The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 27, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1930
Page 2
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T H U R S D A Y . F E B R U A R Y 27, 1030. THE DAILY COURIER, CONN3ILLSVILLE, PJ PAGE THREE. MOUNT PLEASANT SOLOMS URGED TO BUY WATER PLANT rommunUles ITsinp Supply Vrnm That Source Fnvor Purchase. "FIREMEN TO HAVE MEMORIAL MOl'NT P L K A S A N T . Feb. 27. -- Mrs. .loserrhine M n t e j k o , RO rears. Ihreo m o n t h s an\ I days old, died Tursduy at. .11.:"') o ' c U c k at. her homo on the f J r i d t c o p o r t . ro.\d Sho is s u r v i v e d by h r r h u s b a n d . J a m e s , a n d the* f o l l o w i n g ..childron, Mr.-t. Mary M a l e t i c , Am- hrWee, Pa.; Albert, .in t h u l.'nitt-d A r m y ; Mrs. Agues .Samamct and James, ,! :., of Ambridpi.-; Itosie, Alt^x anil Joo al homo. Funeral Kfr--ir.cs w i i l bo held at the homo f-'riday i r C t e r n o o n at 2:(W o'clock in c h a r g e ol' Hov. J o s e p h M i l o Von- (Iracek. I n t e r m e n t w i l l f o l l o w i n t h e Moiuit P l e u s a u i Omotcry. VVnnl l i i i i i - i p n l Ownorshlp. S t a n d a r d , M a m m o t h , Horla a n d United p l a n t s are w o r k i n g on a pe-ti- t i n n t h a t , wh'Mi rompli-ti'd, w i l l bo presentel to c o u n c i l at. Us rogiilur on no-;t M o n d a y evening, ask- [STOP] It isn't hard « o get the best of a cold; if you let Pape's Cold Compound he ip you. Harmless tablets that relieve an aching head and sore body like magic! Don't go arov.nd with watery eyes and red nose. Ask your druggist for a 35c box of-- , Compourtd 1 .*', vf .·· -? ,' *'' / :.I,-'.' ·' 'i' : · *v The Day's News At ing t h a t t h e ;)on.iugh. t a k o o v e r t h e water p l a n t . A l i of tho placps w h e r e t h e p e t i t i o n is hexing c i r c u l a t e d nso wator f r o m t h e M o u n t Ploasat t water p l a n t and arc inti-rosted hi L:S rates, service, etc., and for t h i s re.ison arc c i r c u S a t i n g tlu- potltion a s k i n g thivt'thc p l a n e tie uiken over by the b e - r o u g h . To I' onil net. .Hlsslnn. Rov. K. Grci o. a m i s s i o n a r y f a t h e r of tho Apostoiate of New York city ·*'llt c o n d u c t a mission at, the St. H c r n a d i n c C h u r c h for one week beginning March !). This mission is £or t.he Italian penli oi; M o u n t Pleasant and noighboriu^ towns and a good al- iendanco is de* Irod. To Attend Memorial Service. Tho M o u n t i'loasant Volunteer Firo De par tin out wi'.l meet at (i:30 o'clock iti next Sunday o v c n l n g ill tho borough b u i l d i n g when they w i l l attend t.ho a n n u a l m e / n o r i a l services of tho department, at the, lie-formed Church at 7 o'clock: Tho department chaplain, Rev. P a u l T. Htonesifer, w i l l proach tho sermon. Two of tho fire- ^jnon have died d u r i n g the past year. *They arc Leu ,'5erg and James S. Braddock, an h o n o r a r y member. At JjPirlon Mooting. O. Wylifv Ovei ly, 1). U. Barnhart and Ray S»:lslhoryi ropreaeuloU tho Mount. Ploasaii! Post at the County American Legion mcellug in Jeaunetto last oven ing. L'ndorgn Operations. Thoro wore l.vo operations for appendicitis at tl'.o Memorial Hospital yc.ste.rd.ay. Palietits were A n n a Kurpiel o£ Mount PleaHant and V e r u a SWrey ot Southwest. (.'oinmoncoiiicnt Pate Fixed. May -i) has been set, as the date for t.he a n n u a l c o m m e n c e m e n t exercises of tho Mount Pleasant High School. SMALL TOWNS TIRED OF THROUGH TRAFFIC No Xongrer Be Hero That Brlng-Ing Autos Into Main Street Is IVoccssary to Business. CHICAGO, Fob. 27.