The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 27, 1930 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1930
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O. THE DAILY C O U R I E R , CONNE1 .LSVILLE, I'A. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1930. HKS. ,i. i . u ) S I ; V I : N T Mr.s. .1. i--vii I hf 1 - Sxv('-nt ;. ·;'. b i r t h w i t h a at noon til h ', v . O · M O M ) l i l K ' r H D A V u k !l..)la;nl ix'KvtiniUMi 1:0:1 f! ;uiim'.·!':-ary of ho:- u n i f y d i n n e r "U'-cxfriosduy T l i n i n g i n Bust Fatter- iii-coir.pnn.ving a real i i t i v e r K a r y of the- C o v e r s were .laid for j Mrs. John D. I Mr. urn! -Mrs. l l o l l a t i d , their daughter, I avenue., CleVorl arranged by Mrs. lUunii I . Si'lK-ll. t l u - i r daughter;;- i Addia, tho lunch · on was a c map 1 etc m-law, Mrs. .'loorgo Holland and Mr.*. | (surprise- to Mrs. Percy. Kmnk R, H o l l a n d , all o« PltlsbuTR anil j Covers wero ;aid for ten pnestK. t h e i r s-'on. l.'alyh H o l l a n d , at homo.! The tnblo proaevLed nri exceptionally ili-o g«ix! ))iin;: MRS, ,), D. f'i:rtr I I O X O K K O I ( O V K I , Y i OVMM'K l-cuvtly in all i s apiiouituuMV.s was a Huirmtiu: 1- O'L :oclc Uuiche-ou Wednesday after icoti by Mrs, Iluy- moiul K. Addis u her liomc in Soucli r i t t s b u r g street u honor of the an- U i r t l i ot her mother, ·rcy of tOa?t Cedar Two of Mr. and Mrs. Holland's daugli- lorn, Mjtf. A. A. Pove of I'Utsburg and Mrs. Frank li. Collier oi j'rovldenco, tv. I., wore unable to attend. Mrs. 1'opo is KOjonrniii:; in Miami, Kla. Whlk; tlio-ro s-he w i l l spend several days with Mr*. Kilo, Punitou o£ Pltteburg, formerly ot Conne-Usvilltv, atwl Mr. and Mrs. John Aussnid-er of Oil City. Tho Atissuid«r;; uivo u winter homo iti M i a m i . Mrs Aussnidcr is a sister of Mr. Holland. Mrs. Holl uid onjoys good health a n d Mono i "('sen t erijoyt'-d tho nu- nivortury ciMi-bratum more than she. A number of tior it(MghilKr. cjtll-wi d u r i n s tn« lay to ox ton (I thir congratulations. She was tho rei.-i.pUmt of ;i n u m b o r ot" I m i u t i f u l git'Ui. G I V E S IJIvNEl'Tl' CAU1 I' ARTY Tho Youiuv .Ladies' Sodality of St. Hita's Purls n gavr a vory successful party Tuesi.ay n i g h t ia ( ,ho clum'h a u d i t o r i u m . Vfeat Hido. Twouty-iive tables WPTO arranged for 11 vo hundred a n d fifteen i'«r bridge. FMvo hum' red wore awarded 10 tho following: Head nri; , M.r.'J. M c G i v e r n ; Paul Hoslet. dun 13 O'Donnell, H. O. Whit- t.on, Nick S uiv.ono, Jo soph Vosnocht, Mrs. H a r r y Shade, Mrs. W, C. Smith, Suo KniftU, Joso.ii hi no Opjvma.n, M a r y Jlobinson, f./aviria Hosi', Henry Doorflor, Mrs. 1. Fnnari, - M r s . M. Kotch n n d Mrs. J. K. Rokl. Hr !(!.?:.(, ha.d. \V. H. D u n c a n : Mary U-allagher, Dr. K. V. Fity,Grald. ftlstr- saraot H a r r i g f t n , Hridf?ie Oallasrhor, H e n r y O p p i ran. Mrs. Harry Uwvis, H a r r l g a n . Emma A.xtiil, KraiHxw Kriol, Harry Bowman and M. Kotch. Lurch was served. V. 1 . AV. AI X1I.IARY D A N C i JKLIUHTl!'fiJ. A F F A I R Orio of tho most, delightful social (.·wilts; of tl.o tseaiton vv;w the uecond a n n u a l dtuico of 1ho. l.