h-e narket or otherwise. The loss allowat le in such is that actually sufli red when the stock is disposed of. A taxpayer, oth ^r t h a n ;i dealer in securities, can n t deduct any loss claimed to havo I ecu sustained from tho sale of stock i r s e t u r l i l c b , it w i t h in HO days hefon or .iCtcr such halo ho has acquired ( o t h e r than by bequest or i n h e r i t incc-1 substantially identical propertj This provision is designed to prov nt ,i taxpuyor, in computiriK net iru ome. from claiming as a deduction a : o-ciuledi "losi" sustained from i\ salt of securities, which Is imme-diate'ly fol owed or iirnnediatB- ly preceded by ; purchase of sti stajitinlly i d c n t i c a securities. Gain or loss, ho /ever, i.s realized n the case of a "shoi I sale.'' A taxpayer owning 100 share, af the X -.orporji- tioii, who pure! aae-s another 100 shares and w i t h i n 30 days thereafter sells Iho first pun lused tlock can not deduct any loss ci umed to havo boeu sustained from t h - transaction; If lie selJs tho e n t i r e -( shares, a gain or loss f r o m both tra wactioiiH is thereby realized at t h a t ti ne; and if he selhi tho stock includ?c w i t h i n tho !--»cond purchase a gain o - los-s'ls realizcxl.' With tho assist tnc-o and valiant service of t h o i r wn and \ i s i t i r i K firomon V«ind«rbili was sav-ed a mor« disa.stroub flro on Tuesday night. A n other proof of the alue of #ood road.,, whic-ti made iossil lo a quick r u n , ind of organized volt nteer tiremen al- svay.i ready to hi lp thoir nel^hlxir.. when in need or a d. With the Kayel e county prison r a t i n g us -."ith iinu ng the, pent 1 institution, ; of tho Kta o dies no! upjx-ar very ckwc tho l o p , n,t 11 is ucai'ir thai point than it i.s t the iKjttom of the list, and very mucl a.lwve some or our ALWAYS ROOM FOR ONE MORE Drug-Addiction as Problems of Wide Distribut on H a v i n g hiuilt^i . billion an*l three Hiuirtors o( passi'iu .TH d u r i n g i'io year and received ?;i: 2,000,000 for the f s e i v i t e , Uie pert'oj rnance of p u b l i c biwob gives fconio ^xpliination of tht decline in pabbi^n-, ?r rocclpus of the rallroiidb. Pnctlcally evory c o m m u n i t y of any consl Icrablo size has a driis; prohiwni, dec la-PR Dr \V. L. Treadway. ciiief, narcctJc.i division, I'nUod yuuee Tub- lie i! v a l t h Service It '6 impossible to nstprtain the exact n u m b e r of !ruR addtrttf in tho U n i t e ) States lxciiu.He the pructico of takinj; narcotic drviRS is nanally carried on in secret. Various vstiniit!« havo K*en made and much of the pop* v r i t l n ? » of the day undoubtedly tend to exaggerate the s i t u a t i o n . The practice of indulgence- in hab't- fo-rm! ig drugs is not llmUei to any one class of "society. Approximately departmont of corrv-Uon. I personally do not know whether the creation and ostabltebai«nt of in- KtltiUione for (he treatment of drug addiction is thv tw^st rnofJiotl for meet- i n g t h i n medlci-«ocial problem. It Coritmry in A w'.tie.iprea I ix-lief, I , f n a d j u n c t to I r s K o l u t k i n , howcvw, «onm dniR adiiicth are «ng"jfi' d in l a w - ful and g a i n f u l o c c u p a t i o n , . These comprhio Ihoi-ic tvpes of life -« accus- and nuLk"a an appeal lo th« humane I n s t i n c t . Whereas thk-, service ha* been en- , with a vio\v to evaluating tlu 1 probloin from a national viewpoint, it iri tiow entering upon the second panne of t h f s i t u a t i o n ; rianrwly, tho M.'lection tomed to « m a l l d«-ot* in. y rctniln | KJIKH J ),, m a k i n R certain preliminary constant for y«in. i Th- majority of useri?, how v e r . tend to increase t h e i r dofage, at I are irregularly tnii-love/d, nn«t« dy, and comprise a io-tin i f tho floating. J o a B n ^ "raciii-t'-er" io{,tilati ^n of a txjrnrounily. In a n a l y z i n g d r u g a (diction irom tho s t a n d p o i n t of cau-;;.. one mi si divide th-emi into priv-iplta log fn *ors or of for those I n s t i t u t i o n s . Scientific Rules to Fresh Eggs SO PT cent ocurc in tho underworld claw and about. 