The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 10, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1918
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CorineDsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Dally Circulation Last Week, 6.732 VOL 16, NO ISO CONNELLSVILLE PA. A10ND4.Y EVENING 10, 1918 EIGHT PAGES lomparahvely Small Advance Made in Renewed Offensive at Enormous Toll in letters a firbt opportumtt iTEOTTtR ILUi IM-lSTb 1 MAllLMS 1 t \VJ 1 1 n · n» I i Thom:ls E rmn^gan son ot \I b Killed and Wounded, Prisoners Declare;ipatnck*mne e ji Trotter eniisuum the ma-ines m P t t s b u i ^ and ib on ""French and Americans Continue to Press Forward Along Marne. FFENSIYE EXPECTED AND ALLIES ARE READY By Associated Press. PARIS June 10 --The ne-w German attack on the front be- een Montdidier anu Noyon continued last night -nitb. un- Tumshed \iolence, the war office reports On the French ]eft ng the German attacks made time after time were broken by French fire In the center the enemj bringing up reinforcements made his »aj iO South C.aro! na n u / i i u us TIN s u t o\ i nsi i-Va ter L ViiiUn u b o has been in training at Camp L^e has irrned c i oversea.;, \. c i d announc ng his armal \\as reiened b"\ his n otb T Mis Cllie Alls 11 of \ ad sou an. a-ue STEAMSHIP CAROLINA, DESTROYED BY A GERMAN SUBMARINE OFF THE AMERICAN ATLANTIC COAST -ther progress reachjng the southern part of Cuvilly -wood d Ressons-Sur-Matz French and Americans, continuing their attack in the region U l l R L t S UI »I4s IS S \ F I 0 l R I l \\ord has bten recUvcd CharUs GCHIJ.S a member ot a that C imp Lee Medical Corps m Trace L arn\ed D BO\S L OOOI 111 VLTH ,, , , , . \ccordrag to a letter received b Brussaires on the Marne front gained more ground and took| Irs s L rid dicr of Greenwood ire than 500 prisoners m various engagements f r o m her brother \ G v»nt of Com Pnsoners report that the losses of the Germans thus far m the ponj D iiotn Regimut the regiment t,tle which began jesterda morning have been extremely ia located in a small wllagc m a ^yy ,farmiog LONDON June 10--Thi French troops appear to be put- * ralice g up a splendid resistance to the Germans m the \oyon sec- especiallj on the tv,o fl inks of the attacking front where heaviest fighting continues The Germans have made some gress m the center -R here they claim capture of the height of ( i n MUI : Tl'N TV GUTTING rj while the French admit the loss of tne villages of Res- s-Sur-Matx and Mareuil Date Agreed Upon at Meeting on Sunday Afternoon. ,TWO HUNDRED EXPECTED FhiB is tho steamship Larol na of th_ Ne^ York md Pm o Rico 1 no U ich wi^ 1 s; oyc 1 rf( the Atlantic coast b one o f the German '-ubmar ni,b Lha lias been at ticking \ f h s p l i tn me Kan »v i tr bl earn d °0 pusfaeji 0 ers md i creu oC lot) md of Lhebc 16 arc 'tucrv Lo ha pei i^hetl w en one o r h ^ h i j ^ boj b ap slitti in 1 storm Bute Anniversary of ll 01 Plulipjjint Capital. the ECESSARY Hani 1 i mK rs Fmii It Iiiionxnicut to ! u i \ c llutii- on l u l l !J, tin i)a mi V n li i'niulls (.jUIicrin_"-, Haio i k t u ! iHii Ow lift to UK. Lttibli Then district some^ her* in The o u n g soldier writes that he and all the other bov s are m splendid health The lettei \\as w itte i on Mav - It as generallj expected that the German attack would come ween No\on, and Montdidier thus seemmglj resuming the ect thrust for Paris r u n o imirisii TOST KbPULSID ONDON