The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 27, 1939 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 27, 1939
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LAST EDITION PRICE 2 The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough Region, ',7 XO 0 1 The wccUj Courier Founded July 17 1879 I Merged , r , K VTI.T l c : \ n r r lr T \ \ I O X M \ \ I \ u , , A U J j 1 he Daily Courier Founded No! ember 10 1J02 I uly 18 1D2D GOINNKL.Lb VJ.LLdi,, 1 A , MUiNJJ-M J-\ [fin R R ! ( \ 1! V *7 1 Q 0 I' Ji-UKUAlt Y - 1, L4 u i) TEI\ PAGES. THREE OF PARTY LEA ENTS T R 1 - T O W N Supreme Court Overrules Labor Board RESIDENTS ~ j D , , , c ..j ASK WATER Order on Reemploymerst of Sstdowners Vanderbilt, Liberty andj Dickerson Run Seeking Service WOULD MEAN SEWER SYSTEM Residents of Vandeibilt Libeity and Dickeison Run \ \ o u d like to have the line o£ the Trottei Water Company extended into the Tn-Town Community by United Prcfas WASHINGTON Feb 27 -- The Su- pieme Court today ruled that the N itional Laboi Relations Bo,i d rmy not compel lemsta^ement of \sorkeis who \\eie dischaiged oecause of pai- ipation m a s taown stiike the fhm s Noith Chicago 111 piant m | anv cub to reunploy tncn but re- Fcbiuaij 1937 spondent \\as nevertheless, free to The senes of L boi Boird rulings i consider 'he e\igenciess of its ousi- BIG BILL PERCY TWIRLS REVOLVER; HAS CLOSE SHAVE Besides pio' idmg the hoires w i t h | tansteel Metallu gical Corpo The Supicme Couit piesented decisions in th^ec important tests Laboi BOT d powers The bit-dov. n ruling came \\ hen Chiei Justice Cb irles E\ans Hughes paitially affinned a Seventh Circu t Court of Appeals decision i n v i l i d t t a Laboi Boatd order calling upon ation to running, water, hie piotection \\ould be inu cased, sponsois of the movement taid The \\ iler" company, \\hich Js installing a new filteiatioi plan*- on thq YougHiogheny Ri\er, has been appi cached and is giving some consideration to 4 hc pioposal Howevei, theic has? been no dcQmle action by either interested group ard the pi epara iions are still in their infancy Extension of the watei lines Mould i esult in an elaborate pi ogram of general improvements in the Tu- Town Community as there would be construction of sewei lines in the three localities as well as equipping of homes, and other buildings with fixtures for running v, ater \Vhen the matter was recently discussed at a meeting of Dunbar Township of Education that group expressed itself as in favor of such a program and would want the Liberty school made a part of the impiove- ments The board authorized placing Df its name on a petition asking the water companj to look into the mat- reirstate a group of workeis who contained in odn s decisionb const] lued tnc fust significant reversal for t i e bonid before the high court since the nc-s inception Prior to this yeai the boird Ind umfoimlj been upheld bv he court Hughe.-* opinion castigitcn the sits t i i k e i s chdi tctcn/ing the stnke as ' illegdl in its incept on ind prosocutio i The i m p o i t t n t po nt said Hughes o' the case ib hit lesponde it (Fin- of Huj dou n ness ind to ofTei reemploymcnt if it cbo c The couit v. as divided o to 2 in the cose w i t h Justices Hugo L Black and Stanlej Reed dissenting from the maionty conclusion and Justice Felix Frarkfuitei not participating In addition Justice Hailan P Stone filed i s c p u a t e opinion in the Fan; eel case concurr ng w i t h tl e results but co Uendmg the Labor