20 per c n t in th i o t h e r bocial c lat-hcb. J No one occupation posse^sf* .1 mo- . , , . . ,, .. ' . . , i a d d i c t s , which nopol ' of ( h e practice. M a l e predornl- , and i n t n u n d o i l n « * pr«!l,s- ixt-nitm; camw.-i. A m o r g tb* p »cipttat- inp; i',iui-t\s. ')ii- may mcutloi had fio- n ami contact w i t h · iot d r u g ivrohaldy '.) ]j r .-int .-nn I bio t h e r e - If some of the I Ia«t year had Ive. America, l!r'-.t," i-on 000 in K o K l t h v v m i g h t h a \ c mane tinu-i, at o u r v, u same timo (hoy \ spared ,-ontjict wit of taxation the Krei set the kiht pentij visitors. m r t b t s to Franco i {ont*-:it to "s-ee - of that $210,000,- t ' t t I j c l i i f i d t h e m mor» prosperous resortB. At t h c ould have boeti i lhi 07 varieties ch have devi?«d to from American n f t t o t r e M e r a a l e s i n U w p i o i x m l o n o t ^ f ^ - ^ ^ ^^ ^ about four lo ono. ! [VI . ( , , n t t . ) f U ,, s ( r o n i h d( H rc f(VJ . a Tho tiff of narcotic firagt is largely con fined to th« third and fourth i«- c.ide f l i f p . Rpl.itlvply Ji'\\ jiddlolB are olt^orved hoforo liO or after -10 yearn of age. ; t l i r i J I , ixpene-iii-e, or Ur,u ( ul 1 \ \ ' i t h respect to pni Hon.itor Urorusnn Mexh-o probably f^ of Kow y *n- a vfry iargw role, iimi for pi con v f n i o n r e , dtui-- at 1 !U t«, i om l f it d o u b t f u l if a name f e a r f u l enough In churar-tci to prevent Ha u;»e by bootlegge-ra will l.o devised for industrial alcohol. ' 'ho products they h a n d l e w i l l still be ou;onoun by w h a t - narue they tna Ix- known. H - r h t e n c d a l i n e r a ] ns t-ver CAKIO 1" Tho weather pro. poets for the dy show that the met haiitK of tho city hat'c/ won tho poo graces of I h o w-Cxithcrrnan. J n c i « cirt.illy lxth t h e y and their many Uoll ir Dtiy pulroiuj arc grateful for tho lav r. The Courier's adv ^rtisnip; pafre« laf.t e v e n i n g gav-e you list of ho many txir^ains, and whei · to secure them, that no doubt you v ill want to repeat today'e pleasant ai d profitable experiences by vlsltln : the etoree again tomorrow. \Vashiigtori. I f (hero is ar.y on vh ch Senator Keed Smoot of r/i.-ih is not an a r c h - c o i i n e r v a t i v . 1 , it never has bien developed in dof«Ho at the f ' a p i t o i or brought o u t by J. con-fubu- l u t l o n in ,i t ' o m m l t t e c room Sent tor rultliii; U-d the flicht to deny i n c u N ' o m house c!erk« the power to decide w h a t foreign books AinerIrani) inuy read. Senator Smoot Uwi the a d v o c a t e s of a riRid ceu!or.-hip poll* y. Senate's Liue-Up On Naughiy Books Was as Expected ConservutiTcs F;ivor, Liberals Oppose Me isnres to Ry OHATUjES I STEWART, Central Pruss Muff Writer. tin- Lac; WAHHINIiTONf, I progressives and 10 1 p a t t e r s are about i Congress. Closely examined, apt to be l o u n d in c r u u t in streaks. Sir ;i s t i i u d [ w t t e r is ] prove him.-elf t h ( i n l i u t f d on some sub S t i a : t - l a c e d Ideas l--utl's morals a 1 e ol' tin' o t h e r w i s e pt i as to bt u l m o s t thr P 1 t-i irii'ly the lilu- o l a w m u k o i x of u ' oh. 27. -- Around per cent stand uiaHy .scarce In .1 progressive is p l e a s a n t l y intol- · t l y investigBted, ist as likely to r o u g h l y broad- ouci r n l n ^ other '.rcsMVc ( - l e n i e n t rule. Tins is t h o u g h t w h i c h r.i - i - o i M v i Viitive U'lid to t o l l o v v H o w e v e r , t h p - r e o t t h - m i o t n on ri e x c e p t i o n n . Two i I s i d e ) ha to been v u c v i i t l y m ihr C u r l usly enouph, t h e l i t e r a l . i r e " p a r a g r a p h , uver which the c o n t r o / e r . y riiged, v\ .i.s I n c l u d e d in Die t a - i f f bill--whatever lu connect i o n ni ly be betwt-en irapoi I t.ueji on manga iffie, dairy product-', woolen a;ooU« and similar commodities, and tho wi-1 tings ot authors l i k e Shakespeare, CorvuuteH and M o l i e r e Ai a n y rate, the House of Representatives passed it, w i t l i Uie rest, of