--Tho danger of picking out tho main street of a town and arbitrarily making it a through street, as pointed out in recent studios made by the Nutlonal Safety Council, has beea emphasized Iu several UlinoiH towns. Petitions have been received by Uio Stale Highway OuniniKslou, at Sprirg- fleld, from representatives oi «m.ill towns aiid villager asking that stato "roade, around which many of them have bean huilt, ho ro-routed so t h a t the constant stream of traffic may bo I diverted from their centers. According to 'ha representatives, ;t was onco t h o u g h t advantageous to jriug as much t raffle into tho main street RH possible, for transit trado meant increased mininestt. The How of cars, however, has be- ] i-oino so jrroat HIK! tho spewl at w h i c h j ihoy travel .so rapid that fow etop n t j a l l . Tho increased v o l u m e hae reached , ;v stage wliero It endangers the liven tt tho i n h t i b i t i t n t s Evon largo cititi; ain now .finding t h a t the most tuieeesstul system j n h u n t s nou-HUip tralllc around tho j business district to avoid congestion i:i the down-town center*;. S p e c i a l to The Courier. DAWSON, Fob. 27 - Thu Phitathca Olasri of tho M o t l , xiit^t C h u r c h w i l l hold itti m o n t h l y IHHHUIK Friday at 7:30 I'. M. in the iochil a u d i t o r i u m . Charles* JJunor vs moving- his f a m i l y from Coruiellsvillf i n t o the \V. !·'. l i u t c houso in Vandorb ! lt. \V. T. Vunscvoy ( N e w e l l was a recent Vieker«on R in visitor. Tho Dawfion l-Mv - Hundred Club will hold it« re-gular i lonthly ineotinK on Friday ovoninj; in the .bngion Hail. J. E. Little, nia^ cr mechanic of tho Western Maryland Railroad, was at Dlclcerson Kun Wednesday looking after the interests of the company. W i l l i a m Forsyt 10, Theodore Van Horn and William McOill wore U n i o n tow ti visitors Tii«-lay. Every Third Auto Stopped for Light Inspect ion in 1929 By U n i t . ·:! Press. 1IAURJSBUHG. Fib. 27--Every third automobile opcrutii z on the highways of Pennsylvania. w;t ; et.oppod for Inspection ot its lights during tl:« past -(.ur. This -was rev xilod today from a study of the annna report of "Wilson G. Price, superintsMi'lent ot the patrol. Tho report showi d that during tho l;iet year the patrol nen halUxl 434,03 L ftiitomohilee for Iffht inspections. There were a p p r o x i m a t e l y 1,500,000 passenger rars in t 10 State last year. It also 'was revet led by tho roport t h a t nearly one in e\ ory four earn stop- (jul was found to havo defective light*, or at least lights tl-at did not comply with tho ternie of he Pennsylvania motor code and no lew, which wore ordered lor correction ot the f a u l t , were- issued. Tho latrolmen issued 112,656 noticwi of rite kind during 1929. In only 92'J ii stances, however, did tho, patrolmen snake arrests Cor violations of the 1U htlng law«. The report chows that the greatest number of arrests v. ere made In February. It d u r i n · that month that, the patrol made i specific, d r l v o asainst illegal light;. During February 202 arrests wore made. However, tho greatest numbei (ft cars wero stopped in .July whet 67,885 motorists were commanded to 