Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 4, 1976 · Page 73
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 73

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 4, 1976
Page 73
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Page 73 article text (OCR)

Perspectives W. Va. Univertity Credibility Gap · *:· By Phyllis Noland As an ordinary housewife of moderate means and average intelligence, I have reached the end of my "cope" in trying to reconcile the fantasy of advertising with the facts of consumerism. The claims made for products or services have truly gone beyond the bounds of credence, yet the exhortations continue unabated. Do the advertisers -- and, in turn, the manufacturers/sellers who buy their services -- really believe the average person can continue swallowing this hyperbole? ^There are limits, even for the gulli- For instance, among the most flagrant examples of a credibility gap are the many cigarette ads that show men and women smoking in idyllic surroundings, with an expression of bovine contentment on ·their faces. At the bottom of the ad appears the notation, "WARNING: The Surgeon General has determined that cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health." Other examples of companies being carried away by their advertising are the power companies. In the face of an impending power crisis, we still see ads extolling the all-electric home. When we receive \. qur monthly statements, the advantages of all-gas air conditioning are touted in brochure enclosures. And gas company employees often display continously-burning gas carriage lamps in front of their homes. If gas is pure energy, is this conserving it and using it wisely? The discrepancies between the rhetoric of advertising and the reality of life are becoming increasingly obvious. One can hardly escape noticing the complete reversal on the part of a local business. For years we have been brainwashed with propaganda that trading stamps were a gift from the merchant, that they did not inv rrease the cost of merchandise. So we accepted them and licked them - and tried to redeem them (another frustration). Now suddenly a major drug store chain is announcing that in order "to fight the high cost of living" they are discontinuing giving trading stamps. Huh? 24m CHARLESTON; VMA. The instances in which advertising claims are not backed up are numerous. Some of these instances lend themselves to portrayal by a Ziggy-type cartoon character, a loser. Only the loser is a housewife, victimized by believing what she has read or heard. She might be shown receiving a flood of pre- Christmas mail order catalogs that urge her to order NOW for "front door delivery." She takes the bait and orders. If her order arrives at all, it's often too late, or an unacceptable substitution has been made, or it's broken. Next she receives material p r o m o t i n g a blender cooking school. She attends, becomes convinced she can't live without a blender, buys it, breaks the glass container (inevitable), and must wait no less than six months for a replacement, which often is for a different model. Or she succumbs to the ads and buys a new car, only to have it recalled the next month. Or she is convinced she should fly to save time, only to sit out her saved-time in an airport terminal waiting for the fog to lift or the runway to be cleared of snow or a bomb search to be made. Or, if and when she reached her destination by plane, she rents a car, becomes lost and calls the toll- free number by means of which the "wizard of #2" promises to help her find her w a y . . . and two hours later the toll-free number is still busy and she is still lost. Or she goes into the post office to use the new lobby dispensers that offer instant stamps, envelopes, change -- no waiting. The stamps and envelope machine will only accept certain denominations of change, the change machine spits back her dollar bill, so she goes to wait in line for a postal clerk to help her. Humorous? Overdrawn? Possibly, yet it is not