Board o dot w a s illegal occau^c the steel) stood ab^cUcd bv the conduct I Fnnstecl sitdown strikes had lost o f those engigccl in the sitdown from i employe stilus ' b y re ison of their p n r t i u p a t c d in T sit-down sli kc at l a w f u l dibchaige for cause COUNTY HAS SECOND 1939 MOTOR DEATH Roosevelt Has Little !Dunbar Boy Badly . r -rl · I T Injured Under Chance tor Ihird lerm jBi g WPA Truck Survey Results Show Big Bui Percy, 18 stai High School athlete, had a nairov, escape f i om serious injurj or pei haps death uhen he sustained an accidental gunshot wound Saturday night The footb i 1 ! pei formei who played fullback and tackle on the 1938 ele\ en anc who showed gieal foim in heaving the shotput and javehn last spnng suffeied a supei- ficnl wound of Jie left ciest, the bulle- fiorr a 32 revolver ^in^mg his body anc 1 tearing the Pesh I* did not shatter any bones ho\\e\ei The Co er athlete who stands six Ject, foui inches and u eights about 220 pouncis is one of the largest students evei to enroll in the High Senool ' According to information available, t?cicy had a ie\olver, which he u a s playfully twirling ala Wild West fashion m the piescnce of two girls when the weapon accidentally dischaiged This occurred in Fayette street Percy \\as said to ha\ e gone to a drug stoic and then to the Hospital \vheie he received treatment He Grand Jury Makes Recommendation Graft Inquiry December Body, Without Power to Indict, Makes Presentments to January Jury, District Attorney Shelley to Take immediate Steps for Completion of Action EVIDENCE OF MACING, MISUSE OF FUNDS TIES Dy^Aa^TE CAP TO HEAD PRESSES LIGHT SWITCH, DEATH RESULTS By United Press ' CLEARFIELD, P a , F'b 27--His lestlessness and discontent xvere believed by officers todav to have prompted Elmei Newmeintei 30 to tie a dynamite cap to his forehead attach it to a light sod et and pi ess the switch He died in C Lai Held Hospital Coronet Elmo Eiharcl said no jn- quest will be held as he ruled the death suicide Ncwmeistei v.ab named and the father of sit children Mis Elizabeth Stokes, 36 coloied, o£ Smock, became Fayette county s second automobile fatality of 193D when she died Saturday night in Biownsville Geneidl Hosptial of injuries leccived two hours earlier She \\as udmg with her husband, William 40, and his two stepchil- dien, wnen their car collided with a machine driven by Nick Franchetti, 52 of Koues Run, at a point beyond the intersection oX the Howes Run- Smock roadway The Smokes machine was tilted on one side the door thrown open and the occupants citapuUed onto a neaiby rote pi'e Jacob Kaalc, 61 of Crucible, was killed late Satmday night in Greene county when struck, by an automobile, dm en by Frank Cormack, 27 a brothei-in-la\v o£ one of his daughters Three Acquitted In Murder Case SOMERSET, Teb 27--A juiy in Somerset county courts returned \ veidict o£ not guilty against three men chaige-d with a muider Tony Tisick his, brother, Michnel Tisack and Vjncent Bovma had been chaiged by the Commonwealth \Mth the muider of Charles Kuhut at Ideal Paik last May Witnesses had chaiged that Tonj \\.is tlie ' triggci man" ol the masked luo that shot Kohut to death Defense contended that Tony "u. at -uork ui New, Yoik .ind the t u o ctliLrs Cuimshcd local' alibib riuee hours bctoie 1'ic jniy rc- u tied in itb i(qLiitt il "veidict Mi lony Tisatk \\lio Joi f i v e d j \ s sat near him in couit, gave b i t l h to ion at Somerict Commurub Hoi- pitol Bombings Mark British Move For Arab