*idios' Auxiliary to the \Valtor E. Brown Post, Vetarant; of Korolgn Wars, held last night in Kite Homo. The dance was given by tho entertainment comniUtfe cpmpoeed of Mrs. J u n o Cook, chairman"; ftlrs. Aniwi Tr«;tler. Mrs. A. n. Pickard, Mrs. Mary O ' D o n n e l l , Mrs. Clara Sperry and Mr.-t. Mary Costollo Not tho sllghteu d s t a i l In arra.ngomentii wn«i ovcrUx knl by the committee nnd j man all In flUenJancfl fipcnt a most CD joy- ' a t t r a c t l v o appea i-ancc. The colons, orchid and yc,llt w, wore effectively carried out. A ' iw m o u n d o,f yellow tulips and o r c h i d sweet peats orna- monUvd the o e u t f r of tho table, w h i l e tall orchid tapei H in crystal holders l o u t additional beauty to thi ge-noval doorstivc schcrn . The placo cards wt-re adorned · - i t h spring flowora. Favors were ori hid t n l i p cups filled w i t h nuts. O u t - o f - t o w n guesiB wore Mrs). Thomas As itou )£ Point Marlon and Mrs. Jamow i 'ox of ScottrtaJp. Mrs. AddU was assist d by hor siHti-r, Mrs. H a r r y P. P o r t e r of Scottdaic. MKS. W K I S G K R IKH K N T K U T A I N S G U A M ) I'JtKSIBKM 1 OK O. I. A. Mrs. C. 11. VV( isgorbcr was Itoetcms at a prettily f i u p o i n t e d card party last, night at hei home in Vine street in honor of Mr:. Mary E. Oasse-11 of Cleveland, Olilo g r a n d president of the O. I. A. Anx i i a r y to the Brotherhood of L/oeomo ive Engineers. Kour tablea 'were occupiod at bridge and live hundred. M -s. JoKcphino Merandi won high brWge prize and MrH. Harry Vanstone, high live hundred prize- Tho guest prlZi wa.»j Driven to Mrs. CaaapH. A daint y lunch supplemented the game-s. Swe -tpe-as and roses wore attractively us^ In ttocoratinp;. Mrs. Gerald Palmer ,t Wheeling, W. Va., d u u g h t o r of the hostess, was un out- of-town guest. Mrs. Cassell, vno camo to Connellsville yesterday in attend a union meet- Ing ot tho G. I. A., was the guest oC president, of the lo- ·r night. She left for tnornhig. Guests at Mrs. Casfiell Mrs. WoisgerbPi, cal auxiliary, o\ Cleveland ( h i s tho party in h mor oi' were G. 1. A. w men. C. K. C. CLUB ENTERTAINED BY MR. A X U MRH. H A K R Y PARK Attractive ap toldlm-outx sS-uiificant of Saint Fatrlc ;'s Day predominated at an enjoyable meeting of the C. K. C. Club at whic i Mr. ami Mrs. H u r r y Park wero host and hoatos.s last ui.sht at their home u South Arch stret. Thrfro uUilo.% ware arranged for dvo 'hundred. Mr. aud Mrs. Paul Herman won hig-h i rlz«tt and Mr. and Mrs. ,1. W. Frizaell, ; ecxind h i g h . Mrs. fc!. J. d tho d r a w prize. A ^supplemented tho Shannon delicious lunc! garnos. Tho n-e it angling wi!l }o licld in tho home of ir. a n d Mrs. Paul Her- i:ist C: son ave-nne. ah'o e-vonlng. Tho dance w a n larproly at(ciilt.'l. Out-of-town guetitn- w-ere I'roni I ' n k n t o w n , Mount, Pleasant, Scottdule, 1 ! andorhilt and Iiwson. S T A V K J ' K K S t l l K X T WILL V SIT A. 0. H. U f X l M A T l Y Air.M. A n n a McTiortnan ot" riorantou, I'a., «! prutiklent of the l^uliPB' A u x i l i a r y (a i he Ancient Ord-cr of Hibernians, will lu prtwent o.t a meet- i n g if the L ' n i o n t o w n Auxiliary. Ol- vision No. I. S u n d a y afternoon at :( o'clock in Uio P. H. C. Hall. Union- t o w n . M r n McTinrnan, who te risHlng in t h i s p a r t of tho state, -will be tho Kuctit of t h a county at tho mooting on Sunday «ind all livi.slon and county ollieor^, at; w e l l a« o t h e r members are i n v i t e l . - r s . McTiornan w i l l give a .1, O, C. ( I ASS W T h L OBSKRTi: T W K M ' Y . T H I R 1 A N M V K R S A K Y The ·). O. (.'