'talt and allow the patrolmen to checU thir lighting equipment. '('he largest n u m b r of correction of light.ln-.; law wero l.sAiiod in A u g u . - t when l(t,'!20 of these notices were h.uidei'l out.. The sinalle«t n u m b e r of at rests for l i g h t i n g troubles wero mad-o i i.May whou only ·!.; fell into the net. December led w i t h the s m a l l e s t m mber of n o t i c e s L-nued. noticen for Infractions EVERY ONE SHOULD GIVE HEALTH FIRST PLACE m INTEREST Want Xamos aK.!v!OXSI![Jiy;, Feb. a?.--Albert Abraham a r i d Nor:'. Abraham of Mount f'k'M.sunt yesterday petitioned court to h a v e t h e i r names changed. Thoy say t. l a t t b f y wero formerly residents of A m y o u n Kl K o u r i , M o u n t Lebanon, Syria, and that siti'-o l i v i n g in America they have been k n o w n a.s A l b e r t ) Abraham and N o r a A b r i i h u n i . Th\v ; a.ik to have tho names of A l b e r t ! A b r a h a m Durgoni aid Xora Sha-mmas j D u r g o m for tho r vison of .sentiment | and also l«) ; h e y are ititeroiited · ir real tvtato in S y r i a . J u d g e f ' h a r l c s j 7 K. W l i i t t e n Hxod ) o'clock .Monday j May '.; ;ts the ( l i n e of the ! l-'iro Destroys Homo. CrPJiLvNtMU'lu;. i-l. 27.--- Pirt' \ v D i c h was dis.i:ov- v reil shortly a f t e r j u i d n i g h t do',il.ruyv I the wglx-rtKHii j (r imt hous-o aii:l t ' u r u i t u v o a n d i thrfaU'iu'il o n t b u i l ' l l n g s of l-'aul ,1. j Bondl. road contrai tor, aloni; tho N e w j S!;mtou-Arona roai . Th-o lass is t'.sti- at $ir,UJi. Oirl I'ois ins So If. VKN()I..n. Kfh. -V. -Miss .Myrtle \V Uiaius, 17 y-ars old, l i i u i K h t e i - ot" Mr! and Mrs. Sidnr-y W H H a m s . (iiod yc;tM'day a!'U:-r!Ui» iu CHi'/.ous d e i i en, I IUw*piu»! iit. N ^sv Kensins'lon as t i n - rosult of ( ! r i u i n s dlrtiui'w.tant. 8h ··· had »«·! In i'.l h o a l t h fur t.wu \Vlieii IJ*« Uxo You it Uy U n i t f d 'resa. U A K U I S B C R G , Fe . ^7 -- Health occupy iirst. place among the interests of every on. 1 , ra.thor than amusontentH and plea; uro«, .Dr. Thoo- dore Ji. Appel, Secret iry of Health, saii in his weekly h e a l t h talk tcxtay. "It should not "1)0 forgotten tliat while happiness te a n o«t worth while object, tho place to laid it la within OIUS'B eclf," the recrcl iry eaid.. "And in this connection, i£ IK many peojlo sought health with one-tenth the avidity that they ec«k happinces, the crop of re-ally happy p'-ople would increase prodigiously. "Strict and daily ob ;ervance of the hoy rules of hoaithy li o is neither an involved nor a painful process. True, it. w i l l remove foolish practices, cons i s t e n t l y late hours, t a b i t u a i l y outraged stomachs, a persistent disregard of exorcise and a pa nful sustained top-speed. But a f t e r all. w h a t good arc iheso things compared to vigorous health and joyful life?" inanities Dismiss^ 1 at Mines. ST. CLA1USVJLLB, t hlo. Feb. 27.