The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 26, 1930 · Page 24
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 24

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1930
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

\ THE DAILY COURmR. CONNEIL'L.SVIL LE, PA. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1930. OOOO OOOOOOOOOOOC OOOOOOOOOO S The Gottlieb P Murder Case X By S. DAN VYNE 2 O 6 0 OO- O-OOOOOOOCMO XXXXXXXX5-OO T FKI.T a premonlt iry shiver pasa · U'ivn my spine, as Vilo I'hanca and 1 e r t e r e i l ihn d r a t ) boarding house wlieie. we hud been summoned by Dist r i c t Attorney I'nrkham. Evidently I'll.! irt; shared my feelings for be t u r n e d to me in! murmured. "Like eotnin' into ft tomb, Dan, don't y' k m r t ?" *· P a r k l i a m culled f r o m the henrl of the stairs. "Right up tiere, gentlemen." \A lion he had mo.-mted the steps, the f u l l horror of the situation burst suddenly upon th; two of us. Stretched out upon r h c floor of the h n l i w a y was (he form of n mun and it needed no second glance to prove t h a t he was dear]. Herman Gottlieb wa;i his name, Parkl'iitn told IIH. "Something tells mo that there has been murder here," I'hance muttered. "What did you tnink It was--suicide?" ft sarcastic voice broke In. 5 at once recognlz»d Servant Copse of the police force who had been assigned with Phanca to the famous "Oriole" murder case a few mouths before. Chance nodded with a light aU of aloofness. "Tut. tut, serge.iru," ha drawled. "It might be suic'.Je at that. You never can tell." He reached intr his pocket and, from a leather cust\ slowly and cnre- fiJIy selected a gold-tipped cigarette. "I wish," he continued reflectively, a ? he lighted the oisarette, "that the man wasn't dead, f might get him Into a poker sutue and ace it he had any Inclination toward suicide." Phance -was referring to his investigation of t h a "Oriole/ 1 murder case, during which he enticed the murderer into a fokrr game and determined from his actions, not only that. he \vas eaiHy, but that he was contemplating suicide as well.) His gray eyes fastened suddenly on the prostrate form,. th«n glanced at the open door behind It, and back once more to the bathrobe about the oaujwlered man. "Just come out: of the bathroom-eh, what?" he ejaculated. "Sergeant what does t h a t suggest to your mind?" "Nothing," replied Copse facetiously, "unless he'd enraced some one who 'was In the habi: of using the bathroom about sis o'clock In the morning tvhlch is t h o honr when the doctor says the murder happened." Phance smiled pleasantly out of his gray eyes. "Itenlly, serKernt, I'm gcttin' fonder nnd fonder of ;,-ou every case we're on. A most l u i e r e s t i n ' nnd valuable suggestion. TiVculii j'ou wind calllo' the landlady?" A moment ! itor .«ho was before him, proving to be a slatternly woman w i t h a Cockrey accent. Phanee flicked the nshcs carelessly from his cigarette before speaking. "Was tliis man GoUUeb who's just been k i l l e d , in tho habit of iisin' the bathroom more t h a n seemed necessary';" ho nslse 1 at last. "I frlvc you ny word, sir," siie n n s u e r r i i , "that I'.iore was a bit of com-| p l a i n t iimont; the lo'l.uors a b o u t his l u c k i n g the (K r just ut the time they ivaiiterl it. Mr. 'J'ynx sakl -once, M hc-anl the oil' devil sinsin' In his b u r t h , l i k e a bloouun' l i n n e t , Just at t h e time when I wanted to shave'.' " i '·What, ones of your lodgers fro to i work about six o'clock';'' Fhance i "There's only .Henry Toting, sir, the t a x i driver," she said. Chance timed with dramatic suddenness to Sergeant Uopse. "Call headquarters and orrler them to arrest Voting?" he directed. "There's your murderer"' It de-v«lipel, however, that the «r- j rest was never to be in a do. In the afternoon, when Phani'O nnO I were in I'a,rktwm'« office, Copsa entered snd hild of Young's death in a cab "I-ui-ky fur yon, Ptirkhnni," Phance rernarke J. "You'd never have convicted h i m lii spite of his truilt. Can you picture a mau enrafied ;it what he felt to l? o diabolical plot to keep him out of the bathroom each mornln' Just us lie .