tho hill, aud tho Utah statesman put up the alruivffle of his life- tu prcborve it, unchanged by the Senate. Senator Cutting- did not, of course, a.s Sei ator Smoot represented (and u n d o u b t e d l y h o n e s t l y b e l i e v e d ) f a v o r H o o d i n g the c o u n t r y w i t h obscene lorelgn books. He did m a i n t a i n that tho average cuf-tom house inspector is unqualified to chooso literature, for Yale, t-iarvard, Princeton, other American institutions of higher learning, the Congressional library and this country's men of lottery generally. · * * iVatu-ally an argument, in any real sense, was impossible. Sona'or Cutting was disgusted and Senatoi Smoot was horrified. The attor read, voluminously from the more plain-spoken, old-fashioned pages of the world's greatest clasalcs, to show the objectionable soi't of matter which threatens the youth o*f tho United Stales unless a rigorous quarantine is interposed against it. Senator Cutting rejoined with extracts 1rom such books as Chaucer, tho Hard of Avon and even tho Bible, hi an e f f o r t lo convince opponent that f u l l y as undesirable material can be dug: from the most u n i m p e a c h a b l e sources IE they are resolutely searched with the objeei of fmd'ins nothing but Uio salacious. * * * T*he Senate l i n e u p behind t h e ' r i v a l s was w h a t niiglu have been expected. Senator Cutting, the libeiul, found his supporters among the conservatives, \vlio largely, l i k e himself, are men of education. Senator Smoot's backers were mainly t h e eionomlc liberals, who, mostly leas acquainted w i t h t h e class- US and a f r a i d of t h e m ou moral j . n i u i i t b o b j e c t e d t o l e a v i n g o r d i n a r y Lo uiaku Ihcir owi selection. the ni'Milal or mrvoiifl iiistahl i t y platf of tho n!J«-, mny h» - l u l d o d nto two ar« iiori»al and thcsp wh i .ire a tnormal. The rormal «roup ccj n p r i n c ibout 10 or 15 per c - n t of t i c - pn! i ut day Thrv Hisn.'; bj whlrh housewivos c:«rt toll vihethr or not ;i flsh IH Klrictly frc-tUi havo been tua^c public liy the Koori I n \ e « l l K a t i o n Hoard of tho British Ovoernmont, whoeo oxperte h a v « bo«n K l n d y l n s t h e eat"hin#, «tor- t n p and lauding of fn^ti (Inh for thn i'Jiicrl!«h ) n o imporiant pxp»rte f.ay, i« t o( fw^hnosK, the color of the flhh's gills. If the:-e ire hrlght red and clean looking, the fish probably ie fre-sh. If they aro d u l l p i n k , ttrown or grey or if t h e y look soft or «)imy, tho flth probably is stale; perhape not d.ingeroucfly spoiled but too long out of (ho water to form first clase food. The wcond rule iu the appearance Tho remaining JB or 9«i per cent are of th1 f!eU ' s "y**If thCll1R ftre lirlffht either Mentally defective coa- Ututh.n- and Pl«"'P «» w h ^ n th* fish waa alive, a l l y p.iy(.-hop.ith.c and InCerloi or of a frwshn^n may ^ be presumed. D u l l , tompe:-ameiit.i! ot'urotic tyi« Tht-se j H h r u n k e n oy«*s or eyxi h i i n k Into the uro found in v.iriablo preport ons. An tirialyftte of i h e « i 'indei yinjr or o) druK ; ddirtion to tw- a d m i n i s t e r e d ia in : i mw or- 13 w th tho modern (rend of correx tional i iclhode. R e c e n t l y the Eitalc or ork ha« appoliiled a phyMclan tr«.inHl ai raea- t a l mod Icf no as Iho h e u d of W H department of correction Mofisaehi eotts, a tew Avok-s ago, appointed a p ryician BtmlleTly traineil ,ts tho hea- o£ Ite Abe Martin I'e'lerg. tic uaa of o l e o m a r g a r i n e in so i f e n e r u l a m o n g 'tin t h e y ' v e killed Uic b u t i c r fe . b u a l - Junc-iipou I. r » l « « d t 1 I li o · i $-( 0 f i - r o Ixnird's third rule Is how tho of the flfih acts wfton vriih a flnpor t i p . If tha Jittl« dent indicate, on the other hand, t h a t the first frpHhncrtfi of t h i s fish IH past. Some kindis of Itah show this Hign of iaof eoruddor-ibie imporLince rom I h o | f h r u n k e n eve less clearly t h a n other s t a n d p o i n t of evolving ltu.1 tulioual f a c l i i t i e n for th !r can-, in a proach- I n g I he problem, tin 1 m e n l a hi*alth aHpect.s rnubt o f % n e c t * i t y o ctipy a f orop round. Tip' u r c and K h a b ' l i t a t i o n of per- POUH addlodvl lo the iwe o habil.