-Sheriff Ford Moore latt h\fit nlglit announced he- had dismwt-ad 20 specially appointed deputies vh hud been on d u t y at two lielmoiit county coal mines where labor diti utes are in progress. Suffrage I'rgeil in S«'ut!i Al'rica. CAl'fiTOWN, Feb. 2 . -- Premier J. M. H. He rt '/.OK gave r.oti'-.e ea.rly lotlay to the assembly that MI Monday liu w i l l auk iwniist;ion I" introduce u. ijill g i v i n g women 2i . ml over tho r i g h t to vote 29 True Bills Are Returned Grand Jury UXIONTOWN, I'Vh. 27. -- Twenty- iiinp true b i l l s were f o u n d by the Mar.'h grand j u r y "and. six "were ignored iu a p a r t i a l r e t u r n mado bo- fare J u d g e D. W. Hoiidorsan Wedns- ilay a f t e r n o o n . .lumen A. Penlay who, annoyed, it. is a l l p j t r d , )· t h r iiiL-pssiinl eonphing- :·( his rommate. Aiuly Riu:htn, d r . wo. a k n i f e - into Uuehen's body, was Inrtieled for a s s a u l t w i t h Inl.ert to k i l l and murder. H u r r y Tassono was cleared oC a p n t o r - i i i l y c h a r g o by t h o grand jury, b u t i h i s t u r n e d out to ho o n l y a temporary victory w h r - n Ilio district attorney's oflir.o l e a r n e d that tho grand j u r o r s had ignored the b i l l because tho : r o s e e u t r i N , Hose B a i l e y of (lov- man t o w n s h i p , did not have tho baby aloiiK- Tho raso w i l l be rrsulvmiUed befoi s the grand i n q u e s t adjourn.s. Mi. -key Bryner was i n d i c t e d for involuntary manskuiKhUvr g r o w i n g out of tho death of Harry Sipo on the Springfield pike N o v e m b e r 1C, last. Ot.lier Iriu? b i l l s and ignoramuses f o u n d were: AVi H u m T u f t R i c h t e r , m o r a l s comp l a i n , H u l l s k i n t o w n s h i p , J u l y 0, Mrs. C. W. C a r l s o n , prow. Janes Koss, a s s a u l t w i t h tnt.e-nl to k i l l . O r i e n t , J a n u a r y 11, slabbed Harry Coleman, W i l l i a m ,). "Wit?, el, pro.s. Mil key B v y n e r , i n v o l u n t a r y man- Klaugiilei'. S p r i n g f i e l d pike, November H, r u n n i n g over M a r r y Sipe, C. L. Stino. pro.s. AliRon A. M a r k a y , H. M. Z o l i n k a , M. -\Verner and .John Shaffer, conspiracy w i t h i n t e n t to cheat. and du- f r a u d . C o n t i n e n t a l No. £, on James U o s t i - t l r r , Belling lot for $ 1,251) to w h i e l tliey did not possc-ss tltk v ; A. A. D o w n i n g , pros. J o h n Wisconsin. driving while in- toxkM.ed, N o r t h U n i o n t o w n s h i p , December "5, U. K Rogers, pro.s. C h a r l e s and Hay U a U a s l I n l , larceny, L u z e t n o t o w i i H h i p , December 31, c a r r i e d away $7fi w o r t h of Jiitno lumber, Mrs. Knniia Klsh, pros. l''va:Uc Bom-boniovk", ii«SAult and bat tor v, larceny, MeK.s r inore, September 27, pistol, W a r r e n and Margaret Oils, :ros. \V. I'. S l i i l w n g o M , dosfroyinj? trees, F r a n k l i n t o w n s h i p , c u t down tree be- l o n g i n g to (,'. K C l i u H ' a i i t , pros. Ohai'leti Palo, w o r t h l e s s check. Rep u b l i c . December -, $sr,; F r a n k M. Terrace, pros. R ,! . Reilly, J r . , p a t e r n i t y c h a r g e , D u u b a r t o w n s h i p , Prise:!!;; P r i e h a r d , pros. Ileni-y Dicke.r.soH. larceny, assault, carrying weapons, M o n v u c , J a n u a r y 21,, $2.i w o r t h of coal f r o m Monongahela Railway coai car. J. cj. Byers, pros. Oscar Crowe, l a r c e n y . '. v. , counts, Spring'ull t o w n s h i p , ii ··. ,.-.»h«ld goods valued at ?-00 f r o m house nt F. G. B u r i.' hi rial; George D. N i i u g h t o u , pros. ICd Trlpp, k e e p i n g a g a m b l i n g house, Kdc-iiboru, J a n u a r y 2S. A. A. Dow nir if, pros." A. Cote, W i l l i a m l l a l f h i l l , Frank B a r c h a n o w l U , b l a c k m a i l , conspiracy. two counts, $i'K f r o m Mary Hosinl: $400 from Modesto Rodriguez, A. A. 1 'owning, proti. Will [Codgers, alias Folix Townsend, puternl.y charge, Stnock, April 7, Hetty 1'arneU, jiron. Tony Aehacia, ugKravated assault, Isabclltc, J a n u a r y 2, W. A. J.