. Olasa of tho First Methodist -Jpiscopal C h u r c h will cele- b r a t e i t s t \ v o n t y - l h i r d anniversary w i t h a covorett-dish supper Friday n i g h t at '·:'·) o'clock in the social room of t l ' c c h u r c h . Om of the outstanding social events of tho year among t i n class members, tho anniversary cf li.'bruliun, is bt-ing looked forward t w i t h great inlcresi. A social t i m .· w i l l f o l l o w tho s u p p e r . All niomb« rs are invited. K V K U H A B T 1H1JLK CLASS A.NM'AL U V N C J t ' K T TONIGHT Hev. K. il. Stevens, pastor vt the I'Mrst Bapt st C h u r c h will bo tho prin- i-ipal Bi( at the annual banquet of i IK; Kverhi'.rl Bible Ol««ij of the First U n i t e d PresbytcM'ian C h u r c h t o n i g h t a( u'.'.'IO o'l'locli ill ! ) i ( social room of t h e ehure! . Lf)S ANGELES G. I. Mrs. JOHSO B Oal., was amen at a u n i o n mi; tir national Au hood of LfOcorn- tiv»! rts.y in Odid F.-llowj M e r c h a n t Hivris on oC VfOMAX ATTEiVDS A. ifiVfON jtKirnx; inter ol LOH Augcl-es, I tho vlailint; women ling of the G r a n d In- iliary to the- Brothcr- tivi! 1'Jn.gitiyei'S yost?r- Ttvmple, w i t h t h i n city ;VB the Cost is small. Ads. Results are big. ^'' 'ft A ^'^ DAY M E N A C E " Doctors tt 11 us that over 50% of present day ills ari dirsctjy traceable to constipation. Ir/egular hours, hurried meals, lack of ex rcisc, re-suit in faulty elimina- t\on thus c logging the system with harmful poison, and reducing the efficiency of the bod/ machinery. Keep yc-ur system clear of food wastes at all tun :s, Epsotabs. tin; safe, picas- «mt laxative, art easy to ts.kc nnd positive of act ion. Talte two Epsotnbs at night foi constipation relief in the rnorninj, No griping pains--no inconvenience. Twc ; ; .*cs, 25c and 50c pnrk- Bges. Write fi · e sample. Aak your druggist in' Epsotabs. T H E D I L L C O M P A N Y Norristown, Pa, hostess lodge. Mrs. Baiut«r, who ia visiting in Glei wood, is a member ',' tho G-okkn VVcat A u x i l i a r y ot J-,os Angeles. y. ». iijiiDGi; t'.iii'u MEETS WITH ALftS. KEFFKU Tho F. H. l-klfco Cluh was entertained last nil ht by Mrs. Herbert l ( ol'£or In Gotta ;e avenue. Two. tables wort; b r o u g h t nto play. Head priae ·A'as wan hy M. ;s Sura-h Itay and MTH. H. D. M l n o r r l I ok Kwoiirt print'.. Tho consolation aw ird \vent to Mrs. ('. B. Culver. D e l i f i UIK r p f r e s h m w u t n vrcrt sorvwl. Mm. , - , B. K l i n e of C a n i f g i o avenue will IM hoatosa at 1lu next regular jneetiu ,'. T. V. W. AITXJLIA.HY WII-L IMTIA'i'K C A N D I I I A T G S Initiation oi candidates w i l l tako pltico at tin; ) og-ulai' meeting of the Ladles' A u x i l U rj to Walter K. Brown Poat, Voterum of .foreign Wavw, ton i g h t in the p *t rooniH, North 1'ltte- Uurg etroct. ;v ffjiaghotti suppor will be served at tf o of tho meeting. All membe-rs a e roiuoetejl to