June 10--Germa^ trxps n ^ht attacked a British post in lluj to the nortb of -Ubcrt he office ajnounced today Tne *n was repuUed. VLLFO\ DrCBfVTOG KRU'P 0\DON June 10--A. dispatch, to Times from The Hague quotes a ral who has arrived from Gerv as stating that d-n epidemic o! k smallpox is raging among the kmon of the Krupp plant at Ess n, four or five tatal cases occurring f Vaccination of ever one is 1 e compelled The outbreak the dis h adds is attributed to under- ing an-d unsanitarj conditions KILLED ENACTION Jloiint Pleasant Boj rrobablv Jlpht- in^ Ibout (hat-tan Tlutrry. Sundaj j s casualtj list contained tlie name of Joe Ph^za. of Mount Pleas ant among *J killed in action Pluza was A mai me ^nd e\ndentl fell in the fighting about Chateau Thierrr wiw re I "Mrs C M ! vmifeer o f Bast Vpple street th s morn ng received t w o lot ters one w nttei aboard the ti ans- port on Mothers Daj and thr other «omev. bere m Fra ire f om he 7 " "on Scott Iisingo! wh j U attached to tbo ""lOth Regiment Hospital Corps He writes that ho h"d a, fine tm did not get «e.isick and never felt better m his life STUDENTS MAKE POSTERS Hunilsonii l-xliihll IMnctd In the marins made then \ictorioub drive into the enea front Plizzas parents are in ItaH SIIFLLS UUS June 10--XHe long range bardment of Pari a continued 10- M.tteler Stim » mdtm \\ar San 11.55 tU-inp pobterb drawn bj tbe btudtnib in the seventh and C gbth grades of the schools bet brother Paul employed at Standard w e i e pUced on e tin bit on In the lib received a telegram vesterdav from pl a \ i u d o w s of be \\right \ urlt-r the War Depa-tment telling O F the compare toea V book of Thn death of Joe The oung man fo~ Stamps offeud l r L Ma t e i l to 3^] merly was emplojed at t i e Standard th e qmdent d e w i n g ibe be»t nordcd ' mines bat some time befoie entering ^nd most a tn«:me poster was a^ard the service w e n t o Grec-nsburg and t( i Clarendon, ChribU of the Lighih had been e-mplojed by the Jamieson sra de He drew, i small poster on Coal Coke company He enlisted at w hich four dollar are marching m a '·QlV The judges in the contest we^c M"rs J B Ulen superv oi o£ art in DEATHS AMONG U.S. TROOPS OVERSEAS 2,927; ALL CAUSES Total ol 7,^11 I l n v e »«n Killed, *) oiindi d or li* d i Di'-e is*, J'cr shmij\ Hcporl Mi m* D vs oc itrd 1 ro s a*-iong ihe \.mer CTn expcxlit on irv { forees J»us fur rtponut b C eneral j P r'-hmj, inclutl ng yenerda s 1 bt to^al " 15 tht vvai depiitnici L 11 no\ need in asking nublu \\\ first oC I t ie regular \vetkl aumirurle^ of caaualtha , Deatbfi n aeuon and ft on vounds disease ace dtnto and i 1 otlu cau^s niinrber 2 ^" whilt. O t f m e r h ve f been wounded an i 4" are m s^jnp: m ^cuon lncludm Q men he d j ri'; n r-i in Gtrminy Iht deptrimeits recapitulation foi lowb Killed n: tetiori (me uai ig - M it '.ta) 1 Oi3 J i t d a] s und «lu died of duauu^ej i 19- (Jje-d of a c c i l ut- and otiici causes Ji w o u i t h d tn ac lion 1016 misamt, Q aepor dntl d ns prisoners,) 34- to^tl i 15 BVSS 1J I HIS ivJ3-S (01 i \ H OH Cont a o tb be HI of !ie a^ ,at no i Joi uaii no begin J u n e JUl I f L Clj of Uu new fish C Uu Ijl 1 " eL,l 1*. i"erei.j d the u/H Lt 1 Ui,e i«, i p t i JL L(-O] td b H i J l l O 111 tun i in ic i^L of ba^ 1 - IL i tiiuj. ui«. n i )i i ei b Ju tiiLlies lo ni H I U ciw. bt J n '*." on oif el "^ s j al k nds 1 ik. t i n H a id a] on t-ud ev y yM ie li i but br rainbow, md JTOWII t oi PI op j i^a n Tor I ^ J L bo n n 1 - lu-, - " i ll ] i d a.