State By Un ted Press HAIFA Pllestme, Feb 27--Thuly Aiabs weie killed ard 45 Alabs and two Jews weic wounded *oday in bombings and shootings here at Jeiusalem and on highwnjs All the incidents \\eie mtcipreted as maikmg the Jewish reaction fiorr yesterdays nationwide Aiab 'victory' celebrations, based on icports Iiom London that Gieat Biitain proposed to set up an Uab-c!oirmated btate in Palestine Twenty-four ueie killed and 41, including the two Jews weie wounded by the explosion o£ oombs here, one in the market square, the other near the lailroad station Thiee Arabs we e k lied and six wounded by a bomb which exploded in the -vegetable market in the oid city quaHei of Jeusalem Arab shopkeepers in the quaitei closed their shops m piolest against 'Jewish outrages ' One Aiab was shot dead in another quarte- of Jerusalem, and Arab buses in Jerusalem weie fired upon One Arab was shot dead at JafTa One Aiab was killed and one was wounded when an Arab tiuck struck a land mine neai Tel-Avi\ Another land mine exploded on the raiHoad -mdwaj between Tel-Aviv and Jaffa without causing casua ties ay United Prcso. NEW "iORK, Feb 27--Pies dent Roose\elt if he decides to icm again, ' he s \ P I little chance of beirg re- e l e c e d ' m 1940 and no othei N e w Deal candidate could possibly win Foi tune magazine asseited todaj In its latent sui v o published in i*s March issue Foitune added *hil [ i 0 id'ed~v,ith "only slightly moie thin a hird oC the Amcncan peup e s o now t h a t they would \ o e for Mr Roose\eU if he is a candidate next ear ' But certain ns he ire on these points the \o eis have not m ide up then n mds as to \ s h i t candidate they would support, the magazine said explaining ihat according to the sin vey 70 5 per cent ire still undecided as to who Mi Roosevelt s successor should be After eliminating the 5 8 pei cent who don t know what hey thi ik or Presidei t Roosevelt U c mag izine said that 63 5 per cent of those with opimors still appiove the President but that only a numbei representing 36 9 pei cent of the total population \vould \ote foL his reelection Of Mr Roose\elts f n i t h f u l adherents Nick Coi toe 11 jcais old, son of Mr and Mrs SaKadoie Cortese of i Church Hill Durbar, was in a . ciitical condition at Connel sville State Hospital today after h a \ m g j been run over by a tiuck His con- j c ition vvis --o giave that it was fe ned he w o u l d d e Accoiding to information given oohce the vouth, cnroute to the paioch il school a Durbar ms | hanging on the side of a WPA t-uck, j e unen he was | ugl t by the wheel and pulled to the giound the wheel of the heaw \ e h c l e D issing o\er the lower pirt 3f hi-- bodv The d r n e i , Melv n De il of South Cornellsvi Ic ma le- portcd to have been unaware of the ooj s pie-iPi ce on he truck 1IAKRISBURG Feb 27--The "Dauphin county grand j u i y m v e s u g j l i n g chaigcb of wielespieacl conuption in Pennsylvania's only Demociatic Adnumstiatiou in nearly half a century recommended today indictment o£ thiee Dormer cabinet officeis and 10 other party leaders The jury \\liicJi lias investigated graft charges against for- i mei Goveinoi Geoige IT Eaile and 13 Democratic associates i mce Decembei 15, 111 its second presentment, urged that mdict- withhcld information of the shooting , m e n U be bafacd Qn these charges fiom his p,uents uho did not leain - .