inconceivable that any one of these instances could happen to any of us, and often it's a combination of them. Thankfully, we are now protected from defective products or fradu- lent services by some genuine honest-to-Nader consumer protection agencies at the federal, state, and local levels. But who will protect us from the siren song of the advertisers? If their pitch is not actually false, it is often misleading and exaggerated. If the pen is more powerful than the sword, advertising may eventually cut its own jugular vein. Our word-merchants must start policing themselves or future advertising will be read, heard, or watched with a sarcastic "Oh Yeah?" uttered each time by the reader, listener, or watcher. Or, worse, each advertising blurb and each commercial may be preceded with the following printed or spoken notation: "WARNING: The Consumer General warns that the following announcement should be taken with a grain of salt!". Crossword Puzzle Answer for Sunday, June 27, Cryptoquip: GARRULOUS GRANDFATHER CERTAINLY FASCINATES HIS YOUNG GRANDSON. CRYPTOQUIP X O B B X Y B I B A X S T Y R L O B E B I T A S H R S L E Y H F E Y L S F H ' B F X Y Y A T Today's Cryptoquip clue: A equals P r=JHBE0 BEM1B HBHra raranrara iran @C3@@ mmm HOSEO mam limn H anra HHHIBH HUD BCJHHB (3MHE! "HOBO SGUBS SIBBE HHH nUHB aara GlHfflHHHS BHEirae sismm anczjg asasH [aanSH @HH@ IW3HH HH@HSI 1 Bakery product 5La-, in Milan 10 Moroccan seaport 15 A rebuff 19 Venerable 20 Boring tool 21 Century plant 22 Solitary 23 Graf ted (Her.) 24 Apostles' or Nicene 25 Stabat -26 Wading bird 27 Estimates 29 Growing out 31 Diffident 33 Very (Fr.) 34 Marsh bird 35 Nest of pheasants 36 Impassive 39 -- voce 40 Despised 44 Approaches 45 Vends 46 English seaport 47 1 love (L.) 48 Is in debt 49 Sudden incursion 50 Dove homes 51 Southwest wind 52 Part of a race 53 Zygomatic bone 54 Lodge doorkeeper 55 Bid 56 Theatrical 58 Walked in water . 59 Sylvan deities 60 Not new or fresh 61 Contended 62 Erie or Huron 63 Small fishes 66 Kitchen gadget 67 Fatherly 71 Expects 72 Rank 74 Milkfish 75 War god 76 Selected 77 Cut timber 78 Asterisk 79 Scotch river 80 Specter St, "OTM "SlL ·«" ,M,d ,5L« IFJ-. -J2-? «S£ ta ."· home '£TM- plexus «^ pers 81 Misplace « « «j 3 Pro- 35 At no ,, ***' 82 German SSt. !S- ,«- .EL* .as , 5. . framp. · "*** rvcpruVc *.* A. ,. *» OIULCUI o B^ worts 37 Citadel g Shoreline decrees 87 Forage works 62 Purple K East nlant * UlVUie . ·*-·«*·» cpaiirooH * . 88 Tricks 6 Remedies le «er 63R e S 1n * aa OO .11 lUIto oo Diw»B»«**l»» **** IkCAdUVC n/iinc sii« '."" "sss: ,,--* «gu , A riOA ICe · I_A i_ j **" wlul grain ° *-^A Jn T v , . mgntsnade . oq ravn/if 93 Young general 40 Loved to 65 Fencing O r S pigeon 9 Intensely ,, Jf ce ^ swords on cinvuniv 94 Heedless 10 River in « Arabfan « Cathedral person 98 Praise New . . precinct 91 Rjhii i 99 Custom Jersey chief tain w Handled weerf 101 Expiate 11 Size of ., 1 [ r webly 92 Magic 103 Vainly type 43 June bugs 68 Brazilian 93 youne 104 French 12 To mitigate ( var -) seaport salmon river 13 Salutation *5 Firm 69 Alert 04 r n .,_ nf 105 Weird 14 Destructive 46 Meted 70 Household Afriran 106 Greek insects out gods hw» physician 15 SMds 49 Clotho, 72 Task gsr^rman 107 A gas 16Protuber- Lachesis 73 Rants river^ 108 Winged ance and 76 Chinese 96 Wild plum insects 17 Cuckoos ^tropos restauranl 97 Auld 109 Measures 18 Plague 50 Beverage offering lane of length 28 Popular 51 Behind 77 ^aste 100 WhitP iin niaHHon author - 53 Soars « wnite or u» uiaaaen auuiui «·» u^cu^ removal Black ",15? "S*.. sssi; .as., -^-p 6^ Average time of solution: 63 minutes. 9 48 · O3 * b 04 oy P B H » B il Ml (H 4 P IP P IP 41 « 4i i 9 4y 41 y y 9 |j 4i * 41 0 p « 41 IP it 9, 61 Jl B W 58 41 5 . if P* IT 30 HP oH Jl 1 4i 41 J P So 41 7 1 b 0 W' 46 M 73 H 02 P 40 41 ' 41 4 ' 13 IF 5? IP 2 ji 9 14 31 W K9 41 6 r w w " ^ bi 4i " 41 Jl ·s i-t ^ W Sl M, 8 3 ' !6 9 41 47 Ji 8 4 41 5 .1 ^ 42 Jl 9 41 6 IS j H 1 i 43 _, ^^ 0 ' | m ' July-i 1976, Sundav C,az?Ue-MciH

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