-ns gcttin' remly fur the day? At last, he could ondure the situation no longer. Unfatiiilinr w i t h bathroom technique. In- lay In wait arid sluw t h e man lie believed con- splrln' a^aii-nt him. Cold-blooded, pr:- ineflltnioil and all t h a t , but could you find a j u r y t h a t didn't have at least one n ember who'd experienced t f m t sort o'' thins,' in his own board- in' house? VPS, it's lucky for yon th'at you didn't Iiavo to attempt conviction." He lighted a frr-sh gold-tipped cigarette, "A most nmnxiln' caso," he resumed rtulceily, "hut the sort in w h i c h no jury would ever return ivny other verdict t h a n jtisn'llahle homicide." Whisl.ers Don't Make Men T h j i v o a t l i e o r y coticerning men. It Js my b e l i f f t h a t a man need not be lotijili n'lii.sA'ereil to be brave a n d that n " p i n k w r steil" cwllpsre hoy «'ill stnrirt I'P n.s v \ c l . In the face of long onn- l i r u i f d i l a i i i e i 1 as, f o r iiisiance. ( t i e n v - f r i i y c " : h ; i n l - i i u i l i . . ( l " n r m y sergeant, f ;!;\ luy l l t - o r y p r o v e d In l-'nince i t n r - iri:; i l u - \\n\- H J I C I I inen uf (i|p!iren( ) ) l ; \ r . M ' : - U f i r c n ^ t i i c x l i i l i i t e f l IPKS en- i l u r a n o o l i a n s u l ' i c r l o u U i n ^ m^i\ \vlins'C m i l (is vvi'.i'" t i ' i i i t n - . | a m i tmu") !f i l i ( - i i h; dies % v · · · ( i i n i . C l y d e F'dil/ in " f ' c w i i llie \\'dr!t)'.-J -M»: l l i \ i ' f . " T u t - T u t t A l l j M l i r i a l h u i i i n r , I ' o i ' t u n H t e l y , is n..; c , . , ! - , , · i u - . ' ! i \ e . W h i l e sumo jiidgos 1 u H ti| f r o m t l t e p u s t . o t h e r s are bi^y t - \ . - i ,-K-iiim i t f r i i n i tlir- present. .V I I M i f wlr!!r« :ii;n i t \v:is s t i l l e t ! h«- fo:'t a «··'.! k n o w n , .iinl^i 1 i i i » t a coin- f:»:\ v : s ti' n i l ) Ji r e v u e n:ini}d " K i n ; : T :'.'l'u*." " \ V i - T'.:!-'l'ut' m e n u ? " he In ' * ' t in u n exprngsif^r!,' 1 r e p l i e d ^ O \ J H - « c l , "··..-· ··! on ( h e i-olf l i n k s w h e n fl rc'iri r o l f S ' T S his clrh-f." "V'ju ) n e a n wlipri the clergy nre pres ent,'' .' 'J^c^strr] t h e j ;.'li-p, a n i i f ! c i . -- U i r m i n g h a i n ( t J u - ) ^ t - s - r i i } 206*l Only The BAZAAR STORE Can Offer VAiUES Like These UNITY THURSDAY, and "Mojuci" Silk Chiffon Hose Druidd L. L. Muslin of! inches wide. Good he-wy quality. Ific value. Boys' New Spring Suits S {)·?(· i r,- al Lot i n - --four-picoi LADIES! Special Lot Winter Coats Values to $25 9 Boys' Long Pants Six«s 10 in -.17, in ta i, jrre,y, and dark tweeds. |1.65 value 81.00 COME AND TAKE THESE AWAY! B Mem Work Pants Dark colors, plain or neat Ktripos;. Ki?/e;. Kfi-4-1 waist. $1.65 value Special for Dollar Bay SUGAR 5 Ibs. of fine granu lated sugar f Speciz I Lot Silk Dresses Values to $5 Special Lot Children's Coats Sixes 2 to 6. Values to $9.75.. I Box Fiancee Faco )nr Soc Jar Pond's YnnJsHnur (-rt Both for Also xnap stylos in grey, tan and black. $3,50 value 1 S (orial Lot Ladie.'' Oxfords ani Straps L'p to $6.00 Values Men's Broadcloth Shirts nun i viutc nr fancy hroadH lh.i. Sixes 14 to 17. fl.f- i values. "Ghonore" Silk Lnderwear J'ajam KS, bloomers, «ti.'p- ins, e) eni'.Eo, powns. Values o $1.35. l j aslel sharie; 4 Columbia" · Window Shades 2 for $1.00 Ladies' Silk Hose X( ft- sprint? colors, its ladles' rtilk hoso. YOc v a i t i c . 2Pr. $1.00 Ladies' Kid Gloves Special lot $1.00 New Spring Tapestry Purses AH new sprlriK styles, luted bacs. $1.00 Ladies' Felt Hats One special lot i.o $5 values. $1.00 Infants' Dresses Special lot, values to $2.00; some slightly soiled. 2 for $1.00 Bargain Basements! *f Large Turkisli Towels Largo fliKf.- w i t h f a n -v borders: w h i m ;inii colors. '"·· value. 4 f o r $ 1 Ruffled Curtains I n fvory with TTJSC or hh: t rimming. ,S9c va! IP. E f o r $ 1 Silk Dress Goods Sillt cropo do chinos, novelty silks, jroorKfitlo --messalinos, tfauton cropes. Values to $2.50 yard. $1 yd. 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Sixes A, B, C and 1). $1.00 81x90 seamless. $1.50 Value Regular $2.00 value sturdily constructed. Diplomacy Breaks Alpine Barrier Lenin's Widow Tells Story of Soviet xcetlencies Benlto Mussol ni of Ttaly and Chanci ilor Joriariri Schober of Austria cement 'talo-A istrian fricridship at their tnomentonB neeti^ ; in the great salon ol tho Venazia Palace D Ror: e. The sig'ning of an amic? cant batwaB» the two nations on oppo^'ti' i;ides of the Alps is considered to rpproaent a i n i l - i s t o n e ir, r ie relations that have mar.y tin.p.i- be ;n a c .use of grave concern IB the past- Professor Johnson, well-known American ecosio- t president ol the council of the Russian Republic mist and agronomist, gathers first-'hand informa- Notice the care-worn fa«e of Mme. Krunskavol tion concerning the birth of the Soviets from who seems to recall the bioodv davs of the ' Maie. 2s T . K. Krupskaya, widow of Nikolai Lenin, tion with considerable pain. revolutionist leader of the Bolsheviki and first

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