-. . .,, t , 4 n , ^ ,, ot it until Uie Sunday aUeinoon * rhat Demociatic and Administiation ofhcials conspired to "mace" State employes to contubute portions of their salaries to the paity campaign fund on pain of dismissal, or loss of promotion 2 That high. State ofhcials and t\so insurance men sought to monopolize the bonding of State load contractois through kmfe He'saiT ac'coTdmg'To" the"ie- | ' misuse" of then authority poit theie injuied h mseU while | 3 That a foimer Secretary of Highways "had knowledge Erorr another source Big Bill attended Sunday school as usual Inquiry it the Hospital revealed that Peicy had gone theie fo r treatment ind mfoimed attaches tnat he had cut himself m the chest with a tossing the knife mound He arr ^e at the Hospital at 1 A M 'Sunday Hines, Found Guilty, Confers On Appeal Plan By United Press NEW YORK Feb 2 7 -- Limes J 58 1 pu cent, said they wouk' j Hines, 1 mman i lougicit and most \ote f c i him JH 1040 \ \ h i l e 209 pei cent s u d they uould rot .jnd 21 pei cent said thi_y h idn t i udc up their minds The 581 per cent, ho%\ Q\ ei rs only 3G 9 pc i cc it of the poj ul t Jun and to be icokcled he. would h a v e to w i n o\cr ill the 21 per cent \\ho u e unccitam R e l i e f R o l l s In County Show 172-Case Gain LENIN'S WIDOW DIES IN MOSCOW! E3 United PtCEi MOSCOW Fab 27 -- Ncidcihda KonstutitinoM) \ Kiupskava, \\ r\o\v u r Nikola] Lenin and "gi md old u o m a n ' oC the Bolshc\ ik ic\olutior died todaj, Uie ofliciai Ta«s agency j announced bhc c^lebiated htr 70th, birthday yetteiddi MEASURE AFFECTING FREIGHT RATES OPPOSED BY SHIPPERS Pcnrsjlv mi i ^hippei* including man in Conntllsville hive joined in opposition to Senate Bill 158 which ib expected to come up today in Washington, icmovmg tht. pcmcr of the I n t t i s t itc Cnmmerci. COTI- njSiion lo ic^uH o i Ue^ Such »ctin i it is contended uoukl iirti o i ul i IK-, a political io th 11 id gi\ t. \iuUii.iii nctiiitiici and hipper^ an unfa 1 01 able, advantage \ei those of the no th because of i he abilits to piocluct. Lheiptr in UIL outh \vhtic ua4c i o\ei the State and from this di^tuct in addi ion to Congressrru n J Buell Snder, piotestmg agairst the bill The meisure u o u ' d compel estab- hshment o[ f i eight i ites fiom oro J tc l e i i i t o i i to inn hci on the nte pei mile that appltis u u h i a the destin t ion teintoiy, \U ich in L u ; n Uiiiild piuduee i substirti 11 hisliLi i ite in one auect on than in anothei o\e" the a tint, i ils and be \\een the s me poi iN I a e t t c county s d r e e l iclief lolls during the week ending F c b i u n y 18 sho\ved a net gain of 172 caseb 01 2 9 per cent, ictordmg to Igiucfa announced in Harnsbarg bv Scc-c- tary Ho\va"d L Russell of 'he Stiic DcpartmerL oC Public Assistance Of the 2G9 opened 80 lost pnv de employment 131 u c i e t ikcn ofl the "UFA n hid tl^eir unemployment compensntion cxpne ind ^7 foi othci icisnns O f the 07 c I'-cs closed, 33 iccoivec 1 p i i \ ite icos 11 weie placed bv the "WPA 23 rc- cei\e U C benefits incl 30 £01 other re =ons Theie v.cic 2*9 inplic.alon-» lor assistai cc in the county ^vnilc the lolls showed 6017 c t ii»Cb o 230^1 poisons cind c^pcndituics ngg cgatmy $i0652 10 In tl e bt i c the c \\ is i n e t m~ cic isc ol » 410 C c S t s 01 int. pel cent as the icsult nf opening / D2 ( ) c isc° and the clobi ig of 5 119 Their 1 ucre 8,^07 ncv, aoplications while the soils showed 255,774 cases lepiescnting 781,271 pei=ons Lxnendituies total- led $1 865,413 50 an mciease of S23 894 p o v s t i f u l district le dei, p i e p u e d his ippc d from i jur v e r d i c t biandmg h i m tl e pol lical n\oi