atteiul. Colonial Cluh Entertained. The Colonia Cluh met yesterday with Mm. Ku. sell Woodward at her home at Hickory Bottom. Mrs. Frank Collin«, MrH. 1'aroM Shaffor and Mian Minnie Moreliai were uuiricd a committee to plan a covered-dish supper to be e«rvHl i ext month at tho home of the Mlssfie i «iura and M i n n i e Mariland at Hickory Bottom. Mrs. A n n a BurkhoWer i« 'halrman of the Hcrvlng committee. M «. Cornc-vliUH Moon, Mrs. Oharlea Andoi-ion, Mrs. Karl Woavcr and Mr«. Ron;-W Barle will etc)i pro- sent an origin tl H h i n f . as part ot the entertairune.ilt prot;rani. Th-e uext meeting of tin t l u l w i l l bo on March 12 at the Ivom ; oi «.Mrs. Frank P. Anderson. j (id'o-Mlddleton. { Mfss Garnet Lievjna Ooho, daughtBT j of Mr. and Mr:. Frank Gdlio of U u l o n - t o w n , and Mat k S. Mldtlletou, Jr., .son rf Mr. and Sirs. W. J. Mirfdleton of Republic, w e i » m a r r i e d 'Wednesday U'» ( I n c s d a y n orning in St. John's Caiuolic 1 . C h u r ' h , I'niontown, by Kov. I',. 1*. K e u n a . lti'or Council to M«o(. Magic Sistor Council, D, of A., me«tH thin eve-uiiiK !· Odd Fellows Tomulc-. Bri.1, B. M. : liotuts of in K: Two '«* C l l l h M f M ' J N . I. D. bridge c l u b uu'f. at Mr. and Mrn. John I'. *t M u r p h y avomu: lain bl'O-M wero in play. T l i g l i ; by Mrs. j,-ick ^k'Ciain prl'/.n w o n t ( i · » M . M r s . liarboi Pa a n People are at ten too putiant Wi ;h pain. Suffering when there in no nee to suffer. Shopping with a head tha throbs. Working though they ache all ver. And Bayer Aspirin would b ing immediate relief! The best time to talce Bayei Aspirin is the moment you first feel t e pain. Why postpone relief until tho »ain has readied its height? Why he itate to take anything so harmless? Bead the proven directions ft r checking colds, eaaini; a sore throat; elieving heaciaches and the piunn of n uralgia, neuritis, rheumatism, et', You can always count on te tjuick comfort. But if pain ia of requent recurrence see a doctor as to i s cause. 1M1 i:it A SB'Hill Aiipirla is the trade mark of Bayer M*nul»ctur« of Mononctticuddw ttir of 8»l cyllcadd Jlceting Postponod. Tho, regular meeliiig of tlio T'hila- thea Class ot tho Chri3tUn CUuroh has been Indefinitely postponed. ,1. ». i. eini, The J. B. I. C l u b will uveol tomorrow night at the homo o£ M r s , A, J. .JaJii«B of 106' East Fay-ctte si.rt:el. SCOn.'0ALE CHURCH OROUF TTIJ.L JTAYK J'A,SHIO?f TBA SXXXTTDAI^E, l''ob. 27.---One of the most intorciitltig .social aftalra ot the .ser.son will 1» given by one of tho divisions of the Jiibileo Circle of tho Methodist Episcopal Ohurch, with Mrs. b. B. Smith, chairman, Friday afternoon, I^obrtiary 28. from 2 to 0 o'clock a4. th-o church. This group will pri««rtit Miss SJoan, fashioniut of a PittsbuTfr rtopartmont s-toro at. a lar.hion tea. Mia.s Sloan will not. only havo beautiful gowns r»\ riiei^Iay but will give an interestinf- talk on what to wear, when and how to wc-ar lt.- Hl we all utylos of milady's weariug af-parol ar undergoing jsuch a radical cbnngo at this particular season, Lhcs quostion of how to dress; Is of vital lix.portanoe to women of tho community A most cordial Invitation is ex- tei-ctod to .;ach and every woman who is inieronted and would bo wcil ilres-wxl. I'rocwiing tho prosontation of Misr( Sloan, Mrs. W«Her J'Msro will prftaviJo at tho organ. D u r i n g tho woial hour M r s . Forroat W. Buck w i t ! entertain with ii. vocal !