-* p aces a Hi"H of th it \\^\ L i t OvLii in oQt, d LJ ind EMBARGO ON EASTERN COAL SHIPMENTS VIA B.O.RR. IS REMOVED i i s i r t t i e r *-i ics l i l t 1 I i ^o on shi In! h 01 lu mouii of or of \\ i iia i \ e of ibe \t i n i ^ t r ti n u is t il t K U ill] nc ro tfTl i ers I nn d be 'in isten «L Ohio 11 lioad ii L 1 n l e m o ed r c ton (. n itnt 1 - roi i t n w i D c e If ct M, ii \\ ui I mil ai to i i nc ( r i ik IIL. i ( n )a.rt,o p t t o i r pi it d \ r B\ r I ) V. ,1 m^ on n ^ ti rd Th i r n i r K hat ia O I L was ade a IM i I sue t e i n c n t i.t on t it o 1 UiM t u t the I M u l \di in YOUTH IS KILLED MAY RECEIPTS BIG Greensburg FFE j jD ,G ^Tl-Q^SE D r A D . TODVi'S t \t V1TT ASHINGTON June 10--fhe arm/ alty hdt todaj contained 74 names led aa (ollov-b Killed m acutn lied o( wounds fne died of aero- e accidents one died of di=ea e died accidents and other causes wounded severely 46 wounded ree undeterTiirtd) se\en Tbe included Stepjien A. McDanuI Tvood "^ \ a wounded severe/ Lieutenant Blnier D Mackcj cesport Pa previously reported ing nov, a prisoner SsUS TITRM'T the ScotttiAle scbf oJs ^Vell and having a tood time 'scboonover and W L writes Alber F Tu-nc of Company i tion Has also made c D 110th Infantrj who is in France d^awn b} Kcanitl DL^BIR 01: J2»1H, LN FRAXC* ' Go'de- "Rord has been received at Dunbar, of the safe a~nval in France of George i A. Porter of th*U place a member of Company iv 328th Infantr Mrs V, 0 "Wright Meu thi. posters Thomp on Jo to his mother Mrs Martha Tnrao sephme Hicbc^ aud Martha lor MISS of Green street Mary Brickman stij. ervi*sor of d au mg In the bchoo s hero bad cnargf o p the \vori aiSisU 1 bj Miss Mabel clod lor flu 3lonth in !»} or s lh p,irtni( nt it, s l HO Tbt- monthl\ tin ri o r N ijoi John Duggaii for Ma} r-bow ll at 131o-o \ab co lected m tht pol ec dep i unem .Of th = timouni ?"if-j ttat, n. v t d t nougb t l i icen-iL a\ and ?t i finoj frooi prisoners I e iu(. iTbU d totaled ?J i n d ?- w i 4 (.olio ted Tor deuinmf, consta-bk pri^o ier DuiiPf., tli, mon b Io5 arr s were made or vv neb n u m b r -o w u i t , clij charged _l connii ed to c e l l sea tences itid U g \ e n btre t seitenc s Fines were paid bi b Twp v ^ L un slUilt.s p lioners W C L C deti ucd Vnd so r | Per on*. \rr Hnrt iu U t \ nil lot r \cei(' lit 1 \ u t j [ K * ) i ( ace d tb in w l i h no m- 1 i w fa 1 i l k d n v t r a i per ons u i ore t ir \ i n e d ind o he s oi t b i d h 1 ma^ i w c r ( r p o o i f d ovt.r tb Vi Deli e id ilo^ aid u. h e w s 20 \ a s o J of Fort Ihtt '-omer'-et o u n t lied i i tlu L nioniovvn ht pita! vesl d i from usuries re t \ d w h i n b s eji turnt^l ~t\fr n e T ^Jdison n tl L National Pik H b 1 ro lit 1 " John e CP vecl a.n i n j u r j o tbt. met and t iXe i lion" A. urd f i om r-uionoh rr s tl result of an exp o= on of i tn-^olii jink v hen Lh' ( d i i lined turtlL \vi u i m d i L ir Brownsrtll A j o u n s v, iman occupant of the car j u m p t d oulc. t u s^r^e 1 b i \o\ i -, he I ir C on pm 10 do " ^ is i t r v h t ic pro\ibO i thi! n fi no c rt isi nt L ire p n [ ^b in i e lo u o ^ i li eoa i ig \ 11 poic s 11 d. N T Lng The ^ u n i \ e i b a i j of the f al of ya nilj. ^ J (·^tU^ Vu 0 n t 13 v, 11 be oh i ^e vcd n C innel ^^il *- b Llic gather ing ail for tbeii Ijth, annual re un on of Ui me ibei s of the Tenth 1 o no -l f ronj, The da e ^as fixer 1 t a ire in 3 of representatives