o£ a ging oF t iimmals today \ \ h i l e his prosceuUu ^ "is being boomed is d c i i d i d n t c foi tne Repuohc n prcsi- ( enti il noniin ilion in 1940 Ne\\ York Repubuc ins \\1 o noiri- n itcd cind tihnost elected Dist ict Attoi icy I h o m i s E De\\e U e 37- jeai-old i ic*et-ouster, goveinoL l i s t teir U C I L jubilant o\ or his success in com H ting limes who, it h i^ been ·jaid in Ne\\ York r or jcars u is ' too u t l l \ \ u c d lo evci be convicted" fl cir leaders said piivately thit Ne\\ \ o r k s 37 \otes rn the 3940 nonintng con\ cntion nlmost ccr- tamlj \\ould be pledged to Dev,ey Hines confen ed \\iih his attorney, Llojd Pjal Stijker and r ( was indi- c itecl tha he uas dctcmnncd to fight the eon\iction through every couit His Ititudc n i d changed f r o m that of S a t u r d i y right w h c i the jury came sn after onl =cven houis v th a \ e i d i e t finding him guilt} on all 13 counts of coi spuing and working w Lh the Diuch Schult? lottery mob He hit 1 nppeared a beiten old man then holding back his tears by =oipieme effort lodaj despite his 63 yen s he wns pugn ICIOLS 11 keeping \\ith his chaincter ns the t\\ o-f sled ox-blac csmith politic il boss of n \ e r v pooi and tough drs- tr ct FRANCO WINS RECOGNITION; WAR END NEAR 13j LEON KAY United Piess Stiff Co respondent LONDON r Feb 27 --Gieal Bnti n, acting rn c o l t i b o r a t o n \\ i f h France, recogr ized the Sp-mibh i\ itionalist goveimrent of General t uncisco Franco tod and sped 'he 31-month- oid en il \\ ar in Spam to\\aid an eai ly end ·V few mi lutes 1 uei Fiance s council of mmisteis extended foimal de ju e iLu.ogn tion, to the Fian^o regime and bhovcd. the ciumblrng ic- pubhcai Koveinment another step to\v j i d defe i P J i m o A inujLei N e v i l l e Chctmbcr- l ^ i n . nno meed iccognttion to nn expectant Iloubc of Commons As i i en It oC the f ill of Bai cciom ^nd the o\ei-running oE Ca alo ira, Cham be j lain sarc', General Franco now controls the giealei p t u v of fap^msh tcintoij PLIOL to his = ntcmcnt on Span Chamber] mil said he behe\ cd permanent pe ILC can be acl ie\.ed onlj bj a no id conference on aina- menls limitation and removal oC I trade ba ueis Chamber 1 tin declared the epub 1 !can government is scattered and no lorger repiesents settled authonty J ' H i s majebtj s governmen ," tie piime mm ctci continued, 'has decided to nfoim Genera] Franco o£ tieir decisron to iecogn/e his government as the government of Spam action his been taker in this sense todij of ' and authonzed" a "waste and misuse' of highway funds in beaalf of Demociatic election campaigns in Luzerne county in excess of $1 000 000 Judge Paul N Schaelfer, Berks county jurist specially assigned to direct the mqirny, teiming the jtuy's findings "cer- lainlj a most important document" oidered District Attoiney Gail 8 Shelley to prepare bills of indictment"for consideration by anothei grand jury ' 'Hie investigating j u i y lost its powei to indict Januaiy 16 The distnct attoinej, who rouglitthe State's most powerful ufliceis inoio than a half-jeai to get the inquiry started said he ·would do so immediately and turn the bills over to the January g i a i d jury "at the eaihest moment" Foimer Cabinet officers named in the piesentment weie Da\id L La\vience, pjttsbuigh, Demociatic State chairman and former Comiromvcallh Secietary The investigating gland ]uiy itself indicted La\vience on conspiracy, blackmail and election law \jolation chaiges after its fust piesentment He posted Sll,000 bail for appeai- ance at tfe Maich cuminal court AFTER WAITING 48 YEARS IO GFT HER MAX, SHE IS A BRIDE AT AGE OF 65 Boy Sustains Fifth Fracture in Fall bpcual to The Cou"ier U\ 7 IO\ T TO\VN Fob 27 -- Sammv Lee Mooic Ji , *OUL jeirs old, of. Neu Sale n is t i e elnmpmn fi ictur- ei b m f . 