*lo. I/lght refroshirnenu will be H-erve'rl w.Hti Mrs. Frank K AVMdell «ni! Mrs. Jlert Strtckler pro- sldlng at tho toa tojhle. fjadies of tho community aro inv!tel to come auc »lend an enjoyab.!* afternoon at ttria atfair. To Kntertain Ancillary. Miss Maciaiyn Myers and Miss Edna C )X will be hostesses ai thu March mooting of the J u n i o r .Auxiliary to the Saturday Afternoon Club of Vandw- bilt next Tuesday nig'lrt in the homo o) Miss Myers at Dlckerson n u n . An a! tractive program is being arranged fc r the meeting, Wilirout-Gllsnii. Miss Margaret Wlltrout of Liston- b-irg and Robert A, GTiaan, sh of Mr. a;il Mrs. Thomas J. Gii.sau of Mark- Ic-ysburf; wore- marrioci Tucaday, February 25, in Accident, Md. For Die presout the couple will reside witto the bridegroom's parent!!. CORA MARJUKR1T1; FO. J'ORMEK I. T. TEACJ Mr. aud Mrs. Gy)rire B. ton, Pa., announce tho r. their daughter, Mi«w Gore Fox, to Jam«s I^e-s .T»wo' City, N. J., aolemliii'.ed o February 3". at M i l t o n Marcli I thoy will be at h Hudson itoulev-ard, Jerao; Mrs. Jo'W'fttt. a oouffin of l^ewis of Co-nnoHsviJle, w morcial taacter at th« Di ship High Sch(Kl at last year. This t.i!»ucjiing in n Je-rsoy City. WK1S Fox of Mil- arriitge of Marsruerite ', o£ i Saturday Pa. Aftei mie at 2JMO City, N. MT«. W. s a ·ibar Town- h a d l)eM I schxI at Jn Somorset, George Slayton and Mary Jtaima Burloy, botli o£ Meyeradale, were 11- to wed iu Somerset. Suiter Kraut Supper, With Irimmlnge, auspices Rhoda t u n n VV. C. T. U. «t tin) M. 13. Church, South Pitttiburg; atroet, Monday, March ;)rd, n : , ' J O . t o r r.SO. Tickets 50 emits.-- Advertisement.--UVl'eWt. I J itronlzo those who adrortiae. An Old Friend In New Dress . · LYDJA E. PINKHAM'S VKKISTABLB COMPOUND is now prepared in con« veniont, palatable, chocolate coated tablets packed in small bptllen. Each botllc contains 70 tablet*, or 35 doges. Slip a bottin into your hana- bag, C'anyyour medicine with you. During the three trying periods of maturity, maternity and middle age, this remedy- proves its worth. 98 out of 100 report benefit after taking it. These tablela are jusi as effective as Ihe liquid. JH, Pleasant Man III :onsed. Joseph Hivodak of Mou it and Valeria BatiB of Masc atowti were licensed u wed in U n i o n - )v;n. JEWISH RABBIS DIM SOVIET PERSEC1TION IN SIGNED APPEAL liy U n i t e d Prei i. M I N S K , Riissif,, Feb. 27.--Jew If.h rabbis; of M i n n i e , u n d e r tl ,.i .leadership of Chiet Rabbi Mcriac.H in Olunkiu appealed today to Jowt throUKhoui I ho world t o ruftijiie t))«i support t. I ho f o r c l R i i "crusade" against tht I Soviet regime. Dairying tho runorr.ed iH:rsftcut1oT and Aiiecutiou of rabl ! here, the rrlisious loailers Ftroiif ly defend(K l.tie Moscow K o v e r n ' n e n t -for its protection of t h e .ff'.visili people anfi vigorously aga nst the "un- jiiHtiflable" bclnj made upon Lhe Soviets. Tho manifesto was si? led by Chic'f Rabbi Olcjjkin ajid f- ihbla O e r i / Mazel, OS(V«T Ke-rstin, M udel Yarkho and Gabriel. To join with tlw i n t e r n .tional nuve- m o n t 'against t h e S\ iot, they d« dared, i« to n»m$t tlie "\ orst enemies of t h e Jowls* IMOIIR ar, I tho Jewlsl roilglou, now unjus-tifla. ly attacking tho Soviets." "This IK thiv only govo -nment openly combc'.tlng anti-sos litism," Un manifesto The rubtti.s c o n U u u e tl; tt wlUle they must oiH'ose t h i aatl-i liglouti propaganda o.'; commuiiinm the Moscow govern men t imiat be gh iu credit for giving the .losvifil) pifojile equality with other i-rice.-i aud rroodou of religious practice. Tlij wide«i)reai| i-ep«i a oC "oxecu- tionrt" «( rabbis vv'M'e ,e: pecially eon- demned a« false. , "Diiritig th; entire po iod of Soviet rule," tho rabbis report "no executions have taken place on religious grounds, v h i l e t h e clo. v jig of any synagogue*; always IUIK I een upon demand ot' the .lowiHli congregation themselves." Pope Pine nnd the A -ehblshop of Canterbury are accused of lieading a movement which Jiime to -estoro a KOV- ernment of antt-BolK tev)isi«s who "hitherto h a v u been gui] y of nmuljer- srj progriunti a.)id pors icutiona," "Let tho Jews re mom )er w h a t the erueade-H havo moant to 'ur people in the past," t h e y «uid. "W appeal to all Jewis'h Ijellevers, to ren ind them the porsocutloiui o n c B cai'iri d out will be carripcl ont by th '. same people wlio are now attacking- i 10 Soviets," Tho MOHOOW ^overnn 5iit; IKU; ;itl- milted the an-csi. oC B number of rabbis at; M i n s k , on char; c« of f n r t h e r - .i:,-g tho countr-rovolutu n, but has de- il-od that, any exoc.utioi 5 have taken place. Vegetable Compound Proper y Sold. Tho Clii'ton Mooro p -operty, con- slating ot a four-room ) ouae and one acre of land, hat been ^ ild to flilbert .Iroahy oi' PimiuviUe. riu; deal was uva/de by the f i r m of A. K. Wanner on. Duiihnr (rui)|fo MPP s Mnrrli 7. On March 7 Hio ro; tilar nionthly 1 m-eeting of tho lumbar ' ^ r a u g e w i l l bo held in J u n i o r H a l l i i V a n d e r b i l t . A f t e r 1 lu* busiiie-is aessi n .supnei- w i l l 1)0 served to m e m b e r s a id t h e i r '.'anii- Saturday--Last Day of Birthday Sale Wlio.ii you hare n presrip» f i o n to l»o filled bring it to Hi ft (·onneHnvllle lrng. If \vi!I be oxpertly iillcrt by a registered druggist . . and rion« hut the purest of drugs will he used. .00 Pure Monreale OLIVE OIL 2fetis.$l,l9 HAIR T ( » N H 79(5 - this pajor every Thursday for our weekend specials. Kvery article advertised meant* worthwhile savings t'or you. This week's specials are particularly appealing. 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Tho Duke was forced to abandon the chajia and return to hunting quarter*-. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY WILL BE PRESENTED TOMORROW EVENING The seat reservations for the Junior class play ot t h e Co-nneitevllle High School began thi« m o r n i n g with indi- eaUons of an excellent crowd for t h e performance Friday e v e n i n g at. the school auditorium. The play IB "Clarence," a four-act comedy drama. It hafi been rehearsed under the direction of Miss Margaret Bane, aa instructor in .lOngllsh in the ·school. Theses in t h e cast are Alma Shaw, M a r t i n Hecklingsv, Mary Graham, Artie .Lewis, Charlotte Duty, Cletus Pierce, Harold Duric, Jean Stange, William Bowdon and David Michaels. H AVE you an indifference or loathing for rood, or do you really enjoy mealt me? Fads and fancies come and go. We must be reasonable. You can't afford to wreck your-body by "killing" an appetite given you by Nature to nourish your body. Yon must really enjoy your meals and assimilate t. icm to restore the waste of tht body. Don't expect a strong, sturdy Ipody and a keen mind to.carry on if you do not enjoy your food. It just can't be done. Friends, happiness and business success raay depend on a keen appetite. Many thousands have turned to S.S.S. when the appetite signaled danger. It is a tinjc'-tested remedy .. . purely vegetab e. Easy to assimilate. Pleasant to take. It will co much to restore the natural appetite. It will not act instantly, but, be aosared, wher taken according to directions, it will usually bring back your deuirt to eat and enjoy your food. Thif, you well know is the basic step for health. Simply reason it out for yourself and you wi?l agree tha: it is the practical way. And remember, S.S.S. will help you get your blood-cells back up t normal. Then that slug · gish, let-down feeling anil skin troubles will disappear. You should sleep s o u n d l y . Firm f l e s h should take the place o: that w h i c h was one*: flabby. You should feel strong. Your nerves be* come steady. S.S.S. gives to Nature what it needs lv making you f e e l Hkj yourself again. At ali drug stores in tw sizes. Ask for th : larger size. Xt is more economical. ' Builds Sturdy Health i Daughter IJoru to Woodrows. Mr. and Mrs. 10, K. Woodrow ot 20H North Cotlago avenue are announcing .·he birth of a nine-pound daughter his morning. The family now consists oi: two girls. Mr. Woodrow is storekeeper at, t.he local garage of the Pen u Power 1 Company. Open Monday, IVedneii- ·lay and Saturday Nights Fixauinod and Frames I'itted LICENSED' OMET 109 North Pittsburff Street ===== WIFE GONE mm HE CAME HOME FROM WAR Best treated without ^--Just rub on OVEKW MILLION JARS USED YEARLY Special to '.'he Courier. UN10NTOVVN, Keb. 27.---In helping to win Uie WorW War, I^outa G. Pranks of Dlrjkei'Boti I l u u !IH( bin wli'», Nollhi. He w«s uril'UMl In A p r i l , 3!UX, and bin wife proiuMwl lo wait for h i m . W h e n he returri\l bo cspentod to find Ilia wife and bonu i n l a c l . liu( Icnrnc-.l she goiitv to j M a b a m f i . Later shi' movel to Detroit, Klsie Wilson of South ConrieltHvllic,-;' c l a i m s h e r luisbau I , Cameron, bceain*?; j i n t o x i c a t e d ami )'r got to provide f o o d ' | t'or (.lie f i i n i i l y . 8! o imktxl for .t.'Ui [ w r 1 i month alimony un I $1»U counsel loos.! Iron Man One of the bumbs atruclt Llentena it Smith on the side of the head and « bullet also hit him. H5s wouuds »r» not serious.--Sacramento B«o. Clnsnified Advertisements Briug r*BTU«t8 when placed in tlio c 1- unins of Tho Dally Courier. OUR CHILD 1 «i nl!r d" Prompt mte i. lion. Childron'.Mt .- lerole applied every hour lot 5 hoi rm should brine rcliel.

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