ot t. G j 01 ^ani i on vesterdav at crnoon. at hi ii o v I o n rl\ the cate vas. Julj ^3 but 111) b h s betn for a lont, ume incon \einei i to i a^\ nembcis v h o are i t,aj, c i^ b i ne s oi bold clerical I Obitu i a fo he "cason Ui it 1 ie end o r th_ in j n t i i is l^**vs a bu^ time v ierc t ti tho m ddl there G a less rnm^, f tl c riis Juh "1 i^ t e an jpor i\\ cf lhe 1 °U e of Malate the r t r -ir- nicni in vv-jich tlu Tenth -n,itic n i l i i l l in \\lnu a number ni nq nc"ibcrs v-ere Killed and u o u n e Grip n l l v the rt?:iii ent cnn^ st^d of i 011 f f in on l i r a ps tv-f^itv pe* em rf if i nn i 1 ei h a v e diod and r inv ntbe « i t stitip^ed m \anou i- r ef t ie eouni ^ S tno iro again ii IIP ^or\ co I t i r umatcd tb it ·M iei - ( i \ 11 1 c here for t ie rein H " D 1 J MtCni^uok 1= president ol he or ni7it on ^nd n ponoro.1 r- ar t o il e u jn onier *? V tl ^ t c t r es erdi"\ a co nmiti^f cnni 1 * H O \ \ f l k c i ind T T Cun ippomted to arrange I ai t o ^ r P j ores n ii \ o 1 he ( t a i ni i ts to HIT.} l L I u d ities as (Ii'-irK 1 1 i to la f'V f t is tliMr ICCOH! l product \ 1 ich en Mf "in s ration to pio Jn 1 ' v i t h lie s ide 0 is needs rnprmcn ent in ih^ c h npcd from T cor IH i h L bt ( " o 1 scr\ od 1 ceil o^-di bix me p dil rulu b s been ·ninq ian fir bo li T h o r \ (] nne'- u Tl is M ConnelKvil'o m of tbo dr** i\ 11 be tho · f* ind T can p lie be iLc t h u d rcun on n v 1 n \ i i ii 0 coal ui d t V lot a U H J i l i i J( rril 11 n f 1 1 « - of i u s nee in cl ^fl ch c 1 i ll, p n u n U r t d m ST jr 11., romp i-»nce at th vo b i i rc'cr M L -i ngid isptct on s t i ^ e i A I J I L auod o long ^ ^Jie o der is u f ^ r r o mule some on Ttors Tr"fer to ac ccpt i r t d n c i m of ^ e nta pci ton 1 r coal no up to t i c inspect on tin COFdRADE SHAW HONORED mJt*r*. ui Kurt/ Tost "SJU 110011 L c of v c M i b WLTON NOT WOUNDED DepArtmcnt Jlas o Record of llishup to Scottdiile Soldier e War Department has no record Eva Hamilton of Scottdale meia f the Fifteenth engineers bong ded in France Reports came to lill Town that he was being sent and there were also stories that id been sev-erelj wounded MLSS ta Hamilton of Pittsburg a sis ieanng the rtports catimunicat- ith tho -id^utan* general and. re- J tbe fo 1 lowing repl j record o f mishap of any char- to J \lvin Hamilton 15th b 3 icers \, E F is 0 K-LPTTFR ^Vllliam Bowtz member of Com pan) D 110th Infantrj, Las written to his parents Mr and Mrs Joseph Bowtz of the ^ est Side ,of his safe arrival overseas ' HEBSCHEL TIIOR£ ·nitllES HE'S S H F Mrs M Thome of Seventh street West Side has received a card an nouncmg the aafe arr val m France TICKET SALE ON Time oi His Lifo, M Ihph Scliool Class Play, u Sine Hit. Tickets for the high school class piav The Time o£ his Life to be presented m the ncvf audito turn at and \nother car dar 1 th. LISSON IS RELEASED IMmquent I a'-M b I xuimiuition riles Q U f ^ U i m n i i n Vernon I Lab c o i 01 ^Vabbm-^or C aireatcd j e i e last week 01 su I cion o beinf, i blacWt-i \ a charged Saluidiy aftti he had un lib the oigh school on Monday Juie 17 hae been pUced on sale The btu dents of the school arc selling the tickets w Lich n.aj be reserv ed on Fndaj June 14 Indications are that the sale will be heaw tho play being an e\cellent IigLt comed The ist has been hard at work for the pas month with ~e Uu of her son Herschet A Thome mem: hearsals under the direction of Miss ber of