1 in to tl t dist nction i f U i u J H i iif. Ins f i f t h m s f u i t i t i u ^ in n IK MI cm UK sic is u i is honu I Extra Clerks Hired To Prepare Lists Of Properties For Sale UMUMCAVN, Feb 27--titteeri clerks have been lined in the countv treasuiers office to picpaie a list o£ the piopeities listed foi sale on the first Mo idnv o£ Apnl Only legislation in Harnsbuig can halt the scheduled sa e Ih^t is pencing rnd may foresta 1 s lies of nan} piopeities Undei the piesent law the county tieasuic has a riRat o a d v c i t i b e t i e piopeities en winch taxes ha\e not been uaid PARIS Feb 27 --France joined G enl Britun todaj in formal icc- ogtutioi of the Nationalist government of Gcneial Francisco Fianco in Spn n The Fierci iccogniuon of Tiancos govciment c irac di icpublrcan sou ^es rn Paris diijctosed that Pre- miei Juan Negun had accepted a Sntish ofTei to supcmbc evacuation of rcpubl c n govcr imont politico 1 m h U i y and olhci leacle s fiom bpdin faucli aution i£ formally undertaken as Lxpected v\ ith he aid of Butish Tiench and Ameiican wai- ships, wouM virtjally mean the end of the -"ong civil wai oy disintegration rathei than bj a formal t-ea j DELAWARE Ohio, Feb 2 7 -- Mi«s Ida M Loop 65 o£ Columbus uho uaitcd 48 \ea s to get her man | uas a Higgling bnde todaj She u,is ma lied heie last night to William F auk Wiittici 7J Thev ueic TO,cclh.uts when she was 171 Halpn M BES h°re, Potk\ille b u t Whit lei m lined a lot ici He Dem °ciatic State Committee iccre- tm and foi met Secietaiy ol Labor and Indusaj Roy E Bimvnrmhei Poltsville, foimer faecietaiy ot Highuays Those lecommcnded for 'irdict- ment or fie bonding chatges -weie James P Kiik, Piltsbuig Allegheny county Democ-atic chairman and Pittsbuigh city lieasuier Victor Skok, Pittsburgh agent lor t'le James P_ Kiik Insurance Agency H H Temple^ Pittsburgh, former chief engineer of the Highway Department who \vab dismissed b Governor E-r]e after a Stai.e Police investigntion of the Eiie "giave) scandal" John J Manlej Philadclph a, insurance and bonding agent The~late Warren Van Dyke, Harrisburg, formei Secietiiy of High \vajs also \vas listed among the conspirators in the division on bonding of State contractors The Daupliin county Januaij gianc jurj is n recess but ma be called mtc session on 48 houis notice to considei the indictments has been a \vido\vei several mouths Die budc v\as bhgntlv neivous as bhe exchanged vows, befoie Di Rollin 11 W dke profcbboi emeiuus of Ohio \Ves ein U n u c t s t\, but she fnibhed With i turr ' I do ' "tthen they oL«imcd a iriomage license Mil* Loop |aid I\e been \ \ n t t m g for h^m bince I uas 17 and now the day has come ' Saito Japanese Ambassador, Dies at Capital By United Press W \SIiINGTON, Feb 27--Diplomatic cncles. mourned today the death of Huosi Sai,to, one of the most popular Japanese ambissaaois who ever sei\ed in the United States He died e^t.eidai aftei a relapse m a i long fighu against lubeiculosis Funeial set\rces w 11 be held at i the Japanese embassy tomono\v dftei uhicl the body will be cierrated and the aslies taken back *o Japan by his "\vido\v Madame Miyoko Sarto, who was at his bedside when he died S irto, the 3 oungest man cvci lo