-e?.Hz, pros. Will nrown, a s s a u l t with intent to kill, To WOT Hill No. 2, J a n u a r y 21), on Chauey Lindsay. Oeorgo I 1 '. Pierce, pros. Jolin Wisconsin, aggravated assauk, N'orth I'niori t o w n H l i i p , Docombor 25, on M a r t i n W a l t e r s , auto collision, William W a l t e r s , pros. K C. Monagban, violating auto law, October 28, mini! UK a ^ a r after license had })ec-\ revoked, A. C. JTaaolaH, pros. Iloberc Springer, James Atkinson, John U i n e , rape-, N o r t h Union township, Fi- jrivavy 5, A. A. I V i v v t i i n g , pros. C h a r l e s l i n d e n , l a r c e n y , Colonial No. 3, i i . b u i l d i n g of H a r r i s F r a n k , (Jeorgc '!·!· Mention, proa. James A. I'enlay, assault t e n t to k i l l , December IT,, E d w a r d W. Morrison, pros,, at county home. Geoacl ino Scarton and O l i v e r Sear- ton, trai sporlinn litpior, in Hulls-kin township. Dot-.umher 19, Jiuues H. Lt'wis, pros. John Mickey, possessing liquor, Fairchanco, N o v e m b e r .'30, W. J. WltKol, pros. Louis Smorava, poase.tsins liquor, Oliver No. 1, November 23, James H. Lewis, pj'os. v ICmilio U g o l i n i , possessing liquor, Stnr J u n c t i o n , J o h n P. Zimrner, pros. Miko Phillips, Jr.,- possesKitut liquor, South Union township, John P, Ztm- mer, proi:. Sessel Hughes, sellliiff liquor, Dunbar township, John P. Zhnmor, pros. James McDonald, possessing liquor, Connellsville, November 30, Charles J. llanna, pros. Ignoramuses Returned. Harry Tassone, paternivy charge, German, township, March 27, Rose Bailey, pros. W i l l i a m Kluckers, absconding from board b i l l , Brazuell, March ' S, $30, costs on [jcnti Wal-ker. J o h n Mclienry, assault and battery, U n i o n t o w n , December 13, costs on Ada Hampton. A. Xobi-1, larceny, t a k i n g lixtures and h i t c h in s i n k trom Miners Slate Bank, iNew Salwn, valued $110; cost;? on county. Kuiriia Lindsey, assault w i t h Intent to k i l l , J a n u a r y :.', shooting Will Brown, George F. Fierce, pros. Joseph Voloshnyn, aggravated ass a u l t , borough of Everson, December S, costs 01. Jacob Oxroweaki, pros. Use ChissIflPd Vds. Results quickly folio v. Patronize those yrho advertise. w i t h in- m Andy Looking' for Bargains 1 It so, read the advertlslae columns of The Daily Courier. Use (.'hissliiod Ads. Thoj- Husai-k, SchUiUuser Compauj 1'cilerjil and Slate Taxes AccunnUints and Auditors ir,-2« I'urk L'ltlsbui'gh, 1'a. "Coming eve its cast their shadows bei are" AVOIOTHAT FUTURE SHADOW* By refraining f rom over-indulgence, If you vould maintain tho modern fl jure of fashion Women who prize the modernfigure with itssub- de, seductive curv :s--men who would keep that trim, proper foirn , eat healthfully but not immoderately. Ban ?h excessiveness--eliminate abuses. Be moders ce--bemoderate in all things, even in smoking When tempted to excess, when your eyes a; e bigger than your stomach, reach for a Lucky instead. Coming events cast their shadows bef re. Avoid that future shadow by avoiding ove -indulgence if you would maintain the lithe youthful, znodern figure. lucky Stri ce, the finest Cigarette a man ever smoked/ made of the finest tobacco--The Cream of the Crop-"IFS TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat p J rifi 2s and so ''TOASTING'' not only rerno res impurities but adds to the flavor and improves the taste. t's toaste Yomr Tluroot ProtecHon--qgoinst irritation--agoirasf cough* *Be Modorate! , lets or other qi wasted on thest ing lucky Stri! tempted to do in things that TUtfE IN --T . . Don't jeopardize the modern form by drastic diets, harmful rtducing girdles, fake reducing tah- ack "anti-fat" remedies condemned by the Medical profession! Millions of dollars each ye-it are ridiculous and dangerous nostrums. Be Sensible! Be Moderate! We do not represent that smoke Cigarettes will bring modern figures or cause the reduction cf flesh. We do declare thar when yourself too well, if you will "Reach for a Lucky" instead, you will thus avoid over-indulgence cause excess weight and, by avoiding over-indulgence, ciaiitain a modern, graceful form te Lucky Strike Dance Orchestra, every Saturday night, over a c08Jt-to-coast network of the N B. C. * · ©1930, The American Tobacco Co., Mfra. Tour Dates Mar. - - 14-28 Apr. - - - 8-17 May - - -· 9-29 June - 6-1S-2S July - - 12-26 Aug. - - 16-30 Sept. - - 10-19 Oct. 11 Nov. 8 Dec. - - - - 3 WASHINGTON IN THE EIGHT WAY 7ft I U BALTIMORE These Escorted Tours offer an ideal way to visit your wonderful National !· -YOrS all X- Capital at low cost. p -tises fOf fiv« Railroad, hotal and' (1. .ys, f r o 1H siH sight-seeing ox- C tnnellsvillc. P enses Deluded for live delightful days. Those not desiring the All-Expense Tr in- may purchase reduced round-trip ra Iroad tickets n f . fare of $!).SO, good for 10 days. F r Dcscrlpth'c Jos. P. Taggart B oklct or JJcser- A. 0. P. A. T a l o n s Consult m llnl) " Trnst T1 krt AKenL Pltobnlfe F-. it OHIO RAILROAD Normalville KORMALVII/LE, Fel). 27 -- Mr and Mrs. Elmer A. Millor o£ Connell; vlllo were hore visiting Mrs. MiHer'ti parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Porter ield. Mlse Sarah MJU-ei" waa a Com: J!!B- villo sliopper Saturday. Mrs. M a r i a Round was calliuj iu Connellsville Saturday. Mr. and Mrs Homer Fullmer and family wei-e visitors iit M i l l Ilui on Sttturdny. Mr. and Mrs. J«hu Pritte were 15 lon- plng in Onnellsville Saturday. Miss (.liitherino Bungaixl oE M- unt Pleasant spent the week-end at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. J e B t i e ' B u r i f : ml. Mrs. Homer Hensel was shoppln ; in Comicllavllle Mondiy. Mr. and. Mrs. Kdward Wiuer ind children, of Grimes mine spent Sunday at tho homo of Mr. Miner's parents, Mr. and Mre. Henry Miner of Mill Run. Charles Rose ot Rogers Mill was transacting business in Couiusllavillo Saturday. Homer Prltts spent. Sunday at tbe homo o£ Mr, and Mrs. David laymen. Mri. J o h n Brooks o£ Connellsville was a visitor hero Thursday. James Prtnkey oE Vauderbilt waa (.fausacLing bnalucwH here Saturday. aira. Mary Bungard in ill at lior homo with influenza. Mrs. Amanda .Miner in seriously ill at her home. Mrs. nnsaell ilaniels of Uniontown is visiting at. the home of her brother- in-law an! sister, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Porternol'' N F A V E T T E C O U N T Y I \ ·j re A SAFE LEADER General thrift is a safe leader to follow in the battle of life. Open an account with this Bank and become t h r i f t y and prosperous. TITLE TRUST COMPANY OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA CONNELLSVILLE, PA. 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