- f o r m l n g lrugri involve more · Ian th« actual w i t h d r a w a l and phys ;al re- h n b i H t a t U v n lor tlm rn-enta) re abULta- tton IH of groat import ince. Tho fact t h a t thn ( w m i n l s i t r itlou of these newly ii.uthorlzed i t i a t i l i tlons is mado by the linger Itista only a i n d l c i i t i n K t h a t rho llesh ia still firm a/id elastic, the fish is almost, certainly fresh. Flint if tho riont made by the ftngor forms a more or Irw permanent pll tho (teh is reasonably sure to be stale. Hoynl Conplc Knd Yacollon. Nice, franco, Feb. 27. -- T"h« king and QUCOTI of Denmark; were homeward bound today after a month's vacation on the Riviera. They received a rouering 1 farewell when they left. THINGS WE'D LIRE TO SEE. Ualp'i Kc-flar. We'd l i k e to sei; n i l w o r k i n g men going to w u r l c eftuli (lay, SwlngrltiK a d i n n e r b u c k e t and w h i s t ling: on the way. To sco the junoke stacks smelting and hear m a c h i n e r y roar, To see the e m p t y store rooms *oma back to llti! once more. We'd l i k e to read the want ads in tho paper day by day, , And seo the ads we used to sec, "Men w a n t e d r i g h t away,' A n o t h e r U N O says, "Wo liuve work for fifty men. Good pay." Aad HUH a n o t h e r , "Ton men noeded. Four and a h a l f a day." Wo'cJ like to hoar tho clank of h a m mere, hear t h e hianins 1 steam, The creak of ;i R i a n t I » r r ) c k l i f l i i i f f a, a t c e l beam. Masons l a y i n g b r i c k and s t o n e , carpeii- Lcr.s a a w i n a wooil, lja.borci'H w o r k i n g - h f r e ami t h e i e d o i n g - wh.Uever they could. To siJc UIP s t r p e l - i n w o r k l f i f f h o u r - desoi'teil liy w o r k i n g men, C r o w d s ot shoppy's s h o p p i n g ftiili lot-s of m o n e y to spJnd. To see Old Man Proap«iily s t r u H l i i R ttiuund Uitf t o w n , Brinft'ti « s m i l e s of h a p p i n e s s lo facet. thut. w e u i a i'rown. It's klndj. h a r d t o s m i l e when t h e r e H no work to do, Folks i;ct k i n d a tfit.courag:cd a n d t n o y f e n ! r n l s h t y b l u r llarri t l m c ' j \t-u\ u no o i l i e r o u l d Wed- H a u d 10 U N " c tor a w l ' h i n m i l unviiu d a j . Fewer Deaths in Age Groups Up to 35 Years in Pennsylvania Although the popul.'.tion of. Pennsylvania line grown f'-om 7,888,000 1n I f l l O to !),SfH,000 lu 192S, here w«ro no more dealue in the l.irjjcr population of Jthe later year, the bureau of vital Btaillstlcs of the State Department of Health has just announced. It In ateo pointed ou* that there were few b i r t h s In -1028 t h a n In 3910, but the bureaii states fever wore jieoee- eary because deaths among children under fivo years of ag s were loss thnn halt' in number in 1928 as compared with the earlier year. Tho announcement discloses that in every age group up / 35 years there were fewer deaths i i 1928 than in 1010, the decrease fro n the age of 10 being duo in large maasure. 1o a decline in the death r.ite from tuber- culoaie. On the other hand, according- to the bureau, the age #roupii above- 35 years all Khow an exoeoa of deaths in 1928 over IfllO. At ages f r j m 35 to 44 the increase is proportiorately lo6R than I he increase in populaiion, but at ages above 45, deaths have increased faster t h a n total population. One reason for t h i n situation, It i« explained, 3s a change in the age die rlbution of the population. "There are more pe pie ovar 45 per 1,000 of tho population now than in 1910," eay« the vtafcem»nt, "and. conee- nuontly there are more deaths at these apes. But at agt e over 55 there were 50 per cent more deathu iti 1028 thttii In 1910. This BUggeaLa that if wo could compute satisfactory upecllic death ratas for these ai;es in 1028, thciy would be distinctly ulirher than tho corresponding rates In the early yeai-s of registration. "The decrease in tiw death rates in t h r earlier years has r umlled in quite b t i i r t l i n g changes iu th median ago tit death. In 11)10 for the otu.1 population tlu 1 median age at dead waa 34 years. That is, there were a) many death* before the age of 34 ae after that ag-e. In 1928, the median age at death wae 55 years. For males 'he median a-ge at death advanced froj i I!."