Company K 319th Infantry Margaret Baker and Prof I rtdenck 17OULL ROU1 !ncrease in SalHicK ecessarT to tu Better Ko.ids essity for beaer roads becau e which trained at Camp Lee BERT JTF\^S S \ F F OTFR, C \ R D S l ^ S The Conner is In receipt of a card from Ben Means Company C lllth In r an rv announcing his safe arrival at a port of disembarkation S01SSON TT UIG li I M I T S U Till JHTk. Joseph Soisson Madigan son of Mr and M*s J D Madigan of East Fair view avenue enlisted in the navy Sat- urda in Pi'tsburg and is awaiting c Increased traTlc m Saltlick j orders to be called into active service hip since the opening of several iiadigans father was a member of Company c ot the old Tenth Kegi nines is gaven ov the road supe r ment as the reason for increasing ix Jew from 10 to 17 mills f r purposes p?m on of \\illiam Savior V/ ese and Daniel Futsev the sujt- rs was presented to the cou t ae order crantin., perr^ission to grandson Charles C Herstie son of CHUJLFis HEKSHFT VMO0 THOSE "OTfcR," Mrs Fannie B Vance of West Cedar avenue has received a card from her se the tax l e \ v was entered Si I Mr and Mr= H C Hershej of Hams, burg announcing his safe arrival ovor there Hershej is with the Heavy -V-ulIerj He has two brothers Harrj and Robert in the service Smith The talent in the play is good gone a pliy^ieal oxaouna ion IL u m o i j and nllud out i q ic^ti i n n a i t c He re tinned o nib work ir Indian Creek The JT tn was taken befo e ] oca.1 Board No J he e \ v h t _ r e he iiiled o u t Lhe cquircd p-ape b 5d n j n sjdf?b\vjpod the 1 n d sh btanlej D t l t s ic;o 1 four is at t h e LS UmomowTi 1 i a serious eon in dili m ib the n suit of aj au omobilr 1 of Tee ent nei" Be£.stinci ^o _ lie uab ruu d o w n h v i truck w h e n he, it j tempted to C"o«b t ic roa j j 1 OH** vou \g pi rsons \\ere shchlh \ uijurel i n the macume m \ hich Jiov were riding I lev i t I P 01 ChilL. J H li portion ol Ji Pike s m( v c / o n I m^ as ihev ^vero r c t u r n i r t, to I arL , injjtou from a. pjc nnKing pricl ee i n m m s even at Le reduc xl price not bunc ei e u r i g c d If i c r ^ i s u d it ma^ shoi 1 leid 10 the refusal ars o such operitions THIRTY BAYS I SERVICE Kud Diiotihrh Ilm«c Lieutenant. McDo i ild md Patro nan Tu ner arrested t u o men a id a woman in a diborrterlv hoube on Nor h \ \ i l i i n 1 I-urtz Post No 0-i G \ I t i e ra ed t e /Sth anni cisarv ol i h c i r onirado \\ il iam H Sba.\v une o Gin S 3ha\\ Tenth cst a de Sa uica ifter t v e \\ a--s o f f ted \t\ Hev G Rjulint! oj Tho u^ual addre a ?kcunc was to ^en lo Mr Sbavs Li3 '^ha.lleiibe'igrer Mr *iLaw s ri. it cl Our J-Ht, and \ou icb. Plaj, sho t speeches were mido U Res \\ H Gladden 1 e\ R t i ar 1- sou I-u \ T H l^amlicTtson Col J I Ba-naarl ant \ b JjiddoeJv J G Ilieks ^D^ a so o \ seiecuon on the v-ar -Aas r ad b C H ~V»~lu U Refr hmouts we^e *-e vod bv Mrs Guv ^la\v IDC! her aides Mrs -vithur Shaw Mrs bnei Slnvv and Mis a "\ Llleix bhav\ Re atives of Mr Miav\ iba wpie present wore Mi^es Mav 1 Ion an 1 Carol n* 1 ^haw YTu ham s ^n and G i l l e r t ^hiw Imong BABIES WIN PRIZES Tin n Jack Par, Vn Off for the ttattk lint in Fraojcc I v c o 1 m t n i*. Hi,, sci-v ce 3 11 daj-3 i m 1 n o for t tnce -aid d lack U n a ) U e Gioa La,es Naval Uie suc=(h w c i c M i s Caroline Tnin I rami g S at on at U e B iL O *.a, ! _ ul! an ] ^ l l n a Turnbull lis Marv Horbe~t Pi itt Mis J, is Chjrlcs H chev, :oi Mr= Rockwell Mar tion Pittsbuig = rect last n and the performance rates among the j prietor of Jie house left hest that ha\e been staged in previous years Tickets are being sold by on of students in Confluence Lrsma and Smithton TRAIN TIMKHANGED "fl cstcm Jlnrj Itind-Pitit»Jurg' ^ Litke trie R( yision Fflccti\t Snmh.y- Effective next Sunla June 16 the "fteb-tern Marland Pittsborg . Lake Erie passenger tram No 3 Io3 will leave here three hours earliei thai previously Tbe trim at present ai rives Lerc from Baltimore leaving for P ttsburg at 615 o clock Undei the ne-w time it w i l l leave at 3 15 Tlie train. arn\Gb here fiom Pi ts burg at 10 30 o clock m tlie mornint, but that time 1 not changed Other trains will run on the regular scbcd ulc time ne pto . "orfoit the two in nates left f o i f o t s of 1.10 Four other n en irrened over Siturdav night also left forfeits an of each o Clunpe in Snlime^. Notice has bet n given t "t Lhe ifr- cent advpnce in salaneb of postal em plojes \Mll hot afiect f he sal nes of postraasteri, in the fii third t second and Goes to Ytebi r t n n "\ iss Edith McKee has rebicned as a clerk for tbe Connollsville Drug Com pany and bos taken a position \Mth the clerical orce a tht "\\est Pcnn car bai is on ibe \\ ost Side \vtirth» Madi in \nniial tlio J- Dnnii M«tu Prizes \\ore awarded ib follows in. lhe vreifc-t eoi test c m d i c u d in con neeuon v.tlh Bab-\ ;a observed last we^k at the L Dunu store F i c u ore to sii nontli---Ilea icst baby James K Qnei r Moun Pleas i an 1 ghic-st Deti}- L BuLUnior* Conne Isville j Six Lo 12 montl s--Ilt^iviest ilobf t E fa illwagoa A.dc ^He li^litcst Kob eit Hcnnck Connellbul] L """Velve to Ib itonlh-j---Heaviest Helen AA i e Conn l l s v i le lightest, M i O Keime" C o r n c L s v i l l e T e jude,fi v\ er Mr J r rhonip bou M s T R trircn and Mis^ I v u n c K ncel I ae i bat j v 11 H av,aided * % o i t ! of niercban i 0 e in the b lov dopai tui n of tlae »Loie jiioi nib Hou s U at lor t on LS ed UK happ = i loi A. dotaeliinent of 17j tars ""rom tic Contest ut ' UliiCtigo suitton pabsea iliroui.^ Con n e l l b v i l e ^-t J- OD for some cibte n poi t o ship for soi vice in I ranee Several of tbe ]ads, r i St,G up out of the berths iml asked lhe n-anc of tbe t o » n the time oi uielit ana foi the e \ e i -rtcleome ci^aret p \.ll w t i - h tpiv a d IUM Js o got to tje iront N O bilv ti "op trains on all iv-ilroaas ne o Ii z, i i o m he vsest o be cast uid tae uin ng mei lie each dav m crc iff, bk on tli In IPL, n », Smith M -s S Inddod MJSS S t t l l w a i -K ta \li« il Gladden aud VIOLATES TRAFFIC LAW ( . O U S H U M I C C T To Jemstrxtion Card RPctned. registration card of Louib K i va= -eeeivel bv Local board fn t 5 h s morninp raising tbe i VRI RI %1 LL l i ^^^^ Df regutrants in that district o' ltO!J TH iT lit Katon' 1 registered in Dtstn t at Lmontown Probabb sbowers late toni lit and Tuesdaj warmei Tuesda^ is Jie IS ew Baby \mves. m was born recentl to Mr and The reeeipt of service postal earns b a numb( *· of the Connellsvillc friends of E.irl Russell member of Company E Jlrd Cross \ special meeting ot the Rpd Cross oon ftcatliei of Dunbar will be b Id this e/enrnt, at Pennsl\ai la 8 o clock in. the Mtthodist Lpiscopal church at that plate at which al' Temperature menibeis are asked to be present p orecast tor \V estern John "U Or life ^ c I I no i n oi ei ci lien ot (_/i en Hi' P Uim ritsol L fint. 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