hold the pos of Japanese jmbcssadot to this countrj, wyr'53 jeais old The Weather Asserting tint the biais of rales con- derably [ no\s prt\ i lin^ should Le mm- louei [ t a m e d sh ppcis tiom his city and all L-.HU aiiti -l. 0 i uns h a v e been o \ L I the btate d i e ippe ilmg to then To u i i d t d t Sen to s Jmcs I cnito ind lep r«ci IT i\o-- lo \ o i c D t nci Jt cph ' Ciuflcj f i o m i l l i^ \ni^. !IL b i l l stole Gasoline, Charge UNIONTOWN Feb ' 27 --Josepl Toth, Jtl ,nd Iv in Ford\CL 18, toili o. Lamlici t \\ e e s, t -i bj o ficei ^ l( lia\e otc_n L-uisit in th u act of siphoring giso) no l i o m aulomobt t- I h c v u e i c i t tM TIK bi uj;hl to lu i alict ijtion Paitl cloud tonight asing cloudiness 1 t fol- ] lowed by lam m aftei loon 01 it I night is the noon weather forecast , lot Westein Pennsvlx^ania Iciniier iturt Recoid 1939 l^SS " \ I i \ i m u i i ifi !G Mi iinuni ^ 1 I i \lc i ) -J PARIS, Feb 27--Premier Juan Nogun has accented unconditionally a British ofTei to supeivise evacuation of republicans from the Madud zone, h ghest sources at the Spanish le- pubhcan embassy reported today Negi n nsked that tl e higr-e-t rc- pjblican judicial authouties now m Fnnce retuin to Madud immediately to supervise the selection of those icpublicans to be ev icuated Negnn refused to nccept lesponsi- b li y Joi designating Jiose to be ev icu itcd The president oJ. the supicme couit Mariano Gomez, and Attorney General Joseph Garido weie assigned to assume the ta=k as soon as the} can aiunge for an anplane to take 'hem to Spam If was estimated that heie may hjc 10000 lepubhcans leciuiring I evacuation necessitating at least 20 M u hios so 'h-t B i i t a i n mas a=k a d ei tne United Stales and France Injuied in Mine Thomas Ciame , 28, of Fayclte City, emploj ed at the Arnold City rrine \vas injured in a slate fall and was taken to a Pittsbuigh hospital where it wai believed one crushed foot may have to be amputated The other Toot is badly b r uised aid cut The presentment held tint the mat- teis on which the jurj based jt-- "h ghwTy fund - indictment recommendation ' should have been knowi to formei Goverroi George H Eaile and uiged that "care will oe exercised by future State executives and that eveiy piecaution will be tal-cn to pi eve it misuse of public funds Lieutenant Hanna Named. Lieutenant William B Hanna, veteian State motor policeman has been named in comniai d of tne Washington cetail of the State force, heading the ciimmnl investigation d vision .boi vaiying peuodb the tiooper has been located at the Fayette county station at Uniontown KING KONG PLEADS NOT GUILTY TO MURDER OF SCOTTDALE MAN _ By United Presa. GREENSBURG Feb 27--A Con- nellsvillc Neijio Luthei (King Kong) Hovston was the fnst of three de- fendan s to go to trial today on a cl aige of muidcuntx^ ium Acrefl ScottcH e eonfectionei s sioiekeepei during a holdup Jucge J Hllai Keenan is presiding at the trial Ihree Conne Isville men, Rojston, Clyde White both Negioes, and Tohn Tin/ , i c aecL,_cd in tht. holdup- J mi idei and \v \ea U opened, defense counsel asked for a severance Eoyston, accused by tlie Commonwealth as being the ' tngge -man in. the killing \\as the Irst to be ar- laigned and he pleaded not guilty The right of December 13, last, Acheffs nail stole near the budge rfl the tou»h end o£ Scottdale \\ as en- teied b% ba-dits Ached wai slugged with a pipe \\iench and shot through the luo' tne 5 lonui.h

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