! to 53, and for female* from 35-to · ?." The bureau pointed aut that in the native white populatfo i the change was even greater, t'ron 18 to 51.5 for males and from to EG for females. There WBB an increa-kj from 52.5 to iJS.5 among males and from 62 to 63.5 among females in tin- foreign born ·JJ w h i t e p o p u l a t i o n , liut m thi« rlab- t b e r e are comparatively few children. In tho. colored population the median d e a t h ago wa» much lower, advancing from 29 in 1»IO to 36 in 192S for nuilPK, w h i l e lor f-m;«le« file correspond in K llguros wore 2S and 36. From l i n n res I he bureau draw .s t h e conclusion t h a t "llioiv in great*-r l o n g e v i t y among llu 1 n;U.lve "corn w h i t e t h a n in any other Clement in Iho p o p u l a t i o n of tho State." DUTY OF CITIZENS TO STUDY PUBLIC FINANCES H is well that thero ehoold be i 1 ^ every locality a concerted effort 011 the part of cltlzen« to mako thomwjlve.s more dirocily a party to Iho managing of pulilic business. Somotiinos the i public' has boon too raady to criticise j w i l l n i u t lending a hnnd. to u r e or i eraclif ale o x i h t i n g evlla. The t a x p a y e r who te juel a chronic kicker and lias only la mind a. lowering of taxoH, w i t h o u t regard to whether «uUi r«iurtioa will le Injurioue to i tho p u b l i c at large, in Just an bad as a taxpayer who encourages the raising of taxea in order that, by some deal- iiiKti he may contemplate with the pubik, ho may thereby enrich himaclf. Any community should apprecUito constructive effort on tho part of it*, citizen's toward lie t pin K in. the matter of producing economic government, yut always with the view ol providing for its citizens o n l y that which will materially and without too heavy ;i burden benefit tho community as a whoki. Men and organizations are real a K H O t » to a community whon they {five i n t e l l i g e n t H t u d y to public affairs and a part of their time and effort to u proper solution of tho probloms which confront their public offidalB. s Cltizt-n-s can render a very import a n t service to their commmiity if they will Htudy and give a little time 1o the matter of the budget in conuectlon with local affairs. Pickle Trade Slumps. I-OVKLAN'J), Colo., Keta. 27---Tho picklo trudo iilumpocl alarminprty here. It wae all lie(*UKj of an opidemic of mumpH among school children. 'SAFE- CONSERVATIVE STRONG" You Can Save Successfully You agree tfiat regularity ol deposits is the mo ;l important factor in successful saving. Perhaps you wander how you can flnJ time to visit the bank every week. The Second NationaJ Bank---tfio savings home of 4,500 Connellsville people --invites your deposits every Saturday night from 7 to 9. National Rank Safety for yonr 8m]ngs. Resources Exceeding $3,300,000.00 OLDEST BANK IN CCNNELLSVILLE ECOrNID BAN New Spring Clothes for Men MEN'S SUITS and TOPCOATS $221.50 to $35.00 Very large selection of patterns. Modeled in newest styles. We oan fit "shorts," "longs," and "stouts," as well as those who require "regular" sizes. You will find more value and style in these garments than is usually found in clothings at these low prices. For those vho prefer, we offer a fine line of taii- ored-to-rneasurc clothing at most moderate prices. BOYS' SUITS A splendid line for boys of all ages, selling from $5.00 to $J2.50. All suits of four pieces--Coa., Vp»t, two pair Pauts. See these d fferent lines at, or through arrangement with, our nearest store. i Union Supply Co. Sixty Stores in Kino Counties of Pennsylvania.

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